Vampire Diaries First Look: Miss Mystic Falls Brings Together Unlikely Couples

The Vampire Diaries revisits the Miss Mystic Falls pageant on Nov. 29 (The CW, 8/7c), and the following sneak peek of the festivities, which include an intimate dance, is sure to make a ‘shipper group or two very happy.

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While Damon and Elena get up close and personal, unlikely pair Caroline and Klaus have a confrontation. On the bromantic side, Jeremy turns to Matt for help. (We’re guessing he doesn’t want advice on what to wear to the pageant.)

The episode also features a cameo by Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas.

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. maki says:

    why the hell is Jeremy so strong? Are the gilberts decendents of the 5!?
    And Candice looks tremendous! *.*

  2. Julia says:

    Damon please throw Elena in the fire.

    • Bruce_F says:

      Oh, get over it. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of the character, she’s the center of the entire damn show and always will be. You know she’s not going anywhere so just stop.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Sorry, Elena into the fire sound good to me!!!!

        • Bruce_F says:

          No need to apologize. The entire point of my post was to say it’s never going to happen so there’s no point in clamoring for it. It may seem like a good idea but it’s a pipe dream.

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            So serious! Do you honestly believe we’re really dumb enough to think it will actually happen? It’s called having fun with a ridiculous situation.

          • Sphoira Lynn says:

            Damn Elena and Stefan should just have a threesome and get it over with

      • Lynn says:

        I agree with you Bruce …..YOU ALL NEED TO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE THAT PLEASES YOU .. obviously you are spending wasted energy on Thursday night ….may I suggest ..two and half men Ashton Kutcher is a cutie…..and it’s a comedy …that should make all you negative people laugh at stupidity instead of beating up a good show!!!!!

    • Julia says:

      LOL THIS PLEASE!!!! Elena just needs to go.

    • Naazneen says:

      Yes. ITA. Fire. ASAP

    • Aliya says:


  3. Julia says:

    So Stefan is leaving town and there’s another DE dance. Shocking, that’s not been done before. Think I’ll skip this one.

    • Jane says:

      You’ll actually SKIP an episode? I didn’t think this was the kind of show where you COULD skip an episode. A lot of things happen. I for one am always happy to see Damon and Elena dance.

    • ka-el says:

      why are people saying they are going to skip an episode just because there is something that they dont like if you are a true tvd fan you will watch it regardless and also it helps the rating so the show can stay on air. stupid people

  4. Ari says:

    Wait, didn’t they do this exact same story last year and the year before? So what is going to be different now? Elena will be whinier than ever?

    • Jon says:

      Basically yes

    • i think personally stephan went thrugh so much in all episodes to save daman and elena, went with claus turned of his humanity went throughh hell +back to save themboth, tryed to get the bitch a cure and what does she do? throw it back in his face kisses his brother twice , (damian) stephans got a good heart + damian just selfish- but every1 likes him like that, i no alot of people are sayin ”dalayna” but really damans better at being a whore seepin around, the show would be really boring if daman + elena got together. and i think elena has hert stephan way to many times. bring back katherine!! + show elena what shes missing!! stephan needs a good gurl :) elana aint no different to kaherine history did repeat its self the only person i feel for is stephan

      • Madi says:

        no, i think damon and elena would make a perfect couple! elena has made damon such a better person! and btw, i am like ready to throw a dictionary at ur face! (no offense)

  5. Janet Snakehole says:

    This Elena triangle has to be the MOST boring, overused, stretched out storyline in the history of television. Can she just bang Damon already so we can FINALLY move on to epic and INTERESTING things like Carolike & Klaus?! Just look at them! I cant even!!!

    • Mary says:

      LOL! I used to be a Delena fan but Damon deserves so much better than that whiny brat. Klaroline on the other hand is so wonderful that I soak up every scene they have.

