The X Factor Leaderboard: Who's Got Momentum From the Season 2 Top 12? (Take Our Poll!)

Lights, camera, more lights, backup dancers, firepots, contortionists, EVEN MORE LIGHTS, Pepsi products, action!

Yes, reality TV junkies, The X Factor‘s Top 12 performance night is mere hours away, which can only mean one thing: Paige Thomas is praying quietly in a corner that the show’s director doesn’t embarrass her with another unfortunate upskirt shot this week. Well, that, and it’s time for our weekly countdown of the entire Season 2 field, ranked from most- to least-likely to feel the sting of the results-show guillotine come Thursday evening.

VIDEO | Reality Check: Xtina’s Unspeakable Crime on The Voice! Plus: Demi’s X Factor Errors?

So click through the gallery below, then take our handy scientific poll to vote for your three favorite acts. And for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Completely agree with the top three, at least when you look at their history. Carly Rose is the biggest talent, Jennel Garcia is the most current (if only Demi would give her current material, maybe “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers), and Fifth Harmony is really the only story happening here, which tends to be the ones that gather the most support.

  2. Blinged Up says:

    I must be off a little this season…..don’t get the love for Fifth Dimension or Carly Rose at all. Loving Lyric 145 and don’t really like rap music all that much. Still scratching my head over the results reveal last week. Tonight should be interesting.

  3. so says:

    agree with fifth harmony and carly being in the top but i can’t stand jennel. i don’t get how she can be all shy and mousy when she is talking to the cameras ( like she has no confidence) and on stage she is the most sexual person in the competition. it just doesn’t seem like she is showing us her true personality. (i also love lyric 145)

    • I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

      There are lots of performers who are nothing like they are on stage.

      • so says:

        that is true! but when you crumble because you are told that you have to tone done your sexy (like she did in the judges houses) for me, it tells me that something is up. Something about her is just off.

        • bip says:

          What? A reality show contestant that is fake?!?! Say it ain’t so! hahaha. Actually I agree with you about Jennel, I just can’t relate to her at all.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Nothing surprising there. Many shy, introverted people can come alive when they play another part or once they get warmed up and going on stage. Many are people can be super shy one particular scenario and quite the opposite in another. Nothng about it is surprsing at all (although extroverted people tend to be surprised and misjudge and misread introverted people all the time).

  4. Carly all the way for me! A once in a generation talent that we will enjoy listening to for decades! follow her twitter

  5. RD says:

    After reading I went to the score card and realized I don’t have a favorite at all -which actually came as a shock,but also made me realize,when you add it all up,(headache-inducing screams throughout,Braindead Britney,Khloe Kardashian,and anything that spews from LA Reid’s egomaniacal mouth to name a few) what a trainwreck of a talent show this is.May it get buried under the weight of it’s own excess.

  6. Andrea says:

    Not a fan of Jennel’s makeover. If Demi would do something else with her I would agree with her as number 3. Love Carly though!

  7. Jack says:

    Lots of Tate hate going on around the Interwebz, which I don’t get. Sure, he’s probably not who the producers expected the target demographic to support, but a whole lot more middle-aged mothers watch this show than Simon intended. This isn’t a show that belongs to the tweens and teens that would pick Emblem3, Beatrice or Arin.

    FWIW, my top 3 are Tate, Fifth Harmony and Lyric 145.

    • Alex says:

      He reeks. His voice is incredibly pedestrian. I hear better many times at the local karaoke night!

      • FreeHaley says:

        As I said, even Tom Cruise, a non-singer, performed that song with more power and style so how can Tate win an XFactor show? I don’t get it. Granted I know little about country and don’t really like tht sort of music but he doesn’t seem especially wow compared to any other country singer around anywhere, to me. Not that he is bad, pleasant enough voice, hits his notes, but to win this all? But I am a poor judge of country. He does seem like a really nice guy though.

  8. Aria says:

    My Top 3 are Fifth Harmony, Emblem3, and Beatrice.

  9. Princess Adora says:

    Lyric 145 FTW!! <– do people still use "FTW" anymore?
    I know they'll never win, I'd really just like them to have a career after this show <3

  10. Jared says:

    Emblem 3!!

