The X Factor Top 16 Results Recap: Did the Right Acts Go Home?

The X Factor results showAnd then there were 12.

Following The X Factor Season 2’s first live, super-stacked performance show — showcasing the rise of Emblem3 as a serious threat and the obvious fact that Britney Spears‘ favorite adjective is “amazing” — on Thursday it was time to face the music in a whole different way, and for Brit and her fellow judges Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell to play heartbreaker and send one of their own home. Slowly but surely, we got the acts down to an even dozen.

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Demi Lovato’s Under 25s
Sent safely into the Top 12: Jenell Garcia, Paige Thomas
Singing for Survival: Willie Jones, Cece Frey
Eliminated: Willie Jones (whose sendoff included this heartfelt piece of advice from Demi: “Go back and figure out what you need to do, to make sure it’s your time.”)

L.A. Reid’s Over 25s
Sent safely into the Top 12: Vino Alan, Tate Stevens
Singing for Survival: David Correy, Jason Brock
Surrounded by a backdrop of wheat fields and hazy clouds, Correy’s “Since U Been Gone” was a definite mixed bag for the judges (from Britney’s “You blew us away” to Demi’s “It felt like you were screaming the whole time”), while Jason’s “One Moment in Time” turned Britney into a fan and made Demi a believer. That said, Simon summed it up like this: “You’re asking me to judge two horses who are coming last in a race…I can’t believe either of these guys based on these performances can win.” Ouch!
Eliminated: David Correy. “I’ve been through a lot in my life like we all have,” said the incredibly gracious, composed contender, “but it’s never stopped me, and I promise you this is not going to be the last time you ever see my face. I promise you.”

Britney Spears’ Teens
Sent safely into the Top 12: Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose
Singing for Survival: Arin Ray, Diamond White
Watching a shifty-eyed Britney milk the moment before saving Beatrice and Carly was good fun, but it soon time for Spears to unceremoniously bring the hammer down. Arin’s wobbly “I Look to You” left Brit looking bemused, but left L.A. (“It would be a shame if you were to go home”) impressed, and his wary comments anticipating an Arin departure were echoed by Simon and Demi. Diamond’s sparkling rendition of “Sorry Seems to Be Hardest Word” gave L.A. chills and really put Brit on the hot seat (“I wouldn’t want to be in Britney’s position right now,” said Simon, who added, “I don’t think either of these two should leave the competition”).
Eliminated: Diamond White. “I’m happy I made it this far, and I’m still gonna keep smiling and I still love you Britney!” said the (of course) smiling White before leaving the stage.

Simon Cowell’s Groups
Sent safely into the Top 12: Lyric145, Emblem3
Singing for Survival: SisterC, 1432
“I genuinely loved all four,” says Simon of the remaining groups, before adding, “Even up until five minutes ago, I hadn’t made up my mind” who’s going home. But SisterC’s performance (what Miley Cyrus song was that?) seemed to leave Simon stoned-faced and applauding politely, while L.A. (“There’s a gap in the marketplace for what you do”) liked what he heard. Even Brit got creative, saying the trio had the “eye of the tiger.” Amazing! A tearful (post-song) 1432 made Britney a believer and impressed Demi (“I don’t know who that song is by…but regardless, you did better than the original singer”) with their gutsy cover of Ms. Lovato’s “Skyscraper.”
Eliminated: SisterC. Simon could barely get himself to say the name of the act going home, but he somehow pulled himself together just fine. “I think I saw it coming, it’s a no-brainer, they’re amazing,” said SisterC, before Simon dropped a bomb by insisted on renaming 1432 next week!

And now it’s your turn. Did the right four acts go home? Whose departure was the most heartbreaking? Should 1432 really be getting renamed next week? Can Britney come up with another adjective? Sound off in the comments!

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Michael Slezak is still living by candlelight (and without TV!). He will return next week. — Mitch Rustad

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. nate says:

    Diamond White is a star. Disney execs better schedule meetings with her next week. She could easily carry her own show.

    • Dolly says:

      I completely agree! That girl is going to be famous!

