The Voice Recap: Songs in the Key of Yikes!

bryan keithAdam Levine is powerless.

Nope, the hunky Maroon 5 frontman (and American Horror Story star) doesn’t have Atlantic coast property that’s been left damp and electricity-free thanks to Hurricane Sandy — even if he did, dude would have a high-powered generator, no? — but rather, he’s no longer got a say about who’ll stay and who’ll go home on Season 3 of The Voice.

Indeed, Adam may have the ability to hypnotize you with his carefully disheveled facial stubble or leave you daydreaming about what’s beneath the precision-perfect holes in his deeply distressed t-shirts. He could even force one of his proteges to cover “Mambo No. 5.” But no matter how the viewing public leans, he won’t be able to stop the two lowest vote-getters from The Voice‘s Season 3 Top 12 from getting booted during Tuesday night’s results-show telecast.

If I ran NBC — and didn’t care about accusations of vote-counting impropriety — I’d send Team Xtina’s Adriana Louise and Team Blake’s Cassadee Pope to the guillotine during Tuesday night’s show, but of course, a variety of factors will play in to who should and will go home.

Who chose a song that fit his or her particular style of singing? (A: “Not many of these cats!”) Who was able to stay on pitch? Who looked comfortable performing in front of 15 million viewers? Who wasn’t afraid to take some risks? All these questions will come into play on results night, and with that in mind, here’s how I’d rank the Season 3 talent based on their output from Top 12 performance night:

Bryan Keith: Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” | On a night of peculiar, often insane song choices, Bryan got all Katniss Everdeen and hit the bullseye with his choice of Amy Winehouse’s dark and stormy classic. Sure, he took the track in more of a big band direction (and less in the vein of “desperate woman in the alleyway singing up to her lover’s apartment window”) but Bryan’s loaded rasp still brought to life the loss and longing that are so central to the song. Bonus points for not changing up the female pronouns on the chorus (“you go back to her”), which added a layer of intrigue to the central soap opera. Grade: A-

Michaela Paige: Pink’s “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” | It can’t be easy tackling a chorus in which every fifth word has to be censored (and replaced with a coy “shhh” sign), especially when you’ve been saddled with eyelashes the size of Monarch butterflies. But to my ears, once Michaela maneuvered her way down the steep Voice stairs and onto the main stage, she absolutely nailed Pink’s current radio hit. As Xtina noted, even when Michaela reaches for her upper register, things never get “thin or screechy.” I just hope that the likeable teenager’s leadoff position — combined with the loss of her trademark Mohawk — doesn’t hurt her when it comes to the public vote, making that “I think this might be it for us” refrain all too prescient. Grade: B+

Melanie Martinez: Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup” | There once was a little girl with a dye job right in the middle of her forehead. And when she was good (like with her delicate rendition of “Cough Syrup’) she had real-world chart potential, her frail-bird tone proving to have some serious power behind it. Melanie’s biggest problem at this point might be her shyness — or is it a carefully contrived “I’m just a bashful cutie” act? — that often leaves her staring at her shoes rather than engaging the audience. Stage presence aside, though, Melanie could last well into the Christmas shopping season if she can continue to find songs that showcase her unique sound while maintaining her pitch in the process. Grade: B+

Amanda Brown: Florence + The Machine’s “Spectrum” | Okay, so “Spectrum” was a little disappointing compared to last week’s epic cover of “Dream On.” But did anyone else feel as though the coaches (even Amanda’s team leader Adam) were grading her on a very tough curve, pointing out her minor imperfections while letting her competitors skate by despite much more significant vocal glitches? I thought Amanda sounded great on the full-throttle wail of the chorus, and brought a great sense of theatricality to the number with her “pose”/”pose”/”face” shenanigans. If she gets booted off one slightly subpar performance, I’m going to flip over my TV stand and disconnect my cable till the new year. (I’m not kidding! Or at least I don’t feel like I am!) Grade: B+

Dez Duron: Lauryn Hill’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” | Dez is not generally one of my favorites this season, but this week turned out to be a perfect storm of the exact right song, the exact right staging, and the exact right head of hair. The end result was a soothing slice of soul that helped make bearable some of the less pleasing holleration that went down later in the episode. Grade: B

Trevin Hunte: Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” | Another week, another stupifyingly obvious song choice for Trevin. And while there’s no argument that the kid has serious pipes, I’m still not convinced that he or his coach know how to utilize said instrument in a way that feels current or inventive or exciting. (This week, it felt like Trevin was singing a series of glory notes, without any of the world-weariness required to animate Percy Sledge’s decades-old ballad.) It’s almost as if Cee Lo strictly limiting his protege to a playlist of big soul ballads that have been previously covered on Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor, not even bothering to consider something offbeat or upbeat for the soft-spoken teenager. But if none of his fellow coaches is willing to call out Mr. Green for his lack of imagination, what are the chances we’ll see any progress next week? Grade: B-

Nicholas David: Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love” | Speaking of Cee Lo’s trouble with song selection, I’m still scratching my head about his choice of a dated, “lite jazz” arrangement of “Power of Love” for Nicholas. I mean, if Purrfect the Cat’s owner is determined to take the grooviest hippie that ever appeared on a reality singing competition and make him seem totally forgettable, maybe it’s not too early to give Season 4 coaches Shakira or Usher a one-week trial run now? Grade: B-

Cody Belew: Tina Turner’s “The Best” | This wasn’t a terrible vocal from Cody by any stretch of the imagination — although he did go flat at times while trying to be heard above Bandzilla’s machinations — but if I had to make a list of the top 10,000 songs dude could/should cover this season, I don’t think “The Best” would manage to finish at 10,001. I mean, as “One More Try” proved last week, Cody is a soulful crooner at heart. So why saddle him with an ’80s-era, midtempo lite-rock anthem? Is Cee Lo not interested in winning, or simply unaware of how to navigate his singers to victory? Grade: B-

Terry McDermott: Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” | If Blake is going to waste Terry’s talent on another classic rock anthem with a range that’s slightly beyond the Scotsman’s reach, then I’m not going to waste more than a sentence critiquing it. Grade: B-

