The Voice Top 20 Results Recap: Did the Right Singers Advance?

This just in: The flagrant sadist who’s been styling Christina Aguilera this season on The Voice has apparently taken control of the pop star’s major decisions on the show.

How else to explain the “Dirrty” singer’s ridiculous choice to send home her most entertaining team member on Thursday’s Season 3 Playoffs results telecast? The troweled-on makeup and see-through Lycra we can tolerate, but this latest blunder simply will not stand.

Part of me wants to believe the elimination of uni-monikered De’Borah was pure theater — that next Monday Carson Daly will announce that the coaches pow-wowed over the weekend and decided that Season 3 couldn’t proceed without the fabulous soul sister, and therefore had changed the Top 12 into a Top 13. But no, this is not The X Factor. (You can tell because the stage lighting is not set to “seizure-inducing,” and the requisite tattered t-shirt is worn by an American hottie, not a cranky Brit with a baffling haircut.)

Anyhow, enough of my griping…let’s talk results:

Voted Through by America
Amanda Brown (Adam’s right — if we had to declare the Season 3 champ today, it’d be her)
Bryan Keith

Adam’s Save
Melanie Martinez (lose the hair bow, girl!)

Loren Allred
Joeslyn Rivera

Voted Through by America
Terry McDermott
Cassadee Pope (what is America buying that I’m not seeing, aside from an empty bottle of Hype?)

Blake’s Save
Michaela Page (YES!!!!)

Liz Davis
Julio Cesar Castillo

Voted Through by America
Dez Duron (way to choose the “cute” guy with the average voice, teen robots!)
Sylvia Yacoub (did her side cornrows look super painful or what?)

Xtina’s Save
Adriana Louise (over Dez, sure! over De’Borah, blasphemy!)

De’Borah (noooooooo!!!!!)
Devyn Deloera

Voted Through by America
Trevin Hunte (of course!)
Nicholas David

Cee Lo’s Save
Cody Belew (YESSS!)

Mackenzie Bourg
Diego Val (I hope he got paid enough that he can afford socks now)

Interspersed among the results we had a pair of “too many contestants spoil the music” group perofrmances, a Maroon 5 jam, and a visit from Season 2 champ Jermaine Paul, there to plug his not-very-memorable debut single “I Believe in This Life.” (Still better than “I Believe I Can Fly”, though). I could talk about them at length, or you could go to NBC’s Voice web site and watch them again. (Why would either of us want to do those things?)

And now it’s your turn: What did you think of this week’s results? Whose ouster made you maddest? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

p.s. Due to Hurricane Sandy leaving me without cable and internet for six days, there’ll be no new Reality Check till next Monday. Last week’s kick-awesome episode, however, is embedded below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Andie says:

    Sad about De’Borah but was really excited when Blake actually made a good choice in keeping my fave, Michaela, over Liz who I assumed he would save for the country thing! Go Michaela!

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      I was surprised he didn’t keep LIz too, but I’m not on the Michaela train like the rest of the world. Not that I loved Liz, but I think she deserved to be there at least as much as Michaela. My personal pick would have been to save Julio and send both girls home.

    • Clifford Alverez says:

      So glad he saved Michaela over Liz. I think Liz was super overrated, and shouldn’t have gotten as far as she did.

    • Jacob says:

      I thought he would definitely pick Michaela, for two reasons:

      1) He needs a little girl on the show to be his foster daughter. Michaela is continuing the Xenia/RaeLynn tradition.
      2) If he wants Liz to succeed in country music, he doesn’t need her to win The Voice. He can set her up any time he wants, which he has already done for Gwen Sebastian and RaeLynn.

  2. Petunia says:

    XTina – who apparently didn’t notice that her weave flopped into the marichino cherry jar- is crazy not to have picked De’Borah. Crazy!

    • Temperence says:

      They were all pretty fair choices – except for De’borah. To be honest, if she made the album I think she’s going to make, it’d be the best out of any of the records of all the chosen folks. Christina made a HUGE mistake there.

