Nikita to Reclaim Its Friday Lead-Off Time Slot

Nikita is spying a familiar time slot.

TVLine has confirmed that beginning Friday, Nov. 30, the CW thriller — which now airs at 9/8c — will move back to the 8 pm lead-off spot it used to hold. The hour’s current occupant, America’s Next Top Model, concludes its run on Nov. 16.

Repeats of the network’s freshman smash Arrow are slated to follow Nikita at 9 pm until Jan. 18. Previously announced holiday specials, meanwhile, will fill both hours on Dec. 14 and 21. (The Futon Critic first reported the schedule swap.)

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Nikita opened Season 3 in the Fridays-at-9 spot with barely a million viewers, and suffered a decline the following week. It ticked up with its most recent outing but still struggles to draw a million viewers or score above a 0.3 demo rating.

Are you happy Nikita will once again be kicking off your Friday night lineup?

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  1. Tommy says:

    At least they are trying…

    • Phil says:

      AGreed. Plus, they might as well change the show to a better night.

      • Lena120 says:

        It’s a way better time. Now I can watch it live, and record Grimm and Fringe. I’m happy The CW is trying to do something. It’s such a good show, but it was getting slammed in the ratings.

  2. wordsmith says:

    This is definitely good news. Arrow is an obvious pairing (even if it’s reruns), and Nikita will definitely benefit from not being up against both Fringe and Grimm. My DVR gives thanks from the bottom of its overworked heart.

  3. Hey, Stasi! says:

    This will definitely excite Stasi Pajori!

  4. Jared says:

    I have said they needed to pair Nikita with Arrow since the Arrow pilot!! They needed to do it on Wednesdays with Arrow at 8 and Nikita at 9, but… It’s a start….

  5. Crystal says:

    Yess! That 9pm hour sucks and ties up with other shows at that time

  6. Toms1€ says:

    good decision

  7. LJ says:

    It’s encouraging to see these two shows paired, I think they make a far better combination than Nikita with ANTM did. Now if we could just see some of the promoting for Arrow happen for Nikita it would help. Still seeing comments from people who didn’t know Nikita S3 had started or who lost it during the breaks last winter.

    • Alan says:

      anything would be a better pairing than that thing. i swear the cw marketing division looked at it and said “well they are both about women, they should be together right?”

    • edwin salas says:

      I think that Nikita is the best show that I have ever seen!!!!!! I’ve seen season one and two and im seeing season three and it is awesome and I really dont know why people are not seeing it!!!!! But I know this NIKITA NEEDS MORE ADVERTISEMENTS. ALOT MORE!!!!!and thats wat I think people will see it! !!! And I’ve seen Arrow and all the new shows on CW AND NIKITA IS THE BEST!!! Come on people see it cuz I really wanna see this show go on for more and more years! !!! So please put more advertisements on different channels or change it to a different day our time but I it would really make me sad if Nikita stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tvaddict says:

    Smart move CW

  9. Nerdbot says:

    Yay! The 9 pm slot is totally killing the show and America’s Next Top Model’s audience couldn’t be more different from Nikita’s. I really hope it goes back to the 0.4-0.5 of last season after the change comes.

  10. Heatherly Pooh says:

    I think that this is an awesome lineup. FYI Powers that Be at CW, I OPT to watch NIKITA over GRIMM and I purchase both from Amazon Instant Video. So, give it a chance.

  11. CJ says:

    Good move. Hopefully the numbers will improve. My Nikita-loving heart knows that each episode is a gift, and I am grateful for each one, for as long as The CW and WB will keep ’em coming.

  12. Eliza says:

    This is a VERY SMART move. Nikita deserves it.

  13. Carrie says:

    Awesome. Now, I can watch “Fringe” and “Nikita” on Friday nights.

  14. Good job, CW. You wouldn’t have cancelled Angel. I wonder how well Fringe and Nikita will do now.

  15. Michael says:

    fantastic CW. wonder what Nikita will be leading in to after 18th january

      • Dizzle says:

        Doubtful, they’ve held Cult back as a big, promotable event series for midseason…. It will likely air after Vampire Diaries on Thursday, and Beauty & The Beast (if given the back nine, which is unlikely right now) would shift to Fridays.

