Ratings: Revolution and Partners Slip to New Lows, Bones Dips, Castle Still at Low

Revolution Ratings at Series LowCBS’ Partners last night sustained the steepest week-to-week drop of any Monday program, falling 14 percent in the demo to a 1.8 — the freshman sitcom’s lowest rating to date — while holding steady in total audience (with 5.6 million viewers).

Also on the decline this Monday were Fox’s Bones (7 mil/1.9) and The Mob Doctor (3.1 mil/0.9), each dipping a tenth in the demo, and NBC’s The Voice (down a few percentage points to 11.5 mil and a 4.3) and Revolution (slipping to 7.1 mil and a series-low 2.6). UPDATE: Mob Doc adjusted down to a 0.8.

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Over on ABC — pending football preemption adjustments (in both Pittsburgh and Kansas City) — Dancing With the Stars inched up to 14.2 mil/2.2, and Castle (with 10.7 mil and a 2.1) rose 7 percent and two tenths from last week’s all-time low. UPDATE: Per finals, Castle adjusted back down to that 1.9 series low.

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Among CBS’ other comedies, How I Met Your Mother (7.94 mil/3.0) was up 10 and 7 percent, 2 Broke Girls (9 mil/3.2) matched last week’s series low demo and Mike & Molly (9.2 mil/3.0) added a handful of viewers. Hawaii Five-0‘s buzzy flashback episode was flat at 7.74 mil/2.0. UPDATE: H50 adjusted up to a 2.1.

The CW’s 90210 (1.24 mil/0.6) surged 50 percent (and hit a season high in total audience) while Gossip Girl (808K/0.4) rose 22 and 33 percent.

What were you tuned into this Monday evening?

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  1. Katie says:

    Castle and DWTS will be be adjusted way down because ABC didn’t air them in Pittsburgh of Kansas City.

    • Andrea says:

      I’m they will go down, but maybe not way down. It depends on how big the market percentage is on those two cities.

      • Heather says:

        Pittsburg is a big meter market. So expect Castle demo to drop to a 1.9 or 1.8. Sorry but those Castle numbers are greatly inflated.

        • eridapo says:

          Both these markets only account for 2% of the total tv market in the US, but your guess about the adjustment is spot on. 2/10 to 3/10s seems to be right.

    • Robin Smyth says:

      Actually, they did air it in Kansas City. It was on the CW (local affiliate KCWE).

  2. JJ says:

    Matt, any reason you think Fox has been WAY more patient with Mob Doc than they were with shows like Lone Star?

    • Midori4 says:

      They don’t have anything to stick in there. Fox doesn’t have any extra shows and doesn’t want reruns.

    • Renee says:

      They cancelled their decent shows last year and that’s all they have left?

    • Emily says:

      Because they have had zero hits this year. Too bad, because I hate-watched Terra Nova last year, but it was a relatively solid performer and was getting better creatively. I wonder if they regret axing it, given the abysmal performances FOX is getting now.

      • Renee says:

        I actually loved Terra Nova, but I don’t think Fox regrets cancelling it. That would be admitting to a mistake and can’t have that! Loved The Finder too. I hate Fox.

        • ben says:

          I wouldn’t have watched the finder without MCD around, so in the end the cancellation was a blessing in disguise. But why don’t they bring it out on DVD?

    • Nero theTVFiddler says:

      As the others have noted, FOX does not have too many shows ‘on the bench’ ready to replace what is already out there on the air in Prime Time. However, FOX has a plan once we get to January/Winter season. There is a show called ‘The Following’ [w/cast of Kevin Bacon, Valorie Curry, Natalie Zea, Annie Parisse, Jamie Lee Kirchner] that is due to replace Mob Doctor in January.

      My guess is that FOX has decided to tough it out until the holidays so that they’ll then move right into ‘The Following’ in the new year. So for now, FOX will burn off what Mob Doctor episodes they already have. The Following [I believe] is a limited-run series [9-13 episode order?] per KB’s request, and hence, FOX may need to find another series to fill in that 9pm Monday slot around April in order to reach end-of-season mid-May.

  3. alikat says:

    Partners is terrible…. I wanted to like it, but it’s just not interesting or funny at all…

    • beth says:

      Agreed. I stopped watching after the second episode.

