Jennifer Esposito Opens Up About the 'Ugliness' of Her Blue Bloods Suspension

Jennifer Esposito Suspended from Blue BloodsJennifer Esposito, elaborating publicly for the first time since she was put on medical leave by Blue Bloods producer CBS Television Studios, says the sequence of events leading to her estrangement from the crime drama “makes me sick.”

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According to excerpts obtained by TVLine from an interview airing on Fox News Channel’s FOX Files this Sunday at 9/8c, Esposito recalls how her doctor advised that she seek a reduced work load due to her struggles with Celiac disease. The actress claims that rather than accommodate her request or dismiss/replace her outright, the studio kept her on contract and suspended her without pay.

“Look, they have a job that they need done. I get it,” she tells FOX Files. “You don’t think I can do it in the two or three days that I am offering in that… work space of eight days? Then I get it, you have to replace me. But that’s not what happened. What happened was ugliness.”

Esposito relates the story of the day she collapsed on set not once but twice — first when exiting a shuttle van, and shortly thereafter in the makeup trailer where tried to regain her bearings. “The [assistant director] came in and said, ‘I’ll get the medic,’ and we were like, ‘There is nothing [to do], unless he can cure me of Celiac disease. This is we’ve been trying to tell you.’ They had to carry me into the car and bring me to the doctor, where I [was] for seven hours.”

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As things stand now, Esposito claims she is still suspended without pay and on contract, and thus is forbidden to seek employment on another network TV show. She could, however, do film or stage work, or appear on a cable series that doesn’t air in a 10 o’clock time slot.

Blue Bloods meanwhile is rotating in new characters played by Megan Ketch and Megan Goode to sub for her Detective Jackie Curatola. “Jennifer has informed us that she is only available to work on a very limited part-time schedule,” CBS TV Studios said in a statement issued Oct. 20. “As a result, she’s unable to perform the demands of her role and we regretfully had to put her character on a leave of absence…. [W]e hope that she will be able to return at some point in the future.”

Having been an actress for 20 years, Esposito acknowledges there are “so many things of injustice that happen in this business. It’s what you sign up for…. This, though, is something that is not about me, I feel. This is about a disease that people don’t understand. And what went on [here], it makes me sick.”

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  1. George says:

    Now I know why I don’t watch a single prime time show on CBS. Disgusting.

    • Jean says:

      Bunk! Like CBS is the only network that ever mistreated the talent. I’ve heard terrible stories about every network & every studio. The entertainment industry is a cutthroat nasty business, PERIOD!

    • TV Gord says:

      If she really has a case, where is her union in all of this? Why is she going straight to the fanbase, where she is certain to get a sypathetic ear against the big bad CBS?

      • filmex2000 says:

        Exactly. From the moment this whole deal broke, Esposito has been screaming in the press, doing her best Charlie Sheen impression. If she had kept quiet and given the network some incentive to try and work things out, rather than blasting CBS via Tweets every few days, the outcome may have been different.
        This series films in NYC at great cost, when they could have shot the thing in Vancouver and saved a ton of dough–the show features the biggest ensemble casts this side of “Parenthood”, and the show was basically being held hostage by Esposito’s health requirements. You can’t have a crew of 50 standing around in NYC for hours waiting to hear if one cast member is going to be able to perform.
        She’s lucky CBS is keeping the door open for a possible future return. Her departure in the last episode was more open-ended than I was expecting, considering the circumstances and the fact that she has been ripping CBS publicly nonstop since this first cropped up.

        • Celiac is a horrible desease! CBS could not give her some time away to recover?
          They could have cut her salery. I hope her union can help her.
          I like Esposito more then the other females on the show. She is a tough espanic lady
          cop. She played well beside Walberg. I miss her!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I agree this whole situation has seemed sketchy from the very beginning. It sounds to me like she wants to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to be paid by Blue Bloods, which they have to do when she is under contract, and get outside work. If you can’t do that under normal circumstances what makes her different? It sounds like she is trying to use her disease as a way to make extra money. I find that disgusting.

        • Lee says:

          I understand that CBS needs someone they feel can do the job. However, according to the article she is on unpaid leave and they won’t let her out of her contract. If they don’t won’t her back on the show, release her and allow her to work for another network.