        • Christian says:

          If you think B&tB isn’t getting a back 9, you’re a foolish retentionista! The CW has only 2 midseason shows in the pipeline and 3 slots to fill (Gossip Girl, Top Model and probably Emily Owens) so no way they can afford to make it a fourth by canceling Beauty and the Beast. B&tB will move to Fridays and Cult will premiere after TVD!

    • Yeah, I wonder too. There are a lot of options:
      – If Emily Owens, M.D. gets cancelled after 13 episodes (its numbers are even worse than Nikita’s), they’ll have an empty spot to fill on the schedule, so they can keep airing Arrow repeats with Nikita until the end of the season.
      – If it isn’t cancelled, there are 2 main possibilities: pair Nikita with Cult on Fridays, or move Beauty and the Beast to Fridays with Nikita while Cult replaces it on Thursdays (Cult stars Matt Davis from The Vampire Diaries, so pairing the two shows could work well). The former would be better for Nikita, I think, but I don’t see the CW premiering a show on Friday. Especially since Cult is a genre show too and will get murdered by Grimm, just like Nikita if not worse.
      Nikita/BaTB isn’t as good as Nikita/Arrow but it can work. BaTB is about a female homicide detective and does have elements of action and crime, though it focuses on the main romance much more than Nikita. Anyway, like everyone said – ANYTHING beats Top Model!

  16. illi says:

    YES!!! CW needs to realize that Nikita is their absolute BEST SHOW!

    • Word, word, word! The best show gets the worst spot in the schedule, and as a result, the worst ratings. This is sad… but I guess not surprising, since people prefer crap, shallow TV over something complex and intelligent. Especially the kind of people who watch this network.

    • Frances Seth says:

      I agree! Yet, it’s almost impossible to find on ‘Comcast On Demand.’

  17. Josh says:

    The CW definitely messed up….They had a show that did decent in ratings(just not in their “pre-teen girl” demo…) but messed around with it and now the ratings have tanked.

  18. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Thank goodness. Now, I just need them to move Beauty and the Beast to Fridays at 9 (crime-fighting ladies and the growly-voiced men who love them!) and launch Cult out of Vampire Diaries on Thursday (if only so I can sort of have Damon and Alaric back together again).

  19. Very happy to hear! I hate having to choose between this and Fringe at 9!

  20. Mh says:

    About time the CW gets some brains

  21. dude says:

    This may be too little too late.

  22. kavyn says:

    I’m glad they finally paired Nikita and Arrow (even if they are reruns), but it’s unfrtunate how late they’re doing it. The gaps in between are not helping Nikita at all.

  23. Jon says:

    Hopefully it gets better ratings and some more promotion wouldn’t hurt either. Honestly I kinda wish Nikita had been paired with Arrow in the first place.

  24. Sash says:

    I freaking love this show, waaaaaaay more interesting and less emotional drama than the one staring Peta Wilson back in the early 2000. This Micheal is a lot cooler than the old one as well.

  25. Arrowhead says:

    whoaa CW congrads on trying to kill ARROW. not because of the Nikita pairing btw but putting the show on another night as repeats. This is overkill, you can only kill the show by this move. Wednesday is enough.

    Not happy

    • Christian says:

      If anything kills Arrow, it will be the uninspired writing and wooden acting.

    • What does it matter if Arrow has repeats on another night? It can only help – people who watch something else on Wednesdays at 8pm might catch a repeat, like the show and start watching. I’ve never heard anyone say that airing repeats of their favorite show will hurt it.

  26. Justin says:

    Oh thank goodness! I was so worried about pairing it up against Fringe, Grimm, and CSI: NY. I love this show, and this time slot is sooo much better for it.

  27. albtrex says:

    Great news!!!! Nikita deserved a better time slot!!

  28. JC says:

    I hope it gets better ratings it should be paired with Cult after the Arrow repeats are over :) It’s one of the best CW shows and thank God the CW is showing they actually care about it :D

  29. Good call! Even if it’s repeats, Arrow is another action show and makes much more sense as Nikita’s companion than ANTM. Nikita/ANTM is a completely senseless pairing, because the shows have nothing in common.
    Also, going back to 8pm relieves Nikita of the competition with Fringe and Grimm, two genre shows that appeal to the same audience. It sure can’t hurt.
    Honestly, I ain’t expecting miracles since Nikita was pulling 0.4’s even on 8pm in last season’s final reel, but every bit helps. This is such a fantastic show and I wish more people would watch. The cast and crew deserve more recognition for their top-notch work.

