Supernatural's Ty Olsson Previews Benny's Return, 'Unresolved Issues' for the Winchesters

Supernatural Ty Olsson Jensen AcklesWhen Supernatural‘s Dean escaped purgatory, he did so with the help of a vampire named Benny. The bond resulting from that experience, says the bloodsucker’s portrayer Ty Olsson, “goes to a level that most people don’t ever experience in their lives.”

Though we know why Dean wanted to return to the land of the fully living, Benny’s motives for aiding the Winchester brother haven’t been as clear – until this Wednesday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c). Read on to see what Olsson tells TVLine about his character’s “driving force” and what we can expect from Benny’s first meeting with Sam.

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TVLINE | I was taken aback by the scenes between Benny and Dean in the premiere. Just how close is their bond?
It’s extremely close. And it’s close in a way that very few people can understand. I have likened this to being behind enemy lines, a battle in hostile territory. These two have been at war, back to back, against the enemy for a year in purgatory. A bond like that, only people in the military that have gone through a warlike situation could possibly begin to understand. Their connection goes to a level that most people don’t ever experience in their lives. It’s absolute dependency on another person for survival and companionship and safety. That connection is too difficult to describe.

TVLINE | When Benny first approached Dean, it seemed like he just needed him out of necessity to get out. Is there a turning point where it goes from that to something more?
Yeah, we see little glimpses of how that happened in the flashbacks to purgatory. I keep saying, they could have done a season of what happened in purgatory. We see some of how those connections grew stronger and how it developed into something a little deeper and more personal. But it’s suggestions. We don’t go fully into it. We get moments of it and glimpses of it and flashbacks of moments of connection and how that trust was earned so that it becomes more than just necessity.

TVLINE | This week, Dean has to go help Benny. What kind of trouble has he gotten himself into?
[In] Episode 5, we learn why he was in purgatory, how he got there. We learn a lot about Benny’s backstory… The trouble that Benny gets into is that he’s got some loose ends to tie up, so to speak. There’s a pressing reason why he wants out of purgatory and a need to clean up those loose ends and resolve what happened before. There’s a really interesting storyline about where he came from and how he got into purgatory and how he died and how he was turned. It’s a driving force that gets him in the middle of a pretty messy situation. And it’s powerful enough for him that it becomes a single focus. That’s what drives him to get out of purgatory, why he searches out Dean.

TVLINE | Benny goes after his Maker. Why is that important for him?
It’s all tied into how he was created, how he ended up in purgatory and the drive and obsession that he has to rectify his situations. There’s some revenge themes in this episode. And a lot about family. It’s an interesting thing, because it really starts to show what Benny has to go through that makes him more alone in the world.

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TVLINE | And how is the reunion between Dean and Benny? Even though it’s under these dire circumstances, are they happy to see each other?
[Laughs] Yes, Benny is certainly happy to see Dean. By the time he gets a hold of Dean, he needs a friend, for sure. They reconnect. We see a very human side to Benny in this episode. We see a lot about who he is and why he is like he is, why he’s chosen not to drink blood anymore and what he wants from this life. There’s some twists and turns that are really, really good. I’m excited for everyone to see this episode because the writers just killed it. It’s so well done.

TVLINE | This is episode also marks Sam and Benny’s first meeting. How does that go?
I think it’s safe to say we don’t hug it out. [Laughs] Sam and Dean have spent their entire adult years hunting down monsters like Benny. For Sam, this is like a mind explosion because his brother is suddenly buddy-buddy with a monster. That first meeting, there’s not a lot of dialogue in it. It’s a brief meeting. It’s a short scene, but it’s a very powerful scene, just seeing that tension build between the trio, where Dean clearly has Benny’s back. It leaves us knowing that there’s going to be a lot of conflict and a lot of unresolved issues between Sam and Dean – after we hug, of course. [Laughs]

TVLINE | How honest is Dean with Sam about his history with Benny?
I think that’s a question for Jensen [Ackles]. But I suspect it’s one of those things where you hear stories about people who come from heavy duty war zones. It’s not something you want to talk about. You don’t want to talk about what happened while you were in the trenches, the things that you saw, things that you did. I suspect it’s not easy for Dean to discuss that with his brother — this change and why and how it came about. There’s kind of a post-traumatic stress syndrome in both the Benny and the Dean characters. I don’t think it’s something that Dean can just sit down and go, “OK, here’s what happened in the last year.” That’s probably what adds to the conflict – that he’s not able to just be open about it.

