Glee Recap: They Went Back to Ohio

glee greased lightning“This isn’t home anymore.” Those four words from Kurt Hummel served notice to his preppy ex-boyfriend Blaine Anderson that he’d moved on to a life beyond the halls of William McKinley High School. But did Kurt’s message also serve a secondary purpose, summing up the feelings of the show’s core audience about Glee‘s creative direction in its pivotal fourth season? In other words, is Fox’s high-school musical more compelling when it points its GPS to destinations beyond Lima, OH?

That’s not always an easy question to answer. Indeed, as we enter the second trimester of Season 4, I’m frequently finding myself more engaged by the story arcs that don’t involve New Directions’ well-traveled Sectionals/Regionals/Nationals show-choir trajectory. Because I’ve already invested in Kurt and Rachel and Santana and Mercedes and Finn, it’s natural to want to know how they’re faring with internships and auditions and college and the music biz and the hard work of figuring out what to do with one’s entire adult life.

And yet I’d be lying if I said this week’s episode, “Glease,” didn’t hook me in completely. Maybe it’s because the show managed to intertwine Finn’s fate with that of McKinley’s misfit artistes. Or maybe it’s because, as a Glee Project junkie, I was psyched to see Blake Jenner’s Ryder Lynn emerge as undeniable leading man material (despite a ridiculous end-of-episode twist that had him “saving” Marley from cheerleader-induced bulimia).

While I ponder whether or not I want Glee to graduate from high school altogether, let’s recap what went down:

* Kitty began to methodically chip away at Marley’s self-confidence by surreptitiously taking in her Grease costumes, then convincing her rival that she was on the path to looking like her morbidly obese mother. Marley and her mom decided to embark on a diet (instead of her mother being all, “you’re rail thin, gurrrl!”), but at a subsequent sleepover for Grease‘s female cast members, Kitty suggested bulimia as a solution to Marley’s imaginary weight woes. Just when Marley began to try to make herself vomit, though, her costar Ryder stepped in and convinced her he didn’t want to kiss a girl (onstage or off) with upchuck on her breath. A pre-curtain smooch seemed to seal the deal: Marley’s got her groove back, but she’s also made Jake Puckerman a jealous guy. Cue love triangle in 5, 4, 3, 2…

* Despite Sue’s strenuous (and, frankly, logical) objections, Principal Figgins signed off on Schue’s plan for Finn to take over as unpaid advisor New Directions while the curly-haired teacher heads off to D.C. for that “Blue Ribbon Panel” on arts eduction. (Boy, Schue likes saying “blue ribbon panel” more than Emma likes picking out pastel sweater sets.) After refusing Finn’s apology for last week’s “r-bomb,” Sue then tried to sabotage Grease rehearsals, but Finn made do by staging a groovy rendition of “Greased Lightning” at his dad’s tire shop, and generally ignoring the once-again violent cheerleading coach. (I’m gonna come out and say it: I find it irksome, not amusing, when Sue physically assaults McKinley students.)

* Unique’s parents pulled the plug on her plan to play Rizzo, sighting safety concerns after finding out their possibly transgendered son had been bullied after showing up to school dressed in women’s clothing. This prompted the return of Santana, who’d essentially been preparing to play the role since she was a toddler. (Tina, for the record, was not amused at losing the role before she’d even had a chance to throw her hat in the ring. Always the bridesmaid’s cousin, never even the bridesmaid.)

* Back in NYC, Rachel scored an audition for an avant-garde off-Broadway production of The Glass Menagerie, but once again enrgaged Cassandra July by suggesting her dance instructor “get back in the game” at tryouts, too. When Kurt pleaded with Rachel to go back to Lima as a show of support for exes Blaine and Finn’s Grease production, Cassandra offered her frequent flier miles, then promptly bedded Rachel’s love interest Brody. The evil instructor’s bedroom shenanigans didn’t come to a climax, though, till she was able to intercept a call from Rachel and reveal the bah-chicka-wah-wah that had just taken place. Cue Rachel’s tears. Cue Finn spotting Rachel’s tears and realizing they weren’t for him, but for another dude. Cue the starcrossed duo deciding to cut off all communication. Ditto for Blaine and Kurt, since the latter still can’t trust the former. Cheating will do that to a teenage couple, y’know?

* Ultimately, Finn and Artie’s production of Grease was likened to Michelangelo’s work on the Sistine Chapel by the McKinley Muckraker’s notoriously brutal critic.

* Bye-bye Mr. Schue — at least till after Sectionals!

