Once Upon a Time Recap: Arrested Developments

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, there were big (if not giant) revelations about Emma’s past and that Mystery Man in New York City. Also, a nightmare scenario suggested a connection between two unlikely characters.

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IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT IS…. | Hook explains to Emma and Snow that there are no more magic beans to open a portal, that they were all destroyed in a war that felled all but one giant, who now lives atop the beanstalk. The enchanted compass that is among the giant’s treasure, however, can get them back to Storybrooke — if coupled with the wardrobe ashes in Cora’s possession. (What’s more, the captain pledges his allegiance to whomever gets him to Storybrooke first.) He and Emma climb the stalk, sharing stories of love and loss along the way, then find many a grim skeleton outside the giant’s residence. Hook summons the big guy (played by Lost‘s Jorge Garcia), and Emma promptly KOs him with sleeping powder. They root around for treasure some, with Hook tempted to plunder, but the roused giant interrupts their plan. After Hook is pinned under rubble, Emma scrambles for the sword that belonged to ill-fated Jack (of “___ and the Beanstalk” lore), and uses it to trap the giant in a cage. He soon escapes, but spares Emma since she spared him. Emma frees and then cuffs Hook to the wall, explaining, “I can’t take the chance I’m wrong about you.” Emma returns to her mother just as Snow is tackling Mulan, who was acting on orders to chop down the stalk after 10 hours. “We go back together — that is the only way!” mother tells daughter.

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IN, WELL, PORTLAND…. | Flashing back 11 years, we find an adorkable Emma jimmying open a yellow VW bug, only to discover a man named Neal Cassidy (Michael Raymond-James) — aka the Mystery Man we sorta met in the season premiere — in the back seat. And he’s not the vehicle’s owner, either! They fall in love, pinch the occasional Apollo bar and Native American dream-catcher (as spied in Neal’s NYC apartment) during their spree of small-time crime, until they decide to find a “real place to live,” together. No sooner do they decide on Tallahassee (aka “Not in Portland,” heh) does Neal discover the heat is still on for a jewelry heist he previously pulled. Emma offers to and succeeds in retrieving Neal’s stash of pricey watches, but just before they are to rendezvous and build a life together, Neal is chased down and tackled by… August! He who is also known as Pinocchio explains Emma’s destiny and his role as her “guardian angel,” and says that Neal will only get in the way of her important fate. Neal agrees to stand up Emma, who is instead met by a cop tipped off to her fetching of the watches.

Months later, the gents convene in Vancouver (where Once is filmed, natch). Neal agrees to remain away from Emma’s life, provided that once the coast is clear and her fantastical duty is fulfilled, he gets the nod. “I’ll send you a postcard,” August agrees. (A-ha! A man of his wood. Er, word.). Later, we see Emma serving 11 months in a Phoenix lockup, where she gets mail from Phuket — the VW key left to her by Neal, sent by August — just as she realizes she is pregnant with he-who-shall-be-Henry. Cut to….

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Henry wakes from a nasty dream, and Charming runs in to soothe the lad and light a candle to “catch the nightmares” (just as Snow White told Aurora the prince did for her after she had trouble bouncing back from the Evil Queen’s sleeping spell). As Henry describes the night terror, we realize it is the exact same one that Aurora still is having, involving a red, windowless room with curtains that are on fire. In Aurora’s version, she says a “he” is looking across the room at her, while Henry alludes to a “she.” Hmmm….

What did you think of this blast from Emma’s past? Did August’s appearance surprise and/or delight you? Are we to surmise that his typewriter “magically” compelled Neal to be a believer? And is there more to the Henry/Aurora connection other than just a shared side effect of the sleeping curse (along with, we presume, the usual nausea and headaches)?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I thought Hook was lame and the flirting with Emma superficial with zilch real chemistry. That was so forced.

    • Luli says:

      what?? i loved it! I can’t decide which couple i like more… Emma and August (kidn of seeing it as a brother/sister relationship), Emma and Neil, or Emma and Hook. i really love them all :)

      • Patti says:

        I like Emma’s chemistry with Graham/Huntsman, August and Neal.

      • Josh says:

        Hook and Emma were great, Emma and Neil were sort of blah. I found the whole character blah tbh.

        • Sara says:

          With all of the stellar actors they’ve cast on this show, this unexceptional specimen is Henry’s father? What a let down. I agree that there is no chemistry between Hook and Emma. In fact, to me, Hook seems like he bats for the other team. This was another blah episode, that told me something I’d prefer not to know.

          • Joanna says:

            Every time I looked at Neal all I could think about was “Emma with Rene from True Blood?” & it reminded me of how much I miss Terriers.

        • Before seeing the episode, I did not care which one I liked to see with Emma, would be Hook or Neal?
          But after that
          I have concluded that Hook may even have chemistry with Emma. Being very hot and attractive. But it is very unfair to pair with Emma. He is a pirate, a womanizer, a handler and has killed a lot of people.

          Neal is just a thief. I think he was able to overcome this with the years he was away from Emma. And mainly because Neal loves Emma.
          I dont want to see Hook dating Emma.
          It would be horrible to see Hook being Henry’s stepfather too…
          It is preferable to have a father a thief than a stepfather murderer and bad…
          However for to much Hook is hot and sexy, he is a villain by nature. Redeeming or not. He sucks.

          So I’m rooting fervently for Neal and Emma…

          • GingerSnap says:

            But there are hints about Neal here. He’s either Robin Hood or Peter Pan, but I favor Robin.

      • John says:

        I need to see more Neal and more Neal with Emma but there is potential there. The show did well with Emma’s backstory but I also think we need to see her as a child in the foster care system to get more or what shaped her.

      • Kath says:

        Emma and Giant!

    • Patti says:

      Yep. It is falling flat for me too.

      • Spencer says:

        Am I the only one that never thought Emma and Graham were all that cute? Nor were her and Neal… Hook is the only one I could see with her. I never saw the chemistry between her and Graham.

        • Kelly says:

          I get Emma with August,Jefferson,Graham,Neal and I can even understand the swan queen/evil swan shippers but I just don’t see the Hook think. I don’t see the chemistry. It was just so fake and cheesy.

          • Mike says:

            Thats weird because I don’t see it with August or Jefferson, but I get it with Neal,Hook, and I saw it with Graham.