Supernatural Ty OlssonTVLINE | Dean and Benny obviously got out of purgatory, but Castiel didn’t escape with them. Did they have a role to play in that?
That situation is revealed later. I cannot tell you or the SWAT team will come in and shoot me.

TVLINE | We need to talk about a scene that has been bugging me since the season premiere: When we see Benny talking to Dean on the phone, he’s standing right outside of a funeral. Is that something we should be reading into?
You should absolutely be reading into it because that’s what the writers want. They want you to be going, “What the hell is he doing there?!” [Laughs] That’s exactly the purpose of that scene, so we’re not quite sure what’s going on and what that means and how it’ll play out in the future. And it does play out, but on a subtle level. I’ve described Benny as a character who’s lost between worlds. Even though he’s back in the real world, he’s still kind of in purgatory and trying to find out who he is and where he belongs. That scene gives you very subtle nuances to Benny’s struggle.

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    I am so anxious about what this episode will mean for Sam and Dean’s relationship, but also really excited. I like Benny (or what I’ve seen of him so far), and I look forward to getting some answers to questions I have about him and Purgatory. Hopefully we get some more glimpses of Sam’s year as well.

    • Good luck with that. It’s going to be the Dean and Benny hour with a smidgen of Sam at the end. Carver doesn’t give a flip about Sam.

      • Alan says:

        sigh. its “fans” like this a show doesnt need, if he didnt care about sam why the hell would he take the job as showrunner? as someone who tries to write i know that if you dont care about all your characters then its a chore for you to write and nobody would be able to continue writing them as a result

    • It`s always been difficult (for me) to care even a tad about Sam – it`s time to ditch Jared and bring on the Ty! These two have chemistry – Ackles and Olssen! Yeah! Padalecki – so much wax!But that said – I just saw the Benders again today and it made me think – why do they always have Sam tougher, stronger, better than Dean – and he is such a whiny wimp. Ughhhh

  2. Al says:

    Oh, Supernatural… What they have done to you.

    “It’s absolute dependency on another person for survival and companionship and safety.”

    Funny. That was the description of Sam and Dean relationship before the character assassination going on on season 8. :(

    • Mikaylah says:

      Purgatory is definitely a different type of war zone than Sam and Dean have fought in though. With them it was cases or specific objectives, but with Benny and Dean it is pure survival instinct 24/7. I can see how that would create a special bound. I don’t however think it diminishes the relationship between Sam and Dean.

      • Al says:

        The writers and showrunners obviously think it does, though.

      • Sara says:

        IMO, the Purgatory sl seems to be highlighting the differences between the core characteristics of Dean and Sam within their relationship. They are and have always been very different individuals and I like that Carver is attempting a better exploration of those differences within the relationship than Gamble or even Kripke ever attempted. Good for him. And it would seem that Benny is going to be a key part of that exploration. Loved Ty O’s thoughts on working with Jensen and on his hopes for his character Benny, and Benny’s sl in S8. Tomorrow’s episode sounds terrific. Bring on more Purgatory!!

        • Completely agree about highlighting their core differences. Dean, to me, has always been a soldier, in a way Sam never was, and I’m glad we are getting to see more of that and what it means. And Sam has always craved normalcy (outside of the dark demon-blood days), which explains how he spent his year.

        • Madeline says:

          I don’t get this reasoning. We have known since Season 1 that Sam has wanted normal and Dean was in it for the hunt. And yes, what each brother has wanted has switched and shifted over the seasons, but I feel like we are just re-hashing old character traits.

