Recap: Once Upon a Time Issues a Red Alert -- Plus, Are We Getting [Spoilers] Next Episode?!

Things got hairy this Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, as Ruby feared her first full moon as an uncursed werewolf, Red realized you can’t go home again and Henry got dragged back into the nightmare room.

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | While fleeing the queen’s guards, Red and Snow agree to split up, seeing as wolfstime was near and Red wanted to protect her gal pal. During their separation, Red meets Quinn, a fellow wolf who leads her to a den of people just like them — and is lorded over by Anita aka Red’s mother! (Granny lied about Red’s parents being killed by hunters, to conceal the truth of the girl’s lineage. Or something.) “Humans want us to believe we are monsters; I see things differently,” Anita told her kin. “You just need help embracing your true nature, by accepting the wolf as a part of you.” After agreeing to doff her protective hood, Red enjoys — and fully remembers — a night of wolfly carousing. Things turn dark, however, when Snow tracks Red to the den and is quickly accosted. Just as Red begs for her friend’s freedom, the queen’s guards storm the place and a fight breaks out, leaving Quinn dead. Seething, Anita announces, “We’ll feast on a princess tonight” and has Snow tied up. As Anita turns and readied to tear into Ms. White, Red-as-wolf tackles her mom, inadvertently impaling her on a spire. “You chose [Snow],” Anita says as she fades. “No, I chose me,” Red corrects. “I am not a killer.” Upon burying her mom, Red tells Snow, “I didn’t lose my family today; I protected it,” because whereas Anita and Granny both wanted Red to choose a side, Snow is “the only one who says it’s OK for me to be both.”

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Shine bright like a diamond! That is precisely what a cache of jewels does once unearthed by Grumpy during the dwarfs’ dig. If ground into fairy dust, the gems can turn Jefferson’s tattered hat back into a portal. But until then…. Ruby is struggling with the imminent arrival of the first full moon since the curse was lifted in Storybrooke. As such, blowtorch-toting Granny reconfigures the diner freezer into a cage for Ruby — and yet the next morning, the cage is found open and clawed, its captive missing. Granny and David find Ruby in the woods, then get called away to deal with someone’s double-parked car. (Crime is out of control in Storybrooke, I tell ya.) The vehicle turns out to be a tow truck belonging to Billy, a onetime rodent resident of Cinderella’s pantry who now crushes on Ruby. Billy, though, has been cleaved into two 8 o’clock hour-friendly halves, and Ruby’s convinced she is responsible. Hearing David insist she is innocent, Spencer (aka King George) sets out to pit the townsfolk against the sheriff, saying he’s putting them in peril.
    That night, replete with torches and pitchforks (!), an angry mob led by Spencer hunts down Ruby, until David arrives to reveal the truth: Spencer chopped up Billy with an axe, then framed Ruby for the mess. (Non-surprise!) After David calms Ruby-wolf and turns her back with her reclaimed hood, he finds Spencer on the shore. “I wasn’t trying to hide,” says the vengeful erstwhile king. “I just wanted to see the look on your face when you realized you’ll never see your wife and daughter again” — and with that, he brandished and pitched Jefferson’s hat into a bonfire. “I told you, you should have killed me when you can,” he sneered.
    Elsewhere in Storybrooke, Henry had that nightmare again, where he’s trapped in a red, windowless room whose curtains are aflame, and a strange woman is across from him. And this time he comes out of the dream with a very real burn on his hand! Regina appeals to Gold for help, and while he can’t stop the dreams — which take place in a netherworld between life and death, created by Lindelof and Cuse the sleeping spell — he can help Henry control his actions within. With that new ability, Henry the next time calls out to the woman in the room with him…

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT IS…. | … and it’s Aurora, as was heavily suggested last week. Sleeping Beauty wakes from this latest terror to inform Snow and Emma that it was different this time, that the other person in the room spoke — and it was a boy named Henry! And on that note, we have the seedling of a way for the Charming family members to communicate.