  30. Renee says:

    This is good, it’s not against Grimm anymore.

  31. oliver says:

    yes! awesome news. finally, CW shows that it cares about Nikita. Now maybe some more promotion could benefit the show..and then hope that the ratings climb.

  32. Meg says:

    Dang it, CW!! You are doing this show such a disservice by airing it on fridays!!! It should follow Arrow and Supernatural needs to go to fridays. Nikita is such a great show and it’s only in it’s 3rd season! Supernatural is doing just fine. It has its fan base and they will follow it to fridays. You need to build up Nikita’s fan base!! Come on! Get it together!

    • Brandy says:

      CW wanted a solid ratings night with Arrow/SPN and got one, SPN won’t be moving this season and if it moves next season ,it won’t be to fri.Secondly,Nikita had a great leadin with VD in season one,underperformered,wasted the leadin(which is why Secret Circle was cancelled & Beauty will be too) and was the lowest rated show renewed then so it was moved to fri.SPN managed to still be #2-3on CW on Fri(SMV too) but Nikita has crashed & burned on Fri.This time change won’t help it’s ratings,they still sucked last spring at 8& Arrow reruns will do better than Nikita originals.LOL.But Nikita fans will still complain about how it’s paired up with reruns instead of na original show.Third, Nikita is in season three and should already have a fanbase,not still be trying to get one plus, it’s been bleeding viewers last season and this one.First & second seasons are the highest rated and shows loose viewers as they age so Nikita’s got all the audience it’s ever gonna have.

      • Brandy says:

        Also, they’re not going to pair a failing show like Nikita with a hit show like Arrow on Wed. Or VD on Thurs.just to let Nikita drag it down.

        • Oh Brandy, you amuse me. Stewing in your Nikita hate over on TVBTN wasn’t enough, so you had to drag your hateful comments over here as well?
          Take a hint: this page is full of Nikita fans who are actually happy about the schedule change, as well as intelligent enough to enjoy a good show (hint: “underperformered” isn’t a word). Piss off back to your precious TVBTN, where you can keep making sophisticated comments like “hahaha, Flopkita will totally be cancelled, it only has like 3 fans!” with your fellow hater friends. It’s right over there, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          • Ddddddde says:

            I wish I could LIKE this comment a thousand times. Don’t mind Brandy,she’s just bitter her favourite show TSC or Ringer was canceled and not Nikita. LOL. Enjoy watching reruns of your flop shows while Nikita still continues. The fact that Nikita’s ratings are pretty bad, yet it was still renewed must be making these bitter fans infuriated, which makes me happy. ;)

  33. Michael says:

    Jump in a ditch Brandy you f ucking hater

  34. Gerald says:

    CW really has a lot of good shows. Nikita is one of them. Fridays work great, can’t imagine watching it on a Monday or Tuesday. I can see the 8pm being a huge boost with less competition from Grimm and Fringe conflicts. Arrow is a great pairing, but wouldn’t want to break up the Arrow/Supernatural Wednesday night.

  35. Mikael says:

    Now I can watch Nikita, Grimm AND Fringe!! I think Nikita will do better without having to compete with those two.

  36. Susy says:

    Yes!!! Now, I can enjoy Fringe to its conclusion! Way to go,CW! Should have done this a YEAR ago!

  37. Alan says:

    that should help, wont be up against two other genre shows at the same time and will have a repeat of a seriously successful show afterwards. maybe cw finally realised the 9 slot was like a grim reaper for the show

  38. Brandy says:

    Dodd, I’m not bitter about Ringer or SC, their ratings ect war rented cancellation but so do Nikitas

  39. Mimi Wang says:

    Thank you CW for at least pairing Nikita with a show that is also action!

  40. Kirby says:

    Thanks CW for bringing back one of my favorite shows from your Network!!!

  41. Sylvia says:

    Is the show going to be hired in again in 2013 or is it over?

  42. Ashley says:

    I’m so glad Nikita did not get canceled great show, great actors.I hope the show goes on for many seasons.