Glee Recap: Shake, Rattle and Roleplay

In the wake of Glee‘s brutal “Break Up” episode, it’s no surprise that the show’s return from a baseball-induced hiatus proved to be a lighter, low-stakes affair. I mean, it’s not like anybody was going to end up dissolving into a puddle of tears and Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough just from finding out which of the McKinley High kids would score the choice roles of Sandy and Danny in the school production of Grease.

In a nutshell, here’s what went down on the first Season 4 episode to completely ignore Rachel and Kurt’s NYC storyline:

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* Artie enlisted his creatively adrift pal Finn to help co-direct the school production of Grease, but Coach Sue blew a gasket at the idea of casting transgender teen Unique as Rizzo. The writers tried to paint Sue as less of a bigot and more as a woman concerned that a vulnerable kid might be put in danger on the altar of open-mindedness, but she used a lot of ugly rhetoric to get to her point.

* Speaking of ugly rhetoric, Finn accidentally used the word “retarded” to describe Sue’s baby. Even as a slip of the tongue, the gaffe seemed wildly out of character.

* Marley, Kitty, Jake and new recruit Ryder Lynn (The Glee Project champ Blake Jenner) went out for the Sandy and Danny roles, with Marley and Ryder triumphing after an intense callbacks rendition of “Born to Hand Jive.” Okay, maybe not intense, but energetic?

* Tina freaked out when Mike Chang returned to McKinley (along with Mercedes) to assist Finn and Artie with the school play, while Blaine continued to reel from his split with Kurt.

* And after some counseling from Beiste (welcome back!) Emma admitted to Schue that she really didn’t want to go with him to D.C. — wanting to feel close to her fiance from a long distance rather than feel distant from him right by his side. Well played, Red! Schue is still headed to the nation’s capital to fight for arts education, though, and thus got permission from Figgins to offer the job of New Directions advisor to his favorite teenage BFF Finn. (Okay, so that’s not realistic, but it chugs the plot along, so I’m not gonna kvetch.)

And with that, let’s get to the week’s best zingers:

“Olivia Newton-John is strapped to my chest, and unless you co-direct the musical with me, I’m gonna blow her up.” –Artie, coercing Finn to work with him

“I’ve never seen Blaine so Masterpiece Theatre.” –Artie, responding to Blaine’s post-audition meltdown

“Oh, it was good. Bane was a little hard to understand, but so evil.” –Ryder’s teacher, responding to his statement that he’d been studying so hard, he hadn’t had time to see The Dark Knight Rises

“It felt awesome — like a really good poo.” –Finn, describing how he felt the first time he let himself sing

Sue calling Schue a “strange, weepy manchild who has lotion in his hair but no adult friends.”

And finally, it’s time to grade this week’s musical performances:

Blaine, “Hopelessly Devoted to You”: C+ (it was a little Masterpiece Theater for me, and also a bit peculiar to have Mr. Anderson tackling this particular ballad when he’s the one who cheated)

Marley and Unique, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”: B+ (not convinced Alex Newell can act, but dang those high notes were good!)

Finn and Ryder, “Jukebox Hero”: B

Kitty and Jake, “Everybody Talks”: B

Mercedes, Kitty, Jake, Marley and Ryder, “Born to Hand Jive”: B-

What was your favorite musical number from “The Role You Were Born to Play”? How did you feel about this week’s main story arcs? Did Sue’s behavior or Finn’s slip-up seem out of character to you? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Alyssa says:

    Finn is freaking awful. F*ggy, retarded, what’s next? What’s even left for him to say at this point?

    • April says:

      Let me guess you love Quinn & Santana who say the nastiest things on the show.

      • Alyssa says:

        What? I actually am pretty glad the Quinn has been minimal this season and don’t even get me started on Santana’s racism and ableism.

      • Rab says:

        Exactly!!! Kitty’s got them beat, I think. She’s got snark.

        • Russ says:

          I thought Kitty was hilarious when she got the role of Patty Simcox. I had to google it and laughed harder when I found out who she was.

          • Sui says:

            I’m glad you think she is funny. Yeah, Patti Simcox for her would be a let down. But Kitty and Sue are vicious with their ridicule. Never thought that kind of bullying was funny. Part of Glee that fails to me. Some of Sue season 1 was funny. But as Glee has made Quinn season 1 and Santana so vicious season 2, here comes another vicious mouth in the character Kitty. I can’t get over how people overlook these 3 females with verbal abuse that attacks like a knife, but condemns Finn for his bad timing, verbal outbursts but apologizes soon after to the one he’s hurt. These ladies never apologize for anything.

      • Robby says:

        Quinn and Santana have never used homophobic or ableist slurs, but you tried.

        • emily says:

          ARE YOU JOKING Quinn asked Rachel if she was ready for the tranny prom along with santana (Tranny is a derogatory word by the way) Santana has made fun of the fact that Artie’s legs don’t work COUNTLESS times, please sit down

          • letsbehonest says:

            Not a Finn-fan by any stretch of the mind, but Finn-haters need to stop trying so hard to pin him as this HORRIBLE PERSON and the show needs to stop enabling them. Finn says stupid/hurtful things that he rarely means and says them in the heat of the moment. Santana and Quinn have purposely been hurtful bitches since day 1, and this is coming from a fan of both. Santana was especially bad last season with the whole Rory thing, and no one (in the fandom) got on her case because “OMG FINN OUTED HER IN THE HALLWAY!!” Obviously what Finn said and did was a wrong time/place incident, but it had to be said because San was started to become down right unlikable.

