The X Factor Recap: Did the Right Acts Go Home?

tate stevens x factorTension hung in the air, thicker and more pronounced than Demi Lovato’s ’80s-era eyebrows, on tonight’s X Factor Top 12 results show. Even Khloe Kardashian could feel it: “Live on stage we’ve got a sensational performance from the incredible Taylor Swift!” she declared, eyes burning with ennui (or was she merely distracted by a shiny object dangling in the distance?).

Whatever the case, the telecast took a hideous turn within its first 20 minutes. No, I’m not talking about this exchange in which the Kardashian woman and cohost Mario “yes my soul is in the Lost & Found” Lopez were allowed to abandon the teleprompter following Ms. Swift’s rendition of “State of Grace.”

Khloe: “Great job! Hey! Now you have been a young star. You started really young. We have a lot of young contestants on the show. What advice would you give them?”
Taylor: “I think the advice I would give people is to just, no matter how tired you are or no matter what kind of bad day you’re having, be nice to people. You know?”
Khloe: “Be nice! The Golden Rule! Abolutely!”
Mario: “Great advice! That’s great advice just in life, too! You’re exactly right! By the way, Taylor’s new album Red is out in stores now! And aftet the break we’re gonna find out which acts have made it through to the Top 10 and which two will have to sing for survivor [sic]! And later on we’re gonna reveal the rankings of the Top 10, so please do not move!”

Right before that meeting of the minds, Mr. Lopez revealed — without the slightest bit of fanfare — news that totally broke my reality-competition-lovin’ heart: Highly entertaining, high-energy rap act Lyric145 (and its sure-to-be-a-superstar frontwoman Lyric Da Queen) was the week’s lowest vote-getter, and thus was being shown the exit without even a last-chance sing-off. WHY?! THE?! FACE?!

Of course, this being a double-elimination week, there was more blood to be spilled. Here’s how the rest of the hour played out.

Arin Ray
Vino Alan
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Diamond White
Tate Stevens
Beatrice Miller
CeCe Frey
Fifth Harmony

Last chance sing-off
Jennel Garcia: A servicable albeit slightly tearful take on Hoobastank’s “The Reason.”
Paige Thomas: A butterfly-delicate, mostly on pitch cover of Coldplay’s “Paradise,” marked by hypnotically tossed-off phrasing.

Uh-oh. Despite the fact that Jennel had outperformed Paige every week on the show this season, she got outsung when it counted most. How would the judges vote?

L.A.: Eliminate Jennel
Britney: Eliminate Jennel
Simon: Refused to vote before Demi, invoking his role as Mario’s boss to get his way
Demi: Eliminate Paige
Simon: In “an easy decision,” Eliminate Jennel

Wait! If Simon had planned to send the Massachussets rocker to the guillotine anyway, why not just get it over with, instead of forcing Demi to publicly come out against one of the two acts she’s got left in the Top 10? That’s not keeping it real or entertaining, it’s just keeping it obnoxious.

Yep, just like that, two of the acts this season with a real-world shot at being chart-topping successes are out of the competition. Who exactly voted for Paige, CeCe, Diamond, and Arin? (Sorry, Arin, but “Crazy for You” was a crazy mess.)

And finally, our hosts brought the Top 10 back to the stage to reveal the order of this week’s votes:

10. Paige Thomas
9. Arin Ray
8. Beatrice Miller (who reacted to the news with a not-ready-for-primetime combo of bitterness and resignation)
7. Diamond White
6. Fifth Harmony
5. CeCe Frey
[Oh em gee! Just over three percent of the vote separates the top four!]
4. Emblem3
3. Vino Alan
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar
1. Tate Stevens

Wait, they forgot to mention where Lyric145 is ranked? Oh…

And with that, let me turn things over to you:

Did the right acts get sent home this week? If not, who dodged the proverbial bullet? What did you make of the voting order? And who’s more painful: Khloe or Mario? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ktbanks says:

    To answer the question simply: HELL NO.

    • Emma says:

      Umm, I was gonna answer: HELL YES.

      • Lili An-noln says:

        Can we now have the beautiful Cheryl to join as X-Factor judge? Not only a British superpopstar who happens to be incredibly hot and likeable, she is the GREATEST judge/mentors the X-Factor franchise has ever seen! She won the British show twice and was 2nd the third year because she knew what to do with her acts. Demi DOES not. Tonight I thought she was going to scream live “I QUIT, I QUIT” and simply run…

        Britney sucks as mentor but she is still somehow better than Demi. Demi is worst. She is as lame as Paula and Nicole were. Her acts are getting worse week by week. They’re simply not improving!
        She first eliminated Jillian (this season’s biggest YouTube sensation) then got rid off everything exciting thing about Jennel, made Paige cut her hair and show the underpants in front of America… and can’t choose a decent song for Paige to sing. She is like a little fish lost in a shark tank. She can’t compete with Simon and LA.

        • BarbL says:

          Unfortunately for us, Cheryl has moved on, and there probably aren’t enough pounds/dollars in the world that would convince her to work with/for Simon Cowell again.

        • Jon says:

          I’ve seen all the UK and Aussie X-Factors. We (The U.S.) have the worse show of the bunch. Having 2 hosts is a mistake and the 2 are just horrible. I hate how they molest the contestants. Bring either the UK or the Aussie hosts or even the Canadian Idol host Ben Mulroney. Anybody know how many times Britney has said “amazing”?

          • Jon says:

            You’re wrong there. The X Factor Philippines is so so so much worse. A distant host ala Khloe and incoherent judges.