          • Josh says:

            This is so frustrating-not the show, but everyone’s overreactions. There was no real relationship developed in this episode because Emma kept him at an arm’s length because of Neal. She didn’t trust him, and when she felt herself starting to, she made the deal with the giant to hold him there for a few hours. So people should calm down and let the story play out. This is why they call it a series. They will not answer every question or form fully realized relationships in one episode. And anyone who says they can’t see Emma with Hook clearly is stuck on another coupling for her, or left the room for scenes with him.

        • Caphook28 says:

          I see so much potential with Hook/Emma. I don’t know where everyone is getting he is a horrible killer. Who have we seen him murder? He fell for Rumple’s wife who chose to leave him and her son. He watched her get killed by Rumple and lost his hand in the process and he is the bad guy>?! Seriously! Neal is lame, is she ends up with him I would be so disapointed with this show. Besides the way the writers portrayed Hook and Emma seems similar to the beginings of the Charmings. Lets not forget she stole from him and pushed him downstream before she fell for him. Beside, Hook didn’t lie to Emma. The only reason she left him was because she couldn’t take the chance she was wrong about him…meaning she wants to believe him but Neal screwed her over so she has serious trust issues.

        • Morgana says:

          Thank God! Me too.
          I also think this about Emma and the Hunter.

    • John says:

      I saw nothing between Hook and Emma. I have been excited about Hook since Comic con but he did not live up to the hype. He’s very disappointing and I felt nothing in his scenes with Emma. I love bantering couples (paging West Wing’s Josh&Donna) but this attempt at banter fell flat.

    • Loki says:

      Ditto. She’s not into Hook. She’s into Regina.

  2. Nick says:

    Happy we finally found out Henry’s father

    • Meg says:

      I don’t know if he’s Henry’s father. I can see how, but I was thinking it was a twist. When August said she had 11 months, for some reason my brain just latched onto the idea that she’d already serve a significant part of that sentence (9 or 10 months, maybe) and when they showed the pregnancy stick, she’d gotten knocked up by someone else. Not sure why I thought that. Maybe I just refuse to accept Neal whatshisface.

      • Alexandra S says:

        didn’t it say she was only serving like two months in jail when it happened?

      • Gerald says:

        I am hoping the same thing. It wouldn’t be unlike this shows producers to give us a huge misdirect. I am still hoping that Neal is not the father, but he probably is because they want Henry to be a product of a loving relationship, not a one night stand, and clearly this is the only love relationship Emma had.
        I have to think it was not a magic typewriter in the box on August’s bike, it had to be someting else to convince Neal so quickly. Wonder what it is.
        The common dream thing certainly made Aurora and Henry more interesting this season. Curious where it goes.
        Love the show.

    • Leo says:

      Yes! Definitely my second favorite this Season, after Lady Of The Lake.
      I love Neal. At first, I thought he’s just manipulating Emma, but when it’s revealed that he truly loved her, aww, that is SO sweet! I already ship them together.
      I felt like they’ve planned this episode since Season 1, with the whole Emma’s wall issue which I totally feel for her.
      And yay August! It’s a very nice surprise! Now I just need his present Storybrooke story!
      And I’m starting to love Aurora. Excited to see Henry/Aurora in the future if turns out they’re really connected.

      • Maya says:

        That my dear friend is creepy. Aurora/ Henry shivers However I did like the Snow and Aurora mothering thing going on. I think that Aurora and Henry will be like bro and sis, since their connected and all that.

        • MLO says:

          I don’t think he meant connected at the genitals, perv.

        • Leo says:

          Lmao Maya. That’s really hilarious! And yes, creepy.
          But what I meant is I’m excited with the “dream world” they both stumbled in, which is a potential storyline for two very standalone characters who I never thought will interact before. Yes, a brother-sister relationship will be awesome.

    • KathyL says:

      Don’t be sure about that, there hasn’t been a blood test or any other test to prove anyone yet is the father of Henry. I would like to think it was from an one night stand and a son of Mr. Gold which should be played by A. Brody. He looks like Mr. Gold and is an excellent actor who is in a lot of Sci-Fri Movies.

    • Yalonda says:

      This is driving me crazy how everyone is saying Neal is the father. How can that be? It clearly said 11 months later in Phoenix Arizona. She’s holding the pregnancy test and the guard says she’s getting out to a baby. So either she had the baby in prison and the guard thinks she’s going home to the baby and Emma is thinking about the baby she had by looking at the test, or she got knocked up by someone in prison.

  3. Khorrie says:

    I think we’re meant to assume that the dreams Henry and Aurora share were the same ones Snow had, so the only connection should be the sleep spell; Regina was responsible for both Henry and Snow’s and was known to spell swap with Maleficent, so that the spell used on all three is the same makes sense.

    • I’m wondering if Snow had the same dream. Maybe she saw Aurora’s mom as the other person?

    • xav says:

      Shouldn’t Aurora’s mom told her about nightmares too, since the same thing happened to her?

    • Danielle says:

      I agree. The way Snow wrapped herself in her cardigan at the description felt like a defensive and comforting gesture, like pulling the blankets around yourself or getting a hug. She also had a very clipped response to Aurora’s question of if the nightmare’s faded. I think they’re all experiencing the same dream.

  4. Khorrie says:

    And on another note, there was no way I believed 11-years-ago Emma and Neal were teenagers. At least, I assume Neal was also supposed to be a teenager because otherwise, it’s all kinds of creepy.

    • lindsey says:

      I so agree with you there is no way she was a teenager. but other then that it was a great episode.

    • Patti says:

      I agree the teenage thing was such a stretch but I was surprised by how much I liked the episode and loved Emma’s past with Neal. I was ready to hate the episode except for the giant and it was really great.

    • Josh says:

      That was my biggest issue with the episode. I don’t get why they didn’t get teenagers and then show Neil(or was it Nial?) in the future with some sort of giveaway that he was the same person. Jennifer Morrison didn’t look like a teen but she at least could be mistaken for mid 20’s….Neil looked at least mid 30’s…I think the whole story would have been much more effective if they had cast younger versions of the characters.

    • Loki says:

      Emma was 18 and they have already implied that Henry’s father was older than her by a few years at least.

    • Shuayb says:

      They are supposed to be in their early 20s

    • zaza says:

      Plus August is only 7 years older than Emma. There is no way he looked 24.

      • jen says:

        nope. he looked exactly like my 21 y/o cousin…..right down to the jean jacket. thought both emma and august (and neal) were perfect. enjoyed the whole episode.