            The point of my rant is the writers love to take these characters we love to extremes. Please stop freaking out every time it happens, because I’m quite sure it’ll happen again.

    • meg says:

      he was doing so great defending Unique until the writers had him say that. Of course no one will call out Sue on being transphobic or call out Quinn or Santana for the awful things they’ve said in the past.

      • Xx says:

        Idk about the OP, but I’ve called out Quinn and Santana all the time for the stuff they’ve said. With Sue she’s very clearly presented as being wrong and the villain, unlike with Finn.

      • Alyssa says:

        I see the deflection you’re trying to make happen, but the awfulness of the other three does not mitigate Finn’s comments. They’re still awful and he’s still awful.

        • Bennett says:

          Just to clarify are you actually admitting they are awful? Then that’s something we can agree on.

        • Debra says:

          But unlike Sue, Quinn and Santana, Finn realized what he said the moment he said it and apologized. Something those three characters have never done in the entire time that Glee has been on the air.

          • Alyssa says:

            Again, you’re still deflecting. I’m not talking about those characters so I don’t give a crud if they apologized or not. Why does it matter what they did or didn’t do when talking about Finn? They’re not Finn.

        • broncfanwa says:

          What Finn said was awful. He knew it, we all knew it. Tell me you have never said something absolutely reprehensible in the heat of anger and then had to ask yourself why on Earth you don’t get that “edit” button installed. You don’t even MEAN the things you say, you get passionate, your mouth gets ahead of your brain (which, in Finn’s case, isn’t all that hard) and you step in it. I’m a LOT older, and somewhat smarter, than Finn, and i do it all the time. He’s a dork, thoughtless, and needs serious help in the “think before you speak” area, but he’s not a loss as a human being, because, really, everybody deserves a little credit for acknowledging and regretting mistakes.

      • Josh says:

        This show has a tendency to call out the ” straight white males” but let Quinn, Santana, Sue and Kurt say whatever they so please.

    • Will says:

      People make mistakes!! It’s not Finn’s fault that he makes the same mistake over and over again!! It’s not his fault he called Kurt f!ggy, outed Santana, made that comment by Artie, and then called Sue’s baby retarded!! He’s just a person!!

      • Ty says:

        Please tell me you were being sarcastic. I really hope that you are because otherwise…. It’s not his fault? Then who’s fault is it?

        • allison says:

          This person is being sarcastic. I blame the writers for forgetting that Finn said he would never use that word in Season One Theatricality episode. They keep regressing this character. One step forward, three steps back. One of the most frustrating things to watch on Glee, and I’m a big Cory Monteith fan.

          • veronica says:

            Yes, because no ever does things they say they’d never do. Blaine would never cheat on Kurt. Santana would never leave Brittany. Finn would never say retarded.

          • Sarah says:

            Totally agree. I like Cory monteith and hate that the writers are determined to butcher his character. This goes all the way back to season one and they still insist on destroying the character of Finn.

    • hummelberrygleek says:

      I think what he said was wrong,but atleast he realized that and was sorry about it.Santana has said a lot worse things and she always gets away with it.

    • Sarah says:

      This is one of the reasons I finally stopped watching glee. Haven’t tuned in to one episode this season. The creators and writers are wildly inconsistent and all over the map with the characters. Finn is just one example, but they’ve done it with so many characters. You want to see characters grow, develop, go through challenges but having them say and do things that don’t fit their characters is so frustrating. So glad I stopped watching

    • Paul says:

      It was a slip of the tongue and he immediately regretted it. Nothing to hate here.

    • murley says:

      i actually liked that moment in there. don’t get me wrong. what finn said was completely insensitive and inappropriate. but that is why i am glad he is the one who said it. glee has plenty of characters who’s job it is to say offensive and borderline bigoted statements. i like it when they blur the line of hero/villain and show that the guy we are supposed to root for also makes horrendous mistakes, has terrible lapses of judgement and says and does things that are cringe worthy and totally inappropriate. it is important to remember that everyone is capable of discriminating against someone or perpetuating hateful language and we must all be watchful of ourselves and others when it comes to promoting equality and respect in what we do and say. i also like that he immediately recognized his mistake and apologized but sue did not forgive him. glee so often operates as such pastiche it is refreshing when they are a little more subtle or blur the lines and the roles the characters are meant to fulfill.

  2. Bethany says:

    How is it even a contest? Hopelessly Devoted To You was beautiful. Darren Criss sold Blaine’s heartbreak so well…

    • Ron says:

      Darren Criss’s acting after the song ruined the whole thing. Just abysmal. How does he have a job as an actor again?

      • Deb says:

        The crying part had me cracking up.

        • Maggie says:

          You do realize that part was supposed to be over the top and melodramatic, right? That’s what the whole “masterpiece theater” line was about. I thought it was a perfect mix of sad and funny. Why can’t people just watch the show without being so negative, overanalyzing everything, and insulting the actors?

      • Rab says:

        Just didn’t care for Darren’s cover of this song.

      • dude says:

        He’s such a piss poor actor and it’s a shame cause he seems like a great guy and I don’t enjoy sneering at his “attempts” but its pretty lame. He also has no chemistry with Kurt.

      • jennifer says:

        I thought the whole crying scene post-song was perfectly over the top. Very high school-ish angst. And I thought Darren played it perfectly. It cracked me up.