Cassadee Pope: Kelly Clarkson’s “Behind These Hazel Eyes” | I know, I know, Blake keeps reminding us that America loves Cassadee, and that she’s a total superstar, and that her voice can cure the common cold. And yet once again, here I am wondering what all the fuss is about. The opening verse of “Behind These Hazel Eyes” was flatter than an iPad screen, and on the bridge, the ends of Cassadee’s phrases disappated into nothingness. The second half of the performance was a vast improvement — no doubt Cassadee nailed those tricky high notes — but the parts simply didn’t add up to a satisfying whole. Grade: B-

Sylvia Yacoub: Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” | When Adam mentioned “Leo and the boat” in his critique, you know what he was really thinking was that Sylvia’s performance brought to mind the final scenes of Titanic. Because after her hot mess of a Celine Dion cover, Sylvia’s Voice dreams are water-logged and shivering, adrift in the Atlantic, clinging to a piece of wood and hoping maybe Michaela or Cody will slip off and make a tiny bit of room for her on next week’s show. I suppose Xtina was right that Sylvia made the ballad her own, insomuch that the song became virtually unrecognizable thanks to a tidal wave of sharp and flat notes. If somehow Sylvia survives till next week, here’s hoping she puts a fork in the plan to turn her into a generic pop diva, and instead shifts gears toward the more restrained, piano-playing artiste she hinted at during the Live Playoff rounds. Grade: C-

Adriana Louise: Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl” | Adriana covering Carrie Underwood was akin to entering a Shetland pony in the Kentucky Derby: It had no business being there, and it resulted in an ugly, last-place finish. I couldn’t believe my ears when Xtina started stammering how Adriana just needed the right song to shine. Girl, you’re her coach! If you don’t like what you’re hearing, there’s no one to blame but yourself! Grade: D+

And now, let me turn things over to you: Who were your favorites from The X Factor‘s Top 12 performance night? Who deserves to go hiome? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Vetle says:

    Am I the only one that likes Cassadee (that did not know about her on beforehand)? Bryan Keith was great, but I do get a little Lee DeWyze vibe from him. Also really liked Melanie, she sang one of my favorite songs.

    • Karrah says:

      I love Cassadee! And I agree with Blake- there is something about her that I love that I can’t quite pinpoint. I hope she sticks around.

    • Brandy says:

      OMG. You are SO right about the Lee DeWyze thing. I know there was something about him that bothered me, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

    • Blivins says:

      No, you’re not alone on Cassadee. I love her! Go back and watch her blind audition on YouTube. Her rendition of “Torn” is pure magic. Slezak needs to wake up and realize that Cassadee is headed for the Top 4, if not the Top 2. And of the entire Top 12, she’s got the best chance at a career in the actual music world where singers get on the radio.

      • Sharon Reder says:

        I too agree, go back to her blind audition…..Star Star Star. While she may only be 22 (not sure) she has paid her dues as I believe she originally was the lead in her own band that was signed, but never really got any play. She’s got the looks, musicianship, and most importantly, she is relevant by todays standards…..With the right management team…..Cassadee (leave out the Pope lol) has a great shot to win. Her biggest competition is really herself…….However, week to week she is generating the belief in herself as a force to be reckoned with…….Top 3 as of last nite, November 26 Cassadee Pope, Dez Duron, Trevyn Hunte. So So hard, because the XFactor on each elimination night list the singers in order that they placed as voted on by America. To me that is nothing more than influencing the audience who as we know can be a bit fickle.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Count me in as a Cassadee fan!

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree. I usually agree with Slezak but I don’t get his disdain for Cassadee. I loved her last week and even voted for her. And I love her this week. I like her tone, her style and she’s far more current and interesting than many who he rated higher. I have bought two songs on itunes; My Happy Ending & Dream On.

  2. Angela says:

    Cassadee!!!! I love her so much. I also loved Terry and Trevin.

    • dan says:

      I like Cassadee, too. I also liked Melanie tonight, and she has been grating on my nerves. She finally lived up to her promise from the Toxic performance, at least in my eyes.

  3. Pat says:

    1. Bryan – 9/10 (Only good song choice of the night. And he sung it well! Underrated by the general public.)
    2. Trevin – 8/10 (Good voice but what’s with the lame song choice?)
    3. Cassadee – 6.5/10 (Don’t get your hate Mike. It was unoriginal but fine enough to pass through over some really weak performances.)
    4. Nicholas – 6/10 (See Trevin.)
    5. Dez – 6/10 (He’s gonna make the finale isn’t he? Blegh.)
    6. Sylvia – 5.5/10 (See Trevin.)
    7. Melanie – 5/10 (I didn’t hate her!)
    8. Michaela – 4/10 (That was weaksauce.)
    9. Terry – 3.5/10 (And I like him! Missed every high note! Wasn’t even a good bar band performance.)
    10. Cody – 3/10 (WTF Cody? Weirdest song choice ever.)
    11. Adriana – 2/10 (Go home.
    12. Amanda – 2/10 (And I loved her last week! She was terrible this week, but she was sick so I hope she gets another shot.)

    I expect/hope Adriana and Michaela go home, with Cody as the backup boot.

  4. Elena says:

    Wow, I really disagree with some of the grades. Michaela was definitely not in top form tonight. Not really a great song choice and it sounded like she wasn’t as pitch perfect as she usually is. I do agree that Bryan Kieth had the best performance of the night though. I love “Back to Black” and it fit him and his voice very well. I liked Terry’s and thought he did a pretty great job (minus that one note), so I think he’s through to next week.
    I really like Amanda but thought this was the first week that was a miss for her. The upper register of that song sounded pretty harsh because I think she didn’t spend enough time in falsetto like Adam had suggested. So not her best performance for me, but she should be through.
    The worst for me was Sylvia (terrible song choice and very difficult time staying on pitch).

    • ET says:

      I have to disagree with you; Michaela was great—DEFINITELY in top form, her best performance so far. I do agree that Bryan was the best tonight, but I think Terry sucked (and he has been a fave of mine). Amanda was a big disappointment, and so was Sylvia. I would like to see Cody and Adriana get the boot.

