Vampire Diaries Preview: Candice Accola Breaks Down Caroline's Complicated Love Square

Vampire Diaries Candice AccolaThese days there’s more than one complicated love triangle on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries (airing Thursdays at 8/7c).

With the introduction of Phoebe Tonkin’s werewolf Hayley, the Tyler/Caroline/Klaus situation has added a whole new side to its romantic entanglement. Here, Candice Accola dishes on whether Caroline trusts that her boyfriend is telling the truth about his past with Hayley, Klaus and Caroline’s “sexy” mind games, her friendship with Stefan and more.

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TVLINE | What’s going on with Caroline in this week’s episode?
She’s going to get to know a little more about where [Tyler and Hayley’s] friendship started and what it stems from. We’re also going to hear about why Hayley is in Mystic Falls, why the other hybrids are there and what their intentions are and the bigger picture.

TVLINE | Tyler said nothing happened between him and Hayley. At this point in their relationship, does Caroline trust him?
Caroline definitely trusts Tyler. It’s easier to look as an adult watching the show and be like, “What?! Come on!” But they’re very young. This is also a very young relationship. Maybe he did spend time with another woman, but it doesn’t mean exactly that he cheated on her. This is the first time that he has given her a reason not to [trust him], but he’s opening up about it and he’s talking about it.

TVLINE | Should we question whether Tyler’s telling the truth when he says nothing happened?
That’s the argument – if you sit around with your girlfriends and someone says, “Well, he’s been spending a lot of time with this other woman, and he told me nothing’s happening,” obviously a whole group of women are going to say, “Umm, I think you should rethink the situation.” [Laughs] And within this particular circumstance of their supernatural world, Caroline and Tyler constantly risk their lives for one another. We will see this week that Tyler opens up a lot more [about] the basis of their friendship, which gives Caroline more reason to trust him. … I remember reading [the script] and being like, “Oh, come on!” ‘Cause that’s what I would say to one of my girlfriends, and I root for all of these characters. But then it’s remembering, oh wait, these characters are so young. I think Caroline has every right and reason to trust Tyler.

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TVLINE | What’s her interaction like with Hayley in the coming episodes?
Caroline and Hayley definitely have issues between them, but it will be addressed.

TVLINE | Does Caroline have to help Tyler and Hayley perpetuate this lie, that something happened, to throw Klaus off the scent?
We will see the tension between Caroline and Tyler addressed. I don’t want to give a lot away.

Vampire Diaries Candice Accola Joseph MorganTVLINE | Do you see hints that Klaus and Caroline could be compatible?
There’s definitely a certain sense of that. But there’s also a lot of game-playing. A lot of what could be misconstrued as compatibility is that they’re both equally in tune [with] knowing how to push each other’s buttons in order to win a game that they’re playing against each other – or at least a game that Caroline is playing against Klaus. Klaus is dripping in manipulation with every word he says, but Caroline’s clued into this and knows how to play his game. That’s definitely a type of compatibility.

TVLINE | Klaus is pretty relentless when it comes to his feelings for her. Is he wearing her down, or is she just sick and tired of him?
They both just love the game. It’s a back and forth. It’s a push and a pull. That’s what makes it so sexy. It’s a lot of almost.

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TVLINE | Does Caroline have any feelings about Elena’s romantic life and who she should be with?
I’m sure Caroline will have plenty of feelings towards Elena’s romantic life [Laughs], and I have a feeling that she will not keep quiet about it.

TVLINE | It seems she might be on Stefan’s side since they have a nice, little friendship.
Caroline has been a Stefan ‘shipper from the start!

TVLINE | Are there any Stefan/Caroline scenes you can tease?
There are great Stefan/Caroline scenes coming up. … I don’t necessarily see Caroline bringing out a fun and frivolous side to him at this point just because right now there’s so many weighted things going on within both of their lives. They’re going to find a comfort within each other and a comfort within their friendship because they both are in the difficult situation of wanting to support the ones that they love even if they don’t agree with what they’re choosing to do.

TVLINE | What’s Caroline’s mindset about the future and life post-graduation?
We’ll definitely hear Caroline talk a bit about her future. She’s definitely thinking about it!

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  1. Ava says:

    Klaus and Caroline! Yes please. I love their playful banter.

  2. Jerm says:

    I still think that Caroline and Stefan are gonna happen….

    • Ava says:

      I’d be ok with that. Anything to get Stefan away from the wet blanket that is Elena. She’s more like a steel curtain of misery actually.

    • jill says:

      I want them to happen S0 bad…like, more than any other possible or current pairing on the show.Their chemistry feels so genuine, and their personalities are surprisingly perfect for each other. Not soon necessarily but I do want them to get together eventually!

  3. Fran says:

    Please do NOT let Caroline and Stefan happen. I enjoy their friendship so much and it’s nice to see that without turning it into a romantic thing.

    • Jules says:

      I agree. They do have great chemistry but I don’t see it as being romantic. They seem to be the only true friends on the show.

    • terry says:

      I just want ONE male/female relationship in the show to remain platonic. There are too many love polygons going on right now. A non-sexual friendship would be refreshing for once.

