How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: Did Ted Save the Right Relationship? When Does Robin Find Out?

On Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother, one couple took a big step forward – and a giant leap backwards.

After consulting with Marshall and Lily, Ted realizes that Victoria has been dropping hints about their future with talk of a job offer in Denver and wondering if she’ll ever use her wedding dress again. It quickly becomes clear that time didn’t reset on their relationship; it paused six years ago, then resumed. In Victoria’s eyes, they’re much further along than her boyfriend thinks, and so she wants a commitment. But something is holding them back: Robin.

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After Ted finally pops the big question, Victoria quickly accepts – and sets a caveat. “There’s just one thing – you can’t be friends with Robin,” she says.

Victoria makes the demand because she’s worried about Ted’s history with his ex, which she describes as the “deep, dark pit where our relationship goes to die.” And even though the Canuck is currently happy with her squeeze Nick, ruling out any chance of a reconciliation between Ted and Robin, “I’ll always be wondering,” Victoria tells Ted, leaving him with a big choice.

While chatting with Marshall and Lily, he seems willing to let go of Robin for a future with Victoria. Yes, he can’t imagine his life without his friend, “but she’ll never be in love with me,” he says. “She’ll never be my wife. She’ll never be the person that I grow old with. But Victoria could be.”

Robin gets an urgent text from Ted asking her to meet him at the bar, but in a classic HIMYM fake-out, he tells Victoria that Robin is family and he hopes that she can get past that. Unfortunately, she can’t.

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“I really hope you get her some day,” are Victoria’s last words to Ted.

While he makes his pals promise never to tell Robin that he gave up his relationship for her, future Ted reveals that she does find out eventually. We know something goes awry on her wedding day to Barney. Could that be when she learns the truth? Or is it just her — or Ted? — acting on that info for the first time?

HIMYM fans, what did you think of Ted’s choice? Even if it was the right one (take notice, Ross Gellar), are you still hoping that the show doesn’t venture into Robin/Ted territory again? And will you miss Victoria? (Her final scene set to that The Swell Season song was heartbreaking despite the fact we all knew the romance was doomed.) Hit the comments!

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  1. dale grossman says:

    I felt bad for Victoria, but I really hope that they do not go back to the Ted/Robin romance

    • paula says:

      Me too, really felt bad for Victoria when Ted choose Robin’s friendship eve though it was the right decision

    • May says:

      Ted is an idiot. He’d prefer to live with a fantasy than the real thing. That is the true reason he doesn’t want robin to know-because he knows deep down she’d tell him to pick Victoria. It’s not because she would feel guilty, it’s because then he would really have to face to cold truth (again) – Robin doesn’t want him.

      • fiyero says:

        Not really – I think it’s a simple matter of Robin’s friendship is more important than Victoria’s love. I think he would have made the same decision if Victoria asked him to cut out Marshall, Lily, or Barney. I think that when Ted is TRULY in love, he would never have struggled with the decision and would have chosen his fiance right away, b/c a life without her would have been unimaginable.

      • Jake says:

        No, Ted made the right choice. He picked Robin not because he hopes to get back with her romantically but because she is a big part of his life. She is not only his friend but friends with Lilly, Marshall and Barney. If he couldn’t see her again he is basically giving up his entire circle of friends. That is too much to ask.

    • Ari says:

      I feel like we revist Ted/Robin every year. Now that we know Robin is marrying Barney in the future it just cheapens her eventual relationship with him if they have her go back to him. Hopefully this is just Ted being Ted and Robin does not reciprocate.

    • Lucy says:

      Ted is going to marry Stella….she said she left the St. Partty’s day party early that night, Ted Tells the kids their mother was at the party but he didn’t know because she left before he got there… the research…

      • BeckiBoos says:

        Do you NOT remember the episode when stella is the hypothetical mother and the kids were BLONDE. lol do YOUR research… shes not roommates with the lesbian, shes not a bass player, theres no third blonde kid on the sofa (stella’s).

  2. Calina says:

    love this show

  3. julia says:

    no more ted and robin… thats over and we all know rob and barney and meant for each other anyway

  4. April says:

    Ted and Robin were amazing together and he was far, far, far better for her than I could ever imagine Barney being. That said, the show made it clear in the very first episode that it wasn’t meant to be, and seems to have committed wholeheartedly to the Barney/Robin thing, so what can you do?

    • kaity says:

      thank you! sometimes I feel like I’m the only HIMYM fan who thinks Ted and Robin made a better couple than Robin and Barney. but as you said, it’s been clear the entire time that Ted and Robin are not meant to be, so I just have to suck it up and deal.

      • sophia says:

        Agree with you and April post!
        We know how the show ends : Ted and the mother and Robin/Barney
        And it’s so Friends!!! except there the girl ends up with the best friends

        This time Ted chooses Robin as his best friends, not lovers and I understand him like I understand Ross, those girls are important in their life and they know them before their actually girlfriends!

      • Vivian says:

        WOW i didn’t realize other people felt the same!! i was always actually always rooting for Quinn but always felt bad because everyone wanted barney/robin! but i find their relationship, in my opinion btw, slightly off putting, i guess i understand why viewers like them, but i think their personalities are too similar to make them a good couple. Again my opinion please no hate!! I always liked robin and ted, but i guess it will never happen…

        • ToniMarie says:

          Dont give up on Ted and Robin just yet. Between Victoria and Marshall they certainly give off hints the Ted n Robin are dont over. It could be a close friendship but i have a feeling ( getting way ahead of myself) that he is telling the story of thr mother for a certain reason. Im going to leaving as that. ;)

          • Robert Krasser says:

            If you are watching HIMYM carefully there are a lot hints for Ted&Robin. Not only Victoria feelt it that Ted will always love Robin – like Gatsby always loved Dasy. So This in aone of the realy really big love stories of the 21st century!