      • LS says:

        The problem with Michaela’s performance is that the band overshadowed her. Period. End of story. I think she’s a fab singer and probably deserves to stick around, but poor poor choice on the band being so loud. Definitely not the best performance of the night. Not even close.

    • Emily says:

      I do agree with you on Michaela. She was not in top form. You couldn’t hear her over the music, so how would you know what grade to give her? You just couldn’t hear her. And Terry did not suck. His upper register was amazing (minus the one note, yes) but, other than that…fantastic! Bryan blew me away tonight with the song, but Terry is still one of my top faves.

  5. pete says:

    Michael Slezak has had it out for Cassadee all season, what did she do to you, you even have 2 people graded under her, so why send a better singer home because of a grudge you seem to have, boo hooo De’borah got sent home cause people didnt like her, get over and be a professional

    • Aria says:

      I also admittedly kind if have it out for Cassadee because she seems like a bit of a plant, but I get why Michael would send her and Adriana home. Sylvia is the one ranked lower than Cassadee, and Sylvia was amazing last week, so Michael likely hopes she will get back to that artistic musician side versus the generic pop diva side she reverted to tonight.

    • Slatina Whorinova says:

      You obviously haven’t read Michael’s recaps for long. That’s how he is. He will constantly harp on a contestant he dislikes as the season goes. And then he will continuously fan-girl on his favorite. It seems he is building up Michaela as his new rocker girl in the same vein as Allison Iraheta, whom he was obsessed with a few years ago.

  6. teatime says:

    It was a night of terrible song choices. Bryan, Melanie, and Cassadee had the only good song choices IMO. This started with Michaela performing a Pink song where she was no where near as good as the original plus there were a lot of lines that were more talking than singing. It did nothing to help sell this singer who needed a save last week.
    What I really did not get was the way the judges turned on Amanda. The first 3 performances were completely forgettable and they got nothing from praise from the judges. Amanda sang 5th, I believe, and she got strained comments from every one of the 4 judges. Her own coach mentioned twice that there were some problems in the performance. Then the next performer was her team mate Bryan and two judges pointed out he just took the lead on Team Adam (over Amanda.)
    Later Terry gave a very non-impressive performance of yet another classic rock song. In fact, yet another song from the same band the 2 teams covered in a group song just last week, and the judges all could not stop praising him!!!
    It was sadly reminiscent of the JLo years of Idol judging. Okay, Amanda was not fantastic this week, so it was not exactly the same. But it was reminiscent.

    • teatime says:

      Oops. That one line was supposed to be: “The first 3 performances were completely forgettable and they got nothing but praise from the judges.”

      • Daniel says:

        Completely agree with you — you’re the only one to hit it spot on. Not sure what others are hearing, but Terry can’t sing in tune to save his life. All classic rock songs he tries are way too ambitious — he was probably the worst of the night. Bryan took the night. Slezak, get off of Cascade. She probably was night’s top 3. Your rankings week in and out are completely ridiculous. Not sure you’re watching the same show — maybe too much wine.

      • Aria says:

        They did that last week too with Joselyn, Terry and Melanie when Joselyn had pitch issues, Terry picked a cheesy song and sang with no passion, and Christina didn’t rip Melanie apart despite clearly wanting to.

        • Eli says:

          Honey, they never rip anyone apart, haven’t you noticed? They barely have the guts to even even come of as not 100% positive, let alone be negative.

  7. Spycig says:

    I love Cassadee (I didn’t know who she was beforehand either) and I don’t get all the hate directed at her – smacks of jealously! I also love Terry! Blake has the overall best Team this year!

  8. mia says:

    I guess I’m one of the few who didn’t like Bryan’s version of Back to Black. He sang it well and I really like his rat-pack vibe, but that song is so gutwrenching in that its such a self-hating song, like you can feel the loathing and sadness seeping out of it when Amy sings it, and for me, the emotional element is more important than the technical one (heck, some bad notes just emphasizes the emotion). Ya, he sang it, but it didn’t feel like his heart was bleeding up there on that stage.

    • Pat says:

      Seriously Mia? We’ve reached a point on this show to criticize emotional impact of a singer’s delivery? There were like 8 songs butchered tonight. Let’s just be thankful that Bryan sang well.

      • Daniel says:

        Exactly. Let’s see, maybe it doesn’t have the same emotional impact b/c Bryan hasn’t drank and drugged himself into oblivion. Does this mean he can’t or shouldn’t sing it, and do so well? People don’t know how to critique performances honestly and objectively. Please, don’t try this at home.

  9. zaza says:

    My favorites are Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown and Nicholas David, with an honorable mention going to Trevin Hunte.

  10. pete says:

    i’m glad i’m not the only who see Michael Slezak’s irrational hate for cassadee

    • Samantha says:

      Not irrational. She sucks.

      • pete says:

        if he has 2 singers below her, why should she go home. People need to stop being butt hurt over crappy De’boring going home, she sucked america saw that and rightly send her home and kept a great singer in Cassadee

        • Johnny says:

          Because Sylvia was great last week and showed potential, while Cassadee was blecch both weeks. Not rocket science, bud.

        • VCI says:

          Cassadee and Deborah weren’t on the same team, so there is no link between hating on Cassadee because Deborah got sent home. In the end if Cassadee didn’t have a pre-built fan base she wouldn’t have made it this far because there are far stronger and better singers than her on the voice.

      • Ronnie says:

        I agree. Don’t like Cassadee at all but she has a large fan base and unfortunately it will carry her a couple of weeks more. Hoping Amanda stays.

  11. Bring Back Deborah says:

    protested the show tonight, and seems like I didn’t miss anything. If the episode was as weak as it sounds then consider it KARMA America for not giving enough votes to Deborah thus allowing Christina to send her home. I’m sure Deborah would have been a highlight and better than Adrianna’s D performance.

    • Daniel says:

      Just stfu and get out of the way. Yeah, you so totally boycotted the show, yet saw fit to lurk around the periphery for a “peak in” by hitting the related blogs and forums.

  12. Jamey says:

    Thought this was not a great night for any performer. Some only stood out because others were worse. I agree with Adriana and Cassadee or Nicholas being in the bottom. Cassadee lives to perform but very weak higher range.

