The Good Wife Recap: A New Problem for Peter -- and An Exit Plan for Nick?

This week on CBS’ The Good Wife, Alicia was enlisted to help an Army captain gunning for justice, Peter was the subject of a “sneak attack,” Cary’s future brightened while Nick’s time in Chicago potentially reached its end.

A NOT-SO-GOOD MAN | The Case of the Week involved Captain Laura Hellinger (guest star Amanda Peet), a JAG lawyer who needed Alicia’s civil court know-how to charge a military contractor with attempted rape. Step 1, they had to prove that the creep, Rick Waters, was not in essence a member of the military itself, else he cannot be subject to civil suit. Done. They then found a witness — led from Afghanistan to the States by Hellinger’s sympathetic colonel, a judge herself — who testified that he heard the attempted rape happening. Alas, Waters’ counsel (Brian Dennehy) noted that the accused was put on active duty by the Army 15 minutes before the assault, and as such could not be sued. Hellinger’s coached attempt to suggest the assault began back at the bar where she and Waters had drinks crumbled, due to a jovial text message she sent to a gal pal en route to the site of the attempted rape. After losing the case, a defeated Hellinger asked Alicia, “What do you do when it’s all over…?” “Start up again,” Alicia offered. All in all, it was a very engaging court case with little bit of a Few Good Men vibe. Dennehy was suitably detestable.

A REAL CAMPAIGN IN THE…. | After getting an earful from tabloidy journo Mandy, Maddie Hayward The Good Wife, Chris Noth“politely” alerted Alicia that not only was she not funding Peter’s bid for governor, but she herself was going to challenge him for the Democratic nomination! “It’s not personal…,” she tried to assure her would-be friend. “Just business,” Alicia coldly interrupted. Later, Maddie warned Peter that he’d empty his pockets in any bid to defeat her, leaving him broke for the face-off against Republican Mike Kresteva. As such, she offered the lieutenant governor spot alongside her, but he wasn’t having any of it. “You used my wife,” he snarled. As such, “That’s more than a no. That’s a never.”

CARY ON! | Sensing that Hayden was being more abrasive than usual, Diane asked Cary to see what had the numbers cruncher’s knickers in a knot. In trade, Cary wondered aloud if Will had a problem with him, since zero criminal cases were coming his way. When Cary reported back that Hayden’s funk was fed by the Steve Jobs bio and “it’ll wear off,” Diane thanked him with a fresh case load.

THIS ‘N’ THAT | When Nick lost out on the city contract, Cary discovered that the winning bid could be invalidated. “Do you love him?” Alicia asked Kalinda over drinks. “I have difficulty being away from him,” Kalinda admitted. When Kalinda allowed that Nick could be “dangerous,” Alicia argued: “Shouldn’t you stay away from him then?” Ya think?…. After Jackie fired another female caretaker, Alicia suggested Peter hire a man — and sure enough, Cristian the charming Cuban won over the old bird….When Mandy insisted on moving forward with the bogus story about Peter and the campaign worker, Eli fed Kristin Chenoweth’s Peggy the tip that her rival was targeting Peter because as SA he prosecuted her child molester cousin. “Now I’m the story!” the Synth wonk whined, while Eli played the tiniest violin.

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  1. Lucy says:

    I don’t know if Cary’s future is so bright. I hope. Also, since Kalinda can’t stay away from the monster, could they finally give Cary a love interest (with better tastes) and a real storyline not just a D plot?

    • lauren says:

      OMG Cary fans just never seem to be happy. Even in an episode that was a step in the right direction. Soooooo curious.

      • Lucy says:

        Because we’re still digesting the 2nd half of season 3 and the following 5 episodes of nothing in season 4. And if it took them 6 episodes for one step I suppose that maybe, around the end of season 4 maybe they’ll be able to give him a big storyline.

        • Pat says:

          I agree. They really need to do a lot more with Cary after the nothing they have done with him not just that season but last season too. So, yeah, it was a step in the right direction. But just a little step. His screentime is still ridicolous. And besides being BFF with Hayden he didn’t have a lot to do. They’re just using him like a “piece” of Nick and Kalinda plot line but he still doesn’t have that bigger role and that kick-ass storyline we’re hoping for him.

          • Dee says:

            All I know is that TGW can use all of the Cary they can get. He is great to watch. Even his glances and expressions are perfect for the scenes. Matt Czuchry is an absolutely terrific actor and I look forward to seeing him each week. I see we will meet Cary’s dad next week. But like I have mentioned in weeks before…..absolutely no mention of this in the promo for the show. Since CBS badly needs 18-49 demo numbers for TGW you’d think the CBS publicity people would wake up somewhere along the line. Anyway, like so many loyal TGW viewers I appreciate all the cast members. Cary is a great character and I’m thankful for that.