    • A.G. says:

      Urie overacts,
      Krumholtz is boring,
      Bush can’t do comedy,
      Routh can’t act.

      • Kelly says:

        You are so right on point with every comment.

      • Joe says:

        Ur right now I know why it’s annoys me so much thanks for the insight

      • alikat says:

        yes, yes, yes, and yes! i’m a huge fan of Sophia Bush, I wanted her to find success on this show, but unfortunately, this isn’t it for her.

      • Nero theTVFiddler says:

        I like the show, but I do agree with your assessment – at least 75% of it. I think Sophia is getting better, and can/will do comedy just fine. But she is the ‘straight-lady” of the ensemble – she feeds the lines to the other actors and they get the punch lines to deliver. Her comedy at this point is more subtle and more towards ‘moving the story along’ rather than delivering the punch lines (which Urie and Krumholtz normally get – particularly Urie).

        I will say this – my bias towards Sophia is evident – after watching last night’s episode, all I could think was – wow, is she pretty. So, my vote for Sophia comes with that caveat; nevertheless, if the show doesn’t make it, I do hope she’s back on TV soon – she is a good actress [as well] .

        • Lee says:

          I think that the show “Partners” is getting better each week and should be pick up for a full season. The first show, sorry to say was really bad, however each week since the show has become much better and I would like to see more. There are many shows that people love now, which had a trouble start and over time became better that is what “Partners” needs–just a little more time. Regarding the rating, I think when DWTS is over for the season that “Partners” will be found by more people. The actors on the show will find their comfort level and style, as well as their characters voices and more humor will follow.

          • Nero theTVFiddler says:

            I agree and I hope your are right about Partners – I’m hoping it can make it through the entire season by getting that ‘back 9’ episode order from CBS. However, as another post mentioned, CBS has Rules of Engagement and a new series, Friend Me, waiting in the wings, looking for a slot in the schedule. No room on Thursdays anymore, so new and returning comedies must be placed on Mondays – either at 8:30pm, or 9:30pm if Mike/Molly go on a short hiatus and/or is moved into the 8:30 slot.

            I don’t know how many RulesOE CBS has in the can ready to go, but I suspect there are enough to run from Feb/March to May [13 episodes]. That could spell bad news for Partners. Friend Me is another story – I don’t know much about this pilot, but I suspect enough episodes will be filmed to create 9 episodes – enough to run from say, Feb-April. Could be hard for Partners to get that ‘back 9’ green light with these other shows CBS will want to showcase. I’m sure CBS will make an announcement before the holidays as to their plan for the winter season and the fate of Partners.

          • J Pierce says:

            I hope Partners gets a shot at a whole season. I’m a big fan of both Krumholtz and Bush, but I hated the first two episodes. As of this week I see hope for it, the actors seem to be working beter together, writing a little better. It’s no Seinfeld or Friends, but I didnt like either of them at first either.

  4. Yasin says:

    Sorry, I don’t mean to sound rude, but where are the amount of viewers?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Total viewership has since been added. With raindrops we can fill buckets.

      • Yasin says:

        Sorry if you were offended, I just wanted to see is Partners might get a full season which I don’t think so. And usually you always put them in so I do apologize

  5. Betty says:

    Too bad more people didn’t see the Bones episode. I thought it was really good.

    • alikat says:

      you’re right, it was a great episode!

    • Trekty says:

      One of my favorite episodes of Bones!

    • BonesForever says:

      I agree. It was one of the most well-acted and dramatic episodes ever on Bones! I was so disappointed that more people didn’t watch it. Dang that stupid, DWTS! I hate having Bones have to compete with it…

    • Majamababe says:

      Best episode of Bones this season.

      • caprigirl60 says:

        Maybe it will go up a lot with its SD+3 numbers. I really think the previous 3 Sweets heavy episodes turned some people off from watching. HH said Doctor in the Photo in season 6 was probably so low in ratings because of the previous episode-Twisted Bones where the end scene is Booth telling Hannah she’s “amazing” with Brennan sitting across from him at the Diner. I recorded DitP because I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it.

        I think between Sweets overload and the difficult for many 9/11 subject matter people were just undecided about whether they even wanted to watch.

