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Question: Do you have any Jackson and April/Grey’s Anatomy scoop? They’re my new favorite couple! —Lucy
Ausiello: I have it on semi-good authority that when the new year rolls around McBabyBlues will be schtupping someone whose name is not April — leading me to believe the on-again/off-again colleagues will be off again.

Question: I’ll take anything you have on Grey’s Anatomy! If you answer, I’ll make you mint chocolate chip cookies (or just plain chocolate chip if you don’t like mint)! —Samantha
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes is looking for an actor in his mid-30s to play an EMT (Extremely Mature Totalhottie?) for a three-episode arc. Got casting tips? Theories as to whose bed he’ll end up in? Hit the comments! And re: that extremely generous bribe Sam, I’ll see your mint chocolate chip cookies and raise you a dozen of these bad boys (peanut butter flavor, ideally) delivered to my doorstep.

Question: This season of Parenthood has been amazing so far. Any hope that more episodes will be ordered? Please say this could/will happen! —Joy
Ausiello: Sadly, it could not and will not happen. NBC has already announced that its passing the Tuesday-at-10 baton to Smash in early February, which puts Parenthood‘s Season 4 finale in late January. Now brace yourself — I’ve got some Defcon 1-level scoop for ya: One character is going to cheat on his/her significant other, and another character will learn she is pregnant. And the two stories may or may not be related.

Question: Any 30 Rock final season scoopage? —Lauren
Ausiello: Liz’s baby-making project will pick up steam in January when she pays a visit to both a fertility specialist and an adoption agency.

Question: How long will Matthew Morrison be off Glee? —Jenna
Ausiello: Just a handful of episodes, I’m told. Long enough for Finn to get comfortable filling in for Will as choir director — a little too comfortable, if you know what I mean. Teases exec producer Brad Falchuk: “Will’s going to come back and there may be a little competition between them.” Bonus Glee Scoop/Riddle: Sue will soon be privy to a secret involving Mrs. Rose (a.k.a. Marley’s mom).

Question: Anything on Vampire Diaries? —Kelley
Ausiello: How about some exclusive casting scoop? Madeline Zima of Heroes and Californication fame will guest-star in Episode 8 as Charlotte, a character rumored to share a romantic past with — wait for it — Damon!

Question: I would love some scoop on Caroline! She’s my favorite character on The Vampire Diaries! —Amy
Ausiello: Hayley will continue to be the bane of her existence. “She is definitely throwing a wrench in Caroline’s perfect world and her perfect relationship with Tyler at the moment,” Candice Accola tells TVLine. “If anything, we’ve learned at this point within the series that Caroline is a very resilient, strong character, so I don’t think she’s going to put up with it too easily.” In the meantime, she’s going to be “interacting a lot more” with a certain Original. “She’s getting to see different sides of him,” the actress hints, “but she doesn’t really know how she feels about it.”

Question: Can I have something Good Wife related? Please and thanks. —Leah
Ausiello: Big surprise on the horizon for Alicia, and it starts with “P” and ends with that’s all you’re getting out of me!

Question: Is it too early to ask for a scoop on Season 2 of Unforgettable? —Feerie
Ausiello: Yes.

Question: Please give me some Scandal spoilers, particularly of the Olivia/FItz variety! I love them. —Nicole.
Ausiello: If you loved the Season 1 flashback episode that showed us how those two crazy kids met, you won’t want to miss the 11th episode of Season 2. Once again, the show will travel back in time, but a bit further down the campaign trail. There, it becomes clear what, exactly, stands between Grant and the White House. (Hint: Obama can relate.) And the reason for this flashback? Let’s just say that it ties into the Quinnspiracy and that “defiance” word that oil tycoon Hollis Doyle has been lobbing around.

Question: Awesome news about Nashville getting a full-season pickup. Any info on upcoming episodes? —Lori
Ausiello: If you’re wondering if/when Scarlett and Gunnar’s B-story will intersect with Rayna and Juliette’s A-story, wonder no more. “They’re [all] getting closer,” previews Scarlett’s portrayer, Clare Bowen, “and there are signs that their worlds are about to collide.”