Now, a few quotes and notes, and then the promo for the next episode (airing Nov. 25) which appears to involve zombies! Someone go fetch Daryl….

* “Granny’s is having a 2-for-1 special on mead!”

* “Just because it’s called Happy Hour, Happy, doesn’t mean you have to be there.”

* “I’m surprised you cast a curse you know so little about.”

* “[Wolf hearing] ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Especially when you run a hotel.”

* Is it me or did the scale of Ruby-wolf change during the mob scene? She seemed to start off as a large dog, but grew to almost a small bear as David got close to her.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I have so many things to think about over this next two weeks. The portal, Cora, Henry, Aurora, Emma, Snow, Hook, I don’t know where to start

    • Leo says:

      Last week, I said that King George might be a great villain if he’s developed and boy they do develop him this episode. I want to smack him so badly and part of me wish David shot him or Red ate him.
      Aww, Gus from Cinderella? I was hoping for a reunion scene with Cinderella/Ashley before he met his end.
      Also, people complaining the story goes nowhere? So far, I think the writers are doing AMAZING job managing three worlds. They do have 22 episodes and this season builds to the big reunion/showdown at the end. Why rush things? It’s just Episode 7. I guess it’s true that you can never satisfy everyone.

  2. Grumpy says:

    I really liked the episode. There was a couple of things that didn’t make much sense to me like “Mr. Gold out of town” Why would he be out of town if they leave they lose their memories. And at the end I didn’t hear Henry telling Aurora his name all I heard was “don’t be afraid” Maybe I should go back and watch it again…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You didn’t miss anything, we didn’t see the part where Henry revealed his name. It apparently happened just after they cut away from the Storybrooke side of that sequence, to buy a few extra seconds of dramatic build-up until Aurora mentions it.

    • Jo! says:

      D: I went back and SHE DID say Gold was out of town…

      • When I first heard Ruby say that Gold was out of town, I was confused, but then I realized, even before re-watching that part, that she had said that the robe was not in town. Her exact words were “It’s not in town. I don’t think it came over with the curse.” Just wanted to help clarify :)

    • Jo! says:

      OH yeah, you didn’t miss anything. He apparently takes care of the fire and tells her not to be afraid and they immediately cut to Aurora waking up and calling out to Snow, eventually mentioning the little boy named Henry.

    • luli says:

      both red/ruby episodes are my favorites. her story is one of the best in the show.

  3. Jo! says:

    I’m a true true true fan of this series, but this “communicating through a nightmare” thing… eh. It’s the first time I go “eh” even though I called it in last week’s recap. Can’t wait to see what Regina and Rumple are gonna do once the dynamic duo “Cook” makes its way to their present home. And then with King George finishing off Jefferson’s hat, I went into “What if…” mode and started thinking that if Emma and Snow never made it back Charming would eventually start a relationship with Red. lol I need this “stuck in different worlds” arc to end already. Anyways, excited for the next episodes :D

    • kavyn says:

      Well it makes sense if we assume Aurora was put under the same sleeping spell as Henry did in the season 1 finale.

      • Exactly, I thought the explanation was perfectly plausible.

      • Jo! says:

        Oh yes, definitely. I agree it fits nicely because Aurora and Henry have just gone through similar, if not the same, situation recently… It just seemed too OUAT meets Nightmare on Elm Street for a second. Still lovin’ it though.

        • kavyn says:

          So since Snow was put under the same spell too I’m curious as to why she’s not experiencing these dreams as well? Rumple told Regina and Harry that there was no way of stopping the dreams, but it was possible to control them, and yet from what we know Rumple never helped Snow with this same issue… If what Rumple said is true (and it should be considering if they were false then Charming would have called out Rumple on his b/s since he helped Snow), then it doesn’t make sense that Snow is not experiencing these dreams whatsoever.

