Vampire Diaries Recap: Confessions of the Heart

Vampire Diaries Nina DobrevThe theme of Thursday night’s The Vampire Diaries: “You’re a monster. You deserve to die.”

Elena, suffering from hallucinations after killing Connor, keeps hearing those words from everyone – the hunter, Katherine (even if it was just a vision, what a welcome return!) and even her own mother. But it was some words exchanged at the episode’s end that really shook things up. We’ll get to that in a bit. First, things get so bad that Elena even stabs Jeremy in the neck, thinking he’s Connor. (He’s wearing his ring, so he’s OK, but ouch!)

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The torture will continue to plague Elena until she’s driven to kill herself, Klaus informs her. He himself was tormented for 52 years until the vision just stopped one day. He doesn’t know why, but Professor Shane does. He tells Damon and Bonnie there’s a way to put an end to it – by awakening the next potential hunter. Jeremy needs to kill a vampire – Jer suggests Damon, hardy-har-har – and become one of The Five to save his sister, so he takes out one of Klaus’ hybrids.

Meanwhile, Elena makes her way to Wickery Bridge to prove that the third time’s a charm. After some cajoling from her mom, she throws her daylight ring into the water, prepared to die when the sun rises. But rather than Stefan, it’s Damon who comes to her rescue at his brother’s urging (“You go find her. Talk her down. She’ll listen to you.”). The next morning, Elena is extremely grateful that he saved her, and as his hand lingers on hers, Damon… takes the high road! He reveals the truth about why Stefan’s been lying to her and how it’s all to find a cure for her. But it’s not enough to salvage their relationship as Elena and Stefan finally have a much-needed, honest conversation about you-know-who.

STEFAN | I sent him because lately it seems like he’s able to get through to you in ways that I can’t. You listen to him. You trust him even when you can’t trust me. … You can admit it.

ELENA | Something’s changed between Damon and me. Much more than it ever used to be, it’s like everything I felt for him before I was a vampire…

STEFAN | Your feelings for him have been magnified. … I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore.

ELENA | I know.

And so, their romance is over in a rather mature way for a young love triangle. But is Elena ready to jump into a relationship with Damon right away? Would it be a little awkward with Stefan still in the picture? (Come on, you know he’s not going to leave town.) Or is three seasons of build-up enough for you to throw caution to the wind and say, “Go for it, Elena!”

In interesting romantic developments on another front: Caroline and Tyler pretend to be on the outs to distract Klaus from their hybrid revolution. It’s refreshing to see Caroline and Hayley playing on the same team, even if the wolf gal doesn’t look like she appreciates Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Kat Grahamthe couple kissing in front of her. Caroline uses her charms to get Klaus’ attention at the Mystic Grill while Stefan tries to get to Elena, and Klaus tells her he wouldn’t have let Tyler hurt her if he was still sired. It’s all fun and games until she admits she was distracting him and Stefan’s lost Elena. Then the nasty Klaus comes out. In the end, she has to agree to go out on a date with the Original in order for him to give up one of his hybrids. Naturally, this doesn’t please Tyler, but it makes for great entertainment.

As for Professor Shane, April finally connects him to her dad, which leads Matt to do some digging. Pastor Young called Shane several times on the day he died. Also a bad sign: The prof tells Bonnie that only he can help when Jeremy completes his hunter’s mark, and she either seems to believe him or she is being hypnotized again. And is his story of Silas, who wants to rise again and regain his power, the big bad that’s ahead?

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of Elena’s confession?What do you make of Shane’s plans? Did the Caroline and Klaus scenes delight you? And is the Lockwood Mansion now the go-to werewolf/hybrid hangout?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danielle H. says:

    He is Silas people. Hate to say I saw this one coming six miles away. And omfg if you re a Damon shipper did the promo not make you almost pee your pants with excitement :-)

    • Stamanah says:

      I am SO excited!!! <3 Love Stefan, but Damon's always been #1.

    • Pearl says:

      Everyone realizes was he the minute he started the history. too obvious.Who can bet the woman who buried him was a Bennet?
      And was just me that missed Elena freaking out about his little brother becoming a vampire-hunter that will most likely become the Klaus tool of the season?
      I missed one line on the break up, though:
      “Maybe was him all the time…”

      I have a slight guess that Haley is on this with Klaus, too strange that she knew how to break the sirebond, and then, he doesn’t kill her when she defies him. Something is off there.
      But I don’t care, love Car and Klaus.

      Bonnie is too naive, or what?
      And, I’m starting to feel sorry for April.

      • Lynn says:

        good point about the not killing Haley ……that made me wonder as well so something is up there…my thoughts are that Haley and klaus are working up a plan to split the two up (Caroline and Tyler)….did you see the way Haley looked when Tyler kissed Caroline after they fooled klaus ummmmmmm….definitly some suspicions…..

