Walking Dead's Sarah Wayne Callies On Her Biggest Regret, Being 'Barred' From the Set and Why 2 Broke Girls Is Probably Not in Her Future

Sarah Wayne Callies The Walking Dead Season 3By now, you’ve probably stopped sobbing over this week’s episode of The Walking Dead — probably! — and, if that’s so, it means two things: 1) You need some Visine. And 2) you have questions.

To answer them, TVLine turns to Sarah Wayne Callies, whose final scenes as ill-fated Lori Grimes were as beautiful — and as horrifying — as any we’ve ever seen.

In the following Q&A with TVLine, the actress opens up about lying to the world for five months, her biggest regret about leaving the show, why she believes Lori’s final wish was the right one, whether she will continue to watch the show and much more.

TVLINE | Your performance last night was amazing, but I have to say, what really impressed me was that you kept this secret for so long. You shot the episode in June, which means you had to basically lie your way through Comic-Con. 
It was the single hardest thing of this entire process, knowing that I had to [keep quiet] from the middle of June until the middle of November. And then I had to work on another project, [the film Black Sky]. I got onto that set and there were a lot of people who were fans of the show that were like, “Aren’t you shooting right now?” And I basically told them that every character this season has more episodes off than they’ve ever had, and the writers were kind enough to accommodate this schedule — all of which is true. But it was also deliberately misleading. It was by far the hardest thing. But [AMC] was very clear: You can tell your mom, you can tell your husband, and that’s basically it. [Laughs] It was a real challenge. I think we were all very conscious of the ways in which Shane’s death got out [before the episode aired]. And while it didn’t diminish [Jon Bernthal’s] performance, I think it diminished the experience of the audience watching it. So the publicity team at AMC said, “Look, we’re going to keep working like you are still the leading lady of the show for the rest of the season. And then when you die it’s going to be crazy.” And it seems like that worked. To be honest, I can’t believe it. I’m floored.

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TVLINE | I was looking back at the interview I did with you at Comic-Con [scroll down for video] and I actually asked you what it will be like when the inevitable day comes when Lori dies — and you lied to my face. Well done.
Well, I do lie for a living. [Laughs] I’m an actor.

TVLINE | I want to ask you about the choice Lori made to sacrifice her own life to save her child’s. What would you say to those folks who think it was a selfish decision to saddle Rick with not one but two children in the apocalypse?
I think that’s ridiculous. [Laughs] She’s providing the most powerful symbol of hope and renewal that exists — which is this idea that life can go on and can grow, even in the midst of the end of the world. She was also losing about a cup of blood a minute. And if you can’t deliver the baby and you can’t stop the bleeding then she’s dying one way or the other. As soon as the blood hit Maggie’s hand Lori knows she’s not leaving the boiler room. And if she dies and the baby dies then the baby turns. So then someone’s going to have to put a bullet in that baby. She realizes that one of them could potentially come out of this alive or they could both die for sure. And given how hard Rick has worked to protect Lori and the baby, the greatest gift she can give him at that point is at least the success with the baby. He did it. He did it. He got her to term; he kept the baby alive.

TVLINE | Were you on set for the climactic scene in the prison yard where Rick learns that Lori died.
Andy [Lincoln] asked me not to be on set. But I couldn’t leave, so I was at base camp with the trailers. I could hear him screaming and crying [while shooting the scene]. I was sitting there with IronE Singleton [T-Dog] kind of going, “Oh my God. This is horrible.” And then one by one as the scene ended they came back to the trailers to change and go home, and I put my arms around Andy. When he goes down the rabbit hole he goes all the way down. I put my arms around him and I was like, “Look at me. I’m right here. I’m alive! Andy and Sarah are just fine. Rick and Lori are over, but Andy and Sarah are just fine.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | What did you think of that particular scene when you saw it for the first time?
I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was brilliantly shot to have Carl strong and cold in the foreground and Rick collapsed. I know they shot it a bunch of different ways. There were a bunch of different ideas about how that scene could play. But it was beautiful because in some ways it’s the apotheosis of Carl. It’s this young boy having just performed a great act of both mercy and violence [against] his mother recognizing that dad’s not going to be able to get me through this right now, so I’ll be the strong one.