      • Gorm says:

        Anyone else get a bad stage mom vibe through Diamond? There may be a reason she hadnt yet broken through despite her amazing voice.

        And I hope you are OK Mr. Slezak. You’ve always been around for us. I feel we should be airlifting you a case of wine and some clean flannel shirts to get through the disaster.

    • TheBeach says:

      She was so much better than Arin who is just a mediocre singer. I think the judges were judging more on swagger than voice…unfortunate.

  2. greysfan says:

    Bar 1432 (thank god they are getting a name change) the WRONG people were sent home imo

    • Leo says:

      Why is Lyric 145 getting through after that performance? Even sent right to safety? The hell is wrong with Simon? If it’s a talent contest, I won’t mind, but it’s a freaking singing contest, and they’re not really ‘singing’ right?
      And Diamond White over Arin? Bleh.
      The only person making the right decision is Demi.
      Who cares what LA choose lol.

  3. Mel31602 says:

    CeCe is the only young adult I like so I’m fine w Demis decision. Should have been Paige in the singoff instead of her tho. I liked Sister C but the group formerly known as 1432 was better and I was expecting the country girls to fi since they aren’t that popular.
    The other two decisions shocked me tho. David and Jason were the two best singers in LAs group, and while I like Vino, he was awful last night. Based on tonights performances David deserved to go over Jason, but neither of them should have been in the bottom in the first place.
    I was happily surprised that Britney saved Beatrice and Carly, but Diamond was one of the best on Wed night. She was also million times better than Arin in her final performance, but when the judges kept saying that she should be proud of how far she’d c

    • Mel31602 says:

      Sorry my last sentence was cut off. I was saying that when the judges said Diamond should be proud of how well she’s done so far i knew she was a goner. That line is the kiss of death on these shows.

    • erin says:

      I’m with you about LA’s team. I really thought Tate & Vino would be the bottom two and that Vino would be gone without question… I actually thought David was the only one on LA’s team who was good on Wednesday night.

  4. Christina says:

    Did Sister C call Simon out for X-Factor not being friendly towards country acts?

  5. Blinged Up says:

    I didn’t agree with any of the decisions about who to send home this week.

    Hope Michael hasn’t floated away….isn’t enjoying vacation on a beautiful beach somewhere…

  6. Kaw says:

    I thought both Willie and David deserved to stay.

    David’s “Since you’ve been gone” was Phenomenal! So shocked he went home over Jason.

    • Gorm says:

      Willie did not deserve to stay. Its not even subjective. Off notes sung low isnt good enough. He got as far as someone with his vocal limits could. The exposure, per diems and free travel was adequate compensation for his talent.

      • Kaw says:

        Please don’t tell my that my opinion is not valid. You have yours, I have mine.
        I think Willie is a great artist and a refreshing change for country music. Sadly he had a judge that didn’t know what to do with him. I would much rather watch him on the show then Cece.

      • ben says:

        It’s ‘not even subjective’? Really? Sorry – you are just far wrong on that one. I think you are looking at one single performance. CeCe barely hit a note on tune the night before. Paige can’t even be heard over the band. Jennel was taken from being a sexy, cute girl into a shadow of herself (who could still sing amazingly, thank goodness). Demi’s group was a hot mess on performance night, she tried to force them into being artists too hard, too fast, and whatever you might think about Willie’s last performance, its arguable that he should have been safe without having to give it. I think, if you are more honest, you wouldn’t go for someone like Willie even if he was fantastic, and so it’s easier for you to criticise him when he doesn’t do well than it is to criticise people you do like.

        • Mary says:

          Wow, while I do not think anyone stood out last night, I agree with Gorm. I never thought Willie should of made the judges house. I don’t know if he is trying to be country, but I would of chose the bully girl, can’t remember her name over him. I thought Demi was correct putting him in the bottom and sending him packing.

