Exclusive First Look: House Alum Lisa Edelstein Lights Elementary's Fuse

Lisa Edelstein is da bomb — or, more accurately, will be trying to dodge one — when she guest-stars on CBS’ Elementary this month. And we have a first look at the beloved House alum’s visit.

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As previously scooped by TVLine, in the episode “Long Fuse” (airing Thursday, Nov. 29), Edelstein plays Heather Vanowen, the bright and charismatic CEO of a high-end PR consultancy. Heather will cross paths with NYPD consultant Sherlock Holmes (played by Jonny Lee Miller) as he investigates a deadly bombing that appears to have been aimed at her company.

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In this first look photo, Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) look on as Heather processes the dire threat on her business and employees. Are you looking forward to seeing Edelstein, who last season stopped by CBS’ The Good Wife, back on your screen?

Lisa Edelstein on Elementary Nov. 29

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  1. Annie says:

    Now she gets to say she was in two Sherlock adaptations.

  2. Sun says:

    Absolutely looking forward to seeing her on this show. I’ve seen every episode and it’s very well done. She picks good shows :-) And good shows pick her :-)

  3. El says:

    BRING IT ON!!! So excited to see the fantastic and incredible talented Lisa Edelstein back on screen! :D and hell she looks so pretty on this picture :D Can’t wait to watch this episode!

  4. Flor says:

    So happy to have Lisa Edelstein and Lucy Liu sharing the screen again. Can´t wait to see the ep!

  5. carl says:

    Way to go, looking good in that dress. I always thought her body was the one thing that made her special. Nice. (I wish the series was more interesting though, until now it just looks like your usual procedural. There isn’t anything that seems very Sherlock Holmes-like to me so far.)

  6. Stephen says:

    Interesting. She was on a show that revolved around a character based on Sherlock. Now she’s on a show that revolves around Sherlock. I suppose the next logical step is for her to star in a show AS Sherlock.

  7. JAA says:

    “Are you looking forward to seeing Edelstein, who last season stopped by CBS’ The Good Wife, back on your screen?”


  8. AJ says:

    No I will fast forward any bit she is on, can’t stand her

  9. Liz says:

    Love her! I can’t stand what they did to the House & Cuddy relationship, it had so much potential..
    Anyway, Lisa was great in House, great in The Good Wife (great in Ally McBeal as well for those who remember), and I’m sure she’ll be wonderful in this.

  10. Josh says:

    She looks absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait. Go Edelstein!

  11. Dani says:

    Wherever she goes Lisa always brings it. Great to see one of my favourite actresses on-screen again!

  12. Ann says:

    YES! I can’t wait for this, it’s about time! Loving the outfit.. looking absolutely amazing, miss E.!

  13. irene A says:

    Absolutely stoked about this and really looking forward to seeing Lisa back on TV. Elementary is a good show so far.
    Thanks for this beautiful shot of the gorgeous Lisa.

  14. CevaCeva says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes! Miss Miss Lisa E from my TV. Would someone give this intelligent and talented actress her own series????

  15. Lyns says:

    Yes! Seriously cannot wait for this!

  16. TeL says:

    Dear Elementary fans, we are very sorry about this. But the Lisa Edelstein fans are (hopefully) all yours now. Our apologies, the House fandom.

    • Hee! says:

      That’s funny!

    • Just sayin says:

      Dear House fandom: Did you email Tel your vote or did they just randomly decide they speak for millions? My guess…they decided while surfing the net in their moms basement.

    • suri says:

      You’re funny! Too bad your show got CANCELED after Miss Edelstein left. LOL

      • Bobby says:

        I was thinking the same thing.

      • @suri says:

        Well, as far i remember all the actors who had to renew their contract were forced to agree to a paycut incl. LE. It was not exactly a sign that the show which was, at that time strongly focused on Cuddy & LEs talent *gasp, was a huge success. Even with LE, It would have been very likely cancelled anyway. Your comment is in my humble opnion pretty narrow-minded and childish therefore it only proves the statement of @TeL . Just Saying :D

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      Would you like at the House fandom stay just the idiots like you?

