ABC Cancels Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue

Last Resort CancelledABC has done what the U.S. Armed Forces could not: It sunk the Colorado.

The network is choosing not to move forward with Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue, TVLine has confirmed.

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Despite a recent order for two more scripts apiece — traditionally seen as a vote of confidence — neither series will receive a back-nine pick-up, meaning both series will end after 13 episodes.

An ABC rep tells TVLine the network is planning to air the remaining hours in their entirety.

Both freshman dramas had struggled to maintain an audience. Thursday’s Last Resort, which reportedly was an important factor in whether or not the series would receive a full-season pick-up, saw a slight ratings drop to 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 demo rating. 

Similarly, last Sunday’s 666 Park earned only 4 mil/1.3, matching the previous episode’s series low.

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  1. wordsmith says:

    666 I could take or leave, but I’m really heartbroken over Last Resort – it was probably my favorite of this year’s newbies.

    • gregk says:

      Could not got into 666 despite Terry O’Quinn starring in it. Most of the LOST alums have been struggling on unsuccessful shows: Elizabeth Mitchell is now on her second show (remember the likewise ill-fated “V”?) and is now being wasted on Revolution, which to me is not as good as Last Resort. At least Michael Emerson has a hit on Person of Interest, my favorite now. Hoped Last Resort would succeed but the last two episodes were bizarre: first the Alice in Wonderland drugfest then the annoyingly overly segmented saga last night with starkly out-of-place drinking/love scenes. Shawn Ryan could never manifest the innovative greatness of The Shield.

      • don’t forget Daniel Dae Kim on Hawaii 5.0, which is also going very well

      • Brian says:

        Michael Emerson is getting great “numbers” on Person of Interest.

      • John says:

        Last Resort started out great and then fell on its face every episode thereafter. It had some of the worst episodes I’ve seen this season. 666 was just above Elementary on the shows I watch and it wasn’t good enough. I’m not too sad that they got cancelled.

        • Ed says:

          Story line wasn’t too bad but things seemed to get worse as the series progressed. As a retired Navy man I was appaled at the disrespect shown by enlisteds to officers, including the Chief of the Boat (COB) who is supposed to set the example. Then there are the SEALS who seem to think they are NOT a part of the Navy but are independent contractors. They do what they please. The last episode was even more confusing. The XO’s wife was kidnapped off the ship. How did the XO and his SEAL buddy know to go to Manilla to search for her? Flogging went out of the Navy back in the 1800s yet Captain Chaplain uses flogging as a punishment. Never in the history of the US Navy has there ever been such a rebelious crew. Movement from ship to shore is never shown. Did they have some means of transportation? It was NEVER clearly explained why the Colorado HAD to be sunk. Why not just let it return to port and arrest the crew for disobedience of orders.

          This show was badly in need of a Navy advisor, preferably someone retired with a wealth of experience. This show could have gone places with a good advisor and better writers who understood Navy life. It is a shame it was so bad. I kinda enjoyed watching it, mistakes and all. Sure beat any reality show.

      • John says:

        POI is awesome. Revolution gets better and better every episode and that’s great. I enjoy watching it.

      • JOEG says:

        I thought this is a great characret for JOHN LOCK.The last episode gave me the sad feeling of getting “LOST”

      • bklynburl says:

        I cannot believe they are canceling 666, just when it is really getting good! Give it a chance. It is at the point that I will not start watching anything new, just to watch it get canceled. I’ll get it on Netflix later on if it’s picked up.

        • mike krivak says:

          I hope they give it a second chance as this series is going to get better as time goes on.I will giving up on any new series as ABC is to fast to pull the plug

        • upnorthpeg says:

          I feel the same way. I looked forward to watching Revenge and the 666 Park Ave. Couldn’t believe it was canceled.

      • Teresa says:

        Well I liked the show, not everyone has the same taste in programmings..

    • Yeah, ditto on both shows. What really sucks is that ABC chose the worst possible time slot to put Last Resort in and it never really had a chance to build an audience. What a missed opportunity this was.