    • Jac says:

      De’Borah danced like an angry orangutan. She may sing, but her stage presence is awful, and if there’s something that XTina says again and again and again is the phrase “Complete Package”

      • uUt says:

        I second that. Her voice wasn’t as good as during audition too. Perhaps song choice? Deborah vs Travin is a sure loose, they are both same genre same style and soulful singers. Adriana may be able to give a shot with her bubbly face against Travin, I will choose Adriana too.

  3. Karrah says:

    I am a Cassadee fan, mostly because of her blind audition of “Torn” which was fantastic. I really liked her “Payphone” in the knockouts too. I wish she hadn’t done an Avril song because I think she can do way better than that. I hope you give her a chance to change your mind, Michael!

    Also, so stoked that CeeLo picked Cody! He deserved it. The only contestants I’m upset about being eliminated are Mackenzie and Joselyn. I knew Adam was gonna pick Melanie, but I still think Joselyn could’ve gone a lot further.

    • atlgroove says:

      I’ve iTuned several of the contestants’ songs and I have to say Cassadee’s (and Joe kirkland’s) are arguably the most radio ready. By that I mean they don’t sound like they were drawn from a TV show and just plain ready for mass consumption.

  4. Eric says:

    I think Blake and Cee Lo definitely made the right decisions by saving Cody and Michaela. Those two and Amanda are my favorites on this show (although I think Amanda is the only one of the three with a legitimate shot to win).

    Adam picking Melanie is totally defensible, as neither Loren nor Joselyn was all that great. I’m not a fan of hers, though, and think she’ll be gone next week along with Adriana.

    Speaking of which: ADRIANA? OVER DE’BORAH? Christina, I love you, girl, but you need to put down the crack pipe. Adriana’s been pitchy and shouty in every single performance this season, and De’Borah, though admittedly off her game last night, is far superior in both voice and entertainment value. Even Devyn (who never had a chance in hell) did better than Ms. Louise did yesterday. Really shocking.

  5. Caro says:

    This is the second season in a row in which Christina has sent her best performer off packing. This is why she will never, ever win the Voice. WTF. She could have carried De’Borah to the end and had a real threat.

    • Erika says:

      Christina made a bad decision sure but isn’t America partly to blame? Both Dborah and Cody should have been top 2 vote getters. So your theory is off that Dborah would have sailed to the finals when she couldn’t get top 2 on the weakest team.

      • TheBeach says:

        I, too, was really glad Cee Lo saved Cody. I think he has one of the best voices in the competition. He’s funny and entertaining to watch too but maybe he should chill just a tad on the theatrics. He did last week on “Jolene” and he was terrific.

    • KND says:

      Completely agree. Her gambling is going to completely fail her. De’borah was the best on her team.

    • gailer says:

      America didn’t save De’Borah. Can’t lay all the blame on XTina.

      • Sandy says:

        Sad but true, gailer. I was more surprised that De’Borah didn’t get the audience vote than I was that Christina didn’t save her. I don’t think De’Borah is the type of singer that Christina feels comfortable mentoring. I could see how much it pained her to pick De’Borah over Chevonne last week. I just thought a lot of the voters would get behind De’Borah because she stands out and (despite this week’s performance) does have a sick voice.

  6. Ronnie says:

    Shocked that Xtina didn’t keep DeBorah but I knew she was doomed because her song did not chart as well as the others on iTunes. Don’t get the Cassie Pope thing either, but ok with everyone else there for now. It all comes down to song choice which may kill CeeLo’s guys as he’s the worst of the coaches when it comes to song choice, followed by Blake. (And for the record, What in the Hell was CeeLo wearing tonight?) Based on projected audience voting, the final four will probably be Amanda, Trevin, Sylvia and Dez. Brian is a wild card and no one from Blake’s team is strong enough to make the final this year.

    • TheBeach says:

      I’ve gotta disagree about no one from Blake’s team making it to the finals. I think Terry has a pretty good shot at making it. He has a pitch perfect rocker voice. It’s just unfortunate he looks like a munchkin with a bad shag.

      • IraiaG says:

        Agree about Terry’s voice, guy is my favorite since day one. I think he looks way more like a normal size hobbit. Works for me though since Tolkien and rock are two of my favorite things in the world.

    • Danny says:

      Where can we go to see how these songs chart on I-tunes? Carson has mentioned it, and I’ve seen it in a couple of comments here. I’m guessing it’s at their site somewhere, but I can’t find it.