  13. jenn says:

    I have no issue with Cassadee. She did good tonight (she didn’t do so good on payphone) I even liked Hey Monday. My problem with her is that with such a strong fanbase there’s no way she’s leaving. And since there’s better singers in this competition , I feel it’s unfair. And the whole Juliet Simms was in a band and all yes, but Hey Monday had a song on Glee, it’s kind of a sign you were sucessful. Agreed that Bryan was the best!

    • Samantha says:

      Exactly. People are on Tumblr just making posts with how to vote and asking their followers, who don’t watch The Voice or know who she is, to vote and they are! It’s not fair…not that the right person has won this show thus far.

      • pete says:

        Omg she has fans that want to see her win, omg, how horrible. She has fans like it or not they can vote for her even if they dont watch the show, dont like the rules dont watch, if De’boring had fans she would have been kept, instead she went home cause she didnt have the talent to stay

        • Sara says:

          Having talent and having fans do not always go hand in hand.

        • Sara says:

          Also, you are the only one on here bringing up De’Borah. And Cassadee staying and De’Borah leaving had nothing to do with each other, as they were not on the same team. So, pray tell, why do you keep bringing up De’Borah if you are such a Cassadee mega-fan? If you loved Adrianna, I could understand it, but your entire argument just makes no sense.

        • jenn says:

          First , I didn’t even mention De’borah, but wow she was talented and that’s undeniable. Second, calm down, I didn’t even insult her, I just stated what’s the cold harsh truth, that based on talent alone, Cassadee shouldn’t still be here.If she wins the Voice over people like Trevin, Amanda, Bryan,Terry,Cody,Nicholas or Sylvia, it will be a pure travesty.

  14. Serena says:

    Cassadee’s voice grates me. It’s like really bad karaoke and she can sound like a chipmunk.

    I must add that I REALLY tried liking Cassadee even when she was in Hey Monday and signed to Fueled by Ramen (I wonder if she’s still signed to them). I just couldn’t and found her to be a Hayley Williams wannabe who failed.

  15. dani says:

    Team Nicholas

  16. Tom says:

    I’ll evaluate based on performance order…

    Michaela – Very solid performance. Song was a tad predictable to be sure, but she handled it with ease and precision. I’m glad she didn’t reach for the high notes on the chorus and did it her own way. All in all, I’m liking her more and more with each week. B+
    Dez – Miles better than last week, only because this is the kind of song that suits him. His voice is best when it tackles something midtempo and soulful. He’s no Frankie Valli, but he did a good job. B
    Adriana – And the downward spiral continues. What happened to the girl who rocked her audition with that pitch-perfect rendition of “Domino”? I barely remember this performance, and from what I remember it just wasn’t good. It was the wrong song that wasn’t well-sung. It seems pretty much guaranteed she’ll be packing her bags tomorrow, no? D
    Cody – I really love his voice. His tone is crystal clear and he hits all the notes effortlessly. That being said, he needs to sing something more current. “The Best” is squarely stuck in the ’80s, and I want to hear Cody tackle something fresh. But I can’t fault him for his singing, which was fantastic as always. B+
    Amanda – I have to be very honest in saying that this was her weakest showing thus far. Not by much, but I’m not quite sure “Spectrum” showed the full spectrum of her talent (okay, lame, sorry). Florence + the Machine songs are notoriously difficult to cover, and I applaud her for taking that risk, but I see Amanda more as a Grace Potter kind of rocker than a Florence Welch indie gal. She hit some pretty good notes, but I also thought she was straining at times. I’ve no doubt she’ll come out swinging next time around, though. B
    Bryan – This is probably the best he’s done since “It Will Rain.” I think it was a smart choice of song, considering he’s tackled rock/pop-rock up until now. His slightly raspy voice complemented the melody exquisitely, and overall I really, really liked it. A-
    Cassadee – Here’s my problem with Cassadee: she can sing, but she has yet to SING. She’s taken no risks and has done nothing original with her songs, including this one. In fact, she squeaked through “Behind These Hazel Eyes” as blandly as you can possibly do so (and I mean that literally – the final high note was just borderline Chipmunks). She frustrates me because I can see there is something there, but it’s simply not coming out. C
    Trevin – Why must this be the go-to song for all African-American soul singers on reality shows? I mean, he sang it wonderfully, but I’ve heard it so many times already that I’m starting to lose my appreciation of it, regardless of the performance quality. Joshua Ledet’s performance is still my personal favorite cover of the song, but this one wasn’t too shabby. I just want Trevin to sing something less predictable next time, okay Cee Lo? B
    Melanie – Finally, Melanie is back in the game! Her best showing since “Toxic,” in my opinion. Gutted the song of all its emotion and laid it bare for all to see. I love performers who actually understand what they’re singing about. She clearly connects with the music she sings. A-
    Nicholas – I think Nicholas will always remain a retro novelty. No matter what song he sings, be it from the 1980s or from today, and it will always sound like something unearthed from a time capsule buried in 1975. I love that about him, but I also worry that it makes him less marketable. It’s a shame, because his tone is so gorgeous. Personally, I think “The Power of Love” suited him. It wasn’t his best performance, but it wasn’t his worst, either. He did his thing, and that’s all there is to it. B+
    Sylvia – Good God, who on Earth convinced her to sing the Titanic song?! Was this a devious ploy by Christina to secretly sink her to make room for Adriana? I really can’t think of any other explanation. The good news is that she sang marginally better than Adriana, but the bad news… well, it was an awful, awful choice, especially after her ‘breakthrough’ last week. Last week I had hope for Sylvia, who had failed to impress me before… but now I feel last week was just a lucky fluke. C-
    Terry – I’m not sure he added anything new to his version of the song, but I did like him better this week than last. His voice is so crisp and versatile that it’s hard to fault him if he ever goes wrong, since he typically doesn’t. He missed a couple of notes, but I really do like his rocker vibe. B

    I’d rank everyone thusly:

    1. Melanie
    2. Bryan
    3. Michaela
    4. Cody
    5. Nicholas
    6. Amanda
    7. Terry
    8. Trevin
    9. Dez
    10. Cassadee
    11. Sylvia
    12. Adriana

    Therefore, after considering these performances and everything up to this point, I wouldn’t mind seeing either Cassadee, Sylvia, or Adriana leave tomorrow. Adriana started out promising, but Christina has just utterly failed her. Sylvia’s only real shining moment came last week, and she couldn’t live up to it. Cassadee has just never been more than adequate… but she does have fans. So I think tomorrow Adriana and Sylvia are goners. I just hope viewers remember to vote for Michaela, as performing in the death spot never bodes well…

    • teatime says:

      I agree with almost all your comments on the performances except for Terry’s which I had serious issues with tonight. Also, after tonight I would rank Michaela and Dez down in the bottom 4 along with Sylvia and Adriana.