            – Why the name Robin was not spoken in the Pilot?
            – why the BookLove in the times of Cholera?
            – Why Marshall says “Not yet” with the bet with Lilly, Same Carter Bays in a Interview see youtube
            – If “The Mother” is a person we have never seen before in the show and it will get revealed in the last episode “Why making a secret out of it?” It is “Josephine Jane doe Fuzi” so the fans will be pissed of and they could have telled it stright away because is just a name.
            So my theory is and will always be: ROBIN IS THE MUM, HAS TO BE THE MUM, AND IS THE ONLY LOGIC OPTION.
            The only thing I dont konow is how they will solve the “yellow umbrella” thing.
            – It is not Ted talking to the kids? Maybe Barney, Maybe Marshall
            – Maybe the mother is dead, or Ted gets devorced from TGWTYU (The girl with the yellow umbrella)
            – TGWTYU is just a phantom or synonym for (there is always a better girl out there)


          • JennylovesBR says:

            Sometimes I wonder if Robert Krasser even watches How I Met Your Mother or if he just tunes in on some episodes. Obviously, the show is pointing to Robin and Barney being endgame. And I really don’t understand why ppl want Ted and Robin to be together? They tried, they had issues about commitment and kids and they failed. To me, they are much better off as friends than lovers. Barney and Robin are perfect together. When I think of those two when they first tried at having a relationship, I always think about it as two people who were right for each other, but came together at the wrong time. There is so much chemistry between them, and that chemistry just doesn’t go away. These two are endgame, I am 1000% sure of it.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            Hi “JennylovesBR” why do you think I dont know all of the episodes? Of course I register that there is chemistry between Barney and Robin, since season 7. On the other hand I think because it is evident that Ted is loving Robin since the very first episode every other ending than “Ted and Robin” will be a unhappy ending of HIMYM. I am a guy and I know how guys are thinking – If Ted would have the option between the most hottest girl and Robin he will decide for Robin, always! Robin is Teds “Daisy” referring to the Great Gatsby or his Latika referring to Slumdog Millionair. Have you ever recognised that Teds favorit Book is “Love in the times of Cholera” he is even reading it -like the Bible- at the station Farhampton. So once again if “the Mother” is a random girl introduced in the last episode of HIMYM than the complete 8 years would have been just “filler” episodes discribing every step and every mistake of an architect in new york over the search of “the one”. That is the reason I belive in a big turn in the end of HIMYM that Robin will end up with Ted. Resume: If Ted will end up with Robin it would be a incredible big Loce story if Ted is ending up with sinebody else it would be just 200 episodes of fun!

          • JennylovesBR says:

            Hi Robert, the reason why I wonder if you even watch the show or if you just tune in to some episodes is because of your thinking that Robin being the mom is the only logic option. You should know the show isn’t at all logical. Even Ted said the best decisions you make are the ones that make no sense at all. And how on Earth would HIMYM have a happy ending if the mother is dead or Ted’s divorced his wife and he and Robin are a happy couple? What about Barney??? He’s loved her since season four, possibly even before that, where’s his happy ending? TBH, I never liked Ted/Robin as a couple. I always thought Ted was more obsessed with the idea of Robin rather than being in love with her. I mean what do they have in common besides the facts she loves dogs, quoting Ghost Busters, and whatever else. Robin and Ted fought over her love for guns and what kind of boyfriend makes his girlfriend GIVE UP HER DOGS!? And why didn’t Ted go with her to give them back, instead, it was Barney who went with her and who also told her that she shouldn’t have to give up her dogs. If you really paid close attention to the show, you would see the Robin/Barney love story was unfolding before your eyes, you just never knew it until the Sandcastles in the Sand episode. I always felt the big love story in HIMYM wasn’t Ted and the Mother’s, but actually, Robin and Barney. Think about it. In the episode Big Days, Ted points out that there are two iconic moments in any man’s life, the day you meet the woman of your dreams and the day you marry her. The show started off with Ted and Barney meeting Robin (and in “Benefits” Barney called Robin “the girl of my dreams”) and the show will maybe end (depending on the status of a season 9) with Barney and Robin married. That’s when their love story comes to a close, and then Ted’s love story begins when he meets his wife on B/R’s wedding day. Robin/Barney is the ONLY LOGICAL endgame that this show has been pointing us to from the very beginning. In Purple Giraffe, after Robin insults Barney and he’s like, “I don’t think I like her.” Isn’t that a clue in shows/movies when someone says they don’t like that person, that means that they end up falling in love? It would be an absolutely awful and terrible ending if HIMYM did do some weird funky twist and have Robin and Ted be together and then I would vote that CT and CB have their writing license taken away, because T/R are just horrendous as a couple. Also, and I know this post is long but I just have one more thing to add, I just watched the episode “Zoo or False” and in it, Ted says “You can’t just make up a lie because you didn’t like the way the story ended” lol, it made me think if the writers slipped in this quote deliberately to the Ted/Robin fans who keep saying Ted’s wife is dead or he’s divorced and he and Robin are a happy married couple and the kids call her Aunt Robin instead of mom because she doesn’t want to be a mom.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            Hi JennyovesBR,

            well I realy enjoy your posts, and I see you are not only knowing all the episodes by hart also you are very much caring about the caracters and want to understand how they feel. Also you have a good undertanding concerning love, feelings, and the little signs “the chemistry” between the caractars especially BR.
            So I tell you -most likely- you are right! BR will get married, Ted is finding love on the Platform in Farhampton.
            The more I think of this plot the more “trivial” I see it. Isnt it too easy??? We know this ending now since ages, the only part of the future Mr. Mosby is missing is the Name and the face (we know her bodeyshape, the shoes etc.) so why make a mystery out of it?? Makes no sense?
            So for me there are 3 options of endings:

            1) B+R get married Ted meets GWTYU in the final episode wich is a absolute new carracter; this would be the most terrible ending becaus we the fans and the viewers will not have the chance to fall in love with Teds future wife
            2) B+R get married Ted meets GWTYU in not the final episode so that we have at least the chanse to find out uch… this girl is hotter, funnien and fits much better to Ted as Robin
            3) A big turn ——and Robin is the mum. I dont know how they will explane it but I am sure there are options.
            So if we continue talking lets philosophize only about option 2 and option 3 becaus option one is – confirmed.


          • JennylovesBR says:

            Hello again Robert, and yes I think it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with this show. I watch like five episodes daily on Netflix. I love HIMYM because it’s not just any normal sitcom where it features five friends doing crazy things in every episode just for laughs and that if you miss an episode, you can still understand what’s going on. I love the complexity of HIMYM, and I love that if you miss one episode, you’re pretty much lost throughout the series. I love how this show balances out the funny with real to life dramatic situations such as break-ups, deaths, job loss, family issues, heartbreaks etc. Meeting the mother was never a big deal to me, I fell in love with the characters from the get-go (besides Robin, because we never really got to meet her in the Pilot like we did with the other characters, but I grew to love her in the end too) and I wanted to see all of their stories play out.

            That being said, I HATED the Ted/Robin dynamic from the first episode. I’m just going to say this, I am NOT a believer in love at first sight. Ted saying he loved Robin on the first date made me go “What!?” as well. I said this before, but I don’t think Ted really is in love with Robin, I think he’s just obsessed with the idea of her. His best friends (Marshall and Lily) get engaged and he suddenly realizes he’s behind in his own love life, so he goes to the bar where he sees Robin and thinks “Hey, that’s the girl I’m gonna marry.” And sure, they at first have a lot in common, but have you noticed that they don’t really have fun together? When they were a couple, they blended in with Marshall and Lily and I haven’t seen an episode where Ted and Robin have fun being by themselves unlike Barney and Robin who played laser tag together, enjoy drinking scotch and smoking cigars.

