Army Wives Exclusive: Major Character Getting Killed Off Amid Season 7 Shake-Up

Army Wives Season 7 Kim Delaney LeavingArmy Wives‘ classified Season 7 battle plan has leaked, and if you’re a fan of the show, believe me when I tell you it will have you standing at attention.

Not only does it include (at least!) one major casualty, it also includes a handful of new recruits and contains a dozen other bits of top-secret intel. So proceed with caution…

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First, the big news: Leading lady Kim Delaney, who has played Claudia Joy Holden since the Lifetime drama launched six years ago, will not be returning — like, ever. Exec producer Jeff Melvoin confirms to TVLine that her character (who is currently travelling overseas) will be killed off in the season premiere — a tragedy that will serve as a launching pad for an almost rebooted program.

“The first two [episodes] will be very emotional, and it will confirm that Claudia Joy is no longer among the living,” he says. “It’s been very wrenching for us to write, and I think it will be very wrenching for the audience to go through.

“Kim and Claudia Joy have been the rock upon which we based the show,” the EP continues. “But we [have to] continue to move forward and keep the show fresh and unpredictable.”

Below, Melvoin explains how he and his fellow generals will be doing exactly that:

WHAT ABOUT ROXY? | Original cast member Sally Pressman (Roxy) will be back — but not as a series regular. “Sally, just like Kim, has been a huge part of the show’s success,” notes Wives‘ boss, adding that Pressman’s real-life pregnancy will likely limit her participation to the first couple of episodes.

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WHO’S STICKING AROUND? | Melvoin confirms that Catherine Bell (Denise), Wendy Davis (Joan), Alyssa Diaz (Gloria), Kelli Williams (Jackie), J.J. Soria (Hector) and Terry Serpico (Frank) are all back as series regulars. Additionally, Claudia Joy’s widower — Michael, played by Brian McNamara — will also remain a full-timer. Beyond that, Melvoin is staying mum, in part to maintain some suspense, considering Season 6 ended with a plane carrying practically half the cast possibly crashing. “Who survives the cliffhanger and who doesn’t is going to provide a lot of the juice of the first two hours.”

NEW BLOOD | Three new female characters will be introduced, including an “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois,” an African-American mother of three who “runs the kind of house that kids and adults want to hang out in,” and a drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division. She’s also on her second marriage. “It’s the first time where we’ve done a blended marriage,” notes Melvoin. “Her second husband, who is a soldier, has a 14-year-old daughter who resents Maggie. And she’s got an 11-year-old son who’s trying to fit in.”

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NEW SETTING | The common thread tying the new (and some of the existing) wives together is that their “husbands all serve in the same platoon that’s stationed in an outpost in Afghanistan,” explains Melvoin, who drew inspiration for the new setting from the acclaimed 2010 war documentary Restrepo. “The war is winding down, but that doesn’t mean what they’re doing is any less dangerous or risky.”

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE… | “We’re trying to return to the show’s roots,” Melvoin says. “The central conceit of the show is friendship that transcends rank [featuring] women from different walks of life and with very different outlooks. But it’s not going to be like you just flip the page and suddenly you’re looking at a different show… It’s the same show with some fresh new colors.”

Army Wives is slated to return in mid-2013. In the meantime, hit the comments with your insta-reaction to the show’s mini-reboot and your eulogies for poor Claudia Joy.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Phew. So glad it’s not a show I watch. :D Sorry to Army Wives fans though. :(

    • Ditto. I love Kim Delaney, though. (She was awesome in 10.5) Why does she keep leaving her shows like that?

      • Jackie says:

        She has alcohol problems which most likely caused her to be in and out of rehabs

        • ANNIE says:


          • Seriously?!?!?! Idiot?!?!?! Google it. She is an alcoholic!

          • Susan says:

            Unfortunately she does. It’s been a really tough year for her. She’s had several very public mouments that she was obviously under the influence of something. Starting with an awards show during last season. It’s so sad that she has this demon controlling her life. She’s so talented. I only hope the best for her in the future.

          • April says:

            Yes she does! Do some research before you call people names. It might not be the reason for her departure on Army wives but,her alcohol issues have been documented throughout the years.Two years ago it was reported she was slurring her words on stage at an awards show. It does not make her a bad person. It makes her human. You shouldn’t attack people when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about!

          • Marvan says:

            Sorry, but yes Kim is an alcoholic that she can’t get under control

          • linda says:

            yes she does. she has at least one dui arrest and has been in and out of rehab several times.

          • Barbara says:

            It’s a shame but she does. Arrested several times. I love Army wives.

          • Kate Conner says:

            Actress does, character CJ does not.

          • pam says:

            Yes she is an alcolic. That, s why she was fired from other shows

          • Kate Conner says:

            Your responder is correct, KIM DELANEY, the actor, is an alcoholic, not to be confused with Claudia Joy, the general’s wife in the show.

          • DreDre says:

            Is anyone else confused? The way last season ended was that the husbands all got on a plane and it blew up or something – Did they leave that unresolved? Can someone please explain

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Sounds like you missed last Sunday’s season premiere. (This week was Episode 2.)

          • Kate Conner says:

            I wondered about that too, but maybe with the story having to START with CJ’s death that that airplane story line was just too much; apparently with the wives/husband calling their deployed spouses and they were okay, it had to be only turbulence they experienced. How does that sound?

          • Cherie says:

            Sad, but true. Kim Delaney has had an alcohol problem that may even go as far back as All My Children. I personally love her & have followed her. It’s something that she just can’t shake. I wish she could get a hold on her demons because I think she is a great actress. Will miss her on Wives & hope that we get to see her soon on the tube

          • Isabel smith says:

            Actually, Kim delaney is an alcoholic!

          • says:

            Yes she does she is an alcoholic

          • Carole Ann says:

            Yes, she does. Very sad but true, Annie. She was big into drugs and alcohol which caused the show a great deal of problems. I do miss the character she played – Claudia Joy.