TVLINE | Is there any part of you that’s bummed you never got to play a zombie?
[Hesitates]. No. [Laughs] Not really at all. The only regret that I have about that is that [Walking Dead special effects guru] Greg Nicotero has these amazing stylized posters made of the people who have left the show as zombies, and the one of Jon is phenomenal. And I asked him, “Do I get a poster?! I want a poster!” And he was like, “You didn’t turn into a zombie.” But I remember Jon telling me that the zombie transformation is so hard. We spend the entire show hating them and running from them and trying to kill them. And to watch that transformation would be incredibly difficult. Greg has told me that they’ve had people weep in the chair. Some grown-up actors needed a scotch. It’s an emotional transformation. And I think maybe I’ve had enough emotion already. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will you watch the show as a fan now?
Yes. I’m kind of looking forward to it [because] it’ll be the first time I’ll be watching without knowing what’s going to happen. I get really easily scared, so I may have to watch from across the room with a pillow over my eyes for some of it. [Laughs] But they are phenomenal actors. Especially David [Morrissey]. The stuff he’s doing this season [as the Governor] is just blowing me away. One of my biggest regrets is that I don’t get to work with him. We were both really looking forward to working together.

TVLINE | Are you interested in another TV gig? And, if so, would you be looking for something, um, a touch lighter?
My mom and my best friend have both asked that the next thing I’m in involve ponies and rainbows. [Laughs] To be perfectly honest, I can’t imagine anybody casting a sitcom going, “I know — we need Sarah Wayne Callies!” [Laughs] If I was looking to star in the next 2 Broke Girls I don’t think anyone would take me seriously. That said, a good script is a good script. And whether it’s television or theater or feature films, you go where the writing is. I shot Black Sky over the summer and right now I’m not doing anything. [Laughs] I’m taking off for the holidays. But starting in January, they’ll send me a bunch of scripts and I’ll read them and see which ones I love and see which ones love me. And we’ll figure out what comes next.

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  1. Beth says:

    I think she is awesome! Loved her in prison break and walking dead… Sad she is gone.

  2. Cottage101 says:

    Ever since the beginning I’ve liked Sarah Wayne Callies. Lori not so much, but Sarah always seems so nice. She’s done such an amazing job, making us go from disliking/hating/being annoyed by her character to crying over her death. (At least I did) Terrific job!! Can’t wait to have her back on oud screens again :)

  3. Rachel says:

    Spoiler alert would be nice, it’s only the day after, some of us haven’t seen it yet and you can clearly tell something really bad happens from what you can see on the home page.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I avoid this site after shows air because of spoilery headlines so it’s o you if you come here. BUT I had to unlike them on facebook because their spoilers were showing up in my newsfeed.

      • Dan says:

        They are putting spoilers in titles, front pages and headlines now, and just not caring about their readers anymore. Way to completely disrespect your readers, isn’t it? We used to avoid the post-mortem interviews and the recaps, now we have to avoid the site as a whole.

        • tripoli says:

          Exactly. It was the first thing that popped up when I opened the page earlier. I hadn’t yet seen the episode (just finished) so obviously it gives something away. I was okay with that this time since I had heard awhile back that Lori was set to do in the first 4 or 5 episodes so I chose to come to the site so I could read other articles and recaps. As you’ve pointed out, TVLine just doesn’t care anymore. I used to rave about how great this site was in regards to spoilers and respecting their readers. Not anymore. I only continue to come because I enjoy the commenters who enjoy the same shows I do.

    • nate p says:

      You should know not to go and read walkind dead articles the day after they aired. And yes this is a walkind dead article

      • Rachel says:

        I was actually just scrolling down the tvline home page and the tiny blurb prior to the jump showed some words that leave no doubt to her fate. Normally Ausiello posts a warning first and at least doesn’t make the spoiler visible even without having to click the link to the rest of the story.