          • Lucy says:

            Yeah, the demo really sucks. And if they would have done something more with Cary last year or this year maybe they could have improved it a little. And yes, I also noticed that promo monkeys really did an awful job with that promo: an episode we know it will be a lot about cary featured everything and everyone but him. Epic fail. I think all the promotional campaign for the show this year was an epic fail.

  2. Margaret says:

    YES so happy to see Yul Vasquez (Christian) in tonight’s episode! I saw him on broadway with Chris Rock & Bobby Cannavale in The Mother_____ with the Hat & he was a total scene stealer! awesome!

  3. nikki says:

    Peter is so hot. Josh Charles did a good job directing.

  4. Leah says:

    I thought it was an attempted rape? Anybody else?

  5. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Awww, it didn’t record for me! I forgot the Fox shows were new and took priority over The Good Wife, as well as Walking Dead also taking priority. It’s number 2 in my priority menu after Justified. I really ought to set it up to record one of the later reruns of Walking Dead so I can catch Good Wife, but then all my friends would know what happened on WD before me, and that simply won’t do. But I’ll have to find this online, sounds like a good episode.
    Hey Matt, are you skipping your awesome Homeland reviews for tonight? It’s cool if you wanted the break, I was just wondering.

    • xx says:

      It’s not hard to find the Good Wife online- I usually just search it on Hulu and they link right to the CBS site :)

    • S says:

      If you go to the CBS website and click on Sunday, it will show TGW picture. Click on that and it will be the latest episode. If you watch in Chrome, no ads.

  6. Best episode of the season by far. I had no idea Amanda Peet possessed those kind of acting chops. Really great turn by her. I think the episode set up a lot of interesting plot points to come in the next weeks before the show takes its traditional winter break. The Cuban nurse for Jackie was great comic relief – and eye candy to boot! Great episode, I thought. I’m going to miss Nathan Lane when his arc is finished. Never thought I would say that.

  7. lara says:

    Such a good episode! I LOVE Peter when he’s out for blood.

  8. Pat says:

    A good episode. I hope that scene between Diane and Cary means that finally we’ll see more of him and more of him in court. I miss Cary in court and I miss the SA people.

  9. TV Gord says:

    The resolution to why Hayden was a little “off” this week was disarmingly entertaining! He was reading Steve Jobs’ bio??? Hahaha! I was giggling through the rest of the episode over that! Excellent!

  10. brianne says:

    I miss the tension between alicia and will when they were together or wanting to be together. Its what made me want to watch the show.

    • Silvia says:

      I agree, I find Peter repellent….and I only watched the series hoping in a reunion or at least a good love scene with Will. Alicia is a ‘good wife’…..but what happened to her passionate side? In fact I find all the season VERY BORING so far.

    • Cary Ann says:

      I am so tired of this Alicia/Will BS, MOVE ON!!!!@

  11. Whoa Now... says:

    Um I’m just happy as clams to see Kristen Chenoweth back on the show. I just love the energy she gives to this character, especially the part where she couldn’t give two snits about the story until Peter’s name popped up. This episode as with most episodes this season (save Kalinda’s storyline) is really good. The Good Wife keeps getting better.

  12. I think Josh did a great job at directing. It was nice to see Denis O’Hare and Kristen Chenoweth both return and also Amanda Peet played her part superby and contributed a lot to this episode.

    I will be sad to see Nathan Lane’s Hayden leave the firm soon as he has formed a chemistry and bond with Cary that is a joy to watch, i would love to seehim return as i now regard him as a favourite guest star. On the Cary front i am pleased to see that he will feature heavily next week as he has been used sapringly this season and is a very good actor that should be doing much more on the show.

    Was expecting Maddie to run against Peter from what i saw of the promo trailer for this episode, and i am interested to see how she will play off against Peter becasue with much more $$$$$ she will be a lot stronger than Wendy Scott Carr. I didnt expect Alicia to be so cold to Maddie but i can see why she was and that makes me curious to watch and find out out if Maddie will use the private conversations she had with Alicia, (of when Alicia confided in her about the strains in her marriage with Peter) – to her advantage of winning the vote to become the democratic party leader, running the risk of effectively killing her friendship she ‘eagerly’ wanted with Alicia.

    On the Nick note, i didn’t mind him to be honest but his character was introduced as this intimidating and scary man out to put the creepers on Kalinda but he has turned into a softie getting out of his seat for mandy to sit down which is what i wasn’t expecting for him to become. From my perspective i guess i was hoping for him to play a complete terrifying b*stard and hurting kalinda and for her to unintentionally kill him. it’s no longer ideal for my idea to happen so i agree to have him written out and have her and Eli spend more scenes to work out which of them is under investigation.

    • damn i cant edit my spelling mistakes. sorry about that.

    • Cary Ann says:

      It will be a real blast when Wendy Scott Carr comes back into the sceen with Maddie, she knows the dirt on Alicia and Will’s affair from the grand jury meeting when she admitted it. That ought to go perfect with the kids.

      The actors don’t write the script so lets get back on stream and put Alicia where she belongs and thats not with WILL.