          • Lisa says:

            Annie, sometimes ignorant people like yourself should stay silent, rather than open your big, fat, judging mouth and remove any doubt.

          • Pam says:

            Google her you tube performance (search Kim Delaney drunk speech) and tell me she doesn’t have an alcohol problem. It doesn’t make her bad, but human. Hope she did / is getting the help she needs.

        • Kate Conner says:

          There was a blurb on the news that she appeared at an armed forces do, and was so drunk she couldn’t speak coherently. She compared her role as a fictional army wife with the lives of the real AW in the audience. I figure that with this story line death that the network was embarrassed and ‘killed her off.’

          • jled says:

            she is an alcoholic and has been suffering with this disease for years. She is a wonderful actress and army wives has blown it big time killing her off. The core group is now minus three actors and now also losing roland. Guess what? They also just lost a 6 year fan. Brooke shields? You have got to be kidding? Bring back the group or kill the show!

          • Carol says:

            You’re right. Her appearance at that ceremony was shameful; she was just aweful. And she also has an ego problem which led to her firing from NYPD Blue. I’m happy to see her go but certainly not her character. I wish they had pulled a Darren/Darren switch like Bewitched or Becky/Becky switch like Roseanne.

      • Joanna Nittanlony says:

        She has drinking problems and does go in for treatment. Let’s hope she can beat her demons. I’l really miss her and her character.

        • Dee says:

          I’m not really sure if it’s alcohol related. Sometimes diabetics have the same symptoms. It makes them appear and act intoxicated.

          • Loretta Brown says:

            She does not have diabetes, she has a relative with diabetes

          • Linda says:

            she is not diabetic, that was her character and she does have a problem with alcohol. she has been arrested numerous times for driving under the influence. also there was her appearance at a gala where is was out of it.

        • T A Paul says:

          So sad the powers that be chose to have Claudia Joy die. They could have had her enter rehab, attend AA meetings and educate the public on this very real disease. Having a General’s wife show the struggles people with this disease face every day would be a great public service not to mention killing her off just proves that it’s a disease that the media chooses to ignore. It’s also the reason so many people don’t admit they have a problem with addiction and some of them never get the help they need to lead normal lives! ARMY WIVES & LIFETIME REALLY BIFFED THIS ONE BIG TIME!

          • Adrianne says:

            I couldn’t agree more. I barely made it through last season and probably won’t watch at all this season. No Claudia Joy, Roxy or Pamela!?? I love Denise and Roland, but it’s not enough to keep me watching. It will definitely never again be the show that I anxiously awaited week after week :/

          • Leigh Ann Pickett says:

            Not happy to see Brooke Shields coming on the show. Because of her this might be my last season watching. I can’t stand her and feel she is a very poor choice for a fit on this show.
            I was reading that due to her rehab Kim was not able to come back. I wish her all the best. She will be missed. Been a fan of hers since All My Children.
            They may want to make this the last season, because they are going to loose a lot of fans.

          • Casandra says:

            You seem to be mixing Kim Delany and Claudia Joy up. Claudia Joy doesn’t have a drinking problem, Kim Delany may. The two never crossed.

          • Shelly says:

            I truly agree, and am one person that will not continue to watch the show. It is just not the same without the original cast. Really, Brooke Shields over Kim Delaney. Just not the same.

          • Pennagirl says:

            Kim Delaney has a problem with sticking with any show she is on. Glad they chose to kill off her character. As a person it is difficult for a production/employer to keep on giving her chances and waiting patiently on her return.

          • Toni Shelton says:

            The alcoholism has nothing to do with her character on the show so Army Wives and Lifetime didn’t “biff” anything.

          • Susie says:

            You are so right Claudia Joy was the rock of this show.The show want be the same.
            When you take away the main actors you take away the closness of the audience watching
            The show. After watching the main actors for so long we become very attached.
            the show was based on these five women and all they go through.
            not based on rotation of women

          • Serious Watcher says:

            I have watched Army Wives since the beginning, but I don’t plan on watching any more. I’m not saying Claudia Joy made the show, but with Roxy(most of the time), Pamela and her now gone the show won’t be the same. I didn’t care much for the new ones that they have brought on so far and the writers are giving us three more. A big no thank you and I will be watching Red Widow in the same time slot on Sunday night.

          • Renee says:


          • starr says:

            TA PAUL…thank you for your words; I couldn’t believe the comments I was reading… some people love to judge others.

          • Cheryl V in LV says:

            I ONE 100% AGREE!!!

          • Kate Conner says:

            For one thing their scripts are in place months before filming, plus they would have had to devote an entire season to making the character Claudia Joy INTO an alcoholic on the show before they could have addressed the issue of rehab. For an alcoholic/drug addicted actor in REAL LIFE, the people in power probably could not/would not justify the expense, plus the cost of insurance for the actor. This insurance reimburses the show and the business of the show. It IS a business and this was a business decision. Remember, in the show Kim Delaney played a saintly character; in real life, the actor is a mess. Some people, in real life, overcome their addictions and go on to continue their show business life, others do not. Alcohol is a powerful addiction it was shown she, Kim Delaney, could not or would not control her alcohol intake.

            In the show, life goes on, and she will be replaced. Like it or not, KD had choices and she chose to drink.

          • Lynn says:

            I absolutely agree! Perfectly worded.

          • Kimberly says:

            They’ve tried. The show gave her chance after chance. She’s been an alcoholic for decades and they only killed her off at Season 7. Think about it. They tried very hard and that seems to be a very caring group of people who work on that show. If you don’t show up for work and think you’re too good to follow rules and you’re drunk constantly, what can the show do?

          • Kate Conner says:

            You people keep confusing the actress with the part she played. The character did not have an alcohol problem, the actress did. Maybe that is just a kudo to her that she played the part so well.