And now for the week’s best zingers:

* “If I catch you hiding your dinky between your legs and parading around like Silence of the Lambs, you’re out.” –Kitty, issuing a pre-sleepover warning to Unique

* “I’m living off of Ambien and The Notebook.” –Kurt, describing his post-breakup blues

* “That’s my first-place trophy for Most Tongues Spoken at Bible camp, and this is [a picture of] Mr. Jojo. I rode him for six years — until he broke my hymen.” –Kitty, giving Marley a tour of her room

* “Most little boys don’t want to dress as Shirley Hemphill for Halloween. It’s just so specific.” –Unique’s dad, discussing how he’d understood his son’s gender confusion from an early age

* “You blew off your playdate with the hottest piece of ass at NYADA to go visit your loser ex-boyfriend!” –Cassandra, serving a cold plate of bitchery to Rachel

* “I had a couple of notes, but they were small.” –Rachel, complimenting Finn’s directorial debut

And finally, let’s grade the week’s musical performances:

Ryder, Sam, and the guys of Grease, “Greased Lightning”: A (would’ve been an A-, but upgraded thanks to Sam’s hilarious hair-combing move)

Kitty, “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”: B-

Blaine, “Beauty School Dropout”: B+ (those roller-sculptures were divine!)

Santana (with Cassandra and Unique), “Worse Things I Could Do”: A- (can Naya Rivera please be on every week now?)

Ryder, Marley & Pretty Much Everybody (with Finchel, Brittana, Tike, and Klaine fantasy interludes): “You’re the One That I Want”: B (Throw stones if you will, but I just thought this one had a little too much going on. I’d have preferred if they’d just let Ryder and Marley have a number to themselves, y’know?)

Your turn! Was “Glease” the one episode that you wanted? Which plot points hit the target, and which rang false? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I loved Finn in this episode! And You’re The One That I Want was amazing when Finn and Rachel came in and we got the flashbacks!

    • sa says:

      A show where Cory Monteith and Lea Michele won’t be onscreen anymore. Really?

    • cc says:

      Agree completely; the flashback to the first time Rachel and Finn sang that song totally tugged on my heart!

      • Princess Adora says:

        That part WAS really sweet, but I agree with Michael. I would have preferred the song to stay with Ryder and Marley (at least for the majority of it!)

        I was also in sync with his remark on Sue physically assaulting students during her tantrums. During that scene my exact thoughts were: why hasn’t she been fired yet???

    • Ella says:

      Yeah, Finn was awesome. I could have slapped Rachel though. She behaved like such a spoiled little child – fantasizing about Finn one moment and then crying over Brody the next. Honestly, I think Finn’s better off without her for a while.

  2. S says:

    Brittana scene was perfect. Santana/Naya was born to sing “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”. We need the originals back. I am tired of the 2.0 kids. It’s not working. I don’t care about them even a little.

    • Stacie says:

      The best thing Michael wrote here is that Naya Rivera needs to be in every episode. She is amazing, her voice gives me chills, she does a 1 minute scene with Brittany and it has the emotional punch that a 4 minute scene between Finchel has. Her dynamic is sorely missed and I hope they figure out a way to incorporate her into this show for the second half of the season. Plus the Brittana scene was great and Naya’s voice and look that Santana gave Brittany during it was beautiful.

  3. Amy says:

    I loved this episode! To me, who loves the graduated cast, and am willing to give the rookies a shot, it was a great mix of both. And I have to say that Blake Jenner is fantastic. Great actor, very cute, and hilariously entertaining. Want to see them give jake Puckerman a real chance to show his dancing skills what with his pedigree. Only thing I could’ve done without was Finn/Rachel deciding not to ever talk again – even though that will never happen of course

  4. Lili An-noln says:

    I loved how Tina freaked out about Finn leading the Glee club. I really hope she got more storylines (well, ONE storyline would be great), Loved the episode.

  5. great musical numbers. I loved greased lightning. Ryder is a great addition to the cast. I also loved the flashback scenes. Someone needs to put Kitty in her place…

  6. Kim says:

    Frankly, Glee is at its best when it’s in McKinnley. The NY scenes are jarringly out of place and frankly boring. I didn’t miss them at all last week and finally enjoyed Glee for the first time all season. Either spin off Kurt and Rachel or ditch the NYC arc all together.

    • Alice says:

      I was just going to comment that I feel the same way. I was wondering if I was the only one who would be happy to lose Rachel and Kurt and their shenanigans. I wouldn’t bother me if I was. I was just curious.