            Ted is rather selfish when it comes to Robin. He hires a blue-instrument orchestra, decorates her apartment with a bunch of roses, and then he pretty much demands an answer out of Robin if she will go out with him. Sure it may seem sweet and romantic to some viewers, but to women like Robin and me, that’s a lot of pressure on a girl and Robin’s flustering proved that fact. Then, Robin is going on this camping trip with Sandy Rivers and Ted does what he can to stop her from going. Ted never gives Robin space, he just constantly keeps going after her because she is what he wants, without even thinking what she wants. Barney is the exact opposite. He gives Robin space, the only time he selfishly went after Robin was in Twin Beds, but I’m just going to blame that on his lack of sobriety. In Tick Tick Tick, even though he was hit with the epiphany that Robin is his “The One” he still let her go, he never asked her “why not me” like I’m sure Ted would. He loves her so much that he rather her be happy with someone else, even if it pains him. In “No Pressure” Ted told Barney that Robin and Kevin broke up and Barney’s response was “Bummer” Ted said, “You’re in love with Robin and all you have to say when you find out she’s single again is “bummer”?” That implies that Ted would go after her and that’s exactly what he did. After her fiance broke off their engagement because she couldn’t have kids (which probably fed into her insecurities) Ted’s just like, “I love you Robin, what do you have to say to that?” It’s no wonder Robin went crawling back to him for a little while in this episode, because she desperately needed someone who doesn’t realize how messed up she is. I think it’s why she chose Kevin over Barney in Tick Tick Tick, because she’s scared that Barney understands how messed up she is, she’s afraid of being with someone who knows her so perfectly well like Barney and Kevin was her safety blanket. He, like Ted, put Robin on this pedestal and gushing how perfect she is that she felt safe being with Kevin and that’s why she stuck with him. Then, in Stamp Tramp after Barney kisses Robin and she rejects him again, he had this mature conversation with her and told her that he was “done trying to get her”. He loves her so much that he’s willing to be friends with her if that’s all she’ll allow. Ted on the other hand would be like “There’s still hope, I’m gonna win this girl back with a bunch of roses and steal her the blue french horn again”. After No Pressure, when Robin told Ted she didn’t love him in that way anymore, he stopped being friends with her. Barney didn’t, he valued his friendship with Robin over anything else.

            So again, I don’t see the Ted/Robin being the perfect couple, they just don’t work and again, if Robin does end up being Ted’s wife, then CTCB have ruined HIMYM for me because they have convinced me from season 1 that Ted and and Robin do not go well together.

            Responding to: “The more I think of this plot the more “trivial” I see it. Isnt it too easy???”

            No, it’s really not “too easy”. This show has been jerking us around from the start. Opening the show with Ted falls in love with Robin, oh wait, she’s Aunt Robin! Barney and Robin have hooked up, Barney’s in love with Robin, Robin’s in love with Barney, nope, she was just Mosbying him. Nope, they’re dating now. And now they’ve broken up. Ted’s future wife is in that classroom! Ted’s dating the mother’s roommate. Ted just saw the mother’s foot! Oh look, a wedding, maybe it’s Ted’s and- oh, nope, Ted’s the best man. Barney and Robin are getting close again, maybe they’re getting back together! Nope, there’s Nora. Barney’s the groom!? Barney never called Nora and he and Robin are sharing this passionate, chemistry-filled dance, Robin has to be the bride! Nope, Barney’s getting back with Nora. Barney and Robin have a one night stand AND both of them seem to want to get back together. Barney’s having an epiphany that Robin is his “The One”, Robin is DEFINITELY the bride, and nope, Robin stuck with Kevin. Barney’s dating Quinn and look, Marshall and Lily said they were perfect for each other, Quinn is the bride. Barney proposed to Quinn, Quinn is the bride. Nope, Robin is the bride (BTW: I still have NOT forgiven CT and CB for the whole stupid bride mystery. Nearly killed B/R for me. And don’t get me started on the whole Quinn/Barney dynamic, those two were in a completely unhealthy relationship). So if you have read this far, you can see how the show has been jerking us from one place to the next and though I love the show for it, it’s time to put these fast ones and tricks and twists and turns behind us and just get to the endgame already. And that endgame is Barney/Robin and Ted/Mother.

          • robertkrasser, dirk says:

            Hi jennylovesbr,
            First of all I would like to thank you for your long and profound comment. I really see that HIMYM is more than just a show for you and you really care for the characters. Where are you from? If you like you can add me on FB. I am a bit crazy about HIMYM as well I even ordered yellow HIMYM umbrellas from CBS and paid 100€ of customs do deliver them to Salzburg Austria.
            We both think different you care very much about the “chemistry” between Banrey and Robin and Robin and Ted you know all the quotes the gestures and the words they are using. You are analysing the show perfectly, you should work in the team of HIMYM. I sometimes think the real writers don’t care that much than you. So everything you wrote is a in depth analyses of the characters.
            I see your point about the chemistry between Barney and Robin but I am a bit more “plot orientated” I see the plot in general and I told you already several times that most likely it will be like you forecast Ted and GWTYU and Robin&Barney.
            But again the longer I think about this I question myself “Can this be everything?”
            Imagine the day after the last episode S08e24 you go to the office and your colleagues ask you about the ending of HIMYM. (They all know HIMYM but are not that crazy about it than us)
            Option 1, Ted&GWTYU = classical ending: you tell them finally the Mother was revealed it the most beautiful actress “Mila Kunis” she fits perfectly to Ted is awesome, has same commons and is hilarious. And Barney and Robing getting finally married.
            Everybody in your office will say: Well that’s a good ending. That was logic, That’s no real news we know it since 1 year that B/R will marry – end of discussion.
            Option 2: The mum will be Robin big twists and turns in the last minute on the wedding day, solving everything with the yellow umbrella, B/R who is the mum etc.
            So I mean an ending nobody predicts so far which will give all people in your office and all of the fans a lot of further discussions. I think this is the point the writers have to make sure that the viewer’s/fans and even not fans are talking controversially about the show and will always remember the epic ending. You cannot reach it with jus adding a new character (the mother) in the end of the show and say “that’s it”
            I hope I make myself understood

          • letsgotothemall says:

            i like wha

          • jennylovesBR says:

            Sorry, I don’t friend strangers on FB, I’m very cautious about that. But dude, the actual yellow umbrella from HIMYM? That is AWESOME!!! Oh, and I’m from Arizona. And yes, as I’ve said before, I am very much obsessed with this show. So my over analyzing side does take over, especially now that I’m doing a rewatch of the entire series on Netflix.