  2. Hmmmm says:

    I suppose that this was inevitable, but it almost seems like pandering to shippers. Which is fine. All shows do that. They had to end up taking this road eventually. My only real issue with it is that there is really no going back from here. How can Elena possibly end up with Stefan now? It would just be too weird, especially after her speech to Stefan in the season premiere about making the right choice when she chose him. Also, choosing Damon seemed more natural at the end of last season. If the writers wanted to go in this direction, then why not do it then when it seemed like a natural conclusion. Just seems like strange timing is all.

    • Stamanah says:

      Very true. I agree with everything you’ve said, but I’m nevertheless happy about Stefan and Elena’s split. Their relationship always felt like trying to stick to the books in one major way, the only way they ever did. Part of me feels like the writers are trying to make up for past mistakes – having Elena choose Stefan at the end of last season felt way too contrived for me. Now, Damon, it feels like a more natural choice. And I love Damon, so of course I’m biased.

    • jjovana3 says:

      Elena chose Stefan again because she still had some of her old self in her. All that is slowly vanishing and she is becoming a shadow of herself. So yes, choosing Damon is a natural way to go.

      • J. says:

        Except canon tells us that when you turn your characteristics are amplified, not altered….so it would lead that this Elena is the more true Elena than the one we have seen for past 3 seasons.

    • aisha says:

      i agree.. and what was with erh throwing the ring down the bridge, where EVERYTHING seems to end, this is just too tragic and im depressed… theirother break ups NEVER felt so permanent.

      • AC says:

        Very symbolic that Damon said ‘third time’s a charm’ and this would be the third time that Elena has made a relationship choice following a near-death experience at Wickery Bridge. Everything has turned on its head: Damon is the one saving her, Damon is the one taking the high road…Everything suggests Delena is the new Stelena.

    • Kate says:

      It was Damon’s blood that Elena had in her system when she died. In the books she falls in love with him because of that for a while after she comes back. Eventually she goes back to Stephen, I’m guessing it’s sort of follow that trajectory. Stephen knows this is what is happening and realizes he can’t win right now.

      • Pearl says:

        If that was true, Caroline would had fall for Damon too, and Bonnie’s mother, and… Well. No, it’s not his blood.

        • Tanu says:

          why do people keep forgetting elena drank from damon after turning into a vampire which was supposed to be very “personal”.. its because of the same reason she thinks she has feelings for damon.. she is, anyhow, going to stick with stefan at the end..!

          • Stamanah says:

            I’m sorry, but have you been hiding under a rock for the past three years? Yes, Elena has always chosen Stefan, but she has had feelings for Damon since the middle of season 1. They’re just now starting to cause a rift because they’ve grown to the point that she can’t ignore them any longer.

          • unknown says:

            i really want elena and stefan to be together…or instead want more besutiful and gud hearted girl for him…

  3. s says:

    Best episode ever! Stelena broke up! YES! For once I was actually into what Stelena had to say LOL and as much as I want to see Delena happen I kinda hope Damon turns her down. It would only serve Elena right.

    • Janet Snakehole says:

      Plus it would prolong the sexual tension which will vanish once they actually start banging. But then again, Damon is pussywhipped when it comes to Elena, so wash.

      • Hmm. says:

        And Stefan was what… all man?! Please. If anyone was “pussy whipped” it was Stefan. He did EVERYTHING Elena asked, regardless of whether or not it was in her best interest. Damon pushes her back, he challenges her when he knows she needs to be challenged. I don’t define that as “pussy whipped.” I define that as maturely loving someone. Thanks for playing though.

        • Connie says:

          It’s totally like what Rose said: Stefan will always be good for Elena, but Damon could either be the best thing or the worst thing for her.

    • Fer says:

      i agree i want him to turn her down cuz i dont want her to be with him and then go back to stefan and break his heart…. i also want damon to find someone that loves him for him and that didnt love stefan first

  4. Anna says:

    Guess we now know the name of the the new Big Bad. Loved the Klaus/Caroline scenes and how Tyler reacted to the date at the end. Was not expecting a Stefan/Elena break up so early, but I am excited to see where the triangle goes next.

  5. s says:

    Well She had to get with Damon at some point imo to make it a real triangle. This only being with Stefan through the whole series has got pretty old if you ask me.

  6. Janet Snakehole says:

    Elena got saved AGAIN. This chick needs to grow some ladyballs. Everyone is either dying for her or saving her. Poor Elena. Poor pathetic Elena. Oh and break up with Stefan to hook up with Damon was so predictable. At least Stefan did the dumping and she was HONEST for once. But if Elena is slowly turning into Katherine, Damon beware. Kat did shred his heart to pieces. In other, more exciting news…Jeremy is the new hunter and OH MY GOOD MY POOR FEELS KLAus and Caroline is HAPPENING!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

  7. s says:

    I also wanted to say I was happy to see Matt have a purpose in the story tonight. that was great.

  8. smthkly says:

    I’m glad that Stelena broke up burt I don’t want her to go straight to Damon. Yeah they can have their flirty moments but I hope he makes her work for it a little after all she has put him through and she takes some time to grow up and come into her own as a vampire. The strong girl that would take on any situation to save herself & her friends has become emotional and lost her confidence. I don’t think they will go straight into a relationship as we are still so early into the season, maybe later closer to the season finale. That being said, I am very excited for the episode and this “moment” (which hopefully occurs in front of the fireplace) that Plec has said is 1000 times better than the 1st Miss Mystic Falls dance between Delena.