          Dean went to Purgatory and it reinforced his purpose in life is to hunt. I think it would have been MUCH more interesting had Sam been the one sent to Purgatory.

          I don’t see how Benny highlights anything.

          • skepticalinquirer says:

            I would’ve found it MUCH more boring if Sam went to Purgatory while Dean got another round of domesticity. It’s about time Sam got that particular storyline.

          • Sara says:

            “I don’t see how Benny highlights anything.”
            I think as the season goes on, how he’s going to do that will be made clearer. We’re only 4 episodes in. But yes, his sl will undoubtedly intertwine more with Dean, while Amelia’s will have more to do with Sam. Carver said that a large part of their growth this season would involve both learning that they CAN live and function apart from each other and within other relationships, while still maintaining their brotherly relationship. I think that’s where we’re headed and if so, I will be glad and cheer Carver loudly because it is about time, IMO. Their grossly dysfunctional one has turned me off completely since S5.

          • Dave says:

            After 7 years of Sam getting every major supernatural storyline, I thank Carver from the bottom of my cranky little heart for finally allowing Dean to have his turn.

          • BennyFan says:

            Because another rounds of whats wrong with Sam and how is Dean going to fix is so interesting and original.

    • silver says:

      What character assassination? You mean where Sam leaves Dean? Well, Sam left Dean when he went to college and had Dean promise him not to bother him, which Dean kept for two years. Sam obviously wasn’t interested in finding out if his brother was alive or dead in those two years and when they finally met again, Sam was less then happy to see Dean.

      When Sam left Dean throught all the 7 seasons? Dean always having to chase after Sam? Thanks but no thanks, I am done with that story. Sam wants to leave? Let him.

      Sam always has an excuse to leave Dean, this isn’t new and it’s totally Sam. Maybe it’s time for Sam to really grow up, which means making up his mind. Does he want to stay with his brother and hunt or not? If not, then just leave already. I’m tired of Sam whining that he wants normal. Let him go and be normal. Dean can hunt with Benny and Cas. The perfect threesome.

      • Robina says:

        Yeah, Sam has wanted normal in the past. But it’s not a desire he’s expressed since the very early seasons, and at several points in the later seasons he’s said the opposite. In the last couple of seasons it’s been Dean who has been more negative about hunting, who has encouraged hunters to get out, and Sam has been the one more inclined to find meaning in saving people.

        And Sam not trying to save Dean when Dean dies or vanishes is unprecedented. From Faith in season one right up to Time After Time in s7, Sam has always gone to all lengths in that situation. So, yeah, Sam simply walking away without trying to find out what happened IS new.

        I have no problem, actually, with Sam not wanting to hunt, though I find the abrupt reversal of Sam and Dean’s positions, and in particular both of them apparently oblivious to the fact that a reversal has taken place, narratively unsatisfying. But Sam’s current position, that he’s not bailing right away but that he is setting a limit and pursuing his own sense of mission rather than Dean’s after a certain point, makes good sense to me. He could have been a lot more sensitive in expressing it, but Dean hasn’t exactly been sensitive to Sam’s take on things so far this season, either. That part is a believable conflict between two believably flawed people who want different things. But the Sam not looking for Dean that Carver took as the starting point for establishing the whole conflict (and heavens knows why; he could very easily have done the Amelia and retired Sam stuff without that) makes no sense, has been given no adequate explanation, and does amount to character assassination, given not only how unsympathetic it is, but how badly it reflects on Sam’s basic competence: how could the hunter who was perfectly able to investigate Dean’s disappearance just a couple of months or so before the finale, with no Bobby and no Cas, be helpless after the finale because he didn’t have Bobby or Cas to call?

        The fact that it only makes sense if you start from an extremely biased Sam-hating perspective is a pretty grave indictment of the storyline. Carver should be even more worried that he’s pleasing fans like you than that he’s pissing off a whole lot of others.