Question: Any scoop on the next season of Mad Men? Is Betty ever going to have a big, (please no fat Betty jokes) important storyline again? I miss seeing her on the show. —Rebecca
Ausiello: The second part of your question’s easier than the first, Rebecca, so let’s get that out of the way. January Jones’ absence from much of last season was due to her maternity leave; now that that’s over, the series regular is likely to return in a more significant capacity. As for scoop, I can tell you that the AMC drama is looking to cast a bunch of 20- and 30-somethings described as “attractive,” “cute,” “flirtatious,’ “sweet” and “curvy” – AKA who’s up for another lap around the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce steno pool? My interest was piqued, however, by the show’s search for two British businessmen types in their 50s: Are they Jaguar execs, or are they somehow related to the late Lane? I hope the show doesn’t leave us hanging for too long. (Too soon?) On a related note, Bonus Scoop: Matt Weiner apparently hates me. How else to explain this.

Question: Is there any hope left for Nate and Serena on Gossip Girl? —Eva
Ausiello: No. Time to move on, Eva. I did it with Dan and Blair, you can do it with Nate and Serena.

Question: Do you have any scoops on American Horror Story: Asylum? —Domencio
Ausiello: Bloody Face is unmasked in Wednesday’s episode in what will go down (in my book, at least) as the most disturbing and terrifying serial killer reveal since [TWIN PEAKS SPOILER ALERT] Leland/Evil Bob was fingered as Laura Palmer’s murderer more than two decades ago.

Question: I live for Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Got anything new? —Jared
Ausiello: The show’s Nov. 20 Thanksgiving episode will answer the age-old question: What does creepy neighbor Eli look like wearing nothing but an apron?

Question: Counting the seconds until Pretty Little Liars returns. Scoop, please?! —Justine
Ausiello: Remember when PLL EP Oliver Goldstick told us that Lucas might crack in the new season? Well, it sounds like Madhouse Mona could be the trigger. According to Lucas’ portrayer, Brendan Robinson, the bonkers brunette’s return to Rosewood High will impact “everybody involved with this whole situation, including Lucas.” In fact, “We’re going to learn a little bit more about Lucas’ relationship with Mona,” he teases, before adding that Lucas will make “some kind of confession. But I can’t say to who, or how or what it involves.”

Question: You said that something is going to keep Kate and Rick apart in Castle‘s Christmas episode… any other clues? Maybe another letter in the asterisk quiz? —Eli
Ausiello: Sure. *or*. And FWIW, I have a feeling based on this that everything works out in the end.

Question: We need more info on the Bones episode “The Twist in the Plot,” because I don’t think we have heard much about it. What can you tell us? —Ed
Ausiello: Sweets and Daisy run in to each other for the first time since their sudden split last month. “He will be facing his breakup with her,” confirms exec producer Stephen Nathan, “and dealing with whether he made a mistake or not.” (What’s the consensus — did he?) In other news, file this next scoop under B for Burying the Lede: The pesky marriage issue hanging over Booth and Brennan likely won’t come to a head until Season 9. “Since we don’t plan on this being our last season, it probably won’t be resolved [by May],” Nathan reveals. “Although it will [come up] again toward the end of the season.”

Question: Any word on whether or not there will be another season of How I Met Your Mother? —Carter
Ausiello: No official word, but the latest Vegas odds have Renewal at 2/1 and Cancellation at 7/2 — whatever those numbers mean. (Someone translate for me, please? I’m more of a slot machine guy.)

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Kim Roots)

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  1. Lore says:

    The last season of Bones, she as in the run, i think is time for make us happy and in the season finale, Bones asking Booth in marriage, that would be so perfect

    • 1mars says:

      A summer cliffy on how Booth would accept a marriage proposal would be outstanding. She could ask him “what would you say if I asked you to marry me” and he could say, “ask me and find out.” We need a fun cliffy after the angst of last summer.

      • jessica says:

        Absolutely would love to see Brennan proposing to Booth like that!!!!! Be a nice season 8 ender and leading into the next season with a longish engagement as they lovingly bicker over the wedding arrangements!!

        • hailey says:

          @jessica I love that idea!!! Bones has never did a long engagement nor a couple actually planning their wedding over several months, have they? Can you imagine just how many fun situations and bickering we could get out of Booth and Brennan for that!!!!!

        • doc.b says:

          I LOVE THIS!!! Booth and Brennan planning their wedding. Perhaps they could go to an exotic Island, Brennan could incoporate her anthro love with Booth’s love of God. A anthro/tribal and priest wedding/blessing combo.

