Glee Exclusive: The Talk's Aisha Tyler to Guest Star as [Spoiler]'s Mother!

Aisha Tyler is headed to Glee to offer some much-needed parental guidance to McKinley’s newest bad boy.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress-slash-Talking head will guest star on the Fox hit as the mother of Jacob Artist’s enfant terrible, Jake.

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Tyler, who in addition to yakking it up daily on CBS’s The Talk provides the voice behind ISIS agent Lana Kane on FX’s Archer, is currently shooting her Glee episode.

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Might Tyler’s character have a run-in with the other Mrs. Puckerman, a.k.a. the mother of Jake’s half-brother Puck (Mark Salling), who has appeared on and off since Season 1 (as played by actress Gina Hecht)?

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  1. kj613 says:

    soooo…. they’re bringing in jake’s mother after just a few episodes yet it took us 3 years to meet rachel’s much talked about dads. i love you glee, i really do, but sometimes you frustrate me.

    • Stacie says:

      We have yet to meet anyone from Brittany’s family. Where does someone like her come from. We know about Lord Tubbington, but that’s it. I don’t get that its been 4 years an no Pierce family member.

    • dude says:

      You Glee fans just love to complain. I think that’s why 90% of people are fans of Glee. If they introduce someone’s mother too soon, they suck. If they don’t introduce someone’s parents soon enough, they suck. Maybe it took three seasons because Rachel’s dads weren’t important to the storyline until then. Really, when was it necessary to introduce them before Rachel got engaged? This was always a show about the high school kids that never dove into their home life too much. The only reason Jake’s mother is going to be in ONE episode, is because his background is a huge part of his character but yeah, they should just hold off on those relevant story developments because it took three seasons for Rachel’s dads to get on the show. We’ll pick back up in Season 7. It took nine seasons for Brooke’s dad to be introduced on One Tree Hill, sometimes TV works that way.

    • Jojo says:

      All I know is when rachels parents were first talked about and showed on the sow in season 1. One of them was black then in 3 years Leroy morphed in to a white dude, who was his surgeon cause the best Michal Jackson could do was a very ugly white woman.lol

      Lana? Lana? Laaaaanaaaaa?

      Danger zone

  2. Lisa says:

    She’s too good for this.

  3. Jake says:

    I could care less about the new kids…I’d rather meet Artie’s or Tina’a parents.

    • dude says:

      Neither of them have a storyline right now so that would be “fun”. Why do meeting their parents matter if it’s not relevant to their storyline? Why is it such a big deal to meet their parents. Is Brittany not as funny unless you meet her mom? Will you love Blaine less if his dad doesn’t get in on the action? None of these characters parents should be introduced unless it makes sense to do so.

    • Phil says:

      Actually, I was thinking the exact opposite. I can’t stand any more Kurt/Rachel drama. They’re dragging the show down. In my opinion, Jacob and Marley are more interesting than the old memebers. It’s Glee we’re talking about after all…

  4. Ann Mack says:

    GLEE is full of it. We have yet to meet Mercedes, Tina, or Artie’s parent and in less than 1/2 a season we have full backgrounds and parents on these boring newbies. GLEE is so unconsistent that it is frustrating. Makes me smh and wonder. If they are trying to draw interest give some closure to the story lines they have left unfolded and let me meet the parents of the original cast. Missing Mercedes and all the originals who have been cast aside for less interesting characters. Whats next the full life story of Kitty, Uniques and Ryder. what a joke GLEE has become.

  5. silas says:

    We still haven’t met Mercedes parents despite her character being around for 4 years.

  6. Sam says:

    Shame Adam Shankmann tweeted a picture of her and Jacob Artist on set together a few days ago. One day TV Line will have an actual Glee exclusive.

  7. I knew I’d come on here to read people complain that we meet Jake’s mother before parents of the other characters. I rolled my eyes, but get over it – they’re trying with these new characters.

    Meeting all of the characters’ parents wouldn’t necessary bring anything to the storyline. I’m looking forward to meeting Jake’s mum – it seems fitting to his storyline.

    • Xox says:

      …He doesn’t have a storyline.

      • You must not be watching. His attitude, his daddy/brother issues… Ring a bell? We’re four episodes in..

        • Oh, Glee fandom... says:

          It does ring a bell. It’s a retread of Puck’s storyline!

          • dude says:

            Not really. Puck never had much of a storyline when it came to his homelife. It was touched on a bit in the final stretch of episodes as a plot device to motivate him to graduate but it was never his storyline. Puck rarely had a storyline when he wasn’t knocking up cheerleaders and sleeping with teachers. But then again roughly 98% of Glee fans waste their lives hate-watching and complaining about a show they no longer like so why should I expect facts to figure anywhere into their whining.

          • katie says:

            thank you! I call him fake!Puck. He’s a puck rip off right down to kicking his microphone and the weird Fuinn/Quick/Puckleberry hybrid of a triangle they have him in.

            I realize that shows need “types” but Glee gave me really bad Saved By The Bell…The New Class flashbacks with Jake and Kitty. It’s just like when they rebooted SBTB and created characters that were literal copies of Zack Morris and the previous group. Kitty is a cheap Quinn knock-off, right down to being ultra religious. Jake is Puck 2.0…only a lot less interesting.

            I realize Glee needed new characters and I’m fine with certain “types” but Jake and Kitty are just plain lazy. Even their storyline isn’t their own-It’s Fuinn all over again! I just…I don’t like to complain about Glee b/c I generally like the show but the newbies at McKinley. I like Brody and surprisingly am enjoying Unique but Marley Sue, Puck the reboot and Replacement!Quinn can gtfo.