          • Jay says:

            I think Caroline Flack and Ollie Murs should have a shot hosting the US X Factor, they are great on Xtra Factor and actually have chemistry with each other.

          • FreeHaley says:

            OTOH, I don’t know. If they were the two who conducted the interview with that annoying blogger guy ‘and’ Annie Barrett from EW…. They basically let the annoying blog dude take over and didn’t control the interview, both turned towards him and basically they left her sitting there with a bemused look just watching the whole thing as the guy mostly just babbled on and on about how amazing One Direction are.

        • SSDD says:

          I actually liked Paula seemed like she was the only one who really did her job.

        • Shy says:

          I saw her on X Factor US. And she was bad. No surprise they fired her. She looks pretty with all those tons of make up on her face but then she opens her mouth…. And sounds so cheap and funny and you just can’t take her as lady anymore.

          I don’t like Demi too. But what do you think they will miraculously bring Cheryl back and all americans will rush to see her? What’s the point with Cheryl? She may be some star in UK. But outside of that no one knows her and no one cares. You may love her in UK. My aunt loves her daughter too. And thinks that she is the prettiest and smartest and talented person in the world. So we should bring her daughter as judge? Or some people in Turkey love local host and adore her. Now we should bring some Turkish lady to be judge? Or some local celebrity from France?

          What is the point with bringing Cheryl’s name all the time? They gave her chance. She sucked. They fired her. End of story.

  2. Louie says:

    I know it’s probably already been said but can they please Dunkelman that Kardashian she-beast next season?

  3. Phill says:

    i cant even,……

    • Stacie says:

      The flaw in X Factor lies in what happened tonight. Jennel Garcia was more of a threat and thus the judges decided to get rid of her when they had the chance. Paige Thomas ain’t winning this show. Jennel probably wasn’t either, but Jennel sang first yesterday so she was at a huge disadvantage. This is similar to what happened to Drew last season. She had an off week, landed in the bottom 2 and the mentors decided to get rid of her when they could. The mentors of competing teams shouldn’t be allowed to vote for the person they want home. There is too much bias and manipulation. They shouldn’t be judges, mentors and the ultimate decision makers all in one.

      • teatime says:

        I agree. There is no reason to have competing mentors vote on who goes home. The only result is what you are describing. Contestants with a chance to get to the end of the show can get voted off by the 3 other judges. It might be good drama for one week, but then in later weeks we have performances from fewer true contenders. I do not think Jennel would have won but I think she had a shot at being near the top if she found the right song one or two weeks.

  4. good says:

    Im very glad Tate, Vino, Beatrice and Carly are still there. I dont feel bad about the results. Miss attitude Demi Lovato had this coming for her.

    • bip says:

      Agreed, it doesn’t break my heart at all that Demi lost her mini-me. And the fact that Tate was #1 spot again makes it clear why Lyric 145 is gone. This ain’t a rap lovin’ audience y’all.

      • Raven says:

        I totally agree with you about the audience that tuning in. That is why I am wondering why Arin is still there. Cece Fry, the frog, will be croakin through several more shows long after Diamond and Paige are gone.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah Vino, Beatrice, Carly are good. I just don’t like the country style of Tate so I’d rather have given Lyric 145 one more week to get back to their judge’s house style or at least to last week’s. I suppose Tate isn’t bad if you like that sort of thing, although to me, a great many male country singers all sound pretty similar so I find it hard to get excited.

    • Tess says:

      Sure Demi had it coming…but I feel bad for Jennel. Before Demi got her hands on her (or should I say the producers) she had so much potential. Demi and/or the producers turned her into bad karaoke. If they were making their decision based on anything other than tonight’s sing off then Paige would’ve gone home in a minute…but she was more composed than Jennel and actually came off pretty good. Shame though.
      I blame Lyric 145 going on Simon and whoever came up with that bad mash up for them at midnight of the performance show day. I don’t think any amount of extra practice was going to make that come off well, but it’s a shame they were given such a crappy song choice that allowed for no creativity from them. They are better than what they got to do this week. I didn’t think they’d win or even make the top 5, but I did think they’d do better than 12th place. Astro got to 7th last year so middle of the pack seemed like a prossibilty for them. Until this week’s crappy song anyway.
      Who is voting for CeCe? Arguably the worst performance this week and she got to 5th place in the votes this week?! Really people?!?!

  5. I don’t think I can ever stop mourning the loss of Lyric Da Queen. What harsh world do we live in where this is allowed to take place?

  6. Kerry says:

    CeCe definitely dodged the bullet tonight! Who is voting for her? She definitely deserved to go home before any of the acts that were in the bottom 3 tonight.

    • Kevin c says:

      Cece benefited from all the people going “OMG! The judges were being so mean to poor Cece by being honest about her performance!”

      • kavyn says:

        And Paige’s sob story didnt?

      • teatime says:

        “Cece benefited from all the people going “OMG! The judges were being so mean to poor Cece ”
        I forgot all about that. That is why she jumped so many spots. All 3 judges who are not her mentor were really mean to her this week. It made no sense. She was the same she has always been. They had her sing last, then they all went after her.

        • Jason says:

          Cece actually outsang most of the contestants that night! She had a couple off notes but at least showed range. Everyone had off notes except for Tate and vino and Carly (the rightful top 3). Beatrice had an awful note at the start. Arin was awful at the start. Paige has no range. Cece is better then Jannell who also has no range or idea how to be a superstar. No one cares about rap in singing competitions. Cece was torn apart for no reason except she was an easy target to get eliminated and save their own acts because she was bottom the week before. And it backfired on them because America figured it out because she was actually very good!!