    • meg says:

      The only thing Darren proved this episode is that he’s still a terrible actor, he needs to take classes or something. On top of that it’s so hypocritical for him to be singing that when the minute his “soulmate” left he found a new guy to hook up with

    • Sandy says:

      Hopelessly Devoted was bland and lifeless. He has no vibrato whatsoever and he did not make that song work. And then there’s the problem that his acting at the end made me crack up and I’m pretty sure that was not the intent of the scene.

    • Sarah says:

      That song was a joke even if Darren sang it well.

    • Lisa says:

      That scene was unintentionally hilarious. Or maybe comedy was what they were going for. Hahaha.

    • Jessica M says:

      I thought it was beautiful as well…but the choice of the song irked me so much. The song is called “Hopelessly devoted to you” and yet he was the one who cheated. That just seemed so wrong.

  3. ShanyLu says:

    No Rachel or Kurt? I do not approve.

    • Bee says:

      Strange to say, I didn’t miss Rachel or Kurt this episode and they are two of my fave characters.

      • Bill says:

        Preach! Following both NYC and WHMS at the same time has short-changed everyone…not in New York. I feel bad for Chord Overstreet, Heather Morris, Jenna Ushkowitz; they’ve paid their dues on this show and they’re hardly used (yeah, yeah…I know what’s coming).

    • Joe says:

      I missed them a lo the new characters are boring.

    • Frankie says:

      Needs more NYC badly. These new kids are bland.

      • Not into the new kids says:

        The NYC aprt brings something new. Plus Chris and Lea are the best actors. The new cast are medic re at best.

      • Lori says:

        They should never have another episode without Kurt and Rachel in NY. All these new kids in NY aren’t strong enough to carry even one episode. It’s such a shame they did an episode like this after a brilliant episode like The Break Up. They should have kept following Kurt and Rachel in NY so we would have great acting to enjoy. Even better if they let Kurt and Rachel sing more since all these songs at McKinely are boring this year.

    • shayshaycarolinagirl says:

      Also no Britney, how can you have Glee without a one liner from Britney

    • Paul says:

      I considered it a nice break.

  4. Tiff says:

    Am I the only one LOVING this season of Glee? I know it’s totally unrealistic for Finn to take over for Will, as Slezak said, but I don’t care. I really feel like this is going to lead Finn to realize that he should be a teacher or counselor or something, which is what he always should have been.

    Loved the “casting boxes” during this episode. Marley and Unique’s duet was adorable. Really enjoyed seeing Blake Jenner from the Glee Project.

    Looking forward to seeing where things go with Glease. I liked hearing Becca Tobin sing, finally!

    • Beth says:

      I really agree! Finn needs to go get his teaching degree like yesterday. I am loving it as well and I like marley because she is more believable as a Hs student than Rachel was. I like the new class and will always l

      • Boiler says:

        I like this season too. I really think the new characters are good and I didn’t miss Rachel or Kurt at all tonight. It didn’t take away from the show but as an earlier post said, it was odd they didn’t address the Sam/Mercedes relationship.

        • bored says:

          Please I was like within the first 5 minutes hoping for NYC to pop up. The new cast cannot sing or act as well as either Rachel or Kurt. And gee another musical, more love triangle, a mean girls, just blah.

    • anne says:

      You just might be the only one enjoying it. This episode bored me to tears.

    • Remo The Gleek says:

      You sure are not the only one loving this season. I’m beginning to love the new blood in the show. And Kitty sings! Wow.

    • murley says:

      nope, i think they are doing a great job this season. they took a risk splitting up the cast and the show and in my opinion it paid off. still feels like glee but has a freshness to it.

  5. Jane says:

    no talk about what merecedes was up to or why she and sam broke up? way 2 go ryan/ian/brad

    • dude says:

      I don’t think their break-up needs explanation. They broke up last time one of them moved away.

      • Blake says:

        and we know what Mercedes has been up to. She’s been in L.A. trying to start a singing career. And Mike has been working an internship in Chicago.

        • Caro says:

          Actually Blake, I think Mercedes is supposed to be singing backup after that video Sam posted of her went viral and taking classes at night at UCLA. Mike was supposed to join either Alvin Ailey or the Joffrey so he should be taking class every day. I was very disappointed not to hear more about their lives and I don’t know why there was such limited interaction with Sam and Tina. I feel like RM is just having the original kids show up for quick cameos to try and keep the ratings up and get people interested in these annoying newbies.

    • Rae says:

      I would have like to at least see them say hey or something. It was like they didn’t even know each other after spending most of last season trying to get them back together.

  6. Kate says:

    didn’t watch. your recap makes me happy with my decision lol

  7. Rachel says:

    I am so annoyed. Just when I thought glee was getting better. I can’t believe they let Finn use the R word and then just drop it like that. And his depressed “I’m going nowhere in life mood” is really get annoying. He always says something stupid or wrong and then completely gets away with it like outing Santana back in season 3 when they tried to play it off like it was a good thing

  8. Renee says:

    Was Blaine’s solo supposed to make a person feel sympathy for him? Because the irony of a guy that cheated after a couple of weeks singing a song about being hopelessly devoted is pretty rich. Blaine (and Finn) remain the worst characters on the show.

    • Abi-Maria says:


      • Ryan says:

        I think Renee’s point is that someone “hopelessly devoted” wouldn’t cheat in the first place, regardless of whether or not regret followed.

    • Leo says:

      People cheated all the time! Get over it! At least Blaine try to fix his mistakes.

