Exclusive: Gossip Girl Series Finale Set For December - and There's a Twist!

Gossip Girl Series FinaleWhat’s that Gossip Girl fans? All you want for Christmas is a super-sized final episode? Done!

TVLine has learned exclusively that The CW is planning to send Serena, Blair & Co. off with a two-hour series finale event on Monday, Dec. 17.

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The night will kick off with a look back at the show’s six-year run (featuring clips and interviews with the cast and producers), followed immediately by the final episode, which TVLine can exclusively reveal is titled, “New York, I Love You XOXOX.”

In addition, viewers will be treated to an exclusive sneak peek at the CW’s upcoming Sex and the City prequel soap, The Carrie Diaries.

Thoughts? Is this just another painful reminder that Gossip Girl is powering down for good? Any hopes for the swan song? Proceed to the comments!

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  1. Jill says:

    Hopefully everyone involved in the show will use the first hour special to apologize to fans for this disaster of a season.

    • Do you mean season 5? Because then I agree.

      • Maria says:

        There’s no apologizing for season 5. I think they’re going with the “let’s just pretend it never happened” strategy, which I am… fully on board with, haha.

        • Willa says:

          I’m onboard with that too. Season 5 was TERRIBLE! I just hope the last episode has a lot of Chuck and Blair and Serena and Blair.

        • Deena says:

          Exactly worst season of all was Season 5. As bad as this final season has been (and don’t misunderstand me – this final season has been TERRIBLE so far) it’s miles better than AU season 5. Such a low bar though. Best to just pretend it never happened. haha

          • lily says:

            i kind of agree. it’s better by default so far simply because the royals aren’t there! god those people were lame. and i think leighton has been looking amazing this year, which is good, because last year her hair was awful and they made her so dowdy looking. i think they were trying to change blair’s personality to force her to be with dan- i hated that

        • Get Over It says:


      • jay says:

        Do you mean season 3,4, 5, and 6? Cause if so I agree.

        I bet the finale will have a party, a takedown, and dans hair being crazy

        • Laura says:

          ” I bet the finale will have a party, a takedown and dans hair being crazy ”

          Hahaha. The three things you can count on in every episode of Gossip Girl ;)

          • dude says:

            The Gossip Girl people must have forced Penn to keep his hair like that cause the second the show wrapped, he shaved his head.

        • Ari says:

          Don’t forget Dan lecturing everyone about what hypocrites THEY are. Yes Dan, it’s they who are awful. I will be so glad when GG is over so I can stop hate watching this.

      • I think giving us little Henry Bass and pretending that season 5 never happened is the apology they offer.

      • An6ra says:

        More like seasons 3,4,5. I was obsessed with season 1, I enjoyed season 2, I kind of liked season 3…but from then on it was a horror fest!

      • Brandon says:

        You people and your rage are ridiculous. Nobody is forcing you to watch this, and season 5 happened to be my favorite.

    • Ella says:

      WORD. The only way this will be fixed is if Blair chooses Dan (or even Nate) over the motherChucker.

      • Elisha says:

        Poor Dair fans, you guys are really desperate. Keep feeling pressed, it’s Chuck and Blair as endgame and you, you just got dumber as the show went on

      • Kelly says:

        YES AND YES. However this is GG, so the writers unfortunately bow to the threatening requests of their 14 yr old fan base.

        omg suck&bluh 4evz !epic luv!

  2. A Young Samaritan says:

    So they won’t squish episode 9 and 10 together then? Bummer, ah well, still, 2 hours of Gossip Girl: Xo Xo.

  3. Maria says:

    I’m actually really excited to see the first hour, I love watching cast interviews. It’s like the cherry on top of a CB wedding sundae :)

  4. I’m really looking forward to the last 3 eps… looks like December will be a good Gossip Girl month for me.

  5. Air says:

    lol they really think the show warrants a send off hour? It’s far from a new teen classic and has about 700,000 fans left. Good. Riddance.

  6. Sarah says:

    good riddance

  7. Mick says:

    This in no way excites me, I thought GG would go the way of the OC’s final season which while bumpy at first was good, but this season has been terrible.

    • Jenny says:

      To be fair, there have only been three episodes. I know there are only ten, but I think there’s a chance that after they get rid of the whole Steven/Sage storyline, it could still improve into some soapy goodness.

      Though the Rufus/Ivy “romance” will probably stick around longer since Ivy is shaping up to be the primary antagonist. Which sucks.