      • Kate says:

        I am with you as well. I thought last week’s episode when they were solely focused on McKinley was awesome. I didn’t miss Kurt or Rachel at all.

        • Kay says:

          Agreed. I would rather see McKinley stuff. NY isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

        • paula says:

          I totally prefer Glee when is set in McKinley, NYC is so boring, and I’m not interest at all. Maybe next season they should try NYC spin off. It would be for the best.

          • Tea says:

            IMO the 2 sites should be totally separate/ shows. I think that NY if it was on its own would have gone much better. As for now Rachel and Kurt can’t keep it interesting by themselves. But, I have to admit I don’t care for McKinley at all anymore. But after watching this episode, McKinley was much better than NY.

    • Lori says:

      Well ratings for these McKinley centered episodes have been bad and song sales in the tank. I think they need to get back to NY to stop the damage.

      • Kay says:

        But if it is all NY stuff all the time, I don’t think the ratings would be any better. Kurt and Rachel would not be able to carry the whole show by themselves. I think it is better when they have the Ohio part and the NY part in the same show. I know there are alot of characters to keep track of, but if it was all just Rachel and Kurt and nothing else, I know I would not want to watch it. Besides, the whole point of the show is to be about the Glee Club of a high school, and if you take part away, it would not be Glee anymore.

    • James says:

      I have to agree, time to cut NY out. Time to move on, and find Blaine a new BF and bring back Santana, she and Brittany are great together. And Sue’s bullying of students at McKinley needs to be dealt with. I think bullying has been dealt with enough, that she should be suspended or something. And more Becky! Let Becky put little Miss Left Behind in her place.

    • Princess Adora says:

      I guess my taste is questionable. I seem to enjoy the show no matter what characters are on. I think the writers are making it more like a soap opera, where there are lots of characters who are not featured in EVERY episode. I’m ok with that formula – as long as they don’t start killing characters and then bringing them back to life!! ;)

    • JoMarch says:

      I feel totally opposite – get rid of McKinley High; it’s so boring. New York is more exciting. How many regionals can we care about? I’ve already hit my max.

  7. Annie says:

    I love Finn so much, and Finchel are the only thing holding me to this show. Their storyline is above and beyond all the rest of the crap this season is pulling. And LOL Brody and Cassandra. Let’s see people root for Rachel and Brody now that he slept with her teacher, oops, nevermind. They were never rooting for them in the first place. Finchel alway and forever.

    • joenky says:

      I doubt they actually slept together….seemed weird they didn’t show Brody in that last scene. And Cassandra IS a b**ch.

      • Mark says:

        I think they did sleep together (hence why his phone was there when she was in bed…) but I don’t know if Cassandra is a bad person. I’m still thinking she’s not. I think that maybe Cassandra slept with Brody simply to protect Rachel. Remember when she said how Brody found a new wide eyed ingenue? Maybe she knew that Brody was going to hurt Rachel so she decided to break up that relationship before it really started. Just a thought. I still like Cassandra so maybe I’m just making excuses for her lol.

        • mave says:

          I like this theory. Either way Brody was the one who kiss her and the one who only knows tree words “You are sexy” Not the best catch in my book no matter how he looks. You cant be in a relationship with a body a face and a “I cant helped I kissed her cause I was lonley” hahah. I think Rachel deserve much better than that

        • Carrie says:

          Interesting. Am I the only person who heard Brody say something about not seeing Rachel for a few weeks when they were catching up? Didn’t seem to me that Rachel and Brody had been moving forward at all since her breakup so what is she crying about? This was manufactured drama for the sake of closure with Finn, which is a bit of an insult to fans of this show and this couple, but it did give the gorgeous Kate Hudson a evil witch scene to play, which must have been fun for her (How SICK is her body????OMG. Jealous!) I also HATED the bulimia story. Why do they insist on writing characters this dumb? If all Marley’s clothes fit her except that one skirt/Sandy costume wouldn’t she think for a second maybe somebody fiddled with the costume becasue my jeans fit me perfectly? Really crude storytelling and a wasted opportunity to tell a meaningful story about girls struggles with body image, bulimia, anorexia etc.Would be more powerful storytelling ofr Kitty to be bullimic, her mean girl spirit being a cover for deep rooted insecurity and self loathing and could explain why she is so mean – low blood sugar makes you super cranky.