  17. Ryan says:

    The only thing more predictable than CeeLo’s song choices is Michael’s weekly hate against Trevin.

    • Owen says:

      Yes, he puts Trevin below Amanda just shows bias. Even I who love Amanda know she had a mediocre performance and that Trevin took the night. Why is it so hard for him to admit that? Its why I always argue Slezak is the worst of the singing show recappers. We deserve a fair critique from someone who is being PAID to recap a singing show. Or, if indeed, he actually can’t tell who is giving a great performance and who isn’t, then fire his ass and get someone who knows their stuff.

  18. Jessie says:

    Cassadee is AWFUL. Also, she was already in a band and they had a song covered on Glee – I’m pretty sure she doesn’t really fit in with the criteria for Voice contestants. And besides that, her voice is mediocre as most.

    Bryan Keith is so overrated and while he can hit the notes, there is nothing special about his voice whatsoever – I definitely disagree with the scores above. Trevin was outstanding and stole the entire night (despite the fact that Michael will never grade him fairly since he hates him for some reason)

    • Connie says:

      She can be in a band before the show. Juliet Simms who ended up second last year had previous record deals. She’s trying to be a solo artist, way different from being in a band. I personally like her voice. And I am not a fan of Trevin. He just doesn’t appeal to me for some reason.

  19. Billy Corgan says:

    There’s a rock cover band that’s made the rounds in our local bars & festivals for years. The usual – Boston, Styx, Journey, etc. Chances are, you have one (or more) in your area too. Terry’s fine, but their lead singer is better than Terry (based on his past 2 performances). Is that what the voice really wants – a decent rock cover guy – to represent season 3? No disrespect intended, but i bet not.

  20. Eric says:

    I was extremely disappointed in The Voice this week. No one really grabbed me or had a breakthrough performance, and most of the song choices were atrociously bad. My ranking:
    1. Bryan – He had the best song choice, and sang it well. The emotion wasn’t really there, but based on the first two things alone Bryan gets #1 by default.
    2. Dez – I have never been a Dez fan, I think he’s an overrated pretty boy, and it actually pains me to rank him this high. But this was his best performance of the season at a time when almost everyone else had their worst.
    3. Amanda – She didn’t wow me like she has in the past, but she gets a pass for being sick and bonus points for a song choice that didn’t completely suck.
    4. Terry – REALLY, REALLY needs to start picking a different kind of song. He sounded fine, but it’s SO BORING to hear him do exactly the same song every week.
    5. Trevin – Ditto everything I said about Terry.
    6. Melanie – The best she’s done since the blind auditions, but I still hate her.
    7. Michaela – I adore Michaela, but this wasn’t her best. That plus performing in the death spot means she’s probably going home.
    8. Nicholas – He’s a good singer, I get that, but his style is so old-fashioned and I just don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in hell of a.) connecting with the voting public and b.) making a commercially relevant album.
    9. Sylvia – Props for bravery in picking that song. Unfortunately she just didn’t do it that well. I’d like to see her stay and prove that last week wasn’t a fluke.
    10. Cody – Bad song choice, once again. Cody is usually so entertaining and I was honestly bored. I hope he stays but I think he and Michaela are both in danger along with the next person on this list…
    11. Adriana – We lost De’Borah for this? Nothing else to say.
    12. Cassadee – I do not understand the appeal of Cassadee. Her lower register is non-existent. She started the song flat and was sharp by the middle of the chorus, which boggles my mind. The only thing she does do well, imho, is that girlfriend really does throw herself into the song and connect with the emotion of it. But in any case, she’s already semi-famous and she’s going to make at least the top six regardless.

    • Billy Corgan says:

      Agree with about 90% – but disagree with you on Nicolas. He’s not my favorite, but he’s got good chops and has a soulful voice with a unique spin. Could be something there in the right hands. Frankly speaking, tho, i dont see anyone graduating from this pack to reverse the trend of irrelevent Voice winners. Theyve had no real impact on the music industry thus far. And no, De’borah wouldnt have changed that, either!

      • Eric says:

        You’re probably right. I think Amanda could have a chance at commercial success, but everyone else, meh.
        De’Borah wasn’t even one of my favorites, either, but she was at least unique. Had she been on any of the other three teams, I probably wouldn’t have thought she was robbed so much, but getting cut to save Adriana, who is basically a carbon copy of Sylvia but with less talent… I dunno.

      • Bytess says:

        Michael buble found a place under the sun, a very lucrative place i say so nicholas might have one also..i think retro is here to stay..while rihanna,nicki,lady gaga are sucessful at present, adele, amy winehouse are successful..

  21. teatime says:

    I have not been impressed with Terry for the past couple of weeks. I want him to do something different. Is it just me, or did he mumble thru a lot of More Than a Feeling? I never thought it was a song with hard to understand lyrics, but a third of the time I could not make out what word he was singing.

  22. MG says:

    Why doesn’t Cee-Lo let his team choose their own songs like everyone else? Instead he saddles them with choices that are either incredibly obvious and boring, or just a terrible fit. And then he makes Nicholas turn what could have been an interesting and heart-felt rendition into bad 80’s karaoke. I honestly do not agree with him that people prefer that to what Nicholas originally had in mind (doesn’t a white guy win idol every year singing stripped-down versions of songs?)