        • Carina says:

          Obviously there`s quite a lot of fans who belong to Team Purgatory. We are quite visible. There`s also a lot who don`t, who feel more like you. What irritates me is when members of one faction refers to members of the other as “fans like you” or “so-called fans”, because we all have a right to want for and enjoy the aspects of the show we do. Neither faction is “better” than the other. Carver in my opinion should be glad he`s pleasing me and fans like me. Of course my faction would believe this and yours would believe the other. I don`t see the point in hightlighting it like that. What Carver really should feel is subjective to you and me. He`ll do what he wants to do, the Supernatural people have always done that, so what the hecks the issue?

          • Tawrens says:

            TA! We’re fans not so called fans. Trashing us as bad fabs or not really fans just because we disagree is childish and pathetic.

    • Danni says:

      Yeah, this! I still can’t believe what a mess Carver has made of things. It’s just horrible! :/

  3. Moe says:

    Thanks for the interview with Ty! He’s quickly becoming my third favorite character this season, after Dean and Castiel. Loving his inclusion and loving the Dean/Benny relationship so far. I find it really fascinating. And I’m with Ty, I think they could have done a whole season, or at the very least a half of one, in Purgatory. There is so much to explore there and it’s a real shame they are limiting it to one or two flashbacks. I was really hoping for more when Dean was stuck in Purgatory. Still, at least it’s something this season and tomorrow night’s episode looks like it’s going to be epic for my favorite trio, the hunter, the angel and the vampire! Can’t wait!

    • Robina says:

      “The hunter, the angel, and the vampire”?

      Yep, that’s the Carver show. Just because the other brother is also a main character doesn’t mean anyone wants to be distracted by him, oh no.

    • Kiersten says:

      Not me. I love Cas – he’s my favorite character but in no way, shape, or form do I ever want Sam out of the picture. Supernatural to me is Team Free Will. Sam, Dean and Cas. Not Benny.

  4. Pam says:

    Fantastic interview with Ty. He’s such an interesting actor, and I love what he’s done with this character so far. The war-time relationship between Dean and Benny has rich and fascinating overtones, and I can’t wait to see it explored throughout the season, hopefully. This Purgatory storyline is terrific! Ty and Jensen have fantastic chemistry, and I hope Benny sticks around for a long time. Goodness knows they need to repopulate universe with intriguing characters like Benny given how the previous administration seriously depleted the ranks.

  5. Clare says:

    I’m scratching my head over why the heck I’m supposed to be interested in hurt!Benny? Or woobie!Benny? I don’t give a crap quite frankly, and the hints that Benny is a ~good vampire have sent my hopes of a powerful dark!Dean storyline floating away down the wazoo.

    • -A says:

      Oh shut up.

    • Alan says:

      yeah because benny cant be lying about the fact that he doesnt drink human blood at all. oh please, stop trying to find the smallest problems, sit back watch the storyline unfold and if at the end of the season it wasnt very good then you complain

      • Jude says:

        Thanks, Alan. You rock! Me??? I’m in it for the brothers and their ever-fluxing family dynamic ! I thank all the writers and show-runners for the wonderful syorylines and characters they have given us for EIGHT AWESOME YEARS!!! Yeah….maybe not every episode has kicked as……but the brothers always do no matter who challenges them. I just sit back and enjoy the ride, week after week!

  6. Sara says:

    The episode sounds so awesome. I’m with Ty. I would have loved an entire season of Purgatory. This sl has re-ignited my passion for this show. I was just about ready to give it up after S7 when I read that they were changing showrunners. I’ve liked every episode of S8 so far. Carry on, Mr. Carver.

    • Terry says:

      I would have been interested in an entire season of Purgatory had it explored the notion of Dean and Castiel surviving there together, battling, trying to get out. But while I support the notion completely that Cas ran off to keep the Leviathan-demons away from Dean, I am now rather glad they didn’t pursue that avenue (which ultimately wouldn’t have happened anyway) because I really would not have appreciated a season of hypocritical Dean taking up with Benny for a whole season.