    • Chels says:

      Totally agree. Damon deserves to have someone fight for him for once. She needs to work for it and figure out who she is now. Roll on, next episode…can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

      • Tanu says:

        they are “going for it” in the 8th episode, the repercussions of which are going to be disastrous.. damon is forced to make a decision after he realizes the reason for the way elena is feeling at the moment…

  9. Babybop says:

    I am SO happy that Stefan kicked her to the curb. I hope Damon does the same thing. They deserve so much better than a whiny sniveling 18 year old girl who can’t make a decision on who she likes better.
    Also, I hope Kathryn comes back.

  10. Michelle says:

    I wish a new girl would come along for stephan. I love the two of them together, but this triangle stuff is old and now that she is a vampire is pointless. I like the love stories, the vamp drama and the fights! Bring on Stephan’s new love interest and make it juicy. He deserves it.

  11. aisha says:

    SO. DEPRESSED. and it ticks me off how people have no sympathy for stefan, i had sympathy for damon when she chose stefan :S

    • Smigglesby says:

      I was never a hardcore Stelena or Delena shipper until this season, I’ve started to lean more Delena. All of her great moments have been with Damon embracing being a vampire.
      I think they have no sympathy because weren’t season 1, 2, and most of season 3 Stelena, with a few sprinkles of Delena.

    • J. says:

      It is hard to have sympathy for a guy who lies a lot, whose whole premesis of the relationship was formed on a lie. But she forgave him all, and now it seems it is one too many.
      I know people think that this was about Damon, and part of it was, but also it is about what Stefan has done.

  12. Josh says:

    All the complaints about Elena are getting pretty valid. For the character to finally come into her own, I think she needs like a story arc COMPLETELY separate from Stefan and Damon. I know that’s crazy but considering she’s probably the most hated character on the show(not by me, mind you…That honor goes to Klaus) she needs a character rehab and that means episodes where she interacts mostly with Caroline, Bonnie and her brother. No romance, no love triangle, just Elena learning to be Elena again. Not Elena and Damon, not Elena and Stefan.

    I think it would do wonders for the character, and in turn, the show.

    • Patty says:

      I agree! Elena needs a new arc, separate from the brothers, to have more credibility in the show. Also I am happy for Stephan that he is free now, I think he should make something else for himself, a real mision something where he can use his skills. Like Damon, he looks so pleased with his life, he doesn t have to fake anything.

  13. aisha says:

    In the end , Stefan always looses the people he loves :( its tragic. First his dad freaking shot him, katherine lmanipulated him and now this and he fights EVERYDAY for everyone and he loves and himself . he deserves to be happy. But idc who he ends up with, it will never be equal to SE for me:(

  14. s says:

    why would we have sympathy for Stefan? he broke up with her and it wasn’t a bad break up.

    • aisha says:

      because hes heartbroken ? :S it was so sad.

    • aisha says:

      and he didnt WANT to break up with her, he had to because she clearly loves Damon

      • Dmac says:

        No she wants Damon, there is a big difference. I don’t think she loves him, most girls falls for the bad boys because they are exciting and fun but it never lasts and all the girls are left with is regret.

        • Hmmmm says:

          Agreed. It seems much more like lust than love. And there aren’t a lot of people who end up with the one they’re lusting over, they get a taste, and try to return to the one they love.

          • Whitney says:

            Paul said in a semi-recent interview that he wanted Elena to be with Damon so that people would get sick of them. haha I think he has the right idea more or less… Stefan & Elena will find their way back to each other eventually because they’re very obviously the endgame plan. (I know it’s not an entirely popular opinion, but it’s basic TV formula… ) This needs to happen now so that they can build up again down the road.

            How long down the road, who knows. Hopefully long enough that they don’t break up 3 more times. THAT would be obnoxious.

          • cc says:

            Whitney – I would agree with you about the typical TV formula, but I’m thinking about the showrunners in that respect. Think back to Dawson’s Creek – Kevin Williamson’s other successful drama – everyone thought Dawson/Joey would be the end game, but she went with Pacey… I think it’s still up in the air who will end up together in the finale.

          • Pearl says:

            You can go much more near. Chuck was suposed to be gay, like on the book, he wasn’t suposed to be with Blair, he was the bad guy, She was with Nate. Now, Chair is the most strong shipper in GG for about 3 years. And it’s probably endgame.

        • C. says:

          THIS. I completely agree, because during the whole breakup scene, both Stefan and Elena only really mention “want” not “love.”

    • He didn´t want to break up with her, but she gave him no choice.. I mean, she is telling him she is in love with his brother, he clearly has some self-love, not to put himself through a situation like that.. I hated this episode, it was really sad.. And besides if the writers make Elena run into Damon´s arms they are gonna make the character more hated, if that is possible..