    • Kathy says:

      cbs had good shows. I don,t know what is going on. I love this show & have always loved Jennifer Esposito in everything. I was so excited to see her working with Donnie Wahlberg. They are perfect togrther. This is a great cast. It,s going to be difficult if necessary to replace Jennifer.If anyone knows how it feels to be screwed by a network , Tom Selleck does. Vegas was a great show.

  2. Tom says:

    Cable programs not airing at 10, films, and theater, let’s get this woman a job!

    • hipper says:

      I hope so too. It sounds like a supporting role in a film/television would suit her condition. I highly doubt theatre, with its grueling schedule, would work for her disease- especially when her doctors are advising her to just 2-3 days of work per week.

      • 2 cents says:

        if she can’t handle the limited schedule of BB (seriously she’s not in the core Family and only has scenes with Wahlberg, and the weekly “perps” pretty sure the 16 year old Granddaughter gets more screen time) what show would have an even smaller role for her.

  3. robinepowell says:

    I’m still hoping that they can bring her back at some point. I like her on this show a lot better then on Spin City. ;)

    • dude says:

      I don’t think she’d willingly go back after all this.

      • Alex says:

        She seems to be lobbying pretty hard (and publicly) to go back right now, so I think you’re wrong about that.

        • 2 cents says:

          “Seems to… pretty hard (and publicly)”
          — it’s just as likely she’s playing the victim for sympathy, and her real goal is to be let out of her contract to get another job… (if you’ll recall she used to be on Spin City, and broke that contract thinking she could have a film career)

      • Macavilla says:

        She will not and the sad thing is, how they dealt with the situation could have been avoided.

  4. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    The problem is if CBS replaces her now then no one will ever forgive them.

    But is anyone seriously surprised? Look at what they did to the women from Criminal Minds a couple of years ago…

  5. Amy says:

    So basically you are fired without pay, but you can’t get another job? Unless it’s under very limited circumstances that we dictate? Wow. Isn’t CBS the number one network? It’s not like she is the major star of the show. So why does a rich network need to pull that on an ill actress who isn’t even the main draw? That is sickening

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Ummm no. She has skewed the story in her favor a bit. Her doctor says she can’t work full time. The network has her under contract to work full time on the show and can’t accommodate her part time wishes. So she gets to sit out until she is well enough to come back and honor her contract. If the network starts letting people out of their contracts, especially ones who have publicly made it known they want a better contract, that will set a bad precedent. This whole thing has gotten ridiculously blown out of proportion by her.

      • Wrstlgirl says:


      • beckstle says:

        The problem with your argument is that she has a chronic disease. This isn’t something that’s going to get better in six months. Assuming there’s been no permanent damage to the intestinal lining, the prognosis for healing using a strict gluten-free diet is 2 to 3 YEARS. CBS’s position is unconscionable. They won’t work with her part-time, nor let her pursue a work load elsewhere that’s safe for her to handle. The idea that she’s “just trying to get out of her contract” reflects a viewpoint that completely dismisses the seriousness of the illness and a total contempt of the actress. The “precedent” they would be setting is that if an actor develops a serious chronic illness they are willing to find a way to accommodate that illness and actor. They could freeze her contract time and still let her find part time work, they could have frozen it and put her under a part-time contract on Blue Bloods. There are ways to work with this where CBS wouldn’t lose her contract time. CBS isn’t denying any aspect of what she’s saying. If they’d tried to work with her on this I’m pretty sure their PR people would have made that clear.

        • Sara says:

          But she CAN apparently find part time work on a film or cable show (theater would probably be too hard for her at this point). She could film some guest spots on cable shows. And it is my understanding that this isn’t a new diagnosis, so she didn’t “develop a serious chronic illness” suddenly, so CBS isn’t setting some sort of precedent as you are suggesting. She had this illness when she signed on for the work on this show. If she had special needs, they should have been included in her original contract. As I said below, my sympathy for her is dwindling.