          Anyone have an explanation for me? Am I missing something?

          • ollie says:

            snow told aurora she also had nightmares ( in last weeks ep) and charming would help her with candles and such cant remeber the exact wording. but she didnt say what her nightmares were about.

          • Alexa says:

            He said there was nothing he could give Henry that would stop them. They must stop eventually one their own

          • Blake says:

            Last week Snow told Aurora that she herself had also had similar dreams after coming back from the sleeping curse Regina put on her. Charming had been there for her, lighting a candle next to her. Snow then did the same for Aurora. But Snow came back from the sleeping curse in the FairyTaleLand that was. When Charming kissed her in the pilot. That was when she had the dreams.

          • Jennifer says:

            Also, Gold said that “sometimes” the soul goes back to that place, so not always.

  4. Nick says:

    I feel like storybrooke is becoming Springfield… There’s always a mob around when you need one

  5. This was by far the best episode this season. As it was Red’s episode last season. The writers always do an amazing job with her story, and I don’t know why, everything just comes together amazingly. When I say Little Red Riding Hood has been the best adaptation on Once Upon a Time, I don’t mean it lightly, they’ve done such an incredibly job with it! And I love the cast of Meghan Ory. I’d never heard of her before, but she’s kinda perfect for Red.

    Also, I promised I’d say this here if I ever changed my mind, but, WOW, Belle KILLED IT in today’s episode. I never liked her much before today, but she was amazing, she showed grace and personality like never before, and I’m really starting to enjoy this friendship between her and Red. So, I publicly say: I. Was. Wrong.

    Red and Snow, Red and Charming, they have the most amazing friendship on the show! I admire their loyalty, and I love how they stand together through everything! I love seeing it developed!

    And, WOW, the ending! I literally got chills when Henry got to talk to Aurora! I’d kind of gotten chills before when they’d been having the same dream, but this storyline has been so great! And I love that Regina has been so supportive. I’m almost tempted to believe she has really changed.

    That’s it. Best. Episode. So. Far. It was so great that, for the first time this season, I didn’t even miss Emma and Mary Margaret!

    • luli says:

      ditto!! in the episodes were we’ve seen little of emma and snow I always miss them so much, but in this one I just loved the storyline and the friendship of snow and red is one of the best dynamics of this show. that scene at the end with the two of them in fairytale land that was, was beautiful and i even shred a tear. And then when is snow is thinking in FL that is, she is clearly thinking of red :)

  6. shuayb says:

    Ruby and Charming will never have a relationship! That’s blasphemous!! King George / Spencer is really a fool. Jefferson can still make another hat. All he needs is magic. Besides with the fairy dust they could get Regina to cast a spell and open a portal. Its not over. Yet.

    • Jo! says:

      I agree about Charming and Ruby never having a relationship… But remember Jefferson went mad trying to make another hat. Who knows if he’d be able to make another hat. Probably if Emma helped him, since apparently being the savior of the dark curse that was broken last finale gives her a special touch in this new curse.

      • Emily says:

        jefferson only went mad because he kept on trying to make another hat, but couldn’t because there was no magic, so he probably would be able to make another one, whether he is willing is another question

        • Jo! says:

          The only world that was truly abandoned by Magic was the real world. A LAND WITHOUT MAGIC.

        • Lyndsey says:

          No, he originally went mad while in Wonderland after failing to replicate his portal-jumping hat…which is why he wasn’t able to return home to his daughter. So, while the hat works on magic, obviously there was something special about that particular hat.

      • Ahhh but there is already another hat… There is the one Emma made that she tossed into her bug…

      • Guest says:

        I don’t think they’ll be able to get another hat. I think that burning the hat was meant to be an elimination of the possibility of Charming or a Storybrooke inhabitant creating a portal. It means that Emma and Snow have to be the ones to make it. Both sides were trying, but I think it will be Emma/Snow’s side that succeeds.