      • L says:

        This show has made sick. The Originals won’t go away. Elena is perfect and unreal. She is on my last nerves. Does this show really have nothing else to develop plotwise that the Originals just can’t get resolved? devlop something new.
        Elena you bitch. I’m am 100% in Stefan’s camp. I wouldn’t want/take her back. How could she EVER go for Damon. How many people has he killed, attempted to kill, almost killed, hurt. No matter how he treats her, like a queen, and no one else gets the butter and cream from him like she does. But that’s an aside. Screwing your Ex’s brother is an aside also, but just as low. Wake up you dumb princess, it’s all in the blood. it’s always blood with vampires. Anything real is gonna be with Stefan. Damon is way too deviant for anything to be worthwhile with him. Have your moment, watch him kill someone else, then go crawling back to Stefan and beg him to consider taking you back. Just sick of you.

  15. Josh says:

    Also, I really want Klaus to die. He’s disgusting and evil, and I just can’t buy into the Caroline/Klaus crap, because Caroline would NEVER feel for his crap.

  16. Jon says:

    I’m glad Stefan and Elena broke up! Hopefully Stefan will get awesome again instead of boring Stefan when he’s with Elena. Also I LOVED how when Katherine appeared she pointed out how everyone ends up hurt because of Elena and that it wouldn’t be surprising if ppl like Bonnie actually secretly hated her( I think Tyler could also end up hating her since they were never really close, and maybe Hayley since she doesn’t even know or care about Elena).

  17. smthkly says:

    I’m surprised at how many references there were to Ric tonight. I hope that is foreshadowing of some kind and we get him back in some form soon. This ep also seemed to want to show off the good side of Damon, like him calling Stefan when Elena hurt Jeremy & trying to convince her not to be upset with Stefan for keeping secrets because it was all for her.

    So if the Prof. is Silas, then who is Ketsia?

    I’m still not understanding the April connection to everything. So she remembered the Prof. so is that how Conner knew her because of his connection to the Prof.? She must be there for a reason (other than to be another human), but I can’t quite figure out what that is yet?

    • wolve2110 says:

      I think if the prof is Silas he taught the immorality spell to April’s dad and he and maybe some of the people he blew up will be coming back, Or the prof is a red herring and April’s dad is Silas.

  18. Ella says:

    This episode was awesome! Loved that Stefan recognized that Damon is the one Elena needs/wants, a fact Elena has been running from since she turned. I can’t wait for her and Damon to explore their new dynamic, though I am expecting that the cure may eventually come into play. When it dies, will she choose not to take the cure? Lots of possibilities. As for Stefan, I love his chemistry with Caroline and think they would make a fabulous couple. I hope the writers will persue this! Will Jeremy’s marks bring about Silas’ return once his tattoo is complete?

  19. Erin says:

    Does anyone know the name of the actor who played Chris? I know I’ve seen him in something else but I can’t place him. It’s driving me crazy!

  20. ollie says:

    so glad that wet blanket of a realationship is over. please writers keep it that way elena and stefan are so much more interesting apart then togther and funner. i also think prof shane could be silas or knows where he is. hope we can get a badass jeremy now.

  21. aisha says:

    heck, even DAMON screwed him over while he was out saving his life.

  22. taylor says:

    Can anyone tell me what ‘s the name of the song in the break up scene?

  23. aisha says:

    I agree. i dont think Damon should take her back easily considering how much its going to hurt Stefan, and all the hell that she put HIM through.

  24. June says:

    I loved the show it was awesome guys , at first Elena had hurt Damen very badly especially when Elena knew how Damen had felt about her, but Damon might forgive Elena for hurting him like that , i think that she made the right decision by telling Stephen how she really feels about Damon, her heart, mind, body, and soul will always be a part of Damens life , because i think they truly love each other and Clause did a wonderful job tonight on the show i am proud of him he is a good actor.

  25. Amanda says:

    Can we talk about Tyler turing into Chuck Bass and hurling glass objects at Caroline? Because that’s healthy.

    • Autumn says:

      Well to be fair, she and her gang did just get his friend murdered. I enjoy this show, I just wish this group of friends would just admit to being the self absorbed murderers that they really are. Embrace it. Elena helped kill a whole race of vampires. She should feel guilt about that and not just a vampire hunter. This group is the same as Klaus so they should stop judging him (and honestly they should have just let him keep Elena locked in the room since he proved to be the one with a brain this episode rather than try to save her which thus creating an unnecessary mess). They only care about people they care about and no one else. Everyone else is collateral damage. Seriously. On a side note, I love the whole Silas thing and the witch professor.

  26. kavyn says:

    So is Katherine dead? I was a little confused why she appeared as a hallucination along with two other dead people. I mean, if they were HER hallucinations would it not make more sense to fit anyone current as a hallucination?

    I really hope she isn’t, she’s my favourite character on the show along with Caroline.

  27. Bonnie says:

    There’s no way the professor isn’t Silas.

  28. JDHetherington says:

    This just made me excited for the inevitable Katherine vs Elena confrontations coming up later in the season. Nina Dobrev’s still got it.