  5. Kelly says:

    I really liked August being back. August was Such a great surprise and I love how he tied into the story. That he was watching over Emma. I wonder where he was all the years in between 17-28. I also always wondered how the baby Gold got for Regina was Emma’s and now wonder if August had a hand in that. Emma’s boyfriend was actually good. I usually don’t like too many newbies but I really liked him. Neal was cool. I loved his scenes with Emma and August. I still think he could be Bae. He seemed interesting in a dream catcher (dark one nightmares?) and believed August very quickly. I can’t wait to he meets Henry.

    I think Henry and Aurora’s shared dreams will let the Charming family communicate between worlds.

    • Luli says:

      he was cuter :)

    • Abby says:

      August turned into wood and called Ghepeto dad! What more proof do you need that he is Pinnochio?!

    • Patti says:

      August/Pinocchio keeping the pregnancy from Neal and then making sure Henry was adopted in storybrooke is an interesting theory and will land August in some trouble.

      • I don’t think August knew Emma was pregnant the last time he talked with Neal seeing that Emma found out later while she was getting the car

        • Kelly says:

          Not at that time but if August was keeping tabs on her and trying to lead her to her destiny then arranging Henry’s adoption in Storybrooke would be the way to go. There is no way it’s a coincidence that Henry was adopted in Storybrooke and the writers already said that Gold did not have his memory back until the pilot when he met Emma at Granny’s

      • Missmade says:

        It seemed like Emma found out she was pregnant on the same day she got the keys in the mail. So August would not have known she was when he met with Neal.

    • SAM says:

      Yep, August was watching over Emma so well that he took the money that Neal left for her and ran off to Phuket.

      • AL says:

        We don’t know that he kept the money. I assumed he hid it in the car to make sure she got it.

        But then, it is his nature to lie, so maybe not.

        • SAM says:

          Watch the scene again – if you look at his face when he accepts the money, you know that August took it.

          • Exactly. I just hope he didn’t take it all. I’d hope he left her a little bit to get started after prison.

          • KathyL says:

            I agree because in season one he said he started to feel guilty about being on Paradise Island (little boys were turned into donkeys in Fairytale land.)instead of StoryBrook and also told Henry he was a Bad Boy at the end of season 1. What you saw is proof on what he did to be a Bad Boy. What he showed Neal alonely looked like a reflection of himself and I think could of been one of the boys that turned into a donkey). Also I don’t think Emma looked any younger then twenty four when she was in a ponytale and glasses and actor playing Neal looked like he was in his Forties. I am just happy that no one pulled out anyone’s heart by hand like last week so GROSS!!! Why can’t Mr. Gold, Regina, and Cora say a spell where the heart comes out on it’s own leaving no mess? Even the Devils and other evil creatures on Charmed never ever left a mess.

    • Christine says:

      I definitely have to agree. I was very suspicious of that mystery man after episode 1. After all, it seemed more than probable that he would turn out to be Henry’s father and Emma apparently didn’t consider him a nice guy in retrospect. Having watched the episode just now, however, I really liked how they dealt with that story: Besides him being a thief, I liked him and Emma together, I liked how they tied in August and I also liked that Neal left Emma out of love and because he wanted her to be well and be able to save others. (So Emma wasn’t that far from the truth when she told Henry his dad had been a hero!)

      I also still hope that he’s Bae (if he is a fairytale character at all).That would feel right for me somehow. Besides, I can’t really see how they can introduce yet another character who somehow bypassed the curse and still ended up in our world. If he was somehow connected to fairytale land though, that would also help to explain why he believed August that quickly. Btw, I don’t believe August showed him the typewriter. Can’t wait to learn what it was, nor do I want to wait that long before we get all these characters back together in Storybrooke!

      I also really like your idea that they are going to use the dreams to communicate. I just hope they are not going to torment Henry too much with these nightmares before he finds out…

  6. Ryan says:

    So Aurora saw a “he” in the shadows and Henry saw a “she” in the shadows…Could they be unknowingly looking at each other, trapped subconsciously in the same red room when they sleep?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s what I’m assuming.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m just wondering now if we should be suspicious of Neal’s odd reaction to Emma’s explanation of the dream-catcher in the motel room. He seemed very cold about it, like he knows an awful lot about nightmares…Are there any fairy tale characters connected to dreams?

        • Templar says:

          Maybe not fairy tales, but in Greek mythology Morpheus is the God of Dreams. Of course there is also the Sandman, the poppy field from Oz, and Wynken,Blynken & Nod from nursery rhymes.

        • AL says:

          Snow said the nightmares were a side-effect of enchanted sleep. I thought Neal was interested in the dream catcher because he was having nightmares… Which begs the question of what male fictional character has been in an enchanted sleep. Best I can come up with is King Arthur, but somehow I don’t think he’s Neal.

      • Loki says:

        Could this shared dream have something to do with Cora?
        Or her efforts to get to Storybrooke?
        Red curtains? Fire….

      • Shuayb says:

        It should be interesting when Aurora and Henry meet, if Aurora makes it to Storybrooke. Can we get an ETA on when they will be making it back to Storybrooke? Will the whole season be about them finding a way back or will they find their way back mid season? Can you please answer this in your Inside Line column or perhaps Mr. Ausiello can answer in his AA session?

    • Khorrie says:

      Ooh. Good catch. I still think Snow’s nightmares were similar, but I can see this aspect being different for Aurora and Henry since they’re experiencing them at the same time.

    • Anna says:

      That would be awesome! I just hope that we don’t have to wait 3 or 4 episodes before the dream thing comes up again. At the moment that is my only complaint – the episodes are excellent, but with the amount of story that is told and spread over so many people, if you look at the whole picture it feels like it is moving at a snail’s pace!

    • GingerSnap says:

      So we’re looking for a portal between the two worlds. Could this be the key?

  7. Beth says:

    I agree the Hook and Emma flirting didn’t work, but maybe it’s not supposed to. I think Hook and Red would be more interesting.

  8. Mike says:

    Great episode, may be one of my favorites of the entire two season, I do think we know what the end game for Emma(romantically), while I think there may be a fling in the future for Emma and Hook, I think Neal will be back in Emma’s life soon enough, and I liked him, he seemed to eminent care about Emma and only abandoned her because of August. I definitely prefer the two worlds a week format, it feels less cluttered than when they tried to fit in three stories a week. Biggest surprise of the night , Aurora was likeable, still least favorite new character but she was better. I liked that Emma bested Hook at the end, can’t wait until next week, I’m excited that Red will finally get a episode again, Res had one of the best episodes last season.