      • Ronnie says:

        Go to iTunes and click on the top singles link. The top 200 songs on the chart will be listed. No one from the Voice is in the top 20 right now, although Amanda was up to No, 14 the day after she performed.

  7. Tom says:

    I would have had absolutely zero problem with the eliminations HAD Christina saved De’Borah. I’m sorry, but that was an epic fail of the highest order. I do like Adriana’s voice, but c’mon. Given the choice between her and De’Borah, who wouldn’t save De’Borah?! Now Xtina is saddled with the weakest team, and has absolutely no chance of reaching the finals. At least, I hope not. With Dez breezing through after his very mediocre showing last night, I’m becoming concerned the teens are voting with their eyes again.

    So happy Michaela and Cody were saved. And, yes, Melanie, as well. I don’t think I wanted to hear another performance from Joselyn or Loren again, so why not?

    So far I’m Team Adam and Cee Lo. Wish there was a legitimate reason for Cassadee’s popularity, other than the fact she fronted Hey Monday. I’m not really loving her performances, either. She needs to pull a Sylvia Yacoub and impress me before I stop taking her seriously altogether. But as long as Amanda is still there, I’m fine with what goes down.

    • TheBeach says:

      Damn, I agree with every single thing you wrote. I don’t get the Cassadee Pope hype either and I find her vibrato irritating and weak. De’Borah got robbed but I think her crazy gymnastics last night put her out of breath and affected her pitch. Although I’m rooting for Amanda, I’m still mad at Adam for sending Nicole home. Her voice is a work of art and she has stage presence and experience. I guess she was just too mature a vocalist for poppy Adam.

    • Temperence says:

      I totally agree. Christina made a really bad choice.

    • jalahyacinth says:

      Seriously! HOW did Dez get through? I’ve NEVER understood the love for him. His voice was in the top 10 worst we heard in Blind Auditions IMO…

  8. VCI says:


  9. VCI says:


  10. Ryan says:

    Maybe Deborah should have been there over Dez, but she’s not THAT good and was never going to win.

    • T says:

      Neither will Adriana. She could’ve had one of the most diverse teams, now she has 2 girls I can’t tell apart from each other and Dez.

      • Ryan says:

        I agree- I don’t see anyone on Team Xtina winning, but the article makes it sound like an absolute travesty that De’borah is out. I honestly didn’t think she ever really had a break-out moment the way others like Amanda, Trevin, Joselyn, etc. did, so it wasn’t really a huge shock.
        I honestly think Michael gave her an edge because of her unconventional looks/style, which really is similar to the way boy-crazy tween (or not . . . he’s pretty universally gorgeous) girls might give an edge to cover model Dez. Unfortunately, it seems more people appreciated his looks over De’borah’s.

        • Ty says:

          Deborah was at least interesting to listen to and see perform. Her Nellys echo battle was fantastic, she did great there, far better than anything I have ever seen anyone current on christinas team do. Sylvia did worse on her knockout round than aquile too, a pitchy out of tune mess, and yet she gets through. HOW.

  11. VCI says:

    I REALLY REALLY HATE CHRISTINA (Yes this deserve three separate post)

  12. EC says:

    I was never on the De’borah band wagon so even though I’m surprised by the elimination it doesn’t bother me.
    I also wish Adam had picked Joselyn over Melanie!!

  13. Billy says:

    Because of Christina’s stupid decision (which I’m attributing to her sniffing way too many chemicals with her constant changing of hair colors) to get rid of De’Borah I am protesting the rest of this season of the voice (which was already on thin ice before this) and try again next season when they add Shakira and Usher and get rid of the two worst coaches (Cee Lo and Christina)

  14. VCI says:

    Michael we must protest!!!!! send letters to NBC, demand that Deborah that be in the top 12!!! I have never been this upset about any elimination of reality tv EVER.
    The only time that came close was when Tamara Grey got voted on American Idol Season 1 (and the was the first and only season of American Idol I ever watch mostly due to that fact)
    Christina why choose another bland pop singer over the truly enigmatic De’Borah, I will never forgive you.

    • Harmony says:

      “Christina why choose another bland pop singer” especially one who shrieked rather than sang. Yikes!