      • Kim says:

        Addicted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about every Klaroline scene…
        Agree about Damon. Stefan too. Elena just drags them both down

        • jules says:

          Exactly what I’m thinking… Klaus and Caroline have got to get it on already and the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle has got to go. Seriously, she really drags them down. Let them get their own lovestories, it’s not all Elena-land.

          • ka-el says:

            i definetly agree with you and besides Damon is much more funnier and more like seasn 1 Damon when he is not love sick over elena and elena is also breaking his heart. Damon is too good for her

      • Aliya says:

        I totally agree with you!! :)

  6. Jasmi says:

    I don’t understand why any of you bother watching the show when you clearly don’t like it. There are hundreds of other shows you could be watching, unless your goal is to just troll fans.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see more of Elena getting used to being a vampire, and I’m totally excited about any Caroline/Klaus scenes.

    • iMember says:

      It’s not a matter of them not liking the show. They DO like the show, but the love triangle is the WORST part about it, and they have their right to voice their opinions about it. The best of fans are those who still love the show, but can still point out its flaws and errors and not act like it’s the best and most perfect thing in the world.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        THIS!!! I cannot stand Charlie but I love the show Revolution so I continue to watch. This whole Elena triangle crap is sooo old, enough already. And the whining…….It’s a big joke in my house.

      • Aliya says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself!! <3

  7. me says:

    Finally delenaaaaa

    • Alex says:

      We say finally every damn time and than Julie takes the stick from Elena’s ass and shove it right in ours! I’ ll say finally when I’ll see it! ;)

  8. fox says:

    after 3 seasons of ” it will always be stefan” bla bla bla….people got tired…stelena has become boring. I totally want to see damon and elena FINALLY togheter after 3 seasons and half!!!!!!!!

    • Susy says:

      Amen, fox, to everything you said! Delena rules!!!!!!!!

      • andrea says:

        I have this feeling that delena is starting to happen!

        1. anyone notice stefan carrying a big bag pic? ( I assume he’s planing to leave town,( but probably something happen and cancel it, because he still in town in ep. 9, they make the deal right? the one get the girl and the other one leave the town and is that is stefan idea in the first place)

        2. there’s no spoilers for episode 8, while spoilers for episode 9 is everywhere! is there something big happen there?

        3. and the spoilers for episode 9 is out already, and damon and elena doing another road trip together, which is doesn’t make sense remembering how jealous stefan was at several first episode… unless… unless stelena it’s officially over…

        • Susy says:

          I hope you are so right, Andrea! That third point- Stelena being over- Lord, I hope you’re right! I would be very,very happy indeed!

    • ka-el says:

      perfectly said :)

  9. Cassandra Elise says:

    Be still, my Delena shipper heart! <3

  10. meah says:

    Do the writers really want to do delena?it disgusts me in a way,maybe its cos I have 5 brothers I can’t imagine one girl dating two of my brothers..once damon and elena have sex I would stop watching the show.I still love caroline and the gang.and please can the bring back BEREMY??

  11. dude says:

    I’m not sure if she’ll be un-daggered by then but I would love it if Rebekah had a nice little victory and won Miss Mystic Falls. Girl needs a win!

  12. blanket says:

    Waiting for the Klaus/Caroline action!!

  13. hello says:

    I wish this show would just end all the relationship crap and focus on what is actually important, the storylines

  14. Patty says:

    Even if I dont like where the show id going, seeing Damon in a suit is reason enough to watch this episode!, gourgeus!

  15. Bubba922 says:

    I don’t care how many times they do the same story as look as Damon looks like that.

  16. April says:

    I might get a hint of excitement out of the Delena scenes if I thought for one SECOND that it would lead ANYWHERE. But it won’t. Julie Plec is obsessed with Stelena and will continue to force them on our screens until we love them as much as she does while at the same time giving Delena fans 1 good scene an episode so we don’t flip the channel. Delena will have their moment in this episode and in the end when Stefan comes back Elena will say she loves him more than anything and continue to treat Damon like the Devil. After 3 years of waiting for an actual TRIANGLE like the show said it was supossed to be, I sat season 4 out. And I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I thought it was rediculous to have Elena become a Vamp this soon. Way to early for that for me.