    • wynalazca says:

      Except for Paige, right? SHE IS HORRIBLE AND SHOULDN’T HAVE EVEN MADE IT PAST DEMI’S HOUSE SHOW! And the judges were like… “OMG BEST DANCE THROWBACK EVER YOU WERE AWESOME OMFG!!!” and everyone else was like… “HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAAAAAAHHHAHHA HOW CAN SOMEONE SUCK SO BAD?!?!?!?!” and then the judges sent home Jennel instead of her. This show has turned into a joke.

      Pre-live shows I thought this show was going to be pretty epic minus LA’s team. Now that the live shows have managed to both suck in sound mixing (FIGURE IT OUT PEOPLE, EVEN THE VOICE HAS BETTER SOUND EDITING THAN YOU) and in performances from the ‘acts’ 3 weeks straight, I almost want to stop watching.

      Before the live shows I was so torn on who I thought would and should win. Based on the judges house performances, Cece, Carly Rose, Beatrice, Diamond, and Lyric145 should’ve all gone VERY far and I would’ve been ok with any of them winning. To date, Cece has sucked all 3 weeks, Lyric145 was pretty meh and got the axe even though they were far better than almost everyone else, Diamond has done nothing that great besides get a second chance (her top 16 performance was pretty good, but nothing compared to “I’m with you” at Brittany’s house), Beatrice has had 2 bad songs picked for her but was finally pretty good this week, and Carly Rose has been almost flawless but is still losing in the popular vote to a boring, already heard this karaoke version of a country song a million times, Tate. America just kind of sucks. They need to make a rule against country being allowed in these shows. It’s beyond annoying that mediocrity wins over AMAZING talents in this country all in the name of country music (See Haley Reinhart vs Scotty McCreery [THIS BIIIIGGG] and Lauren Alaina.) In my opinion, the only interesting performances of the live shows has been the surprise awesomeness of Emblem3 rocking the house. They’re constantly getting better and I think have a pretty big shot to make the finale. I HOPE TO GOD either Carly or Emblem3 wins. If not, I don’t know if I can even force myself to watch next year.

      • Sam says:

        I agree with everything here. I think Paige should have been cut after her final judges house performance. WTH was she doing with her arm??

  7. Nick says:

    I just quit the x factor

  8. fiona says:

    paige thomas dodged that bullet. Seriously. I think if the performances were chart topping, standing ovation style performances, Jennel should have stayed safe based on her consistency compared to paige. And Demi’s team just lost their best chance of winning. Hmmm. Maybe that was Simon’s plan all along.

    Anyway sucks that Lyric 145 is already out, they really brought liveliness to the show.

    • FreeHaley says:

      I don’t know that Jennel could have ever actually gone so far as to win this though or even make top 3 or 4. Not a gritty enough tone for the rocker chick and not unique enough voice to stand out from that or quite the insane pipes. Very fine, but ultimately it is hard to make it to the very top. She hasn’t had as many vocal mistakes as Paige although a fully on Paige might have more potential. There are others who have been worse overall and who were worse last night though.

      OTOH, in some ways Paige is less ready now, although with a few months of serious vocal lessons she might be able to rise higher but she tends to swallow too many words and get breathy and occasionally off target too much. I didn’t think she was all that good last night, near the bottom. Tonight she was better and showed a bunch of hints of potential of a higher sort which is why they may have kept her but she also had lots of swallowed words and such and it seems like she needs a few months of very serious work with a vocal coach and perhaps could shine then.

  9. Snow says:

    I’ve never stopped watching any of these competition shows because of eliminations, but the X Factor is a trainwreck. I will not be watching anymore. The hosts are just as bad as last year, the SImon vs. Demi drama is annoying, and none of the contestants left are that entertaining. I hope Carly Rose wins and I will be watching her performances when they go up on youtube. I’m done.

  10. Emily says:

    You know, if I were Beatrice I’d be resigned too: after performing in the first half of the show the last three weeks, and delivering an emotionally heavy if vocal-firework sparse performance this week, I’d be a little tired too. I really hope that she and Britney can find the right song (and outfit) next week, because her vocal tone and emotional believabilty are so amazing

  11. Liliana says:

    Simon really dislikes Mario, but Khloe looks like a deer caught in LED headlights. I’m not particularly a fan of Mario but he IS a natural host.

    Tate is the kind of guy I’d like to see win this competition, and–like I said–him or Vino need to do so if the “over 25s” category will ever be believable on US X Factor. Emblem 3 would be okay because they are marketable and Fifth Harmony winning (however unlikely) would give the “Groups” category some credibility as well. We don’t need another big diva voice winning, we need variety.

    • Maris says:

      But if we’re being realistic if Tate doesn’t win I think it would be Carly, i’m still surprised Tate is ranked that high to be honest (i love it though), and Carly seems to be the most popular around twitter/youtube/whatnot…

  12. S says:

    Tate has the least twitter followers and his performances on youtube get the least amount of views. He gets a lot of votes each week but he doesn’t have the most fans.

    • Rose says:

      While this would normally be a valid argument, I’m not sure the. majority of the demographic voting for him is exactly the Twitter/Youtube type (as opposed to, say, Emblem 3 fans)

    • BarbL says:

      I vote for Tate and Vino, don’t “follow” Tate and am not in the demographics that would vote for Emblem 3. I know there’s a lot of people like me voting for the “overs.”