      • cjeffery7 says:

        especially when it clearly states in the FIRST PARAGRAPH that it will be discussing THIS WEEKS episode.

    • Jeri says:

      Don’t go to TV sites if you haven’t watched a show 2 days after it aired. I watched it last night and I didn’t come here or any TV sites until after I watched the show.

      That just makes sense, if you choose to wait, everyone else doesn’t have to wait for you.

  4. wordsmith says:

    Yeah, watching that Comic-Con interview again, she really did a great job of casually lying to your face about getting killed off, Ausiello.

  5. She seems to be a very lovely lady.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Loved her on Prison Break and TWD, never really understood all the Lori hate. Having said that I have to say that Kirkman could take a lesson from Kurt Sutter of SOA. Sutter purposely went to his fans and told them in no uncertain terms to stay OFF of social media sites on the day/night of the upcoming “death” episode (if you watch SOA you know what I’m referring to). He even asked east coast fans NOT to spoil for others. He also said to be sure to watch it live because we would regret it if we didn’t. So we knew something big was coming and it didn’t take anything away from the shock. Because of this I followed his lead and when I watched the episode I was completely taken back and was so grateful that I hadn’t been spoiled. Unfortunately, because I didn’t know this was going to be a surprise “death” episode on TWD I was spoiled by folks in the east who were tweeting about it. It was still a great episode and I’ll be watching it again a couple more times before next Sunday but sad that it was spoiled for us over on the west coast. I know it’s just the woes of social media and that’s how it is now but why can’t people understand different time zones??? Even Michael Rooker (Merle) was doing it. And before you even go there Sutter did not do this to boost his ratings, he doesn’t need too. They are through the roof every week.

    • L says:

      I’m on the West Coast and my AMC shows WD at 6:00 so its the same time as it airs on the East.. then it re-runs later… Do others not get the same feed?

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I think it also depends on who your provider is. For me it comes on at 9:00.

      • Skurvy says:

        No. If you have dish or premium cable, you can watch the east coast airing at 6and the west coast at 9. If you are on the west coast with basic cable, 9 (10 mtn) is your only option

      • Victoria says:

        I’m on Mountain Time and TWD starts at 7PM, then Talking Dead at 8PM, then encore presentation of TWD at 9PM.

    • Dan Hunt says:

      If you can’t stay off of social media sights for a measly 2 days, you have a problem my friend.

  7. EAM says:

    Sad everyone on the show has to die. Enjoy Sarah very much and will miss her and her character. :-(

  8. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Poor T-Dog, another black man dies and doesn’t even rate a mention on TVLine. But the white girl, she gets the attention lol. And yes I am kidding.

  9. Steven says:

    If they reveal Victoria on Revenge has a sister, then Sarah would be the perfect choice! Make it happen ABC!

    • Lili says:

      Please… She starred in Prison Break and Walking Dead, she deserves a better show. I can see the resemblance between her and Madeleine but if Sarah is going to do TV again in the near future, she deserves to be the star of her own kick-ass drama.

  10. king david says:

    All this is well and good but did they have to kill the longest standing blck guy on the show T dog but wait u replaced him wit another bald headed black guy. So I guess the walking dead producers went green and recycled. One black bald guy for another. Maybe this guy will actually have at least a couple lines each episode.SMH

  11. Oh Crap says:

    They said T Dog would have a bigger role in Season 3. It gets no bigger than dying.

  12. Victoria says:

    So sad that Lori and T-Dog were killed off ;(

  13. Lisa says:

    I only started watching WD because of SWC. Of course I am hooked now but will miss her presence. Still can not believe she is dead. And T-Dog as well. Holy cow what an episode last night.

  14. YowzaPowza says:

    Good riddance.