  8. Angel says:

    Finchel is Forever. They are startling over. It’s goid

  9. Kaitlyn says:


  10. Jade says:

    This epsiode was good. I enjoyed the newbies, especially Marley and Ryder. Rachel and Kurt coming back for the play was as awkward as I thought it would be. The final Finn and Rachel scene was really great. There was so much anger covered in misunderstanding that is was a pleasure to watch Lea and Cory go at it. Cassandra and Brody I give a thumbs up, they were actually sexy together.

  11. Emily says:

    I am too sad about finchel:( they r tethered and it’s so sad to see them fighting. I love Ryder and marley tho…

  12. Ash says:

    I agree with Amy. I thought it was a great balance of the newbies and our beloved old cast. I’m not going to lie, I’m on the fence about the You’re the One That I Want. It was cute, a great concept, and very well performed, but I actually enjoyed Marley and Ryder/Blake in the beginning of it and was hoping they would finish it. I haven’t been impressed with the new kids’ storylines, (I pray that the writers do not drag out this love triangle too much longer), but Blake gives me hope. He has a lot of potential and is a really great performer. As long as Ryan Murphy plays things out for him well, he could easily become a great male lead. That said, I will say I’m am so unimpressed by Kitty/whoever the actress is’s vocals. I was last week and the Sandra D number would have been better if she was not the lead. Worst Things I Could Do, on the other hand was amazing. I’m so glad they called in Santana/Naya and even Alex and Kate killed their parts in it.

  13. Max says:

    You liked the episode because the vets were actually there not just propping the newbies but they had there own story arcs. So ask yourself would you watch the newbies without the vets and there is your answer.

    • dan says:

      Seriously? Mercedes and Mike had storylines of their own? They had conversations that lasted less than a minute. And Santana returning to play Rizzo made no sense (although Naya did a great job with the song). They originally had Unique playing Rizzo so just let Mercedes do it if they’re going to use a graduate. Or, here is a concept, as Tina to do it since she is actually still in high school. Shipping Schue off to Wash DC just so Finn can stick around doesn’t make any sense either. And who cares if Cassandra slept with Brody? This show made a drastic mistake when it made so many of the characters seniors last year, now they have too many characters and disjointed storylines.

  14. Marissa says:

    Why do I get the feeling this is not the first time Brody and Cassandra have slept together? Actually my sister and I had been half-joking/half-seriously suspecting they had been sleeping together since the season started.
    I love Blake Jenner, Jacob Artist, and Melissa Benotist. No they aren’t Finn, Rachel, Kurt or any of the other originals but they can act, and sing, and dance. I was so happy when Blake won The Glee Project and I’m very curious as to how they are going to spin the new love triangle.
    Oh Glee how I find a new way to enjoy you every week.

  15. Mark says:

    Saw the scene where Kurt regains his self-respect on Tumblr. I still have no desire to ever watch this show again, but it’s nice to see St. Blaine get taken down a notch. I hear we get to see him get beaten up later on this season? I might DVR that.

  16. Kay says:

    I thought this week’s episode, “Glease”, was great. Better than I thought it would be. The music was great, and everybody did a wonderful job. I especially liked Blaine’s “Beauty School Dropout” performance. I really felt bad for Blaine when he tried to talk to Kurt (before the play and afterwards) but I can understand how Kurt felt. I just hope that they can put this behind them and eventually Kurt can forgive him. I would like for them to at least be friends again. I felt bad for Finn and Rachel too, but I feel that eventually they will be together again before too long.

  17. Gabe says:

    Oh my goodness at Brody and Cassie!! I loved that and I knew they were making Brody too good to be true. I hope Rachel can start focusing on herself now and leave the boys alone, although, Lea and Cory oppsoite each other is pretty great so I wouldn’t mind an occasional Finchel scene.

  18. Juli says:

    The songs were great! Ryder is one of the best things in this new season. And I’m loving Finn storyline but I’m still crying because of Finchel. I don’t want this. I’m tired of Finchel angust.

  19. Jon says:

    I loved the episode it was a nice combination of the newbies and the old characters. I liked Ryder and Marley but don’t really care about Jake or Kitty. I also don’t really have an opinion on Unique as a character in general but I actually felt kinda bad for her. I loved all of Tina’s reactions( Finn being in charge, Santanna coming back) and her talk with Mike. I also liked the final song in the musical when it switched from the high school students to the graduates. Now if only Tina, Sugar, and Sam could get more to do and have their own storylines!

  20. Derek says:

    “citing” not “sighting” safety concerns. Can’t stand the newbies. I miss the old gang!