    • Lisa says:

      I think Tate probably has the most fans (or rather, about the same as Carly and perhaps Vino). The internet doesn’t represent the TV viewing audience. HIs fans are likely older. They probably aren’t as likely to go on youtube or twitter to profess their love or put his performances on repeat. Now, if Emblem3 were to have low youtube views and twitter followers, that would spell trouble, since their audience would primarily be younger and more into social networking.

      I knew from the moment Tate was picked for the judge’s house that he would be a frontrunner. X Factor, The Voice and American Idol all have audiences that are more middle aged and more middle America. X Factor has more younger viewers (as a percentage of total viewers) than American Idol, but ultimately the format favors any artist that would be popular in middle America with folks over the age of 40. That’s Tate Stevens (and, to an almost even degree, Carly Rose).

  13. Al says:

    What do you think about two of your favorite acts being showed the door tonight? Based only on the save me song, Paige was the one to save. Simon made Demi pick because he already knew that he was sending Jennel home and to see if Demi would pick the person who won the sing off. if you noticed, Mario asked Simon what he was looking for doing the sing off song and and get direction to what he was looking for and also what the other judges should be looking for. He made Demi pick to call her out and he knows that there is tension between Demi and Paige already because they are not getting along with Demi’s suggestions and mentoring. I mean she had her flying from the ceiling and her panties showing on TV.

    I was very sad to see Lyric 145 leave and I am now beginning to question these results based on where some people finished such as CeCe, Fifth Harmony, and Tate. I am not sure if I really believed the rankings much tonight. My only thing about CeCe is I guess people felt sorry for her last night and felt that she had to be given a lot of votes or should be be gone home based on last week’s rankings. I highly doubt this was the case though. CeCe was worse this week than last and crack several times during the performance. I still get the reason that the producers want Paige and Cece in the competition together because of the previous edits they were going earlier in the season and the battle that they are eventually going to have yet again.

    • CD says:

      I was on Twitter last night and the feeling seemed to be Tween boys who are anti-One Direction, Bieber, Emblem 3 were specifically voting for Cece to hopefully prevent E3 from rising to the top. It was very reminiscent of when American Idol had the “Vote for the Worst” situation going on hence why Sanjiya was on the show so long. It looks like it worked. Hopefully it won’t last all season.

      • Maris says:

        That sounds like a stupid idea though, why not just vote for someone who’s actually good and give them a chance, *cough*Jennel*cough* if all they want is for E3 NOT to be on top? …

      • teatime says:

        It makes no sense to vote for Cece to keep Emblem 3 from getting to the top. She was behind them last week. The way to keep them from getting to the top would be to vote for the others that have a chance at winning.

        • FreeHaley says:

          Yeah, I don’t know if I buy that explanation at all. If you are desperate to stop E3 why would they not all vote Carly who is already a strong #2 even with split voting, if they all pile don for her then no way E3 could ever win. Doesn’t add up.

    • fabian says:

      that is exactly why i voted for cece. because i felt sorry for her and i wanted her to have one more chance

  14. Mary says:

    I hope all the people who voted like h.ll for CeCe to stick it to the judges are happy, now we have to suffer thru another week of her atrocious singing. I have to say based strictly
    On the sing off Paige did earn the right to stay, however Arin and Cece should of been the ones in the sing off. This show sucks.

  15. Princess Adora says:

    I’m devastated.

  16. rebecca says:

    I liked Jennel. Her audition singing Grace Potter is still one of my favs of the season… on a side note, Demi Lovato is obnoxious.

  17. Snow says:

    Lyric 145 never got a chance to show everything they had. I wish they would could have seen the performance that they had planned. I really wanted to hear some original lyrics from them. They were definitely gone too soon. Jennel was Demi’s only hope at winning so we all knew Simon was going to vote against her even though, time and time again he has praised her. THis show is so frustrating. Think of how awesome the young adults could have been if Jillian got through and Lyric 145 was put through as a solo act.

    • Vetle says:

      I agree. I can imagine Demi having Jennel, Lyric Da Queen and Jillian as her trio. Would’ve kicked some ass!

      Them voting against Jennel seemed so tactical. They should have taken it to deadlock. And I’m not feeling that they reveal the vote every week. They should do it at the end of the season like in the UK.

      • kevin says:

        well even if it went to deadlock, jennel’s still gone. Jennel didn’t do well yesterday, and she got voted off because of that. SHe was the first one to perform, always a bad spot, cause people forget. Cece was last to perform, the position probably helped her gain some votes.

        • Emma says:

          exactly, going first is the kiss of death unless you really hit it out of the park and Jannel did not hit it out of the park with Proud Mary, I thought it was awful. And tbh Paige outsung Jannell by a mile in the sing off. Simon was right, it seemed an easy decision after that.

  18. Vetle says:

    I’m pissed. I actually like Demi a lot as a judge, and it’s sad to see her most likely get Paula’d (losing all her acts way early). Jennel did NOT deserve to leave before the likes of Arin, Paige, CeCe (I like her, though, but she hasn’t been on top at all!), Diamond, Emblem3 or Tate… ugh. Sames goes for LYRIC145. I lost two of my four favorites. The two others (Beatrice and Fifth Harmony) didn’t rank so high.

    I was excited about the show after the second live show, but they aren’t doing a great job keeping me interested. :( Hopefully Beatrice can do a fantastic performance next week to gain some momentum.

  19. FreeHaley says:

    “Wait! If Simon had planned to send the Massachussets rocker to the guillotine anyway, why not just get it over with, instead of forcing Demi to publicly come out against one of the two acts she’s got left in the Top 10? That’s not keeping it real or entertaining, it’s just keeping it obnoxious.

    cowardly act and not fair to the contestants

  20. John says:

    Simon made Demi choose because he’s trying to teach her a lesson. She’s been a terrible judge, and I’m guessing he wanted to humiliate and belittle her on the air. After all, he is her boss.