    • cc says:

      Amen! Seeing Katherine again was like a breath of fresh air. I love when Nina gets to play her; I would argue that Katherine is much more entertaining to watch than Elena. I do wish Elena would pick up some of her spunk as she moves forward as a vamp.

  29. sls says:

    Love the break-up. It had to happen and if that relationship got dragged out for the rest of the season it would have been terrible. Hope Damon plays hard to get. I hope Stefan gets a great hook up, maybe Meredith (isn’t she is wife in real life?).

    Anyone else thinking that the series (not season) ends with one brother with Elena and the other with Katherine? They wrote just enough of a hint of goodness in her. I could totally see this happening. If this happens, my hope is for a Stefan/Katherine and Damon/Elena ending. I know it may sound crazy from here but there would be good balance in those couples. I’m not giving up on Katherine being half way decent in the end.

  30. Ally says:

    The love triangle has me completely hooked and all, but Elena needs the chance to figure out who she is now. I don’t want others disliking her character as much. Hopefully she finds the new her and everything else falls into place. I didn’t expect the breakup to happen at this time. I have a feeling Stephan and Elena will eventually try to make up at least. It’s going to be so weird to see him interact with Elena and Damon now. However, I loooove Damon’s character so they’ll learn a lot from each other. I’m very interested in what will happen with Jeremy and why Bonnie will need to see Shane when the map is revealed! I’m glad Matt is getting back on board with this stuff. As for Klaus, it’s hard not to hate him at times because of what he does to help. Caroline is slowly falling for him I bet especially with the way things have been going between her and Tyler. Man, I love Thursdays!

  31. hello says:

    Disappointing that they failed to follow up on the storyline developments to do relationship crap

  32. liliana says:

    This show is not good anymore has a lot of plot holes, fan service.. I am so proud of Stefan right now, i am stelena, but he deserves so much better! Elena is a whinny bitch, always thinking on herself!! Allucination Katherine said all the truth about her, Stefan should do the same!! I am so sick of this love triangle, people say that stelena was boring i am sorry but the award for the mosst whiiny couple goes to Delena!! I want to see this relationship fail, because enventually it’s what will happen, stelena will be endgame, i am sorry but for me don’t make sense if Delena were the endgame, besides i would never dated someone who killed my brother, raped my friend and treats his brother like crap!! She will realise this step was a mistake, so don’t think this is your victory…But i don’t understand if her feelings for Damon has magnified what about her feelings for stefan, and why she said he was the best choice… And i want katherine to come back right now, and i want her with Stefan and make Elena and Damon jelous.. One thing it’s true Damon always had jelous of Stefan, with a reason, because he is the best in everything!! Stefan in the all seasons saved severall times Elena, Damon and everyone well i think Elena should remember that! LMAO delena happened because Elena had to change her personallaty! Klaus is boring too i don’t understnd the vibe, Caroline is becoming the new Elena, they are so dumb…they treat they boyfriends like crap.. Stefan and Tyler deserve better! The only characters i care about right now are Stefan, Tyler, Jeremy, Boonie, Matt, Rebekah and Katherine!! some of those characters are the ones that in the end will always loosing the ones they love!

  33. sara says:

    Really?! I am sorry but there is no way in hell I am ever gonna believe Elena would ever truly fall in love and want to be with Damon. He KILLED her brother…I don’t give a crap that he had his ring on, Damon was all upset that Katherine never really wanted him so he decided to take that anger out on someone else, which he always does, and kill someone, her brother! I am sorry but some a#8hole kills my brother, I am gonna kill them or at least hate them forever….I know she “forgave” him when she thought he was gonna die but he didn’t so that’s null and void. Plus oh let’s see what else has he done that should keep her from loving him….he almost killed Bonnie, he killed her bf’s best friend, tried to kill Caroline, killed Tanner, turned Vickie cuz he was bored,wanted to unleash the tomb vampires to seek their revenge….and the list goes on! Yes Stefan was the Ripper but did Elena know and love those people?! NO!! So BIG difference. Her with Damon is such BS cuz there is just no way to forget all he did to her town and those she loves. Plus wouldn’t all she has felt for Stefan be magnified as well, where are all those emotions?!

    • sunryder says:

      elena is the most self-centered character remember? … whatever doesn’t happen to her it doesn’t matter.

    • liliana says:

      I agree with you!! How can she forget about that!! For me there are no logic! If Damon was ugly he would be dead right now!!! P.S: I am not a big fan of Damon, but i am not saying i want him dead! But his actions for me it’s unforgivable!

    • I agree!! I tought the same thing: Where are her feelings for Stefan? Does this mean she was lying when she said it was the best choice she ever made? I know she is “changing” but c´mon.. in season 2 Stefan explains to Caroline that as a vampire all the things that made your personality as a human were hightened, all of them, not just the negative parts..

    • Michelle says:

      Um, ELENA just killed her brother. With a knife. I think it’s pretty much a wash at this point.