          • Cindy says:

            I agree! The writers could have had her go into AAA and show how people with this disease, and yes it is a DISEASE, can do to help themselves. It’s so sad that they chose to Fire her instead of help her through this problem. It shows how low they are to just cut her out of the show. They work these poor actresses and actor’s so hard, with long hours and the pressure is so great on the actress’s and actor’s that it is no wonder they turn to drugs and alcohol just to keep going. And then there are their fan’s … they want to know EVERY little thing about their lives, want pieces of them no one show have to give up. We fans literally LOVE them to death. Why can’t we allow them SOME privacy we demand for ourselves? Or are we so selfish we can’t do that? The show just won’t be the same with. Now 3 of the main actresses that started the show now gone. The writers and the ones in control of things had better wise up or end up loosing their audience all together. There is cable Tv and Dish Network out there offering ALL kinds of shows to watch. You want to keep us watching…fix your big misstakes…bring back our favorite characters and improve you story lines.

        • David says:

          Agreed! Having a substance problem does not make one a bad person. It makes one a troubled person. There are many reasons for substance abuse. Don’t judge so harshly. You do not know the back story. I just know I will miss her character. I wonder why they had to kill her off. Could they not just keep her where she was and bring her back in time. I think this is the end of the show.

      • Well, I think she really screwed the pooch when she was drunk at dinner for actual military men and women and tried to compared her character’s loss on the show to the actual loss real people suffer.

        • terrie says:

          I think that is why they wrote her out of the show. And i have to agree you can not compare what you do on a TV show to people that are actually living it

        • Barbara says:

          Watch it again; she didn’t try to compare her character’s military trials to those of actual people. In her remarks, she did say that her’s were “make believe,” as compared to the real trials of military men and women.

          • Kate Conner says:

            Yes, but she was drunk and show business isn’t known for its forgiveness to women acting badly in public. Look at how popular Robert Downy Jr is compared to what the so-called starlets are doing; they are the butt of jokes and he makes millions. Not that I even like the starlets, I wish they would just stay home, but that’s just me. In spite of my editorial sidebar, women have to be careful or they are killed off their shows.

        • helen debruler says:

          dont kill her off i will stop watching the show

        • Kate Conner says:

          Yes, I totally agree. I saw the clip of her at the microphone, and it was cringe worthy. She was drunk.

      • Marvan says:

        She is an alcoholic

        • AlleyCat says:


          • Cheryl V in LV says:

            I agree, she is a great actress and as Claudi Joy, she was the heart of the show. I believe that Lifetime made a mistake and should have taken the opportunity to help educate what people go through with alcoholism. They touched on drug abuse with Kelli (can’t remember her name on the show). It is a reality that a lot of people have to cope with……This show is so well written and I still look forward to watching, however, I am disappointed so many characters are being replaced.

      • ANNIE says:


      • Aria says:

        She doesn’t leave by choice. She’s fired from most of them because of her alcoholism. It’s such a shame because she is a good actress. We need to pray for her that she gets the help that she needs and she sticks to it. Her character on the show was an important part of it and will be missed.

        • I. Florez says:

          Yes, I do hate the character of Claudia Joy gone, she is a very good actor, however for the same reason she was fired from CSI Miami, remember when it first started she was on for the first few epsoides, she was fired from that show also, what a shame.

        • Ruth Switzer says:

          Agreed! I will always be a big fan!

          • Kate Conner says:

            After so many firings an actor becomes unemployable. That would be a shame in her case.

        • myrna says:

          Alcoholism is a disease and people tend to judge other without walking in their shoes. I have not missed one Sunday night of army wives since it started but dour I watch it anymore because of the new chartaters.

      • M Huffman says:

        I am so frustrated! I loved Kim Delaney in All My Children, she left….other programs, left, now Army Wives. I hope I will enjoy these changes, possibly I will no longer we a fan.

      • justme1980 says:

        I think she’s battling an alcohol addiction again. :-(

      • Because she can’t stay sober long enough. Did anyone else hear what she did? She stood up in front of a soldier’s event and bashed the army, drunk. How could she remain on a show based (very loosely, I might add) on a show based on military spouses and the army way of life?

        • Kate Conner says:

          What I saw about the incident is she didn’t bash the military, she tried to compare what she was doing as an actress in the show to what the real military dependents were actually doing. Plus, she did it drunk; there was a brief blurb by the station letting us hear what she was trying to say. She sounded like she was having a stroke, or recovering from one, is the best way to describe it. Really bad stuff, but not, I repeat not disparaging the military.

        • Cindy says:

          You don’t think wives of REAL servicemen battle alcoholism and or drug addiction in REAL life? Well, they do. And even more servicemen and women have the problem. If you think being taken thousands of miles from your Loved ones, thrown into life or death situations day after day, doing what these men and women have to do to stay alive and seeing the horrors of war doesn’t effect them then you’re either clueless or just plain stuipid. Sorry for being so blunt but I come from a very strong military family background. My father and 9 Uncles were in WWII and Korea’s war, my husband served 4 tours in Vietnam, my son was in during Desert Storm. Then 9/11 happened he left a wife and 3 very young children to re-enlist. He served in Iraq. I also have a nephew who has served 3 tours in Iraq and 1tour in Afghanistan. So I have first hand knowledge of the effects of war. It’s not pretty no matter what the side of the fence you’re on. Having Delaney fired for having an Actual problem that REAL Army Wives suffer from every day is just a Big Slap in the Face for those who actually live with the disease. The show could have done some real,honest, goodness instead of being part of the problem.

          • Teresa Martin says:

            I agree with you and your comments I’m from New Zealand and can tell you that I too came from a long list of family that’s served in ww1,2 was in K force, J force, Vietnam
            Bosnia and Afghanistan and its not good praying for them to come home. Day in and day out. Its not good knowing they have to leave its bloody heart breaking but you pray and you stay in touch by Skype or face book ,and your family shows you pictures of their smiles and speaks candidly bout how they are ,the food they miss and hows everyone at home its just not good. But I understand the show especially when the men talk about the next move the next agenda. It is a put off when an actor tries to relay their comments about what they think Army is going through. Kim Delaney is an awesome actress when shes acting but she has a bigger problem with herself and one day she will face it I wish her well but, I don’t like anyone telling us that they understand Army wives,mothers,sisters, nieces and nephews and more so fathers and grandfathers you could never feel the pain as much as we do. I love Army wives its a bloody good program.