    • gailer says:

      America didn’t vote her in. Bottom line.

    • Luiz says:

      I totally blame the audience who chose two terrible singers instead of De’Borah AND Adriana, who were the two best artists on Team Xtina. I got Christina’s choice, and I’m pretty sure that if American had supported at least one of them, Christina would have saved the other. It’s easy to blame Christina – and I’d rather see De’Borah moving on instead of Adriana, too -, but America’s choices were much worse than hers.

    • Hector says:

      Really protest? Protest what? NBC don’t care! America didn’t vote her in, she can’t sing. She try to hard to rap, as much as she want to be a boy, she can’t!! #2012

  15. iraiag says:

    I’m just glad that Terry, Amanda, Nicholas, Cody and Michaela (aka my top 5) are still in the competition.

  16. T_T says:

    Wow, that is shocking. I absolutely thought she would win this season. De’borah or Nicholas or Amanda seemed like the top contenders. (But then I don’t watch The Voice much so I’m a little clueless.)

  17. Paula says:

    DE’BORAH!!!! DON’T GO!

    All the other choices were great, especially CeeLo’s choice to save Cody. Nick, Trevin, and Cody were exactly the three I wanted on his team.

  18. Russ says:

    I don’t get the De’borah craze. I didn’t think her performance was very good and don’t understand why people like her so much.

  19. pete says:

    if everyone loved De’borah as much as people say here, she wouldn’t have needed saving, (personally i didn’t see what was so special about her, all her songs sounded the same) and Cassadee Pope was much stronger than Liz, and Julio really shouldn’t have done a mariachi song, it doesnt connect with the shows audience

  20. TheBeach says:

    Dez isn’t the strongest singer in the contest but I’v gotta admit his guns sure looked good in that t-shirt tonight:)

    • Ty says:

      I’m not mad about Dez either, Unless he takes amanda out he is fine by me. And did you see his brother in his audition when he first got through ?!? He’s even BETTER looking which I did not think was possible. His singing is passable, but he is so wonderfully filled out in all the right places, he must stay so my tv screen can keep rendering that view.

      • MamaLis says:

        That’s funny. Ya I enjoy the Dez as well. And for the whole package – I think he puts on a good show. I’m with you, as long as he doesn’t take out an Amanda, good for him for being there. I’m hoping he at least gets a $$ modeling gig out of the whole thing. (And I wouldn’t complain, for instance, if it were the Calvin Klein underware ad. :)

  21. neuronshots says:

    I liked Deborah during her blind auditions but I wasn’t crazy about her.
    And after her blind auditions, she just didn’t get better.
    I don’t think she ever nailed any of her performances.
    She was “physically imposing” but she never really nailed it.
    So it’s all good that she went home.

    But I do agree, Xtina has the weakest team.
    But I do also see potential in Sylvia. If she has enough time to learn her voice then I think she can creep her way up to the finals.

    And what’s up with that Minnie Mouse girl.
    She just can’t ok?

    And I hope they don’t make Terry sing any Journey songs!
    It would be the end for him if he makes another attempt!
    Out of everyone, I’m really rooting for him!

  22. Zeus says:

    I was on board with the decisions made by both the voters and the coahes, EXCEPT for Christina not saving De’Borah. She’s a much more interesting performer than… most of the rest of the remaining cast!

  23. Oogruk says:

    Wow, why does no one want to believe Christina when she tells us that after working with Adriana she believes she has the most to give and deserves the chance to show it. D’borah couldn’t even outpoll Dez or Sylvia for goodness sakes; she had no chance whatever.

    As far as Adriana goes, I believe she and Bryan are the only two remaining contestants that all four coaches wanted in the blind auditions. Adriana had one of the strongest auditions of anyone. And just maybe Christina felt a little guilty over the song choice for Adriana in the playoffs. Finally, is there a single person anywhere that believes Dez or Sylvia has a better VOICE than Adriana???

  24. Vote Night Party People says:

    Although I’m on board with not loving Christina, De Borah is URKEL and needed to go home (seemed like she is just trying to hard & yes, add Melanie to that group too) America actually deserves the blame for sending her home by not voting for her AKA not enough people liked her enough to vote for her…

  25. Lois Benton. says:

    Some of the wrong people made it to the live rounds in the first place. Gracia Harrison and Suzanne Choffel were totally robbed. And while I like many of the remaining contestants (Nicholas David just gives a better and better performance every time we see him), with De’Borah gone, I really don’t care who wins.