      Yes, I completely get the notion Ty speaks of wherein people behind the lines make choices to team up to survive – it happens. But then Sam was in front of the lines trying to stop Lilith and unfortunately made bad choices teaming up with Ruby. Cas was in front of the lines and made bad choices trying to stop Raphael bringing the apocalypse Team Free Will had averted together the previous year. And in both these cases Dean was super-critical of them for doing so, for making those choices. Hello kettle, this is pot….

      (And to be honest, while I can appreciate the introduction of new characters very much, the Benny Benny Benny push since the season promotion kicked off has started to get on my nerves. Let us grow to like the characters, become intrigued, please don’t constantly push them.)

      Sorry, a season in Purgatory as it turns out would have been a season in hell for this little black duck.

      • Sara says:

        I’m actually hoping that Dean’s hunter’s instincts will finally be acknowledged as his “gift”, or that which makes Dean “special”, on this show; and this part’s important-I’d like to see it acknowledged within the show/storyboard-something that has happened rarely, series-long-and even less since Dean has returned from his own hell.
        The only ones who I’ve seen acknowledge that Dean’s instincts are usually spot-on are those in the fandom. Within the text, Dean has received little validation in this area, so while some are only interested in seeing “hypocritical” Dean get knocked off his high horse or get taken down a peg or two(to which I’d counter why has the character been criticized for and been given numerous “lessons” on being too b/w as regards monsters-both within the text AND within the fandom-if they didn’t want him to change in this regard?)-*I* am more interested in finally seeing the character validated and uplifted again, after IDK how many seasons of watching him just continually get ground down into the dust-this again within the text of the show and through the writing-fandom feedback/comments on this being just that, and little more.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          Yeah, I can’t see why anybody who is a fan of Dean or would claim to be such wants Dean to be kicked down more than he already gets kicked. Dean’s never told he has anything special. Even the one thing about being Michael’s vessel was taken away from him, both by John and Adam. So for once I’d like Dean to be validated. I don’t get the intense desire to see him degraded again and I won’t bother with any future seasons if it’s just another “Dean needs to learn another lesson and just shut up and hold Sam’s cape.”

        • Stacy says:

          LOLing hard at the notion Dean has ever been presented as wrong. Dean is always right. I hope this bites him on the ass really badly and he actually apologizes to Sam and Cas for being such a hypocrite.

          • silver says:

            Yeah Dean’s always right, which is why he always has lessons to learn and most of them are about how awesome his brother, the special snowflake, is. You really should watch the show with a more objective eye, since you seem to think that poor woobie Sammyrella is nothing more than a victim of fate and his abusive bully of a brother who thinks he’s always right.

          • Tawrens says:

            Sam’s the hypocrite but it’s always Dean doing the apologizing. John was a hypocrite for wanting to avenge Mary’s death and how’d Sam knew that since he never bothered ask at the very least John but just made it up in his own head and accepted it as fact without evidence yet Sam joining the hunt just to avenge Jess and he’s a hero for it? Sam is a spoiled litlle brat realizing daddy’s (Dean) about to marry someone who won’t put up with his crap and he’s doing the best to sabotage the relationship and from the looks of it he succeeded.

        • Alan says:

          the whole point is that dean is normal though, he is the normal guy reacting to the crazy life he has fallen into, in other words the audience surrogate. to then make him into just another superpower running around would take that aspect away from his character

          • Sara says:

            Not a superpower, just the the best hunter on the planet, since every other character on the show has or has had a super power at one time or another. I’d like for Carver to let the character keep that unique badge as his, and only his. Both Dean and Jensen have more than earned that very human distinction, IMO.

      • Stacy says:

        Word to all of this.

