Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan: One of Michael's Worst Decisions Ever Will Tee Up Season 7

Jeffrey Donovan, Burn Notice Season 6If Burn Notice‘s Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan) can extricate himself from his latest dicey dilemma, certain members of his team may come to wish he hadn’t.

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The USA Network series unspools the final eight episodes of Season 6 starting this Thursday at 9/8c, with a double-header. When last we tuned in, Michael — stranded in Panama with Sam, Fi, Jesse and sketchy sniper Tyler Gray (played by Kenny Johnson) — had just gleaned that his CIA mentor, Tom Card (John C. McGinley), had set him up to die, and nearly succeeded in that endeavor.

Coming out of that, “You’ll see a more hell-bent Michael,” Donovan previews. “The relationship that Michael has with Gray and Card is going to turn Michael down a path that leads even Sam to question Michael’s integrity. And I think that’s what the fans are going to really be interested in: How dark will Michael go?”

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Donovan as of Tuesday had no official news to share on Burn Notice being picked up for the aforementioned Season 7 — though he did dismiss speculation that Miami was making it problematic for the show to stay put in the Florida city. (“Miami actually has been great,” he maintained.) But if the spy drama is renewed, he suspects it will be “our final season.” (UPDATE: On Wednesday evening, USA Network renewed Burn Notice for a 13-episode Season 7.)

And what a doozy the next season portends to be, so cross your fingers.

“In the [Season 6] finale, which I think the audience is going to be shocked by, Michael makes a decision that affects not only his friends but mostly Fiona,” Donovan teases. “I think the audience is going to be excited to see where Michael will go once he has made probably one of the worst decisions he’s ever made.” On a related note — or not — the actor also promises “a huge betrayal.”

And the repercussions of all the above won’t only be felt by his official partners in espionage.

The questionable choice Michael makes, “I don’t think that [Michael’s mother] Madeline will be able to justify,” Donovan warns. Poor Ma.

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Do you think Burn Notice‘s seventh season should be the last one? And what horrible decision do you think Michael makes in the Season 6 finale?

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  1. Justin says:

    As for the bad decision, no guesses from me since I like surprises. As for another season of Burn Notice, HELL YEAH!!

  2. the problem with “final seasons” is thatt they tend to go on for longer that they need to, so we end up with a lot of unnecessary filler. I’d rather have something like two or three wrap up TV movies and have USA spend the money they would have on 13 episodes into them so that they come out looking as good as they can be.

  3. Cody says:

    I’ve been seeing that burn notice was renewed for a 13-episode final season. Is any of it true??

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That was the buzz last week, but as the story says above, no official news as of yesterday.

    • jlo says:

      USA said they didn’t see season 7 as the finally season. They said it would be 13 episodes but nothing left them to seeing it as the last.

    • Big Fionna fan.... says:

      I sure hope not. I joke with my husband and tell him we need a more interesting life. lol…I made a comment on here. I dont watch “much” tv but I have “certain” shows that I watch or DVR in summer caz im outside from daylight to night. In the handfull of shows I watch which alternates I can really feel what they are feeling. If they are sad, I cry (I know makes me a barbie I guess) when they laugh then I laugh. I hope that they can continue the show. I have also learned a LOT watching this show. Just thought I would write ya a comment. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Quinn Mallory says:

    I have enjoyed Burn Notice from day one. Although every episode is pretty much a stand alone, the show has always done a good job with maintaing a decent seasonal arc (although it does sometimes get a little ridiculous to push the story along). Would love for the show to wrap up in a satisfying way.

  5. Kat says:

    Am I the only one who wishes Burn Notice would lighten up and go back (at least to a point) to how it was in the beginning. This whole “darkness” is driving me away from Michael and the gang.

    • Patrick says:

      You’re not wrong, but I like the realism. Michael Weston seems to be some sort of boogeyman where other spies are concerned. He had to have been a bad dude to get that type of reputation. I have been getting a little turned off by how nice Weston was.

    • Cari says:

      I agree. It was one I’d never miss – one of the few crime proceedurals with a “feel good” vibe. I sure do miss that. If I wanted “dark”, I’d watch American Horror Story. Seems to get darker every season. Too late to go back now.

    • Gailkate says:

      It HAS to get back to great bad guy plots and ingenious ways of bringing them down. We don’t need any more disruptions of the core cast (Fiona in jail, Maddy angry – boo!). I hate this news about a bad decision and betrayal because they’re ruining a great show.

      • BonesForever says:

        I kind of agree. Let’s not get too “dark” at the end of the season. Fee in jail last season was an awfully dark ending last season, so please don’t drive us to despair again! I’ll take the series as long as we can get it! I came late to the party, so I’m not ready for it to end!