          • Juventina says:

            Totally agree. It was a shocker to see Willie in the top 16. I’m not a fan of Demi’s team but Jannel has an amazing voice. To me, she, Beatrice and Emblem3 were the best on the live show.
            I just don’t get all the song choices (why are they doing dance hits?!).
            Anyway, I can’t get over Britney’s decision to chose Arin instead of Diamond White. She had great chance of winning, so talented, great looks and very likable. Arin has no chance of going far. He certainly will be the first remaining teen to go home.
            For now, I think Emblem 3’s gonna win the show.

    • Alex says:

      David sucked. Jason wasn’t at his best, but he was still better. As for Willie, he hasn’t been much good since his audition and deserved to leave.

  7. Princess Adora says:

    I don’t like country music, but I really liked Sister C. I hope they make it in a non-reality-TV fashion. There’s something special about them :)

    • Kat says:

      I agree, I really liked Sister C they harmonized way better then 1432 many because 1432 doesn’t harmonize at all.

      • stacey says:

        an interview Simon has said that the girls were arrogant difficult to work with and they refuse to do interviews and that played into his decision of sending them home

        • Max says:

          @Stacey – I’m calling Bull****. I’ve never heard Simon say something bad about SisterC in an interview. Could you provide some sources?

          • dan says:

            Go to Google News and type in Sister C and Simon Cowell. I got an article from that says he did a telephone interview with journalists, and in it “Cowell said that Sister C (a country-music trio of sisters) comes across as arrogant, difficult and doesn’t want to do interviews, and he’s concerned about their “likability.” So he’s saying they come off that way, not that he thinks they are, but the part about not wanting to do interviews is bad.

            I also liked them and was disappointed they didn’t get through.

  8. Neal says:

    I know LA wasn’t happy to have the over 25s so it seems that he is sabotaging his own team to make some point. He has already eliminated his top 2 talents in Daryl Black (at the homes) and David Correy (in the live show). Too bad for them.

  9. Sam says:

    I’m trying to be open minded about the new hosts, but I hope they get it together soon. First, Khloe was quite pushy with forcing Demi to say which one of the girls stood out last night. (From 1432) I appreciated Demi’s approach and thought Khloe should zip it. Tonight, Mario insisted Simon name the team going home even after he said he’d prefer to name his save. Does Mario not realize who the producer is??

    • Tess says:

      Well, that particular phrasing “who are you sending home” rather than “who do you want to keep” is standard of X Factor…in fact earlier this season in the UK there was a big to do when one judge stated after a sing off that he wanted to save one contestant but was then pressed to state who he was sending home rather than who he wanted to keep and he then changed his mind thus sending it into a deadlock (that contestant wound up going home and the whole thing created a big firestorm).
      It’s not surprising that Mario told Simon that he had to state who he was sending home rather than who he was saving so much as it was werid Simon would try to insist on saying it that way since he should know what his own show’s rules are. Perhaps he was testing Mario…?

    • Mary says:

      I think Mario is doing a great job, Khloe I’m still on the fence about. I am trying not to let my disdain for Kardashians sway my opinion, so I am given her a couple weeks to settle in. I thought Mario was doing his job, Simon knew he had to say the name of who is going home.

  10. Saulo says:

    Now that Diamond White and Sister C are gone, I don’t have anyone to root for. So there’s no reason for me to spend three hours per week watching this train wreck. I’m a huge fan of Simon Cowell and The X Factor franchise – I’ve been watching the Australian and English versions for years – but I hated everything about this season: it’s almost worse than The Voice (a show that I consider incredibly corny) with all these annoying people (being them acts, judges or hosts) and a very predictable win for future millionaire Carly Rose.

  11. Alex says:

    Yea it seemed like they were trying to throw some shade at the show for not being country…except they knew that going in. I didn’t like Sister C anyways
    I was upset by Diamond’s elimination I thought it was the wrong choice for sure. The over 25s are a weak group so I didn’t really care who was eliminated. I think Paige should have been eliminated from the young adults.
    The song is “When I look at you” from the horrendous movie “The Last Song”. A ballad that is actually tolerable considering its Miley Cyrus.