      • GoGiants says:

        Ugh. The Booth/Brennan relationship is so stiff and forced.

    • CDevene says:

      Did Sweets make the right decision to dump Daisy? Yes!! A thousand times, YES!!!
      Should Bones & Booth marry? Yes!!… in the series finale, last act, last scene. Perfect!!

      • Lisa says:

        Totally agree! Also, I hope their scenes are brief. I don’t watch Bones to keep seeing Sweets front and center…especially with Daisy.

        • jessica says:

          ITA I am sick to death of Sweets on Bones. I am sick to death of Hart Hanson’s obsession with this supporting character and Sweets: Days of Our Lives tween love life getting so much attention, when there are so many other storylines.with more interesting characters to explore Yawn.

          • Ana Craft says:

            Ditto — cannot stand Sweets. Cannot understand everytime Stephen Nathan and Hart Hanson say that “Sweets and Booth works for them” — I emphatically say that Sweets as an interloper between Booth and Brennan may work for SN and HH, but he definitely does not work for me. I understand that to HH I am only one fan and my opinion is totally irrelevant. But there seem to be a lot of us out there by the numbers Bones is getting. We watch Bones (1) for the relationship between Booth and Brennan; and (2) the strength of the plot, and (3) the utilization of the rest of the cast. But for goodness sakes, spare us from having to endure Sweets!!!! in order to prove us wrong, they are ruining my favorite show!!!

        • tam says:

          UGH Sweets. DOUBLE UGH Sweets and Daisy. Just kill them both off already!!!!!!

        • hailey says:

          @lisa ikr? Ugh. . . .Sweets please just bore off. Take your boring love life and your boring living arrangements subplots and go play in the traffic!!!

  2. Penelope says:

    Glee, please explain to me why we are seeing so much of Marley’s mom when we’ve barely had anything of Rachel’s dads? Remember Rachel? Female lead of the show? With two interfering dads and a birth mother whose story with her has never been properly addressed? So frustrating.

    • Kev says:

      Agreed. I’m SO over this Mary Sue of a character Marley already and I don’t want to learn anything else about her, including her sob story about her mom and being poor.

    • Celia says:

      I’m so tired of boring Marley, so I don’t care about more time with her family. If parents are going to be on the show bring back Rachel’s dads, introduce us to Tina’s family, or what about Artie’s family (how did the accident affect them).

      • Penelope says:

        Really, Tina and Artie are really getting the shaft. They’re original club members and they’re playing support to the uninteresting newbies? Not right.

        • czzzz says:

          THIS. As if I didn’t skip most of the plot last year…. I’m hardly watching anything besides the performances now.
          I was seriously hoping that it would finally be their time to shine and they have more than paid their dues for it

      • Lori says:

        This! I’d much prefer Tina and Artie’s family or any story for them to the these boring newbies. Also I want to see Rachel’s dads again too.

    • Traci says:

      I agree. They need to give Marley a more exciting personality before I’ll care about her or her family situation. I miss the Berry family so much. We waited so long to meet them, they were perfect, and then they just disappeared again. I want to see them again. The Berry family can bring the comedy back to Glee.

      • Penelope says:

        Glee could have done themselves a huge favor by going through with the spin-off. The Berry family in NYC with the Hudmels would have been awesome. Throw in more Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler, who has suggested that she play Rachel’s grandmother, it would have been comedic gold. Please. Marley who?

        • Rab says:

          YES YES YES! Please, get rid of Marley. The 2 cities aren’t working, IMO. The enjoyment of fun and humor and great music is gone to me. The stories for McKinley are insipid. Where is Artie, Tina, Brit and Sugar. hey’ve already done a family thing about Sam.

        • Lori says:

          I wish there had been a spin off. I like Kurt and Rachel in NY, but the I’d rather not watch the kids in Ohio.

    • Boiler says:

      I respectfully disagree. Plus give her a chance….she hasn’t been on much. I sort of like all the new kids

    • Jen says:

      Lol screw Rachel, some of the original five don’t even have parents yet.

    • A says:

      While I have nothing against the Marley storyline so far since her mom has only been in like one episode, I have to agree, the storyline with Rachel and Shelby left me very unsatisfied. I mean they brought Idina back for a huge arc last season and had Rachel and Shelby interact like twice (once during a song and another for a letter of recommendation). How can you have them both in the same school and act like everything is normal between them?