          • Asyateresea says:

            I hardly see fighting an injustice and using the event to bring to light issues about this misunderstood illness as playing up a sob story. She has every right to be upset and I’m glad she’s pointing out how unfair this is because people are still struggling with misunderstood illnesses every day. It’s about time there was a voice for this. Besides CBS is starting to develop a suspicious track record when it comes to how they treat actresses who work for them. They were lucky the CM actresses didn’t get more public about the way they were treated two years ago. If someone is wronged in this way publically fighting back might be the only way to get things to change. I’m guessing it won’t be long before they do something like this again.

        • Brendan says:

          Her disease is managable and I smell something else going on. The fainting…not consistent with celiac

          • G says:

            SomethingI have been wonderig too. As a life long celiac I can promise that as long as you keep your gluten free diet your life will be normal except for the few months your small intestine heals at the beginning. Fainting is possible before correct diet and little after that but truly this sounds quite weird. .

          • Lea says:

            I agree, I have Celiac,, and I have never fainted, it is probably due more to the fact she is not getting enough food to eat or enough out of the food. Interesting I saw a prom on E that she has a bakery for Gluten Free bakery Goods. She has a job besides being a actress. Sorry can’t feel sorry for her.

        • D. Lembke says:

          I liked your response BECK. It doesn’t sound like CBS is willing to work with Miss Esposito, and by the way, is a fine actress in Blue Bloods. Maybe after looking at their ratings through out all this,CBS will reconsider their offer and get Miss Esposito back to work even if it is only parttime. Sounds like CBS is punishing her for this disease. You rock Miss Esposito, and most of us wish you best of health and hope to see you soon on tv. God Bless

      • pete says:

        i’m glad someone here gets it, she can work other places, but instead of trying to get past this horrible event as she puts it, she instead goes out and tries to play up a sob story, if you cant preform the task set in your contract then they should pay you or let you go star in some other networks show,, i’m sure they would have worked something out with her if she hadn’t gone out and blasted the network again and again. If she goes to work on another show or movie, cbs should have people there making sure she doesnt work more than the 2-3 days a week

        • Jo Mamma says:

          Thank you! You can’t perform the job as required get out. Don’t try to turn it into the sob story of the century.

          • Shameful says:

            Give her a break. She still needs to make a living and CBS is effectively preventing her from doing that. She stated in this very same interview (reported by Deadline Hollywood) that she does not even have the money to file suit. She’s not whining; she is bringing a legitimate injustice to the attention of the public. Celiac Disease is a life-altering condition that requires months-to-years to get under control, if ever. Show some compassion, people.

          • A fan of TV says:

            @Shameful: That is such crap that she doesn’t have money to file suit. If she had such a strong case, lawyers would get begging for this case and then sue for their fees as well. And I am sorry, she is a television “star.” I really have a hard time believing she has no money. The reason she isn’t filing suit is because she has no legitamite case.

          • Rachel says:

            She’s trying to get out! That’s half the reason she’s saying anything at all!

  6. Fred Adelman says:

    The least CBS can do is suspend her with pay. To do so without pay is downright ugly and stupid. Anyone with any type of debillitating desease should be afforded the same accomodations. They didn’t ask for the disease, so why punish them for it? If you are listening, Jennifer, you have a lot of people in your corner. There are going to be some trolls who post nasty things, but just ignore them and know that there are people out here who love you and your work. I’m not a religious person, but you are in my thoughts.

  7. Ella says:

    I am very sorry for Jennifer Esposito that this happened to her. Blue Bloods has been missing something since Jackie hasn’t been appearing on the scene. CBS missed a golden opportunity. It could have made Jackie a Celiac thus allowing for Danny to partner up with other people time to time (or reduce Jackie in the field time), still have Jennifer a member of the cast and provide a public service on a disease that people don’t understand. They may have won awards from the health community for it. It would have been good, positive press.

    The best of luck to Jennifer. I hope she ends up on another show that is more understanding and appreciates her talent.

  8. Alex says:

    Lots of jumping to conclusions by posters here! This article tells only Espositio’s side of the story, which may or may not be totally accurate. I want to know all the facts before I start slinging blame around.

    • TV Gord says:

      Exactly. From what she says, it certainly seems unfair that she’s being stopped from making a living, but that gets my spidey-senses tingling that there’s more to the story and it would be nice to hear something from someone at CBS. If she’s making public statements, they should be able to respond to them.