  7. Rachel says:

    I hate feeling like I missed something, but did Henry really tell Aurora his name? And when will the wraith and the medallions be revisited? Or have they been resolved? Sorry, I can’t remember if that’s been resolved because they haven’t touched on it in a while.

    I can’t say that this episode was my favorite, but I didn’t really expect much from it. It’s always great to see Red and Snow’s friendship though. Next week looks much more promising.

    • Jo! says:

      WE didn’t see Henry telling Aurora what his name was and actually having a conversation with her… He just slowly went towards her and told her to not be scared. Once he tells her, the episode cuts to Aurora waking up and calling Snow.

  8. Hasting says:

    One of my favorite episodes this season. Meghan Ory was brilliant and Granny is such a badass. Loved it! The fairytale flashbacks were probably my favorite part of the episode. The wolf pack = great idea! Annabeth Gish was awesome as Anita.
    Glad Regina and Henry had scenes together again, too. I don’t think the potion that Mr. Gold gave to Henry was really on him though. I’m betting he will play the ‘I helped Henry’ card when Charming or Regina got something he wants soon.

  9. Heather says:

    Fantastic episode tonight!! My head is full of so many thoughts but overall this was one amazing show and Meghan, Josh, Ginny, and Beverley (Granny) were all fantastic. My only complaint is that we have to wait two freaking weeks for the next new episode. ARGH!! =(

  10. Mila says:

    Writers, will it kill you to tease Huntman/Red?! Come on! There’s such a perfect pairing

  11. Jon says:

    Ok great episode, Meghan killed it! So glad she’s a regular now and hopefully she appears in more episodes. I was shocked when King George burned Jefferson’s hat. But the next episode looks awesome with the dreamworld and Cora’s zombies or whatever they are.

  12. mawhi says:

    Do we think the writers/producers realize that they’ve killed three of the four Black characters on the show? Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, Lancelot, and now Billy/Gus – and Sydney’s incarcerated. Yikes!

    (that said, I’m suspicious that Lancelot is alive in Storybrooke as we have no real evidence that the curse didn’t take him along, only Cora’s word)

  13. Emily says:

    okay while I was fine with frankenstien’s monster a few weeks ago, zombies I’m not too sure about

    • Chandra says:

      I don’t think it is Zombies…. If you count them, there are 7 of them, as in the 7 dwarves. I’m thinking with all the dreaming that they got hit with sleepy fairy dust and they are waking up LOOKING like Zombies, but not.

    • Jon says:

      Well it kinda looks like the “zombies” are the people from the save haven whose hearts Cora ripped out and it’s been mentioned on the show that as long as one holds the magic heart of someone they can control them(like how Regina did with the Huntsman) and that’s what it looks like Cora’s doing so maybe they’re not technically dead or zombies?

      • Alice says:

        That’s what I was thinking too since Cora can be seen holding a heart in her hand in the clip.

      • Chandra says:

        I guess that’s true- I just have trouble with that storyline as the Huntsman was never Zombiefied…

      • Anna says:

        I agree it was the people she killed at the save-haven that she is now…’controlling’. But I don’t think that clashes with Graham never being ‘zombified’ as Chandra said, because It hink that was different. When the queen pulled out graham’s heart, he wasnt dead, and only when she squashed it did he die. Whereas those people who had their hearts ripped out at the save-haven were clearly dead, so Cora must have squashed their hearts. That doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t still somehow be able to retain the power to control them now that they are dead…. and thus zombies.

  14. Jesse says:

    I love Annabeth Gish so much. Sorry to see she only got a “one and done” episode arc on this show. Anita, we hardly knew ye!

  15. dude says:

    WHY isn’t Red the lead? Like honestly, she’s the best. I wish she had a more substantial role.

  16. snix says:

    Did anybody else think that Ruby was going to kiss Belle before she chained her?

