Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Supernatural, Girl Meets World, Glee, NCIS, Revenge, 30 Rock and More!

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Question: I gotta say, this new version of Dean Winchester on Supernatural leaves me downright tingly all over! Any chance you might have some news about what’s on the horizon for our deliciously messed up Purgatory escapee? —Gina
Ausiello: You thought he was getting deeper, Gina, but your favorite Winchester brother is actually going to become two-dimensional in the show’s upcoming cartoon-inspired episode. Supe fans already know that the outing will find ‘toon elements enmeshed with the real world; I can add that all of the deaths in the ep are cartoon tropes – such as anvils falling from the sky and people plummeting off ledges after hovering in mid-air for a few seconds. I also hear that Sam, Dean and Castiel will step inside an actual cartoon (think Bob Hoskins in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?). Finally, all of the Saturday-morning-style fun will take place in the season’s eighth episode. As Porky Pig said, that’s all folks!

Question: When will NCIS fans learn more about “Tony’s potential love interest”? Is there anything you can share? —Caroline
Ausiello: Allow me to defer to exec producer Gary Glasberg: “As we get into November sweeps, expect to see Tony and Ziva opening up to each other more, sharing some guarded memories that they both cherish. Tony will have some decisions to make as the season progresses, decisions that could leave him at a real emotional crossroads.”

Question: First off, I want to say a huge thank you. Your spoilers and scoops make the wait each week between shows bearable! But can you give us a little bit of Revenge? —Rosy
Ausiello: Revenge may be a dish best served cold, Rosy, but this Revenge scoop is too hot to hold back: The show is casting a hard-nosed judge, his wife and his right-hand man. The judge – who’s up for a big-time appointment — will visit the Hamptons for a charity award. Hmm, that wouldn’t be the best time for details about his seemingly proper wife’s past to come to light, would it? I don’t have definitive intel that the judge is somehow connected to the Graysons, but c’mon. And since you seem like  a nice person, here’s a Bonus Scoop: I can tell you that a male high school friend of Jack’s, who’s now a cop, will arrive in town in the near future.

Question: Once Upon a Time scoop, please?! Maybe info on who Ethan Embry is playing? —Elyse
Ausiello: Officially, he’s playing a mysterious Storybrooke visitor. Unofficially, Embry fits the description of a character named Bennett that the show was recently casting. The mid-30s guy next door-type is sweet, charming, intelligent and funny — at least on the surface. Beneath the surface, he possesses a darkness, as well as a willingness to fight to the bitter end for his beliefs and (this is where things get interesting) to prove that his way of life is in the right. What does it all mean?!?!

Question: I absolutely love Tessa and Ryan on Suburgatory. Any scoop on their relationship? —Melinda
Ausiello: According to series creator Emily Kapnek, the love story “ignites” in the comedy’s holiday episode. “But Ryan isn’t sure what any of it means,” she explains. “Was it his imagination, or is this actually happening?” He’ll likely get his answer in an early 2013 episode that finds Tessa recuperating from having her wisdom teeth extracted. “She’s out of school and Ryan comes over,” Kapnek reveals. “And there’s a fantastic scene between the two of them where he puts it on the line.”

Question: Anything on American Horror Story: Asylum? I’m officially obsessed! —Anna
Ausiello: Wednesday’s episode boasts one of the young season’s most unsettling non-horror scenes — one of the doctors aims to “cure” Lana of her lesbianicity through a graphic session of aversion therapy. Also: A new character by the name of Anne Frank (yes, the one with the diary), played by Franka Potente, has some provocative intel on one of Briarcliff’s denizens that explains so, so, so much.

Question: Anything on Castle you can share leading up to the Christmas episode? I can’t wait! —Anthea
Ausiello: I can confirm that the Dec. 3 holiday-themed outing will answer the age-old question: If Rick had a Christmas tree, what exactly would it look like? Also, who would help him decorate it? (Answer to the second Q is Alexis and Martha.) The bigger news, however, is that something conspires to keep Rick and Kate apart on Christmas — and that something is *o**.

Question: What’s the story behind the Brittany-Sam wedding photo that Glee boss Ryan Murphy tweeted last week? Are they getting married? —Rich
Ausiello: Can’t confirm a wedding. But I can confirm a one-sided crush. Bonus scoop: I have an answer to the question I posed at the end of this recent Glee story, and that answer is yes.

Question: Give us the biggest Glee scoop you have right now. —Suzanne
Ausiello: Wow. Talk about pressure. Um…. A character I never thought I’d see on the show again is returning. How’s that?