    • Ava says:

      Maybe the reason you don’t hear much about annoying Rachel’s dads is because they stunt casted them instead of casting them with actors that are less big and therefore more likely to come back to the sludge that is Glee. Remember that?

    • dan says:

      Glee made a huge mistake at the beginning of Season three by announcing which characters were Seniors. They should have made them all Freshman who signed up for Glee club at the beginning of the series (which would have made a lot more sense). The exceptions could’ve been Finn who should have been a Sophmore football player and Quinn who was a Sophmore cheerleader. By making so many people Seniors last year the writers created a problem which they are now in the middle of: too many characters are simply “newer” versions of the original characters. This year should’ve been the senior year for most of them and during the year they could’ve introduced new Freshman and Sophmores slowly. I don’t need Marley when we already had Rachel; I don’t need Wade/Unique when we already had Mercedes; I don’t need Kitty (a truly terrible character with no redeeming qualities) when we already had Santana; I don’t need Jake when we already had Puck. You get the point.

    • Because Marley’s mom is a huge part of her character at the moment and Rachel is maturing in New York. Having her dads around would stunt that growth. It’s not a contest. We don’t need all of the parents involved and having one set of parents in the mix more than others isn’t a sign that they care about that character more, it’s because that character’s parents have a purpose within the storyline. I don’t think there are any valid complaints that RACHEL isn’t getting enough material.

  3. Tracie says:

    Does this mean Jackson is going to get some random girl pregnant??? I really like him with April, and that storyline is sooooo overdone. You can do better, Grey’s! And same with Parenthood…we’ve already had Crosby cheat on Jasmine. But I’ll give the excellent writers the benefit of the doubt.

    • robinepowell says:

      Sarah cheats and Amber’s pregnant, lol! :p

    • Jodie says:

      I think the McBabyBlues is referring to his eyes. But I don’t want Jackson & April apart!!!!!!!!

    • Alex says:

      Where does it say that Jackson will get some random girl pregnant? I don’t see that anywhere.

    • jona says:

      He won’t get anyone pregnant, but he will sleep with someone else. I have a feeling it will be one of the new interns. Maybe the one played by Jerrika Something. Spoilers said that she will have a crush on someone…

    • J. Norman says:

      I think the most likely “cheating scenario” is Sarah with Ray Romano’s character and the pregnancy will be the girl that the son (Drew) was with.

      This will fall into line with my prediction at the end of last season which will be that Parenthood will do a story line on an unwanted pregnancy from the boy’s point of view.
      The girl will want to either abort or put up for adoption and the father (Drew) will be opposed and want the child.
      That’s still my guess.

  4. I am assuming (hoping) the “P” for Alicia will mean Promotion instead of Pregnancy

  5. F.R. says:

    Regarding HIMYM, that means that if you put $100 on renewal, you will get $300 in case of renewal (total gain of $200). If you put $100 on cancellation, you will get $450 in case of cancellation (and gain a total of $350).

    In other words, the chances of a renewal are higher than those of a cancellation.

  6. Kev says:

    Can they just get Finn OUT of Lima already?! SO BORING and so redundant and Cory is so much better than anchoring these newbies. Cory is my favorite actor on the show but even he can’t stop me fast forwarding over the McKinley scenes.

    • Penelope says:

      Agreed. Really, I wish they’d get rid of Lima altogether. Finn is being handed a prop job being tied to that part of the canvas and it’s a waste. Just put all the best actors (Lea, Cory & Chris) in NYC with their crazy families and tell that story. It would be much better for the show as a whole.

      • Angela says:

        I’m kinda agreeing with this on some level. I do think there can be interesting stories to be mined from those left behind and “stuck” as it were in Lima, but yeah, New York City definitely has the more interesting storylines for me right now.
        Anywho, Finn and Will maybe having some competition going on? Hm. Okay. Not sure how that’ll go over.

      • Tod says:

        Cory on Lea and Chris’s Golden Globe/Emmy-nominated level? Laughable.

        • Lucy says:

          ^^ this post is laughable. cory is one of the best actors on the show, sorry your to biased to see that.