      • sara says:

        She didn’t kill her brother b/c someone turned her down, she is basically possessed and going crazy two totally different things so no its not a wash…plus Damon killing Jeremy was just one of a whole bunch of crap Damon has done to the people elena claims to love

        • L says:

          Exacto. Thank you. Damon is sarcastic and funny and great to watch on tv, but otherwise, it’s just a no. He’d kill your dog, kill your mom, kill your brother….. No.

    • Shaun says:

      Sorry but I don’t think we can use the HE KILLED HER BROTHER arguement anymore… I mean She killed her brother too! haha.

  34. sara says:

    Plus that b#@ch Damon would be dead if it wasnt for Stefan, he sacrificed his life for his brother and what does Damon do to repay him? Mack on his girl and now possibly hook up with her?! I am sorry but that is messed up, I would never be able to hook up with my sister’s ex no matter what….can you only imagine how awkward things will be?! Poor stefan :(

  35. Bender says:

    the show needs more of elena in the shower.

  36. Alana says:

    I am a huge fan of delena:) although I read a spoiler for Edison 8 which says Damon has to make a heartbreaking decision. I just have a feeling he will choose his relationship with Stefan over Elena. I would love to see Elena and Damon in a relationship though.

    • sabsab says:

      it’s only natural… and actually this was always the game bros over hos there were a lot of moments throughout the series that showed that their brotherhood is more important than anything. and even damon said that all he did to save elena was for his brother first of all.

      • Alana says:

        Yeah I can see that Damon has got some loyalty to Stefan to an extent….although if he was loyal through and through he wouldn’t have fell in love with and kissed his brothers girl.

        • sabsab says:

          you know some feelings you can’t control… I am not saying what he did was right… the producers are obviously milking the real life chemistry the actors have…. because with all the explanations delena doesn’t make sense.

          • Alana says:

            I Agree with you about them milking it. I find it so unfair to Delena fans to constantly tease us like this lol. Will just have to wait and see what happens :)

  37. martina says:

    maybe it’s only me, but this triangle damon elena stefan remember me of pacey-dawson-joey from dawson’s creek, i know this is a vamp drama but you can see stefan is like dawson, elena like joey and damon like pacey, one is pure love prince charming, the other is passion, sex, fire and flames. i like stefan and damon, they are both great characters but i think elena will end up with damon and then another time with stefan, and at the very end i think she will pick damon. i liked the part of shane, i’m so curious about silas, hunters, Jeremy, witches… i ask myself how do julie plec write so well after 3 season, i really don’t know, series like true blood and others with supernatural creatures become boring but TVD not! (sorry for my english if you don’t understand or if i made mistakes but i’m italian!)

  38. Rachel says:

    I’m really getting tired of Elena being so selfish all the time lately. She completely dismisses Stefan’s entirely legitimate concerns about her relationship with Damon and how she keeps turning to Damon instead of the guy she says she loves and yet she’s supposed to be the girl we root for? At least Katherine was up front about how selfish she was, Elena needs to either admit it or get a serious reality check. Hopefully Stefan breaking up with her will knock some sense into her. And this whole becoming a vampire suddenly changed her personality thing is SUCH crap. It amplified what she already was.

    I did love the moment with Tyler, Hayley and Caroline at the end there. It was nice to see someone say that serving up someone else’s friend to save your friend isn’t okay. Tyler and Caroline are quickly becoming why I watch the show now. And snarky, non-love sick Damon. ;-} Now if they could just bring the real Katherine back…

  39. Ruby says:

    TVD is becoming like crap! have no logic at all! the writers are destroying ths tv show! explain to me why Elena’s feelings for Damon are magnified and for Stefan not? like where is the logic in this? and btw, Caroline is another Elena. i felt sorry for Tyler cause he is a good boyfriend and friend and she is trading that for a killer? people forget that Klaus killed Jenna, did bad things to Elena, Bonnie, Stefan and more. Tvd is a huge disappointment. and its not just because of the love triangles but the whole plot.

  40. HEATHER says:

    Is it next Thursday yet?

  41. mona says:

    What I don’t like about this show is the way the writers have Damon with the best lines, fight scenes, etc. Seems like the rest of the cast get the left overs. So now he’s dating his girlfriend in real life, on the show. I’ll have to pass on this show. Oh I forgot it’s a Kevin Williamson show. Looks like Pacey Dawsons Creek is now Ian from TVD’s. nuff said

    • charm says:

      absolutely, couldnt have said it better myself, I am through with this show. The writers/producers have their picks on this show and obviously its Elena and Damon, bleh.

      • lara says:

        Don’t really know how you can say that since Damon has been rejected and humiliated by Elena for the past three and a half years. And, that’s with Delena’s HUGE fan following, which honestly Stelena does not even come close to. Also, let’s be honest – Delena is not getting together by next week’s episode. They MAYBE will get together/hook up by the end of the season, but it’s nothing compared to the many, many moments Stelena has gotten over the years. If you listen to any of Julie Plec’s interviews, it’s pretty obvious that Paul Wesley is her favorite guy.

        Regarding the fact that Damon gets the best lines – well, yeah, that’s his personality. It’s why Klaus and Katherine gets the best lines too. They are supposed to be snarky, while Stefan and Elijah and Elena are supposed to be kinder and more good. And, yet the latter three still manage to have fans.