      • Marc says:

        If CBS rally thought she was playing this for a raise or to get out of her contract, the network would have leaked that to one of myriad of gossip-mongers wiling to shill for them in return for tips the same way rumors spread that Jeremy Pivin was faking mercury poisoning to get out of his Broadway contract. CBS’s relative silence speaks wonders.

        • 2 cents says:

          they’re kind of damned if they do and damned if they don’t…
          as you say, not saying anything implies they know they are in the wrong… but IF they are too vocal they come off is picking on the “sick girl”

        • TV Gord says:

          Piven came out with that story on his own, and it was the blogosphere that called him out on it.

  9. Paul says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I have heard of such treatment of artists in the music business (labels not releasing an artists album but still keeping them under contract thus not allowing them to work) so I am not surprised. Yet, nonetheless, disgusted.

  10. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    She sure does spend a lot of time denouncing CBS in public. I don’t think I can remember an actor/actress doing this before. I still question her motives like others. It’s also pretty unfair to label CBS negatively without knowing their side of the story. She should have her lawyers settle it and not try to drag it into the court of public opinion for a bunch of morons to weigh in. Honestly, just sounds like she wanted out of her contract and CBS said no.

  11. cjeffery7 says:

    ugh this whole situation has become so thick with he-said-she-said that i can’t even begin to fathom what is closest to the truth. in the end i hope there is justice for whichever party deserves it most.i suppose if i must be biased, i am ever so slightly on the side of jennifer esposito cause i know some folks with celiac’s and it is by no means a walk in the park.

  12. Cathy says:

    I am so upset with CBS for this action! I love the character Jennifer plays on BlueBloods! They knew she had this disease when she was hired and then when she has medical issues they want to replace her!! It is totally ridiculous! BRING JACKIE BACK!!!

    • jj says:

      yes, but you could easily reverse that. Jennifer knew she had this disease when she accepted the part. She either shouldn’t have accepted a part with a big workload, or she should have had stipulations in written into her contract to have her workload reduce if medical issues came up. From the sounds of it, she’s screwed them over as much as they are screwing her over.

  13. nick1372 says:

    This is seriously mean. Suspending her without pay, and then saying that she can’t star in any other TV role that’s on broadcast or at 10:00? That’s just cruel, CBS.
    I watch Blue Bloods occasionally, but not anymore. I’m not one for boycotts, but I’m definitely in on this one!

  14. magsybt says:

    Disappointed at the networks treatment of Jennifer. When Blue Bloods started I did not enjoy the episodes with Danny’s other female partner. As soon as I’d see the girl I’d sigh. The chemistry works so well between Danny & Jackie. I hope they can resolve this in a way that can work for both the actress and the network.

  15. Mark says:

    Cougar Town perhaps?

  16. magsybt says:

    PS Non compete clauses are very common in lots of industries including in television, they’re not exclusive to CBS.

    • TV Gord says:

      Non-compete clauses are usually paired with some kind of severance package, though, so they are essentially paying you not to work. In this case, she’s not being paid.

  17. Sara says:

    I am confused by her argument that CBS won’t let her find other work when she can apparently work in film, on stage, or on a cable show. Doesn’t that kind of invalidate her major problem? She has the option of finding other work. I find my sympathy for her dwindling.

  18. Gilda says:

    I hope she gets a film job. This is horrible.

  19. Moria says:

    This seems a little fishy to me but it’s so hard to tell hearing only one side of the dispute. Also since health issues are involved, she can say anything she wants about her condition while her doctors and other healthcare workers are forbidden from verifying or condradicting her statements. I do wonder, I genuinely don’t know about this aspect of healthcare, if her doctor could legally certify her as disabled (truly unable to work full time). Then wouldn’t she have some protection under the Disabilty Act? If her condition is actually like she states wouldn’t a lawyer help more than just bad mouthing her bosses?

  20. Jill says:

    CBS creates mindless cookie cutter crime shows that appeal to drooling philistines. I doubt any viewer would notice them switching out actors. Heck, I doubt anyone watching a procedural even knows if they’re watching a new episode or a rerun.

  21. Jay says:

    Caeliacs isn’t uncommon and adjusting to a gluten free diet shouldn’t stop someone from working full time, or at least not for long.