        • Hallie says:

          Tod/ Yes, I agree actually. He’s very good, try watching his scenes next time.

        • dan says:

          Cory seems like a nice guy and he tries hard, but he is not a great actor. His best scenes were in the finale of season three. Otherwise, he is mostly a blank, bland face who recites lines. He isn’t robotic and he has grown over the years, but he isn’t at the same level as Lea, Chris, Mathew or Jane (all of whom have been nominated and/or won awards for their roles on the show).

      • Mo says:

        I think if they changed the “home base” of the show to NYC, it should be a spin-off. Yes, I know they considered a spin-off & opted not to do it after all. Those stories & characters are interesting, but I feel like Rachel/Kurt and/or Finn could benefit from a slightly darker story than they can tell within the structure of the current show. Glee as a show should keep the setting in a high school, if not McKinley then another high school, or just end it.

      • Lori says:

        I agree. Cory’s a good actor but even he can’t prop up new boring cast in Ohio. Send him to NY to work with good actors and just let the show move on from Ohio.

      • chris says:

        so agree. They should move the best of the cast to NYC. Let Will get his big break/be tapped to direct a new show off broadway. He could then “hire” his glee club stars to perform in it and launch all their careers!

    • Rab says:

      The most understatement there could be about Glee. both sides are boring and dull, even with Rachel, Kurt and Finn.

  7. Kate Garner says:

    No, Sweets did not make a mistake. He and Daisy have always been in very different places. Booth and Brennan’s willingness to take him in speaks volumes on the subject.

    • CC says:

      I totally agree! They were okay for awhile but the character development (especially for him), and the breakup and how it was executed, really shows growth and they should stay apart.

      • kentucky says:

        Daisy was much better in the last ep, Sweets was a jerk. I dont care if they get together or not, just tone down the Sweets love and his lovelife. I can certainly wait for s. 9 for a commitment ceremony or marriage between B & B, but send Sweets to Alaska or someplace.

        • me again says:

          Send Sweets to Alaska? What has poor Alaska done to deserve that?! LMAO. Can’t we just kill him off instead? Sweets could be Pellants next victim or he could just get hit by a bus, either way is fine with me.

        • doc.b says:

          Daisy should be the one questioning if she wants Sweets back. He dumped her and was a total douchebag to her!!!! Sweets is a total jerk and the most useless character on Bones. UGH

  8. Kat says:

    Please tell me the person who cheats on Parenthood is not Sarah or Mark. If that happens, no joke, I’m seriously going to scream! We’ve invested so much in them at this point, and they have so much potential and interesting, less familiarly explored stories to tell as a couple/family, I really hope her and Hank (aka Ray R.) aren’t getting it on anytime soon. I know both Lauren and Jason are big fans of their characters as a couple too…please tell me that is going to help save them! If one of them cheats I will be heartbroken. But if they are having a baby — SOOOO EXCITED! Would be fascinating to see what that would do to their relationship and dynamic with Amber and Drew too. Please more hints?! The most believable couple it would happen to me seems like Jasmine and Crosby, as there’s just still so much they didn’t deal with as a couple before getting married. But since Crosby cheated before, I’m thinking it’s not them. Can you tell me: Is it Joel and Julia (PLEASE NO!), Adam and Christina (that would be beyond messed up, but people do do really stupid things sometimes when they are dealing with a lot of unknown or stress in their own lives and relationships) or Sarah and Mark (NOOOOOOOOOO!)? Here’s hoping no…as really any of the other couples I could deal with at least. Hope you give us more scoop soon! Thanks again for keeping us informed between episodes :)

  9. Taylor says:

    Since Jackson is going to be involved with someone else I think the paramedic could be for April.

  10. pick says:

    Renewal at 2/1 and Cancellation at 7/2
    means that renewal is the favorite at the moment.

  11. Lily says:

    really? im so sick of this show undermining cory monteiths acting skills. and quit saying its going to get better and watch the show when thats what you said last season, the beginning of this season, and going on filming episode 10, hes still in Lima. Maybe if RIB actually put thought and good writing into something other than lea michele and chris colfer, people who are just as talented, like naya rivera and cory, they would have good stuff to shine with. they keep saying trust them it will get better, but you give us nothing in order for us to trust you. im so over glee this year.