    • veronica says:

      Why can’t Blaine make a mistake and instantly regret it? He immediately went to New York to try and fix it, and this song is him saying I’m still in this and I’ll love you forever even though I totally screwed it up. Also, let’s not forget that Quinn, Finn, Rachel, Puck, Brittany, Santana, Mercedes, Sam, and Tina are all also cheaters. Kurt too if you count emotional cheating. So why is Blaine the worst?

      • Kay says:

        I agree with you, Veronica. Blaine knew he made a mistake as soon as he did it, and he went to NY that weekend because of his guilt. And he is still beating himself up for it. I felt so bad for him during last night’s episode.He just seemed so lost and depressed. I hope he and Kurt can work through this and at least become friends again, if nothing else. I’m not sure if they will ever be able to get back what they had, but they can at least get the friendship back if Kurt can ever forgive him. I thought his version of “Hopelessly Devoted To You” was very good. I disagree with some of these comments saying Darren is a bad actor.

      • Marco says:

        Um, Blaine is the worst because he never admits it’s his fault when he makes mistakes; he even blamed the cheating on Kurt not being there! And should we forget that he tricked Kurt into sex just so he could perform better in West Side Story, AND KURT STILL DOESN’T KNOW THAT?

        • Jacob says:

          What are you talking about? Blaine didn’t “trick” Kurt into anything. It was Kurt that told Blaine he wanted to go to his house, AFTER the play. Granted, he tried to sleep with him when he was drunk after the club, but he also apologized to Kurt for that.

          That being said, I did find it a bit ironic that Blaine would be singing Hopeless Devoted to You, but I understand that people make mistakes and I’m sure he felt terrible about it afterwards. He’s human, things happen.

        • veronica says:

          If you actually watch TFT, you can see that Blaine really had no intention of following Artie’s advice. In the later scene in his bedroom, it’s Kurt who.brings up sex and again at their lockers when he talks about his Taylor Lautner fantasies. That’s what jump starts Blaine’s want for sex with Kurt. Not Artie’s ridiculous ideas about their virginity making their performance weaker. Blaine never tricked Kurt into sex. Kurt initiated it.

          • Kay says:

            Right. Rachel was the one that tried to get Finn to have sex with her before the play “so she could act better.” Blaine did admit to Rachel that he was “still a virgin” when they were sitting at the makeup mirror before the play started though. But he did not have the intention of “getting it done” before the play, although if it had happened he probably would have been OK with it.

  9. Sami says:

    So excited to see Finn have a solo storyline. Can’t wait till next week.

    • Tim says:

      Right? It’s great to see him come back and be as ableist as ever, with the comment about being crushed by a car he made to Artie and then calling Sue’s child retarded. Just spectacular, I really missed having him around.

      • nancy says:

        Tim, you don’t have to be sarcastic. I know you don’t like his character and I don’t blame you for saying this after this episode but a lot of fans do love Cory a lot.

      • Lisa says:

        You know what I miss having Santana constantly talking crap about everybody. Luckily I have Kitty there to fill the void. Funny how no one cares about that. I’m glad that you are perfect and never say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment. It must be nice to be perfect.

        • Tim says:

          You Finn fans need to get a new script. You’re assuming that the people that have issues with Finn don’t also have issues with Santana or the other characters. I’m not bringing her and the gross things she’s said up because she wasn’t in the episode. Kitty is gross, but Kitty didn’t call anyone retarded this episode and isn’t being held up as being in the right like Finn is. You bringing them up doesn’t undo what Finn said. And yes, I’ve never called anyone either f*ggy or retarded, let alone both.

          • Deb says:

            So Finn fans are not allowed to voice our opinions since they differ from yours? Obviously we can’t change what was written by the writers of the show. Thanks for clearing that up by the way as I thought we could.

          • Dan says:

            I for one don’t condone what was said but I understand that people make mistakes.

          • emily says:

            I’m not going to defend was Finn said because it was absolutely wrong he was doing well until he said that. At least he apologized right after for his diarrhea of the mouth. The thing is this fandom will call Finn all these names even when he apologizes but won’t call out other characters like Santana, Quinn and even Sue when they’re transphobic, homophobic, or use ableist slurs.

      • Edward says:

        1) The comment about a car falling on him, while inappropriate in the circumstance with Artie, was not inherently bad or evil. It is the sort of thing a sad sack would say. I hear people on a daily basis over-dramatize a moment, like “I’m going to kill him,” or “maybe I’ll get run over” or some such. It has no comparison to a derogatory slur.
        2) “ableist” ?? really? ribbing and humor are a part of the show, and a part of life. Not every awkward line has to be drained of humor because “someone” might get offended. There is a continuum of rhetoric; we don’t have to jump immediately to the extreme interpretation, or make an “ist/ism” out of every perceived slight.

  10. Mafer says:

    Finn and Ryder are amazing together! and I’m so happy to see Finn getting into his element again :) i just hope to also have a Finchel reunion not so far ahead

  11. Nik says:

    In Theatricality in season one Finn said he would never call Becky retarded, but then he uses the word for a baby? Yeah, I’ll say that was wildly out of character. Sheesh writers, fans can remember so why can’t you?

    • Jamie says:

      this. i’m so tired of them repeatedly ruining all the characters just to inflict some drama or whatever they think they’re doing. i wish they’d actually show some respect for the show they created in season 1 and let characters grow instead of regressing.

      • Remo The Gleek says:

        Does it occur to you that humans do change? Last time I checked, Finn is. And that was like two years ago, almost three. Hm.