Question: Would love to get some scoop on Hawaii Five-0, Hart of Dixie and/or Scandal. —Clarisse
Ausiello:  I can help you with two out of the three. Five-0 is getting ready to introduce Danny’s visiting Jersey Shore-esque nephew Eric (gym, tan… lei’d?). Hart of Dixie, meanwhile, is casting the role of Jonah, a “handsome, charismatic, somewhat cocky” doctor who returns to Bluebell to visit his family and (I presume, since the gig is recurring) ends up sticking around. My question for you, Clarisse: Is Jonah coming on as a love interest for Lemon or Zoe?

Question: Any scoop on Elementary‘s big Super Bowl episode? —Maggie
Ausiello: You mean the one that was just announced? I’m good, but I’m not that good. Prior to the big game on Feb. 3, viewers will uncover “some bigger pieces of the puzzle” concerning Sherlock’s mysterious time in London. “I don’t think I’m giving too much away to say that Watson was onto something in the pilot,” teases EP Rob Doherty. “There’s a story to tell as to how Sherlock came to be in the States, how he came to spiral into addiction. We want to give Joan and the audience pieces of this mystery so they have them when we finally get more explicit about how he lost control and ended up in New York.” Could the woman Joan suggested was part of that downfall be a certain iconic character from the Sherlock Holmes stories? “Irene Adler is somebody I’d love to see on the show in some way, shape or form,” Doherty says. “But Irene is tricky to talk about at the moment.”

Question: Any plans for James Wolk to return to Happy Endings? — Ann
Ausiello: As of now, no. But, the next best thing is going to happen to Max in an upcoming episode titled “The Marry Prankster”: He’s going to win the lottery! Or so the gang tricks him into thinking, at least. When our favorite slob finds out the truth, needless to say, there will be (hilarious) hell to pay. Bonus Scoop: Look for Max and Brad to pose as an engaged couple to raid a gay wedding expo.

Question: Heya. I’m looking for a boyfriend. I enjoy life and I like to have fun and hang out with friends and family. I enjoy cookout and fishing. I enjoy taking a walk and holding hands. I love to see and learn about new place. I work very hard at the hotel and I am raising two adoptive children and I cherish my God. — Dwight
Ausiello: I was halfway to the jeweler’s when your pitch hit a snag, Dwight. Sadly, I do not love to see “new place,” much less learn about it and/or them. Have you tried Slezak?

Question: Why is Bree Turner MIA on Grimm? I thought I had read on your site that she was promoted to a series regular. So what’s going on? Answer and no Smurf will be harmed. — Brian
Ausiello: You know the quickest way to get a question not answered, Brian? Threaten a Smurf. Lucky for you, that’s also the quickest way to get a question answered. After having a baby last month, Turner took a few episodes off (which is why her name was temporarily removed — operative word: temporarily!) from the opening credits. But she’s back in Portland now and shooting new eppies as Rosalee.

Question: Are we going to see Elaine Stritch back on 30 Rock one more time during its swan song season? I can’t bear the thought of not having Colleen judging Jack at least one more time. —Andy G.
Ausiello: Not only is she coming back, she’s taking the show on the road — to Florida, where (from what I can tell) she’s being moved into a retirement home full of Chatty Cathys.

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy spoilers? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Remember last week when we told you that the Otto/Tara arc “will all play out” by season’s end? Well, the tale picks up in this week’s episode and quickly takes an odd, uncomfortable turn — particularly in the hour’s final moments. Bonus Scoop: Someone else finds out about the skeletons Juice has been keeping in his closet.

Question: Now that Community will debut in February, does that mean there won’t be a Halloween episode? I need my spooky Greendale fix! —Kellen
Ausiello: Not only is the show’s annual Halloween extravaganza still on, but Yvette Nicole Brown dubbed it her favorite episode of the season when she dropped by Spoiler Alert! last month. In other Community news, Dean Pelton is about to come face-to-face with… himself! The show is on the prowl for a thirtysomething actor who has a small frame and is balding to play Dean’s friend and doppelganger.

Question: Give us a scoop about Dexter, please. Can’t believe Dex and Hannah had sex! —John
Ausiello: Believe it. And brace yourself: This Sunday’s episode opens with — understandably! — some of the most awkward “morning after” smalltalk on record. (Sample exchange: “This can’t happen again.” “The horse tranquilizer or the sex?”) Then, in keeping with this season’s theme of “Can things get worse?,” one of the worst possible people gets wind of the killers’ canoodling.