            And yes, I have to agree that there are times when the writers don’t seem to care about their characters as much as the fans do, especially when plot purposes come in the way. For example, Lily has changed from the early seasons. She was always so intuitive to her friends’ feelings, especially when it came down to Barney and Robin. She was the one who said in the season seven premiere when she noticed Robin was jealous that Barney was hitting on other girls, she said “You and Barney have the kind of chemistry that just doesn’t go away.” And now, in Lobster Crawl, she’s like, “You just want Barney back because you want what you can’t have, like lobster”. I’m with the people who think Barney is running a play with Patrice to win back Robin for good and I hope to God at least Lily and Marshall are in on it, because they have been acting like horrible friends to Robin these past couple of episodes. They also pretty much screwed over Robin’s character last season and now there are a lot of people who hate Robin, and that makes me sad, because she’s actually my favorite character. All for the sake of their precious bride mystery. I swear I would’ve handled that bride mystery differently, let’s just say, less people would hate Robin and Quinn never would have existed. Oh, and Barney would have NOT gotten back together with Nora. Ugh.

            Speaking of Nora, I looked through the rest of the comments on this page (I get really bored, don’t judge!) and I noticed you said Nora was the perfect match for Barney. Interesting. Considering you’re not a B/R fan. Now why do I say this? It’s because everything that made Nora the “perfect match” for Barney, is… wait for it…what made Robin the perfect match for Barney! Think about it! Nora went laser tagging with Barney in “Desperation Day”, just like Robin went laser tagging with Barney in “Zip Zip Zip”. In “Noretta” Nora took care of sick Barney, and in “How Lily Stole Christmas”, Robin took care of sick Barney. And those places in “A Change of Heart” and “The Stinson Missile Crisis where it showed Nora and Barney out on a date, the restaurant looked pretty similar to the restaurant in “Do I Know You” where Barney and Robin had their first “date”. Also, in “Big Days” Robin wears a sundress to, what we can assume given the whole episode being almost entirely about Barney taunting Robin that she lost her hotness after Don dumped her, impress Barney because he loves women in sundresses. In Challenge Accepted, Nora is seen wearing a sundress, even though it was supposedly “too late for sundresses”. Also, to be honest, I never felt the chemistry between Nora and Barney. She was too “fairy tale princess-y” for my taste. I probably would have liked her better if she dated Ted. I think those two would have been perfect together. From what I remember, Nora and Barney only kissed once, and it wasn’t at all passionate like whenever Barney kisses Robin. I sometimes have to fan myself when those two kiss because it’s pretty hot lol. (Favorite B/R make out: the one on the couch in Trilogy Time, not gonna lie, I replayed that little clip over and over again on my DVR. Too bad it’s so freaking short. Hopefully, we’ll see another couch make out scene between those two in this season, or the next if the show is renewed.)

            I’m a girl, so I never really cared about the plot or the mother mystery, I love romance and the B/R story is the best love story to ever be told on television. I’ve been rooting for those two since season 1. After the horrible mishandling of their relationship in season five and the god awful mess that was season 7, it would be really really cruel if the writers give us this “Barney is the groom and Robin’s the bride, yes, they are getting married” and then pull the rug out from under us and say, “Nope, sorry, they don’t end up together after all.” They did this to us in Symphony of Illumination. Even though I begrudgingly call it one of my fave HIMYM episodes, it was still so cruel. They give us hope that Barney and Robin do end up together, and then pull the rug out from under us with Robin’s infertility, making the B/R possibility seem so bleak. Now that we have a wedding with those two, I will be so pissed off and I think many others would be too if by the end of it they do pull off some twist and say, “Surprise! Robin’s the mother after all!” Then, it would feel like we have wasted eight or nine years of our lives watching this show, not to mention forever tarnish the beautiful love story that is Barney and Robin.

            I used to be in the camp of “Carly is the mother” theory, because that would have made logical sense and explains why Ted chose to begin his tale with the meeting of Robin. But now that theory has spread all over the web, I doubt they’ll go with it. Also, I saw Ashley Benson will be on this show and she’s supposed to have some connection to Barney. The only logical explanation for that, is that she’s playing Barney’s half sister Carly, and now it would be really weird if she turned out to be the mother not just because of the age difference, but also that the mother should have dark hair. Unless, they dye her hair in the episode.

          • Robert Krasser says:

            You said ist “I’m a girl, so I never really cared about the plot or the mother mystery” his was exactly my argument that you see everything threw “pink glasses” just interested in the love story between B/R. But again HIMYM is about Ted, I think sometimes you forget about it.
            Again and aigain, all you are writing is sort of a careful deep “soul analyses” of the HIMYM caracters, and of course you are most right
            But just try to read my “strong arguments” for Robin and Ted again and try to think about them.
            We all know now that is is most likely that your theory is the most plausible one. So I just have one question to you so that you “think out of the box”:

            If (Just “If”) Barney and Robin will not end up together (I know you dont like it) who will end up with Robin? And will Ted still end up with the GWTYU?
            I want you to think aout of the box and maybe you have a solution with the GWTYU.

            Is just one simply question.


          • jennylovesBR says:

            pink glasses? What does that mean?

            And sure, HIMYM is about Ted, but I think Robin’s love story was actually supposed to be the central idea of the show from the beginning. The writers have said before that they planned on Ted meeting the mother at Robin’s wedding, they just weren’t sure who they would have her with and in the end, decided that it would be Barney. I’ll do some digging tomorrow, (It’s four in the morning over here), but I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that Robin was the focus of the show, because her love story leads Ted to finding his. That’s why I think it’s not Ted’s love story we’re supposed to focus on, but Barney and Robin’s. Because it’s at their wedding that Ted meets the love of his life.

            And I have to ask, what are your strong arguments for Ted and Robin? The arguments I’ve seen from your previous posts are actually refutable. Also, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re asking me? If Barney and Robin don’t end up together, what is it you want me to answer? Barney can’t go back to Nora because there is that cheating issue between them, he can’t go back to Quinn because he doesn’t trust her, do you want me to say he ends up alone? Because that is just sad. As for Robin, she can’t end up with Ted. There’s no way. She doesn’t love him like that anymore, she’s made that perfectly clear.