  23. Daniel says:

    Five truths:

    1. You will eventually die.

    2. You will pay some form of tax.

    3. Cassadee is not as bad as many are judging hee to be. In fact, she’s pretty good.

    4. Ceelo absolutely cannot pick suitable songs for his team.

    5. Terry should get acquainted with auto-tune (the deluxe model).

  24. teatime says:

    Cody should sing something from Prince.

  25. Eric says:

    Here are the current rankings on iTunes:

    47. Trevin Hunte
    52. Cassadee Pope
    64. Terry McDermott
    69. Bryan Keith
    84. Melanie Martinez
    95. Dez Duron
    103. Nicholas David
    136. Sylvia Yacoub

    Not in the top two hundred: Amanda (though her performance from last week still is, along with Sylvia’s), Adriana, Cody, and Michaela.

    • Karmen says:

      iTunes chart should be a good indicator as seen from last week’s result. Adriana, Cody and Michaela most likely are the bottom 3. I’m guessing Cody is safe. Adriana and Michela will be the ones eliminated.

    • Nicole says:

      plus, iTunes purchases count as three votes, right?

  26. JBSFan101 says:

    True story – there used to be a poll on this post. Slezak took it off after Cassadee started pulling ahead. Haters gonna hate.

  27. Phill says:

    get over you hate for cassadee shes amazing!!!

  28. Rick says:

    Love Amanda and Sylvia, but neither was great tonight. Love Cody and thought he did well.
    Based on tonight only:
    1. Bryan
    2. Melanie
    3. Cody
    4. Dez (I know, right?)
    5. Trevin
    6. Cassadee
    7. Amanda
    8. Terry
    9. Sylvia
    10. Michaela
    11. Nicholas
    12. Adriana

  29. TheBeach says:

    I suppose once you make it to the Top 12 you get to visit the makeup trailer. Anyone else notice how much more groomed Nicholas’ beard and mustache were tonight? Michaela got a new “do” and Sylvia got the whole treatment too.

  30. IraiaG says:

    Good Lord, I do love Terry and he’s still one of my favorites but Blake is killing him with the songs choices. Please give the dude some Oasis song ASAP Mr. Shelton, before it’s too late.

  31. JM says:

    I think it’s obvious Michaela Paige is going home. She went first I believe? Sang a song thats popular right now and did it nowhere as good as P!nk so that didn’t get her any itunes votes or new fans. I personally think Cassadee was great tonight (last night)! She’s not going anywhere til at least top 6. I feel like Michaela’s definitely leaving and joining her will be Nicholas or Adrianna.

  32. Kathy says:

    This is the second week Trevin has sang a song that Michael Bolton also sang in his career! It is time that Ceelo pick a different song for him. Bryan was the best performace last night. I did vote for Amanda, but Bryan, with his song choice, did Team Adam proud. I see both of Christina’s contestants going home tonight.

  33. Danny says:

    In reference to Amanda, I wouldn’t have given her a B+. I had thought she might falter some. She had her moment w/ “Dream On” but one great performance shouldn’t make her an automatic winner. I like her, but unfortunately she was the worst one yesterday.

    I thought the 3 best were Terry, Trevin, & Bryan. Melanie & Cassadee, (both of who I didn’t care for last week) were a close 4th & 5th.

    I know most people have their favorites and will favor them when they grade them. I have no one where I really want that person to win. I just want the best one to be the winner. I like em all. They each have their own qualities.

  34. Eric says:

    Wow, Mike, you are a little off tonight. Giving Amanda a B+? Did we hear the same performance? Don’t get me wrong, I love Amanda and definitely thing that she has the potential to win this thing, but her vocal last night was shakier than a Jenga tower about to fall. She seemed uncertain and that showed. It was a bad song choice and a bad vocal.

    Melanie Martinez was not great either. People need to give it a rest with how unique she is. When you are trying that hard, you are not unique.

  35. Bryan won the night and also by far had the best song. Really liked Micheala and I think the loss of Mowhawk will serve her well. Still don’t get Melanie, but not a fan of little whispy wilting voices in anyone. I love Nicholas David’s voice, but get him a decent song. He should be singing something by Amy Winehouse. I hate the Power of Love :P Where or where did my De’Borah go — sigh.

  36. Kate H says:

    I really like Cassaddee a lot! She’s definitely one of my favorites! I liked Dez’s song last night, but overall, he just seems so… not there…

  37. Ruben says:

    I usually agree with Slezak but his love for Michaela is all wrong!!! Last week’s performance was a complete disaster. She hopped all over the place, ran out of breath and couldn’t hold a note. This week, considering how quick the verbiage is on Pink’s song, I thought Michaela came off like a marathon runner that finished just before the cutoff time. She barely made it through. If you ask me, tonight, she was the weaet

  38. Rain says:

    Worst night of The Voice to date, WTH was with the terrible song choices?! In order of favorite to least favorite:

    1. Trevin – I love this song to begin with and I think Trevin sang it beautifully. I just love this kid so much! He has such a beautiful voice and seems so nice, really hope he makes it to the end of the show!
    2. Cody – I just adore Cody and his little shoulder shimmy. I really wish CeeLo would put more thought into his song choices because this one was terrible. I’m hoping America likes him enough from his past perfomances to put him through one more week – I’m going to be nervous until he’s announced safe!
    3. Terry – I love Terry, however I didn’t love that performance. I really wish he’d sing a current song and give it a rocker twist. I think he’s capable of so much more than Blake is giving him.
    4. Nicholas – I love this song and I really wish CeeLo would have let him sing it at his keyboard the way he did in the practice clip. I loved the jazzy vibe. I don’t understand why CeeLo feels the need to change him, his old school hippy style is what I love! I do have to say I like the grooming that took place, he looked good with the trimmed facial hair!
    5. Amanda – This was downright terrible! Please can people stop covering Florence + the Machine. I’m not a fan of this weird type of music to begin with but at least when Florence sings them I can appreciate why others like her. The covers are never as good and in Amanda’s case it was insanely bad. I really hope this doesn’t send her home because her past few performances have really impressed me.
    6. Bryan – Loved it! This was the perfect song choice for him and I love his cool laid back style. He makes it look so effortless.
    7. Michaela – Up until this week I’ve really enjoyed her. I’m a huge fan of Pink , but can’t stand this particular song and Michaela did nothing to change my opinion. I’m worried she’ll be going home.
    8. Dez –I find him so dull and this song was just one more bit of proof. Sadly the screaming teeny boppers will invade the phone lines and this admitedly adorable kid will go through. Proving once again that the whole idea of it being all about “the voice” only relates to the initial blinds.
    9. Cassadee – This is the first time I can say I didn’t hate her performance. I’m still not sure how she has so many fans since I see her as a rocker wannabe, but this particular performance def. earned her another week in my book.
    10. Adriana – I wasn’t impressed with this performance, the staring down Adam portion of her performance was obnoxious and good lord, was I the only one going blind with the stars flashing all over the place?
    11. Sylvia – I didn’t like her last week and I couldn’t stand her last night. I have hated that song for years and Sylvia didn’t improve it.
    12. Melanie – Blech – I’m sorry but I just can’t stand to hear her sing and I hate having to look at her stupid hair(and yes I know that’s mean but it just annoys me!) As for the shy comment, I think it’s an act and it’s one that makes me dislike her even more.