  15. AniOre says:

    Love her character ~ always strong but behind the groups eyes showing thats she’s just as human as the rest of us. Maybe they can bring Sarah back on as another character …one that looks like Lori but not ….conflict for Rick ..maybe he sees only glimpse of this new character and it haunts him until he/we find out who she really is …you know ..we all have a twin alike out there ;)

  16. Barb says:

    Holy crap she did a great job of lying about her death to you. Even knowing the truth now I still find it hard to believe she knew already. Wow. She really is a good actress. Kudos to her for keeping the secret and making it a real shock to the fans.

  17. odette perez says:

    Aaww, I’m sad to see Lori go. That means its reality that the ‘family’ will eventually die and or become zombies.

  18. ….she said they are all going to go!

  19. Eli says:

    Headline spoiled this episode for me. Thanks.

  20. T-Dog was another character that wasn’t in the comics if I remember right so I almost expected that fate. Lori died in the prison in a shootout right in front of Carl, however in the comic they didn’t have her preggers. The only thing that dissapointed me was how Lori was likeable in the comic and so unlikeable on screen the last couple seasons. Now that people actually started liking (or tolerating) her, they take her out. I really wish the emotions from this death didn’t come purely from my heartbreak for Carl watching his mother sacrifice herself. I remember being truly bummed she was gone from the comics, but I just feel sorrow for Rick and Carl. I wish there would have been a little more legwork with this character before her exit.

  21. Chrissie Boyle says:

    My husband and I both broke down and cried and said if something like this happened to us we would break down like Rick did. We are both saddened with the loss of Lori. We’ll have to follow Sarah to her new adventures but both of us Fans of The Walking Dead will miss Lori! Poor Rick realizing he’ll never talk nor see his wife alive again was more than my husband and I could take. Wow, you surprised us with this show Sunday Evening, that was a Got’cha!! Love the show!!

  22. Kristen Velazquez says:

    Lori was an amazing character and having been able to relate to her having a son of my own, I can totally understand her calling for him every 5 mins. The final scenes totally broke me down thinking of myself, my son and my husband! Great job to the entire cast, they are definitely the best!

  23. david conn says:

    Avid follower of the walking dead tv show and graphic novel and doing so gives me constant satisfaction in guessing the outcomes. The show does a great job at recreating the situations depicted in the ongoing graphic novel and is constantly changing minor details. In the books, Lori and the baby die by gunfire so the scene in last night’s episode I was prepared for and it still was shocking ay the same time. The death of Shane was expected as well. I advise fans of the show to follow the grapic novel as well and to stop whining about spoilers.

  24. ETpowa says:

    She is so BEAUTIFUL!
    I will miss her on The Walking Dead

  25. Carl says:

    Her last comment is perfect “I’ll leave it all on the floor when I go”. Boy, did she ever!

  26. Emma says:

    Damn it. I thought Id be laughing and celebrating when Lori died but instead I was sobbing like a little b****.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I will miss Lori! I was never a Lori hater although she did some stupid things & tended to tick me off. It was heartwrenching to watch last nights episode and Sarah is am amazing actress who played her death scene superbly. So sorry to see you go Sarah! Job very well done!

  28. jamie says:

    Sorry but i wish carl couldnt shoot her just shot the air and they would have had carol find lori and save her somehow…let rick go a lil mad with grief and then that moment he finds out his wife is still alive…..that he almost lost her……..would be so touching

  29. rosemary acosta says:

    I loved both characters and was soooo sad to see them leave. I cant wait for next week. I dont really care much for the governor or woodbury.

  30. koko says:

    I dont look at any sites or tell my friends to not tell…and I work until 3am. As an adult I control what I see and hear. People are gonna talk…quit whinning.

  31. Jane doe says:

    I still don’t believe she’s dead! ha. If so, it’s ridiculous. I’m so tired of this show getting rid of important characters! Ridiculous. On any other show, they last until the end. I’ve seen all these ‘wrote off’ actors from “The Walking Dead”, and they are all teary eyed. I feel so bad for them.

    • tripoli says:

      Seriously? It’s a show set during a zombie apocalypse. Of course people are going to die, and not just random people who are unimportant and the audience has zero connection to.