    • b says:

      This episode did three times as well past present enchanted Forrest present storbrooke

      • Mike says:

        I don’t count the minute at the end, seeing David help Henry with a nightmare doesn’t really count as its own storyline.

        • Kelly says:

          I agree. I like it so much better when they aren’t trying to be in the three places in one episode. Those episodes feel like certain things get rushed.

  9. Patti says:

    I liked Neal. I could see Emma with him, Graham or August. Hook isn’t working for me. He’s such a letdown.

    • Romy says:

      I want Graham!!!!!!!

      • stef says:

        Graham was so long ago…and I never understood a word he said. His acting was bad and his accent was thick. I’m over him. Want Emma to find someone great.

        • jen says:

          i don’t agree with you at all. jamie was perfect in the role. every actor so far have been exactly what the producers/writers wanted. it has been the perfect cast. and i,for one,have appreciated everyone’s hard effort. i absolutely love ouat. one more bit,jamie’s accent is irish-like mine.

    • Kelly says:

      I liked Neal alot. I could root for/get into Emma with Neal, Graham, August or Jefferson. But not Hook.

  10. Red Room = Twin Peaks reference?

  11. Kristi says:

    This felt a lot like a Kate flashback episode of Lost to me. With Emma = Kate, obviously. Also, I love that Apollo bars are sold outside Storybrooke.

  12. mh says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, i usually watch it on Mondays to skip the commercials, but i just wanted to know who this guy was. I hope Emma understands why he left her, and get back together. It seemed like he really cared for her and only left her because of August.

  13. Tricia says:

    This was probably one of my favorite episodes this season so far. I was so excited to see August again, even though he’ll get his butt kicked by Emma once she finds out, I’m still rooting for him.

    • KathyL says:

      I say make August into a counter top or wooden status at Mr. Gold’s shop. He did everything he can to make Emma’s life harder just to secure( ); not in a nice way) her to going back to StoryBrook at 28 years age and it was Henry who got her back there. Also it is amusing that her yellow bug lasted so long too.

  14. Michelle says:

    Emma and Hook were AWESOME. I am so ticked at August. And Neal. He did that whole leaving for your own good BS that I hate.

  15. nick1372 says:

    For a sweeps epiosde where we learn who Henry’s father was, this episode was kind of dissapointing. I was looking forward to Jorge Garcia’s role, but it mostly consisted of grunting and roaring. The actual English he said was the cheesiest thing to come out of anybody’s mouth since the pilot (FYI the cheesiest was Regina’s “I will destroy you, if it is the last thing I do… [evil cackle]”. Cheesier than mouse heaven.). I’m also not liking the fact that Storybrooke only got one scene. But it’s still Once Upon a Time, and it’s still awesome!

  16. Jo! says:

    What if this “having the same dream” thing eventually becomes the portal they’ve been looking for?

  17. bettyd says:

    Neal Cassady (spelled a bit differently from yours) is a person in the Jack Keroac book On The Road. That is also where someone travelled as Neal and Emma did. I wonder if that name was meant to be the same – I didn’t check IMDB or anywhere about the spelling

    • Blitz says:

      But in real life Cassady was a felon a druggie and a switch hitter. I can’t imagine why they chose that name.

      • Loki says:

        The name makes more sense if Neal is Baelfire and Peter Pan as well. And on those lines, Emma mentions Neverland. The dreamcatcher etc. And WHAT IS IN THE BOX?

  18. Mary says:

    Surprised by August, but not delighted, even if his intervention did help Emma clean up her act.

    Since they like to parallel things, I’m not surprised that Aurora’s and Henry’s dreams are crossing. She was under the sleeping curse when he took the bite from the apple turnover that had the sleeping curse on it.

    Can’t wait to see more of Jorge as the Giant if they are planning on having him back.

  19. Anna says:

    I loved Emma and Hook. The loss they’ve both experienced and the banter they have could be really great and fun to watch. The balance of distrust and fascination is really interesting. Whether the writers go there with them or not, I want to see more their dynamic.

    I didn’t really care for Neal, but that’s probably only because I had higher hopes for Henry’s father. I just wanted him to be more. More of what, I don’t know… The story just felt kind of cheap to me. I wish they would have just committed him to having messed up. Not in a noble way, but in an immature idiot kind of way. I liked the actor and there’s no way we won’t be seeing him again, so maybe my opinion will change.

    • Josh says:

      I wanted him to be more too…I didn’t like that he was a thief and I couldn’t get past how old he looked when Emma was supposed to be 17/18. He wasn’t very interesting, a sort of cliched bad boy with a heart of gold type character. I wanted something more…magical..

    • Kath says:

      I was disappointed in Neal. Other than caring for Emma, but still being happy to keep her in a life of crime, there wasn’t much redeeming about him. I thought, with all the hot guys this show produces, this is the best they can do for the love of Emma’s life?

    • Julia says:

      That’s right what I was thinking! The had nearly the same experiences with love and loss and somehow I guess they are really fascinating together!

  20. Jon says:

    I liked this episode. I’m curious about the whole Henry/Aurora dream connection and can’t wait to find out more about it. I also liked that Neal( Henry’s father) turned out to be a seemingly normal human. I know alot of ppl wanted it to be Baelfire, but I actually like the idea of it being a normal human who knows about the curse, storybrooke, and magic I mean that could lead to other normals finding which could have great impact on the series( if the producers ever do something like that).

    • Kelly says:

      It would be cool/fine if he is a normal guy but I still think he could be Baelfire. His interest in the dream catcher and how quickly he believed august about the curse tells me he knows a thing or two about magic and curses… maybe from his own nightmarish cursed father Rumplestiltskin. No way a street kid/conman believes August so willingly unless Tinkerbell herself was dancing in that box.

  21. Kara says:

    Iffy green-screen aside (I don’t remember it being THIS bad!), I really enjoyed the episode. I wasn’t entirely sold on Hook prior to this episode since he’s been mostly a victim (or playing victim) so far, but I loved seeing his sassy side…there’s not nearly enough of sass on this show. He should be a welcome addition to the Storybrooke crew, if he makes it to Storybrooke. As for him and Emma, I found them amusing and I’m really interested in seeing that develop! She needs someone to lighten her up a bit. I love August dearly, but I worry about him…that episode really did him no favors, despite his intentions being in the right place.