    • Tylismom says:

      Obviously you are unaware of what celiac disease entails. It’s not just a gluten free diet, it’s the worry of cross contamination plus the worries of what has been done to the small intestine and stomach lining . Most people who have intestinal or stomach cancer have undiagnosed celiac disease, look it up.

    • MchL says:

      Jay is right. I have Celiac Disease and it does not stop me from working. I had a severe case and it did take me about 2 years to get healthy. As long as you eat correctly, you can live a normal life. I have never heard of anyone reducing their work schedule due to Celiac Sprue.

  22. Nice says:

    What about all the Public Service Announcements that “CBS Cares” that they have their actors do? I don’t believe they do….

  23. BBAN says:

    At the end of the day, it’s illegal for CBS to discriminate against her on the basis of her health, and based on her side of the story, she has a good basis for a lawsuit. If her doctor has given orders that she can truly only work 2-3 days/week, she should be able to get special consideration under the Disability Act, or even be able to apply for FMLA and receive paid leave that way. So I guess my real question is that if this is the entire story, why is she simply going around and talking to the media rather than suing CBS? I feel for her situation, as I have a good friend with Celiac’s, but something doesn’t seem quite right here.

    • Meg says:

      FMLA is unpaid leave. You can choose to use sick, personal, or vacation during that period, but the organization is not required to pay you if you are on FMLA. Same for pregnancy/maternity leave. Plus you have to be employed for 12 months and work at least 1,250 hours in that 12 month period. If she hasn’t worked that amount of time over the last year then she won’t even qualify for FMLA. I don’t know how long one works on a TV show but she’d have to work for 40 hours a week over the period of at least 32 weeks to meet the hours requirement. Even then, all it does is say CBS has to hold her job for 12 weeks. If she can’t come back after 12 weeks they are no longer legally required to hold her job.

      • J Brown says:

        Point in fact, FMLA is not unpaid leave; it allows for using vacation time to cover health issues, and when that and other applicable PTO is used, unpaid leave may be used. If your employment situation meets the requirements for FMLA, employers have to make reasonable accommodations.

        How FMLA applies to her specific situation isn’t 100% clear — it would be interesting to see an legal expert in employment law as it pertains to standard television contracts. Esposito has been pretty public about having this chronic disease long before this. According to reports, CBS rejected her doctor’s note, and has not made any accommodation (besides completely sidelining the one interesting character on the show).

        Acting is not exactly hard labor, but the hours and schedule can be exhausting, stressful and mess with a good night’s sleep; all of which are factors that exacerbate chronic health conditions, even ones otherwise well managed.

        I can understand CBS pushing for a renegotiation of her contract if she has to cut her hours (IF not fully covered by FMLA), but neither CBS nor Esposito has mentioned that (as far as I’ve seen). As other have noted, this happening to someone on a family oriented show with a strong moral code is ironic.

  24. What’s sad about all this is that this show is more about family values and loyalty than it is about cops and robbers. I don’t know if Selleck and his co-stars have much pull, but they should be lobbying for her return, and a shooting schedule to meet her needs. But then, I guess they’re just UNION actors that don’t really believe in UNION, much less the values the show presents. She’s right – this is disgusting behaviour for the show and all involved.

    • 2 cents says:

      or maybe they think she’s “difficult” and won’t miss her if she is gone… every workplace has some one who wouldn’t be missed by the rest

      and since you bring up the Union, why isn’t SAG involved… this whole thing is happening with her pleading her case in Public Opinion, why are we not hearing of legal action, or about the Union v CBS

  25. Meg says:

    If CBS made the decision to suspend her they should be doing it with pay. At my previous job if I wanted to suspend an employee for being insubordinate or violating company policy we would have still had to pay them (which is why I never suspended anyone). If you’re not allowing them to come back to work and not allowing them to work anywhere else it’s not right to hold someone’s livelihood hostage. If CBS was aware of the Celiac’s prior to her being hired then they should have known she had a prior medical condition and what could be the ramifications of that. I have to wonder if her medical condition was pregnancy and her doctor said she had to reduce her workload because of it, would CBS be reacting in the same way?