Question: This Boy Meets World sequel series is all I have been able to think about since Friday. Anything else you can tell us about it? —Amanda
Ausiello: I’m going to call this Amanda Meets Scoop: Cory and Topanga’s Girl Meets World kiddo is a 13-year-old named Riley who’s full of life, super positive and very loyal to her friends. She’s got a slightly older brother, Elliot, and – this may make fans very happy– her dad is her history teacher. Yup: The Feen-ee has become the Feeny! The show also is casting Riley’s best friend, a dark, edgy, acerbic girl named Maya who’s probably not as pessimistic as she seems.

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  1. Claire says:

    GIVE ME SOME SOAP SCOOP!!!! Give us some info on Victoria’s kidnapping on The Young and The Restless. Loving this storyline already. Billy&Victoria are amazing.

  2. Symce says:

    In answer to the *o** question from castle: Borg? Resistance is Futile!

    (oh wait it’s not the comic con episode, drat!)

  3. YES! EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR “Girl Meets World”!!!

    • Mike says:

      I just happy she is not another wannabe pop star. When will Disney learn it shows are better when they’re not revolved around singing or being famous( Good Luck Charlie, Wizards, Raven, suite life, Lizzie McGuire)

    • LizLiz says:

      Me too! Disney does do good family shows. And hey if all the kids don’t tune in you know us 90’s kids will be doing so

  4. Bobby says:

    The returning Glee actor is Damian McGinty, who is playing the Angel to Artie’s George in the It’s A Wonderful Life sequence Glee’s doing for their X-Mas episode.

  5. WayneInNYC says:

    PLEEEASE let it be Max Adler be the one returning to GLEE.

    • Bobby says:

      It’s not, unfortunately. Glee insists on bringing back people like Damian and Grant, which is laughable. Love them both, but they have less talent and less story to tell.

    • Tim says:

      It’s Rory

      • Blake says:

        I was hoping it wouldn’t be Terri. Now I think I want it to have been Terri instead.

        • Carl says:

          seconded, Terry was great! yet tbh even Sandy Ryerson or ANYONE else could be better returning than the one character which got nominated for “best performance by an inanimate object” at the last TWOP awards XD

          • SoUngleeful says:

            Yeah, I agree with you. They were hysterically funny season 1. I miss funny Glee. Drama Glee is a drag. Damian can’t act. Grant can act. But Terry and Sandy were gold.

    • Ian says:

      He knew we’d take the bait and dare to hope it’d be Dave/Max Adler.

      MICHAEL! *shakes fist*

      But seriously, they had Blaine cheat, and bring back Sebastian no doubt to entice him again and he’s got his other Warbler drama going on too.

      Would it be so hard for this show to bring Dave back a healthier person, going to school in NY, and reconnects with Kurt?

  6. JAA says:

    The bigger news, however, is that something conspires to keep Rick and Kate apart on Christmas — and that something is *o**.

    cold? = snow.

    I just hope Castle and Beckett do not spend the entire episode stranded from each other, that would be a huge disappointment.

  7. Did you just accidentally let slip that the character of Castiel will return in more than a flashback this season? The quote “Sam, Dean and Castiel will step inside an actual cartoon” lends itself to thinking the three will be reunited, rather than just seeing flashbacks of Dean & Castiel’s time in purgatory.

  8. Angela says:

    Really Cory & Topanga’s kid is 13? and has an older brother, huh???

    • Annie says:

      ‘Slightly’ older brother, maybe they’re Irish twins? I could see it, they were both pretty sex-crazed at the end of the show. I figured the show would make the girl the Cory type and give her an Eric type older sibling. I wonder if there will be a Morgan too

      • Blake says:

        If there’s a Morgan type, it would be hilarious if we didn’t see them for a couple seasons. Then once we do see them again, we just find out that they were in their room for a really long time-out.

    • Maybe there’s a time jump? As in the show doesn’t actually take place in 2012 but a few years ahead? Maybe “slightly older” is Ausiello’s cute way of saying that she has a twin who is a few minutes older? That would at least keep cannon.
      I think they should have made her a little younger, perhaps 11 like Cory was when Boy Meets World started. The fact that they are making her 13 gives me a little less hope for the show than I originally had, it seems like they are trying to gear to the preteen crowd (which is Disney Channel’s audience, but lets face it, they’re not the ones interested in this show) which means this character will probably turn out like all of the other Disney Channel Skanks.
      Is there any word on whether or not any of the original writers will be working on the sequel? That would give me a lot more faith in it.

      • Ari says:

        This show will probably not air until Fall 2013. They are pitching Riley as a pre-teen character. It is entirely possible that Topanga may have gotten pregnant right after BMW finished airing and then got pregnant again right after that kid is born. That would make the girl 12 and the boy 13 by the time the show aired. There is no need for a time jump.