  12. Toms1€ says:

    I just don’t get it how paige was safe, she should have gone home
    and david and diamond eliminated :s that is just absurd

  13. llws88 says:

    BRING DIAMOND WHITE BACK! Her elimination by Brit was uncalled for after such a performance!

  14. zena says:

    Dimond White was a true star on entire thing from the begining. Its like a young version of Whitney Houston
    ….Britney can’t bring decision….she souldnt be a judge on singing competition….. she doesn’t know what is a good voice.

    • JASon says:

      The producers choose who’s going home! They chose the cute boy for the girls in the audience

    • Michelle says:

      To be fair to Britney, she definitely had the strongest group and whoever went home would have actually been deserving of staying another week.

      This is my first XFactor experience and I don’t like the format at all. No way should Vino still be there but Diamond isn’t. Poor kid.

  15. Laura says:

    I can’t believe that they let Diamond go. Britney lost her mind. I really looked forward to seeing Diamond. I would have liked to see a sing off between her & Carly. I am annoyed with L.A Reid I really don’t feel he cares about his group and not really mentoring them. I still can’t believe he got rid of Darryl . Darryl should have made the live show.

  16. d.p. says:

    BRING DIAMOND BACK. That was truly criminal, especially after such a beautiful, heartfelt performance.

    • scrutinizer says:

      diamond was the main reason i kept watching each week. i was always looking forward to what great vocal rendition she was going to give us next. the girl is already a star and doesn’t need the cheesy, over the top x factor to prove her talent. watch a record company scoop her up very soon and take her all the way!

  17. ben says:

    Absolutely wrong on every count. It didn’t help that the weakest weren’t on the block in three out of four categories, and I really don’t want to see CeCe or Jason Brock go either. But the ones who went should have been CeCe, Jason, 1432 and Arin. How on earth did Diamond White get eliminated? This sets the tone for a second disappointing season of X Factor, and honestly I’m not really sure I’ll be back next week.

    • Gorm says:

      CeCe was rightfully put up for elimanation based on the Kesha/Springsteen mashup she put us through, but I felt her save-me song was miles ahead of Wille. I think the right decision was made with her. She is one of the few contestants with any X-Factor. I think just CeCe, Arin, Emblem and Lyric145 (Mostly via da Queen) have the hard to find quality the show claims to want.

      Carly certinally dosent have it when trying to perform pop songs. But Im sure she would given some Gilbert & Sullivan to work with. Tate has no Xfactor beyond looking uncomfortable in an untucked shirt. And Vino only has the creep factor after pawing at a last-caller like Khloe twice now.

    • ben says:

      @Gorm – I forgot that America didn’t vote the safe ones in. I would have had Paige go in that group. And to me, the whole ‘save me song’ thing is just silly, but I have to admit that I was basing my opinions off the performance night, as I hadn’t seen the results show when I made my comment.
      Remembering that the judges picked who was up for elim… It should have been Paige going home over Willie, Arin over (frankly, the 3 teenage girls all could have had a shot at winning, so it would have been fine to just not even have a ‘sing off’ there), Vino over David – although I liked David more on what he did before last night, but he had to sing the material he was given, and 1432 over Sister C. Although Sister C is not my cup of tea at all, and I’m kind of glad they are gone even though I don’t think they deserved to be.
      I can’t see how you think Arin has what they are looking for? He really tried his butt off last night, and I admired him for that, but the fact you could see how hard he was trying is a worry – and he couldn’t hit his notes. Diamond, Carly or Beatrice going home would have been a travesty, and indeed that is exactly what Diamond going was.
      It’s partly about the format though. Why should a teen go home when all 4 are better than more than one person in at least two other categories… (And I don’t really think anyone would complain at a Paige elimination to get Diamond back).

  18. kcostell says:

    Bad enough that LA chose a song that was a horrible fit for Vino. For him to do that AND immediately eliminate Vino the night afterwards would have been the height of injustice.