    Also to people thinking Ruby/David is going to happen Meghan did an interview saying they were trying to go for a sibling thing…

  17. ollie says:

    am i the only i didnt like this ep at all and i loved red/ rubys ep last season. the acting was bad ( thats the first time on the show i thought that ) on top of the really horrible computer genarated wolves.

    • Rissa says:

      I was just about to say the same thing! One of my least favorite episodes if the season. Meghan’s acting just wasn’t there for me tonight. Neither was Ginny’s in the flashback. I think part of it was the writing. I also hated that as soon as Red got her mother back they killed her off. They could have done a lot more with her and the man that choked Snow. But I loved Josh’s acting when he held the gun to Spencers face. Incredible!

    • wednesday says:

      No you’re not the only one who didn’t care for it. I thought the same thing with the acting. I like Red and Granny, but thought the acting was a little over the top. And the town with pitchforks was a bit much. The show is starting to lose it’s magic for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I really hate that too because it’s one of my favorite shows. I wish there was more Rumple and Regina and wish they’d hurry and get the girls back to Storybrooke. It seems like it’s taking FOREVER! Hook doesn’t really do anything for me the way Jefferson, August and Graham did either. I can’t stand Mulan or Aurora and they seem to get more screen time than the main characters. I also want to see more of Archie and Grumpy. This season started off great, but seems to be going downhill. I hope they turn it around soon.

      • Templar says:

        Thank you. This episode was a disappointment to me. The acting was stilted, the CG was amateurish and the flow was non existent. It’s starting to feel like a police procedural [think Criminal Minds] where we have the crime of the week and there are familiar faces, but there’s no depth. And the one or two ep stunt casting [Gish, Garcia etc.] is annoying. It feels more like Murder She Wrote than an ongoing story. And while I’m being a PITA, if the wolf den/castle was sunken below ground, what was with all of the daylight streaming in? Wouldn’t big holes in the forest floor above these windows be noticeable?

        • Rissa says:

          I think a huge part of the problem is the fact that we’re in 3 different worlds and they aren’t balanced very well. One of the three somehow always gets only a tiny piece of the 43 minutes or none at all. It will be much better when Emma and Snow get back and were focused on just balancing two worlds. I also think the writers wanted to do a Ruby/Red episode for fans that somehow pushed the story line along but it just came across as a bad filler episode. It was also a really obnoxious delay of getting Snow and Emma back.

        • Rissa says:

          I just read that the ratings this week hit an all time low for ONCE. Good job writers. Hopefully the intense promo will bring the fans back!

          • Templar says:

            Maybe. I think ratings were down due to football. Without hockey, guys are starved for sports and watch more football than normal.

  18. Patti says:

    I love Red’s friendships with Snow and Belle. I love Charming in Storybrooke and love Henry. The Gold and Henry scene made me hope even more that Gold is Henry’s grandpop.

  19. Liz says:

    I love the girl power I’m your friend I believe in you coming from both Belle and Snow, and even from David. If I was the writers I’d have Belle I tell Red, “I’m in love with Rumplestilskin, the wolf thing is no big deal. He’s a bigger monster than you’ll ever be.”

    • Jon says:

      Heh I was thinking like the same thing during the Belle/Ruby scene! Or maybe Belle could have said something like “So what if you turn into a wolf you’re my only friend in this world and you’re not a monster nor are you evil I know people who truly are evil monsters.”

  20. linds says:

    To be honest, I am already sick of the twist of Snow and Emma in another land and trying to come back to Storybrooke. The writers are having a similar problem that Glee had. Too many characters and not enough time to spilt the screen time with. Emma and Snow are like the main characters of the show, they need to be in the screen more then like 5 minutes. I know because of the twist, but hopefully emma/snow come back which they better soon.

    • While it’s true they’re main characters, they’re not THE main characters. This is an ensemble show. You think you’d have learned that, with it being by some of the people who made Lost.