    IMO, it was deserved.

    • fiona says:

      yeah… he should keep on provoking the bi-polar judge HE had hired who did do a stint in rehab after punching a dancer in the face.

      While demi is acting to much like a brat sometimes, to create even more tension between her and her team is just obnoxious

      • Vetle says:

        I agree.

        I think it’s insane how so many people are hating on Demi (seriously, I have read some NASTY comments). Simon is the one who _hired_ her and thought she was ready (and frankly, I think she is a better judge than LA (who keeps giving nonsense critiques like he doesn’t like it but never explains why (well, demi does that too, but not as often)). And I think Demi is the least tactical judge by far. I think it’s borderline bullying. Paige deserved being in the bo3, Jennel did not. At all. Demi is not the best mentor, but people are being way to hard.

        Law of Jante much?

        • why says:

          So you are saying let her continue to act like a spoiled brat? Let her play with the hard working contestant Vinos mind some more?

          • Vetle says:

            As I said, Demi is giving nonsense critiques as well. I don’t like how she is towards Vino, but I don’t get her being disrespectful towards other contestants. Simon said to Beatrice this week, “better than last week – it was boring”, last week he said it was unbelievable she was only 13. He’s kind of a hypocrite, but he is also doing a good job (this was just an example). And LA RARELY gives any constructive criticism when he says something negative. I think Demi is being singled out, but I agree that she obviously isn’t ready. I do however like her, as a fan.

          • fiona says:

            does a fully grown man really care what a nineteen year old girl has to say? Actually I don’t think at this point many people are taking her seriously anymore.

            She shouldn’t be acting like a brat. But provoking the girl, who has already had psychological issues is not smart

    • so agree says:

      Very true. I have had to listen to Demi overly insult Vino for two weeks now. She is way too disrespectful. Its fine to be mean but overly disrespectful and insulting is over doing it.

      • bip says:

        I can see it now, Vino doing all the talk shows crying that Demi bullied him. hahaha.

      • Mary says:

        I do not think saying a performance is boring to be disrespectful, in fact I agreed with her. he sang it well but it didn’t excite me. Simon was just being an ass. His remarks have been 10 times worst than any of Demi. Did anybody not hear her last night that she did not pick the staging for Paige. Everyone should be raging on the producers they are the ones picking the songs and staging. I honestly believe Demi is the only judge who honestly cares about her acts.
        She might not be perfect but at least she has heart more than I can say for the other three.

        • FreeHaley says:

          It does seem like Simon and LA do mostly feel a personal connection to any dollars they could make while you do see Demi does really seem to care and, I think, Britney too.

        • Annie says:

          I think after CeCe’s performance last night when she said to LA “you’re just mad because she was better than your Vino” was very disrespectful. Even if CeCe DID do better than Vino she shouldn’t be making those kind of comments. Cece was kind of awful though, no way was she better than Vino lol

          • Emma says:

            ya, I seriously question Demi’s ability to judge a singing competition after that comment (personality wise I can’t stand either CeCe or Vino, but singing wise there’s no way CeCe was better than Vino). But hey, did you see Demi sing the NA at the World Series? yikes! she in no way shape or form should be criticizing anyone’s singing!

  21. kavyn says:

    It should have been Paige and Arin gone. I’m so shocked with the results. I loved Cece during Auditions, but last night’s performance was NOT Top 5. Not even close. I hated Lyric145 and I’m glad they’re gone. Shocked about Jennel.

  22. Andrea says:

    Pleased that Lyric is gone, but Jennel was a total shocker. Was hoping Carly was going to be #1 this week, I like Tate, but I love Carly! (And who the heck voted for Cece?!?)

  23. FreeHaley says:

    Do not get how Titanium Beatrice, at the top of so many lists, went to an instant bottom in the span of one week as soon they had the first live voting week stuff despite nothing terrible she has ever done so far. Just does not make sense. Doesn’t add up. There could be a lot of vote splitting and with Carly having won leaving not much for DW or B I suppose. Still way wrong. As someone else said, hopefully she hangs on at the bottom each week until just about the end as with Haley. I still think she is the one who could get actual popular music success the best of them all, others are wrong genre, wrong age, wrong time and so on to at least one extent or another. I suppose Emblem 3 could have some success if they don’t annoy too many people since boy bands, shiver, seem to have made a huge comeback.

  24. TOTAL CRAPFEST says:


  25. Mario is MUCH worse than Khloe! She may be unprofessional but at least some of the stuff she says is fun and like “did she really just say that?” (like when she made Demi declare who the best member of Fifth Harmony is). Mario just comes across as always cutting Khloe off, and as THE MOST robotic host I’ve ever seen on one of these shows. He looks, sounds and acts like a robot.

    As for who dodged a bullet, I’d have to say Paige. I think the other judges honestly eliminated Jannel to save their own acts in the future, which is sad. These judges think it’s a competition against one another for who’s act is going to win, but it should really be about the talent. Paige, in my honest opinion, cannot perform. She gets very breath-y and inaudible far too frequently in her performances, and her vocals lack ANY kind of emotion. Not to mention, she comes across as a bitch IMO. Cece got the bitch edit before live shows, but I think Paige might be the actual bitch behind the scenes.

    Not to say that Cece didn’t dodge a bullet herself, though. Seriously, those vocals last night were horrible, but I think she got A LOT of votes from Demi Lovato fans just because of her mentor being Demi…and the fact that Demi was tweeting like a mad woman last night in favor of Cece.