  9. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Tony’s new love interest = Ziva.

    • Jamie says:


    • mel says:

      I agree completely !!!

    • Wendy says:

      Well unless the person who asked that (silly) question is blind or living under a Rock..Gary G. has pretty much openly stated already that Tony & Ziva will get closer. Even MW said here on TVLine that this IS the “Year of Tiva”. How can anyone NOT see what’s clearly right in front of them? How much more clarity do you possibly need?? Tony is GOING to end up with Ziva – if not now, then by the end of the show, which is right around the corner. That’s how their characters were written, and that’s what NCIS viewers have responded to, clearly.

      • Frannie says:

        ughhhhhh why why why must every show ruin a good thing – I love the “chemistry” that Ziva and Tony have but DO NOT want them to be an item– I know I am truly an underdog in that assesment but it is how I see things!!!

  10. Megan says:

    It makes more sense for Topanga to be the teacher. I guess we’ll see how this works out…

    • irishrose4583 says:

      yea i found that pretty unbelievable that Corey would become a teacher-and a history teacher at that.

      • I don’t see it as that far fetched, although maybe thats because I watched the episode where Cory and Feeny switch places the other day. I think it will be kind of cool to see Cory as the “Feeny”, although the real Feeny better make an appearance ASAP! I would also love to see Rider Strong and Will Fridel make appearances.

      • Rachel says:

        yeah, but I’d rather see more Corey than more Topanga…she could be a lawyer or something!

        • Wesley says:

          Exactly! I hope that Topanga actually did become a lawyer since that was the reason they moved to New York anyway. It would be a shame if that never happened.

  11. Elyse says:

    is that boy meets world scoop real?!

  12. Mari says:

    ‘and that something is *o**.’
    what? what? I need to know what this means!

  13. Alex says:

    If they’re casting for Girl Meets World, does this mean it’s been greenlit as a pilot?!

  14. E says:

    Mike, get with the program. We knew Damian McGinty was coming back last week. You are so behind the curve.

  15. Chris says:

    This new Dean leaves me all tingly too but I hate what they’ve done with Sam so far.

  16. Alice says:

    I think Ethan Embry will turn out to be the mysterious person August was talking to on the phone in the first season, his accomplice. “His way of life is in the right” and “Beneath” …. maybe his character is related to the Little Mermaid?

  17. kim says:

    how can you say that there is a one-sided crush in the brittany and sam relationship and NOT say who is the one crushing on the other?

    • Blake says:

      Aus said he can confirm a one-sided crush. He didn’t specifically say he could confirm a one-sided crush in the brittany and sam relationship.

  18. D says:

    *o** = love? IDK, but Jim and Martha won’t get along too well in the “meet the parents” dinner and if that still is an issue at Christmas time, I believe that no matter how much Beckett and Castle love each other, they would never leave their parents to be together. Just a guess. I’d love to see all of them together, both families, the team, everyone. It’s Christmas after all.

  19. Mooney says:

    Heard gwyneth paltrow could be returning to Glee this season too hopefully that’s true

  20. Sam says:

    As a diehard Boy Meets World fan, I really don’t want Girl Meets World to happen. BMW ended perfectly, why can’t we keep it that way?

  21. Iya says:

    Well I guess one sided crush is better that anything I’ve read in the past few days, even though I still don’t think I’ll watch the christmas episode since I didn’t like the past ones and was hoping for a reunion with all the original glee club members. Plus I’d much rather have Brittany dealing with everything that’s happened to her this year than this.

    • Rab says:

      If their are no to little originals in the Christmas episode, then I pass. Love Puck but don’t give a hoot about Jake or the other newbies. Don’t care about this so called wedding with Brittany and Sam-just weird. If no Rachel or Finn then I definitely will pass. This season is pretty lame so far. For me to watch, Glee needs to eliminate McKinley.

  22. Danny v Eck says:

    I know in my heart it’s probably Damian or Grant, but please RIB!!! Bring Dave Karofsky back T.T You can’t end a storyline so dark without resolution! And i miss Max Adler on my screen!

    • Rod says:

      I’d agree BUT, since Glee has pretty much become a tweenie soap, centered around pretty gorgeous people (underdogs? where?) and cheap couple-drama, if Max won’t be returning full time to get a decently developed SL is better that he stays away from that sh*t (and I won’t have to bother watching any ep of this or any future season anymore); otherwise it will be just another WTF moment like last time…
      “yes, Dave was so depressed, but thanks to a dull fantasy dream-thing, everything got magically fixed and now all is wonderful because you know, IT GETS BETTER folks, yaaay!” no, thanks…

      • Olivia says:

        Oh yes, Glee is so gutted you won’t be watching again. And full time? Seriously? Like what is it with you Max Adler fans? Do any of you have a grasp of reality? And that sh*t brought him to where he is now, not that he travelled much further without it.