  21. I’d say this was the best of the filler episodes this season. Love Ruby/Red. Kind of a predictable episode. Anita looked too much like Red to not be her mother. Can’t wait until Red confronts Granny. Obviously they work it out, but I’d like to Red stand up for herself again.

    The Storybrooke scenes were a little over dramatic, but Spencer/George makes for a fantastic villain!

    Also how can they have a mob scene with out Whalenstein? Doesn’t he lead those now? ;)

    • Mike says:

      Agree completely, it was definitely filler but it was also one of the best episodes this season, I personally found it better than Frankenstein and the Hook episode for sure.

  22. NBC says:

    Nice to see Ben Hollingsworth!

  23. L. Williams says:

    I’m sick of that also. Fans are losing interest because the s/l’s got too scattered. Also, IMHO the new FTL s/l is BORING! I think they need to just end it and bring Snow and Emma back home where they belong. The Ruby story was good, however. About the hat, not so sure that exact same hat is even needed. It might be possible that any hat would work, if they could find some kind of “magic touch”! Remember when the Mad Hatter kidnapped Emma and Snow because the hats he made didn’t work? He had lots of hats in his house…none worked then. He believed that Emma had magic and could make a hat that worked. But back then, Storybrooke was a land without magic…for the most part. So now that magic is there, why couldn’t it work, with the fairy dust and any hat maybe? Worth a try anyway! But wouldn’t the hat just be a way of someone getting TO new FTL? How would they get back?

    • I think Emma’s hat she made might be brought back into the picture soon. I think they need to find the FTL equivalent of the looking glass in Wonderland. Jefferson and Regina didn’t take the hat with them when they went to Wonderland.

      • Templar says:

        Hi Kandice: Do you have any idea what made Jefferson’s hat magic in the first place? if they ever said, I’ve forgotten.

        • No they never did. However Blue made it seem like she’d have the ability to get it going again. Although that could’ve been specific to that hat. I just want to find out where that dang hate Emma made went to and whether it could be jumpstarted into a portal jumping device.

          • Templar says:

            Thanks. Maybe I’m nuts [it’s about even money right now] but isn’t there already a portal to FTL? Shards from Snow’s coffin popped up after the mine explosion. There must be a portal there.

          • I’ve long suspected that the two worlds are linked in some way. Not necessarily a portal but more like one on top of the other.

            What I really want to know is who moved the coffin to the basement of the library with Maleficent? Or was that just a goof by the writers?

    • Mike says:

      Hey you cannot speak for all fans, I personally love the path they haven’t taken this season by bring present day FTL into the mix, and I believe the best episodes this season have been the one taken place in present FTL and find it the most exciting this show has ever been. You can speak for yourself, but just because you don’t like something does not mean every fan agrees with you.

      • Don’t you just love it when people come onto message boards and start proclaiming they know what all fans want? I agree with you. We are all entitled to our own opinion. I know some fans are annoyed with the way this season is playing out, and some love it. Personally I think it has had it’s ups and downs.

  24. Also how lame are the townsfolk of SB? Seriously, torches and pitchforks. Then let Spencer not only get away, but let him attack Granny.

  25. Liam says:

    I love this show, but Bewitched had better visual effects in 1966!

  26. Someone mentioned earlier about Gold being out of town. And then there was the question as to how that could be because he’d change.

    1) That clearly wasn’t the case, as he was at David’s to give Henry the locket to let him have control over the fire room.

    2) I don’t see how he would change into a mortal, “normal” Mr. Gold, since they revealed last season that Regina and Gold were always the Queen and Rumpelstiltskin.

    And this part bugs me about their personae in regards to the Curse. Did Rumple and Regina merely play parts as Gold and… Regina (not very inventive there), or were they already sharing the identities like everyone else is post-Curse-breaking? If they were merely masquerading as Gold and the Mayor, they should have no worries about crossing the line. Especially so as the creator of the Curse (Rumple) and the one who cast it (Regina).

