The Voice Leaderboard: Ranking the Top 12

It’s taken quite a few rounds — the Blind Auditions, the Battles, the Knockouts, and the Live Playoffs — but finally, the power is entirely in the hands of the viewing public to decide which contestants will advance on Season 3 of The Voice. Yes indeed, starting this week, the lowest two vote-getters will be eliminated — regardless of which team they belong to — and all their coaches can do is sit back and watch.

VIDEO | Reality Check: Xtina’s Unspeakable Crime on The Voice! Plus: Demi’s X Factor Errors?

To get ready for the next stage in the competition, we thought we’d rank the 12 remaining contestants (and offer them each a little bit of advice) from least- to most-likely to win. So click through the photos below, then vote in our poll to tell us who’s your favorite!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katie says:

    FYI – right now the survey only lets you pick one person!

  2. Chris G. says:

    Can’t choose 3 . . .

  3. Jme says:

    I’m sorry, you think Amanda is the one to beat? Um, no. Trevin is the front runner, easily.

    • Beth says:

      I have to disagree so far Trevin has been very one dimensional, I would love to see how he does with an upbeat song. I like Bryan and Amanda they seem to be able to do it all.

  4. mia says:

    I’m glad the lowest two get kicked off regardless what team they are on. Great way to make it even. And I’m not looking forward to the steamrolling that’s going to happen over on Team XTina; Sylvia is her only shot now

  5. Titina says:

    Cody Belew for sure.. And Amanda too.
    I also love Terry and a bit Bryan..

  6. Daisy says:

    My picks were Amanda (hands down the best of week one), Michaela and Cody, but Terry and Bryan are not far behind. Trevin is good, but I’d like to see hem doing something else than power ballads.

  7. Rachel says:

    Cody above Cassadee? Really? I know her song choice has been kind of weak, but still. He just seems awkward all around to me.

  8. Bring Back Deborah says:

    I still vote for Deborah!!!!!

  9. dan says:

    Amanda is the one to beat, but the others in your top five leave a little to be desired. Not a fan of Trevin, Bryan or Mikaela. Terry is good if he has the right song. I prefer Cody over Trevin, Bryan or the guy who needs a haircut. Dez has the chance to go far simply because he’ll get a lot of votes from the female 10-20 demo (and some guys will vote for him too, even Blake has mentioned his good looks every time Dez has been on stage). Sylvia was OK last week, but I don’t see her lasting long. And the others? I can’t even remember what they sang; way too forgettable. I think this is a weak top 12 when compared to last year’s group.

  10. Forwarddad says:

    Bryan please remove the stupid host. Melanie please remove the stupid bow.

  11. Jessie says:

    Love Amanda, Terry and Nicholas David. I think Nicholas is extraordinary – I will be disappointed if he’s not in the top 4.

  12. Danny says:

    This is my first year watching the show. Have the frontrunners in past seasons been the one’s who’ve won? If so, I’d say Amanda this year. If not, then I’d go w/ Trevyn.

    btw/ I didn’t think Amanda’s rendition of the Grace Potter song “Ooh La La” was nearly as good as Jennell’s on X Factor. I thought she kicked some tail in her duet w/ Trevyn, but I thought Trevyn was a touch better. Having said that, he needs to show some diversity.

    Amanda’s Dream On was one for the ages. So I’d pick Amanda for the win at this point. One thing though, no one is a sure thing. Even Alabama lost.

    Last but not least, like everyone I’m making a pick on who I think is going to win. That could change though w/ future performances. A lot of people who pick Amanda (or anyone for that matter) will say she’s the best of the night even if she falters some.

    As a former American Idol watcher, the only time I’ve thought the singer who was best at the beginning was also the best at the end was David Cook. Every other season I’ve started out w/ one person & then somewhere along the way felt someone else was better.

  13. Fernando says:

    Cody has my main vote. He has an amazing voice, personality and great stage presence, very fun and enjoyable to watch!