    • Rab says:

      Thank you!!! The writers always forget things like that. Finn has always been the goat of mishaps, mistakes, big whoppers, OMG moments.

    • Beth says:

      Watching the show tonight the main theme with Finn was him losing his way. I do not agree with the writers having him use the ‘r’ word but I haven’t agreed with 95% of what the writers have had sue say and she NEVER apologizes right after. Her character has said offensive and rude things to every character and in fact did it a few scenes eairlier with Unique. I love where they are going with Finn, him figuring out who he is without Rachel!

      • Bennett says:

        Completely agree with all of this.

      • Debra says:

        Thank you. I agree with ever word of that

      • Kay says:

        I agree. Sue is a bully and she always has been and gets away with alot of crap. For being an “educator” or whatever they call her, she should not be allowed to say all the things she does. But I do agree, Finn never should have used that word to describe Sue’s baby. That was definitely wrong of him.

      • Sarah says:

        Yes sue says horrible stuff but that’s what her character is about is at least it makes sense for her as a character while it makes no sense at all for Finn’s character.

  12. Anne says:

    Why do the writers always go there with Finn? In Season ONE he said to Burt that he’d never use the R word. I am so frustrated with how they write this character. Do they want the audience to despise their male lead? I am such a fan of Cory Monteith, and his scenes with Jane were so good. They didn’t have to make Finn go there to make Sue angry. Did they want to humanize Sue at the expense of Finn’s characterization? I really don’t understand.

  13. RK says:

    So disappointed in what they are doing to Finn. His character growth has been shattered to pieces and the R-word was the final hammer. This Cory/Finn fan is very sad.

  14. Angel says:

    Don’t like how they regressed Finn’s character. in season one he learned his lesson in Theatricality. way out of character. He used word flub( a la sad clown hooker)and immediately apologized afterwards. Santana, Quinn, and kitty have said things waaaaay worse are get off with no bashing, he didn’t mean it and immediately apologized, but it was forced and out of character. Im not mad at him at all. but they made him not find a big dream of his own. He’s gonna be a teacher? Just a service to others finding their dream. Want him to be a director. Love Ryder. Newbies are boring though. Loved Tike. The best was Jukebox hero. So freaking hot and sexy

  15. Jade says:

    Finn/Ryder were great, Kitty is hilarious, Blaine go sit in a corner, and Finn calling Sue’s baby that name was out of character and just sad.

    • Rab says:

      Of all the new kids I think I like Ryder, but only him. Marley is boring. Jake didn’t sing well tonite can’t dance either. Sorry, I can’t stand the negativity of Kitty’s crap. I couldn’t stand Santana, Quinn or Sue with all their talk, then people bitch about Finn. You may think it’s funny what the women say, I don’t. I don’t feel anything for Blaine. I was glad Finn returned but so out of character for Finn to say a word like that to Sue. The music was ok. I enjoyed the Wemma moments. The episode was just ok.

      • Kick says:

        Wow! To the guy who said that Jacob Artist csnnot dance- actually the guy is a total prodigy. He was offered a position for the dance program at Julliard and chose to turn it down to pursue other opportunities. He may be the best dancer ever on Glee. That is why they have him the storyline if his mom working 2 jobs to pay for his dance lessons.

        Also to the Finn haters regarding the use of “retarded”- he was in a heated argument, his character is 19, and he was searching for something in his brain to use against her- it is more true to his character to use something more basic and brash rather than clever. It fit his flawed character and the moment- even his honest response after- you could see how sorry he was afterwards.

  16. Beto says:

    For the first time and it’s hard for me to say, that poll is missing the “None” option, how can Blaine sing “Hopelessly Devoted to you” he was the cheater, what he expected from kurt? And why not so devoted when he received the bootytext

  17. ANN says:

    So everyone even writers who do a recap of this show does not see the slight that is being given to Ms. Riley. She is one of the original members of GLEE and they never a gave her a good storyline and then when they have a mature couple that kids could look up to they tear Sam and Mercedes apart (I think b/c the media loved them and that took away from the whole Finchel dysfunctional relationship getting attention). Writers are becoming obsolete if they critique honestly and just stay on board to support this drowning ship the U.S.S GLEE!!

    • Sandy says:

      Amber Riley can’t act her way out of a paper bag and Sam and Mercedes was a horrifically dull storyline with way too many songs devoted to it.

      • DeeJay says:

        The Sam/Mercedes storyline still deserved closure instead of it seeming like it was a complete figment of the imagination. I feel the same way about the Finn/Rachel storyline in regards to it being dull. However, I enjoyed the Sam/Mercedes songs very much. Amber Riley may not be the best actress, but seeing as she is way different than Mercedes I think she is believable and does what little she is asked to do.

    • anne says:

      I agree. Amber deserves better. Is this the only kinds of “stories” she’s going to get this year?

  18. Miranda says:

    This episode wasn’t very good tbh. And I’m really tired of the pity parties Blaine and Finn keep trying to throw for themselves. They got themselves in whatever situation they are in, and they need to stop with the whole “woe is me”. Finn’s “retarded” comment was also extremely unnecessary. He has a problem with lashing out at people when he’s pissed off in the worst ways (outed Santana, Sue’s baby). He needs to stop.

    The only thing I enjoyed about this episode was the dancing in the Hand Jive performance. I also don’t mind the new character Ryder. He seems nice and can dance and sing. Everyone else is a boring, predictable, contrived plot thats not entertaining at all.

    Call me when the more interesting characters (Rachel, Santana, Kurt) are back getting much needed storylines and screentime.