    • Angela says:

      Thank you, you beat me to it with the correction there :D.
      Ah, well. As for the episode itself it was pretty good. I agree that overall the old gang is still holding my interest more, but I gotta say I do really like Marley. She’s got a vulnerable, relateable quality to her, and I feel for her with the stuff she deals with.
      And regarding the songs, I liked them all, I thought everyone sang them fine. The only things I’d note is that it’s weird to hear the lyrics edited in some of them (see “Greased Lightning”)-I know why they’re edited, of course, but it’s still jarring to hear the alternate words. And with the “Sandra Dee” song, on the one hand I like that they keep the lyrics as is, the song’s a classic, funny number in its own right. But on the other hand it was kind of weird to hear the references in there being used in a show that today’s teens are watching-I wonder how many know the names bandied about in there, or if an update of sorts could be interestingly pulled off at all?
      I dunno. Just random musings. Anywho, entertaining episode overall, though.

  21. Mady says:

    loved blake jenner in this episode, definitely becoming one of my favorites. the boy can act AND sing. but once again the least liked moment was brody talking to rachel and continuously calling her hot.. he is so weird and annoying i honestly dont know why the writers keep writing him in episodes. a brody/rachel pairing is clearly not being accepted well. i also hated seeing finchel’s conversation but im really hoping it only means good things to come,so please rib make this right.
    ps, if rachel goes crawling back to brody i will be so incredibly mad with her. rib is doing enough to this “new rachel” that makes it really hard for me to root for her, please dont ruin it completely. also, not to mention cory monteith’s acting in this episode was spot on and amazing. hes really the reason i keep watching each week. not to mention how gorgeous he keeps looking each week helps as well :)

  22. Jane says:

    Santana: “The only reason I agreed to do this play is so I can see you again.” If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. The Brittana scene was purrrfect. Brittany was so happy to see Santana, they missed each other so much. The sooner they get back together, all can be right in the world. #BrittanaForever was WW TT

  23. snix says:

    I honestly don’t understand the appeal of Finchel. Both characters are better off without it. Not that I have that high of an opinion of Finn especially after his ‘retarded baby’ comment last week.

  24. Margaret says:

    Blake Jenner rocked tonight! Well done to both him & Melissa. I buy them as a couple, they’re cute!! I’m so over Kitty, though. She’s not shocking, she’s just mean…

  25. lola says:

    One correction, Rachel was crying before she called Brody and yes cried more after her talk, with Cassandra, but why she was crying was debatable (Cassandra, Brody, Finn or all three). Loved the episode. Blake is proving to be a great addition and I prefer him with Marley (although I suspect this round will be good girl/bad guy in the end. The grads are my fav, but I must admit that I have been disappointed with the NY storyline. I was hoping to see Finn/Santana in NY as well and hoping for some great comedy. If they don’t get some beloved characters to NY fans will lose interest. Lastly no matter what Lea and Cory get–comedy, angst, or drama–they always deliver in spades, And damn Finn is smoking hot this season–yum!

    • mave says:

      Exactly this. Rachel was crying since SHE had the “You Are The One That I Want” fantasy were she was happy with Finn. When Cassie beat her down she cried more. And that scene in the hallway….Boy!! Finn really knows her (4 different types of crying and how to make her smile) and Cory and Lea keep making the BEST scenes together. Maybe that is the reason RIB keep doing this angst. I really liked Blake really nice and talented and loved him with Melissa, Hope they can make it. Love the old gang.

  26. Rita says:

    Cory Monteith and Lea Michele’s onscreen chemistry is just magnificent and I hope that the showrunners will continue to harness this to the show’s advantage. I don’t think they are given enough credit for how much they have given of themselves to the show, and that’s professionalism at its finest. Bravo!

  27. Loved everything about this episode. LOVE Marley. She’s so pretty and was born to wear that spandex suit. She made an amazing Sandy.

  28. Tess says:

    Did something happen to Cory Monteith over the hiatus? I mean something good? He’s looking so fine, it’s distracting!

  29. Mark says:

    So this episode was pretty good even though not a huge fan of Grease. I liked seeing Santana although I was mad that Rachel/Santana didn’t have a scene together. I really loved their friendship at the end of last year. So sad that they didn’t get to at least catch up.
    I liked that Mercedes said what she was up to. How bout we see some Mercedes/Puck hanging out in CA?
    The Marley thing was pretty dumb. Ever hear of a scale sweetheart? Although Marley and the new guy are a really cute couple. Like them together so much more than she/Jake.
    Wade’s parents (Featuring Big Carl) are pretty grand. I love the fact that they accept Wade and just try and protect him.