  4. klaroline says:

    klaroline for me please!

    • Rita says:

      Klaroline all the way! OMG, I’m so excited with these spoilers, they are just perfect for each other, and their mind-games/provocations are probably the kind of interation that I enjoy the most between them. They NEED to happen… Can’t wait :)

  5. Fabe says:

    I wonder how many seasons TVD will be on. I hope it doesn’t go for like 9 seasons. I’d be happy with 6.

    • Ari says:

      I used to feel the same way, then Supernatural’s 8th season has been SLAMMING. It’s one of the best seasons in, maybe ever? If TVD could get over their soppy teen angst and focus on building a story instead of love triangles they could easily run an 8-9 season show.

  6. Katrin says:


  7. Nyny15 says:

    Caroline Nd Stefan o_0 Stop It ! They Are Gonna Very Good Friends Not Lovers , Besides Stefan Will Never Get Over Elena Anyway Sooo Yeaaa .

    Caroline Nd Klaus Thats Kindaa Cute I Like The Chemistry They Have But I Also Like Her Nd Tyler Soo Irdk.

  8. Haley says:

    Klaus and Caroline are the best, and I hope they end up together. I love Stefan and Caroline’s friendship, I really love that Julie said she sees Caroline as Stefan’s new Lexi. I also love that Candice said that Tyler and Caroline’s relationship is very young because I see them as nothing but a highschool romance.

  9. avril says:

    Caroline and Tyler please!!!!!

  10. Radha says:

    Yeah. I cannot stand Klaus. Caroline belongs with Tyler.

  11. Mandy says:

    Can not wait for some Klaroline action! They are the only reason why I’m watching this show. If the writers do it right, it could be an epic love story!

  12. hi says:

    I think the writers are trolling Klaroline fans into thinking they have a chance of happening. Klaroline is just to make Sexwood look better and that their love is strong and can come over anything together zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz blahhhhh blahhhh The writers like boring couples & don’t take chances. No one really cares about Forwood anymore. They were ruined as soon as they got together cause they were both horny. Epic love right there. -_-

    • Kay Bee says:

      wtf is wrong with them liking sex? do you know Tyler & Caroline’s characters?! they were fine with hooking up with people they barely knew before they got together! besides them having sex doesn’t negate all the other aspects of their relationship. Tyler broke his sire bond for Caroline. Now tell me, would you break every bone in your body 100 times for a screw-buddy? That’s real love. Klaroline is literally ABUSE! That’s not interesting, that’s disgusting…And quite frankly, the “romance” they try to force on them makes me sick as a woman.

  13. Olivia says:

    Yeah, Klaus and Caroline are such a great idea! Who’s more perfect for one of Elena’s friends than the guy who murdered her aunty and has tried to murder Elena herself twice. Match made in heaven.

    • taylor says:

      Well said. Plus, Klaus never thought of redeemed what he had done. He’s real evil.

    • terry says:

      Realistically, almost every couple in this show is a bad idea. Elena is currently dating a Ripper, while having feelings for a man who slept with her mother and killed her brother. Twice.

      • Olivia says:

        Trust me, I have problems with those relationships too. But in the timeline of the show Klaus only killed Jenna a few months ago, it would be awful for Caroline to be interested in him so soon after he did that, plus she’s such a good character (especially by vampire standards) that it doesn’t ring true for her to be seduced by someone who’s not only killed, but constantly threatened her friends. And he nearly killed her recently when he got Tyler to bite her, even if it was his intention to merely gain some support from her mother. Being called “collateral damage” doesn’t sound particularly attractive to me.

        But honestly, I don’t expect Klaus/Caroline to actually happen, so I’ll just have to suffer through the writers flirting with it and wait until it runs its course.

        • Totally in agreement with you, Olivia. I’m trying to have faith that the writers don’t intend to actually go all the way with this Klaroline nonsense, thereby destroying Caroline’s character.

        • Ari says:

          I totally think that if any character would be able to see Klaus’ good traits it would be Caroline. She looked beyond Tyler’s douchetastic exterior and now they are in a semi-happy relationship even though Tyler keeps popping off to muck about in the woods for months at a time.

          • noneofyourbusiness says:

            Being a douche is different to being a crazy psychopath who has no problem with killing your loved one

        • LS says:

          Honestly though, what if Caroline CAN redeem Klaus? Or rather, what if Klaus ends up WANTING to redeem himself because of Caroline. I agree that as it stands, Caroline wouldn’t get into bed with him (and shouldn’t), but there’s definitely something appealing in the idea that maybe, just maybe, she will end up changing his world. And I don’t want that so Klaroline can happen necessarily, but I think her qualities and her goodness have a way of bringing out the best in people. I wouldn’t want it to happen in a cliched or corny way, but it is appealing.

  14. light says:

    klaroline klaroline all the need to happen..chemistry is so off chart that nobody can deny it..and if the writers will work well this could be a very and passionaly epic lovestory..

  15. rocco says:

    I cant believe these people are still in High school. 30 year olds playing schoolgirls/boys.