    As for Jason vs. David, I would have preferred seeing Jason eliminated. On the other hand, David’s cover was so fundamentally misguided (and completely wrong in tone given the words he was singing) that I understand why LA let him go.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I missed Jason singing but thought David’s dynamic version of Since You’ve Been Gone was the best performance of Wed and Thur combined – especially after all those shaky vocals, bad song choices, inappropriate sets and staging and poor mentor choices – David hasn’t impressed me before but I loved him singing his heart out in a song that showcased his range

  19. Let's Run Away says:

    They have absolutely got to do something about the sound production/management on this show. The audience is out of control and it is verging on unbearable to try to listen to the performers over the unending shrieks and screams. It has to turn off viewers and I don’t know how the producers haven’t dealt with it. Also, a bit disappointed in B Spears critiquing ability with the live shows, I started watching this season because of her addition, but she’s starting to flounder. And finally, Camila is a star, I’ll keep tuning in as long as she is performing.

    • TheBeach says:

      Thank you. I found the audience screaming so loudly throughout each song so irritating that I almost turned the show off. They could certainly do something about this situation if they really wanted to.

    • Shawn says:

      I agree with the crowd being out of control. They should be allowed to applaud or cheer after the performances, but the constant loud cheering during the performances is just distracting from the performances. As far it Britney goes, I saw a youtube video of a guy who had attended an X Factor audition taping and he said that she was terrible, so I believe Britney just had a benefit of a good edit during the auditions and bootcamp and judges homes round.

    • AOB2222 says:

      Yes! I kept thinking the same thing. The crowd screaming is out of control. I also felt like it the singers’ microphones were not turned up enough because it was very difficult to hear at times over the music. I kept thinking there was something wrong with my TV speakers!

    • teatime says:

      The audience screaming is really irritating. Half the time it does not even make sense. Nothing is going on that should be causing any audience reaction at all. They must have a “scream loudly” sign that the turn on to get audience reaction to make it seem like the show is more interesting than it is.

    • KB23 says:

      I agree that right from the beginning of this season that Britney sucks as a judge – she is there for her name only to bring in viewers – but the way she is judging – not many are going to stay. The screaming is intolerable – they even scream while the judges are talking – it is ridiculous! The pacing of this show sucks as well – nothing seemed to run smoothly – it was choppy and seemed like the cameras were jumping all over the place – it was like amateur hour. Not liking this show at all. I don’t think I watched the whole season last year for many of the same reasons. I don’t see this show have much of a run at all.

  20. NonisMoose says:

    Did anyone else notice Demi’s obsession with eyes?!?! Every critique she talks about their eyes. And what was up with her clothes and make up tonite. Was she dressing as a prison matron for Halloween or something?

    • Sam says:

      I agree. I really like the addition of her and Brittney, but they are both struggling to bring some creativity to their critiques. Demi is trying a little to hard to sound older than she really is. It’s tough though, because female judges are “judged” way more harshly than the men.

  21. Kelm says:

    DAVID :'(

  22. Lea says:

    Can’t believe LA let David go! HUGE mistake on LA’s part!

  23. Jen says:

    Khloe Kardashian is ridiculously awkward as a host. She always looks like she’s uncomfortable, and it is always very obvious that she is reading right off the teleprompter. I am not a huge Mario Lopez fan, but he is much more natural and could probably handle the hosting duties alone.
    Brittany Spears also seemed unnatural in her critiquing tonight. It almost seemed like someone was feeding her lines through an earpiece. She just does not seem comfortable doing what she’s doing. And this is coming from a huge Brittany fan.
    As for the acts that went home, I thought Sister C was better than 1432. 1432 is made up of 5 girls that want to be stars on their own. That was very clear tonight. Each one sang their part and they never even attempted to harmonize. Their voices just don’t go together well enough to form a group. I also thought the Diamond should have definitely been saved instead of Arin. I don’t think Arin is as good of a singer as Diamond, and his attitude turns me off.

    • Gorm says:

      Britney is a recently recovered drug addict that is on heavy perscriptions to get her through sitting and listening to songs, shes not well and should not be there. It seems like nobody is allowed to banter with her or spook her with sudden movement. I dont give a darn if she is getting fed the word “Amazing” via an earpiece. I just want her to collect her money and get out of LA/NY and leave fame behind forver. Its not entertaining to watch a frail husk.