    • Benny says:

      Yeah, clearly it makes sense to introduce the parent of a little twerp with an attitude problem over people like the paraplegic kid.

      • Did you really just use the term “little twerp”. And I’m all for meeting Artie’s parents, but when have they ever had an opportunity to be relevant?

        • Benny says:

          Yeah. He’s a twerp with an attitude problem. He’ll grow out of it like everyone else does. And Artie’s parents would have been relevant at any point in Season 1 with the bus ramp stuff, and at any point if they were to, IDK, decide to show what living life that way is really like.

    • Alyssa says:

      You can try with a character without stunt casting a parent for them, you know. Rachel was established just fine for 2 and a half seasons without her dads.

    • Alex says:

      Yes! I’m so tired of how some Glee fans practically demand certain things that would have to be shoehorned into the storyline. First, they complain about consistency in the plot. Then, they basically want things to happen that would break apart the plot even further. Glee’s finally somewhat on the right track again, I really hope they don’t derail again because of some ridiculous complaints.

  8. Aud says:

    Cool! Is she gonna be friends with Artie’s mom? No, because Artie doesn’t have a family. Or Tina. But yay Jarley’s family and Blake and Kitty.
    Give it up, Glee. It’s not working. Move Finn, Santana and Blaine over to New York and start over.

  9. Aleana says:

    Yet still no parents for Mecerdes

  10. njhousefan says:

    Maybe Santa will leave writers under their tree this year. The stories are horrible….. I am almost done with this show..I am giving it thru the grease ep.

  11. i don't care says:


  12. Jess says:

    I have to agree with Kendal. Glee is meant to be appreciated for it’s goofiness, it’s representation of many different groups, and tackling tough issues that a lot of high schoolers go through. We watch it for entertainment. If you want a show with no inconsistencies, watch Lost or Breaking Bad. I don’t think bringing Artie’s or Mercedes’ parents in would do anything to progress the storyline, much like Blaine’s brother coming to visit was a completely unnecessary plotline and so boring, especially after “On My Way”. I personally like Jake’s storyline, and I’m willing to give the writers the benefit of the doubt that his mom being shown will be relevant. I really hope to see some representation of mental disorders on the show such as bipolar disorder or schitzophrenia. Maybe there’s more troubling Jake than meets the eye…

    • kelven says:

      Glee is all about introducing and highlighting young adult musical actors. The plot is just the fluff to hold the musical themes together. The singing and dancing are the main point. I watch the show ultimately for that reason only. The enjoyment of seeing new talent introduced to the world stage. If a particular plot or character development intrigues or delights me, that’s just icing on the cupcake.

  13. kavyn says:

    Is anyone else at the point where they like the glee project a lot more than glee itself?

  14. dude says:

    LOVE this idea! Aisha Tyler is amazing (and my favourite Talk panelist) and she will do awesome on this show. Love the idea of her as Jake’s mother but she seems really young.

  15. Chris J says:

    Tyler also co-stars in the new TV series “XIII”, which was recently renewed for a second season. Not mentioning this fact is understandable given that “XIII” is on the REELZ Channel.

  16. Amanda says:

    Can we meet Brittany’s parents first? Heck even Brittany’s little sister…

  17. ugh says:

    glee fans are the worst. i feel bad for the cast and crew, having to put up with constant complaining from “fans”.

  18. Kay says:

    thumbs down but to the sow, not the actress. Really. I don’t care about these new kids and many of the originals haven’t been shown with their families. Why!

  19. Forwarddad says:

    Can’t stand Her. Disliked her on Friends and dislike her even more on the Talk.

  20. Fabricio says:

    Aisha Tyler = MILF MILF MILF

  21. Anne says:

    I love Aisha, but have zero interest in the newbies

  22. j says:

    I am excited for this storyline!!

  23. Bradly says:

    FTR, The show is called Glee. Not, the true life of Glee members. If there comes a time when the parents ever have to walk the halls of McKinley then we will meet them but we never really go deep into the home life until it affects the characters school life. For the love of God, pick up a book, play a board game…..

    THIS IS ONLY A SHOW. You may now proceed with your real life

  24. DeeJay says:

    I think the point that a lot of us that watch Glee have an issue with is the fact that there has been plenty of opportunities for the writers to include the parents of all the characters at some point. Mercedes passed out during school, Brittany is being held back, Artie obviously has a mother that dresses him like a prep school kindergartner, and Tina has a problem with being Asian because she is adopted (reportedly, since we know nothing about a character that has been on the show since the pilot). All the characters, new and old, plot and development. No, it does not need to be random and shoehorned in, but the foundation for most of the original characters has been there, they just decided to go with new and shiny instead. There are obviously going to be viewers that are more invested and interested in characters they have grown to enjoy over several seasons over the characters that have been on for just a few episodes. At the end of the day the writers and producers are going to do what they want anyway, it’s a show afterall.

  25. Kristina says:

    Nice, I like Aisha Tyler.

  26. maryanna ingal says:

    I am not liking these new kids. While I didn’t like Quinn that much, Kitty is just a raging bitch. They should have just stuck with the plan to do a spinoff of Rachel and Kurt in New York with the other gleeks popping in, Finn going off and doing whatever it is he does and Puck entering the picture b/c he tracked Shelby down to NY and decided to give college a try and ends up with Rachel.

    I can see they’re trying to incorporate the original Glee kids with the new ones, but it’s a little unrealistic to keep them coming home for long periods to visit. When do they have time for school? Most college kids don’t come back to their high school all the time.

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