  17. smthkly says:

    While the Delena pic is AWESOME, I’m sure it will last all of maybe 5 seconds before someone walks in making Elena feel guilty then of course she will take it out on Damon and swear her eternal love for Stefan. I really hope I’m wrong and we get a nice romantic dance by the fire but I will remain pesimistic so I can be overjoyed if it does happen and not devastated when it doesn’t.

    I’m not a Klaroline shipper but it seems like maybe Caroline will be the distraction so Klaus doesn’t figure out what Haley/Tyler are up to in regards to breaking the hybrids’ sire bond. I almost feel a little sorry for Klaus if she is using him that way because he seems to really care about her.

  18. jaime says:

    Still season one was the best. They should just end it while the ratings are still good.

  19. Elyse says:

    awww Gabby Douglas :)

  20. Shaun says:

    Caroline is so good looking in that dress.And Jeremy one arming a keg?Even empty those things are heavy I think.

  21. tvdfann says:

    One word; KLAROLINE!!! ❤

  22. cherie says:

    Still hoping for delena. I dident think Damon (Ian) could get anymore beautifull then he allready was. I was wrong :-)

    • Lynn says:

      you know it …….fifty shades wow he is one good looking dude……. but then again Stefan is no slouch …………………….

  23. Madison says:

    I just wish Steven would leave town so delena would happen stefens old news he needs to get the hell out of town plus he is a goody to shoes I people like that

    • maria says:

      I hope Delena will happen soon. I never looked up on Stefan as a goody to show, only somebody pretending to be that, i have always seen him as small minded, a liar and manipulator.

  24. Agacieuse says:

    Im a fan of tired of “it wil olwaz b stefan”.bt mre interestinly,im so psyced abt Klaus nd Caroline “Klaroline” scenes! I so lov dis 2,so cute!

    • its because the writers have gone from stephan to daman to stephan to daman to stephan to daman its becoming really boring but daman couldnt possibly be the same character if hes with elena hes good at doing what he does (male whore) that wudnt happen if he was with elena, so every 1 would soon be complaining then!!! fact!!

  25. if damian and elena get together the show will be boring damans better at being a male whore + you all know it!! stephan went through hell in back to save daman +elena and they stab him in the back and let history repeat it self!! bring back kathrine (steph_erine) and show elena what shes missing, stephan is warm hearted and daman is just selfish so ”delayna probably deserve each other , but stephan deserves some 1 to treat him good. and you can tell in the last episode that stephan has literally, had enough and lost all respect for elana ” good luck getting that back bitch”

  26. Kelli says:

    Wow. A lot of you guys need to learn how to spell, also how can so many people dislike Elena when she’s the main character? I loved this episode I was happy when Elena admitted her feelings for Damon, you could tell from the first season Elena had feelings for Damon. When they danced at Miss Mystic Fall, and they have just had so many intense moments compared to Stefan and Elena. Damon seemed like he was always the one there saving Elena, doing anything to make her happy. Plus he deserves to be happy for once! With how much heart break he’s gone though. I mean sure I feel for Stefan and all but I’ve just never liked him and Elena together. And you’re not going to tell me when you spend all your time with two guys. (brothers, best friends, whatever) your not going to have feelings for both. Plus it’s not like the writers are going to keep her with Damon. Since she’s ‘sired’ which I thought it was cute at first because if you watch all the new episodes in season 4 you can see that it’s true, but now she’ll probably go right back to Stefan. Also how can you guys dislike Elena but not Katherine, and Rebekah. They both went from one brother to the other! I do agree with the people who thing Klaus and Caroline are cute! I hope she ends up with him.

  27. Sphoira Lynn says:

    Damon Elena and Stefan should just have a threesome already to get it over with