  8. Rachel says:

    Wait what finale? You mean to tell me it didn’t end with Dan and Blair walking off into the sunset together? Because that’s the last thing I remember and the only thing that would make sense.

    • rme says:

      Your delusion amuses me.

      • Rachel says:

        Your love for an abusive ship amuses me

        • Camille says:

          Your love for the abusive word amuses me.

          I think dair fans wake up in the morning singing: ABUSIVEEEEE IS HEEEEEEEERE, OOOOG YEAH. And their cheerleader team is all like “GIVE ME AN A, GIVE ME AN B!”

          I’m sorry, but it’s like the only word on the dictionary DB fans know xD

          • Delise says:

            How about pathetic, manic, subservient, insecure, weakling – because that’s all the things Blair has become this season since choosing to run her mother’s company and get back together with Chuck. Just a mere sacrifice to you I suppose.

          • Lexie says:

            I like how DB fans think Blair getting a career and trying to succeed is weak. So her wanting to become a Princess and hang out in Brooklyn with no goals and treating Dan like a doormat was “strong”. Dair shippers, FYI, you lost. It’s Chuck and Blair who are endgame and I’ve never seen a bunch of delusional idiots like you are. It’s truly astounding

          • Elisha says:

            No, they just waste real people’s time and call abuse hotlines because they have nothing better to do and like wasting everyone else’s time.

        • kara saun says:

          Oh Chuck was so abusive last week when he spent almost the whole episode helping Blair with her fashion show and expecting nothing in return. He was so abusive supporting her, encouraging her and boosting her self-worth. Oh what a BASStard. What a terrible guy. Poor Blair – stuck being in love with a guy like that. Yes he’s done terrible things and she has to him as well. But he’s obviously grown and matured and their relationship has become more mutually supportive than ever. It’s absurd to watch 6.03 and then scream about it being an abusive relationship. Even your fellow Dair fan, Carina from Zap2It acknowledged that doesn’t describe their relationship anymore. Give it up because you just embarrass yourselves by posting this kind of thing. It’s obviously the ranting of a bitter shipper. I know some Dan and Blair fans are disappointed that the story didn’t go the directon they expected. But you guys are not the first, nor will you be the last shippers that misread the writers intentions and didn’t get endgame. Have some dignity and move on.

          • Jenny says:

            I don’t have a horse in this race because while I think Chuck and Blair have undeniable chemistry, I understand the reservations held by “Dair” fans. If I had my druthers, Blair wouldn’t be with anyone, but I know that’s not how soap operas tend to work. And the fact that it’s a soap opera is the reason I can set aside my uncertainty about the long-term portrayal of the Blair/Chuck relationship and basically suspend disbelief to enjoy their obvious on-screen sizzle. HOWEVER, technically speaking in the real world, just because an abuser is suddenly good/supportive/encouraging to their past object of abuse does NOT mean he or she has changed. In fact, it’s a very common and disturbing part of what’s known as the “abuse cycle.”

          • Lexie says:

            Word and,Dair fans, he’s not an abuser or rapists despite your stupid delusions. The only man acting like a complete jakass right now is Dan. Chuck’s changed and Chuck and Blair are endgame. Too bad you failed at watching tv 101

          • Elisha says:

            People who say that crap don’t watch the show. I’m thrilled Chuck and Blair are endgame ad these ugly little girls might stop being so dumb

    • Hmmmm says:

      I can understand some people not wanting Chuck and Blair together. People are allowed to have their own opinions. Having such different views makes things more interesting. However, I am honestly just wondering what world Dan and Blair make more sense together in. And this is an honest question. I am not trying to fan the flames of this infamous shipper war. Dan despised Blair for much of the first four seasons of the show for many reasons. Not the smallest of which was his sisters exile from manhattan. Blair despised Dan as well for too many reasons to list. Why then do people believe that they were meant to be? They were fun to watch as their friendship developed, but even that was hard to believe at times considering their mutual disdain for one another. I’d honestly just love some insight into their relationship, so that I can perhaps understand why Dair shippers feel as they do.

      • Well, for me personally, I feel like Blair and Dan’s relationship has evolved over the years. Yes, they started off as enemies but they slowly became friends in season 4 and eventually they did become really close. I feel like their relationship grew naturally, even though at times, it was a very odd relationship that was usually one sided. I won’t say that they’re meant to be, but I quite enjoyed their scenes together in season 4 and 5.