    • Maris says:

      I agree with you about all of that, especially the green-screen, but it HAS always been this bad and it distracts me sometimes

      • gdv says:

        I think the biggest reason I’ve had such a hard time convincing my husband to watch this show is the poor CGI work. I understand that it’s a TV show, and they don’t have the schedule/budget of a summer blockbuster, but I just love this show so much that I want all of it to be awesome.

  22. Jo! says:

    Nothing to do with the episode, and it has been somewhat ticking me over the last weeks, but does anyone else think there might’ve been something between Mulan and Prince Phillip? I found it suspicious in his last words, not remembering what he said-something about “I love you.” or whatever, he didn’t actually turn to look at Aurora… He just turned to the side. You know? As in, it could’ve been for either Aurora or Mulan or both….

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’s been pretty much a given since the season premiere, yes.

      • lara says:

        was it ever confirmed that something actually happened and that the feelings were two-sided? I only remember Mulan admitting to loving him.

      • Shuayb says:

        Are we going to get more back story about Mulan, Aurora and Phillip? We really don’t know much about them. Would love Kristin Bauer Van Straten back on our screens.

  23. Rachel says:

    Did anyone else see some parallels between Snow and Charming and Emma and Hook’s first meeting/adventure? Or was I the only one?
    Either way, I liked them.

    • Julia says:

      Truely, it was the same feeling! Emma acts like she does not like him, but actually she is fascinated. I hope for some more flirtations! It was like Emma was in the position of her father and Hook in Snow’s ! So eager to see more of this…

  24. Alichat says:

    Ok, I really want to know what was in the box on the back of August’s motorcycle. I mean, he swings that lid open, and Neal is like ‘ok….tell me about Emma’s magical fate.’

    • Anna says:

      I know, right! I’m dying to know what the hell it could have been!

    • Kelly says:

      That’s kinda why I think Neal might have magic experience because he believed August so quickly cause if it was that wow he should have showed Emma a long time ago and got her on her destiny path.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah, that’s why at first I thought “whoa, maybe he is Bae!” But Bae came over to the non-magic world way before Emma was born….I think. And Emma and Neal are supposed to be around 18 when she has Henry. So now I’m wondering who, in the magical world, he could be.

        • Kelly says:

          I think transporting between worlds the time change is different because techinicallly Bae came to our world over 300 years ago but Rumple said he created a curse that broke through time and space so the whole enchanted forest ended up in our world when Bae still exsisted.

        • Maris says:

          The one thing people use as an argument for him not being Bae is the fact that Bae left long before Emma did and he was older and all of that, but what if he arrived in a point in time that would place him and Emma at around the same age?

          • This is the biggest reason that I’m partially convinced of the Bae is Peter Pan theory.
            1. He wouldn’t age until he left to come to our world. He could have been popping back and forth from neverland for 300 years and then just bailed in order to grow up when the curse hit. making him older but not too much older.
            2. It would be a legitimate reason for Hook to be hunting Pan and the Lost Boys. He seems to be a world class A-hole but I still can’t see him slaughtering orphans without serious motivation. Particularly because Rumple is the “crocodile”. Hook’s hatred of Peter Pan stems from his hand being fed to the crocodile by Pan and Rumple took the hand because of Bae. It all works nicely.
            That being said Bae could be Peter Pan and be Neal when he grew up in our world.. I don’t know. I still don’t see why Rumple is so convinced that Bae is still alive. Even if the bean portal broke space and time there is no proof that Bae came to this specific space and time. They seriously need to step up the green screen stuff. That was embarrassing.

        • Samantha. says:

          since the first episode, i’ve thought he’s the white rabbit from wonderland!

    • Renee says:

      Same here

  25. ollie says:

    loved this ep didnt want it to end. i also enjoyed the emma/ hook( though i wundered the whole time if he had a ulteria motive)and neal/ emma scenes.definitally intrugied by the dream connection.

  26. So… Neal Cassidy? Like the Neal Cassady who was on the road with Jack Kerouac? Which means it isn’t his real name and he could still be Rumpel’s son?

    Yeah, we need a hint of what was in that box.

    • Ryan says:

      Holy crap. You’re right. The ABC press release for this episode (which lists the guest cast, too) says, “Michael Raymond-James as Neal Cassady.” Seems like it’s not unreasonable to still think he might be Bae. He just pulled a name from a book (which is ironic since he’s from a land of book characters). There’s no way that it’s a coincidence that the name is spelled exactly the same. Great catch!

      • Blitz says:

        Not to be a downer, but the fact that he was named after the real person who traveled with Kerouac has been on the blogs for a couple of weeks.

  27. Katie says:

    THANK YOU! That is what I’m saying. What the eff was in the box. My brother-in-law is still sold on the idea of Henry’s father being Bae and said that maybe the thing in the box was something that proved that showed that August was from FTL and could be trusted. August DID show up in Storybrook posing as Bae. How would he even know Rumpelstiltskin had a son? Was Rumpel’s past common knowledge? Regina, the Queen of Evil doesn’t seem to know anything about it.

    • Templar says:

      Maybe there was a picture of Rumpelstiltskin in the box. If he’s Bael, he’d recognize his father.

      • Jen says:

        That’s a good call…i was thinking “if August has something in a box that immediately makes people believe in the curse, why didn’t he SHOW IT TO EMMA LAST SEASON?” Your answer is basically the ONLY thing i can think of that could possibly make Neal believe in the curse but not Emma.

  28. Renee says:

    I didn’t really like this episode. It felt like a filler, however I was super happy to see August. I see NO chemistry between Hook and Emma and hope they don’t go there.

    • Patti says:

      I agree on hook&emma. i see no chemistry.

    • Mike says:

      This felt like Filler!! The last two episodes were filler with very little development to the overall arc(Another Rumple Story(would hardly call it Hooks origin story) and Frankenstein were obvious filler). This episode they journeyed to get the magic compass to help them return to storybrooke and introduced Henry’s father, this episode was very far from Filler. I like Hook, don’t know if I want them together, but I find him likeable.

  29. Luli says:

    people need to let go of graham… he is not coming back, get over it and move on.

  30. Patti says:

    I think Neal is Baelfire. In season one, August knew about the dark one and the dagger which not many knew of. I think he knew that from Baelfire. I also think Neal believed August easily and because he knew of magic and curses. I however don’t think Neal knows about Henry or that Rumple crossed over too.