    • Boiler says:

      I agree. It was a great episode. Will be one of the ones people will generally remember. Hope people DVR’d it or watch on demand.

  6. Spike says:

    kinda sad about Partners, it found its way over the last two episodes or so imo

    • Angelique says:

      I agree. This week’s episode was the first where I felt that they were finally figuring out what to do with Wyatt. Love Brandon Routh, but it doesn’t seem like the writers/creators gave much thought to his character.

  7. Missy Kelly says:

    Watched Bones, 2 Broke Girls & Castle. DVRd Hawaii 5-0. Cause I like those shows no one else watched? Am I the problem. and, yes to answer your mental question, I’m pretty sure everything in the world is about me.

  8. Alyssa says:

    I’m sad Bones went down, especially for one of their best episodes, but I hope their viewers went up!

    And thank god Castle is increasing again. It’s a wonderful show, the episode was great, and I think it’s underrated by the television world. Hopefully it’ll keep going up :)

    • Viv says:

      Castle and DWTS numbers are inflated due to ABC airing football during this time period in Kansas and Pittsburg. Best wait till finals for Castle numbers. They will go down.

    • Lynn says:

      Bones was excellent. I hope that it gets an adjustment up in the finals ratings *fingers crossed* even so, it’s an old show with massive multi timeslot competition. It’s holding it’s own, kinda.

  9. shuayb says:

    The reason why partners did bad is because they yanked it off air for about two weeks and people prob forgot about it. I’m sure it will be the first to go. CBS didn’t keep bleep my dad says and it had slightly better ratings.

    Castle was jusÞ ridiculous! I stopped halfway through. The over acting was insane and awkward. Hope they never do anything like that EVER!

    Doing that kinda episode in Bones would have done two things: Either get people to watch cuz its 9/11 or get people to not watch cuz its waaay to sad and emotional for people who lost people or for people who just don’t want to think about that day.

    Gossip Girl was actually good.

  10. Renee says:

    That was a good episode of Revolution I hate it went down.

    • Elyse says:

      it only went down a little. for NBC i think thats still a pretty good rating for a 10pm

      • John says:

        Its a good rating across any network at this point. But come on, its an amazing show! There’s nothing like it! I really want this show to be a juggernaut! Go up REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Just a guess but from what I’ve seen on other boards a lot of people are really turned off by NBC’s decision to put Revolution on hiatus until March. Many don’t want to continue to invest their time and then have to wait 4 months to pick it up again. MO, I think it’s a very bad decision by NBC but what’s new.

      • Renee says:

        Yeah I hope I don’t lose interest with it gone for 4 months, but I have before.

      • Kristina says:

        I agree. I will likely tune back in for it, but my husband always loses interest in shows that do that, and it never seems to be a good decision for ratings, especially shows that are so serialized like this one.

  11. Babybop says:

    I love Partners! Cracks me up every episode. Hope they give it another chance, so it won’t end up like Mad Love…

  12. Kat says:

    Sad more people didn’t see BONES! Was an awesome episode. One of the very best. Emmy worthy. Really!!!

  13. Joe says:

    Partners gets me annoyed , tried to like it but can’t 2 broke girls and mike and Molly were very funny last night , I’m very surprised that fox kept the mob doctor on during the sweeps , also surprised that abc has kept 666 on during the sweeps also in the past they would have been yanked soo quick

  14. meem says:

    So looks like Hawaii 5-0 is on the way out. CSI Miami, Unforgettable, and Gifted Man both did MUCH better numbers than that last season (Gifted Man on a Friday, no less), and they all got canned (yeah, yeah, Unforgettable is coming back, but it was cancelled).

    • Joe says:

      If not canceled at least moved to another night

    • RJ says:

      Correction: Unforgettable was pretty much the same (and coming back), Gifted Man did no better than a 1.7 demo.

    • Shaun says:

      H50 has lost alot of what made it fresh and interesting.

    • Execpt Hawaii Five-0 was already bought for syndication by TNT, so, it IS on CBS’s best interest to keep it on air for 100 epsiodes so they’ll receive 2mil per episode for its rerun. H50 is safe, I guess. I’m betting The Mentalist will go buhbye and it’ll take its spot on Sunday. That’d be my guess.