    This is all one big mess.

    I just hope Beatrice makes it several more weeks…she’s the only one that has the total package of talent and believability.

  26. T_T says:

    The wrong acts went home. Although let’s face it, lyric145 didn’t have the chance of winning the whole competition. Jennel was top 2 or 3 at best. They were going home somehow, just not this early. Will definitely miss both acts.

  27. FreeHaley says:

    I wasn’t surprised that CeCe survived and I’m fine with it, if she is back she could be more interesting than many at the bottom half other than Beatrice even if many of them have had a less rough go post early rounds. I sort of thought she would probably survive this week, although not certain, but I was stunned she was as high as #5, that is a huge jump from being in THAT much trouble, how is she above Beatrice who has done nothing wrong, in particular and has done so much, so right?

    They said the top 4 are reallly close. I have a feeling the bottom 6 may also all be quite close if not as close as the top 4 and perhaps all quite a ways behind the top 4 in voting at this point.

    I wasn’t surprised about the bottom 4 other than I didn’t think CeCe would manage to out jump even Jennel just like that. It was stunning that say Beatrice wasn’t climbing to 5 and CeCe climbing to 8.

  28. Emma says:

    I’m fine with these results. My 3 faves survived… Bea, Carly, and 5H. I wonder if next week is double elimination again.

  29. ben says:

    Simon was right about Jennel’s makeover, and it did her in. If Jennel had been her curly haired, yellow streaked, thoughtful self she would have had my votes. As it was she was completely unrecognisable from the girl I really liked from auditions. The straight, black haired rocker is not her zone at all, it simply isn’t. I wish Jennel had had a mentor that had understood her.

    Having said that, I don’t like many others criticise Demi. She is a strong judge and she has come out with some really interesting ideas as a mentor. But she needs to learn to hear Simon’s criticism not as an attempt to get under her skin but as an attempt to actually better the performances of her contestants.

    It’s more a flaw in the whole X Factor and Voice formats, where the judges have ‘teams’, and it always ends up overshadowing the talent and making judges make decisions for themselves instead of in the best interests of the contestants, and its just a real shame that people like Jennel end up being the victims.

    • Mary says:

      In all fairness I think Demi stated that she did listen to Simon and if you notice the acts were tone down this week. She even stated Paige staging was not her. After thinking about it Jennel had no chance of winning. I believe the highest she might have gotten was 5 or 6. I don’t think X Factor was the show for her, she really didn’t stand out and X Factor wants a manufacture pop star they do not care about the singing. I honestly think Demi was trying to make her stand out more and it didn’t work. I have to keep reminding myself that Xfactor isn’t AI its all about the image the hell with the voice because that can be auto tune.

  30. Annie says:

    Lyric will be okay, she’s a star.

    This show is a mess. It’s been three weeks, so at this point Khloe and Mario should realize how bad they look, and figure out a way to work together. I don’t think that anyone involved in the show, mentors, contestants, and even the network, cares about the product that they are producing.

  31. shalomo says:

    this is such a bad show. i hope people stop praising simon for being rude and nasty. he’s a bad guy and he really demonstrated that tonight.

  32. brandon says:

    Ugh. Just ugh. It’s gotten to the point where I want to fast forward the entire show except for Carly and Fifth Harmony. I guess I can just catch them on YouTube. They lost two of the best acts tonight.

  33. Lynda Gregory says:

    I was surprised at Jennel’s exit. I really thought she would be in the top 5 toward the end of the season. Glad Lyric 145 is gone. Was hoping Fifth Harmony would be in top 4 this week. Wish Vino Alan would not wear those baggy clothes because it makes him look like he is trying to be 20 or less. I am happy with the top 2 they deserve it although I thought perhaps Carly would be #1 this week. As I have watched Simon for several years now, I really don’t know why people go on his shows. He really only supports the acts that he has even after the final winner is announced. He is pompous and so arrogant it turns my stomach. Mario Lopez is fine as an announcer and I don’t like Khloe as an announcer. Why do we need two of them? When is Melanie Amaro going to be on the show as the winner from last year in the guest start slot? They need to get her back on the show and not keep her hidden for a year and expect people to support her. This show is shaping up too much like X-Factor UK now and not like it used to be. As for who else I thought should have went home instead of Jennel, I felt like Diamond was screaming her song and not singing it. Yes she has potential but it is not her time to shine as yet. Maybe in two years. I did not care for Emblem 3 or for Beatrice last night. The wrong songs for them. I guess I have vented enough. The rest of the acts were where I would have placed them.

  34. JM says:

    I never thought I would stop watching a singing show especially x factor considering just weeks ago it was the only reality show I looked forward to for the week but I’m done. It’s not just that Jennel went home I mean I understand why she was in the bottom (she shouldn’t have been but I understand) she wasn’t amazing and she went very early on in the show last night I knew she might be in trouble. What pisses me off is they got rid of her I was shocked. Go back in your mind 2 weeks ago and say this to yourself “Jennel will be the first one eliminated from Demi’s team.” you sound absolutely insane. Jennel was a great artist I hate what Demi did to her. And then there’s Lyric 145 and I was even upset with that. I absolutely hate rap that’s all my little brother listens to and sings and I’m considering getting emancipated just to get away from his horrendous excuse for music, but I loved Lyric 145 they were the most entertaining act in the whole show in my opinion I think they deserved at least another week. (Hopefully she pulls an Arin Ray and comes back next season as a solo act or better yet makes it big without X factor so they look like idiots). I think I’m just gonna look up the videos on youtube the day after and root secretly in my head for Beatrice, 5th Harmony and Carly because I can’t make it public without getting attacked by the One Direction/ Justin Bieber fans who have found their newest cult leader Emblem 3 . Well there’s my farewell to X Factor for a while (probably 3 weeks but hey.) Hope Carly takes the whole thing and Emblem 3 come in 2nd so their fans get all angry. Investing my whole heart into the voice now!