      • TheBeach says:

        I so agree with this post. Last Resort should never have been slotted for 8:00. I was really excited about it after watching the pilot…too bad it lost its way. 666 Park seemed a pale imitation of last seasons American Horror Story. I watched the pilot and then flushed it.


    • pennu says:

      666 is one of the best shows to come along since Lost. Sunday nights are going downhill again. Perhaps it will get picked up by another network. Hint…Hint…SYFY?…FX?…Somebody, Pleeeease…!

      • Michelle H says:

        I thouroughly enjoyed 666 and Last Resort… I am not sure why all of the unique story lines get canned… give these shows a chance to survive…. i am so tired of cop shows and reality tv…. it makes me want to not want to invest time in any new show because I get hooked and they get cancelled : V/Flash Forward/The Event…the list goes on and on…

        • Nieem says:

          Your so right I was not sure about 666 at first, It started of messy but its starting to get good and actually lead somewhere Im disapointed its been cancelled, and your right about investing in new shows the event and V were good I forgot about them

          • Renee says:

            I feel the sane way. I liked V as well. What pisses me off the most is they cancel shows without giving them any resolution! Abc should at least let the viewers and show have that. It seems like all that’s on tv anymore is reality and cop shows, don’t get me wrong, law and order svu is one of my favorites,not that it hires on abc. Anything a little different gets tossed.

        • YIISD says:

          I agree. I am so tired of investing time in watching a TV Show just to be left wondering what was next. I enjoyed Last Resort, but I guess the mentality of your executives is to place “Dancing” shows in the best time slots. ABC killed the “Last Resort” BEFORE it had a chance.

      • mary says:

        I totally agree. I would love to see 666 picked by another network, I.e. SYFY. They know how to do scary. Loved 666.

      • Nikkie says:

        I said the same exact thing, hopefully those two particular networks will pick it up & flourish.

      • Tim Vest says:

        I do hope SyFi will pick up 666 Park Ave. 666 is one of my favorite shows.

      • gm says:

        I definitely hope someone will pick it up that can do it justice. Umm, and pick up The River as well. It (666) did not have to move so slowly but I thought it was building up to something.

      • marge says:

        I know I loved this show .So upset that they canceled it.

    • Pat says:

      Cannot believe they are canceling 666. It was a good show. Love Terry O”Quinn. ABC, please reconsider!!!

    • Kane Baumann says:

      Honestly. I’m done watching a single show from this series. The fact that ‘one million moms’ can target this show for having ‘the mark of the beast’ in it’s title and get away with it? I say we start burning christians on their cross. Their zealousness should equate to death…not me to be forced to live by their standards.

      • lakexeno says:

        I will not sit and tolerate one christian dictating me how to live my life beyond our current laws and regulations.

      • gm says:

        I’m a christian. A catholic. A mom. And, a vegan. I really liked the show (666) and shows of its ilk. I am hoping to see another network pick it up as well. So, please don’t blame or burn all christian moms! ;-)

      • Bosco says:

        Go back to molesting your children, you disgusting fascist. As if any TV executive ever listened to Christians.

    • Sheri in Reho says:

      Heartbroken here as well over Last Resort getting the ax. :(

    • deana says:

      Totally upset about 666 park avenue being cancelled. I absolutely loved the show. Boo to abc right now.

    • Bev says:

      I am saddened to see both Last Resort and 666 Park Ave. leave the weekly TV line up I enjoyed both series tremendously. The shows taking there spot (in my estimation only) leave a lot to be desired and have no meat to the plots of the show. I am disappointed with the ABC executive decision.

  2. English says:

    My Friday just keeps getting worse. First, Taylor Swift sells out before I can get my tickets and now two of my shows get cancelled. Ugh. What next?

  3. maynepei says:

    Well this sucks What a way to start the weekend

    • Albert Montez says:

      I agree. Powers that be should at least try different, better time slots for Last Resort before nuking it. They don’t even try to see if their initial optimism for this show will work somewhere else. They put in all this effort, time and money into making a show wiith substance and at the first bump in the road, they throw it all away. There is nothing on any of the major networks on a saturday night. The demographics on this nite would probably be better for Last Resort to survive. TRY SOMETHING! Some of us need substance in our TV watching, reality shows suck.