    • tnsmoke says:

      Blake has said constantly that he looks for an artist with a clear vision of who they are and Gracia turned her back on what she represented in the Blind Audiitons: a pure, unique country singer. Why on earth pick a pop song to sing? And Suzanne’s song choice was terrible, too. I loved both of them but understand Blake’s reasoning. Blake will stand by you if he feels you know your own voice inside.

  26. Lois Benton. says:

    De’Borah was robbed. Fez shouldn’t even have been in the live rounds. But Gracia Harrison and Suzanna Choffel were robbed long before. now I don’t care who wins.

  27. Harmony says:

    Cass has thousands of fans and her boyfriend’s band has thousands of fans, and they are all voting for her. Hell I’ve seen her sing MUCH better than she has been on her in years past and I’m voting for her. It’s kind of neat seeing someone you’ve followed for years suddenly on national television. I think that she’s much better than she has been because she needs the guys in her band. Or guys in any band. It’d still pick her over any of the people on this show that I’ve never heard of before though. Loyalty.

  28. JM says:

    I don’t get why people don’t like Cassadee? Her voice is powerful. She gave on of the best blind auditions. We didn’t see her battle round. Her knockout round was bad but picked up half way through. Yeah her Play off performance wasn’t amazing but it was far from horrible. She did better than Dez, Lauren, Liz, MacKenzie, Loren, Devyn, Adrianna, De’borah, Diego, Melanie, Joselyn and Julio.

    • Amber says:

      She doesn’t hit her notes. She’s pitchy. She’s overhyped. That’s why I don’t get her. She does seem sweet though, and she kinda looks like Anna Kendrick, which is cool.

  29. Lori says:

    Cristina’s team has no chance. DeBorah is the only one I actually remember on her team, and I’m not crazy over her. I think it is between Adam’s team and CeeLo this year. I do like Terry (fan of his band Driveblind), but I don’t think he will win. I think it is between Amanda, Nicholas & Trevin.

    • THANK YOU!…SOMEONE who knows their music! Enough of the lil boy band vocals…& enough of the lil pop girl vocals… Terry&Trevin are awesome however I am ALL FOR; as Adam so eloquently put it…NICHOLAS baby making music…it comes down to Nicholas or Amanda! :)

  30. chuck farlie says:

    Ceelo-Lo’s team is the only one we totally agree with in my house. Adriana should not have needed to be saved, & Melanie & Michaela should have gone home. Loren & Julio should’ve got the saves. Just my opinion.

  31. teatime says:

    De’borah has been heavily featured since the start of the season. I thought she was Christina’s only shot at a top placing contestant. I guess I was wrong. She did not even have the votes to be in the top 2 of Christina’s team this week. I would have liked to see De’borah get the save and show up with a better ‘look’ next week. But if De’borah did not have the votes this week then maybe she never would.
    The same could be said about Melanie except Adam has a much stronger team so Melanie might have just not had enough votes to beat out two other very popular and highly praised contestants on her own team.

    • gailer says:

      I think that’s why she didnt save her, as you say, “But if De’borah did not have the votes this week then maybe she never would.” XTina wants to win, bottom line.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        during the auditions the coaches kept saying they were looking for people who brought something different and unique and De’Borah certainly fit the bill…plus didn’t Christina say she chose Adriana because of her growth under her mentoring yet De’Borah came from a traditional church-singing background and emerged as a great role model for her alternate persona gender-wise…and her whole stage presence was revelatory which personifies her growing in leaps and bounds…I think Christina should have challenged her mentoring abilities in the face of who got how many votes and stood by De’Borah and sent Ariana to the soon forgotten also-rans pile

  32. chuck farlie says:

    Oh yeah, Sylvia should have been sent packing too, then maybe D’eborah would’ve stayed.

  33. Sam says:

    De’borah should have honestly stayed. Xtina had a very strong team but Adriana will be eliminated next week. But America should have voted for De’borah.