    • jim says:

      Does anyone know where this poster or photo of Army Wives
      can be purchased?

    • Michele Wolf says:

      OMG :””””( !!!!!! I have watched this show from the vary beginning I have cried and laughed and loved this show more than any other thru out my life and all I keep thinking is THANK GOD it didn’t end. I will miss Claudia Joy and Roxy whom was my favorite from the beginning. I CAN’T WAIT for next season!!!!

      • louise christman says:

        OMG I am also going to miss Roxy and Claudia Joy how can you do this? I love the show and only hope you can keep them in. hope it will be a good thing for the show but I am still going to miss them

        • Beth says:

          I could care less if Claudia Joe is gone. Her character was going nowhere. But I feel Roxy is the heart and soul of the show. She is real and people can relate to her. I hope they put her back to a regular on the show. With all the changes, if Roxy isn’t on the show as a regular character, I will probably stop watching the show.

        • Peggy says:

          Lifetime Network was ending the show, last season was the end. So all of these actors made other plans. When they decided to bring it back -the actress who plays Roxie was starting her family, (pregnant) and some of the others found other jobs, and Kim was having issues, rumor and facts supported alcohol addiction. Also, in bringing back the show they had to change the story line from the season finale, with the implication of the plane going down and the Commander getting the phone call, so it only made sense that his wife died instead of the plane and the show still had life in it… The show is not too bad, got to get use to new hero’s and villians…besides it is just a tv show. fantasy and all that…

      • jerri says:

        this show will never be the same look at the actress’s they have brought in give me a break I don,t think i will watch anymore have to see how it goes.

        • Patricia says:

          Ridiculous replacements and story lines… show now and I lost total interest in the story line with women marrying and then the baby adoption. It was uncomfortable and unrealistic at how accepting and happy everyone seemed about the union. Now stupid new characters and story lines…..see ya!

        • Renee says:


    • Linda roberts says:

      I just spent days watching season 1-6. Why can’t we see season 7 before season 8 starts in mid 2013 so we can get caught up. I have been watching on Netflix. Is there anywhere else I can watch season 7 before mid 2013?

      • Tricia says:

        Season 7 hasn’t aired yet it airs mid 2013

      • A says:

        Netflix does have the newest episodes

        • Laura says:

          I cannot watch the first 4 episodes of season 7 o the I-Pad Have not tried it on the desktop. That is all we have. My husband really likes this show. We need to find it on Netflix

          • kim says:

            netflix does not have the newest season on there yet, also try on your desk top and go to to see the newest episodes also you can get them from hulu too!

      • Tonya says:

        U can rent it from Hastings or get it on iTunes

      • sissi says:

        Try hulu plus :-)

      • Kim says:

        If you have a computer you can watch it on hulu or hulu plus for free on your computer also you can watch it at the Lifetime channel on your pc.

      • John Murphy says:

        You can watch it on Vudu a day or two after it’s on Lifetime. It costs though, because you are buying the indiviual episodes or the whole season if you buy a season pass. Once you own it, it’s in your Vudu library in “the Cloud” forever. They also have all six previous seasons available at about $15 each.

    • ANNIE says:


    • Pam says:

      This show sure is a tear jerker. I hate to see Claudia joy leave.

    • Vee says:

      I’ve watched since the beginning but I’m done now. Gloria is staying and Denise? And newcomers? Show is history. \

    • Angie says:

      I don’t know how they can say it’s the same show, it’s not the same AT ALL!!! I can’t identify with any of the characters. They’re all like 19, as a 30 year old woman I prefer to watch show that involve my age range, that’s the reason I started to watch Army Wives. I watched the 1st 6 seasons on Netflix with absolute anticipation for the next show and next season, I’ve watched 5 episodes on season 7 and I can’t even stomach it. HATE IT!!!

  2. Tommy. says:

    Wow, makes me almost glad I stopped watching at the midseason break in season 6. Killing Claudia Joy is just plain mean, god what the family has gone through in the last 10 years is just ridiculous. As for the rest of the cast, it was fun while it lasted but the show is going to be a far cry from its roots when it returns.

    • Lindy says:

      It is mean to the Holden family but it was a necessary step for the show because the actress became unreliable (didn’t show up for work or return calls) due to personal issues.

      • ANNIE says:


        • Liz says:

          Get over it, it is all true about her. I like her too but she does have these problems stated.

        • Apple Annie says:

          Since when is being an alcoholic “Rubbish?” It is no shame to have an addiction. More people than you know are battling alcoholism, drugs, anorexia, etc. Kim is an alcoholic and needs our support and good wishes. You seem to be so threatened by the word “alcoholic?”
          What is that about????????

        • Kate Conner says:

          Sorry, but it is true. Her own son, 15 years old, has said he’s afraid to ride in the car with her, she drives drunk. Today’s paper, 03/15/13.

    • sandae says:

      Totally agree. I don’t think they will be able to recapture what they started with. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • Peggy says:

      I agree but, will still watch for a while to see how it goes.

    • debbie ellis says:

      I just started watching it now she is leaving will bother at all, i hope it will be cancelled.

    • Peter says:

      I have to agree. I actually thought (and almost hoped) that the series has ended with Series 5. Already from series 5 the show has lost its appeal for me. It used to be one of my all time favorite shows, but by mid 5 it seemed more like flogging a dead cow. The storylines were unrealistic and desperate. And then, surprise, surprise, series 6 came out. The first half of the series felt like one loooooooong extension of Series 5’s last episode, which, in itself was torture. Forced myself to keep watching though, because I loved the show so much, but it became more and more painful to watch. The new charachters – from Jackie and her idiot husband to Hector and Gloria, were without the usual substance, and the storylines became more and more desperate. The americans makes brilliant series, but they just do not know when to call it quits. They keep riding it until it is just irritating.