    • scrutinizer says:

      judging from comments on this blog and 2 other major entertainment blogs tonight, people are shocked over b spears sending diamond home. i know for sure if she had put her through the
      x factor finale would have been a sing-off between her and carly rose. those 2 girls have amazing futures ahead of them!

    • mercedes says:

      A better way to split the hosting duties would be to have Mario Lopez do all the on-stage work, and Khloe talk to contestants behind the scenes. She seems incredibly uncomfortable on the stage and much more at ease just talking to the singers. Sending Diamond home was a travesty, but I’m sure they didn’t want 3 girls left in Britney’s group. Glad Jason is still there, I find him very entertaining to watch. The production is over the top, the screaming is just annoying. I know the producers feel like all the screaming makes the show seem important, but no, it’s just silly and annoying to listen to. And perhaps it’s just my ears, but many of the contestants seem to hit a lot of bad notes – Paige for example. I like her, but thought for sure she’d be called out for her horrible singing. And for Britney, it’s obvious that’s she heavily medicated and quite fragile. None of the judges talk to her, and she talks to no one. This is a woman who is not allowed to spend unsupervised time with her own children mentoring other people’s children. What are we coming to?

    • Rick says:

      Yes……… are………right

  24. Christine says:

    Did anyone else get the impression that Brittany Spears and Simon Cowell could not come up with the name of the group they actually wanted to eliminate and ended up eliminating the wrong group. Brittany referred to Arin as ‘he’ when she was talking about him, which lead me to believe that she may have forgotten his name, and Simon actually asked to be able to say the name of the group he wanted to keep rather than the one he wanted to eliminate.
    This is probably not what happened, but I’m really trying to make sense out of the ridiculous decision that was made in both of these instances.

    • Mary says:

      I agree with Arin; However, Simon knew Sister C didn’t have a chance in hell they would of been voted off first time around. The 142 whatever they are did a great job on that song. I think he actually made the right decision.

    • erin says:

      I think Britney only got rid of Diamond because she didn’t want to have a third female singer compete with Carly Rose and Beatrice, who she clearly appears to prefer. For Simon, I’m not surprised he got rid of Sister C. Listening to the audience reaction to the two groups, and knowing the amount of votes young viewers contribute, as well as the fact that tweens/teens are the people who always support contestants’ album sales and tours, he went with the group that would appeal to this demographic more. That may have also been the case with Britney, because it seems like young girls would be big fans of Arin.

      Regardless, I think Emblem3 has this one in the bag, though I do expect Carly Rose and Jennel to be around until the end, too.

    • Alex says:

      So you think that Britney and Simon are both too stupid to remember a couple of simple names? And not only that, you think they’re so stupid that they couldn’t ASK someone the names of the acts they supposedly couldn’t remember instead of voting to get rid of someone they actually wanted to keep? And on top of that, that if they actually did forget the names and didn’t ask for them, that upon eliminating the wrong people, they didn’t correct themselves?

      Yeah, your theory is totally wacky.

      It’s also pretty conceited of you to refer to decisions you don’t like as “ridiculous.” What makes your opinion the only “right” one?

      • Christine says:

        about 10 minutes before this L.A. Reid forgot Jason’s name. It took him a good 30 seconds to come up with it. So no I don’t think its completely ridiculous to think that Brittany Spears, who appears to be only about 50% ‘there’ through most of the episode could have also forgotten a contestants name. And as I stated, as she was critiquing both of them, she called Diamond by name, and referred to Arin as ‘him’ or ‘he’. Simon forgetting is kind of a stretch, but Brittany forgetting doesn’t seem that far fetched to me.
        And by the way, I can refer to things any way I want. It doesn’t make me conceited, it means I have an opinion and a right to express that opinion. People get so offended when some one states an opinion that is different than theirs. It’s insanely annoying!!

  25. Justin Hunsucker says:

    I think cece should of went home and also arin ray.