  31. Jo! says:

    I can’t wait to see when or how Rumple and Regina became fierce enemies… I’m trying to remember if Rumple tried to bring Regina down in Season 1, which wouldn’t make sense since his underlying objective for her was to cast the Dark Curse, but we see her trying to rip him from his powers, most notably in the episode, “Skin Deep.” Could it really just be a thirst to be the only powerful one? OH, just remembered… When Snow went “dark” he gave her the weapon to bring down the Evil Queen… Could he have known Snow was going to fail anyways, or did he really want Regina dead?

    • janie says:

      Maybe he’s just hedging his bets – making sure that if, for some reason, Regina doesn’t do what he wants there’s a potential replacement, waiting murderously in the wings…

    • xav says:

      Pretty sure that giving the bow to Snow was only to manipulate Snow and Charming. Charming traded his cloak so he would be able to stop Snow, giving Rumple the magical true love he wanted.

  32. Patricia says:

    I liked hook and Emma to me it didn’t feel forced or cheese like some people are saying. She can handle him he was so sexy I’d love to see more of the back and forth banter between them.

  33. Kelly says:

    I keep picturing Brad Pitt whining what’s in the box? after that scene with August.

    I am excited that next week is a Red episode and my new fav friends (Red and Belle) will interact.

  34. Babybop says:

    I liked the episode! Much better than last week. I just hope Mulan is out soon.

  35. tvdiva says:

    I am confused on the timeline at the end with Neal and August. Neal said it had been eleven months and asked August to get the car to Emma. Then you see Emma in prison getting the package with the car keys, and the guard congratulating her on being pregnant. If that is the case, I do not think it is confirmed that Neal is the father. I really like Neal and think it would be great if he is, but I still think there may be other candidates we do not know about. August and his father need to be held accountable for all the things they have done to Emma and how it has impacted the Charming family. Henry, Aurora and Snow all had the same nightmare because it was from the same sleeping spell.

  36. Aleana says:

    I like her with Jefferson now that chemistry her scenes with him in Hat Trick was hot

  37. VCI says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t think Neal wasn’t teenager, just because Emma was suppose to be 18 (and the people did their best to make her appear younger, but I’m glad that Morrison played her younger self) Doesn’t mean her boyfriend had to be close to her age. Especially consider Emma’s judge in character. I figure Neal was mid-to-late twenties. And I really don’t think he’s Bae, and honestly don’t want him to be Bae. I think it would be more interesting if he was just normal. But I know it wasn’t just a typewriter in the box that convinced him to believe August.

    • lara says:

      Considering the actor that played Neal look EXACTLY the same age in the premiere, I think it was just as simple as the costume/makeup staff not being able to make him look younger. I’m sure he is supposed to be around Emma’s age (and in real life is very close to Jennifer Morrison’s age).

    • Alice says:

      The flashback story was set in 2001. Emma was 17 and Neal was 24, because according to the “wanted” flyer, he was born in 1977 (which is also the actor’s birth year). They tried to make him look “older” in the present by adding some grey hair, but he’s supposed to be 35 -_-‘

  38. Red Snapper says:

    I liked the episode. It was good to see Emma’s back story. Seeing August was nice too but I am not happy with him at the moment. I still think that Neal could very well be someone from FTL. Either Bae, Peter Pan or both if it turns out that Bae is Peter Pan which I’m not quite sold on yet. I do think he is one of those because I can’t quite think of another character for him to be. I agree with the sentiments that unless there was truly something beyond any comprehensible belief in that box that he must have some connection to FTL to believe so quickly.

    I am leaning towards Peter Pan if they are two separate characters. I don’t think that it is a mere coincidence that we get an Emma back story with Henry’s father and in her present she is with Captain Hook. Also, when they are in the hotel room looking at the map and Neal says he wants to settle down Emma says something like, “Where? Neverland,” implying that it would be impossible for them to have a house and a real life. I don’t think that is just because she is with Captain Hook in present FTL.

    One of the reasons Neal believed August so quickly could be that he is Peter Pan and knows that magic and what not exists but he is from Neverland which is a different world than FTL so he wouldn’t know many details about it and the whole curse story is plausible for him.

    I am not against the idea that Neal is Bae who is also Peter Pan. I would like it if that theory proves true. Some call it lazy writing but it would be a way to connect all of the major characters-Emma, Henry, Snow, Charming, Regina and Gold. Also, as some others have mentioned, when we first met August he knew all about Gold’s past and he could only learn that from Bae. If Neal is Bae, then they could have met up again after Vancouver and Neal felt like he could trust August with his secret.

    I am just hoping that they don’t drag the separation of characters out for too much longer. It is getting tired quickly. I just want everyone back in the same place. And now I am wanting a Neal/Emma/Henry reunion. I am thinking that Neal is already on his way to Storybrooke and will get there before Emma but I don’t know whether or not him being Henry’s dad will be dragged out which again I hope not.

    Sorry for the super long post but my OUAT watching partner is out of town and had no one to theorize with.

    Also who else really wants to know, “What’s in the box?!?”.

  39. AT says:

    I thought this episode was a total improvement from last week. I did enjoy Hook and Emma, however, all this episode did was remind me just how much better Graham was than all of her love interests combined. I will never understand that decision. It was just SO stupid and clearly he’s still popular. But yes, I get it. He’s not coming back. They’ve foolishly made that clear even though this show is a fantasy and there are several cool ways they could do it (like dying in Storybrooke isn’t like dying in real life) so he gets caught in between or something like that. They could do the underworld. They could do the well, etc. BUT please, don’t bring back Henry’s Dad as a love interest. He’s just so sleazy. Ech. They made August more interesting in this but still…no. Why they didn’t do Mad Hatter is beyond me because the two had amazing chemistry. Instead, they completely wasted the character for the three episodes he was available. Baffling. ALSO, did anyone else think of the red room in Jane Eyre and then the whole curtains on fire too? It was weird. Likely just a coincidence…Still, Rochester and Mr.Darcy better not turn up around the corner. I’m hoping the whole Frankenstein thing didn’t open the doors. I think this show would be better off with fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends. There are countless stories to choose from. I just wish they would do more research and stop relying on film and Disney.

    • Isaac says:

      ABC is owned by Disney. That’s why I’ve always figured they used the Disney versions.

      • AT says:

        I’m sure that’s true. But fairy tales, myths, legends, etc. are public domain so that shouldn’t matter. They can create their own characters.

      • Khorrie says:

        Except they don’t use the Disney versions. Does Hook look like the Disney version to you? Is Rumplestiltskin the Beast in Beauty and the Beast? The crocodile in Peter Pan? No. They use a lot of *visuals* from the Disney versions, but the stories themselves? Not really.