    Once again, pretty good episode.

  30. Celia says:

    I’m ready for Glee to graduate from Ohio. The new characters just aren’t as exciting as the old one, so Rachel and Kurt’s NY journey is what keeps me coming back.

  31. CultureVulture says:

    Best part of the episode for me? Big Mike as Unique’s dad. Didn’t know how much I missed Chuck ’til that moment!

  32. kavyn says:

    Loving Ryder and Marley. Great chemistry and they both look and sound great together.

  33. Tim says:

    Blake Jenner is an undeniable star (YMMV). But the Glee audience is very loyal to Finn as the male lead. So I thought it was very smart of the writers to use this episode and the last to have Finn “pass the torch” to Ryder. Can’t be mad at him if he’s Finn’s protégé.

    I think Marley is really good as well. I am not sure I believed the ending of the bulimia plot. I was expecting her to collapse on stage and end up in the hospital in a very special episode.
    I wish real bulimia were that easy to cure. I thought there might be an opportunity to have Rachel help Marley through this rather than the magic kiss.

  34. Lindsay says:

    This was a such an upgrade from last weeks episode. Ryder Lynn is just the sweetest is just guy. I wish we got to see more of Jake though because there is just something about him that I really like. Marley is quite lucky ;)
    Why is it that Kitty does and says all those horribly things and she just gets away with it? It was the same thing with Santana in the previous seasons.I don’t understand how people can like Kitty she isn’t funnny in anyway, she is just cruel and it sucks that she just gets away with it.

  35. Omar says:

    I need more Sugar and Tin, they were absolutely funny!
    About the new cast…. by far… i LOVE kitty, she’s so f*** funny. I love her meanness!

  36. Jon says:

    I don’t really know how I feel about this episode regarding Tina, cuz though I loved the fact that she was featured more than in the previous 4 episodes she still was overlooked, specially with the role of Rizzo (seriously Finn!? You’d rather bring back Santana from far away than Tina!? Maybe he was taking revenge cuz Tina didn’t like him running glee club) talk about believability! I mean, why did they made us think that the characters were special enough to go & make their dreams come true if they were gonna be back in Lima every single time, how is that believable?

  37. Carmen says:

    I can’t seem to warm up to the new young characters or the high school scene this season. I’ve moved on with the graduates and would like to know more about their lives and struggles. This episode sort of worked for me because Finn had a major story line and Kurt, Rachel and Santana were back in town. However, i didn’t get enough of the latter three, specially Kurt. Chris Colfer’s portrayal of angry,wounded,self-righteous,very sad Kurt was powerful and real. Darren Criss’ broken-down, deeply lonely Blaine was just as compelling. Their break up has been so heart-wrenching that i am finding it difficult to sustain interest in the show.

  38. Riz says:

    they need to give NY scene and storyline more screentime. we’ve already seen a lot of mckinley’s high school life for these couple of weeks and i’m feeling a little overwhelmed after watching tonight’s episode. i think they SHOULD be giving NY storyline just as much as ohio in order to make rachel and kurt storylines developed properly.. if they don’t i say they should let them free or giving their own spin-off because i can’t accept that lea michele and chris colfer, the two best actors and characters on glee are being wasted like that

  39. Katie says:

    To address your big question (whether or not Glee is more compelling in Lima or New York):

    While I like the NYC storylines, I agree with others who have said it feels like a separate show almost. I think they’re doing a good job so far of balancing the two locations, but sometimes I feel like they are so disconnected in content and tone; it makes me wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for them to have pull a “Private Practice”/”Grey’s” sort of thing and just cross-over occasionally.

    As for Lima itself… I like the newbies, I really do. But I wish that we would spend a little less time on students who will be with us for another year or so, and more time on characters I’m already invested in who are still there (Tina, Artie, Sam, etc.). We gave last year’s seniors plenty of time to shine, how about this year’s?

    I’ve felt for quite a while now that Glee is no longer the show I loved Season 1. The vibe, the writing – it’s lost its sharpness somehow. If they can somehow revive that with the new format and characters, I will be more than pleased. But if it can’t be done by midseason this year, I don’t hold out much hope for it.