      Now the exit of Roxy and Claudia-Joy and Pamela and the very desperate season finale of season 6 is just too much for me. I will NOT be torturing myself through another series, thanks, reboot or no reboot. Its over – give up the ghost. You have lost me.

      • SHARON says:


      • elizabeth says:

        Maybe you would like to see it end but speak for yourself. They may have lost you but there are millions of fans still interested. We will all mourn the loss of Claudia Joy but you need to give the show a chance to get it together! I hope they do not give up the ghost.

      • HILLARY says:

        The sad truth is what happened between jackie and her husband and gloria and hector is that happens quite a bit. I’ve lived through seeing both. One with me personally with another woman and the control aspect and a friend in jackies situation. You see it all the time when you marry someone in the military. I was young when I went through that and saw so much that when I divorced, regardless of anything I could never look at a man find out he was military and be okay with ever dating him.

      • ANNIE says:


    • Natasha says:

      I aggree that what they put the Holden family through is seriously ridiculous. I have watched the series frome the beginning and enjoyed every episode.
      It is not worth watching anymore as the main character and cornerstone of the whole story is gone.

      Thank you for giving us 6 stunning seasons, but Army wives won’t be on my “to watch” list anymore.

      • Heather says:

        Things change! That’s what life–and being an army wife–is all about. My husband and I were both soldiers, and that’s what happens. You make amazing friends, they become like your family…then you leave, or they leave. Honestly, the most unrealistic part of the show is just how long they all somehow stayed together.

        • J Shaffer says:

          I, too, was a military wife. My husband spent 28 years on active duty and seeing all those characters spending so many years together at the same post was unrealistic, to say the least. But, sadly, as with most shows of any length, writing, plots, and characters become stale. I’m afraid Army Wives has ” jumped the shark” . Too bad, as I have so loved its run.

  3. holly says:

    Beloved show? Never watched it.

  4. julie says:

    Wow. Never heard of that show. Just glad it’s not Grey’s.

    • Jerri says:

      What’s Grey’s?

    • Colleen says:

      Talk about a show that should have bowed out gracefully it’s Greys and it should have left seasons ago. As for army wives change is good so let’s give it a chance

      • LOLA COOK says:


        • Reggie says:

          I agree. The original women were what made the show so great, the men, too! Change is hard, but, losing one is hard, like Claudia, but Roxy and Pamela, too! The whole show will be different. Hopefully, they will come up with some good story lines to grab us back into it and get over losing our favorites.

  5. K Bex says:

    Is this the Blind Item about the character being killed off-screen in a car accident? Or is that one still open?

  6. jennifer says:

    love claudia joy. this is heart breaking

  7. whisperintherain says:

    Damn: Hasn’t Michael suffered enough already losing a daughter when Amanda died between S1 and S2? Now they have to make him a widower? Really sorry to see Kim Delaney go, she’s a good actress and Claudia Joy was my favorite character. :(

    • wanda says:

      I agree with you.

    • liz bridwell says:

      Claudia Joy was my favorite actress also. I’ve really missed her. I’ll try to adjust to a new format though I hate change!!!! I’ve NEVER missed a season or show. Looking forward to sinking my teeth in Season 7

      • tay says:

        like you i have been an army wives die hard since the very beginning! I’m so sad to are Claudia joy leave she and Roxy are my favs and to hear Claudia joy will be leaving the show for ever and that Roxy will not be a regular breaks my heart…i too will still watch and keep an open mind with the new season! :(

    • Linda Smith says:

      i also agree. Kim was my favorite on the show. Unfortunately, when people cannot control their lives and are not reliable……..things change. But will really miss the part of Claudia Joy. She was a great actress.

    • Sue says:

      As long as Brian McNamara is still on the show, I’ll be watching.

    • melissa says:

      I agree I loved Claudia joy and the show isn’t going to be the same without all of the cast me and my family enjoy watches this show

    • Wanda says:

      I agree, I love Michael and Claudia Joy. She is a great actress. I first started watching Kim when she was on All My Children. I loved her then and I still love her now.

      • MJMS says:

        Hi, I started watching Kim Delaney on “All My Children” as well. I was hooked on the “Jenny and Greg” story line. I thought she was so pretty-she still is! She is a great actor. I will keep her and her family in my prayers!

  8. jacqi says:

    Ugh! Don’t get me wrong I love this show but it needed to end with the season finale last year. I don’t know if I will watch it this year.

  9. Christina says:

    Claudia Joy really? Poor Michael and Emmalyn. First Amanda now Claudia Joy. And poor Denise, first Jeremy and now Claudia Joy…

  10. Jerri says:

    Yep. The phone call Michael received at the end of last season is probably someone telling him Claudia Joy is gone.

  11. anonymouse1013 says:

    Well it kinda makes sense, she wasn’t in the later part of the season, just mysteriously the personal assistant to Michelle Obama… (with no other explanation)

    • Brenda Davis says:

      I really don’t think her leaving is a big deal. I have watched Army Wives since the beginning and I always thought Claudia Joy was boring and really didn’t add that much to the show other than being the General’s wife.

      • Kristi says:

        I have to agree with you, she was good in the first few seasons but the other characters storys were better and she didn’t really contribute to the show. I am looking forward to seeing how they bring it all together and I will be watching.

      • Helen says:

        I agree with Brenda, always thought Claudia Joy was a bit boring. But now they have a new story line finding a new wife for her hubby. I love Roxy & really hope they don’t get rid of Drew Fuller, who is my favorite character on the show. I’ve watched this show since the beginning & hope it doesn’t change “too” much.

      • Carol F says:

        As a veteran military wife(23 years) Claudia Joy’s character was right on target to the real thing. She was my reason for watching the show.