        I loved Chuck and Blair in the first two seasons, I honestly did. But I think there was a point of Blair continuously going back to Chuck instead of him chasing her that I started figuring out that they may not be my favourite couple anymore. And when he sold her for a hotel, I just knew that I couldn’t go back to the place where I loved them before. I just feel like if the writers actually worked on their relationship instead of keeping them apart, then there would be more fans. But keeping them apart is the reason why I stopped liking the couple.

        • Lexie says:

          Bottom line is you seemed to have missed the part where Chuck and Blair were clearly the OTP but kudos to you for being completely delusional

          • Hannah says:

            wow, that’s harsh. I’m a chair shipper but I don’t see how anything she said was delusional. I actually agreed with what she said. If season 5 didnt happen and I didnt see any redemption in Chuck there would be no way I would still ship them. I just choose to ignore things i dont like, like the hotel incident, eva and 4×20 otherwise I wouldnt ship them.

          • I personally don’t get how I’m delusional as this is my opinion, just like your opinion is that Chair is your OTP. Not everyone’s OTP is the same so saying it like a fact isn’t right either. I would like to know, though, how I’m delusional.

          • Kelly says:

            LOL. Chair shippers never cease to amuse me. If we’re discussing bottom lines, clearly you seem to have missed that the bottom line is that Blair was traded for a hotel by her *true love*. Now if you can HONESTLY say that you would remain with your boyfriend if he did this to you, then fine. You can ship chair. But you should also seek some professional help.

      • In the context of the show as a whole, it would make zero sense for Dan and Blair to end up together, that is the only correct answer. Dair shippers like Dair, and they wanted them together, that is it. There is no valid argument for it, they just like them.

        • Hannah says:

          Hmmm. As a chair shipper I can see why people like dair and I do think there is valid reasons. Especially with the hotel incident and Eva and the war. I stood by chair but i hated chuck during those episodes. if it wasnt for his redemtion i wouldnt ship chair(neither would I ship dair)

          • You are making the same mistake that Dair fans usually make. You are not giving me a valid argument for Dair making sense as endgame in the entire context of the show. You are giving me examples of how Chuck has messed up. Chuck making mistakes has nothing to do with Dair.

    • Lexie says:

      Dair shippers are truly the most ridiculous fandom I’ve ever seen

      • Again, how are we ridiculous? Personally, I think we could say the same about Chair shippers but you don’t see us sprouting nonsense with no proof to back it up. Well, not all of us,anyways. So if you can provide proof and explain your reasoning, then I’ll be willing to listen.

      • micah says:

        Dair shippers used too many big words for Chair shippers, I guess. Ergo: Ridiculous.

    • Kelly says:

      Yeah that’s what I thought the finale was too…weird. It just seems the writers couldn’t really come up with anything better, so…

  9. hello says:

    Finally the worst scripted show ever dies

  10. lily says:

    i think season 5 was the worst. i do think this season is better, simply because we don’t have to suffer through the torture of waiting for prince louis to leave. there is no apology for that mess

    • Alice says:

      I hate chair. After years of living chair, chuck proved to be an abusive jerk. I thought that the writers must be showing a realistic picture of a girl hung up on a bad boy who was not good for – not supportive, unreliable, etc. the evolution of dair made perfect sense– things like this happen in real life. The two polar opposites in a group of friends find commonality and become greatly attracted to one another.. Dair, however was out together with time and precision and jerked apart in an unrealistic way so that Blair could return to chuck. I am so over this show.

      • Elisha says:

        Most hated Dair but I guess living under a rock you wouldn’t know that. If you didn’t understand Chuck and Blair were endgame then you kind of aren’t the brightest bulb in the box are you? And there is no world Dair made since unless all you did was watch youtube videos and never watched season 1-5. How is is Dair fans can be this dumb is beyond me really. Hey, I get endgame with Chuck and Blair and I even get to see their child so you sit on that for awhile and keep being this dumb

        • Rani says:

          I’m just hoping that Ed and Leighton restore the chemistry that they had during the first couple of seasons of this show. I don’t know if something happened between them, but I’m just not seeing this “Epic Love” anymore. And this is coming from someone who used to be a hardcore Chuck and Blair shipper.
          I don’t care if they stay together or not. Frankly I’ve been done with this show for awhile. I’m just seeing this through because it is the final season and there are only a few more episodes left.
          And as for this Dair hate: not all of us hate on Chair. If you want to defend your ship then you should be able to explain it without being so crude.