  11. ben says:

    I do not understand why people think Simon would release the results because Tate came first, or why Simon would be ‘weeping into his porridge’ because Tate came first.

    Simon is not all about the tween/teen demographic, and is in reality quite the reverse of this – he was exceptionally happy with Susan Boyle & Paul Potts, people who came out on top from the older generation and did very well in real world terms. I don’t really believe he would be worried in the slightest about Tate coming out on top, since Tate has a defined wheelhouse in an area that sells well.

    • I agree to an extent, country artists on these shows do tend to go on to more success than a lot of the other contestants. However, I do think they released the tally’s for a reason and I think the one that makes the most sense has more to do with the bottom section of that list. Jennel, Lyric 145, Fifth Harmony, and Emblem3 were all lower than they really should have been. I don’t think the list was released for fun, but to show people that some acts aren’t getting the votes the show thinks they should, while others (Vino, Diamond, maybe Tate) are getting more.

      • ben says:

        I think the proof will be in if they continue to release them each week or not. If so, then maybe it’s just trying something different. If not, I agere that it was more to do with the bottom half of the list than Tate being on top, or to make people realise that the list wouldn’t necessarily look the way they thought.

  12. Tusk says:

    My picks are still Lyric 145 and Beatrice Miller, but unfortunately, it’s all based on potential. I hope they get their break out performances before they get eliminated.
    (I thought Lyric’s break out was “Supercalifragelisticexpealidocious”, but the voting tote board said otherwise)

    • FreeHaley says:

      Yeah Beatrice (but yeah a few too many semi-sparkly looking hobo rags which may not be helping her get votes from young girls) and Lyric 145 are the two. Those are the two I’d be really upset if they left. Carly is good too but seems somehow a bit more plain and regular to me at this point, not the interesting tone of Beatrice or even quite the connection.

  13. Maris says:

    I LOVE Jennel and Beatrice, and I love the fact that Paige is at the bottom because she needs to go, I think Demi’s team is the weakest, Paige is mediocre and i don’t even know what Cece is doing, I liked her voice before but she keeps performing badly, the only strong one there is Jennel and I agree with most people about her makeover. I love Demi but I don’t think her choices are the best…

  14. Forwarddad says:

    I agree for the most part. Would switch Arin with Jennel. Really hope Emblem3 goes home. I know Simon is trying to recreate One Direction but just don’t think E3 is as like able.

    • Abram says:

      I disagree. I think Simon recognizes that Emblem3 is something completely different from anything else (they’re not your typical boy band who harmonize and have amazing voices, so they’re not like One Direction). They don’t have the best voices in the world, but they are something different.

  15. mariah says:

    Top 3 for me: Fifth Harmony, Jennel Garcia, Lyric 145

  16. Katie says:

    Every single time I see Carly Rose my brain just screams “MINI RACHEL BERRY”. Meaning, she’s talented, but I bet personality-wise she’s a complete and total nightmare.

    • ben says:

      Wow, I see Carly as the complete opposite of Rachel Berry. She strikes me as a really nice person, not at all a diva ‘must be famous’ type.

  17. Volcfom says:

    Fifth Harmony did sound a lot better and did try to harmonize, but they were also supported by the invisible back-up singers. They’ll get there vocally eventually, but it’s misleading to say that they’ve vastly improved on their own.

  18. Kathy V. says:

    No denying Lyric 145 are incredibly entertaining. Their number was like something from a movie. I look forward to what they are going to do next. I forget it’s a competition when I watch them and just go along for the very fun ride. I also love Carly Rose’s voice–so much there to love in tone, control and how she delivers a song. She’s only 13. Think about what an awkward time to present yourself to the world. The other teen girls are having a much harder time of it. I don’t get everyone’s love of Tate. He’s likeable but a very average country singer. Fifth Harmony hasn’t done anything to knock our socks off yet, nothing like Lyric 145 at Simon’s house or Carly Rose’s audition. They need a moment. Arin really stepped up this week where Diamond and Beatrice faltered. The competition is finally getting fun. And may I say that I enjoy Demi taking on Simon during the judging.