        • Dhantez says:

          I also always think that Barney-Robin pairing doesn’t work. Actually there are many HIMYM fans that hoping Robin will be ‘the mother’.. That’s why the producer always keeps the fans on hope. Until the night Barney propose Robin, Ted is still hoping to be with her. Even, the narrator always says ‘Aunt Robin’, it could however at the final episode he will say that: “She whom you always being told as Aunt Robin at last became your mother.”

          There’s still possibilities. But giving a whole new character as the mother would kill this show.

      • letsgotothemall says:

        i thought so too! and still think it. (in spite of recent developments in the show.) just wanted to say that. :)

        • anonymussharma says:

          if anyone noticed robin never said she didnt love him.she said that with everything changing she didnt want to lose her best friend.

          • justsomegirl says:

            I think you need to watch that episode again. Ted asks Robin, “Do you love me?” Her reply was “No.” That pretty much says right there that she no longer loves him nor will she ever love him.

      • wahid says:

        Even me.

    • Alex says:

      I agree. I loved Ted and Robin together, so much more than her and Barney together, but they really need to drop it. Every time I think it’s over between the two then they throw another needless bone at us here. I mean, she is not the mother, she said she couldn’t love Ted… what it there left between them? And as much as I hate it they already said that she and Barney are going to be together and they shown her with lingering feelings for Barney anyway…. Why keep going back to Ted and Robin?

      • letsgotothemall says:

        yeah i agree. they need to close the ted-robin thing. like REALLY CLOSE IT. they need to address marshall’s “not yet”. i’m a ted-robin fan but it’s just heartbreaking when they drop these hints that give me hope for a ted-robin romance when they’ve already made it clear that endgame is barney-robin. :(

      • anonymussharma says:

        if anyone noticed robin never said she didnt love him.she said that with everything changing she didnt want to lose her best friend.

    • Philipp says:

      I’ve never really wanted Ted and Robin to end up together until the end of that episode when Victoria tells him that she hopes he’ll get her some day.

    • Silvia says:

      I agree! I always thought Robin and Ted were far better together than Robin and Barney. Anyway…after 7 years, after everything they’ve been through…I just don’t think they should be together anymore. They had their moment but now it’s gone.
      Thank you Vlada for the reference to Friends: sometimes I think I am the only one that sees a reference to Friends in almost every episode. (Maybe because I’m such a Friends nerd..!) But anyway I love the way HIMYM is able to touch the same storylines…but in it’s own personal way!

    • aj sweet says:

      how can ted and robin be together, hes refered to her to his kids as aunt robin on more than one occasion

  5. Kristina says:

    Would love some more Ted/Robin.

  6. Ashton says:

    No more Ted and robin!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bobin!!!

  7. kaity says:

    this episode presented pretty much the exact same situation as Ross and Emily in Friends, and I still think the characters made the wrong decision. if you really and truly think that you have a future with that person [Emily or Victoria in this case], then why not try to make a go with their demands??? I sincerely doubt that Ted would have had to give up being friends with Robin forever. and if Robin truly is the family that Ted claims, I’m sure she would understand and would welcome him back when his relationship with Victoria either tanks or evolves to the point where she no longer feels insecure about Robin.

    • Mely says:

      Because if a person wants you to change a vital part of your life to be with him or her, then he or she is not the right person for you.

      • murley says:

        thank you! you can’t have a marriage without trust and you can’t start out a life with someone by telling them to end a relationship in order to be with you. that dooms it from the start. an insecurity that deep doesn’t disappear if you take away the perceived threat. the request was out of line and ted absolutely made the right choice. that said, i do NOT want to see another retread of ted and robin romantically.

    • Christie says:

      They didn’t make the wrong choice because if they weren’t willing to make the sacrifice than the person wasn’t the right person for them. If Victoria had been the right person for Ted he would have done anything to be with her.

      • Jack says:

        the right person wouldn’t have asked them to make that choice in the first place

      • Nora says:

        The right person would also have been secure in their relationship that Robin wouldn’t have been a problem.

        • Raila says:

          Ironically, many people who are long time friends end up having affairs with each other. It’s not a completely unreasonable fear – why continue to hold on to a person who you clearly have an attraction to? Just because the show states they will never be together, it doesn’t mean in a real life scenario they wouldn’t get back together (for the 3rd/4th time). He LEFT Victoria for Robin before – remember that. That’s grounds enough to not trust Robin in the picture.

  8. Terry says:

    No more Ted and Robin. Please!

  9. ollie says:

    i will not miss victoria didnt ever like her with ted either time. but please.dont go back to ted/ robin again when we know its not to be.and i dont like that barney went back to sleeping around again why cant he change instead. and i would think after a 6 year spilt the relationship would reset not pause . needless to say but ted made the right choice

  10. What was the song where Victoria left? I know it’s by The Swell Season but does anyone know the title?

  11. TimeToWrapITup says:

    will this show EVER end?

  12. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    I guess this sets things up to find out more about the ‘woman with the yellow umbrella’. We’re getting closer to the end-state and the identity of Ted’s eventual wife. That said, Robin will be in the picture in some way, even when the WWTYU is revealed.

  13. Alyssa says:

    Lots of Friends parallel storylines going on throughout the whole HIMYM series….kind of annoying. Love the show dearly but I wish the writers would come up with their own storyline ideas instead of mooching off previous hit tv shows and taking the easy way out.. That’s what they’re paid to do anyway.

    • tripoli says:

      Yeah, it was a pretty lame episode. The show is just grasping at straws now. It really is time to stop dragging it out and just end the series already. This episode just showed they’ve got nothing left to give, other than the reveal of the mother.

  14. I’m sorry, but no more Ted/Robin. And it’s not even an “I like Barney and Robin better” thing, because even though I do, I liked Ted and Robin first. But it’s not going to happen with them, and dangling that carrot is mean to their fans, and bringing that up at the Barney/Robin wedding would not exactly be nice to the BRoTP fans, if they did that. If this were a real love triangle, where both sides had a real chance, maybe, but Ted and Robin are never, ever going to happen. That’s been confirmed a thousand different ways – he meets the future mother of his children the day she (probably) marries one of his best friends, for goodness sake. The conclusion of that storyline last year was great end to a cute couple. Stop dragging it out, HIMYM. It’s done.

  15. Mely says:

    They won’t go back to Ted and Robin. No worries there. Ted has accepted that he won’t have Robin. They didn’t talk for half of last season because Ted couldn’t accept it yet, remember? It’s going to be fine. This season is all about “How Barney and Robin Got Back Together and Therefore Led to the Wedding Where I Met Your Mother,” so I do not think that they’ll explore that again. I personally think that Robin will be touched and not upset when she finds out what Ted did. She’ll see that Ted did that to keep her in his life but I don’t think she’ll assume its because he wants her instead of Victoria. I also think that Ted doesn’t want to get back together with Robin; I just think his friendship with her is too important to him. Plus, it is clear that the girl Ted marries is totally fine with Aunt Robin, or else she wouldn’t be a part of Ted’s life still. Maybe that is just another reason why Victoria wasn’t right for Ted. Also, apparently Ted’s wife is super freakin’ cool since she doesn’t care that Ted is telling his kids every detail of all the people he…ahem, dated…before he met their mom, which is getting to the point of gross if he doesn’t meet her soon.