  11. lily says:

    yeah, that’s a good question. what’s better, this or glee? i had to give up on glee early in the second season, so i choose GG on that one. i still want to see how it ends at least and i have good memories of the show up until about halfway through season 4

  12. ben says:

    ITS chuck I’m gunna ruin it for you all they were seen having a goodbye kiss and he went on a helicopter and WHY would cw do that yo u evil evil people I hate you

  13. Get Over It says:

    I love how “some” people are complaining about this season, when in fact SEASON 5 was one of the worst seasons of television aired. Compared to last season, GG isn’t even half as bad now.

  14. Laura says:

    This season has been so dull so far. Way too many guest stars (and guest stars of guest stars), the stupid no sex pact with Chuck and Blair, barely any Serena and Blair interaction, Nate sexing teenagers, etc. Better than Season 5 but even “S**t my Dad Says” is better than that craptacular character and show destroying retcon mess of both boring and gross.
    But not gonna lie I’m looking forward to the final episodes of Gossip Girl and I’ll miss this terrible but incredibly addicting show and it’s UESers when it’s gone.
    NJBC Forever!

  15. lily says:

    yeah, i don’t get how people can think that this season isn’t better than season 5. in direct comparison to that mess, this IS an improvement so far

  16. Alex says:

    I’m still bitter that they didn’t give a retrospective/cast interview hour to Smallville when it ended. But I guess they did get a 2 hour finale.
    In any case, I’ll be watching the finale, interested to see how it all turns out.

  17. jojo says:

    After watching some of this current season..its fully aware that even the actors are OVER this mess of a series..im looking at you Blake Lively!

  18. Janey says:

    I’d prefer my Carrie Diaries sneak peak tagged onto Hart of Dixie or at CWTV.com, but that’s just name of the Fake Empire game. Hope finale is light on the Gossip Girl “Next Generation”-ness but REALLY, I’m just looking forward to a happy ending for Chuck — and Blair! — at last. Hopefully something good for Nate, too. Retrospective? Well, if that’s what they must do. And I know: no more show. Bye-bye Bass… I will totes shed a tear not to see you on my TV after 12/17.

  19. Janey says:

    whoops, “sneak peek” lol

  20. kara saun says:

    Looking forward to the retrospective and the finale. I know it’s not a great series but it and it’s characters – Chuck, Blair, Serena and Nate most of all – will always hold a special place in my heart since I grew up with it.

    I hope the season picks up steam soon because it’s been pretty slow so far. I hate the lack of Serena & Blair, the Nate & Sage thing, Seventh Heaven Steven, Sage the worst guest star since Louis, Rufus & Ivy (well there’s a fun gross factor to that couple), the lack of Chuck & Blair sexytimes and the weird pact between them. Give me more Chuck and Blair, Serena and Blair, Nate and Serena, Nate and Blair, Nate and Chuck – heck just give me more of the main characters interacting please. That would improve everything. Fingers crossed it picks up soon so the series can go out with a bang and not a wimper.

    • LOL says:

      You forgot the heart of the show…Dan. He’s the only character who’s true to who he is.

      • Elisha says:

        He’s so true to who he is he craps on other characters all for revenge despite the fact that he is actually one of them and just as bad as them now. Yeah, he’s so true to himself. Congrats on liking the most hated character, BTW

  21. Jon says:

    The finale is Dan, back in high school, still an outsider. The six seasons seasons were just a figment of his imagination which was for a school paper.

  22. lily says:

    lol, wouldn’t that be a wild ending? i also think chuck and blair’s pact is weird. they’re basically a couple, they just can’t have sex? but they can sleep together platonically? yeah, that’s dumb

  23. Alex says:

    I hate that my love for this show is completely dead by this season… I’m so bored and over it. Just watching because of the routine of it. The most exciting thing about the finale is it makes room for the Carrie Diaries next year!!

  24. I can’t wait for them to pull the plug. I am glad that Chuck and Blair will be getting married and then the show will end, with little Henry Bass, before they can mess anything else up. This season has been better than last season, at least everyone’s in character and it makes sense. Too bad Sara Goodman wasn’t the show runner starting at season 4, maybe the show wouldn’t have gone down hill the way it did under Safran. I don’t want to say good riddance. I loved you, Gossip Girl. I am just sorry you had to suffer at the hands of Safran. I am sorry we all had to suffer.