  7. Marie says:

    Thanks for the interview! Ty is so articulate, he’s such a joy to read. I’m intrigued by Benny’ storyline- kudos to Carver for not rehashing the Ruby situation. It’s a lot more interesting for the brothers to have first hand dealings with a conflicted monster- there’s a lot more growth possibility for all the characters and I think it’ll make the brothers better hunters.

    I’m also pleased Carver seems to be planning for Dean to begin having more relationships outside of just Sam. That’s not to say Sam shouldn’t as well (like what he has with Amelia.) But since Sam now wants his own life away from hunting and apparently to be less tied to Dean, it’d be better for them both if Dean gave him that freedom. Not sure if Benny’s going to stick around (although it’d be cool if he did) but Dean developing emotional ties with friends like Cas and Benny would be a good start.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      ITA. Since Sam has repeatedly said he wants something other than hunting with Dean, he should get what he wants, and Dean should be free to find someone who DOES want to be with Dean and have the freedom to explore that.

    • Ace says:

      *kudos to Carver for not rehashing the Ruby situation*

      LOL if anyone things this isn’t going to turn into exactly that. I look forward to seeing Dean grovel for forgiveness the way Cas and Sam have had to when they didn’t obey the Word of Dean.

  8. Madeline says:

    Hm. I was excited for Benny. Now I am not so sure.

    I really did not like Ty’s answer about how close Dean and Benny are. It feels very over the top. The line about Dean and Benny having “absolute dependency on one another for survival and companionship and safety” especially irked me. I feel like the relationship between Dean and Benny that the writers are trying to push is cheapening everything Sam and Dean have been through together over the past seven years (heck their entire lives), everything Cas and Dean have been through, everything Dean has been through with anyone. Yes, Purgatory was like war. But Sam and Dean’s (and Cas’) lives have been like war for a long time now. I mean they were up against Lucifer. They have been fighting for their lives and the lives for their friends for years.

    I don’t like that Dean’s “new brother” is coming between him and his real brother, Sam. So tired and over the drama between the brothers. Why can’t they just get along? So much more enjoyable to watch.

    I am also frustrated that the writers are giving Benny a seemingly huge backstory when I feel like Sam so far this season has been so underdeveloped. Yeah, Sam wants normal. And a girl. And to go back to school. But we haven’t been given any details as to what changed in him. I’m left thinking “WTF, Sam?” too much. I feel like with Sam this season we are being told, not shown. It’s lazy writing for Sam. And it sucks.

    I dunno. Maybe Carver wants to continue writing monsters like he did on “Being Human,” but I think that is a mistake. SPN works because of the human element. Not the monster element.

    • Jackie says:

      I agree completely. It’s too much Benny, too soon. At the expense of Sam and Cas. I also thought his bond explanation was over the top. Dean’s bond with Sam and Cas is every bit as deep and strong. Does Ty not know about all that those three have been through together?

      • Alan says:

        oh please he has been but one small aspect of 2 (3?) episodes so far this season, yeah definately too much benny. and if you spend a year mostly in the company of just the one guy fighting everything around you either you bond with the guy or you want to kill him, so i completely get the bond between benny and dean

    • Al says:

      I totally agree, Madeline.

      I’m into this show for Sam and Dean relationship. And I don’t mean they fighting or being at odds. They do too much of that, I’m tired of it. :\

      • Alan says:

        so basically you’re one of the people who could only ever be happy with an hour of dean and sam staring longingly into each others eyes right, well im here for drama and guess what this storyline is creating, drama

    • Tawrens says:

      Dean’s new brother isn’t the prob the prob is Dean’s old brother acting like he needs a nap or at the very least a time out.

  9. Penny says:

    Thanks for the interview! This storyline has me excited about the show for the first time in what is literally years, and I can’t wait to find out more about what happened in Purgatory! Benny is a great addition to the show.