        • mindy says:

          i can handle the darkness, but i prefer the goodguy westen. i sure hope he has a really good reason for his betrayal. his friends, his mother have invested so much emotion, time & effort in him, and his brother paid with his life. he seriously owes them all.

      • BN fan says:

        Lighten up, please!!! We want more of the team fighting against evil, not becoming evil! Keep the gang together!!!

      • BN fan says:

        AGREED! Stop ruining my favorite show!!!!

    • Ginsterc says:

      I agree. I liked it when Michael and the gang helped the little guy.

    • Nancy says:

      I agree! I liked it so much better when it was lighter and funny.

    • BN fan says:

      I completely agree! If I wanted to watch a darker show, I would. I miss the good old days! Please change the direction this show seems to be taken!!!

    • ange says:

      I so agree. I miss the way they would help people. It has become very dark and Michael is not making good choices. It’s just not as much fun.

    • jaylin says:

      yes! exactly ive been watchin the old ones and im like “i miss the ones where theres no jail,deaths of anyone important and long arcs…..

    • Norene says:

      I agree, just getting too dark, depending on how tit ends tomight may be the last episode I watch. Too convoluted.

    • SJ says:

      I agree, and bring back the yogurt.

  6. Courtney says:

    This is one of the only decent tv shows left on our screens. Everything else is mindless reality and eye-rollingly bad drama. PLEASE KEEP BURN NOTICE ON OUR SCREENS.

    • moobear says:

      Are you kidding, there are a bunch of good shows out there, we’ve had a bumper crop these last years. The Good Wife, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Suits (has really improved), Grimm (also improved), Cougar Town, Community (please be October 19th), Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope (really don’t understand why this doesn’t get more love), Don’t Trust the B—. I’m usually not much of a tv watcher, but somehow my viewing has gone up….don’t worry I have a tv in front of my elliptical, but my queue can get pretty backlogged now days.

  7. Rusty says:

    I wish they’d go back to killing the bad guys. By killing I mean Fi, Michael, Jess or Sam doing the shooting. It almost reminds me of the old show A-Team, all that shooting but nobody ever died. I want to see the bad old Michael come out. Kill them, Kill them All!! But have the final goes something like; big undercover job where’s there’s a ton of money involved, then have everyone think the team is dead, then show them scattered all around the world living the good life.

  8. Maryanne says:

    Really love this show…never want it to end. That said, I am nervous about the “betrayal” at the end of this season….I am getting the impression it’s Fiona or Michael who betrays the other…I really love them together. They work so well together. Hate to lose that relationship. Time will tell and believe me I will be watching!

  9. ben says:

    I do think the seventh season should be the end. I have always believed the sweet spot for a show is 5 to 7 seasons, and that ending anywhere in there on your own terms (and not cancelled with story hanging in the air) is the way to go.

    • April says:

      Yes, I completely agree with this. As good as this last season is, I’ve found myself more often than not letting the episodes sit on the DVR for a while before I work up the interest to view them. I think it is time for the show to end and hopefully the shortened season 7 will give them the chance to wrap it up properly.

      • mindy says:

        not me. i’m a complete junky. my life is really hectic, and this is the only show i watch. i love how they can juggle 2 or 3 ‘jobs’, the kind that can so easily get out of hand, and still keep it together. such an inspiration. keep the show coming.

        • Mary B says:

          This is the only show I watch so of course I do not want it to end. KEEP BURN NOTICE ON USA Network! Please do not let season 7 be the last. I think there is lots of potential left. How about a Pearce and Jesse connection. And I really liked the Sam Axe and Elsa story lines. I, too, came late to the party so please don’t stop now – I just discovered how great this show is!

  10. Lori says:

    Makes me sad to see BN going dark for its final season. Like others here, I miss the days when the seasonal arc was second to the case of the week when they got the bad guys for terrorizing, ripping off or manipulating the little guys.

  11. CSS says:

    If USA wants to be able to notch in their belt of having long running original drama.. (Sister network Nbc new dramas r trash) I suggest they go for at least 2 more seasons . The burn notice storyline is endless for now.. There r so many ways (villains) can come back to the story ..

  12. If they would kill off Westin & Sam, leave the rest it would be worth a couple more years…..sorry, those two do not lead to believable roles. I’ve never like their acting, but I love the rest and the writing!!

    • BN fan says:

      Jeffrey Donovan is a fantastic actor! His emotional range and ability to speak with so many different accents is incredible. Burn notice is well written and all of the actors are top notch. My family has watched since season 1 and we are sad that this is the final season. Best show on TV.