  32. Kari says:

    I hated seeing “Shane” leave, also “Dale”. Now, Lori and T-Dogg. Geeeeeeeeeze. Stop!

  33. Chris Aamo says:

    It sucks because Sarah seems awesome and totally supportive of this show, but they forced her into such a terrible character for 2 seasons. Then she finally becomes awesome and bang, dead.

    It’s really too bad.

  34. Dan says:

    Lori was a terrible character. Her most important job was to keep an eye and Carl and yet he always managed to be out alone walking around the farm and in the woods. She got in that car accident stupidly going into town to get Rick(as if she could help in any way). Then she essentially talked Rick into killing Shane only to act all pissed when it finally happens. Nothing wrong with the actress but the character couldn’t have been more unlivable. Her only moment of likability was the scene in the boiler room right before she died.

    • Robin K says:

      Lori a terrible character? No, at least no based upon your rationale. They ALL do really stupid things, things that a mature adult would quickly realize are stupid and unsafe – living in the apocalyptic zombie world.

      Not talking Green Beret tactics here, but come ON folks! They could have NEVER allowed anyone to go anywhere alone. Dale walks out into a field alone with a rifle (over his shoulder) and a zombie “sneaks” up on him? HuH? If i didn’t like the show’s premise so much i would forget it’s still kind of written in the comic-book sense where we have to suspend our sense of disbelief a bit further. Lori is a great and strong character and flawed like all the rest – but someone needed to take over like Rick did – a LONG time ago. He could have told Herschel what the CDC man told them – that the brains allow only basic motor functions, but they waste all that valuable time allowing Herschel to believe his friends and wife could be saved?

      They had the farm and timber and could have fortified the place with trenches and funneled walkers like they channel cows. I’m sure Herschel had a tractor, they could have dug a pit and patrolled so they would not be surprised by the approaching horde and could at least have managed an organized retreat.

      They take the prison and plan to capture more of it. Instead of being patient and isolating the zombies in an area where they could poke their brains with crowbars at their leisure, they wade INTO the zombie infested corridors? Why not make noise and attract 20 or so and deal with them more safely? If it takes a week or 10 weeks, no one dies. SIlly! Silly WD Writers! There are scads of opportunities for danger without resorting to ‘stupid”!

      Too many gaps. Not happening. If you endanger the group, you die. If Merle approaches you, Merle dies (at least he takes a bullet in his gun hand) it’s not downtown Seattle – it’s a dangerous place where stupid gets you killed. So there is more than enough ‘terrible” to go around. Trying to keep true to the comic-book story line must be tricky, but they are possessed of appreciable editorial license.

      Basic Zombie World Protocol!!! Preserve The Group!!!

      Why they had Lori lose her mind over Shane’s death – which she and Rick and Dale and all of us knew had to happen – and ostracize Rick is just stupid. It’s the only love interest in the show apart from the occasional Glenn and Maggie show, but they’re just getting started. Yah, the Gov and Andrea get started late, but they’re not much of a deal.

      These plot “mistakes” are just dumb! Arrrrrrggggh! Breaking Bad is incredibly realistic, and while it’s a different show, there is a sense of plausibility that makes it work. WD needs more planning and more intricate plot/story lines and not just kill off people due to bad writing . . .

  35. Guintu says:

    I have an interesting thought. You didn’t see Carl shoot his mother, you just heard the gun shot. So my thought is will she either

    1. come back as a zombie in a later episode and Carl will admit he couldn’t kill his mother and he didn’t want the gang to think less of him so he didn’t tell them he didn’t.


    2. Maybe Lori is still barely alive, Carol is is on her own, maybe she’ll stumble upon almost dead Lori and keep her alive? I doubt this will happen but there is a very slight possibility, but it would be a really good shocking twist if it happened!