    What people see in Cassidee is beyond me. And why doesn’t she write her name as Cassidy?!!! So annoying

    • Karrah says:

      Ummm most people don’t choose how their given names are spelled. Example: my name is spelled “Karrah” instead of “Kara.” Wasn’t really up to me.

  34. Lo says:

    Damn, I really thought Cody was a goner, I was shaking and all. So thankful Cee-Lo saved him. Good call, and good reasons.
    Kinda bumped about Christina’s choice as well but like it has been said in previous comments, she now has the weakest team anyway (unless Sylvia delivers more performances like this week’s). Anyway, I’m all for Amanda and Cody (you may add Melanie, although she needs to do better than the last time). Team Adam & Team Cee-Lo FTW! Keep up the good work!

  35. spuffy says:

    With the exception of Dez, I think America got it right — yay for Nicholas David, Terry McDermott, and Amanda Brown, Also think the judges made the right saves. It’s a far stronger, more talented top 12 than last season overall.

  36. gailer says:

    Just like last season, I loved loved this show until it got to this round. Why do all the singers seem so mediocre at this point? Do I only love the judges? I think so.

  37. Magically Suspicious says:

    I liked Melanie’s performance of “Hit the Road, Jack”, but that’s been the only thing she’s done I’ve liked. I feel like she’s a one-trick pony and I just happened to like her trick this week.

    I do like Cassadee. I love her voice. I wasn’t thrilled with the Avril song choice, but I think she’s going to pull a rabbit out of the hat that will prove she’s there for a reason.

    • niks says:

      In today’s music scenario, one good trick is all you need. She has a unique voice which will be instantly recognizable on the radio. Uniqueness sells. Take the Voice uK winner for example. She is quite a good singer, but isn’t unique and hence bombed. The Voice has yet to produce a record selling artist, and i bet that Adam sees Melanie as one.

  38. Ryan says:

    Oh, Michael. Lay off lay off Diego and his sockless shoes. It’s a trend. You may know music, but fashion, you do not.

  39. Danny says:

    No decisions are 100%. I think Blake was in a bind when Casadee was voted in. I thought his 3 would include Liz, but once Casadee got voted in he had a decision to make. I thought Adam could have chosen Josyln over Melanie. I think Cee Lo’s team is about right. I thought Christina was going to save Deborah.

    Deborah should think about getting back with Nelly’s Echo. So far my favorite song, by far, on this show is their version of Message in a bottle. Sort of like when Paint it Black comes on I think of Siobahn, when Alone comes on I think of Carrie, when Message in a Bottle comes on the radio I now think of those 2.

  40. kristin says:

    Literally just stopped watching this show for the rest of the season…honestly XTINA just went down as worst judge ever in my book…super disappointed and to be honestthe other 3 judges should have called her out SO hard on that…really disappointing!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Rain says:

    While watching last night I realized that CeeLo had the only team that I wished could have all stayed (and yes that includes no sock wearing Diego, I enjoyed him) I was sweating when Cody didn’t have the votes, I would have been so sad to lose him!

    Blake’s team – what is with the Cassadee love? I just don’t get the appeal and I was stunned when she was actually voted in. I thought for sure his team would be Terry, Michaela & Liz. I’m just glad he saved Michaela, I love her!

    Adam’s team – I kinda wish he was allowed to steal his save from someone else, Amanda & Bryan were the only 2 on his team I actually like.

    Xtina – This is why I gave up American Idol years ago – teeny boppers start going nuts with the votes and choose the cute boy who can’t really sing. I’m glad Xtina’s taking a break next year so hopefully none of this type of singers will make it to the voting stage. I don’t like anyone on her team so I didn’t care who she saved.

  42. Very sad to see De”Borah go, really loved her. Too many XTina wantabees left behind and boring guys. Ahhh but we have Nicholas David — hopin’ he can keep doing his “thing” with the songs thrown his way. He’s keeping things interesting.

  43. MKS says:

    I don’t think Melanie is a strong singer and every time I look at her, all I see is Minnie Mouse. The Cassadee Pope love is beyond me as well. I find myself really trying to see it, and yet I just don’t. Her fans kind of push her too hard on twitter too – before the show – during others performances – after the show. It gets to be a bit much and a turn off. Maybe she’ll surprise me at some point, but so far, no go.
    I’m good with the other choices and anxious to see where they go from here. Song choices are key for these people, so I hope they think them through!