    • Tamara says:

      I disagree. Damon is always the one, who ends up with a broken heart. Season 1 he “lost” Kat, Season 2, “It’s always gonna be Stefan” und Season 3, Elena choose Stefen over Damon. Now, for the first time, Damon has the chance to be happy. FOR ONCE! The first time, Elena wants Damon and not Stefan.

      • KiKi says:

        Contrary to popular belief i think that elena didnt exactly say that she chose damon over stefan, but that she feels something more for him now that she is changing, which is why stefan said he cant do this anymore. Its hard for him to stomach that she has feelings for his brother let alone now that he’s not the ripper, and him sitting around acting like it doesnt affect him would be a blatant lie. Im a stelena shipper 100% but i do think its time that stefan explores a life outside this triangle nonsense. There is no competition because for 3 seasons both elena and stefan has been totally devoted to each other, even when stefan was the ripper he did not attempt to be with someone else, while damon has no problem hooking while he is quote unquote loves elena. Just makes no sense. If its just sexual tension they have then get on with it because im a little annoyed that the writers are making it more than it actually is. Yes damon was there for her when stefan went away, but we ALL knew why he did. He did it for damon, elena and all her friends, and when he came back he still felt like he couldnt be with her because he felt guilty for having been under the influence of klaus and bit elena. He’s been trying to get himself back ever since, and been doing a pretty good job. So if there is any way for a reunion i would hope elena displays some of that strength that stefan has displayed and fight for him eventually, because i think he deserves it.

  42. Kat says:

    I am glad that Stefan and Elena broke up.. it has been long coming and they are way more interesting separate than together. Elena is way more interesting when with Damon. I do not agree that all the girls choose the bad boys and then when it doesn’t work out they go back to the good guy. I think that there has to be a middle and Damon at this point is this middle. Stefan is simply boring when he is his good self. Damon, even when he is with Elena still has a spunk, plus he accepts her whether she is her whinny self or let loose new vamp.
    I don’t understand people hate towards Klaus. He may be a villain at this point but when he is with Caroline you see his soft side ( Kind of like Damon with Elena). I would love to see them explore this relationship.
    Plus now we have this new professor which I think is the new bad guy, no soft spots here.

    • liliana says:

      Villains don’t need a soft spot! That’s why this show has zero villains to take seriously! This is only the show that this happens…

      • Pearl says:

        Villains who are COMPLEX need a soft spot. No one is all bad or all good, that’s what makes people interesting. Klaus has a goal, and it’s have more like him, cause he feels alone, and he is used to order his way around, cause that’s what he learned to do, to protect himself of getting stabbed on the back, from being a target of his father, even if he didn’t choose his fate. He killed his mother, cause she wanted him killed, he ran away from his father, that wanted him killed. Be the strong one, and impose fear in others is what kept him alive. He loves his family, but doesn’t know how to deal with them, and is afraid that they’ll leave him or turn against him, as his parents did, so he uses what he have. Yes it’s wrong, but in his head, it’s him trying to keep a family. Yes he kills and he don’t show any remorse, but for how long is he alive? How many things he has seen? How many times was he hunted? He’s a great villain, cause he has the dangerous item that makes a good villain, he knows no limits to get what he wants, and, he thinks that he’s allways right. This didn’t change since he showed up. Everytime he “helps” the guys it’s on HIS interest. And that’s not because you’re a villain that you can’t fall in love, but he won’t change, or be softer to please the girl he wants, he might be softer with her, but not with the way he goes after what he wants.

        • liliana says:

          I am sorry but feeling alone is now an excuse to murder, to be a psychopath is that you are saying??? He is the villain, he killed Jenna, almost killed Bonnie, makes Elena suffer even Katherine!! He is not like Stefan, even Damon( who made some terrible stuff)!

          • Pearl says:

            Read again, I didn’t said it was ok. What I said was, he is a good vilain, and he’s complex. He’s not just a plain vilain who does everything because he was born bad. He has an history, and motives, and he still have feelings, that allow him to fall in love. I NEVER said it was ok, I didn’t used as an excuse, I used as a reason. This guy isn’t human, he passed hundreds of years, or thousands, as a creature unique, who had no one like him, who suffered being who he is, wich was never his choice, but his parents choice. It’s not okay be like he is, but the circunstances of the show and of his life made him that way.

          • Emily says:

            Okay, crazytown, this is a fictional show based on supernatural beings. Of course it’s NOT ok to murder people…unless you’re a one thousand year old vamp-wolf. Get a grip.

      • KiKi says:

        I totally agree with that, either you are the villan or not. You cant tell me its right for damon to be conscious of his actions and hurt the people he says he loves and then get a free pass everytime. Its time that chooses a side, because i have yet to see remorse for his actions. His only excuse is that he’s a vampire and thats what vampires do well so go be a vampire alone and stop dragging elena and stefan through the mud because its obvious stefan wants a real shot at a normal human life which is why he goes out his way to control himself.