    • A says:

      People make mistakes. He did say an awful thing to Sue and I don’t condone what he’s done in the past with outing Santana and now Sue’s baby remark and to be honest I think he does regret what he said, however people do forget the people on the other sides of situation.
      Before he told Santana to come out of the closet in the hallway, she had gone on like a 3 minute insult-spree where she constantly teared into him over and over and Santana was the one who instigated the whole conflict that lead to the hallway interaction (I’m not saying him outing her was right but you can’t just say that he lashes out at people when he’s pissed off because there are other reasons to why he’s said what he said). And now with remark he made to Sue. If you remember what happened, Sue started the issue about unique and then she insulted him with something about mash potatoes and a few more insults. Both sides are at fault. Constantly insulting someone regardless of popularity or gender, etc., can really affect a person no matter who they are. Obviously, they will feel hurt and want to give the other person a taste of their own medicine. It’s not always good when that happens but its understandable.

  19. Debbie says:

    Finn made a mistake and he apologize and I am sure we gonna see more mistake on different character. It’s not first time Finn say something stupid.

  20. Amanda says:

    People make mistakes. Finn made a mistake. People act like the other characters of Glee don’t do anything wrong. IE. Quinn calling Rachel names or Santana making fun of Finn’s weight or even Kitty. Just stop. Finn Hudson is a realistic character who made a human mistake. Act like you have never used the word before. Seriously…

    • AJ says:

      with all due respect, no, i have not personally used that word and, yes, people make mistakes, but it’s a different thing when that person is always made to be the one making the big mistakes and receive the brunt of people’s anger. and my beef here is not finn; i love the finn character; my comment is directed at the writers for what they are doing to this character, it’s not even funny anymore.

      • Leo says:

        Yeah, Finn called Brittany stupid and Kurt f*ggy…he’s always that character who blab things accidentally but he apologized at the end. People make such a big deal out of this.
        And I like the direction they took with Finn. I will be waiting when he finally triumphs and turn his life over because that will be such an inspiration.

        • Sui says:

          To be honest, Finn has been written to not have a brain to mouth filter when he is or has received a tirade of insults from someone, like Santana or Sue. He keeps his temper in check but when pushed to the point where he has had enough of their crap he lashes out. As when he called Britanny stupid he was quick to apologize to her. After all, she is written as a moron. Truth hurts. Sue attacks everyone with maliciousness, so when Finn takes her on she amps up her rampage of insults of him and Unique to make her point. Finn defends Unique, he has even defended Sue season 2 in The Funeral. But he, minus his brain to mouth filter says a terrible thing to Sue. The writers have always made Finn the patsy of gaffs and OMG moments-like outing Santana. Glee has always made bullying by the ladies a joke and acceptable and forgivable, while they enable the wrath of fans toward Finn for this 19 yr old’s gaffs of significant consequences to be made out as monumental historical and social depravity to humanity. It’s just laughable. People, including you and me, have said things in anger and have regretted it the second it happened. We attempt to appologize to the one we have affended and hope for their acceptance of it. Pure regret from Finn after his gaffs, each and all of them. Santana has had a sneer and leer post bullying of Kurt and Rachel and Finn. No apologies from her. Sue, so it is her character to attack and defame a teacher or student to the core but with no apologies from her either. This is the Glee double standard in all its glory. They preach about how bullying is a social devastating and harmful way to be toward people but it uses just this same scenario as an antistatement having the ladies make their barrage of insults as humor but stingers for the characters who are thei recipients of them. Those bullied by Santana, Quinn, Sue and now Kitty have to take their crap because it is funny, but Finn is bashed as a creep for defending himself but having made some verbal gaffs doing so. Double standard. Glee enables this and encourages these responses about Finn to the point of hate by many. Sad that Glee has to use a character as an escape goat to make their point.

  21. Get It says:

    Can’t stand Kitty. It’s not ok to use the r-word but it’s ok to make fun of and ridicule a girl and her mother for being over weight. Santana has said some of the most cruel things and gets away with it. At least Finn was actually sorry about what he said. Sue can punch someone in the face and push kids and get away with it. I’m not even a “Finn fan” like that. The hypocrisy with the writers and fans tick me off. I knew there was a reason I don’t come to these boards often.

  22. AJ says:

    happy to see that there is a potentially interesting storyline for Finn, and i feel like the writers always give Finn the politically incorrect lines to say because they believe he can pull it off; however, that does not excuse their laziness in not being mindful of continuity in their storylines; they trade off shock value for character consistency, and that only magnifies the lack of credible writing talent in the glee writing pool at the moment. i’m waiting to be proven wrong in the coming episode though, and see how they can redeem themselves with this glaring gaff amidst a potentially entertaining episode.

  23. Fer says:

    Finn is the most lovable and most relatable character the show has right now!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m a BIG Finn fan, but he was not lovable this week. He was understandable and was very sweet to Unique but he made a very big mistake. I think you can say that Finn is the most realistic and human character the show has right now. However, the writers need to fix this sh*t. Why do they have to throw him under the bus like this every time he shows an ounce of growth??? Can they just show him grow up and mature a little bit more?

      • veronica says:

        I actually thought him using that word was very realistic. Saying something is retarded or gay is very common in high school settings. It’s easy to believe that word to bandied about regularly by people Finn is around. So its easy to see where the slip came from. Not to mention, it seemed like Finn wasn’t even using it to be derogatory. Sue has a mentally disable baby. I think Finn was just ignorant to what the correct word would have been and it came out “your retarded baby” which…is factual just offensive. And he could tell immediately that that wasn’t the right thing to say and tried to apologize. But it was never meant as negative commentary on the baby or to use the word as an insult. That’s how I viewed it anyway.