  26. Karina says:

    I am ecstatic that Michael Slezak is without TV! Hahahaha!

  27. BB says:

    I like Sister C. The group of 5 girls (1432) are not a group, although they do have some good individual voices. CeCe has a something factor, but can’t sing. Paige definitely should be gone. Diamond got robbed. Not for sure about Vino. Beatrice and Carly will do good.

    Chloe should have nothing to do with the show!!

    • Ryan says:

      I was cracking up when Khloe tried to talk to Paige after she was saved and kept getting smacked in the face by her giant floppy hat.

  28. noa says:

    tell Slezak we love him and we hope he’s ok! his work is truly missed….

    • SSDD says:

      I second that I’ve been looking for him all week. My week is not complete until I get my Slezak fix. Stay safe Michael.

    • Karina says:

      I wish they permanently remove Slezak from the recap roster. He never does recaps. His “recaps” are full of hating on his least favorite contestants and going unexplicably crazy over his favorites, which now seem to be that suddenly-humble but formerly “I never wear my emotions on my sleeve” Cheetah paint girl. It’s nice to see a recapper’s opinion, but it would be better if we read an actual recap of what transpired, and not about who his favorite is. Doesn’t he already have “Idology” or some other clip show where he can spout his nonsense?

    • teatime says:

      I have been checking a couple times a day all week to see if we have something new from Slezak. He is funny, knowledgeable, and has a real appreciation for the entertainment these contestants bring us. He is the primary reason I come to this site.
      I hope Slezak is well and is able to return soon.

  29. Diz says:

    Why is that Paige still there? She should have never made judges homes. The only elimination I’m not ok with is Diamond. The guy should have gone home instead. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Diamond again next week, but this time put in Simon’s all girl group that is getting the new name.

  30. Yo' says:

    We miss you Michael Slezak. Good luck and be careful in those darkened streets!

  31. Mary says:

    I am okay with all the acts staying or going except Diamond. She won that sing off. Arin is not that good, sorry. I realize why I do not care for Xfactor that much. It is way overproduced and as Simon said on Wednesday you were off key but that doesn’t matter.
    That is what is wrong with today’s music, all you need is a look and you seem to make hit.
    I guess I am naive I prefer a singer to be able to sing and then the stage production is secondary.

  32. Josh says:

    It sucks that simon is stuck with arrogant Embelm3 and overrated lyric 145 oh Embelm3 is overrated too

  33. Sally says:

    Willie Jones was one of my favourite singers, I love his voice its strong and deep, and different I wish he hadn’t been eliminated because he in my opinion had one of the strongest voice that was unique and different!:(

  34. Kacem says:

    Diamond is a loss they will regret when their ratings drop like hell next week, a lot of people are in a rant because of what went down and as much as i enjoy and like Britney Spears, she didn’t make the right decision with keeping that Ray guy.

    With Diamond out the competition just got easier for Carly (whom i’ve been rooting for since day 1) along with Jenell Garcia (who is by far the best performance from this first live show).

    And whomever chose to let the judges decide who stays or goes on the first live show was not in his right mind, i could see Paige/Vino/Arin/Emblem3 getting the boot if the people voted …

    Add to Diamonds elimination, Jillian’s and you get a crappy, boring, and so predictable season from the X factor …

  35. Mari says:

    I was happy and sad with Britney. Happy ’cause she saved Beatrice first and then sad ’cause she let Diamond go. Arin should have gone first.

  36. nate says:

    David Corey had a great voice but he was so generic. There are a million guys in the business who sing..act..and look like him. I’m happy he went home.

    EMBLEM 3 for the WIN!

  37. lisakay says:

    Miss Michael. Hope he is safe and everything gets back to normal for him soon!

  38. starship says:

    Demi and Simon got it completely right this time. Britney had the right people in the bottom 2, both were bad, so it could go either way. LA f*cked up utterly, his acts have no chance on getting anywhere near the final. Tate is so boring, he should have never made Judge’s Houses, never mind the Top 12 and David Corey was the only one who stood a minor chance of being in the final and he got sent home…

  39. SG says:

    Replace the sound engineer and dump Khloe & LA Reid – they’re both awful. Britney’s got the best bunch.