    • Kate says:

      You clearly aren’t reading anything other than what Jennifer is saying on twitter and to whatever media will have her talk. It is written clear as can be in this article that she can work elsewhere. She can do work in film, on stage, or in cable shows that are not at 10pm. If she is hard up for money until CBS decides to take her back (with the way she is treating them though, I wouldn’t want her back), she can try to get some guest spots on cable shows. Those are like always filming. Though I have to imagine that she isn’t endearing herself to the industry right now. She really is shooting herself in the foot the way she keeps running to the press instead of dealing with this like a professional behind closed doors.

  26. M says:

    Meagan Goode is the star of NBC’s Deception. You mean Megan Boone.

  27. Jo Mamma says:

    So tired of hearing about this already. If she knew what her condition was before she signed the contract then I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. If you know you aren’t going to be able to work full time, don’t sign up to work on a show full time. Only being able to work 2 or 3 days a week doesn’t work for tv unless you’re a guest star or side character never on screen. For someone with all the experience she has, you would think she would know this. Don’t trash your employer for your inability to do your job. You signed a contract and you can’t deliver, of course they are letting you go.

    • Tigermane says:

      She was diagnosed in 2008 with Celiac. IMO its her fault for not taking care of herself. I am a diabetic, I cant blame my work when my sugar is too high or low because I am not being responsible. SMH

      • Jo Mamma says:

        THANK YOU. If she had been taking care of herself since then she would be able to work. Instead, she closes out clubs and stumbles out drunkenly, but whines when asked to do the job she signed a contract to do! Ridiculous.

        • Kate says:

          You obviously don’t understand the disease…she has been diagnosed in 2008…as far as I’ve known she has a severe case of celiac and she had not been diagnosed for 19 years. The damage she unknowingly did to her body by eating gluten might be permanent. Even if she never had a diet slip up (eat something by accident- cross contamination etc.) her body might need longer to heal or won’t be able to heal completely. The problem is: nobody can say how those things develop…even specialist sometimes are in the dark about the longterm effects of celiac disease. The risk for her to become a diabetic, have thyroid problems or develop intestinal cancer are already much higher for her….

          • Jo Mamma says:

            No, I understand enough to know that she had herself to blame for this mess. If she had taken care of herself and was still ill it would be one thing, but she hasn’t. She drinks and goes to clubs, and gets photographed stumbling drunk. A celiac shouldn’t be drinking if they are taking care of themselves. Most alcohols are processed with some kind of grains which makes them not gluten free.

          • Sara says:

            So she has known that she has had this disease for 4 YEARS. She claims it is a severe case. And yet she didn’t give any sort of notice to the producers and CBS when she got this job that she could have medical issues because of it? The bottom line here is that she knew that she could POTENTIALLY have issues arise and she didn’t take any steps to write stipulations in her contract. She signed a contract stating that she could do long-term full-time work. Now she wants to completely re-write her contract and the terms of her employeement. As you said, she has been diagnosed since 2008, she should have a pretty decent idea by now on how to properly take care of herself.

  28. Jared says:

    I love Jennifer Esposito but I can’t blame CBS here. As part of her contract they are allowing her the options of finding other acting roles. Why does CBS need to pay her when she’s not doing there show?. I can see if CBS suspended her without pay and not allowing her to find other work but that’s not the case here.

    • Jo Mamma says:

      Exactly! She’s saying they aren’t letting her work elsewhere but they are. Why should they be punished even further by having to pay someone who isn’t working?

  29. lll says:

    Whatever is going on about this situation between CBS and her, going on Fox News and talking about the situation is only hurting herself. This is not going to get her satisfaction any faster. I wouldn’t be surprised if hollywood blacklisted her after this is over.

  30. William says:

    She seems to be doing A LOT of whining and complaining. Jennifer Esposito acts as though she’s the only one in America with Celiac’s Disease. My dad has it and he went to work (40 hrs a week, try that Jennifer you crybaby bitch) and never complained or even asked for extended time off. CBS did the right thing here. Can you imagine going upto your boss and asking to work 2 days a week due to the same reason? many here would lose their jobs, and we all don’t make hundreds of thousands for a few days shoot for ONE stinking episode. I’m going to do the opposite here and watch more CBS and will stop watching Blue Bloods if Miss Esposito ever comes back.