    • Matt Newman says:

      Hawaii Five-0 is certain to be renewed because it needs a 4th season for syndication and there is no way it gets cut before then. Rookie shows need better numbers for renewal because the networks are not as invested in them.

  15. Terry says:

    I watched Dancing With the Stars and Revolution. Plan on catching up on Bones and Castle on demand.

  16. CAM says:

    So sorry to see Bones down. I thought it was one of the best episodes ever. Start to finish, so much to applaud in the episode. I had to DVR it, and I don’t plan to delete it.

  17. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Bones was absolutely incredible last night….my new favorite episode

  18. John says:

    I honestly thought partners had already been canceled for some reason.

  19. ragincajun says:

    CBS needs to move Mike & Molly to 8:30 and go with a combination of Rules of Engagement & Friend Me after Two Broke Girls. The fact that Mike & Molly grew after Two Broke Girl proves that it has developed its own audience and CBS should use it to serve as bridge between How I Met Your Mother and Two Broke Girls like how Two Broke Girls was the bridge between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men last year.

  20. Joseph D says:

    Man, “Revolution” is declining just as it’s preparing for a hiatus. This is gonna be “Jericho” all over again…

  21. Joe says:

    Shame to see Revolution slipping. NBC’s decision to take a four month break could have turned a lot of people off. In my opinion putting Revolution back on the air in January would be the safest bet. Run Revolution uninterrupted until the end of March and then put Deception behind the Voice.

  22. Jake says:

    I actually enjoy the Mob Doctor. I think being in the medical field is why. I think having the mob connection makes it even better. I am also a big fan of Jaime Lee Kirchner, I think she is great…Loved her in Mercy!

    • Pat D. says:

      I enjoy the show too—I dont understand the hate everyone seems to have for it…storytelling has been solid so far, and this new arc is pretty interesting. Sadly, with those numbers, we may never get to see the end of this storyline.

  23. Jake says:

    I also think 666 Park Avenue is good too. I love Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn…(he plays a perfect evil creepy dude) and their chemistry is great. People don’t take TV as an escape anymore and they are overly critical. There are also to many damn reality shows, whatever happened to the really good television shows…Sorry I will get down off my soap box now.

    • Karrie says:

      @Jake, i agree with BOTH of your posts! Although, I’m loving Nashville (it helps that I actually live in the area) and still love, love Revenge & Scandal. 666 Park Avenue gets better with every episode!

      • Jake says:

        @ Karrie. I have to say I look forward to Scandal every week. I also am a huge Body Of Proof fan, cannot wait for it to come back.

  24. Antonio says:

    Happy to see 90210 up in viewers. I love that stupid show!

  25. Dave says:

    What’s going on with Hawaii Five-O? It seems to be losing viewers. I hope It doesn’t end up getting cancelled after this season. H50 is one of my favorite shows.

  26. Sara says:

    Gossip Girl has to be the worst show on TV right now. It’s a real shame because my friends and I used to love this show. I don’t see why they need to bother with a finale….there’s no chance of salvation for any of these characters. Take it off the air and we can pretend the past 2 seasons didn’t happen.

  27. Scottyb says:

    I really wish viewers and networks were more patient with shows these days. I think Partners has potential. I was a huge of fan of Will & Grace, which the writers of Partners created. It took Will & Grace a good part of its first season to hit its stride and I think that Partners is starting to do that. I see the potential that Partners has and hope CBS gives it a chance.
    I love Revolution and think NBC is shooting itself in the foot by taking it off the air for four months. ABC took long breaks with LOST and lost ratings. I would hope NBC would learn from ABC’s mistakes.

  28. Butch Fralia says:

    I hope people recorded Bones on DVR, it’s one of the best episodes they’ve ever done and a real tear jerker.

  29. FragglesRock says:

    My husband & I love Partners! It makes us laugh every week and I know people think Michael Urie is too over-the-top but I think that’s what makes him so funny. Like Jack and Karen on Will & Grace, they made that show so much better.

    Also really like The Mob Doctor. I’m fascinated with the mob and the whole moral ambiguity thing. I think it’s a pretty solid show but sadly not very many people seem to feel the same way.