    Also we need to remember that the show might end this season or next, but either way, Bays/Thomas have pretty much stated that the story will definitely end at least in season 9. I personally hope it ends this year because I think they could pretty easily wrap it up in a successful and meaningful way this year with Barney and Robin.

    Love the show. A little scared that they’ll pull a Gilmore Girls and keep the show on the air a season after it should end and therefore pull a major sucko for the finale season. I personally hope they go ahead and end it well this season.

  16. Laura says:

    I loved Barney/Robin together! Ted/Robin is not going to happen (permanently anyway) as stated in the pilot, and she ends up marrying Barney (or at least showing up at the church with intentions to marry him) in the flashbacks.

  17. Mike says:

    I don’t even think, this development even means that a relationship is in the future for Ted and Robin, I think it just means that Ted is not willing to give up Robin, as a friend, for a relationship, as somebody else said if you have to make demands in a relationship, that person probably isn’t the one, just like how you shouldn’t love someone despite their quirks but because of their quirks.

  18. MJ says:

    I have yet to watch HIMYM yet, but I have to say I am not looking forward to watching it. I’m so tired of Barney/Robin and Ted/Robin. I liked Barney better with Quinn. I have been with this show since the first episode and I have to say I’ve stayed to see the mother but my patience is running thin. I want them to stop this whole triangle and let it go. It’s becoming predictable and boring. The first couple if seasons was legend…wait for it….. And now boring. I almost want them to end it.

  19. Sam says:

    Dude the creators said B and R get married.

  20. Jack Wahl says:

    Really, I got emotional. I’ll miss Victoria. That’s how life goes. I’m still in love with a woman who’ll always be my best friend, and she is happy in her marriage, after seventeen years she is family.

  21. twardyyy says:

    Don’t go back to Ted & Robin. It needs to be Robin & Barney. And theres no way Ted is going to get back together with Robin because there’s too much of a storyline there and it’ll take to long for the story to transpire and by that time, the series will be over. You can already tell that Robin isn’t the mother by Future Ted calling her “Aunt Robin” and it was also mentioned in an episode a few seasons ago that the mother is whatever-her-name’s roommate (when Ted saw her ankle). And last time I checked, Robin doesn’t have a yellow umbrella. Like I said, it needs to be Robin & the Barndoor and probably will be (at least I hope).

  22. Amlang says:

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I sure am glad that Victoria is gone. She was an annoying, bratty character, and Ted, and the whole gang, really, can do much better. Godspeed!

  23. Alexis says:

    I thought bringing Victoria back was a bit silly, but ultimately, the writers continue to set up a paradigm where Robin has to be married, forever unavailable, before Ted can move on fully and find the Mother.
    We saw it with Stella, now again with Victoria.
    I’m anxious for them to bing Barney and Robin together because they’re adorable and also, because then Ted is free to meet with Mother, open hearted.

  24. The Mother isn’t Robin, we know that, so I wish they’d stop the back and forth between Robin and Ted. I think he absolutely made the right choice, just from a friendship standpoint. There doesn’t have to be a romantic reason behind the choice. Robin is one of his best friends, and Victoria should never have asked Ted to choose. I don’t know why Ted would keep the decision a secret from Robin and ask Lily and Marshall to lie about it, except that the writers are obviously just looking to insert some drama later this season.

  25. paolareyesg says:

    Don’t you remember season 7 when Lily had that bet that Lily bet that Ted wouldn’t end up with Robin and Marshall bet that he would end up with Robin? Then Ted declares his love to Robin and Robin says that she doesn’t love him but this is when she just found out that Ted wanted kids and she can’t have them (so she might have said it just to not ruin Ted’s dreams). Anyways, at the end of the episode Lily tells Marshall, “Pay up” and Marshall says “Not yet.” So I think there is a really big possibility that Robin does actually love Ted and that the fact that Ted chose her over Victoria could ruin her and Barney’s wedding.

    • fiyero says:

      Hmmm…I actually think that’s a really good theory! It is curious that Barney and Robin BOTH don’t know about the ultimatum, which supports the theory that they will find out together.

    • Rachel says:

      They’ve already said that Barney & Robin are definitely getting married, though, despite some antics on the day.

      • Ana says:

        They said that Barney does go through with the wedding. They never said Robin though… So I’m guessing their could be another love interest in Barney’s life by then.

  26. Courtney says:

    I definitely think it was the right choice, because Robin will always be friends with Ted. As long as they don’t go back into Robin and Ted territory, I think it will be fine. They ended that story line last year and established they would just be friends. It’s too close to the end (meeting the mother) for them to go back now.

  27. Babybop says:

    PLEASE no more Ted and Robin. It’s such a waste of time and it creates unnecessary drama. The last two seasons have had such different feel to them. It still makes me laugh, but it really is time for it to end. To me, it’s not the same show anymore.

  28. BenM says:

    If this was real life, I’d say that yes he probably made the wrong decision. You make new friends and new circles as life goes on. For the sake of the T.V. show though, and my viewing pleasure, he obviously made the right decision.

    • tripoli says:

      Anyone who is willing to throw away one relationship for another is clearly an ass. Why should a friendship be less important or valued? If you care for and love someone deeply, as is known that Ted does for Robin, you would never throw that away because someone asked you to. It’s cowardly and heartless.

  29. valianes says:

    Who cares about Ted/Robin or Barney/Robin. If they turn Marshall into a sassy black woman once more, I am NEVER watching this show again. WOW.

    • Emma says:

      Absolutely. That entire subplot was ridiculously unfunny.

      • tripoli says:

        Actually it was the only part of the episode that was even remotely funny. Barely funny, but better than the crap that was everything else. Jason Segel is the last saving grace this show has.

  30. Rayna says:

    It’s geller not gellar. Does anyone realize that other than me? Sure it’s the least exciting part but I really couldn’t care less about Ted/robin/ Barney fiasco. I prefer Marshall and lily. BEST COUPLE EVER

  31. tali says:

    I’m so, so, SO over this whole Ted/Robin mess. I’m srsly starting to hate Robin even tho it doesn’t make any sense and I blame Ted and the writers for everything. It’s getting really uncomfortable to the point where I don’t wanna watch it anymore. This should have been over and done long time ago. I don’t understand why they’re bringing it back. And so far most of Ted relationships ended cos of Robin so don’t call her family.
    Ross/Rachel were different so don’t compare that. They ended up together. We know Ted and Robin won’t end up together so this is just awkward and hard to watch. Stop it! You’re ruining the show!