  13. Vera Sclafane says:

    Burn Notice is so terrific that I wish it could go on for several more years. I love each and every character and the acting is so realistic that every aspect of the production is unrivaled on tv today. I’m a senior and I have yet to enjoy a show more than this one. My only concern is if the actors would be willing to go on year after year without receiving the accolades they so richly deserve. It must be quite disheartening for them to not receive the recognition that so many other inferior shows and actors are getting. Jeffrey Donovan is clearly the best actor on tv and he should be getting credit for his work.

    • middlebrook says:

      l have bought every season of Burn Notice, up to season 6 espisode 12. l will continue buying all of them til the U.S.A. channel stops Burn Notice, then l will beg them for season 8,9,10 etc.
      lt’s a great series, don’t judge it — just enjoy it while you can !!!!

      • Santini says:

        Just catching up on this topic but you said, you bought up to Season 6, Ep 12? Isn’t that the one that just aired (in the US) on Nov 8 as the second half of the Fall Premier combo, (#11) “Desperate Measures” and (#12) “Means & Ends”? How could you have bought that already by Nov. 10? Are they available individually online somewhere? —OR, Did I somehow miss 2 eps? From the episode lists I can find, I’ve DVRed them all this season. Just curious. —ALSO, I echo several others here who want the old Michael & Gang fighting for the little guy. I can think of several plausible ways Mike can get out of his current mess and back into the CIA’s “good graces” or at least back to the point of being “just a burned spy” helping his clients. I’m wondering if “Renewed for a 13-episode 7th season” might not just be “for now…” If the Eps continue with high viewership they can always add more…. no?

        • middlebrook says:

          You can buy on amazon video for $1.99 per esp. a couple of days after the show airs on USA channel, that’s how I have got season 6.

  14. Nancy says:

    I wish they would show more romantic scenes with Michael and Fiona

  15. glenn says:

    burn notice is awsome if ncis can run for 10 plus seasons so can BN!

  16. Alice says:

    Don’t ever stop producing this show. Dark is being done on every other channel. Burn notice is clever, fun, and intelligent. Love the acting, the setting, and the humor. It’s just the best show on tv,

  17. Jules says:

    This is my very favorite show. I’m also a huge fan of NCIS but this show is different. PLEASE don’t let Michael betray his friends and family! I like the way they fight for the “little” guy! It needs to continue on this path. LOVE LOVE LOVE Michael and Fiona and if it’s going to end, let it be a happily ever after storyline!

  18. CJ says:

    Seriously, if Michael betrays Fiona I will not be able to take it. Now I am scared to watch! No, I refuse to believe it.

  19. Kaitey says:

    I have loved burn notice from the beginning and it is sad to see that season 7 is the final season. I liked the episodes before but now I like it cause it is getting more exciting and nerve racking. I hope nothing happens to anyone cause they all make a great team and I would hate to see that go.

  20. J says:

    Burn Notice is awesome I love the characters and after the crazy number of cancellations of my favourite shows – life, lie to me etc by a host of networks I hope it stays on our screens! In relation to the decision he makes I think he hands himself over to get mady, fi, Jessy n Sam off….

    • Tom Tondo says:

      I agree with J’s comment that Michael “hands himself in” and pleads guilty to killing the CIA Director in exchange for all charges being dropped against the rest of the “Crew.”

  21. I’ve watched Burn Notice since Season 1 Episode 1… I’m NOT thilled the way the storyline has turned. I do get the feeling that its winding down to the end, which is very upsetting to me. I just hope they end Season 7 on a good note…

  22. Angelia says:

    I love burn notice and it will be a big mistake to stop it.

  23. Trish Calabrese says:

    I’ve been a Burn Notice fan from almost the beginning and have stuck w/it even when a couple of seasons weren’t so good. Hope the producers listen to the fans here, those of us who eagerly await each season. What made/makes this show appealing is the loyal friendships between Michael and those around him and the enduring love story with Fiona. I agree, seems like the show has moved away from those relationships… not so much humorous banter and absolutely no romance. Hope they don’t spoil the show by a poor series ending like “In Plain Sight”…. hated it. Was so disgusted w/the finale I don’t even like to watch reruns. If this season’s finale ruins any of the core relationships I won’t be tuning into season 7… like to be entertained watching this show. If i want angst there are plenty of other options.

  24. eileenkny says:

    The situations that Michael, Fiona, Sam and Jesse find themselves in are getting worse with each week. I’d hate to see Burn Notice end, but I’ll hate it more if the show goes into the toilet plotwise.