        • Farah says:

          I agree with you. Kim Delaney was the ONLY reason why I watched the show. I am so in love with Kim Delaney. How can someone NOT be totally in love with Kim Delaney?? I am so glad that I am a lesbian woman. I love the show ONLY because of Kim Delaney. I think that she is also a really good actress. Kim Delaney is SO, SO overwhelmingly BEAUTIFUL. I REALLY think that she is. What a woman!

  12. Sumner Crawford says:

    I work as an extra in the show. While I wasn’t sure what they would do with Kim Delaney, I know why she is no longer on the show.

    • LTA says:

      So fess up. Why isn’t she back? Is it a drinking issue again?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      LOL, well if that isn’t a screaming for attention comment. Cracked me up.

    • Michael says:

      Dude I’m an extra also, I know you! Funny to see you here. Anyways I’d be quiet about what you say, may get you in trouble.

    • pb says:

      hahaha…….now, thats funny ! But,in all seriousness,I will be watching no matter who gets killed off etc,I am big fan of several of the actors,and going into this series I expected nothing less of Kim Delaney,having watched her in other series where she had to leave for “personal reasons “.I really like the new character of Gloria and look forward to seeing all the new ones.I won’t judge till after I see it !

      • Rusty H says:

        I will continue to watch because I am a fan of Army Wives. I’m eager to see how they will build the new and continuing characters. Kim Delaney is a good actress. I started watching her in the All My Children soap years ago, but she does have demons to fight. God bless her with a complete recovery.

    • Leann says:

      Why is she no longer going to be on

  13. Terry says:

    Not surprising, the show is going into its 7th season. I’m surprised the original cast lasted that long. I think the mini reboot happened last seadon. Will fans connect with the newbies, maybe. At least Denise & Joan are still there.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Not that surprising really. She was barely on in Season 6. I’m looking forward to seeing it play out and meeting the new characters.

  15. GeoDiva says:

    What about Roland? He’s also an Army “wife”! Poor Michael. After a few months, he’s going to need someone to keep him company. I still like this show, even though it got very meladramatic this past season with the terrorist and Claudia Joya and Denise being held capative at the beach house. Plus Denise medi-evac helicopter crash. Let’s just get back them hanging out at The Hump Bar!

  16. bkwrm says:

    I’m not going to miss C.J. at all. I am looking forward to see the season now.

    • I already missed Claudia this last season and figured it was related to the time Kim Delaney got on stage drunk. Why did her friends let her on that night? It made national headlines which means this show gets a lot of press. I’ll keep watching though-all the characters are timely and speak of our own life issues.

    • Gloria says:

      I’m going to miss CJ. But I think since they are filming at the same army base for 6 years its more realistic for character to change. My dad was in the Service for 28 years. And believe me. The longest we we’re ever in one place was 4 years. I love the show. Never miss it. Welcome the changes.

  17. Kristy says:

    Love this show and sooooooo GLAD they are killing off Claudia Joy. Kim Delaney has become very painful to watch.

  18. Bobbi says:

    I’m not going to miss Claudia Joy either. I like Kim Delaney but was never a big fan of this character. For me, Roxy’s absence will be much sadder. She has added a spark and a humorous outlook that none of the other characters have.

    • Ashley says:

      Finally someone actually caring that Roxy isnt going to be there so much.. She was the reason I first started watching this show. She just gives it the boost to make it more entertaining! I love almost all the characters but C.J going doesnt bother me as much as losing Roxy!

      • I hate that Roxy wont be there, She and Trevor are by far my favorite family and i was really hoping that he would succeed in staying with the unit to deploy when he asked at the end of the season.. So sad that they are not going to be in the show much.

      • April says:

        Yes CJ will be missed hopefully she will get the help she needs to handle her illness it will be a good season

    • Robin says:

      In my opinion, Roxy is one of the best characters. She’s funny, sweet, and sometimes full of piss and vinegar! I love her.

    • Betsy Shaw says:

      Totally agree about the Roxy character. To me, she, Denise and Roland are the major characters that keep the show strong and alive. The saddest episode of this series was losing Jeremy.

  19. Mike says:

    I won’t miss Kim Delaney one bit on the show. I watch it with my wife and we both didn’t like her character and thought the show got better last season as it moved away from her and focused on the others. Although, where is Roland in there? I see Joan is back but he is a huge part of the show and is more of a backbone than the others as it always seems the wives are turning to him for advice.

  20. Llabine1 says:

    Unfortunately Kim Delaney has a serious drinking problem. Last year a military fund raiser she was giving a speech and had to be escorted off stage…she has had two D.U.I.s and lost custody of her son briefly while in rehab…her disappearance off the show is caused by her drinking…how sad….

  21. Dawanna says:

    I am really really really up set that Claudia Joy is not returning. I will really miss her character. You will never be able to bring anyone in that will be able to replace her or make the show as good as it was with her. Sorry this is just my opinion, and how I feel. I will still watch the show because I truely love it. I was a mility wife for 9 years and it is really tough, so I can relate to these people in this show.

  22. kay says:

    Love this show, HATE to see so many characters die and leave….but thats a reality of Army life. But Claudia Joy was my favorite. Well, all the origionals were my fav. and Gloria too. I will be watching but it wont be the same.

    • Heather says:

      The rate the characters die is true to real life with units that are as involved as the unit in the show is. Sad but true

    • It really is the reality of Army life, Since my husband Joined either we are moving or our friends are moving. Thank heaven for the internet and cell phones so we can always stay in contact. Watching the show is like watching my life, and I love the show.

  23. Robin says:

    :( sad, but not really that surprised. I love this show though and super excited for this new season! And Congrats to Sally Pressman and her husband!

  24. Heather says:

    My husband and some very close friends were involved is the actual firefights in the restrepo documentary. We were actually good friends with Doc Restrepo. As much as I love watching army wives I am not sure how I am goin to handle the “inspiration ” drawn from Juan’s death.

  25. Cheryl says:

    Love this show, one of my favorites, I am sorry to see Claudia Joy go, She was a good character, I am sorry to hear she is having so many personal problems but why are people so mean about it these actors are human too!! Really Sad!! I will look forward to nthe new season !!