      • Amanda says:

        I couldn’t agree more! I love Klaus, but he’s way more fun when he’s evil, rather than when he’s courting Caroline. And Damon…oh Damon. He was SO much more interesting when he was evil and killing people left and right. Now he’s this lovesick puppy that is completely pathetic. I’m hoping for Stefan and Elena to get back together, and Damon to go back to his old ways. (I also thought Stefan was way hotter when he was the ripper, but that’s not his true self, unlike Damon)

  43. Alex says:

    It seems to me Stefan doesn’t like the changes Elena is going through and wants the cure for her so that she can go back to being the same person she was before… Even if the two of them were to both take the cure and become human again, Elena will still change as a person. She’s, what, 17 or 18 years old? NO ONE is the exact same person throughout their lifespan as they were when they were a teenager. Sure, Stefan has admitted in the past that he recognizes, as a human, Elena would grow older and eventually die, but it seems like he doesn’t get that people’s personalities, traits, habits, etc. change, as well. We (humans) constantly change throughout our lives, so for Damon to say he loves and accepts Elena for who she was as a human, AS WELL AS who she is now as a vampire, is (IMO) what Elena deserves in a significant other. Actually, for someone to declare they will love you for who you were in the past, who you are now, and who you will be in the future is what everyone deserves in a significant other.

    • liliana says:

      I don’t agree with you, yes there is some changes when we become adults but personality is something that don’t change…i am still the same person when i was a teenager! Feelings is what you are talking!

      • Pearl says:

        I honestly doubt that, although I don’t know you. You definitely changed the way you face life, the decisions that you make, and it’s okay, it’s the meaning of grow, learning from experiences and changing.You might not have changed the way you are with friends, or the goals you had, but it’s about the ways you do things now that change.

    • KiKi says:

      Its not the changes in elena that scares him, even though that what the writers are trying to get at, but its the way she keeps reaching out to damon at a time when he wants to be there for her like when she was there for him as the ripper. I cant say i blame the guy because frankly if everything is magnified as a vampire then her personality shouldnt be all that different just that she now has a darker side she has to learn to control, just like stefan did. The lying and sneaking around with damon is a hell no in my books, and im glad he decided he cant stick around and watch that kind of disrespect. After all she did choose stefan, but this so called new elena is a total crock because if she’s somewhat going to be another dark vampire it wouldnt suit her, there is katherine for that and she does a waay better job at it. So get over yourself elena, you just want an excuse to shack up with damon. Good luck with that!!

  44. Susy says:

    I am so very happy- Delena is on!!!!!! For the first time, I appreciated Stefan for recognizing he isn’t Elena’s happiness anymore. Hopefully, Elena won’t play with Damon’s feelings and then hurt him. If she does, somebody stake her whiny behind!

  45. S says:

    Awe, hows it feel Stelena fans? if Delena actually happens that is. You bringing up all the bad evil things terrible Damon has done please lol Do you forget she has forgiven him seasons ago for that stuff? She cares about both brothers. She had feelings for Damon before becoming a vampire but was imo scared to admit it.

  46. akary says:

    this episode was so similar an episode from BTVS “Amends”…

    The First Evil was driving Angel insane with dreams of the people he murdered over the years as Angelus his visions of his past victims, including Jenny Calendar, appear to him and try to get him to kill Buffy, saying that he will be released from the pain if he does so. Angel cannot bring himself to do this, so instead he opts to kill himself by standing on a hill and waiting for the sun to come up.

    this series need a really good villian like Angelus was in Buffy… Angelus was ice-cold, witty, calculating and vicious. On top of all that though.

    btw Bonnie is far from being as good as was Willow

  47. Draven says:

    Hopefully either Buffy or Blade will show up and stake them all

  48. Olanrewaju david says:

    Everbody was just talking about delena stelena but i think d writer did a g8te job he put us in 2 suspense nd we re arguing

  49. Seany says:

    i don’t know if people realized but when Damon snapped Jeremy’s neck in S2 Ep1 and didn’t know he had the ring on, he didn’t kill him, he actually turned him becuz he had Anna’s Vampire blood in his system so he was never gonna be dead with or without the ring on!!! so quit saying he killed her brother!!! DELENA 4 LIFE

    • stefangirl says:

      And do you think that is much better??? hahahaha don’t make me laugh! BTW if that is true,Damon didn’t know that Jeremy had blood in his system!

  50. sabrina says:

    am getting tired of all diz nonsense….one minute its stelena..d nxt its delena…I tink d 2 salavatore brothers shld give it a break..pls…CW cn we hv a new love interest in elena’s life …diz circle is becoming boring!!!For once elena make up ur stupid mind…be you and try to hard to be good..your scenes with stephen since you became a vampire is annoying…your always crying n he is all ways consoling..#pathetic..#yuck!!..scenes with damon…pretty stupid..oooh it fun..I feel free den d nxt minute oooh…what am doing is wrong pptf..plssssss….develop into a strong character now dat you are vampire not weak human elena!!!..wld love 2 see katherine again…oooh n elena plsss learn 4rm kate on hw 2 be a vampire…