  40. Aria says:

    I predicted three of the four eliminations before the performance show even happened (I thought Arin would go instead of Diamond, and based on the performances, that probably was what should have happened anyhow).

  41. Sheldon W. says:

    As long as Carly Rose is safe, that all that matters.

  42. GeeMa says:

    I personally thought they could have kept more singers and sent Khloe Kardashian home. Could she have been
    more stiff and plastic?

    • Crystal says:

      Exactly what i was thinking! She was more awful than I thought she was going to be. Stiff, monotone, pushy with the judges, took the microphone away from Sister C girl before she was done speaking. Hopefully she’ll have to leave soon due to “scheduling conflicts” haha!
      I Miss Michael’s witty insight. I hope he is well and comes back to us soon!

  43. judge says:

    DAVID…….was amazing……think of the song……go back to the judges house when he was singing material that was relevant “jessie j’s song” a huge loss to the program… la reids team has no chance of winning…….can you say singing contract….la reid…..dont’t be shocked to see him and diamond already signed to a contract…..and the x factor is being set up for emblem 3 to win……and also trying to create buzz for the 1432 girls, hence please name this group!!!!!!!!!! diamond was amazing……..but something is going on behind the scene……

  44. teatime says:

    Wednesday’s performance night was a hot mess. The audio was off for everyone, all the dancers were annoying and do nothing to make me like the contestants more, the stage production was OTT for most performances including loud frequent burst of steam for one performance, and most of the songs were terrible choices. I blame the producers and judges for all of that. If that were the first episode of the season almost no one would watch the second episode. So we really need to make decisions based on past performances.
    I was most worried about Vino. I do not hold him accountable for the bad song choice. Even with a song he would not have picked himself, about half way thru he hit his stride and the second half sounded great. For vocals he is one of my top few contestants.
    I disagree with Diamond going home since Aryn’s performances were both week.

  45. Nancy says:

    I think L.A. should have gotten rid of Vino Alan and kept David. Vino’s spooky and not that great a singer, I don’t know why L.A. Reid goes on about him. Diamond should have stayed and Arin gone home, and the I think that Sister C were better than the 5-piece cry-babies. I thought Britney was great in the auditions but she seems to be over-medicated at these live shows (although she looks GREAT).

  46. margaret says:

    Britney just proved to the world that she don’t no talent if it was in her face. Picking the guy over Diamond just because he looks good. Shame on you Britney! Simon, bring Diamond back!!!!!!!

    • Slatina Whorinova says:

      Not to mention, Diamond is better than the two off-key white girls she put through. That one girl who did “I Won’t Give Up” looked like a big pile of garbage onstage, with her unkempt crimped hair and tattered homeless person rag clothing.

  47. Slatina Whorinova says:

    I was so angry that the blonde rapper from Emblem3 didn’t strip off his shirt! He could’ve at least worn a tank top! Those arms are yummy. Happy to see David Screamy go. CeCe Fry and her fried hair should have gone home, along with Arin Ray, who was a NOBODY on Intensity in the first place.

  48. RealityCheck says:

    after the first elimination i stopped my dvr, changed the channel, and deleted all of the saved xfactor episodes! i dont particularly care for willie but ceecee was off key on perf nite and the sing off. plus i am so sick of simon trying to force the american verson of his shows to mimic the brit version. agt winners for both versions are similar every season, opera guy brit/opera guy america; dog act brit/dog act america he even gave rachel crow the same remix as cher lloyd and sold it as original! im done with watching but not with slezak. will watch the voice until ai starts.

  49. Asia says:

    You know I figured Britney would send Diamond home. She never was that enthusiastic about her, which bothered me. I guess it’s for the best though, but I am disappointed Diamond won’t compete against Carly or Beautrice. It robbed all three girls to go up against the best talent. It even robbed us as viewers. I think that the top Twelve should be chosen by the viewers and the viewers only.

  50. Raven says:

    There are no X-Factors in that group.