    • Markus @ Germany says:

      I’m with you in your second thought. We didn’t see Carl shooting his mother. and I also believe, that the new born baby holds somehow the solution to the future. I think a new born baby in this world, where everyone is infected, as rick said, will be immune to this disease. Don’t ya think?

      I think the producers want to leave the possibility to bring Lori back.

    • ron k says:

      i believe your right .. that is why they didnt kill off herschel .. he has to help her recover.

  36. nate p says:

    Everyone got there wish, lori is dead. I find it funny how much she was hated on ths show and everyone wanted her gone. Then on prison break the year she left the show everyone wanted her back and complained until they actually did bring her back.

  37. Sylvia E. says:

    I can’t believe how much I was crying! My husband usually makes fun of me when I cry because of tv but yesterday for the first time even he was sad! She did an excellent job and I can’t believe she’s gone for good :/ kept hoping a miracle was going to happen.

    • Markus @ Germany says:

      ;-) I think a miracle will happen. She will come back, alive. And I also think the baby is immune to the disease, they all carry around somehow.
      The miracle will happen. Remember my words. ;-)

  38. Markus @ Germany says:

    I bet she isn’t dead. The new born baby will hold the solution inside to start an new world.
    As rick said, the are all infected. If they die, they will turn into zombies. And I bet the baby is immune, and so is Lori. She will be immune too, cause she delivered the baby.
    I say, we will see Lori again, cause we didn’t see Carl shot his mother.

  39. DC says:

    Heartbreaking episode… Have never teased up for walking dead before…that was heartbreaking!

  40. Tommy says:

    Dear writer’s…. ..STOP KILLING OFF MAIN CHARACTERS!! Do you WANT us to stop watching??? HELLO?????

  41. Lisa Schafer says:

    I will Miss you on the show. You were awesome

  42. Anilú Pérez says:

    I want her back, I really hoped a reconciliation with Rick, I’m really sad about the end of that chapter, I cry, I cry: (

  43. Itoichi A says:

    She lied before and she’s lying again. Carl did not really shoot her which explains why he wasn’t remorseful about it… her character is hanging on for dear life in the boiler room and for some unknown reason one of the other players will be carrying a sewing kit, they will find an oxygen tank in a corner of the boiler room, and boiler rooms usually can create or have access to distilled water that will be used to rinse out her innards and put back inside her before she gets stitched back together. Too farfetched to happen? We shall see…

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Carl wasn’t remorseful? He had tears streaming down his face, lol. Shes dead people, accept it.

      • Itoichi A says:

        My point is this show has shocked the world with the death of two main players in one episode. T-dog is beyond repair since he got bit and shredded into pieces by two Z’s. Lori’s death isn’t apparent or 100% sure since they did not show Carl blowing her head off… leaving the possibility of her getting saved or at least having a few more minutes of talk with Rick before she succumbs to her death. With this show anything goes.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          I agree that anything is possible but I’m pretty sure she was dead before Maggie finished getting the baby out. Plus I think them finding her still alive would be totally lame. But hey, we’ll see this Sunday.

  44. Shelly says:

    The ending scene when Lori is talking to Carl had tears rolling down my cheeks, great job especially since I don’t cry at movies/tv often

  45. Pitt says:

    I hate they took out T-Dog! Lori will b missed wish she coulda stuck around a little longer! The Walking Dead is by far the best show on t.v. today! Cant wait for the next episode!!!

  46. david conn says:

    Guys, seriously, read the graphic novel!

    • casey J says:

      I for one I’m glad they didn’t follow the comics :) (cant be classified as a GN). TWD series characters are more fleshed out, than the comics cartoonie quick pace and shock & awe :/

  47. John Grose says:

    Thanks for spoiling it! I’m literally watching it now…but I guess I don’t have to, huh? – John

    • Markus @ Germany says:

      And this should be our fault?
      Watch the episode first and then visit tv-pages!

      • John Grose says:

        Except TVline has made efforts in the past to reduce spoilers. In fact, their articles from the night of the episode contain warnings such as this, “The following story contains massive spoilers about this week’s The Walking Dead,” in bold type before the actual article. There’s no reason to expect that they wouldn’t continue to protect their readers from spoilers and warn them about them.