    • Annie says:

      LOL, yesss. Her fans are the worst.

  17. Liz says:

    She will be awesome, great talent. Missed her in the House finale.

  18. Jeez says:

    Who the frak dug up that gawd-awful dress?

  19. D.Lady says:

    No–I frankly can’t stand her! Thought she was terrible on House and don’t expect her to be any better on Elementary.

  20. tahina says:

    Nice to know Lisa is back..is amazing how she still brings so much passion to this forum.^_~

  21. Liana in San Diego says:

    I’ll watch the episode because I adore Jonny Lee Miller, but frankly, I could care one whit that she is on the show. She has never done much for me.

  22. Reya says:

    Great to see Lisa E back on the screen. Really missed her presence in House Season 8 and the House Finale. Always a pleasure to watch a good actress – hope its an interesting role and an interesting episode.

  23. ppistachio says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEH! She is gorgeous!

  24. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Wow,wow,wow can’t wait,go Lisa!

  25. poulpo says:

    nice to see her again!

  26. Sam says:

    Can’t wait to see Lisa in action again!

  27. Silvia says:

    Looking forward to seeing her again!

  28. pretty says:

    She is amazing and look gorgeous. Bring it on

  29. titi says:

    I started watching Elementary because of Lisa!I She is amazing!

  30. Alla says:

    I agree that Lisa Edelstein picks good shows and good shows pick her!
    She is so wonderful person and actress, therefore many people from different countries love her and want to see her more often on their TV. LE deserves her own show – it’s for sure!
    Greetings from Europe :)

  31. Annie says:

    Nope, I didn’t miss her at all, she’s a terrible actress.

    • Kriszta says:

      “Her fans are the worst.” And she’s a terrible actress…. You are a real clown!

      • Annie says:

        LMAO. Yeah, I was talking about fans like you.

        • Cuddy's lawyer says:

          If you don’t like her, why do you read and comment the article about her? You are not better like her “worst fans”!

          • @cuddyslawyer says:

            Well, actually it is foremost a spoilery post about the show “Elementary”, a show with its own fans and LE is NOT the star of it. She is just GUEST-starring, so the poster above is absolutely allowed to read the spoiler & voice his/her opnion about this certain casting decision. I´m Sorry to tell you.

    • AJ says:

      She really is I agree, very limited expressions!

  32. Little Greg says:

    Yes I am looking forward to it, Matt. Very much so. Thanks for the scoop and the pic. Elementary is an excellent show, can’t wait for her episode.

  33. Bobby says:

    Yea!!!! Very happy to see LE will be back on my screen. I missed her when she left House.

  34. yeah, I’m super excited to see Lisa Edelstein in Elementary. She’s gorgeous.

  35. Liz says:

    Yes!! totally! I freaking love her!

  36. Yuli Z.H says:

    Lisa we all miss you.. I am waiting for 29 of November… Thanks for article..

  37. Jul says:

    So, so excited to see her on Elementary!!! Absolutely love her!!!!! Can’t wait for November 29! Lisa absolutely rocks :D

  38. Kish says:

    thank you!!!! She is one of my favorite actresses. I’m freaking out :D

  39. Okeedokee says:

    Looking forward to seeing LE spice up the sluggish Sherlock this month. She was excellent on House, which really collapsed when she left. Person of Interest is my favorite show now, but I like looking in on Sherlock too.

    • AJ says:

      Its not Sherlock thats British this is Elementary, she would and never could be in Sherlock which is v high quaility. These programmes are completely different!!

  40. Kucoo says:

    I love this actress. Elementary is a good show but is still lacking something. Maybe Edelstein will bring some charisma. I´m sure she´ll be fantastic in her scenes with the lovely Lucy Liu

  41. ladyhelix says:

    I love BBC Sherlock so fiercely that I decided I’d just skip this, but Aidan Quinn? **SWOON** .. well I guess I’ll stop in and check it out! (I know that sounds shallow – but I can count my total lifetime “movie star/musician crushes” on one hand!).