    • gdv says:

      I think I remember reading that Graham’s death was planned from episode 1. And that even the actor who played Graham knew he was going to be killed off. So the show’s producers probably weren’t expecting Graham and Emma to have such good chemistry–or that fans would get so attached to them as a pair. Still, I’m with you. I wish Graham hadn’t been killed. I thought the love triangle between him, Emma, and Regina was great during season 1.

      • You are right. They planned from the beginning to kill Graham. They needed to kill someone to show how serious Regina was about this curse and how far she’d go. But they’ve also implied they didn’t expect that the character would be as popular as he was.

  40. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait for henry/neal/emma storybrooke reunion and for emma to know that truth. and her superpower didn’t work then or with sidney.

  41. Pat says:

    I thought Neal was sweet and I really liked him. I thought he and Emma were wonderful together. I hope we see more of him

  42. It was so nice to see Emma happy and in love. She is so guarded now (understandable though). I really like Neal. I didn’t think I would based on what Emma has said about him. I expected him to con her viciously, not to try and keep her on track. August’s involvement was a cool idea. Though, it appears he took Neal’s money and went off to Phuket. I thought maybe he is why Henry ended up in SB, but at the end of the episode August was already in Phuket.

    I thought there was a huge improvement in Hook tonight. I like the flirtation between Emma and him. I don’t want to see them in a relationship though. I feel the same about Jefferson and Emma.

    I’m convinced that Neal is Emma’s true love and they will end up together. I’m a little bummed though, I wanted her to wind up with August (if it couldn’t be Graham). Though I’m a little annoyed at him for taking the money that was meant for Emma. At least she got the car.

  43. ej says:

    I liked the episode compared to most so far this season. Of course, I have always liked MRJ, so maybe I’m biased! Of those here who dislike his character, did anyone see him in “Terriers”? Neil seems to be a lot like Britt (and not just in fleeing the country and the pregnant girlfriend). Missing that show, I really hope he brings the same understated, emotionally/romantically tortured good guy with bad decision making skills (who got screwed over by getting in the middle of a messed up situation) to OUAT.

    Age-wise, people should stop whining. Lana, Ginny, et. al have been playing themselves as teenagers since season 1, and while it’s definitely annoying and not very believable, it’s clearly a precidnet they set eary on and aren’t going to change it. Oh well. Suspend your disbelief.

    My hopes for this season? Hook needs to forget about Emma and make a move on Regina, then side with her against Cora. Auroa is still annoying; I want her and Mulan to hook up in some Xena/Gabby tiwst and make her less spineless. Someone needs to KO August good in his formerly wooden, enchanged nose. He reminds me a little of Dumbledore in Harry Potter; he’s not a bad guy, but he got corrupted early by power (or in August’s case the vices of the real world after being made human) and as a result, no matter how good his intentions, he ended up following the same path as the villians: the end justifies the means; couching that in terms of “for the greater good” doesn’t change a thing IMO, if it ends up making your Chosen One’s life miserable; and he obviously didn’t stick around to help Emma like he promised Neil (it wouldn’t surprise me if August did use that cash for an airline ticket to Phuket considering how unimportant he considered money).

    And as for Graham, cute as he was, as Daniel proves, he’s DEAD; he played his Obi-Wan role of making Emma a Jedi… er Sheriff. Get over it.

  44. Beanergirl says:

    I was all ready to believe that Neal was Bae and/or Peter Pan. And I think there were enough hints of some (possibly erased) memories or nightmares related to a magical realm to suggest a connection. But the thing that struck me more was – what’s with all the watches and clocks? I believe there was also a giant clock in Neal’s premiere scene? That gave me more of an Alice in Wonderland concept. Could there be some other connection there?

    • Templar says:

      It makes sense to me. Kid’s stories are filled with timepieces. The White Rabbit’s pocket watch, Clock in Beauty and the Beast, hourglasses in Alice and The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella and the clock striking midnight, etc.

    • lll says:

      I thought he was the white rabbit as well. I even thought of a connection from his name of Neil Cassidy to white rabbit: there was a show in the 1950’s called Hopalong Cassidy.

      • Templar says:

        His name is Neal Cassady not Neil Cassidy. The real NC traveled with Jack Kerouac across America and those travels became the book On The Road.

    • SAM says:

      FYI, the crocodile in “Peter Pan” had swallowed a clock and Captain Hook could hear the crocodile coming. In last night’s ep, at one point Emma said “Tick, tick, tick” to Captain Hook.

    • GingerSnap says:

      Everyone wants to make a connection with Neal and Peter Pan, but I think the clocks are leading us to Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Ironically, Baum (the author of The Wizard of Oz), was influenced by both The Brothers Grimm and Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Which would bring the story full circle with Dr. Whale and Victor.

      And a connection to Jefferson, perhaps?

  45. Louise says:

    It was okay, but I’m really dislking this three worlds approach because the writers have a hard time writing it. They only really focus on two storylines per episode, but they have three to deal with which means one always gets left behind and is cut short or fragmented or there no continuation after important developments. I was waiting for the aftermath of last week’s highly emotional Storybrooke story and yet – nothing. Zero. Nada. Zip. Not even a single scene.
    I also don’t care for the Emma’s “suitors” stuff. I don’t dislike the men, I just don’t care for a love story with any of them. With Emma, I’m way more interested in other stories. I want to see more of her with her mother, when she comes back I want to see more of her with her father. I want to see her have a real friendship with someone, hopefully Red. I want to see her work something out with Regina to keep Henry save from Regina’s crazy mother.
    And I can’t figure out if the writers are deliberately putting in a lot of parallels or if they are merely recycling themselves already. Some of the dialogue Emma had in this episode seemed to be taken straight out of season 1 scripts for other characters, especially for Regina. Most obviously: Having been in love once before (Hook and Emma conversation completely mirrored a Kathryn Regina conversation from season 1) and the ‘all I really want is you’ conversation that was an only slightly altered copy from the Regina and Daniel ‘all I are about is you’ conversation in season 1. I’ll cut them some slack if it turns out they’re deliberate parallels, but watching the episode for the first time yesterday I was annoyed with it because it felt like not-very-good writing to me.