        And, as I said below, we live in the age of DVRs and delayed viewing. TVline knows this. There’s no reason for them to expect that the majority of their readers will have seen the episodes less than 24 hours after it aired. This article was posted at noon the next day. – John

        • tripoli says:

          I agree with you on the spoiler issue and the turn this sight has taken in regards to the issue. But, I can’t give you a lot of sympathy if you were on TVLine while watching the show. Seems like bad timing on your part. Although the header to the article doesn’t necessarily alert someone to the specifics of the episode so I can also understand if you were just looking to read an article on Sarah Wayne Callies and had the misfortune of being spoiled. It’s amazing to me how many commenters on the site like to talk about how no one watches TV live anymore but still jump down the throat of anyone who expresses annoyance at being spoiled. I feel for you John, but don’t expect much sympathy around here.

          • John Grose says:

            I’ve been spoiled before. I get Entertainment Weekly magazine, which I very much enjoy, and they let some major spoilers for True Blood (Sookie’s heritage) and for Dexter (what happens to one of the characters at the very end of a season) make it into the pages of the magazine.

            But in those cases, I was months behind. I watch those shows on DVD. I would like to be spoiler-free – I try to avoid them – but given the amount of time passed, I don’t believe I can reasonable expect not to encounter spoilers.

            It’s different in this case. A whole day hadn’t even passed before TVline was basically putting a major spoiler in a story headline.

            As for my watching the show while on TVline, that’s mostly about a) my effort to get caught up and b) the irony of almost getting caught up when I saw the spoiler. I knew something big had happened in the show. I knew people were going to be talking about it. I hadn’t seen any Walking Dead yet this season (I watch quite a bit of television) and watched all four season three episodes, including their attendant Talking Dead episodes, in a row. My efforts turned out to be in vain, however.

            And I used to read TVline in the mornings over breakfast. I could easily have been spoiled while not literally watching the show. – John

  48. Robert says:

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  49. Alex says:

    Good thing she died in the show! She is a good actor, but I was just annoyed by her character…

  50. ldsjlfkjas says:

    wah spoiler, wahhhhhh, don’t come to this site then..

    • John Grose says:

      You’re absolutely right. It’s not as if TVLine needs us to continue coming to the site to read their articles. They basically print money right there in their offices…

      As part of the television industry, they have statistics about how wildly unpopular DVRs and delayed viewing are. Catering to people who use DVRs is like catering to BetaMax owners.

      Most shows have major events happen on episode four or, in the case of the Walking Dead, half way through the season. Everyone knows episodes at this point are game changers and should be completely caught up with the show, watching it as it airs, by episode four.

      And clearly one day is more than enough time for someone who has happened to DVR the show. There is little to watch on Sunday nights. It’s basically dead air. Publishing an article with spoilers at noon the next day can’t be a problem because there’s literally nothing on television for viewers to be watching but the Walking Dead… – John

      • What in the world are you talking about? That’s the most insane, inaccurate comparison I’ve seen in recent memory. DVRs have reached nearly 50% of television households and they’re still growing. The ratings system even has new reports with certain DVR viewing habits. There is also a sizable market of those who catch the rerun later in the week if they were watching Homeland instead, not to mention people who download the episode from iTunes and other services.

        And yet, there are people like you who insist that we’re the ones who did something wrong. What the hell? There will always be comments that are upset about being spoiled in headlines, which in turn get tweeted by Ausiello’s link bot and also end up on other PMC websites (see the bottom of this page) and who knows where else. It’s not just TVLine we have to ignore, it’s multiple websites on top of Twitter. It is irresponsible and there will always be multiple complaints about it until the problem is taken care of. It used to be that you could go to a TV website and not be spoiled until you clicked on a link and you only had to avoid the message boards.

        I say it again here: It is stupid easy to have a headline that gets your point across but does not spoil anything. TVLine can do better.