    • noneofyourbusiness says:

      They’re not 30-year-olds except for Paul but he is a 166 year old vampire so he shouldn’t be in a high school anyway,

  16. Amy says:

    Just here for Steroline. :) If only Forwood would break up so we could have lots of them instead of boring Forwood sex and arguing…

  17. Nikki says:

    How come it never seems to come up that the only reason Tyler went off and had to get help to break the sire bond was because of his relationship with Caroline in the first place? To my understanding, he wanted to do it for her, so they could be together properly without Klaus having control over him all the time. It doesn’t make sense if during that experience he cheated on her. I think he’s telling the truth when he says nothing happened, otherwise why go through such a traumatic experience for someone he didn’t stay loyal to anyway.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Completely agree.

      Caroline is my favorite character, and to see her tainted with a relationship with Klaus or Stefan would bug me.

      She’s found Tyler. They’re pretty much perfect for each other. Let’s leave the angsty triangles to the annoying Elena. (ps, Elena, pick Damon. Stefan is LAME.)

  18. lilys87 says:

    I think that for every show that relies on a big love triangle like TVD does with Stefan-Elena-Damon, we need some strong, durable relationships between the rest of the cast, platonic or not.
    That’s why I liked the triangle in Dawson’s creek for example.
    Don’t follow that rule and you end up with the orgie Gossip Girl has become.
    Stefan and Caroline would actually make a lot of sense but I don’t think it would serve the show at this point, making as many couples as mathematically possible ruins every character at the end and destroy their consistency.
    Of course this is only my opinion :)

    • I think you make a very good point :)! i’ve never thought about the whole thing like that before wow. Sadly, I just can’t seem to think straight when it comes to Klaroline :3. Oh I do hope the writers aren’t trolling the KC fans :o

  19. ck says:

    Caroline is my favorite character and her chemistry with a majority of the guys on this show is awesome. That being said I really enjoyed Forwood in the beginning but now I feel their scenes are just about them sleeping together and Caroline’s character development has really slowed down. This is why I am open to Klaroline and Steroline. I wouldnt mind Forwood to remain but the writing needs to change asap!

  20. cassie says:

    I think the writers are bored with Forwood tbh. It’s like they are not even trying with them anymore lol. I guess Delena and Stelena are more important.

  21. sarah says:

    I do not want Stefan and Caroline to get together! I love Stefan and for me I think he is best with Elena, but maybe not Vampire Elena so it is hard to say if they truly belong together or not! I have a team Stefan shirt and I will keep wearing in proudly!

  22. Jane says:

    Klaus and Caroline please. Their chemistry is the best on the show. I only want Caroline and Stefan as friends, this show isn’t Gossip Girl that has every character dating different people. Forwood is so boring, please get rid of them. Klaroline!! <3

  23. Jess says:

    I can see Tyler getting killed off at some point and Stefan/Caroline getting closer. :)

  24. sabsab says:

    they gave up to develop caroline too much because she would overshadow elena… but caroline is my favourite character because of all girls she seems to have a memory….and no matter how hot is the guy she doesn’t forget what happend with her father and friends.

  25. Angelina says:

    Caroline and Klaus all the way! Caroline really brings out a softer side in Klaus and it’s refreshing to step back from his total evil side. They do have something going on! ;)

    • Samantha says:

      I would love to see Klaus and Caroline together. There so sweet and playful with each other. The writers need to get rid of Forwood and bring on the Klaroline.

  26. aquila says:

    °̩‎ truly think that Klaus and Caroline should be together because there is α possibility that she can change him and make him not be this evil guy an °̩‎ think its sweet that Klaus actually found an interest in Caroline because there’s so many pretty vampire girls in this world but Caroline stands out for Klaus. Klaroline forever:)

  27. Madeleine says:

    I honestly think Klaus and Caroline would make a great couple. They have great conversations and I love the chase they’re in. Potentially the best couple on this show. No doubt about it. also, from a writing pointof view, they’re great on a show like this because the writers can keep up the chase without the relationship becoming redudant. I really like this pairing and hope he writers go with it. On the topic of Klaus being too violent/evil…..

    I would like to point out the fact that EVERYONE on this show has some seriously bad history in that department. Damon was like a mini-Klaus in the beginning, Stefan is a ripper, Elena is an emotionally distraught teenage girl who can’t make up her mind and therefore hurts everyone she’s close to, Caroline HAS murdered someone, and, forgive me but TYLER WAS ONCE A DATE RAPIST THAT ABUSED THOSE HE HAD RELATIONSHIPS WITH. Just saying. If Tyler can change into a goody goody, who says Caroline can’t change Klaus? And Klaus’s motives were always to end his loneliness of protect his family. Sometimes he went about it in ways that weren’t always the best, but everyone makes mistakes. Not to mention he’s a hybrid, which kinda alters his decision making.

    Klaroline! Please!

    And Stefan and Caroline are an awful combo. Can we just have someone stay friends? Caroline is his new Lacey.

  28. rheaaaaaaa says:

    klaus n caroline all the way!! we all know how nasty klaus can be….but i love the way he feels for caroline n how he protects her..shows his sensitive side…he always is lovely to her! even when she goes behind his one else would get away with it!! plzz get together!!