    Honestly this season’s ratings seem to be down on a lot of nights. And my opinion is that between Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football & each of The Voice, The X Factor and Dancing With The Stars getting multiple hours for whatever reasons, scripted shows don’t have that sense of urgency to know what happened. There are obvious exceptions like The Walking Dead but being on cable, viewers also know that you will get to see you 10 – 12 episodes without reruns. I’ve long thought that the broadcast networks woul better benefit from 13 episode seasons, have a fall & spring season instead of trying to spread 22 – 24 episodes over, what, like 40 weeks. Sorry for rambling on.

  30. Jake says:

    @fragglesrock, I agree with you. I personally cannot stand all the vocal shows like X Factor, the Voice and American Pie Hole. So I tune into the “scripted” Television shows and escape with them. However, I am pretty sure that a lot of these reality shows are scripted and people just fall into them. Heck my ex sister in law thought that the REAL Housewives was so real and everyone lived that way.

  31. Meme says:

    Bones is always awesome. FOX never gives it a night where they can be strong in numbers. I really do not think the 10 pm time slot is accurate only 3 networks are airing in primetime vs 5 at 8 & 9 pm.

  32. Jen says:

    So I know this is on Monday night shows, but I have a questions, why aren’t there updates on the Sunday night cable show ratings anymore? i would really like to know how shows like The Walking Dead, Homeland, Dexter etc.

  33. Kasper says:

    Partners is horrid. I wonder when it’ll get axed.

  34. sarah says:

    Great for 90210 but not good for H50! It is a great show!!!

  35. Ellie says:

    CASTLE: mockumentary episode was too kitsch. Couldn’t they enough bother to film it in a different manner beyond ‘shaky cam’? How lazy.

    BONES: Has had it’s share of embarrassing dialogue, it’s not the acting or delivery… it’s some of the lines that were cringe worthy. This episode could have been a lot more subtle and almost awesome. Is it a good or bad statement that the side guest characters have become more interesting than the leads?

    • J Pierce says:

      For me personally, Castle went from one of my favorite episodes ever last week with the great sci-fi episode full of great guests and references to old favs to the worst episode ever with the mockumentary.

  36. Lee says:

    I think that the show “Partners” is getting better each week and should be pick up for a full season. The first show, sorry to say was really bad, however each week since the show has become much better and I would like to see more. There are many shows that people love now, which had a trouble start and over time became better that is what “Partners” needs–just a little more time. Regarding the rating, I think when DWTS is over for the season that “Partners” will be found by more people. The actors on the show will find their comfort level and style, as well as their characters voices and more humor will follow.

  37. Kourt says:

    Castle was greatly impacted because of Monday Night Football. That is why Castle went down 2 tenths in the finals

  38. Dave says:

    I really wish garbage like Dancing With The Stars & The Voice weren’t included in The Nielsens. There should be separate ratings for scripted shows featuring people with actual talent. Football shouldn’t be included, either.

  39. tali says:

    Bones had, by far, the best episode in a very long time!

  40. francisca says:

    I am SO not surprised with Castle’s ratings being on a series low both last night and last week, there was a reason for it and it wasn’t that melon throwing game you americans insist in calling football, it was because BOTH EPISODES WERE TERRIBLE! This honeymoon phase Castle and Beckett are supposedly in right now is more like a boringmoon phase. Like I’ve read out there somewhere, there was much more Caskett on the show before they were Caskett. I’m not saying they should spend the entire 42-43 minutes focusing on them, but they could do much better than what they’re doing and they are capable of that too because they have done it before. Things are not as interesting this season as they used to be in the past.

  41. Jennifer says:

    Last weeks Castle was the best episode yet and I liked this weeks!!! Castle is one of the few shows that my entire family watches.. We always watch on either Tuesday or Wednesday nights but we always watch. I love how the writers are handling Castle’s and Beckett’s relationship! Just don’t get these numbers sometimes.

  42. Abi says:

    I didn’t watch Castle last week because I was at the Halo 4 midnight launch.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Gee, I bet the reason all of these shows dipped was because a lot of people on the East Coast can’t watch them. If Sandy causes shows to be canceled next…smh.