  25. Lexie says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chuck and Blair married with a little boy

  26. Jenna says:

    This season is a million times better than last year! It’s not even a comparison. I’ll be sad to see Gossipgirl go simply because I love Ch

  27. Jenna says:

    This season is a million times better than last year! It’s not even a comparison. I’ll be sad to see Gossipgirl go simply because I love Chuck and Blair but I’ll be happy to finally see their happily ever after the producers have promised for the finish line

  28. Wrenn says:

    I’m so glad this crap show is ending. I thought since this season was about C/B all the viewers would be running back. lol. I wish Blair/Serena could end the show single and run off in the sunset together. They’ve made Blair pathetic. All her motivations are for a man. She didn’t want to be her mother or run her mother’s company b/c she wasn’t a designer. She wants to be “successful” in order to be with chuck. So sad. I’m also mad this crappy show gets a retrospective hour and SV which ran for 10 yrs didn’t get squat. Yeah i have a lot of feelings. lol.

    • Lexie says:

      Yes, Blair is pathetic because she is finally having a career and making her own choices. You faux feminist are the best and thank God you get nothing from this show.

      • micah says:

        She’s having a career for the sole reason of being “good enough” for her boyfriend. She said it herself”: “IF I DON’T SUCCEED WE MIGHT NOT EVEN END UP TOGETHER!” – that’s hideous, people.

  29. Meg says:

    While I think this year is better than last year ( by about a million times over) I’m ready to see how the series will wrap up. As a Chuck and Blair fan it’s been a tough road but I’ve always known they were meant for each other and hopefully they’ll get a great ending. I want Serena to have a great ending too but I’ve seen pictures and all I can say is poor Serena (Dan is the worst). So at least I get Chuck and Blair …

  30. Hojana says:

    This fail show really didn’t deserve its own post. Bad writing, bad directing, actors aren’t interested its clearly viewable in their acting. Its just bad

  31. lily says:

    i think the real question is, is it better than glee? because gossip girl was my guilty pleasure for four seasons (maybe midway through season 4), and i gave up on glee in the first season. now THAT’S a terrible show. i will still have good memories of gossip girl’s first few years, and i actually do think the one thing it will be remembered for as far as story will be the chuck/blair romance. nothing else will be remembered from it, but their chemistry in the first few seasons will hold up for anyone who watches it in the future

  32. William says:

    “Gossip Girl Series Finale Set For December – and There’s a Twist!”

    Um, what’s the twist? You mention it in the headline but never talk about it in the article itself.

    • The twist was either that the first of the ‘2hr finale’ was a retrospective & not an actual episode (or that the finale episode wasn’t 2 hrs long), or that GG series finale was SUPPOSED to air on Dec 10th, but was bumped to the 17th because of Hurricane/TS Sandy causing them to rerun ep 6.03 instead of airing ep 6.04 this past Monday.

  33. me says:

    I liked gg but they stop showing it in Warner Chanel in latín América a Long time ago but as what I saw the first 3 seasons were the best but when those other character appeared like Lola and the one who pretend to be her was just no sense..I actually liked Blair and Dan but I don’t know of she should stay with chuck I will only watch the last episodes haha just need to see how my once favorite show ends

  34. Elyse says:

    GG was no One Tree Hill… and even OTH went way past its prime but still… GG with the 2 hr send off? idk about all that.

  35. Ag says:

    The worst thing that happened to GG is Blair and Dan relationship.I mean what were the writers thinking? – nonsense

  36. dtse says:

    I am happy GG ends tbh. I can’t stand to pacts, family orgies and dumtpy humpties anymore. they literally forced some douche character into our throats, ruined Blair’s character and cut Chuck’s scenes instead!! I love Chuck&Blair and I only keep watching GG for them. Hopefully they will get their happily ending <3

  37. hellsbecca says:

    No Dair,no care. Chair is SO important and loved that rating still goind down haha <3

  38. chris says:

    Say what you want but the fact is even when Blair and Dan couldn’t stand eachother they were there for eachother in the ways that Serena and Chuck never could. For years Dan was there for Blair through her troubles with Serena, Chuck and even her mother. And Blair made him focus on himself for once instead of dropping everything for Serena. At the time GG started airing I was at the same age as Blair and I got out of a relationship that was like poison, realizing that trying to save the Chuck Basses of the world is a lost case. Chemistry can make you think it’s love but it’s really nothing but lust. There was never anything appealing about chair for me, only a bitter aftertaste of what I once thought was love. The truth is that when you’ve never had someone who treats you well and accepts your flaws and all you start to believe that it’s the way it’s supposed to be. And you start to believe that it’s what you deserve. It destroys your heart and soul and it takes years and the right person to start breathing and truly living again. And you’re left with simply feeling sorry for the Chuck Basses of the world.. When I hear people saying they know what true love is because of Chair it makes me sick to my guts. It goes agains everything that I’ve fought for so long to get out of. That’s probably why I even bother trying to reason with chair shippers, if you think that what they have is true love, you must never have had it yourself.