      • elr says:

        Very well said! What a horrible way to start the week. I like both shows and will be sorry to see them go. Oh well at least they were given 13 episodes each. Now let’s see if ABC does what they say they will do and show the remaining episodes?!?

  4. MoxieSue says:

    I’m sad about 666 Park Avenue. It was melodramatic, but I was enjoying it.

  5. Chris says:

    Way suck. I loved 666. And Last Resort had its positives. I think that officially leaves basically no new shows im watching since Partners was cancelled too…

  6. Heather says:

    No surprise for either, but I was hoping a few more episodes would be ordered of 666 Park Ave. Oh well, on the plus side, we’ll hopefully see some closure on all these cliffhangers.

  7. Babybop says:

    Two shows cancelled that starred people from Ugly Betty. Must be a curse!

  8. Sal Ferrara says:

    Last Resort was a great drama that did not conform to the usual network fare: police shows, soap operas and reality shows. Maybe another network will pick this up.

    • ben says:

      Last Resort was a great drama, and it’s a real shame that it didn’t find it’s audience. It’s ratings weren’t great, although I hoped that it wouldn’t be so poor that it deserved immediate cancellation.

    • Alex says:

      It’s highly unlikely that another network will pick up a ratings loser.

  9. Amanda B says:

    My submariner husband couldn’t watch Last Resort (too many blunders by the show) but we sort of got into 666. Hope they at least give us a few answers before the end of the 13 episodes.

  10. Tricia says:


  11. Mire says:

    Last Resort was one of the best new series of this season, Damn you ABC for not giving a chance or a proper slot. I get why Park Avenue was cancelled, that series was cheesy hell.

  12. No! Last resort! They should have at least tried a different time slot first.

  13. Georgie says:

    well,that’s too bad about 666,but i was kinda expecting it..shame,that poor Rachael Taylor can’t succeed…kinda rooting for her. also gonna miss Terry O’Quinn!

  14. Lina Moyer says:

    I like 666 park ave! That depresses me greatly!

  15. Tina says:

    Ugh loved both! Abc what are thinking??? Tho I do watch it from DVr only cuz I put those slots for watching the walking dead and the vampire diaries.

  16. melliemd says:

    Sad about both :( 666 was a fun show to watch with the fam (They’re too scared to watch AHS, so this is a watered down version) and Last Resort was just plain good. Disappointing.

  17. joe says:

    Im not surprised i liked them both will the play the rest of them or stop airing them asap? because i got some unwatched episodes on my Tivo and i will just deleted them if ther is no clousre

  18. Fran says:

    Not surprised. Last Resort always puzzled me. I liked the premise but didn’t see how it could sustain as a series. I think a mini-series would have made more sense.

  19. Tracey says:

    First Hostess goes out of business resulting in many products leaving the shelves and many thousands of people out of a job. Then ABC cancels shows. I love Last Resort and sad they have canceled it!

  20. Tracy Elliott says:

    Phew…now I can delete the 5 episodes of Last Resort and 3 episodes of 666 that I have been trying to get around to seeing. Oh well!

  21. cat says:

    Last Resort is an absolutely insane show that makes no sense, but it was FUN. It deserved some more effort from ABC. Fie on them.

  22. tahina says:

    Surprised it took ABC this long.

  23. JimC says:

    Never, EVER trust ABC to know what the hell it’s doing. I bought into Last Resort…that’s my fault but it won’t happen again. It’s the one network that will never attain any stability only because they are so quick on the trigger. Do yourselves a favor, give NBC a try….they at least give decent shows a chance to grab an audience.

    • eridapo says:

      I don’t think they were quick to the trigger on LR… I just don’t think a show like that fits their current brand image (i.e. lifetime lite).

      What ABC needs to realize is what exactly does it want its brand image to be? If it wants to diversify and attract more males to its brand, it needs to nurture and promote shows like Last Resort. Otherwise stick to your brand and don’t develop pilots aimed at a male demographic

      • Matthew wilder says:

        Please don’t say brand three times in one post. You look like you just took a class in BRRANNNNNND-ing.