    I think this is lazy writing. And I think that Regina and Rumple should be able to freely leave the town limits.

    • Templar says:

      Out of town could mean in the woods, by the well etc. Not necessarily across the line. I’m not sure about Gold, but Regina always knew because she had the secret room under her father’s crypt. Also, she had Graham enthralled and had to know he wasn’t there by choice.

    • Heather says:

      Eddy & Adam have said several times that Rumple didn’t get his memories back until he heard Emma say her name in the pilot episode so I think he would lose his Fairytale identity if he crossed the border now. Regina I’m not so sure about though.

    • Will says:

      He wasn’t out of town. People misheard. What Ruby said was that, when she visited Mr. Gold about her red cape that *it* was out of town.

  27. Mike Q. says:

    Couple observations:
    1) Ruby’s dialog was beyond terrible. I get that the writers are kind of bored while spending these episodes establishing chess pieces, but they still need to do better.
    2) The inherent problem with what they’re doing is starting to present itself: Sidney is already lost this season. August appears to be on his way out. Eventually Grumpy will get a pilot, removing another key piece of the puzzle of characters. No real solution to this, but it does hurt the show.
    3) The episode-by-episode bounce between David and Henry and Mary Margaret and Emma is so not working for me.

    • Templar says:

      ITA. The writers seem to be “Lost”. IMO, Jefferson and the Blue Fairy are two of the most important secondary characters. Jefferson because he’s the Gatekeeper to all the other worlds. The Blue Fairy because she is at the base of Pinocchio’s I.D., Jiminy’s alter ego, Bael’s journey, and modifying Regina’s original curse against Snow & Charming at their wedding etc. I don’t care about Mulan/Aurora/Phillip, Kathryn/Frederic, Lancelot or Cinderella. I do enjoy the little nods to Mother Goose [when Jack Sprat & his wife showed up in the candle selling ep], but we don’t need the constant turnover of new people. It’s like riding a fairy tale subway, people keep getting on and off. Too much.

      • Mike Q. says:

        Jefferson is my absolute favorite secondary character. And, yes, given that he is about to start filming Captain America 2 — where he may or may not be the villain — his schedule is about to tighten up. But from a storytelling perspective, he’s difficult. He is really the only one who doesn’t *want* to be caught up in all of this. Now that he has his daughter back — after years of being separated — he is completely happy just living with her in his mansion and letting the others do whatever in town.

      • A fairy tale subway that keeps sputtering. I’ve been entertained this season, but I am beyond frustrated the way they are doing things. There is no real momentum. Anytime they get going it abruptly stops, like the transition from Tallahassee to this week’s episode. Dragging out the main plot doesn’t work. To me it is completely possible to have the three story lines at once, if you cut out Ruby/Whale centric episodes.

        Yes people like Ruby (count me among them), but maybe this wasn’t the best place to throw her back story in.

        Still I love this show and I try to look at the big overall picture and try to enjoy the ride.

  28. Babybop says:

    I like this show a lot, but this episode bored me. I really loved the first Ruby/Red episode, but this one was too over dramatic for me. I hope that in the next episode they bring back all the people from the enchanted forest (except leave Mulan there…) and we don’t have to keep switching from land to land.

  29. VCI says:

    I loved this ep, like all. I have no issue with the length it’s taking to get Snow and Emma back to Storybrooke. Mulan is a bit intense, and Aurora a bit boring (but sleeping beauty always had the least personality out of any princess, so it’s fitting) But all-in-all I’m loving season two.

    My only complaint is we still don’t know Charming’s real name and that is starting to piss me off because the creators said we find it out this season, so i’m sick of Charming being called Son, or Shepard, or anything but his actual name! I mean during their impromptu wedding ceremony would have been the perfect time to reveal his real name. and what mother just calls out son, instead of his actual name all the freaking time.
    I demand to know Charming’s real name.