  32. Joe says:

    They should’ve had Ted move on and had them close the door on his feelings for Robin – and not have em brought up again. What is the point? She seems to be a key figure to meeting her since he started w/her but his continuous in love for her isn’t needed IMO.

  33. Alex says:

    Please no more Ted and Robin. I liked them the first time around, but after their first break up, it became clear that they are better apart. Every time feelings started bubbling after that, I felt like I wanted to fast forward through their scenes. That ship has sailed. And sunk.

  34. acly28 says:

    personally I think that Ted did the right thing, if someone throws that type of scenario at you and gives you an ultimatum, then they are absolutely not right for you, therefor Victoria is not right for Ted. Having said that, I did think after the first few seasons that Ted and Robin would end up together, but they have thrown scenario that down our throats so many times, along with throw so many hints and facts that Robin is indeed not the mother, that it is pretty obvious to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Earlier in the series, its mentioned that Teds future wife is in the exact same class that Ted was accidentally teaching (Economics class) and when he dated Cindy, she lived with Teds future wife….im pretty sure that at that time, Ted and Robin were living together (not dating of course) so there is no way that Robin could have been Cindy’s roomate….plus Ted had been to Robins first apartment numerous times, and you never do see a yellow umbrella, a little yellow school bus, or a bass guitar, and those three things are mentioned constantly throughout the series (moreso on the guitar) and not once has Robin been seen with any of them….If they were to bring Robin and Ted together and end it, then that would basically ruin the entire show and it would be a huge waste of time for everyone who actually enjoys the show. Im a huge HIMYM fan and have seen every episode, a lot, and i cant quite be sure if Barney and Robin will officially be together in the very end (althought i hope so), i am confident in saying that Ted and Robin will not end up together…

    I also have a slap bet going on with my friend that if Ted and Robin are together in the end and those kids in some sort of crazy way are both of their kids, then he can slap me, but if Barney and Robin end up together in the end and those kids are Teds and his wife’s, then I get to slap the **** out of him….and it will be legend….wait for it………dary

  35. Nam says:

    blah blah blah Ted made the right decision blah blah blah

    We all knew Ted and Victoria were bound to end, it was the matter of how that was important and what it meant for Ted in his path to meeting the mother.

    I think it was a total cop-out to have it be about Robin again and it didn’t help the story, really. “Why”, you ask? Because it’s been the same thing over and over again. Ted and Robin, Robin and Ted, etc. etc. we, and by extension Ted, didn’t learn anything other than that he prefers friends over lovers and Robin’s important. Real big surprise, sport.

    Even more, there was a complete 180 on the characterization of Ted and Victoria. You would think that Ted would be over the moon with getting Victoria back and wanting to get married MORESO than Victoria. Victoria would more likely not want to jump in since she just left a marriage. Hrm, Ted wants commitment, Victoria wants time and open endings. Where has this occurred before. Oh, that’s right. SEASON 1. Having them both be more centered on what they want, individually, in the relationship in the long term, and having that come to loggerheads would be in-line with what happened in season 1 and would indicate a DEEPER level of disconnect that would keep them from truly being “the ones” for each other. The reason they can’t be truly together is a matter of their character and who they are, rather than a played-out “will they/won’t they” since season 1.

    The Victoria break-up should not have been about Robin. It should’ve been about Ted. Ted being selfish, Ted being clingy, Ted being idealized and over-romantic to fly in the face of reality or the other person in the relationship. Something. ANYTHING other than just “Oh, yeah. Robin.” The break up should’ve put a magnifying glass on Ted Mosby in terms of what he wants, what he’s willing to do, but most importantly: who he is versus who he wants to be.

    Everything else in the episode was fine. The Ted/Victoria plot, though, was heart-breaking. Not because Victoria was my favorite (she still is), but because there was a wasted opportunity to remind the audience that Ted’s journey to the mother is also a personal spiritual one as well. *Sigh*

    • Joshua Rey says:

      Testify, Nam. People hating on Victoria probably never saw Season 1. Writers ruined a great character by changing her so drastically in Season 8.

  36. Jesse says:

    Please do not go Ted/Robin again. Otherwise, GREAT episode.

    • Brosforlife says:

      Agreed. If this was going to be a Ted/Robin endgame, why do they need to make it to 8 seasons? They know that that would just totally piss of the viewers. Besides, they’re like brother and sister. And honestly, it’s awkward having them as a couple.

      • Robert Krassr says:

        HIMYM is not only about to know who is the mum it is about the way how to find the mother. Of course they could have told the story in one season, but HIMYM got a big success so they decidet to extend it. If you read the episode list you will discover that only the episodes written by c&c are pushing the plot forward ( one exemtion was girl vrs.suits)

  37. l says:

    I think Ted and Robin make a great couple, but its not the relationship that ted wants and they both know it, this is why it has never worked out for them before. Ted wants children and even though robin did say she might want babbies with ted we all know this does happen(which may i add the one when robin finds out she cant have kids was awesome, cobie did i great job!!!) as she finds out she cant have kids. Now robin and Barney, i love these two togther. i must they their charators are similer in the first place, and you could see through the seasons they wer becoming more than just friends due to how much alike they are, and i think this is great. they bounce of each other in the relationship and i think its what the fans really want to see robin and Barney get married. i do like victoria as a charactor but to play the mother i just dont think it would work out, i think she’s more of an ex that ted bumps into later on in life with his wife. As a big fan of this show i feel like the person who’s going to be playing the mother really should be a new person to the scene, i think that will give the writes more time to spend with her, as we dont know her at all and they could really make some good storylines, as for making the mother as one of ted’s ex’s i just feel like it wouldn’t work and would ruin the hard work all the cast of creators have done

  38. SR says:

    The Marshall & Lily stuff this week was just awful. It seems like their story has pretty much reached its conclusion and the writers are just trying to scrape together ideas to keep them involved, and doing a pretty poor job of it.

    The Barney & the dog stuff was also pretty poor, and just plain weird. However it did set up the Robin/Nick/Barney tension, which was probably the most interesting thing about the episode. I was slightly disappointed when Barney did go in to the apartment at the end, I expected him to turn her down and leave after Robin.