  39. gailer says:

    I voted for the first time ever on this show, Bryan Keith, just because I’m not sure America will vote for him and his voice last night kind of reminded me of his mentor, Adam Levine. Has Maroon 5 covered the Amy Winehouse song?

  40. TC says:

    I hope we are at the point of the show where we vote on the singer’s “body of work,” and not just the last song they sung. At least that’s how I cast my votes.

  41. Paula says:

    You are right on the money with these critiques, Michael. What was up with the sound mix last night? The band was stupidly loud. Amanda sounds much better on the iTunes version of her song, but I don’t know if people will bother to check it out. CeeLo needs to give his singers songs from this century. Blake needs to do the same for Terry. Gorgeous voice, but he’s like a K-Tel commercial (and probably no one remembers those but me). Sylvia has the wrong coach–she should be with Adam. And why is Adrianna still there? I have to FF through her performances.

  42. FreeHaley says:

    First, about last the last two weeks (still catching up due to Sandy disaster, missed two full weeks):

    two weeks ago:
    I was exactly OK with just about all of the head to head 40 to 20 round decisions other than arguably the Loren one but she did win that battle and I could see why he might think Loren would be a better risk for a chance to ultimately win, even though it didn’t end up panning out.

    But then the final two Blake decisions. How could Julio win that round? Was any other pairing more mismatched? That was the one I let my guard down and didn’t even worry about after I heard both of them. ANd then Blake goes well when it is so even. Even? Then I knew something was up. Marissa Ann just blew him away, utterly. So it made little sense he had Julio in the top five and not Marissa Ann and then it just made less than zero sense that Julio could make it and not Suzanna??? Man, I thought she may have made the finale! Yeah she did make a dumb song choice, when you even say it is perhaps a risky dumb choice yourself, you DO NOT MAKE IT in a round like this, maybe once you are to top 12, not now. But even though it wasn’t any super wow, it was not bad at all and she has been so great it was crazy that Julio made it and not her.

    Maybe he was trying to keep Michaela more and Liz more protected? He wanted a country to win and he always goes to the ends of the earth to protect his favorite younger singers that he loves (which is why Joselyn should have picked Blake if she wanted to make the top 12, just as Blake predicted, Blake was not going to find a way to get her to the top 12, Bryan was getting the girl vote, Amanda was getting the vote and then Adam would be in strategy mode and for sure pick Melanie to not risk a split vote with Team Xtina in the finale, I bet Blake loved Joselyn even more than Michaela and maybe she would have made top 12, I bet she would have especially since Blake showed that he was willing to give up on a country singer if she couldn’t manage the votes to signal a clear chance to win in the first round). But who knows, Adam is more pop and maybe she just wanted to experience to be coached by him a few weeks is happier to have had that than anything else other than a win, which is almost impossible for any female on The Voice anyway).

  43. FreeHaley says:

    Then about last week:

    I was really annoyed that they got rid of the sing for your life portion of the big live cut down stage. That was the one really horrible change they made this year. They needed to hold off on the judge’s band performances, the contestants group performances and Jerome another week until it got down to the regular 2 at a time eliminations this week when they actual have spaces to fill. They should have had the two hour, no filler, results show with singing for your life!

    You wonder in a few cases what may have happened with a sing for your life.

    I think Melanie may have proved herself to be too one note, one trick and Joselyn would’ve blown it out and forced herself to be picked (or at worst, Loren, I really wanted to see Joselyn get through, she was my favorite of all the pure pop types across all of the teams, but if it absolutely couldn’t be her then I’d way rather them going with Loren at least, Melanie was cool an interesting for a coulple of performances but she already seems played out and the show is just getting going and if we were to have a hipster type singer I’d rather DeBorah anyway who has more pipes and has less chance of getting stuck into on note same old thing).

    OK Joselyn had a couple off notes now and then that didn’t blow you away this week, but come on so did Bryan and Melanie and a great many of the others and she is young and had to start off the show and for her personality type it might have helped to have at least one person go first before her, it was a tough combo for the live stage. And remember that she showed no signs at all at not blowing you away on every note, not even a hint, on that super hard Beyonce song the other week, while the others have shown issues. So it was hardly any sort of danger sign in her case at all, come on. You don’t get through the Beyonce song the other week, to perfection, if that is the case.

    So it really stunk that she got sent home with just one big stage performance and before it got to the 2 a week main round of 12 where she probably would have thrived. She totally lit the big stage up and I’m sure once she fully settled in after this first performance it would’ve been all golden through and through from then on. By the time I got my power back, she was already gone.

    It doesn’t make any sense that the best of pop singers is the one of them who is not in the top 12! Adam…. which he had taken Christina’s hint to keep her over Melanie (or that Christina had kept her over one of her pop singers).

    And this message is getting to be too long but there are other cases where you wonder a little too.