  25. Larry says:

    Weaving dark elements into the story line are fine as long as the good guys win in the end. Anson Fullerton was a guy you wanted to hate, and he was definately a dark psychopath likened unto the Joker. The Joker was dark and derranged, but not to be taken lightly as he was also calculating and highly intelligent. Michael must be our hero in order to uphold our trust in what is right, so making a decision that has an appearance of betrayal with a covert plan to outwit your evil opponent would be brilliant. Like a chess game. Anson was a brilliant chess player; looking several moves ahead. Michael could look ahead, but not as well as Anson, so Michael capitilized on changing the rules of engagement, causing things to go sideways to benefit him; what you would expect from a brilliant covert operative. As Card said to Maddie, Michael is damaged, but alluded to the fact he is still a good person inside. Michael must still maintain the status of being our hero. If USA taints our hero, I’m going covert myself and coming after them…he he he!

  26. Bg says:

    I think that burn notice should have another season where Michael Weston’s former war criminals and other people try to hunt him down and they get away from the CIA where Michael and Fiona get married

  27. bryon yard says:

    If this is the final season make it big. I want to find out who burned him. I hope you don’t kill anyone off that way they can all be there in the end.

  28. ed says:

    This show got better when the writers eliminated the plots where’s Michael would help the formulaic tearful client. This show’s strength has always been about the conflict between Michael and the CIA and not about solving the client’s problem. The increased dark themes increased the intensity. Bring on the chaos, the betrayal, and etc. Time to wrap the show up; I agree, most shows peak around 5 -7 years.

    • Dean says:

      Could not have said it better. The smae old client of the week episodes were getting boring and dragging the show down. They did exactly what needed to be done and concentrated more on the mythology of the show. Having a few minutes at the beginning and end of the show to further the story arc was getting old. The darker tone the show has taken since the middle of season 5 has made the show much more realistic and interesting. I have enjoyed how the missions factor into the overall story of the show. The mission of the week episodes that had nothing to do with the main story were starting to get old. The last half of season 5 and season 6 have been my favorite seasons of the show because of the changed they made.

  29. Big Fionna fan.... says:

    I know how stupid this sounds it is only a show but for some reason this show and NCIS it is like I can “feel” what they are feeeling. I wont lie, I did cry to see Fionna cry. I HATE that he broke her heart “AGAIN” he loves her and Lord knows she love him. They burned the only home they shared and now she has NO MEMORIES (mateiral things) of thier life together. He promised her he said “this wont be the last home we share”. That does leave me hope that he keeps to that. The look on the teams face was so sad they were confused and hurt and they did NOT want to see her cry. (they tease each other but they do love and respect each other). I am wandering if her and Jessie may have a fling because he has been in love with her from the get go but Michael will ALWAYS be her true love. (just as my husband is to me). I hope the choice he made is nothing more then a ploy to get everyone off the hook at that time……HE PROMISED HER IN PANAMA “THIS IS IT”. I LOVE this show but it will really upset me if they end the show without them being together. They need to go out in style when the show ends perm. (they could get married) under God even without the legal paper work. I am awaiting for her to tell Michael she is Pregnant! That would be the perfect to FINAL ending along with knowing they are married. The people that write and direct this show are “amazing” they know how to keep our interest (that is GREAT). Anyhooo, I sure hope he does not end up betraying ALL HIS “TRUE” FRIENDS for a job that has “BURNED” him. Those friends have been there for him “ALWAYS”. I pray they do not ruin this for me and many other fans. THAT WOULD “SUCK”! Have a great day everyone.

  30. John says:

    Look at M A S H & Seinfeld, they ran for 14 and 9 yrs. respectively– there is no reason why this show shouldn’t do the same. The plots are endless w/ what appears to be Michael returning to the CIA. This show is truly one of the best on tv, and I hope some of the producers read these blogs. 14 yrs. MAY be a stretch, but I can definitely see seasons 7,8, &9. And besides Mr. Producer what show would u replace it with that has such loyal fan following.

  31. Kyle says:

    What’s everybody talking about?
    Every shows plot needs to thicken,

  32. Lance Martin says:

    The final episode made me sad. I could have watched Homeland. If they screw with the relationship between Mike and Fi, I am gone.