  30. Andy says:

    Did they have to make Billy be Gus? Now they have not only killed off another black actor but have killed off two major Cinderella characters. On that note, do we yet know why Rumple wanted the magic wand? I assume it had something to do with the curse as does the WWotW’s crystal ball. Also I’m hoping that Maleficent is out there somewhere in Storybrooke and maybe killing the dragon only broke her spell. I know it’s wishful thinking but Aurora still needs her nemesis if she eventually crosses over.

    • gdv says:

      I thought Maleficent WAS the dragon that Emma killed. In fact, I’m sure of it. Charming went to Maleficent’s castle to hide the egg back in Fairy-tale Land. Regina said she brought Maleficent over to Storybrook in the dragon state. Emma killed the dragon during last season’s finale.

  31. Lambsilencer says:

    It’s just the way it is with “Once Upon A Time”. The episodes telling Ruby/Red’s story continue to be the best of the show. Last season’s “Red-handed” was deemed the best of the season by many, and for me, this one didn’t lose any of the quality the former episode concerning Ruby/Red. It was another truly tragic tale for her, superbly written and filmed. (OK, the scene with the wolves running through the forest was with very poor special effects. But the notion was very beautiful). And Meghan Ory didn’t miss one single beat in portraying this multi-layered, complex, cute and feisty character. And by God did she look gorgeous again in her red hood. I hope they make her more of a sidekick for David in the future. She’s just a treat to watch.
    I knew it was Aurora in Henry’s dream in the first occasion, as the way she moved in her huge dress was so distinctly her it couldn’t have been any other way. But still, the idea that Henry is connected to the other world through his dreams is quite brilliant.

  32. Templar says:

    Does anyone remember how Jefferson’s hat became magic? Or have they never explained that?

  33. drush76 says:

    Why does Ruby/Red’s story have to be about Charming? I was hoping that George would make an effective nemesis for Charming. Instead, we got this piece of crap storyline.

    And I feel sorry for Anita. Not only did she lose her daughter through lies, but also through Ruby abandoning her for the likes of Snow White. What a damn pity.

    Poor Billy. If only this show can maintain a character portrayed by a minority actor (other than Lana Parrilla) on a regular basis.

  34. Tess says:

    Enough with the affirmative action. These are European fairy tales. The producers are fitting in minority characters when they can. Mulan is a minority character, isn’t she? The few well known children’s stories that involve minority characters [Little Black Sambo, Uncle Remus etc.] are considered politically incorrect these days. In future they may bring in Tiana, Jasmine and Aladdin, or even Mowgli.

    • VCI says:

      I agree. I didn’t notice that they kept “killing off black characters” until someone pointed it out. I mean the fact that they made Lancelot black was awesome (and like many suggest, he may not be really dead). Sometimes we have to stop reading so much into things. Yes, diversity is an issue on this show but disney didn’t get a black princess until 2009. None of this takes away from the fact they created a great show!

      and not that this matters, but I am black.

      • Templar says:

        Actually they are killing off white characters just as often: Henry [Regina’s father], Graham, Daniel, Dwarf [can’t remember his name], Peter [Red’s love], etc. Does anyone have an idea about the significance of the Child of the Moon symbol on the pendant Gold gave Henry? It’s the same symbol that was on Red’s mother’s grave marker.

  35. Gilda says:

    Josh Dallas’ face when George burned the hat…my heart.

  36. Alex says:

    I thought I was the only one who noticed all the black characters getting killed or being evil. I didn’t say anything before because I knew insensitive people would say “You need to stop overthinking things” Psh. It’s inconsistent. Even Cora wasn’t evil. Even cora had a backstory. But the black characters seem to be killed off with no reason or legitimately evil. Wtf is that about. I still can’t help but love the show, but I hope we don’t end up with another “Glee” director who has a hatred or stereotype for blacks and worked it into the show.

    (( I’m white and I’m confuuuused. ))