    • Rob says:

      Wow, you’re something of an idiot. By your reasoning everybody with cancer is capable of the same things.
      Please hold your breath and wait for me to say…

    • lisa says:

      I’m seeing a trend here that everyone who thinks Jennifer is a “cry baby bitch” for having a disease and still wanting to work, also happens to be a complete and total dbag. America at its classiest, gotta love it

    • J Brown says:

      Does your father have regular hours? Managing a chronic condition is a lot easier with routine, and I guarantee you that shooting a television series is not 9-5 M-F.

    • Jo Mamma says:

      Yes yes yes. Celiac is not a death sentence like so many people are trying to turn it into!

  31. Amy says:

    Hope CBS to keep losing numbers. Most of their shows are crap anyway.
    So it was ok when Alex O’ Loughlin or Charlie Sheen had to miss some episodes when his Drug Rehab. But it is not the same when u have Celiac Disease. Nothing u can do if u get a disease, but people taking drugs put themselves in that situation. Nice, really nice , CBS.

    • Sara says:

      Drug addiction is a disease, according to the medical community. Stop showing your ignorance. Furthermore, Alex O’Loughlin developed his dependency because of an injury he received on the CBS set. I am sick of you Jennifer fanatics using Alex O’Loughlin as an example of CBS bias. He missed a couple of episodes in an isolated incident. What Ms. Esposito is asking for is completely different. She knew that she had an illness (she didn’t “get a disease” as she ALREADY HAD IT) that can have resurgences that could potentially limit her role. She chose not to disclose that information and/or chose not to try to get some sort of medical terms put into her original contract to cover her and the show in case something like this happened. She knew that working herself to the bone as she does on the show could bring about a resurgence in her symptoms. There were things she could have done to protect herself, and she chose not to take those steps.

      • Sam says:

        Amy maybe ignorant, but you are naive if you really believe an injury was the reason why Alex O’Loughlin ended on Drug Rehab. ALL drug addicts have a “good excuse”. And seems that for CBS a drug addict deserves more consideration than someone suffering Celiac. And do you believe Alex won’t go back to rehab? HaHaHa.You wait and see,same as Charlie Sheen, but then his show won’t last long seeing the awful numbers it is getting, so my bet is that was the reason CBS didn’t get rid of him,soon the show will be gone, so why bother, they just need one more season, then he won’t be their problem.

  32. It’s about space vampires.

  33. Rob says:

    Though she has-or had, a relatively minor role with limited screen time and zero character development, she was pretty much the only bright spot on the show. Selleck sighs a lot, and little else- he was much better in those ‘Jesse Stone’ flicks.granpa is a lousy actor who’s only attribute is he’s been in the business a long time. The kids are straight out of Ozzie and Harriet, and are therefore, pretty boring. Sis the D.A. could be something if they didn’t relegate her to the background.Lawyer turned cop brother can’t act and his character is poorly written. Dannyboy is completely over the top and unlikable. Wifey going back to work and the one single female cop aside, this is a show where men are men, and women know their place.
    Haven’t watched since they gave Ms. Esposito the boot and don’t plan to.
    Pretty lousy way to treat someone- shame on YOU, CBS.

  34. Ron says:

    CBS come one.
    She’s one of the main reasons I watch the show. Have a little compassion!

  35. Aldemar says:

    I am very, very seriously thinking about but watching Blue Bloods anymore. Who can join me???

  36. Rachel says:

    It actually seems to me like CBS thinks that Jackie could be back in full at some point, while Jennifer is saying that Celiac disease isn’t like that, and that for her, this limited schedule is going to be mandated for the foreseeable future. It’s a shame they can’t see eye-to-eye, and that CBS won’t let go.

  37. Michael Hsu says:

    Don’t watch CBS! Sci-Fi (aka SyFy) has better movies anyways. BTW, Sci-Fi showed “I Still Know what you did last summer” recently (Jennifer was great in it).

  38. willingtolearn says:

    If I were a producer, I would be very leery of hiring her because she’s dooming the show — a show that’s on the bubble anyway. You do what’s good for the show. I know this because I’ve been sacked before in a comparable industry. Live and learn.

  39. Brambo says:

    She should file a grievance with AFTRA.