    • JT says:

      I think it’s because Cory is the only cast member back in McKinley other than Matt Morrison who can somewhat match Jane in scenes that they started the Finn/Sue conflict. I really hate how they had to plant the seeds of the conflict by pulling one of Glee’s regular Finn’s foot in the mouth disease plots, but it’s given some relevancy to Sue going off against the gleeclub again. I don’t like it, but I guess I’ll suffer through it.

  12. Lisa says:

    Bummed about Parenthood. Not super psyched to wait 9 months for the next season.

  13. Dominique says:

    So basically Candice tells us Hayley will be a bit of a problem for Care and Tyler, but Phoebe acts like there’s nothing going on. Okay, great. That tells us nothing.

  14. Rachel B says:

    It’s WORK that will keep Castle and Beckett apart on Christmas?? How predictable. ;)

  15. Alexa says:

    is keeping Castle apart

  16. Melanie says:

    Re: casting pick for hot EMT on Grey’s: Taylor Kitsch! He’s in his early-30’s, not mid-30’s, but he’s ready for a TV comeback and would look totally hot as a man in uniform. :) I know that I, for one, would definitely tune in!

  17. EmmitWest says:

    I hated Daisy on Bones… I loathed her with every single fiber of my being. Good riddance to her so Sweets can move on to better things.

    • Kimber9 says:

      Good idea, Sweets can move on to another country, please.

    • suzi says:

      Daisy started to become more tolerable for me, but the damage was done. Kudos to Carla Gallo for so effectively portraying such an annoying character, but I won’t be sorry to see her go. Poor Sweets–so much hate, so little reason for it.

    • Cee says:

      YES. I love Carl Gallo but lordy I hated Daisy. I don’t get the major hate for Sweets on these boards. I love Sweets. So there.

      I’m going to say something really scandalous here– Bones herself has been mega boring the last 2 seasons. She was my favorite TV character and now she is a caricature of herself. And she is the most inconsistent in regards to her character development. I have a hard time watching now.

  18. bonsaikathy says:

    NCIS is one of my all time favorite shows. Is Ducky slowing down on the show? He’s one of my favorites even though I love all the characters.

  19. Josh says:

    Caroline/Klaus would make me vomit not to mention me drop the show Klaus killed Aunt Jenna how could Caroline ever want to hook up with that piece of crap! Elena/Damon would as well how can you be attracted to someone who snapped your brother’s neck?

    • Lynyrd says:

      And Stefan killed hundreds of people, including Andie, when he was a ripper. Elena literally stabbed Rebekah in the back. Matt killed Finn and tried to get Caroline killed. Sheriff Forbes killed Jeremy. Bonnie almost let all the vampires, including the ones who were decent, get killed (several of them died, in fact). Tyler killed a girl and almost killed Matt and Damon. There is not one person on this show that is innocent. A lot of the kills were in self defence, but it’s still killing someone. You have to watch VD with a certain level of disbelief, or it simply doesn’t work.

      • Mary says:

        Don’t forget how Tyler let his werefolf pals kidnap Caroline, who was then locked in a cage and tortured. He led the wolves to Elena’s hideout almost getting her and Stefan killed. But since he felt bad he’s instantly absolved of those sins?

        • Ma says:

          Tyler didn’t *LET* them kidnap Caroline. He didn’t know! And he didn’t know the wolves were going to try to kill Elena. Please stop rewriting history to suit you.

      • Bec says:

        THIS!!! Klaus isn’t perfect by any means, but people always seem to forget all the bad stuff everyone else has done

        • Ari says:

          It’s ok for everyone else because the people they kill, we didn’t know them so they are expendable. Honestly, as bad as people whine Klaus is, I’d be more hesitant to let Stefan into my house. Klaus kills with purpose, Ripper Stefan kills for pleasure. People just complain about Klaus to complain. He’s become the most complex character on the show. Caroline as the most complex female character would be and is a natural match for him.

          • kate says:

            No one is good people in this show because everyone has killed somebody at least once. It doesn’t matter if we got to know the victim or not. It was murder anyway, so to like one of this characters you have to get rid of your love for life and sense of what is good and what is wrong, otherwise this show will be nonsense for you.

          • Ma says:

            Caroline is complex? Don’t make me laugh. If she didn’t drink blood once in a while, I would have thought she was still human.