    True love is about loving the best and knowing how to handle the worst in a person, you might not agree with all the things he or she has done in the past and present but you know that when you’re together you both are the best versions of yourselves. You know that no matter what you can fall and know that he or she is there to pick you up. And definitely won’t kick you when you’re down. I’d like to think that even if my boyfriend and I fell out of love we would never want to destroy eachother or revenge the mistakes we’ve made. I would want him to be as happy as he could possibly be even if it wasn’t with me.

    • hellsbecca says:

      I can’t agree more. Dan only helped Blair when Chuckles was having sex with Raina and prostitutes. He’s Chuck Bass = a spoiled child who fights against his father because wants more power and money. One child who always get everything that he wants cause a rich father. Bart got everything with his own effort, Bass Empire is Bart, made by himself. Chuck doesn’t deserve Bass Industries.
      I can’t understand why Chairios hate Dan so much. Dan was the only who cares about B when nobody(included precious Chuckles, Serena and Nate… NJBC,what a great friendship!) don’t matter about her. Dan was the guy who bring Blair to Chuck, the guy who stand by her side, the guy who helped her with Louis, Chuckles and all pregnant thing.
      Sabotage and Co disgusting me all the time. Glamourizing men like Chuck when good guys like Nate and Dan are forgotten or become villain. When Dair was a mature and supporting relationship, Nair was good and healthy, Serenate was real and natural but GG writers care about audience(lol) and f$&k every relationship romantic or not for try to convince people that Chair and Darena are right because dated on highschool. For me,nonsense is chair one couple who break up 100000 times with the same excuse: nothing. I even don’t care about other couples, but Darena and Chair are an absurd. Nate love Serena and made everything for her, although Dan made some mistakes. Nate was the best Serena’s boyfriend. Dan was the best Blair’s boyfriend. Cheva was best Chuck’s moments. GG Writers don’t make sense.

  39. bobbie says:

    Happy, happy, joy, joy, Chuck and Blair, yay!
    I hope Lily stays with Bart. I hated that they killed him off.
    The basic thing about the Chuck and Blair story is that they are people who see the other as they really are, and loves them (despite that? because of that?)
    The heart knows.
    It was a waste of a season to have Dan and Blair trying to make a couple, but, notice that Blair had to make an effort to make it work because she *reasoned* that it would be a “good decision”. Doomed to fail!
    Dan loving Blair, well, I hope he learns to love Georgina. The seem to get along very well.

  40. Lea says:

    Gossip Girl will end with Chair being together at last! Perfect ending!

  41. felicity says:

    could chair fans say something about not endgame or epic love for chair? because leighton and ed didnt act like that. this season they act like “let’s get over this”. ed is so sick about chuck qnd wants him to dead. and leighton seems so happy to quit this show. so different when she said she was interested with blair and dan, even it’s just friendship.

  42. i remember reading somewhere a couple of yrs back that producers didn’t know how many seasons of GG they would have but they knew for sure how it would end, is that still the case?

  43. gg says:

    Gossip girl is ended it is so sad. I can’t believe all this hate here for our beloved show. I am a chair fan and I am so happy they are getting the happy ending they deserve. Yes they went through a really dark time but they love each other. Give Chuck a break!! He had a really tough childhood and that messed up him up a lot and I think he didn’t know how to be in a relationship and treat someone he loves but he has learnt over the years and Blair understands that. It took a long time for her to go back and she made sure that he had redeemed himself. After everything they have been through together if they can be permanently happy together that’s beautiful xoxo

  44. Reblogged this on Read me now and commented:
    I hope that Gossip Girl will end perfectly. I know there’s a hope for Serena and Dan together with Blair and Chuck. I really wanna see Serena and Blair marry their soul mates. Awwwwww. It must be so sweeeeeeet.

  45. pari says:

    dan is not serena’s soulmate

  46. erin says:

    Depressed that Gossip Girls is coming to the end I was really Hoping for a GG Season 7