  33. calerbe says:

    I dont believe he made a bad choice,he wanted to protect his family and friends,and that’s what he did! and as far as season 7 being the final season f*ck no,this is thus far the best episode known to man,i love this show! Don’t break my heart

    • raven says:

      It wasn’t a bad decision, it was a smart one; one I would have made had I been in his position. I mean, what was he going to do? Let his family (because let’s face it, Fi, Sam and Jesse are his family too, not just Maddie) rot in prison for the rest of their lives for treason or whatever it was (haven’t actually finished season 6 yet, so I’m not sure what went down)? Yeah, I don’t think so. Fi is being unreasonable. But that’s just my opinion.

  34. Marion says:

    I am good for another season but I agree that it was better when it was lighter. It seems that they go from one crisis to another.

  35. Kiara says:

    Michael has probably joined th CIA again that’s probably what the worst dissision thing is but if the seventh season is the last ill be crushed I love burn notice and it should totally hav more seasons And it would be great if Fiona told Michael she was pregnant and they get married or something

  36. fiona says:

    I don’t think season 7 should by the last season. I can see season 8,9,10 and so on.
    I think Mike and Fi should get married and the team should set up a agency and rid the world of bad guys and every one lives happily ever after. AND DO NOT KILL ANY OF THE TEAM. Nate already got killed I don’t think they should kill anyone else.(ecepet the bad guys)

  37. jamessiever says:

    Keep it going the only other show is as good is son of anarchy Michael and Fiona will work it out

  38. lovemichael says:

    Love thw show! I would like more romance between Michael & Fiona;)

  39. anonymous says:

    How about a wedding? Michael and Fi could end up with a “Mr & Mrs Smith” type life, and a love interest could be brought in for Jesse,etc. Please, not too dark. THe fact that this show is not “too dark” is why most of us choose to watch it instead of something else.j

  40. Dennis the Kenyan says:

    Im seriously loving this show and if my comment really means anything at all… dont let it end at season 7. There are alot of things we are yet to find out lyk; fiona n Michaels relationship, his biggest mistake, if some of his old friends or enemies will resurface…. seriously I gave you credit for your creativity thea has to be like five more seasons left or even more

  41. michael fan says:

    cant wait for next season.this is the only show i watch faithfully.Keep it on .

  42. burn-notice-fan says:

    I love burn notice! My husband got me hooked on it. I want Michael and fi to end up traveling away together and leave all the spy stuff behind. That’s how I hope it ends when it ends, but for now I still love it

  43. C.G. says:

    I’ve watched the show from day one as well. The teams chemistry is unmatched. I think the CIA should recognize that and bring them all in…..including Maddy. That way they can still stay together, still fight the bad guys, still have the romance, get paid for it and get a little recognition in the process.

  44. scott says:

    i have a theory that season 7 will have an unexpected twist that no one is expecting, and any spoiler quotes from the actors are actually a false misdirection leaving us with something totally suprising.

  45. Jesse says:

    Burn notice the best spy/drama ever, can’t wait 4 season 7 in South Africa. Hope it will run 4 a few more years.USA Network great shows.

  46. Allan says:

    Burn Notice has got to be my favorite TV show. No I don’t think they should end this series with season 7. Every time they get a really good show rolling, they have to end it!!! Do us all a favor and let this one keeps running please!!!!!!!

  47. maxine says:

    I really don’t want burn notice to end really bad wished they go on more seasons Michael is such a badass character it be a waste for him to end T_T Its really hard finding good shows like burn notice because now a days the crime shows are all about just finding the killer an that’s it no real plot or actually good emotions its just nonstop shows like csi or similar shows doing the same thing over an over again just with new characters gets boring but with burn notice it something completely new twist an something more interesting that goes on in the plot makes you really want to see the story go on seeing what else is going to happen next so I believe ending it at only season 7 its way to short come on theirs gotta be more its to good to end it here

  48. Nathan says:

    Michael Makes a Decision to take a job in dominican republic to work with “an old friend .” Meanwhile someone goes asking about michael in miami during his mission. He Tries to create multiple cover ID’S And tries to crack sam, jesse, and then he finally gets to madeline. She tells about michael and the person she tells calls the guy michael is working with in the dr. He is in a police checkpoint were michael gets an instinct were his cover is blown and he is right. Then his partner dies.

    • Nathan says:

      i am not lying, i just watched season 7 ep 1

    • KD says:

      I feel as if I missed a whole season of Michael. So totally different theme I can’t recognize it. The “dark” Michael just didn’t have any preface to his dark character and why it happened. Relationship with Fee and Sam– what happened?

  49. Barbara Teague says:

    Burn Notice is the best tv show that has been on and I wish you would not take the show off. I really didn’t care for the way Fi treated Michael tonight.Also, stop with the GD comments. Can’t you people have a show without using God’s name in vain. Love Michael, Fi, Sam, Jessie and Maddie.