    • Miranda says:

      LOL no.

    • Leo says:

      Yeah, he hit rock bottom and it will be very satisfying to see his journey to triumph and how he can turn his life around at this point. Yes, he’s very relatable and can be such an inspiration. Writers, don’t screw this.

      • mc says:

        I can see Finn, during his sting as N.D.’s adviser, got discovered by a character played by David Schwimmer and taken to N.Y. to be a Broadway director-in-training. He then will re-unit with Rachel.

  24. N says:

    Can they just be clear with Unique/Wade already? Can they openly say trans instead of this slur, misgendering, drag nonsense?

  25. Juli says:

    I really loved this episode. I feel like the old Glee is back. And I have to confess I didn’t miss the NY part. It’s just makes me sad that they always makes Finn looking bad. And Ryder is my new love on the show. OMG Blake is amazing!

  26. kthor says:

    Am I the only one that finds Jake’s singing voice annoying? It sounds a little Kermit the frog-ish(only thing i can think to compare it too) and ruins any part of a song he sings.

  27. Demi says:

    Why the heck do Finn fans keep bringing Quinn and Santana up when they weren’t in the episode? Curious…

    • LC says:

      They need to make excuses and call everyone out too so Finn won’t be at fault by his poor little self…

    • Leo says:

      Because Quinn and Santana’s fans are such hypocrites for calling out Finn while their own goddess-es are not really saints? I’m not even a devoted Finn fan, I’m just tired of this charade of hating-Finn comments here.

  28. Heather says:

    I have been really looking forward to Blake (Ryder) joining the cast since he won the Glee Project. I have to say… SO NOT DISSAPPOINTED!!! Love his character…. especially the potential romance with Marley and his Bromance with Finn :)

  29. A says:

    I used to love the Blaine character but over time he has become so over the top and just too much with the really bad emotional acting that its unbearable to watch sometimes. However, he still has a beautiful singing voice and Hopelessly Devoted To You was amazing!

  30. Ian says:

    This episode was trash. Blaine and Unique, UGH. Thank God for Mercedes. These archetype replacement new kids aren’t stars. This show just needs some truly compelling drama and angles again, and pronto.

    And going by next week’s preview, Kurt’s still just supporting Rachel’s story.

    • Sm says:

      I cannot tolerate Unique on my TV. The show doesn’t need anymore stupid drama, enough with the drama. I do agree that Kurt is a support beam for Rachel’s story. I don’t care to watch the 2 best actors of the show being support cast. I realize Finn needs his story but to debase him anymore by having him call Sue’s baby the r word was bad. This episode was fair. The
      Wemma moments were nice. But to watch Finn get any lower about himself is tiring. Kitty is just awful, I despise all the bullying by the women of this show as humor, but have to read all the Finn hate for his bad and ill timed comment-1 comment. Glee has to show that there is still bias and bullying in the world, but Kitty and Sue are too much. I’m sad that 1 of the best singers will be gone for 3 months- Will.

  31. dude says:

    I’ve got to say I’m LOVING Marley and to a lesser extent, Jake. I also really like Marley’s chemistry with Kitty. She can be a little too much sometimes but I thought she was pretty on point tonight. I also like them throwing the Glee Project guy in the mix and he doesn’t seem to be a horrible actor but he really didn’t blow me away either. That said, why do they saddle her with Unique? It’s so upsetting to see her being dragged down by such a poor actor.

  32. Mama Kitty says:

    The writers of the show have clearly LOST THEIR FREAKING MINDS. They’re taking everyone’s character and flipping them around 180 degrees and having them do/say things they’d never do/say. Does anyone else remember Blaine freaking out on Kurt over a few text messages? (“It’s not right, but it’s okay”, from the Whitney episode) And then to have him turn around a cheat on Kurt? Noooo. Hearing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” tonight made me a little sick to my stomach after the ridiculous cheating incident.

    Finn. Poor guy. He always says or does the wrong thing. But for him to call a baby retarded makes me sick. And is so far out of character, I’m not even sure it’s in this realm anymore.

    I don’t care about Kitty. At all. She’s the NuQuinn, but even Quinn wasn’t THIS horrible. When she went off on Marley towards the end of the episode, I’m surprised she wasn’t slapped by everyone on screen.

    Jake isn’t nearly as exciting or BA as Puck was, but I think he’s got a decent voice. I’d like to see where they could take his character — after they stop recycling storylines from previous seasons (see: Puck/Quinn/Finn love triangle).

    Marley is cute and has a great voice, but her character is BLAND.

    I loved watching Emma tonight. She’s really come far in the last few seasons. I hope she continues to grow that backbone!

    I LOVE Matthew Morrison, but I could honestly care less about him right now. Have him sing some more or have him leave the show. Finn could be a great director for the Glee club. At least then we wouldn’t have to hear him whining about how he lost his dream, his dignity, and his girlfriend all the time anymore.

    I was okay not seeing Rachel and Kurt this episode. I like them, but I think if there had been more of the “WAHHH I’VE LOST MY LOVE!” crap, I might’ve thrown up.