  10. Jackie says:

    Why is the show giving us so much Benny? Why should I care how he died or what he wants out of life? What about Sam, Dean and Cas? We’re going to learn more about Benny than we ever did about Bobby or Cas or any other supporting character. I don’t care about Dean’s bond with Benny. Fix his bond with Sam and Cas. Then there might be time to add in another character. I feel like this new character is just being shoved at me instead of letting his character slowly develop over time. Is he being added as a lead? Is he a potential spinoff? Why so much about him? Am I supposed to care?

    • Madeline says:

      ” I feel like this new character is just being shoved at me instead of letting his character slowly develop over time.”

      This is pretty much exactly my issue with Benny. The relationship between Dean and Benny has yet to feel genuine and real and important to me. I don’t want a character bond or connection to be shoved down my throat. I want to see it develop onscreen it and then believe it myself. I feel like the writers are simply telling me that Benny is Dean’s new BFF-brother and I am suppose to just buy it. But I don’t.

      • BennyFan says:

        Isn’t this episode giving you exactly what your asking for? You said you want to see how their connection was formed and Ty says we see glimpses of that. We learn part of Benny’s back story which will help explain who he is.

    • Terry says:

      Exactly! Thank you!

    • Ace says:

      I agree with all of this. Instead of us being able to accept Benny organically we are being force-fed him. I’m sure it’s partly to fill the gaps left by the Js having a lighter schedule, but I still don’t like having this guy and his even-more-profound-bond rammed down my throat. The woobie vampire described here bears no resemblance to the way Jensen described him in other interviews. I’m more interested in him as a villain using what he knows about Dean against them all and seeing TFW use their wits to get the better of him.

  11. Manon says:

    I wonder if they’re going to pay this much attention to Amelia as they are to Benny. I kind of hate how Dean’s got not one but now two interesting supernatural buddies and Sam’s got…a normal girlfriend we’ve seen very little of and a dog. The season so far feels so off balance with all of the supernatural elements and cool storyarcs weighted towards Dean while Sam gets to look pretty and pop up on occasion to remind us of how insanely smart he is (but apparently the writers don’t think he’s smart enough to have figured anything out about Dean’s disappearance.)

    • Dave says:

      Well, seeing as Dean really only had a supernatural storyline for 3 seasons, I think “Psykid/Chosen One/Boy King/Demon Powers/Lucifer’s Vessel/Soulless/Death’s Drywall/Hellucinations” Sam can afford to let Dean have the supernatural spotlight for a change.

      • Robina says:

        And when Sam has the supernatural storyline, we get to spend all of our time on Dean’s reactions, Dean’s pain, Dean’s angst. If giving Dean the supernatural storyline meant having him stand in the background or disappear from the screen altogether while Sam got the bulk of the screentime, POV, dialogue, and secondary character focus that usually goes to Dean, that would be fair turn and turn about for the last few seasons.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          I’d love to see Sam react and wring his hands and be told that he’s a whiny princess for being wrapped up in his own pain instead of caring for Dean.

    • Alan says:

      who’s to say she is normal though, sam has been pretty cagey as far as the subject of what he has been up to in the past year and the show does seem to be actively dancing around the subject, im convinced that something is going to be revealed around christmas time that will change the direction of the season as far as the amelia storyline is concerned

    • Tawrens says:

      We see so little of Amelia because at best she’s annoying at worse she mentally/emotionally abusive.

  12. Robina says:

    Well, it’s nice to know that the Dean-worshipping Dean show also has a little time to worship his super special vampire friend. Two Benny episodes out of the first nine? While we are getting Sam’s radically baffling and unsympathetic storyline in tiny bits and dribbles (Jared, one of the leads, filmed less than Ty in both the Benny episodes), and the character who has been added to his part of the story, Amelia, doesn’t seem to be getting any focus or exploration of her own at all?

    What Carver is doing to this show is absolutely sickening. It may please a tiny minority of extreme Deanfans who dislike Sam, but throwing the balance of the show this far off can’t be a good thing in the long term. I’ve lost all interest in Carver’s podSam, I’m rapidly losing interest in Dean, and I certainly don’t think the Benny show is going to take their place. I hope the Cas stuff is good, because that’s where most of my few remaining shreds of hope are.