    • Tessa says:

      Lol – I also refer to her as Minnie Mouse! All she needs is ears! She does have a very pretty, delicate face. How old is she anyway?

      • MamaLis says:

        Here’s my prediction: It’s the final 12 now so it’s the “Big Time.” I’m guessing that behind the scenes, there are a team of stylists coming on strong for Minnie Mouse to dump the Lisa Bright & Dark look and show up next week totally NEW. Imo, it’s a great idea. Question is, will she listen?

    • Samantha says:

      Melanie is good and cute but she has no range.

  44. Aria says:

    I was hoping Trevin would be the shocking elimination (mostly to pave a clearer path for love of my life Amanda Brown), but Cee Lo has literally no other chance to win, so Trevin’s in for the long haul.

  45. Tessa says:

    I didn’t think Christina would pick Adriana because she and Sylvia are too similar. Fail…

  46. Samantha says:

    I didn’t think Deborah was as talented as others but she was definitely better than Adriana. Hell Devyn was better than Adriana!

    I like Cody but I don’t think he has a chance in making it to the end. Mackenzie was okay but he was too cocky.

    I also don’t get the Cassadee thing. She’s only getting votes because she’s been in a popular band. I saw people on Tumblr just blindly asking their followers to vote for her, without even watching the damn show. Her audition was good but she hasn’t been very good since. I don’t think she can win it.

  47. Bring Back Deborah says:

    For all those saying that since America didn’t vote Deborah in the top two sothere is no way she would have won anyway. The same can be said about anyone the judges saved. I think the Adrianna/Sylvia has a similar fan base, and Deborah has a different fan base. And I’m shocked Deborah didn’t get the popular vote because of all the people yelling travesty. Me I personally voted for the 10 times I was allowed. But yes half the reason Deborah is gone is because America voted silly teen bopper Dez over unique talent. (And I’m not going to lie those baby blue eyes almost got me to vote for him, but then I remember the show is called THE VOICE)

    • Bring Back Deborah says:

      and i’m not calling Adrianna a bad singer, but just love Deborah more.

    • teatime says:

      The thing is that De’Borah should have already built up a fan base. She has received a lot of attention since the beginning of the season. She is memorable and has given several really good performances. She should be an early front-runner. So if she does not have those votes yet maybe she would not pick up many more going forward. Someone who has not had as many shining moments is more likely to gain momentum now. I think De’Borah has the best voice on XTina’s team, but I can see the logic in saving someone that can gain votes by improving. I think De’Borah should not give up just because she is off this particular show.

  48. Chris says:

    I am not shocked that Christina didn’t pick Deborah, but it is disappointing to think we won’t see her performing on the show any longer. She was a very talented contestant but I don’t believe she could have carried a win. I am clear on why she saved Adriana since she’s gone on and on about their connection, so no shock. I don’t think her team can carry a win at all…but I guess when American’s voting you just never know.

    I am thrilled that Terry made it through. Love that guy! Blake’s, Michaela save was perfect! Those were my top two’s from his team. I’d be elated if either one won this season.

    I absolutely love Nicholas David and would like to see him crowned season 3 winner above anyone else. He is the man with The Voice! I am also happy Cee Lo saved Cody. He’s just starting to blossom with an adorable personality and good voice. Cee Lo always has winners on his team. I tend to think Trevin will land a record deal regardless of how this things works out – he’s a young talent with I hope many years to grow and become successful.

    Amanda is good and has a solid chance at winning this thing. She and Bryan were my top picks from his team. I get why he saved Melanie – but she needs to listen and he needs to really coach there. She has a world of talent to offer but I don’t know that she can pull off a win…

    We’ll see…..

  49. MG says:

    If we’re going to point fingers for De’borah’s exit, how about her consistently lame song choices – Train, Pink, The Fray… Seriously? It can’t get more bland vanilla AC than that; maybe that was just too incongruous with her “unique” persona.

  50. chuck farlie says:

    I really think Amanda Brown should win. I didn’t even like her until knockouts, & her rendition of Dream on blew me away. She’d seriously have to tank going forward for me not to like her now.