    I’ve tolerated Sue’s bigotry since the beginning. I was happy when the writers turned her into more of an actual person with the revelation that she had a handicapable sister whom she adored and took marvelous care of, plus her friendship with Becky and the birth of her baby, but tonight’s episode made me SICK TO MY STOMACH. Jane Lynch showed what a fantastic actress she is by not throwing up every time she had to utter that vile crap about Unique (who I LOVE).

    I still love Glee, but I don’t think we’re on speaking terms right now.

  33. Amy says:

    Regarding Finn, I think the writers really wanted to drive home the new rivalry between Finn and Sue, so they threw that accidental slur in. That is something Sue will never forgive so now the evil Sue will go to war against Glee club & Finn

    • Beto says:

      My only complain is , when did Glee turned into Saved by the Bell: the New Class

    • Dina says:

      They could have started the Finn/Sue rivalry without going there with the R word. Just make Sue shout hilarious words at Finn. Everyone would have enjoyed that. What they did was terribly offensive. It is also doing a great disservice to both their characters.

      • E says:

        I don’t understand….teenagers, even good ones, make stupid mistakes or comments. There have been plenty of uncomfortable moments on the show. Sue makes a living out of being mean spirited and bullying people. So an 18 year old kid lashed out and said a word that (unfortunately) many kids his age say. He regretted it. Lost in the outrage is the fact that Finn was standing up for someone that was different. He used an insensitive word, but he knew it immediately.

  34. Amy says:

    And I LOVE Ryder. Watched Glee Project 2 and Blake Jenner is a great actor. Expecting a lot more from him than Rory (so sweet but can’t act well) and Joe Hart (who I like but may not be able to be a leading man). Great winner

  35. Danny says:

    This season sucks so bad. Please Ryan & Brad stick to AHS & New Normal because your creativity has run way too thin! Don’t torture the original fans.

    • Beto says:

      Danny i SO TOTALLY AGREE with you , this season is taking deep dives

    • ullo says:

      even though you have point there, i am not entirely agree with you. this season definitely not the best, but some of the episode this is season is stronger than most of the episode in season 3. personally, i think the season premiere is quite good and the breakup episode is one of the strongest episode of glee in a while. yes the britney episode and makeover seems more like a filler episode but it’s not as bad as the first britney tribute or night of neglect, for instance. this week’s episode is also not bad, even though the absence of rachel and kurt were deeply felt. so i think we should see how RIB are going to play this out, though if rachel and kurt are going to absent in more episode than this i’ll be tune out too because the new characters are really lacking in terms of charisma and acting

      • NYC FTW says:

        Really the new character and the actors are so bland. Rachel, Kurt and NYC at least took us away from the same old stories of the election, the dance, the musical. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  36. Ana says:

    It’s getting painful to watch this show. More new people while the characters that made the show grate are MIA. When is Wade going back to where he came from? Thankfully I now Dvr the show and can fastforward through his parts but its annoying. And that Joe guy is not doing anything either. Please stop with the Glee Project additions!

  37. Amy S says:

    I missed the NYC side of things. It has been new and voe the new locations. The McK side is the same stuff with different people.

  38. baddog says:

    Can we please make Kitty go the way of Kalinda’s hubby? She isn’t pretty enough to carry the attitude and after dealing with Santana for years NONE of the team would take the crap coming out of her mouth.

  39. NYC FTW says:

    Needs more Rachel and Kurt. Marley could not be more boring if she tried.

  40. kavyn says:

    They were totally singing hand jobs instead of hand jive :)

  41. James says:

    I think we all forget these are characters written by other people. So if were going to get upset about Finn saying something out of character or other characters sayings things that are way more offensive or hurtful and geting away with it we should take to the writers who are on twitter and voice our concerns

  42. LilAngel says:

    No Rachel; no Glee. There’s no point to focus on Lima. It was the worst episode of Glee so far.

  43. Jessie says:

    I have never been happier to see Mike Chang. I realize he didn’t speak for the first 2 seasons but he’s had genius one-liners (like Brittany used to have before they ruined her) and he might be my favorite thing to come out of Glee. KEEP MIKE CHANG PLEASE.

  44. Anderstan says:

    The writers have lost their minds.

  45. Amy says:

    They should let Jake Puckerman actually do some real dancing. He was accepted for dance at a NYC school (Juliard I think) and then got the part on Glee so had to make a choice.

  46. feh says:

    I wish this episode was a little bit more subtle and understated.

  47. Eric says:

    Where were Rachel and Kurt this episode??? I thought Lea Michele was the only cast member contracted to appear in every episode???

  48. Julie says:

    This episode was terrible. Blaine needs to shut up, because he wasn’t “hopelessly devoted” to Kurt or considering him his soul mate when he was off hooking up with someone else after a few weeks of Kurt being gone. His complete lack of self awareness and “woe is me” act is disgusting, not endearing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever hated a character more. Also the McKinley side is just plain awful in general. No Kurt or Rachel? No reason to watch. I hear episode 7 is without them again, and full of Blaine whining about how lonely he is without Kurt even though HE CAUSED THE BREAK UP. I will be skipping that episode, thanks.

  49. gary says:

    this show just isnt the same without Santana. There has been something missing from what i loved about this show and it is the awesomeness that is Santana. I also dont get the hate for Finn him taking over Glee for 3 months is more then realistic. You dont need a teaching degree to coach Glee its not like he is taking over the history class. Sure he said something horrible things to Sue but Finn has been the Heart of the Glee since the start so wtf is up with the Hate?

  50. gary says:

    Also anyone else notice the show starting going really down hill when the Glee Project people started showing up? Ya stop with the dam Glee Project it ruined the show