    • Abram says:

      I agree about Jennel. Simon has gone on the record numerous times saying that he thought Jennel was the only member of Demi’s team who had a shot at winning, yet he voted her out the first chance he got. Was it strategy so his acts would have a better shot? Plus, this week he was all about the “blank slate” for the sing-off, saying he would disregard past performances and vote based on the sing-off, yet last week he voted off Jason over CeCe even though Jason’s sing-off performance was far stronger than CeCe’s. This show is ridiculous. There are so many acts this season with absolutely no shot at winning that it seems like it will be such a drag to wait week after week for them to just go home already.

  35. Blinged Up says:

    This show is not going to be as entertaining going forward without Lyric 145. It’s just not.

  36. lydiakj says:

    Jennel and Lyric 145 were my favorites, at least going into the live shows, and I agree totally with this recap. Also, between Paige, Jennel and CeCe I think Demi needs a mentoring mentor.

  37. Danny says:

    Simon’s a pizz ant effiminate bully. I’m so tired of hearing how he’s the only “honest” judge. First he basically forgets about Lyric 145. Ya can see he’s all excited about his boy band. If they’re so great, why does he have to beg for votes by telling everyone how they saved a cat? This is nothing against the guys. They’re trying to win a show. This is against Sister Simon.

    So basically Simon is telling us that Emblem 3 are superstars in the making where he didn’t think Siobhan, Carly Smithson, etc couldnt sing worth a lick?

    Then he sends Jennel home because he knows she’s the one who’d have a shot at actually beating his precious boy band.

    As for Jennel, Demi really let her down. Her audition was the hottest song I’ve seen in a long time. Once she got to the live shows, her change over didn’t work. That doesn’t change she actually had a chance to come back around. Paige is going nowhere and Simon knows it. So get rid of the competition. No sense in being honest.

    Then of course, the “it’s my sandbox. If you don’t like my rules, I’m going to take my toys and send you home” attitude of his at the end. What a little sissy.

    LA is a tool. There’s no way he can think Emblem 3 is any good. My guess is that backstage Simon has told him “rip on Lyric 145 all you want, but if you rip on Emblem 3 you’re out of a job.”

    Even though I really liked Lyric 145, I’d say America got the top 3 right. I would have had Fifth Harmony in 4th place. I’m also happy for Cece. The production angle against her isn’t fun to watch. I’m not saying she deserves to win or anything, but it seems like XFactor is presenting her as a bi$*h, then apologetic, then confused, etc. They don’t give a rip about her, they just want drama in their show.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      based on your comment I think you, Danny, is a pizz ant effeminate, little sissy bi&*ch (and bad at spelling, too…affeminate, pissant)…how about getting an education and stop with the anti-gay slurs

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        duh…effeminate (8</

      • Danny says:

        Nice try princess. There’s nothing against gays here. Just gay bullies. The point was Simon is anything but honest. Way to play the gay card though. Now ya can go back to your other job of playing the race card.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          instead of calling him a sissy why didn’t you just say he’s not being honest and is a bully and leave the anti-gay (effeminate, sissy, princess, sister simon) language out of your vocabulary…and I don’t understand you referencing me playing the race card as I didn’t mention anything of a racial nature in my comment or your original comment…the fact is a bunch of people who like this site are gay and gay-supportive as is the author of the blog so it seems really insensitive of you to be throwing anti-gay slang around trying to defend us from supposed gay bullies

          • Danny says:

            Because “sissy” is an exact appropriate term for what Simon is.

            sis·sy   /ˈsɪsi/ Show Spelled [sis-ee] Show IPA noun, plural sis·sies, adjective
            1. an effeminate boy or man.
            2. a timid or cowardly person.
            3. a little girl.

            For what it’s worth, unless you yourself are gay, odds are I’ve dealt with them on a friendly basis more than you have. I’ve worked for 2 guys who were. I’ve had a gay couple at my house (and been to theirs) several times until they moved. Rarely do we talk about sex. We talk about the same stuff everyone else does (who won the game, American Idol, crime, who ya gonna vote for, etc)

            You were quick to jump in and play the gay card. You played the spell check card (oh for christ sakes) when I spelled effiminate right and “pizz” was spelled that way on purpose. You call me a bee’s itch & then take offense to Princess. What a hypocrite.

            Get over yourself. My views on Simon are pretty accurate. #1 & 2 from above apply to him perfectly.

            He doesn’t want to take on a legitimate challenge intellectually. He’s got LA as a tool. He’s hired Brttany who doesn’t seem all there, though she’s nice enough. He’s got a fiesty one in Demi, but it’s obvious she’s young and outclassed in a battle of wits with the guy.

            He sets the rules for the show, but then plays the boss card on Mario, making Demi choose first when he wants to change those rules in the middle of the game. Last year he brings that girl back, giving him an extra contestant. Then he’s got the nerve to try & spin it like he’s got a tougher decision to make in the cuts.

            I stand by what I said in the original post. I feel it’s pretty accurate. If you want to take it as gay bashing, that’s your choice.