  40. Aud says:

    We need to come back from winter break with the nice surprise that it’s 6 months later and eveybody’s graduating and we won’t see the newbies again and Finn, Santana and Blaine are moving to NY. Santana goes to college and sings at a bar. Blaines goes to NYU. Kurt to Tisch and Rachel will be top bitch at Nyada. Finn can get his teaching degree at some community college and we’re all happy.

  41. Jessica says:

    I wasn’t a big fan of Quinn…but is she coming back at some point? Not sure how they are going to write it in, but I sure hope there isn’t going to be another finn / quinn type scenario…I will always enjoy watching Glee but I’ve got to be honest, this series is a little frustrating in the sence that there are too many new characters and the story lines are just not getting enough subtance behind them which makes it hard to like any of the newbies…and then the old characters are facing the same issues, I love the story lines but there just isn’t enough time in an episode to develop..

  42. SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

    It really sums up how much expectations for Finn’s story, even among Finn fans, have gone down when you have them getting all excited about Finn pretending to direct some dumb high school musical or mopping the floors or whatever it is he does now (oh, and pretending to direct the glee club as well, at which he will probably also fail miserably). What I’ve learned from ‘Finn’s story’ – well, not really a story, just a sequence of disappointing events – is what Glee is really about: How the Rachels and Kurts of the world go on to bigger and better things while people like Finn fix their cars. That’s the real Glee. That’s what Finn gets for being ‘the everyman’, that’s what he gets not being one of the writers’ precious little favorites. Finn gets the privilege of propping up the new faces in Lima. He counts for less among the ‘writers’ than they do now.

    • Anna says:

      What’s wrong with Finn’s trajectory? Not everyone is meant to be a “star.” Perhaps this stint will inspire him to pursue a teaching career.

      • SCN - Once watched Glee for Finn's story, know better now... says:

        ‘What’s wrong with Finn’s trajectory?’ – How long have you got? A better question might be what ISN’T wrong with it. But I’ll leave you to make the ‘necessary’ connection between Finn pretending to coach a glee club (and probably failing at it) and the actual serious business of becoming a teacher (oh, silly me of course, Glee doesn’t do ‘serious’ business – the fact that Will can apparently just nonchalantly ‘hand over’ the glee club to Finn for a few episodes NBD flags that up)…

  43. Ana says:

    I’m actually not deleting this epi from my Dvr, I liked it that much. Missed Santana so much! She fills a scene. All she has to do is stand there with her attitude and she says volumes without opening her mouth. For the umptieth time, when is Wade leaving??? I couldn’t stand that guy when he was in the Glee Project. He was arrogant, self-centered and two-faced so I can’t take him seriously. He is not likeable at all. Love it when Cassandra is there. Glee should now be about this new life in NY. I am not a Rachel or Kurt fan but I find myself really enjoying their scenes. Realized I don’t miss Mercedes, Puck or Mike. And less Blaine works much better. Please bring Santana back!

  44. Dallface says:

    Oh Glee….So many problems:
    1) Didn’t Sue want Kurt to dress in drag at Nationals?
    2) Why does Marley not notice that her regular clothes are not gettung tighter?
    3) Rachel Rachel, if a guy can tell what kind of crying you were doing just by the way he sees you dabbing at your eyes, that one’s a keeper

  45. Lexie says:

    I just want Santana back, so badly. I really don’t give a fig about the new characters, and I’ve never really liked Grease much anyway, so this episode fell flat with me.

    – If Rachel didn’t see that Cassie (god, I have to actually look up her name, she’s so generic evil bitch) was plotting, then the girl should NOT be unsupervised in the city. and NYC love interest bores me. At least Finn was flawed and goofy. This guy is just bland.

    – Unique has played her part for me. Her character is basically taking Kurt’s sexual identity flag up, and not much else. I really don’t see her adding anything to the story.

    – I miss Puck. I miss Santana. I miss Mike and Beist and Becky – the latter two who have barely been seen/not mentioned at all this season. This displeases me.

    – Marley could be the poster girl for bland. Also, they’re all idiots, putting on that much weight with no reason. WHY WOULD you go to the Mean Girl’s house for a SLEEPOVER? SERIOUSLY?

    – The less Blaine, the better, unfortunately. I honestly have come to believe that Kurt, Blaine and Rachel make more of an impact with less scenes.

    New York doesn’t interest me, McKinley doesn’t interest me. Can we go follow Mercedes and Puck around LA for awhile?

  46. AJ says:

    Enjoyed this episode, will be interesting to see how the graduates and the current glee club kids interact when THANKSGIVING comes around in a few weeks time and everyone is back home in Lima OH.