        • Leo says:

          @Olivia, you’re a jerk and you seem to lack the most basic reading’s skills: the comment above isn’t about being “fan” of an actor (who is straight anyway)… speaking as a gay man, many of us want to watch realistic gay characters with storylines driven by true emotions (like Kurt’s used to be), not centered around soapy romances and not only about fabulous cute boys made to please straight tween fangirls… if you enjoy rubbing yourself watching pretty boys holding hands is your own damn business (tv is fully loaded with that kind of niche, Glee is full of that and there are the RPG’s on tumblr too), but stop with the condescending crap, specially dealing with a character which hit close to many gay people, whose issues you clearly have no idea about… “get educated” or gtfo

  23. mac says:

    Sam, Dean and Castiel……I died. YES!!! Cas gets out =D

  24. GingerSnap says:

    Ethan Embry
    Fighting for what he believes in – Robin Hood?

  25. Meagan says:

    Don’t you mean doppeldeaner or deanelganger?

  26. wordsmith says:

    I thought Grimm did a great job of masking the fact that Bree Turner was INCREDIBLY pregnant for most of the beginning of the season, and I can’t wait to see her back on the show soon.

  27. Annie says:

    Hopefully Mr. “Hey Dude” Matthews teaches history a little better than he did in sixth grade

  28. with the foreknowledge that Ausiello updates this today, no one thought to ask him for a spoiler on the Presidential election? that would have been hilarious.

  29. steve says:

    Can Dexter writers come up with something new and interesting instead of revisting old ground. As it so obvious he is going to continue sleeping with her untill season end and then kill her in the finale

  30. Maggie says:

    that Happy Endings scoop is fantastic!!!

  31. SUCKS says:


    it’s clearly Josh

  32. Holly says:

    SWM seeks SWM. Tvline has a dating service? Well I guess that’s innovative. :)

  33. nick1372 says:

    Thanks for the OUAT & Revenge scoop!

  34. jasie says:

    Hoping its Jessalyn Gilsig returning to Glee. Been hoping it for her return since she left.

  35. Kristina says:

    Hope the love interest is for Lemon and not Zoe–she already has way to many men floating around in her life!

  36. adam says:

    Doctor Who Scoop Please :)

  37. baby345 says:

    You can ask something about Grimm and you did ask THIS?? Seriously what’s wrong with people? Why didn’t you ask about Nick/Juliett/Renard instead?

  38. mel says:

    Re: NCIS scoop: PLEASE let this mean they are considering a relationship between Tony & Ziva – I am so tired of seeing them with other people!!

  39. Jay K says:

    i want to know if aus knows about where baron vaughn and ryan johnson will go now that fairly legal is cancelled? those guys were good! aus=all knowing oz

  40. Abby says:

    Girl Meets World might not be doing a time jump… The show ended in 2000. So by the time it would air it will have been 13 years. Lets say they got pregnant right after the show ended? And the “slightly older brother” twin angle is very plausible. I have hopes for it to be on ABC/aBC Family. Not Disney.

  41. Tulip says:

    Didn’t Community already do the Dean doppelgänger thing? Can’t they use that guy again?

  42. guest says:

    Cory & topanga could have adopted a child before they had their daughter.

  43. DarkDefender says:

    They should totally get Moby to be the Dean Doppleganger. Just sayin.

  44. Figgy says:

    The fact that Cory Matthews takes Mr. Feenys place is touching. Love this so much.

  45. j says:

    I think Shelby is returning

  46. Courtney says:

    Oh wow. PLEASE no “Girl Meets World”! From Cory being a history teacher to their daughter being named Riley… I don’t like the little things or the big things we know of this potential series so far. Leave this show alone. So many people love it, and that doesn’t mean they want more in the form of a sequel, it means they want to keep those memories and not have them ruined!

  47. KC says:

    “…your favorite Winchester brother…”

    Wait, you mean there’s supposed to be more than one Winchester brother on Supernatural this year? No way! Someone alert Jeremy Carver, stat!

  48. Lee says:

    Since when did Brittany and Sam become a thing? Does anyone care about them? I keep forgetting that Glee writers have a penchant for throwing random characters together for no reason, and then getting bored after two episodes. I’m bored already.

  49. Kate says:

    Castle and Beckett? Easy. It’s WORK.

  50. Ellie says:

    ‘and that something is *o**.’
    GoOD ?