    • Loki says:

      There were a lot of parallels. I think the Emma/Henry and Emma/Neal in the vw bug scene was a parallel.
      Also the Regina/Emma ‘I loved once’ thing.
      And Hook/Emma vs. Neal/Emma…. But where she justifies not trusting Hook because she trusted Neal and got played. It’s a bit too clean… I wish they would slow down a bit and let the actors catch up to all the character developments. Last season almost went too slowly and this one has so much packed in, it’s wierd. I wonder when it’s going to slow down a bit…probably around 2.10. When Emma/Snow resurface in Storybrooke.

  46. I do not understand why they want to do Hook will be regular character. I think stupid, Emma have a loving relationship with this villain. It is hot and sexy? Yes it is! But he is evil and a murderer too.
    Emma has a son, should think first before dating a villain and killer.
    Neal is only a thief, who truly loves Emma. And deducing through episode 2×01, Neal seems to have recovered and is no longer a thief. He hoped that the curse was broken. And sure he will look fr Emma in Storybrooke.

    • Louise says:

      I doubt it’s that simple. We have not seen very much of Neal yet. I’m sure there is more to his story than what we saw this week.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t mind that you don’t like Hook and Emma together, that is fine, but to use the excuse he is evil and murderer is not ok, unless you are also against Rumbelle, since Rumple has killed more than anybody on the show. And not havin a kid is not enough to justify Rumbelle, so you’re saying that if you don’t have a kid you can date as many murderers as you want but once you have a kid it’s off limits.

    • People are up in arms about Emma/Hook relationship but it’s not like they’ve even been on a date. I don’t think climbing a beanstalk qualifies.

      To me the fact that they made Neal not as awful as Emma had implied makes me believe eventually they will end up together. So any relationship between Emma and Hook is probably temporary anyway.

  47. As much as Hook is hot and sexy, I prefer Emma with Neal. I hope Emma does not go after the flirty Hook’s way. What a deplorable example would give Emma Henry, dating with a villain, murderer and manipulator

    Yes Neal was a thief (Judging by the 1st epis. This season he is no longer a thief) But even if Neal continues a thief is better than being a villain and Killer as Hook. (Dont care about Hook’s hotness and cute face)

    • Michelle says:

      How do you know Hook is a murderer? We know NOTHING about his time in Neverland. All we know is the traditional story and this show LOVES to turn those on their head! And frankly if you’re stupid enough to get in a duel with Hook, you deserve what you get! ;)

      • Templar says:

        Thank you. I was just going to ask, how do we know Hook ever killed anyone? This is like The Dread Pirate Roberts, he rules by reputation. I don’t want him with Emma, but we don’t know that he’s ruthless.

      • Well, Hook was the one who allowed Cora to kill all those innocent people in the last episode. So even if he didn’t murder anyone, he’s still guilty of murder by association.

        • Tess says:

          We don’t know that the Hook with Emma is the real Hook. Lancelot wasn’t Lancelot. maybe it was Cora who went up the beanstalk with Emma.

        • SAM says:

          We also don’t know how those people were killed. Was Hook part of the planning or did it happen too quickly for him to stop Cora, and how would he be able to stop a powerful sorceress?

          • Blake says:

            Are we going to say that people can be guilty of murder by association? Because if so, one could argue that Snow was a killer as a child because she knew Cora and Cora killed Daniel. I wouldn’t say Snow killed Daniel, so let’s not say Hook is guilty of murder by association to due Cora.

  48. Cali H says:

    I actually really liked hook and Emma. I think there is potential there but then I think of August and I really like him and now we add Neal to the mix. I think I find hook/Emma so nice is that they both have something that the other doesn’t, Emma can help hook with bettering himself as a human being in general and then hook can help emma lighten up and have fun. I just like that idea of the two of them growing from each other, even if they don’t end up going with a romantic relationship I can see them becoming really good friends. I also liked Neal and emmas relationship but is it bad that I just didn’t like the actor they chose for him? I just feel like we have seen Emma surrounded by that incredible looking guys and then Neal just seemed so much older than her and it doesnt help that I don’t find him attractive at all buy I did like the dynamic they had and I feel like they truly loves each other. I don’t really know who Emma will be with but I just can’t wait to get her and snow back to storybrooke!!

  49. anakl says:

    So I’m guessing… and this is a wild guess… but since Dr.Whale was a reference to Frankenstein, maybe Neal Cassady means he’s Jack (from Jack & the beanstalk), since Neal was Jack Kerouac in On the road, which could only mean that he is in fact Baelfire since he used a magic bean to open up a portal.

    That part about the nightmares is perfect & it’s definitely how Snow & Charming are going to communicate. But I want to know why Neal made that face when Emma talked about the Dream catcher & how that would protect one’s sleep.

    If he is Bae, it would explain why he believed in August so quickly after sawing whatever it was in August box; after all, he left Rumple before the curse ever happened & it was Bae’s departure that made Mr.Gold create such an awful curse just to be reunited to him.

    But what is August part in all of this? He kept the money Neal left to Emma, he never spoke of his meetings with neal & he never told Neal about Henry (or did he do it on the phone?)
    He seemed evil, crazy (almost insane as the Mad Hatter) when he approached Neal & lied only as true Pinocchio would do. He also lied to Emma & concealed information from her when he met her. Why? And why is he so desperate to find The Dark One’s dagger?

    Lets not forget this is Pinocchio here & he must have lied to Mr.Gold, it’s what he knows best.

    I found Hook’s flirting kind of funny, mainly because Emma was aware that he was playing her to find the compass & he made such a fool of himself…

    Hope she’ll find in her heart a way to forgive Neal, but she lost her ability to trust and if he truly is Bae, it will be a difficult thing to do, since that would mean that Henry’s other grandpa is extra evil.

    • Suzie says:

      The dead Jack’s skeleton was in the giant’s lair. Neal Cassady was not Jack Kerouac, he was a real guy that traveled with Kerouac. Kerouac gave fictitious names to the people in On The Road.

      • anakl says:

        Suzie, I was simply making a bridge between stories… if Dr. Whale meant Dr.Victor Frankenstein, which we knew because in 1931, Frankenstein became a Universal film, directed by James Whale, I simply applied the same logic to Neal= Jack, due to the fact of Neal Cassady’s presence (through fictional characters) in Jack Kerouac’s works, meaning that it could also be a hint.

        I’ve just read my initial post and what I’ve meant was: Neal was in Jack Kerouac’s On the road.

        Besides, taking what they’ve showed us in this ep, I saw a skeleton beside a sword with Jack’s name, but nothing assures me that the body/skeleton was Jack’s.

  50. Lily says:

    I like Emma with Hook, and Neal, and August, and Jefferson… She sure has a lot of men to pick among.