Fringe's Series Finale Date Revealed!

Fringe Series FinaleFringe fans, clear your calendars: Jan. 18, 2036 2013 is when it all comes to an end.

The Fox drama announced Friday that its final two episodes — one of which is the series’ 100th — will air back-to-back starting at 8/7c on that day.

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Star Anna Torv recently told TVLine that she thinks viewers will be pleased with the sci-fi saga’s finale.

“In film, you can have sad endings – like, ‘Oh well, it could’ve been’ – but with television you put so much time into these people that when you do finally say goodbye, you should be satisfied,” she said. “Not necessarily happy, but not heartbroken.”

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  1. Ryan says:

    The actual finale (episode 13) is the 100th episode, right? I always feel like I’m counting the episodes incorrectly. I still can’t get over the coincidence that the series finale is also the 100th. An already epic episode will be made even more meaningful.

    • Lily says:

      IMDB says it is indeed the 100th episode!!!

    • jenna says:

      its no coincidence. The show got 13 more episodes so they could have 100 episodes (easier for syndication)

      • Paul Jaekel says:

        Jenna is right. After season four Fringe was sitting at only 87 episodes. In my opinion I believe it was a major selling point in helping to bring back a fifth and final season. To allow only 13 episodes this season to bring the total number of episodes of Fringe to 100 will allow the series to make more money in syndication, which it will. It’s all about the money, which they were losing last season. If Fringe wasn’t close to the 100 mark, I doubt it would have come back. Sad, but true. Thankfully we were close to the mark, now we’ll get some closure.

  2. Is that in reference to the way the show ends or simply because the show is ending. Oh Fringe, we’re gonna miss you so much!

  3. Sarah says:

    Emotionally, I will never be ready for this show to end. Logically I know it has to and that it has been given the rarest of opportunities to close the final chapter on it’s own terms. But back to how I feel about it: NOT READY. I have a feeling I will cry a lot. I’ve never been this attached to a show before.

  4. liliana says:

    This is very sad! I love this show! I watch since the first episode! I will miss Olivia, Peter and Walter!! People shouldn’t stopped watching this show!

  5. wrstlgirl says:


  6. Drew says:

    Then January 19 is the day Netflix starts looking to pick it up… right? RIGHT?!


  7. Irishgirl says:

    “Not necessarily happy”??? Whazzat mean?!?! Am I not going to be happy with the ending? I am soooo not wanting it to end. :-(

    • Josh says:

      I believe she is saying you are not happy the series is ending, but because they ended the series well you will not be heart broken

      • DarkDefender says:

        IMLTHO… I think what Anna was saying is there may not be a “happy” ending for our team.. But the fans will feel satisfied with the way it ends and that they are not going to rake us through the coals with some final heart breaking tragedy.

    • ben says:

      I think what she is saying is that the ending may have bittersweet aspects to it, and lets face it with Fringe its hard to define what a ‘happy’ ending would look like so it’s probably hard to say ‘its a happy ending’. But rather she is saying that a tragic and heartbreaking ending wouldn’t play on TV, you need something which rewards your investment in the characters and makes you feel satisfied with the end, so it has to be somewhat happy – happy enough to be satisfying.

      • prish says:

        Well, the tragic and heartbreaking has, already, happened with the death of their daughter. This series did not need such a bummer ending. I am holding out hope that the daughter’s counterpart in the other fringe world will show up.

  8. Mari says:

    oh I’m gonna be so heartbroken. :(

  9. BrianR says:

    Since the Observers are out of space and time they better eliminate them and then they go back to the moment where the Observers first invaded with Etta alive from there on or else.

  10. James says:

    fan-freaking-tastic Fox good job first Firefly now Fringe, stick to the mindles dribble that is x-factor and american idol its seems thats all your good for anymore. I’m so pissed this show is ending it is and was the smartest on tv. I’m looking foward to seeing Anna Torv’s career sky rocket as well it should very talented lady. sorry for the rant folks, but it infuriates me to my very bones that shows like this aren’t given room to grow and prosper. JJ and crew always said they saw it as a seven season show, so why the hell can’t we get seven seasons, they can’t be loosing that much money on it honestly. oh well I will cherrish the episodes we did got, and hopefully we’ll get a Fringe film franchise, that would be awsome. i just hope they don’t screw us and kill off someone like Walter, that would make me cry.

    • at least Fringe, unlike Firefly, Dollhouse, Terminator, etc gets a proper ending. Better to end at 100 than to keep going a la X-Files.

    • DarkDefender says:


    • coil says:

      Every word you said James.

    • Emily says:

      You know what, I thank FOX for giving Fringe a chance to finish. They really didn’t have to do that, given how poorly it’s doing. FOX may have made mistakes with Fringe along the way, but a lot of shows fall victim to scheduling and etc., and like 5% get the respect they deserve but whose ratings don’t deliver. Fringe is one of the lucky ones. Also, there’s a difference between mindless and meaningful death, and I honestly wouldn’t mind if Walter died in an epic way that brought his journey full circle. I would cry, but I wouldn’t consider myself screwed as a viewer.

  11. Zepp OnAir says:

    Yeah, the news is there: Fringe ends on January 18, 2013. And one thing I, and thousands of others, truly know, that at the end of episode number 100, will be watching Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles and Gene, who are immortal characters, the rest, well the rest are all mortal.

  12. Lilu says:

    whaaaaaat sooo soon?! I’m not ready yet!!! ;(((((

  13. John says:

    Where’s the November 2012 Premieres & Finales?

  14. Mel says:

    I will see every episode except the series final on time….I will have to wait over a month to see it :'(

  15. D says:

    Been a fan from the beginning and definitely will miss this show. Even hang with the show when kept changing the days and times – drove me crazier.
    With any hope at all, maybe they would do a movie or two. Just like the first successful TV scifi series like Star Trek.

  16. Tblond says:

    I remember being at costco and seeing A dvd first season of Fringe for sale. Being a scifi junkie, i geabbed it and the rest is history. Have t missed an eoisode. I loved it when Fox would air the prec ious seasons show leading to the new season. Somehow i think Etta will return. Dont know how unless peter, olivia, Astrid, walter get to alternate universe. But wasnt the alt universe destroyrd in season 4? Love the show. Still say Lost was best show ever. JJ Abrams is a true genius

    • ShdwKnght says:

      No, the Alt universe wasn’t destroyed, just the gateway leading to it was shut down. But, since there was no Peter in the AltVerse, there would be no Etta there either.

  17. GeoDiva says:

    So sad that this amazing ride is coming to an end….

  18. Rose says:

    really sad for fringe ending :(

    but what does this mean?

    “In film, you can have sad endings – like, ‘Oh well, it could’ve been’ – but with television you put so much time into these people that when you do finally say goodbye, you should be satisfied,” she said. “Not necessarily happy, but not heartbroken.”

    i want to be happy when it ends… ok, at least not heartbroken.. hmm..

  19. Tony says:

    Finally! Long overdue…

  20. angel says:

    excited for the rest of the episodes….. ^_^