  19. Jason says:

    You shouls have a box for none in your polls. As a whole these 12 all came off as a bunch of people who would have finished in twelfth place on Idol the last couple of years. Not one seriously incredible moment in the first two weeks of live shows.

  20. mike says:

    Michael, In no context is Jannel Garcia ever sexy. In fact, I think her biggest problem is her oversexualized performance style.

    • Jason says:

      I don’t think Michael knows what sexy is for heterosexuals. You are correct. Jannelle’s body is weirdly shaped and doesn’t really know how to move sexually. Her weird grinding drop to the ground is not sexy at all and comes off a little sad. Like a stripper who doesn’t know how to strip. The one Demi should be tring to turn into a sex symbol is Cece but she has bungled that one as well putting her in awful clothing week after week. She should be thinking Gwen Stefani with Cece. Not Lady Gaga.

  21. Phill says:

    beatrice, janelle, fifth harmony and carly deserve seems like an unstoppable top 4.

    • FreeHaley says:

      and add in Lyric 5 and you have your top 5. But I have a very sad bad feeling that will be anything but the top 5.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Wow just did the poll and those are the top 5. Well at least on this site, hah. If only.

      • FreeHaley says:

        I might actually swap out Jennel for Diamond White perhaps though. I think a couple of the pop girls, even on already sent away before top 12, on The voice may be better pop singers than any on XFactor thoguh.

  22. Sg. Grant says:

    Just give Emblem3 their instruments and let them win this damn thing already.

  23. FreeHaley says:

    Beatrice (but lose the dressing her in semi-sparkly hobo rags things, I think they helps cut away her young girl vote which is an important voting block perhaps) and Lyric 145 all the way!

    Those are the two I’d be really upset if they left.

    Carly is good too but seems somehow a bit more plain and regular to me at this point, not the interesting tone of Beatrice or even quite the connection. I simply have Beatrice well up on her at this point, although, most sadly, the votes said otherwise, hopefully just, in part, a Jersey storm thing alone.

    CeCe needs to go back to what she was, despite all the all about her and everything people get on, she had seemed to have some pretty decent pop potential but the song choices just seem bad for her voice and I don’t know sexy and I know it is often hard to show off with but she managed to before not sure what has happened but she wasn’t so good at all last week.

  24. Emma says:

    Beatrice, Carly and 5H for me.

  25. FreeHaley says:

    Well Tate did better this week, he did do pretty well, but man I just find the whole country thing deadly boring and don’t like the whole country trappings style at all so I still find him my least favorite contestant, although I will have to admit he did sing the song well just now.

  26. Mari says:

    My top 2: Beatrice and 5H.

    • FreeHaley says:

      Agreed. I’ll put Beatrice #1.

      Beatrice seems to need lots of help so all votes going to her from me.
      Simon always has to get in some sort of negative dig on her, a shame.
      She has such an amazing tone and connection. I think she will def be a star one day regardless of what happens here, most don’t despite how they tell everyone who leaves that they will be, but I really think she will.

  27. FreeHaley says:

    CeCe sang much better than last week. Paige worse. Tate better. Lyric 145 worse (I liked them the very best at the judge’s house). Jennel may be a bit over rated. Arin worse. Vino a touch better, bit boring start. Carly similar. Diamond a bit better. Emblem 3 a bit better.

  28. Matt says:

    I don’t understand the love of Beatrice on here. She’s god awful. She doesn’t stay on pitch, and she sings from her throat. As a result, she sings too powerfully for her current level of control, making it seem like shouting. Emblem3 is quite entertaining. I don’t understand why they aren’t allowed to play their instruments. Carly Rose is definitely the most talented vocalist on the show, followed by the 5H women.

    • John says:

      She has an amazing tone and substance to her voice. That is something that is worth a ton! Carly is good but there is nothing all that memorable about her vocal tone and Beatrice also connects more truly naturally to the songs so I have to put Beatrice ahead of Carly. Not sure why you think Beatrice is a shouter?? Maybe your speakers or headphones are artificially bright or something (many speakers and headphones are) and it’s adding harshness???

  29. jodi Facette says:

    please get cece off the show she is terrible

  30. chuch says:

    My 4 year old son pointed out carly rose by saying she was on the electric company. There for if carly win which is goin to happen there is no such thing as new good talent.