  47. karenb says:

    I’m a Glee Project Junkie, too, Slezak! Would love it if Ryan & Co would put both seasons on DVD.

    I thought Blake Jenner was amazing. Me thinks he was a plant all along on The Glee Project, though. :)

    Hope he’s given more than 7 episodes.

    • Nevermind says:

      Oh, Mr. Jenner most definitely was a plant! He and the casting director, Mr. Ulrich, are “thick as thieves.” Not a single one of those thousands who auditioned for TGP2 had a chance of winning that coveted role on Glee.The entire show was a scam, same as last year with Samuel Larsen being that year’s plant, who also, by the way, had strong connections with Ulrich (same as Lindsay Pearce and Michael Weisman.) Pretty dirty trick to play on all of those who auditioned and the naive audience, wouldn’t you say? Anyone notice that a new season of TGP is not on Ulrich and RIB’s calendar, either? The jig is up. BIG sham!! And, now we’re discovering that Alex Newell was Murphy and Brennan’s undercover winner of TGP1, aren’t we?! Glee has become the Alex Newell show with Blake Jenner getting top billing right alongside him….being showcased BIG time. Can’t help but wonder how all of the other actors feel about being short-changed in order to promote these two. P.S….Thought Murphy didn’t want his show to become a quote, unquote “karaoke show.” Jenner’s vocal capabilities leave a whole lot to be desired—-there is only so much the audio engineers can do to “enhance” his voice. (They are currently “auto-tuning” the heck out of it!) If he is continually given leads in songs, poor old Mr. Murphy will have turned Glee into exactly what he so vociferously declared he wouldn’t allow his “baby” (i.e. Glee) to become— a karaoke show, and not a good one at that. Face it….Jenner’s forte is most definitely not singing!

  48. takeabow says:

    I did not know Slezak was a Kurtsie.

    • Aud says:

      Oh but he is. Unashamedly so. It’s okay to love Kurt, he is my favorite character but he’s not perfect nor the writers want him to be. But Kurtsies insist in making him an unreachable, cold, distant and saint-like character. That’s not who Kurt is. He’s only human.

  49. kille says:

    Beauty School Dropout was so on point.

  50. Pandora says:

    I’m a New Yorker and I HATE the NY scenes. There already were episodes that were too character-heavy (as in, too many characters per episode). Now, they’ve doubled the cast and try to give everyone a moment in the sun and it just makes you lose focus on everything. I liked the first part of this episode but this one…a hot mess. One character sings a song and three others fantasize about themselves in the role. Oh…kay. What you have here, this year, aren’t characters you care about but caricatures. And…so many really stupid people. Marley? Love her singing, she’s a sweet kid but…if you feel you couldn’t possibly have gained so much “weight” every day…how about…oh, I don’t know…stepping on a scale? Looking at the seams on the clothing? Especially when you know Cruella Deville is breathing down your neck. Rachel kisses a boy and Finn dumps her. Now, Finn is backtracking and she’s crying over someone who she really barely knows and, once again, fessing up to Finn. That’s it. We’re over. Good, I didn’t love you enough to feel sad about it anyway…even though, a few months ago, I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. Idiots! Kurt and his sainted, cheated-on self is getting on my last nerve. Sue is SO NOT funny anymore. Not one of her stupid rants made me even lift the corners of my mouth. I don’t know. They better change their focus and quick or I think the show will die a very quick death. And I was a megafan until this season and have really tried to like this but…no.

    • Kay says:

      I agree with your comments, especially about Sue. She is just so annoying now. Every word out of her mouth is negative and she is the biggest bully there is. She does not deserve to have that job – they need to fire her pronto. Yes, you would think Marley would have known something was going on when it is just her costumes that aren’t fitting right – her regular clothes would have been shrinking too if she were actually gaining weight. Kitty is so mean – she is Sue jr. I don’t like her at all. I felt bad for Blaine when he tried to talk to Kurt (before the show and also afterwards). I know Kurt is deeply hurt as he should be, but he needs to talk this out with Blaine and get some closure. I thought he wanted to see Blaine when he was talking to Rachel about going, but then when he gets there he avoided all eye contact. I was hoping that he would eventually forgive Blaine and maybe they could at least rebuild their friendship. I doubt they could ever be more than friends but at least they could try to stay in contact. I think Kurt will call him in episode 8 and according to spoilers it is a good call so maybe that is what will happen. Plus he is to be in NY at Christmas with Burt, Kurt & Rachel.