  40. Lisa says:

    Im no expert, but deal with this sometimes . Under FMLA, she would be able to have job protection if she has had 1250 hours worked over the past 12 months, and could take accrued unpaid leave either at the same time ason FMLA, or the employer could let the person take all paid leave first. So, the question would be whether that was the case, and also what vacation she has to be entitled to. The other question under the ADA — did she request a reasonable accommodation — sounds like CBS said no. They can’t disclose her health condition, so who knows what she requested at the time.

    With that said, it seems pretty strange to get in this type of public disagreement, so something must have fallen apart — being logical, if they wanted her to leave, they would have let her out of the contract and everyone would play nice and have a non-disparagement clause in the settlement. Maybe they all dug in their heels as this is really messy for a high-profile industry. CBS looks bad, but a lawyer would take on contingency.

    Then again, Hollywood and reasonable arent always the same!

  41. Mark says:

    wow so to let her work on a part time basis they cant do, so let her out on medical leave but make sure she cant get any kind of money as the suspention is w/o pay, hell dirty cops get leave with pay. This is why I havent watched Blue Bloods since she stopped being on it, they want my viewership they better treat people right.

  42. michelle says:

    Why couldn’t CBS just put her on recurring status. They’d only have to pay her when she actually works, they could still feature her character, and she would be part-time like her doctor suggested. There was no reason for CBS to put her on non-paid suspension if according to them she’s on medical leave.I was under the assumption that actors got paid when they were on medical leave and if this was due to the fact that it would take too long for her to get well then they should of let her out of her contract. When Kirsten Storm had to take it easier because of her endometriosis ANC let her out of her contract until she was well enough to return to work in the same capacity she was working until her illness got the best of her and when she was well again they let her come back. So why couldn’t CBS of done the same thing.

  43. zroc says:

    I have Celiac, and it certainly did not take years to get under control, nor have I ever heard of anyone having to not work due to stress related to being Celiac. It is easily controlled by proper diet and your body can return to normal within weeks. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. She sounds like a real loser.

    • Kate says:

      So you have been lucky. Your body got back to normal pretty quickly. A friend of mine had not been diagnosed for almost 30 years. It took her almost 4 years to get her body back to work normally. Even now she sometimes has flare ups though she is being very strict taking care of her diet and everything…
      And yes, beginning her diet she wasn’t able to work because all the symptoms that came with the disease got worse for half a year or so…dizziness to the point she couldn’t walk a straigth line, she was tired all the time and all the other stuff she had been carrying around for years…

      Don’t judge just based on your case…talk to a specialist if you don’t believe me. For some people celiac disease is a much heavier subject.

  44. chrichton says:

    A tiny minority of patients suffer from refractory disease, which means they do not improve on a gluten-free diet.
    It could very well be that Jennifer Esposito belongs to this minority.

    I am amazed how many people have such strong opinions without knowing the full details.Just because you are familiar with a disease or have it doesn’t mean it is the same for each individual having the same disease.This is why some treatments work and some don’t.But even if CBS is in their right I fail to see how this solution will be good for either party.

  45. Yellowknife says:

    Wow, she’s really inarticulate. I could barely understand what any of her sentences meant.

  46. Jane Wofford says:

    Oh my!! I hope they come to an agreement. Most shows have bimbo blonds, who sort of act, and the rest of the time strut around. Jennifer ,has added depth to her role, and is equally portray as a lovely woman, but who is smart and a great partner to Danny.
    Please bring her back

  47. Seymour Butts says:

    She got dropped because she’s a miserable person to work with, and nobody wanted to deal with her crap anymore

  48. Jen says:

    I don’t care for the actors that have replaced her. Ms. Esposito is really good at her job. Get well soon or should I say feel better, since this doesn’t go away.

  49. Ted W. says:

    Esposito, was great at her position next to Wahlberg. Haven’t like either of the new replacements. Please try to work with her and get her back. Despite all the problems let by gones be by gones and work it out. Your big boys and girls. Her physical problems can be treated. Don’t ruin a good thing over personal vendetas.

  50. Mike Whaling says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Bloods series right up to the time of her departure from it. I must say that the quality of the show seems to have slipped lately, although more for what appears to be a change in the depth of script writing than anything else. I wonder if the show has changedr replaced it’s writers? Mike and Cheryl in Texas