  38. Annie-C says:

    Good thing about Lyric 145, but Jennel was Demi’s best act, Paige and Cece should have left before her. Anyway we all know Demi’s group won’t get far.

  39. BarbL says:

    I was honestly surprised that Lyric went home. I believe that Cowell sabotaged them from the start–I mean really, that get up they were in…I mean, my god, Mary Poppins?? What the frack was THAT?
    Simon totally undermined any authority they might have gained as hip hop, rap or whatever genre they could have gone for. What kind of guy is Cowell that he would steer them that way?? Or allow anyone else to do that to them?
    And that Cece won over Janelle…egads. Well, I never was wild about Janelle, but she was a dang sight better than Cece. She got lost due to shoddy mentorship by Demi, but what’s new.
    These younger singers will keep on, not because of their mentors, but in spite of them.

  40. Annie says:

    Remember way back when Demi’s team had hope? Before she got rid of Jillian and Willie? lol

  41. Alex says:

    Khloe is a terrible host. She messes up all the time. That being said, none of the judges seem particularly ready for the live shows either, with everyone being confused/not knowing when to speak/saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Also, I find it TERRIBLY boring that Tate Stevens is at the top 2 weeks in a row. He is a carbon copy of any of the other male country singers out there, and if he is in the finale that is going to be one boring show. Obviously a ton of Americans like country music, but for people who don’t care for it, they reallllly don’t care for it. He’s a great guy and a great singer, but I could really care less. Don’t they have, like, America’s Top Country Star or something like that that Stevens should be on instead?

  42. Raven says:

    Lyric145 gave the show a shot of alternative adrenaline, Tate gives the show depth and Vino gives the show a mellow flavor in the midst of endless, mind numbing pop ballads and standardized bobblehead boy and girl groups.

  43. Raven says:

    Waiting for SNL to do a skit on X-Factor…hell, they have loads of material! Obnoxious Simon, Prozac zombie Brittany, off beat bouncing Reid, and bratty, Paula-inspired Demi.

  44. dj says:

    I couldn’t believe Lyric145 had to go home. That sucked. I could’ve written your recap tonight, Michael, because I had exactly the same reactions watching the show. I couldn’t believe Simon did that to Demi, and I was sad that Jennel got outgsung this one time when it counted for so much. Word to Paige: you proved you can do it when it counts, so you’d better bring it from now on.

  45. teatime says:

    Paige should have gone home instead of Jennel. She is not going to get any better. She is already doing exactly what she want to do. Jennel could have had a break out performance. I think the other judges sent Jennel home because they knew she was Demi’s best shot at a highly placed contestant.

  46. Luc says:

    I was just barely on the X-Factor train before, but seriously, I was hoping this double elimination would trim the fat and get rid of some combination of Cece, Arin, and Paige, all of whom have serious pitch problems on a regular basis and have almost no shot at winning. And instead, we lose two of the best. And it seems pretty darn obvious that Carly and Tate aren’t budging from the top of the pack. Train-jumping . . . now! E

  47. Kate says:

    PATHETIC. the only 2 decent acts, both gone in one night. I’m selfishly relieved, as it gave me the motivation to FINALLY delete my series pass from my DVR. What a piece of garbage this show is, and how fall Simon Cowell has fallen.

  48. Vetle says:

    Jennel’s elimination is literally reminiscent of Alexis Grace’s elimination on idol. Same placing, same-y style. Rocker girl. Alexis was a bluesy singer, but also kinda rocky. SAD.

  49. Ang says:

    CeCe should have been the first person sent home. Her performance yesterday was horrible and downright awful! Anyone who thought that sounded good needs to have their ears checked quick, fast and in a hurry. I’m still trying to figure out how both she and Paige made it to the live shows. All of the members of 5th harmony are better than them. I think they focus too much on their sob stories, etc. and not on actual talent.
    Maybe I’m old school, but I’d much rather prefer someone who can actually sing and not someone with “the look”.

    • Al says:

      Only one member of Fifth Harmony is of the age to be in the Young Adults category I believe and that is Ally. The other 4 girls were in the Teens category age range. This is one reason they decided to put these girls in a group because the Teen category was so unreal this year. It is where all the “real” talent lies. I really do not give the Tate appeal. I like Vino better because of his soulful spin on things. To me Tate does not sound any better than a decent country singer you can hear at any bar downtown in a mid city to major city. His background story does help his appeal. I do believe that Demi ad Simon/producers helped Tate by getting rid of Willie Jones and Sister C the only other people who could take some of those votes that he is getting. Nobody else is really in his genre. Sister C, Willie Jones, and Tate would all be battling for those country music votes and with two of them gone already Tate gets them by default. It does not mean that he is an outstanding singer. He has limited ranged and does not do any ambitious songs so it is hard to make many mistakes when you stay in the same registry all the time, but if you notice once he goes outside that registry some mistakes happen more often than not.

      To me the only people I would buy albums or singles that are still in the competition would be Fifth Harmony, Vino Alan, and surprisingly Arin Ray (only because autotune will make him sound better than Chris Brown)lol. I think Beatrice, Carly, and Diamond all need a few more years before the lyrics they sang will come across and believable. Although Carly is very sound and technically flawless that can sometimes make her sound robotic without much emotion where some songs are sang better with emotion and not too technical. This is why technical singers rarely win these types of singing competitions because they do not garner the necessary emotional appeal, i.e. Chris Mann from the Voice.

    • Mary says:

      Then you are watching the wrong show, xFactor is not for you. They only want the look the voices can be auto tune. look at the Top manufacture pop acts today, most of them cannot sing live to save there life. The guest last night proves it.