    • Gail says:

      Finally! Someone with a heart! Why do we expect so much more from actors and actresses? They are people just like we are, they just make more money and have their personal lives invaded by nosy people who want to gossip about them rather than go out and live their own lives. So what if Kim Delaney has personal problems? Don’t you? I know I do. Life is hard…..sometimes life is hell. Give her a break. She is a good actress and has been doing it since she was a teenager. How would you like to have someone second guess every move you make for most of your life? GIVE HER A BREAK!!!!

  26. Kim says:

    Don’t care how you do it, just get the show back on a secure a season 8. I get so tired of investing myself in a show just for it to cancel.

  27. kayla says:

    aw my fave couple aint going to be on it much no more roxy and trevor. ima miss cj to hopfully its still good thou

  28. Whitney says:

    I think they should keep the show that same…..but then it’s good to throw a little curve ball in there and Change things up a bit…….but why kill off c.j.??? I really like her..I

  29. Amanda C says:

    what about roxy and trevor never mentions them coming back or not???

    • Yes, it does…re-read the story. It says that Sally Pressman (Roxy) is preggo in real life and she will be missing for a couple of weeks and she will be back, but NOT as a regular.

      • Lynne says:

        Actually it states that her participation will likely be limited to the first few episodes, not that she will be missing for the first few episodes.

    • Robin says:

      I actually saw an ad on TV showing Roxie on an upcomng new show. That’s probably another reason why she won’t be on A.W. full time.

  30. Patty says:

    Watched this show faithfully for 6 seasons. That’s probably it for me. Will not really miss Claudia Joy, but will not like it at all without Roxy and Trevor. Bad enough when Pam and Chase left. However, I do like Michael, Denise and Frank. That’s not enough though. This is probably the end for me.

    • CherylW says:

      i’m sorta feeling the same way. haven’t been overly fond of the new characters, except gloria. but with roxy gone…i just don’t think i can go back…invest my time. I’ll try maybe one or two but that’ll probably be it unless it can bowl me over.

  31. Dayna says:

    Kinda glad Claudia Joy is gone. Wasn’t a huge fan of hers. Going to miss Roxy and Trevor! :/ and Roland???

  32. Linda says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning. I am glad it is going back to its roots and focussing on the friendships etc that form that are beyond ranks and titles. I was very disapointed in last season. I thought the show had lost its meaning or at least lost its meaning to me. Now Im not saying every episode was bad but overall I wasn’t happy with it and really wasnt planning on watching the new season. I am glad to here of these new changes because I will give it a second chance. I am sad to see a few of my fav. characters will be leaving though, but as we all know, things change and they change a lot in the military. As most people say in the military… We never say goodbye, we say till we meet again! So who knows some of our faves could be back in the yrs to come :o)

  33. K.C. says:

    Did anyone else notice how Denise’s voice changed towards the end of last season? It was really distracting for me…

  34. You should have just ended the show! TOO MANY changes aren’t good! You claim you are going back to the roots of the original show, I think you just brought the roots to the ending of this show! You have gotten far off the track of the original, and this reminds me of too many shows that try to make way too many changes and go down in flames! I am finished watching this show.

    • Jen says:

      I agree. I mean, it’s understandable that they have added so many changes. That’s the realty of Army life. However, this is just rediculous; they’ve completely gutted the show! it was bad enough when Pamela left, but with Roxy and Claudia Joy gone, it’s a waste of my time, and much too sad. They should have done what they do Doctor Who- just replace the cast every few seasons. It would probably be more realistic that way.

    • Renee says:

      I totally agree Ronna.

  35. Tami Mummry says:

    So glad the show is going to be back on! I have watched from the very beginning and it is sad claudia joy is leaving. Its great that.roxy is in life pregnant! Congrats! Parenting is a blessing ! Can’t wait till the show starts again!

  36. I have never missed an episode, but, looks like there won’t be a Season 7 for me. Killing Claudia Joy off is the straw that broke the camels back for me. Too many changes, it’s just not the same Army Wives, anymore. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!!

  37. MJ says:

    I watched Kim back from All my Children and I am so disappointed that she is no longer coming back. I can only speak for myself but when actors start to leave I tend to lose interest.

    • GIGI says:

      I loved the show I was excited to know that “Jenny” from All My Children had her on show this is why I began to watch the show…I love her character she was the mama of the show. I got a few of my girlfriends and my two daughters hooked on this series. I am so SAD to say that I will no longer be watching the show…I have lost interest in this show!!!!!!!!!!!

      gigi from west covina, CA

  38. Sedrick says:

    TvLine stated: NEW BLOOD | Three new female characters will be introduced, including an “18-year-old farm girl from Illinois,” an African-American mother of three who “runs the kind of house that kids and adults want to hang out in,” and a drop-dead gorgeous bad girl named Maggie who is a member of the Airborne Division. She’s also on her second marriage. “It’s the first time where we’ve done a blended marriage,” notes Melvoin. “Her second husband, who is a soldier, has a 14-year-old daughter who resents Maggie. And she’s got an 11-year-old son who’s trying to fit in.”

    Of all these characters described, why did Melvoin feel the need to identify one by race, and not the others? Doing so for one and not the others immediately sticks out to me, and makes me wonder why so much emphasis is placed on that character’s race, as if that is a defining attribute. If it is not (which it shouldn’t be) then mentioning it is not necessary, as I didn’t see any mention of any other character’s race.

    • Angie says:

      I will miss roxy and Trevor but not cj so much. But the article mentioning the blended marriage is not about race it’s the fact that they both have kids from prior relationships. I love this show and hope its still good I guess we wait and see

    • Larissa says:

      It’s because the farm girl from Illinois can be assumed to be white, as well as Maggie.

  39. Marilyn says:

    WOW!!!! I have been been a Loyal fan of the show from the first episode, I just hate the way it takes so long for in between seasons..Bout lost intrest in the show, but i really love claudia joy hate to see her go!!!!