      • B says:

        Lol at “lifetime lite” there. That’s a good way to describe ABC these days. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, private practice, once upon a time, revenge, scandal…A network full of those seems like the exact same opposite place for something like Last Resort.

        Side note,the actress who plays Grace is just too soft and princess-looking to buy as a naval Lieutenant. She was a weak spot in the cast.

    • Alex says:

      LMAO, NBC canned Animal Practice well before ABC cancelled Last Resort and 666. ABC gave both shows plenty of time to show some life. They didn’t; they’re gone. Just watch something else. TV shows come and go.

    • jemagu says:

      Yeah, maybe that’s why NBC is the 4th rated major network. Renewing stale shows like Grimm, and canceling smart shows like Awake.

      • janice says:

        A 5 episode history is waaaaay too quick to cancel a show… with all the money they’ve already spent producing it they could at least give it a full season order, no one will watch the remaining eps now that it’s been canceled

  24. emma says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EVERYTHING BUT LAST RESORT, ABC! DAMN YOU!!!! NOT A FINE WEEKEND THIS WILL BE. NOT. A. FINE. ONE.
    someone revive it please, I need good television in my life…

  25. Kelly says:

    So sad, Last Resort was one of the only two new shows I watch! …the second being Mob Doctor which we all know is next.

  26. Mark says:

    Damn. I really liked Last Resort, and I liked 666, as well. :)

  27. navyboy says:

    I liked Last Resort at first, but then found it to be silly — it’s characters portrayed a lack of common sense. For such a small crew, in a dangerous place, the CO would have put in place a mandatory musters to account for all crew at all times. They would have also put in place a buddy system. When the female sailor was dropped off with explosives taped to her body or the COB kidnapped, drugged and tortured — it is more likely that they would been identified as missing muster and search teams dispersed. Instead, the crew sits around and parties. Nonsense! They needed better military liaisons to help writers develop realistic scenarios. I’ll still miss the show. Hopefully, it ends with a bang.

    • POIFanatic says:

      You pointed out many inconsistencies with the show. The characters are also poorly written, especially XO-Sophia. It could have been good, but they jumped the shark with the laughable Russian SEAL equivalents and fake relationships.

  28. eridapo says:

    I love Last Resort… Unfortunately, fan excuse bingo her, it was aired in the wrong time and the wrong net. LR is primarily male friendly show aired on a night against Football and on a network that for all intents is the Lifetime of broadcast television.

    This show would have worked on Tuesday @ 9 or 10PM on ABC…

  29. 5.8 million viewers isn’t enough? What a joke. I am really going to miss Last Resort.

  30. Pat Shelley says:

    Really enjoyed 666 Park Avenue. Last Resort was good at first but I was wondering where they were going with it.

  31. Alan says:

    i never got interested in either of these but that sucks for the viewers they did pull in, its never fun when a new show you just started watching gets canned (awake is still fresh in the memory, can you tell?).
    its a real shame for rachel taylor, she deserves a star maker not two shows getting dropped in two years, not to mention getting dropped from transformers after being the best part of the first one in order to give more screen time to megan fox’s ass

    • POIFanatic says:

      Agree about Rachel. This gorgeous, talented actress deserves better.
      Awake atleast had a somewhat decent ending. Just hope every show learns to wrap up when it knows its not coming back.

  32. spuffy says:

    Bummer news about Last Resort. It was the best and most original of the new season, in my opinion, and I fear that its cancellation will only lead to more cop/doctor/soap dreck. Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.

  33. Shy says:

    Well thank God I abandoned 666 after 2 episodes and Last Resort after 3…..
    666 looked goon on the paper and in trailer but was going nowhere. I didn’t really love first episode. It was just O’k. But I ave it chance and watched second episode. But it was kind of boring and I didn’’t care about any characters.And I didn’t care how it will go on.

    Last Resort never had a chance. It should have been mini-series with 6 episodes. First ep. was cool and fine. But where will it lead after they settle down on that island? They are gonna stay on that Island until they will be canceled and every episode they will have some small fights with locals and between themselves. AND THEY KILLED David Karofsky in first episode for absolutely no reason. I couldn’t believe it. Why? Max Adler was a well recognizable face. He even has fans. Why didn’t they let him be supporting character on Last Resort? It’s not like he was some big star who demanded more money.