    If they kept it like last year, at the very least, we would have gotten to see an extra full performance from a bunch of contestants instead of the usual waste of an AI results show sort of thing with all the group sings, etc. They should have saved that stuff for this week when they have spaces that need to be filled. Terrible decision!!!! So harsh for anyone to get sent home with just one round on the big stage!

    I don’t get it, they fix up the top 12 voting only to mess it up by doing a radical 20 to 12 cut instead of at least 20 to 16 to 12 and then they don’t even let them sing for their lives. They would’ve had the show set up to perfection this year if they hadn’t totally messed up by the quick 20 to 12 cut which I hate and then not even having the sing for your life portion.

  44. FreeHaley says:

    Oh and I do need to add that WOW was Amanda insanely good last week though. She definitely did win the night!

  45. FreeHaley says:

    Or to sum up the above the Moby Dick length novels above, regarding the last two weeks:

    Julio over Melissa Ann and Suzanna for Blake’s top 5???!??????!??

    Amanda last week = WOW

    How could they fix so much of the show and then ruin it all by jumping 20 to 12 in one swoop and then not even having sing for your life??? That needed to be a two hour result show with ZERO filler! The filler they can use once they are to top 12 and 2 elim a week! WHY?!?

    Why is the more one trick of the two female hipster singers the one remaining?

  46. FreeHaley says:

    And rest of the summation:

    Joselyn should have made the top 12 over Melanie! How is it that the best of the pop singers is the only one of them not making the top 12?! and given the boot in favor of Melanie who seemed original for about 2-3 performances max?

    (You don’t do that Beyonce song to utter perfection if you can’t sing and hit everything.)

    (She may have had a much better chance with Blake (as he had pointed out himself a few weeks ago), the way Adam does things and how his team was set, she was sort of set in a tricky spot, Blake tends to save the younger singers he loves and she virtually certainly would have made it to top 12 and done very well. At least she did seem to enjoy her experience the last couple weeks.)

    (And why does this BB insist on killing carriage returns and making posts into a mess.)

  47. Derek says:

    Locks to move on:
    Dez – fans
    Bryan – top performer
    Melanie – top performer
    Trevin – fans
    Cassadee – fans
    Amanda – prev. performances
    Terry – last performer

    In Danger:
    Cody – terrible song choice, but even when he sang well last week, he still didn’t get enough votes
    Sylvia – terrible song choice but performed second to last
    Michaela – performed first, but even when she sang well last week, she still didn’t get enough votes
    Nicholas – terrible song choice, but most likely not going home
    Adriana – bad performance, didn’t get votes last week

    Most likely going home:
    I think Cody and Adriana are most in trouble, because they were both picks by their judges to move forward and then both sang worse than last week. I would say the same about Michaela as well, because the first part of the song was bad.

  48. David says:

    1) Amanda had an off night but she’ll get a one week pass. 2) Dez and Melanie aren’t favorites of mine, but they both did well. They should be safe. 3) Terry did better than I expected. I think he should be fine. 4) Cody, Adrianna, and Sylvia were terrible. Two of them should be going home. 5) Trevyn and Cassadee will be just fine. That said, there’s no guarantee either will be in the top 4.

  49. FreeHaley says:

    Well I caught up now, this week, hard to order things but in some way taking into account all sorts of factors:

    1. Trevin – I actually like it a lot, although he seems to be getting hate from Slezak and a few others

    2. Nicholas – what can I say I like 80s pop and rock so I didn’t mind the song choice although I know the average poster here hates that sort of thing

    3. Terry – a bit of a tricky one, awesome song (surprised even this song got some hate, come on!) and he did a lot of it really well, but then he did utterly butcher two parts, but for some reason I could overlook it, if you can’t then I guess he could go a lot lower

    4. Dez – I hate to put him so high haha since the guys tend to get huge boosts on these shows but he did seem to have stage presence, solid precision, carried it off well

    5. Sylvia – I know it’s cool to 100% hate anything about that song and it makes hipsters die, it wasn’t a perfect rendition, but considering how tough I really didn’t think she did that bad of a job at all really.

    6. Bryan – he really did a very good job, I just find him a touch boring all the time

    then the others:

    7. Adrianna – I know everyone despised it, what can I say, it wasn’t perfect but neither were any of the performances below and was either less annoying or less of a bit of a let down to me than the ones below (I felt she showed more early promise than Michaela and Cassadee) and she did well enough before (but it stinks in that Joselyn probably would been better tonight than her or Michaela or Cassadee or Sylvia and she is the only one to not get the top 12 chance of the lot of them)

    8. Michaela – maybe this could be #7, not bad, but she didn’t bring it like last week

    9. Cassadee – some good things, her voice is smooth but almost too much so in some very odd way like there isn’t quite a real substance to it, I definitely don’t hate on her as much as many and it could be as high as #7 perhaps

    10. Cody – ok

    then the far bottom:

    11. Melanie – really didn’t care for it, even much more upset Joselyn got sent home now. Ironically the final four might be Bryan, Terry, Trevin, Dev in which case any games played to not pick Joselyn because she’d split too many votes might be an utter backfire (if Amanda doesn’t come back into her own again) (and going by Adam’s comments, it was just as I thought and Joselyn was doomed all along to be on his team unless she had THE night of nights and somehow knocked off Amanda who was on an insane tear and the Bryan vote which is tricky for any female especially this first voting week; she may have lasted a lot longer on team Blake)

    (and I can appreciate odd indy stuff at times too)

    12. Amanda – can’t believe I’m putting her last, I heard she did a lot, LOT worse this week and I didn’t really believe it but I guess I do now, the whole thing just didn’t work in any way and it made her tone of voice sound weird and odd in a bad way. That said she has had three amazing weeks and does not deserve at all to go home just yet, abslutely 100% not without doubt, she has to stay, she has to get a pass on this. If she falls apart and it happens two more weeks then she is gone though and it will really have been a mistake to not have Joselyn on board their team. The biggest let down of the week, since to go from such utter perfection and such an insane performance to this is almost a mind boggling difference.

  50. FreeHaley says:

    If he simply had to send Joselyn home then I would’ve at least rather seen what Loren could have done this week instead. Would’ve way rather he had DeBorah if he simply had to have a hipster/indy sort of singer.