  40. Tina says:

    Really hate to see Claudia Joy go. She’s such an awesome woman. However, am happy that my favs, Frank and Denise are staying! Hum………. wonder who Michaels new love will be??? Can’t wait for mid year!!!

    • Stacy M. says:

      Catherine Bell, Denise, suffered from thyroid cancer a few years so. They did not remove her thyroid, but treated it with radioactive beads that are are aimed for that person she may have had to have another treatment. Let’s all say a prayer and hope for get recovery. Glory to the Lord!!

    • Renee says:

      Do you remember when Frank saw him at dinner with the other women and Dennis made Frank talk to Michaels about it, I would say that she will be his next love.

  41. Jata Taylor says:

    First it was Brigid, then Sally and Now Kim. Army wives is one of my favorite shows, I will no longer watch it since they are getting rid of all the people that make the show,

    • Larissa says:

      I agree. When the removed Pamela, that about killed it for me, but I kept watching. Roxy has always seemed like THE main character. It seemed to me like Pamela, Chase, Roxy, Trevor and their families were the primary characters; Denise & Frank, CJ & Michael, and Roland & Joan = secondary characters and the rest of the characters always seemed like they were just supporting roles. Now, it seems like the actual main characters will be gone. I don’t like Gloria and Hector, I REALLY don’t like Jackie & Kevin?, and I don’t like Charlie.

      Also, the whole situation with David’s “father” really irritates me. They had a closed adoption, so when he found the family, things should have been handled way differently. Also, I don’t believe it’s that easy to get a court order for a DNA test, especially with the mother being dead and the kid being adopted into a closed adoption (a day or so? yea right! And without legal representation?) Also, they should have never brought him into the picture in the first place with David, all it did was confuse things and give their child a bad influence. They should not have done anything without lawyers involved, and maybe they should have even gotten a restraining order, considering the MF-er did kidnap their son! To top it all off, Roland decided to take him on as a patient? Can you say conflict of interest!? I bet when Joan gets back, Roland will have let that scum bag back into David’s life.

      • Andrea Tracey says:

        Larissa! OMGOSH! I totally agree with you on that about David’s “father” bit! That was just insane!!

  42. deb says:

    Having Claudia Joy gone will be HORRIBLE> no other way to say it.
    Her and Michael were the idea true love story. Not at least make Michael stay
    a clean man and meet , date and marry properly. and not to a idiot.
    not so sure about this new season after all.

    • Miriam says:

      I think Michael’s new love interest will be Brooke Shields. They are going to start getting on each other’s nerves and then fall in love.

      • brenda redden says:

        Brooke Shielsd? REALLY!!!!!! .with all these people leaving the show will lose ratings and be cancelled unless u can get some great actress in there and Brooke Shield isnt one of them. I loved Army Wives looked forward to the new season every season but i am truly disappointed now probably wont even watch it this season. please tell me other than Kin Dealney why did the other actress leave? ROXY made the show and Cluadia Joy was the back bone. I cant believe she has a drinking problem but if she does i pray for her recovery,alcohol is a demon. i am very saddened by this lose of actresse’s,
        i trully enjoyed the show.

  43. how did claudie joy died…..will emmalin b e back too..i hope to see good thinks happen with her(marriage,baby)

  44. wrstlgirl says:

    All the people who are saying that they won’t watch anymore because the characters they’ve grown to love are all either leaving or gone and you aren’t interested in any of the newbies…….you didn’t know a thing about Claudia, Roxy, etc. when you were first introduced to the show so who’s to say that you can’t appreciate and enjoy someone new coming into the fold. Why not give them a chance before you decide you don’t like them, sheesh.

    • pb says:

      My thoughts exactly !! Extra sheesh !!

    • Tammy says:

      Agreed! Change is part of the military life. It’s constant and never-ending. I started watching the first episode and I will continue to watch. I’m a military wife and, no the show is not always realistic, it is fun to watch and see some of the similarities and struggles portrayed. I can’t wait to “meet” the new people on the show! C’mon people, just give ’em a chance. Don’t be “those people” who avoid the new people that just moved in next door. Bake some cookies, grab some milk, and plop down on the couch during Season 7 Episode 1 and welcome the new people to the neighborhood!

    • Ellie says:

      Beautifully said.

  45. Tracy says:

    Very sad to see another death for the Holden family. I was sad to see Chase & Pamela go. As much as I didn’t want this show to end, as I own all of the seasons on DVD, it might have been better to end as originally planned. Congratulations to Sally Pressman!!! Army Wives will never be the same without Roxy & Trevor as regulars because we need her spunk & their love story. Claudia Joy will be missed. One of my favorite things was how Michael & Claudia Joy showed how strong their love is after 18 years of marriage in the first episode.

  46. Cindy says:

    I think CJ being off the show will open some new story lines. My favorite actor, Brian McNamara (Gen Holden) will probably get more coverage-help with the loss, possible romantic interest. Looking forward to the season.

  47. Lindsee says:

    I hate that Claudia Joy is leaving but if Kim has issues in her real life, then they need to be dealt with. I was upset that Pamela and Chase left and I will be sad not to see Roxy and Trevor. I too, hate the length of time between seasons. This is my favorite show, but I guess I’ll see next season if it still is.

  48. Ashley says:

    Roxy and Trevor are my favorite. I wish they were coming back full time. They had the best love story and she wasn’t the “typical” Army Wife. Even though she’s pregnant, she should be on the show as much as possible. The show won’t be the same without her.

    • Marisa says:

      I agree, Roxy was the most colourful character on the show (in my opinion) and I totally related to the last episode, the long drive through post and the memories, did that this summer too… I related to her character more than the others. I do wish Roxy and Trevor were remaining full time on the show…

  49. I wonder if teir dayghter will still make appearances in the show, coming home from college or if her name will just be mentioned once in a while.
    I think Gloria will be a good take over for Roxy and the Hump Bar. Wonder ig they will have her and Hector get back together.

  50. shawna says:

    So glad Joan is back!!!