  34. Ana says:

    I will miss Park Place because of the cast. But I was expecting it. The writing is really poor and the plots make no sense. I still don’t have a sense of where this is supposed to go. Last Resort was already boring me. The critical acclaim comes from the acting but the actual plot is terrible. The US bombing an unsuspecting Pakistan. A sub going rogue and firing a missile at the US. The evil US trying to destroy its own. Too much. I watched because I’m an ABC fan but I was getting restless and bored with the direction this was taking. ABC skewed towards women. They should try to appeal to that demographic with something that is not as patronizing and gratuitous as Charlie’s Angels. Maybe Body of Proof…

  35. Jason says:

    I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself now Vanessa Williams is officially off my tv. She BETTER star in a show next season.

    • Mark says:

      I AGREE!!!! What’s TV without Vanessa Williams, man!!!!??? She was too good for “666” anyway, but still…I definitely think there’s going to be a void without her.

  36. Mark222 says:

    As cynical as it is, I’m so glad I never watched Last Resort. The previews actually looked great to me, but I just couldn’t see it surviving and I didn’t want to get invested. Looks like I made the right decision. Am I part of the problem? Perhaps. Perhaps viewer distrust of the networks hurts these shows. Still, if the pilot had good ratings (Like say, Revolution) I definitely would have re-watched the pilot and then commited to the series if I liked it. This just seemed immediately dead in the water.

    There were so many things against this show it’s baffling it even got picked up on ABC. First of all, ABC is definitely heavily skewing to a female-oriented audience for dramas. This seems much more like a male-oriented show. It doesn’t fit at all in their lineup. Also, a seemingly mature show like this airing at 8pm? Fail. Before Grey’s? Fail.

    This should have been on FX, hell even CBS.

    • elr says:

      Yes, I can see this doing quite well on CBS, which leans more toward male oriented programs. And I wish ABC would have given them another chance in a diferent timeslot, heck even try them out on Saturday night before giving them the ax.

  37. Cody says:

    With 666 being canceled, is terry o’quinn going back 2 h50

  38. Robin says:

    well hmm should I even watch the episode of 666 Park Ave. that I have on the dvr from Sunday?

  39. ChrisGa says:

    Not surprised about 666 though still too bad; the pilot was pretty terrible but it seemed to find some footing in the last 3 or 4 episodes, which were all very good. And Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable and of course my wonderful Vanessa Williams were all great(plus she had some pretty good chemistry with Terry O’Quinn). Still, hopefully this will bring Body of Proof back to the schedule sooner rather than later.

    • tripoli says:

      It definitely improved as time went on. I wasn’t planning to watch any new shows since last year most of the ones I did start ended up canceled, but was bored one night and stumbled onto 666. Kinda bummed now. Was looking forward to seeing how the craziness was going to play out. Hope they at least wrap it up nicely.

  40. Billy says:

    I was hoping 666 would get a full season just so they could finish the story…if they don’t give us some type of answers I’m going to be very upset…

  41. Amy says:

    Just when I was getting into Last Resort… (At least I got to see Grace/James do it :P)

  42. Lore says:


  43. jw79bull says:

    Please let Vanessa Williams join Revenge as Ashley Davenport mother!!!

  44. A says:

    Noooo Last Resort!!!!

  45. adios! says:

    sorry, you guys.
    i know how it feels to have favorites canceled.
    however, wooooooohooooooo — cause i didnt watch EITHER!

  46. Matthew says:

    Can we please ship Rachael Taylor back to Grey’s Anatomy now? She had a great character on that show that really worked well with Alex. please?

    Not surprised on Last Resort. With 666 gone can we move Nashville to Sunday at 10? it would be such a better fit directly after revenge.

  47. Ali says:

    I couldn’t get into 666 Park Ave but I love Last Resort. Sad to see it go.

  48. mia says:

    Damn, I was really enjoying Last Resort – it was so refreshing.
    Now just to wait for news from the CW (dear god I hope they renew beauty and the beast)

  49. Demarcus says:

    I actually really liked Park Avenue. I’m kind of bummed by this.