  14. Laura says:

    My dream ranking would be (considering what they have shown so far / that said, there’s many talent there to hit a homerun anytime):
    1. Amanda Brown
    2. Nicholas David
    3. Cody Belew
    4. Sylvia Yacoub
    5. Trevin Hunte
    6. Michaela Paige
    7. Melanie Martinez
    8. Terry McDermott
    9. Bryan Keith
    10. Casadee Pope
    11. Dez Duron
    12. Adriana Louise

    I am almost 100% sure that disregarding my dreams, Dez Duron and Casadee are not going to be eliminated pronto… sadly really. Bryan was a favorite but he’s been struggling lately. Terry is amazingly good but i fear people won’t support him as much as they would do with others. Trevin Hunte, for me at least, needs to grow and earn some taste and experience, he may flop anyday or kill it… depends on karma really. May i just say i LOVE this change meaning the two lowest vote-getters will leave. I used to hate that of The Voice. It wasn’t fair before. Excited to listen to the show tonight!

  15. Still don’t get the appeal of Cassadee Pope. Hoping Amanda wins this season!

  16. Aria says:

    For me, it’s:

    1) Amanda Brown
    2) Sylvia Yacoub
    3) Cody Belew
    4) Melanie Martinez
    5) Terry McDermott
    6) Nicholas David
    7) Cassadee Pope
    8) Trevin Hunte
    9) Adriana Louise
    10) Michaela Paige
    11) Bryan Keith
    12) Dez Duron

    Bryan has a nice enough voice, but he hasn’t stood out at all so far.
    Dez is sort of the opposite of what this show is about, in that his voice is far weaker than anyone else’s, yet he’ll probably beat half of them.
    I wasn’t crazy about Melanie’s song cohoice at first last week, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to it after several listens.
    Cassadee has a good voice and look, and she is ranked higher here because of her voice; however, I can’t make myself root for her because she seems like such a plant.
    For me, Amanda and Sylvia are far above the others.

  17. IraiaG says:

    Terry McDermott
    Amanda Brown
    Nicholas David
    Cody Bellew
    Michaela Paige
    Sylvia Yacoub
    Bryan Keith

    I know that Cassadee, Trevin and Dez will probably stick around but I honestly don’t care about them, Melanie or Adriana.

  18. Sara says:

    I am not entirely surprised that other than Terry and maybe Amanda, the top choices are ones who would probably do quite well on American Idol (I love Amanda, but she would probably do very well on American Idol) because of their poppy, one-performance-style inclinations. Cody and Nicholas should up in the top with Amanda and Terry. I love Trevin’s voice, but I think he could use a little variety.

  19. Sam M says:

    It will be a complete travesty if Amanda does not make the top 4.

  20. Tierra says:

    It’s sad that just like last year, Cee-lo has the two best on his team. IMO Cody and Trevin are both capable of winning. In my book it’s between Cody, Trevin and Amanda. Sadly, because of the Voice’s format, even if the judge’s top pick sucks, they still get to walk them into the final when there is usually an artist just eliminated that deserved that spot much better (i.e Jamar Rogers’ elimination last season = travesty)…I mean really!! Jamar over Chris Mann…Tony Luca (And I like Tony)…even Jermaine and Juliet who had just one great performance and Cee-lo sold Jamar out for her. But I use this as an example to show that the Voice should really pay attention to the fairer format of the X-Factor.

    But I really liked Diego and Mckenzie was pretty good as well and I was heartbroken to see Diego go but I must admit that he did not give his last performance all that he could have even tho it was a sucky song choice by Cee-lo. Oh and can I just add that Nicholas annoys the crap out of me and I HATE his voice. Bryan, Cassadee and Terry do absolutely nothing for me! I’m so happy to see Adriana but Michaela was pretty good, her song choices just sucked over the past few weeks…

    My Ranking:

    1. Cody
    2. Amanda
    3. Trevin
    4. Melanie
    5. Terry
    6. Sylvia
    7. Dez
    8. Bryan
    9. Cassadee
    10. Nicholas

    Please vote Nicholas out! I can’t take too much more of him! I can’t understand who actually likes this dude!!!!

    • Tierra says:

      WOW!!!!! I just saw that no coach is guaranteed an artist in the finale! It looks like they’re sending home two a week until the end…that’s wonderful!!!! Looks like they understood how outrageous last years’ fiasco really was!!!! This is good news!

  21. Meow says:

    I must not be hearing the same person as ya’ll – Amanda Brown? It’s like nails on a chalkboard – she’s so annoying and as X-tina said last night, I have no idea who she is as an artist, however, unlike X-tina- I am not looking forward to seeing what is in store, seriously people, the girl is a karaoke whore, not a star. Let her sing her Aerosmith and Florence in a dive bar in Burbank, she’s not cut out for this stuff…