        • Ma says:

          So because everyone else did something bad, that means Klaus should just get away with everything? That’s some weird logic there.

  20. Elyse says:

    Sweets did not make a mistake Daisy is crazy and annoying.

  21. Courtney says:

    I don’t see how there could be a good cheating story in Parenthood. Crosby cheating is an obvious choice, that’s why it happened in season 2. Now, it’s either Adam&Kristina (just had a baby, dealing with cancer), Zeek&Camille (if it’s pregnancy related, or even if it’s not, I doubt it), or the perfect couple (Julia&Joel- PLEASE. DON’T). &If It’s Sarah cheating on Mark then the spoiler isn’t really a spoiler ’cause she’s already kissed Hank while with Mark. I don’t see how this could be good at all = (.

    • Mike says:

      It’s obviously Sarah and Mark, it’d make no sense to be any other couple, except maybe Julia and Joel, but I don’t see that happening, if it was Crosby they be retreading an old story, Adam won’t cheat even if his wife wasn’t sick. Now I’m betting Amber gets pregnant, if not than Julia.

      • Courtney says:

        I agree it would make no sense for it to be anyone else- but then again this spoiler wouldn’t make any sense if it’s them because it isn’t a spoiler, it’s already kind of happened = P. But yeah, agreed.

      • robinepowell says:

        It’s obvious to me too that Sarah’s going to cheat on Mark with Hank. As for the pregnancy storyline, I’m betting on Amber.

        I would say Julia, but she tried to get pregnant in season 2 and it didn’t work. That’s why I’m leaning towards Amber.

        Unless it’s Crosby and Jasmine, but them having another baby together wouldn’t be such a big deal though.

        • Mike says:

          True, I didn’t think about Jasmine, now my money’s on either Amber or Jasmine.

          • robinepowell says:

            I watched Parenthood tonight (thank you Global TV) and I have a feeling it will be Drew and Amy. When everyone watches the episode Wednesday night, they’ll know what I’m talking about. ;)

          • Mike says:

            Yep you can now put Amy on the list if possible pregnancy.

          • robinepowell says:

            Yeah because Amy unexpectedly came over to see Drew and Amber seems like she’s pretty street smart, to not get pregnant.

    • Rain says:

      I think it could be Jasmine cheating on Crosby – which I would love since I can’t stand the 2 of them together! Anything to break them up would make me happy!

  22. Marge says:

    Nashville got a full season pick-up? Only because it is on ABC–the numbers are going south in a hurry.

  23. Julie says:

    The link in the 2nd answer isn’t working for me….

  24. John says:

    The “dozen of these bad boys” link is broken.

  25. Lisa says:

    I need to know who bloody face is right now

  26. Gabrielle says:

    Glad for that new letter on that “Castle” clue. So it’s NOT “Josh” like some people were speculating. Haha

  27. cjeffery7 says:

    i expect i’m in the minority, but i rather enjoy sweets. i like daisy too, and i like them together, but the little hint of something new for sweets was too tempting. plus, i could get behind a sweets spin-off. which is a ridiculous idea, but maybe just in my dreams =)

  28. brian nussbaum says:

    Any Spoilers for The office

  29. ollie says:

    i would only want another season of himym if the last season showed ted and the mothers reationship and last ep be their wedding and then do a flash forward with everbody

  30. Ang says:

    American horror story, I think it’s dr Arden.

  31. Fernanda says:

    No Serenate.. No Happy Ending.. I hate Dan and Serena together.. if you want the real happy ending you must read all Gossip Girl books, when Nate is the king and Dan is bi

    • Ma says:

      No one ended up together in the books though either.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m actually really sad that there’s ZERO chance for Nate and Serena. I’m somewhat hoping he’s kidding. Who is Serena going to end up with? Dan? Nobody? Dan would be a horrible choice. There’s no way you can wrap everything up into a pretty bow, especially with what he has planned – using her, making her believe he loves her again, just to improve his story. Wow this season is bad.

  32. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m tellin’ ya, Aus, Weiner has a tremendous crush on Jessica Pare. That’s the only way to explain it! And the hanging joke…yeah, too soon for me. [Sniff]. I miss Lane. I just started re-watching the season 5 dvds, and I’m not quite ready to tackle Commissions and Fees yet. Too sad, too sad.