    Ted/Victoria – well really, the whole relationship this time around seems to have been given a lack of any real screen time or substance so it’s not a great surprise that they’ve rushed it through to its conclusion like this. What could have made a good 2-3 episode arc (if well written) with real tension compressed into about maybe 5 minutes or so of screen time. The implication of more Ted/Robin drama to come is also pretty tedious. Ted & Victoria’s first scenes together back in season one are still some of the finest of the whole show IMO so to see it handled like this now is just very disappointing.

    It just feels like an endurance test to get to the end now. I’m sticking with it, but it lacks any of the enjoyment that the first two or three seasons really brought. Hey-ho.

    • Joshua Rey says:

      My sentiments exactly, SR. Total disservice to Ashley Williams. They didn’t know what to do with her.

    • Rachel says:

      I couldn’t agree more ! Lily and Marshall were just annoying this week, to say the very least ! What with the “inner voice” crap…it wasn’t even funny !

  39. Allison says:

    You guys remember Season 6 when Ted says Zoe is the last girl he says “I love you” to before the Mother? They flash forward to him saying “I love you” to the Mother and behind them is a marquee for “The Wedding Bride 2” Methinks Wedding Bride 2 is about Ted and Victoria, and that’s how Robin finds out.

  40. O'Brien says:

    I don’t think they’ll go back full on to Ted/Robin romance. That horse is dead. Ted knows it. I can understand where Victoria is coming from – Robin was where he went when he and V broke up before. And I don’t think Victoria and Ted were maybe ever going to work after that. I think Ted made the right call. He had to try things with Victoria, but Ted needs someone who is going to understand his relationships with Lily and Marshall, with Barney, and yes, with Robin. There are people in your life you shouldn’t have to choose between. The woman who ends up Ted’s wife will know that.

  41. Ethan says:

    This episode makes me sad. It’s sad to see such a great show fell so far. Even Friends wasn’t this bad in the last season. What is the point of bringing back Victoria? That jealousy over Robin came out of nowhere (this season I mean). So what if Robin knows she is the reason they broke up in the future? Ted didn’t pick Robin because he loves her. He picked her because they are so close and like family. This whole plotline makes zero sense.

    Marshall and Lily. It was so painful to watch them. I guess it’s true when characters become parent in sitcoms, they get stuck and the writers just don’t know what to do with them anymore. It’s even worst in this case because they’ve written M/L as this loving couple so there’s hardly any problems/conflicts between them which makes them boring.

  42. erin says:

    Always hated Victoria, never understood why she was such a fan fave. I don’t care about Ted or any of his storylines and while this episode was not the greatest, ALL THE B/R FEELS!!!

    • Cindy Lennox says:

      Why do you even watch the show then? This show is about Ted he is the Main character not Barney you’ve deluded yourself into thinking Barney and Robin’ relationship is the central theme of the show well it isn’t the show is about Ted and his quest into finding the mother of his children.

      • justsomegirl says:

        Wow Cindy, relax. True Ted is the main character, but that doesn’t mean people can’t appreciate the B/R feels. I’ll admit that if this pairing did not exist in the show, then I wouldn’t find HIMYM as enjoyable. I would still watch it for the laughs, but I mostly care about the B/R love story. And actually, if you think about it, Barney and Robin’s relationship IS the central theme of the show. It’s their love story that influences Ted to find his own, that’s why the writers spent five seasons (actually 8 if you notice the seed planting for their relationship in season 1’s Zip Zip Zip among other episodes) building them up and showing us how these two are true soul mates.

  43. Rachel says:

    I don’t think they’re going Robin/Ted again, I think Ted was just not going to compromise his group of friends for a love interest, Spice-Girls style. That said, I wish they’d just move it along already. They’ve been touting these breakups for the whole season, and I just feel like they’re dragging. Get rid of Nick already (this coming from a serious Michael Trucco fan). And for the love of God, fix Marshall and Lily. Last night was just bad.

  44. Gerry says:

    Ted and Robin, no doubt,

  45. Joshua Rey says:

    The chemistry between Ted and Victoria Season 1 was one of the highlights of this show. But the writers treated Victoria like a complete joke in Season 8. They continue to take things that made the show great Season 1-3 and make a mockery of them (i.e. Victoria, Robin Sparkles, Sandy Rivers, etc.)

    HIMYM will have one of the worst payoffs in TV history. The mom’s not going to be a character we’ve met so far, so how will any viewer feel anything for her when we do?

    Last good episode of HIMYM was when Stella left Ted at the altar. Since then, the show has taken on the same direction as Ted’s character: Desperate. Irrational. No direction.

    The creators have shifted the show in Seasons 6-8 from a program that regularly surprised viewers to one that flat-out tells us everything that’s going to happen in the future. It’s such a stupid concept. What made Stella’s breakup with Ted so great was not knowing it was coming.

    If I have to hear Bob Saget spoil one more thing and tell the kids “but I’ll get to that,” somebody will have to E-mail me before the series finale because I won’t be watching again ’til then.

    This from a fan who was right there on his couch in September 2005 when Barney played the first game of “Have you met Ted?”

    • Liliana says:

      Woah, PREACH! There is no way there will be a payoff that even begins the approach what the viewers feel they deserve

  46. Guest says:

    This show is a shell of itself now. Time to put it down.

  47. Carrie says:

    What is going on with Marshall? He looked sickly and his story line was a joke this week. He is a major part of the storyline – he deserves a lot more than what he got last night.

  48. chrisjroof says:

    I am never upset at them going back to the Ted & Robin relationship. I am over the fact that they have a chance to be together, but it still is a joy to watch a couple that is meant to be together – don’t ruin our chance of watching a great couple with great chemistry because the creators messed up in the pilot.

    That said, I am also tired of them toying with my emotions. I am not in a rush to find the mother, as I am fine with many more seasons of this show, but anything that keeps Barney & Robin NOT together is okay by me – he is the worst person for her and I will never think otherwise.

    On the Victoria front – she is out of line! I have never liked Victoria, so I was happier than ever to see Ted tell her no and see her walk away. I don’t feel bad for her and hopefully her character is gone for good.

  49. shauna says:

    i REALLY did not like victoria in this episode! also hope they are not going back to ted and robin again, cmon guys we want to see robin and barney action!! victoria making ted choose was just her being a downright ahole… i get he cheated with robin all those seasons ago but girl move on, he proposed to you not her …. never liked Victoria so im a little glad to see her go…. also bring on the next break up!! LOVE THIS SEASON :D

  50. cjeffery7 says:

    ENOUGH. NO MORE TED/ROBIN OK? Ted and Robin are like “Fetch.” It’s never gonna happen. We all know it. We’ve known it for like a billion years. Stop trying to force something down out throats that we ultimately know the result of.