  33. Ash says:

    I want one loyal couple on Grey’s. Why does every single couple have to have so many ups and down? A couple that isn’t put through a huge roller coaster and didn’t break up or doubt their relationship a dozen times would grab my attention more than a drama filled one. Don’t get me wrong, I love the earlier seasons that showed us Derek and Meredith’s story, but we haven’t seen two people truly not give up or try to give up on one another since Denny and Izzy, and there is so much more potential for other characters than Denny or Izzy.

  34. kristie says:

    I think Bloody Face is the psychiatrist Zac Quinto…

  35. Amber says:

    What? I thought Unforgettable was cancelled? DId I miss something?

  36. Amber says:

    oh ok, thanks

  37. Pauly Ryder says:

    Parenthood…. Drew’s ex cheats on her current bf with drew and he gets her pregnant…. Booyah!!

    • Robin says:

      hmmm well she did cheat in tonights episode…so I wonder how soon these spoiler’s happen. If that is the cheater…then ok whatever but I was pretty sure it would actually be Sarah cheating on Mark…(which I would not be a fan of…and is too predictable.)

    • robinepowell says:

      You might be right.

  38. Marge Browne says:

    I think it will be Adam who will cheat since that would be the worst case scenario, and that Amber will be the pregnant one. Hope the writers will leave Sarah and Mark alone, even though he’s way too young for her, and write Hank out of the picture.

  39. Robin says:

    I just love Parenthood so much! One of the best shows on TV seriously! A big part of me just wants to NOT watch Smash b/c it will be in Parenthood’s time slot! It was just eh…I could totally do without Smash…I can not do without Parenthood!! I wonder if the chances of getting a renewal are ok or good though…Maybe I can deal with such an early season finale if I know for sure it is coming back. I mean I won’t be happy about it, but I could deal. I’d also be fine with them moving it to another night…(though I doubt that will happen)

  40. Leesa says:

    So glad Will won’t be gone for too long, he is one of the reasons I still watch Glee, although his role has been reduced to nothing. And I still enjoy the scenes at McKinley, after all, that’s what caught my interest in the first place, a show about a high school glee club.

  41. J says:

    I’m so bummed that there’s no hope for Nate and Serena to get back together on GG. Frankly that was the only reason I was still watching this show. Neither of them made sense with anyone else, and I had hope that the writers would give us that in the last epi or two…guess not. :(

  42. @Amykinz13 says:

    Thank you so much for answering my TVD Caroline question!!! I’m looking forward to the Klaroline scenes!!

  43. light says:

    thanks for klaroline spoiler..we want mooooorrrrrreeeeee!!

  44. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for answering my Mad Men question! Hopefully there will be more Betty next season. :)

  45. Adella says:

    The only reason I’ve been watching GG was I really believed that there was a hope for Serena and Nate. But now.. It’s like.. I don’t know what to say…

  46. lucy says:

    i’m soooo sick of the newbies, i’m sick of the division, i’m sick of them breaking up my couples, and i’m sick of missing quinn. glee jumped the shark last season and never got back up, now they’re trying to get some more young viewers with the new hearththrobs that don’t yet have fanclubs and also by marrying brittany and sam(yes they’re really getting married to each other in a locker room, no it has nothing to do with wemma), ugh what’s next, more ignoring tina, kicking santana off the show and focusing on the new people no one cares about? oh wait… they’re already there. just please let the show die after season 4.

    • cas says:

      I don’t mind the split focus between NYC and McKinley, what I do mind is the fact that ppl like TIna and Artie who have been there from day one still don’t get proper storylines. I hate that Mark and Dianna have been MIA with no word on when they will be back or if Mark will be singing at all this season.
      Also why are there so many Finchel scenes being talked about still when they broke up ,again. If they are not together and Finn is meant to be getting a new love interest why are we still getting all these Finchel scenes. Just make it stop already…

  47. Patricia says:

    YesYEsYEs i want a B&B Weeding!Brennen&Booth belongs together!!!!WeddingWeddingWedding!!!!!!!!!!

  48. ash says:

    Marley is the worst thing about Glee these days. So boring.

  49. sarah says:

    Sarah will cheat on Mark and become pregnant. If that happens I will be pissed!

  50. DL says:

    Bloody Face has to either be Dr. Arden or the Monsignor (sp?). Whoever it is, I’m so excited to find out!