    • Al says:

      I’m a Dean fan and I’m with you (except that I don’t really care about Castiel at all)

    • Lizard says:

      Wow, do you ever get tired of being this relentlessly miserable and discontented with the show? For your information, Jared, one of the leads, filmed less in early parts of the season because he and his wife just had their first child. I actually think it was a very nice thing that Spn could be so accommodating and allow him time to spend with them; he’ll never get these first few months with his baby again, so I hope he enjoys them.

      As for Sam’s storyline, I’m glad he’s getting a second shot at normal, sinc e the first one ended so sadly. Sam’s always wanted that life, and I hope he and Amelia, and to a lesser extent Dean, manage to make it work for them. With the vacuum left by so many dead hunters over the past few years, there are lots of ways Sam can be involved in hunting, if he wants to be, while still having a rewarding, semi-normal life. I for one don’t find his storyline so terribly unsympathetic as I find it unapologetically practical, especially since they had some kind of unspoken agreement between the brothers for this kind of situation. Sam’s been unwillingly embroiled in the supernatural for 26+ years, give or take those blissfully ignorant few at Stanford; isn’t that enough for someone who was never truly cutout for the hunting lifestyle? How much more unhappiness does he have to suffer?

      I actually congratulate Carver on what he is doing with the show. Unlike some fans, I have a longer attention span than that of the average two-year-old, so I can afford to be a little patient and let things play out in their own time. Yes, I want to know Sam’s backstory with Amelia, as well as Amelia’s backstory herself, and what led her to hook up with someone as obviously troubled as Sam, but if they only want to tease me with glimpses before revealing more later, I’m okay with that, since we all know it’s coming.

  13. DFTW says:

    Thanks for the interview with Ty. I love how thoughtful he is about his character and I can’t wait to see how he and Dean developed such a close bond.

    As for being given too much Benny, we’ve had less than 10 minutes of total screen time with the character in five episodes. The fact that he’s a vampire that Dean trusts is a huge deal and that needs to explained.

    I’m all for seeing different sides of Dean based on his relationships with different characters after 7 years of having him revolve around Sam.

    Just as I think Amelia will give us a chance to see different sides of Sam and the new angels will give us a chance to explore more of Cas.

    The show killed off all of its recurring characters so it needs to repopulate the universe with interesting new characters who will add to the show’s dynamic.

    I hope Carver doesn’t allow the usual fandom politics to influence him into prematurely getting rid of a potentially great new character just to shove Dean back into orbit around Sam. That would do all three characters a huge disservice.

    • Robina says:

      Carver doesn’t actually seem to be planning to spend any time on Sam at all, what with Dean and his special friend Cas, Dean and his special friend Benny, and Dean and his inadequate real brother Sam.

      The major secondary characters have always tended to be Dean-focused, and this has been throwing the show out of balance for a long time, but this season seems to be taking the problem to extremes instead of fixing it, given the relative weight being given to both Cas and Benny compared to the minimal development of Amelia.

      Yes, Sam has had somewhat more of the mytharc heavy plot lines. Dean, in compensation, has had more screentime, more POV, more dialogue, and more secondary and one-off characters focused on him. I’m genuinely glad that they are trying to redress the balance of plotline by giving Dean the more mytharcy storyline, but giving Sam even LESS of everything else than they have in previous seasons is not the solution.

      I hope that Carver pays enough attention to fandom to realize that Samgirls, fans of both brothers, and a nontrivial number of Deangirls and Casgirls are all furious with his choices.

      • Dave says:

        ‘I hope that Carver pays enough attention to fandom to realize that Samgirls, fans of both brothers, and a nontrivial number of Deangirls and Casgirls are all furious with his choices”

        Why, have you done a survey? Because it sure seems like you’re pulling this over generalization out of your tushie. i sure haven’t seen these multitude of fans you claim to be “furious.” If anything, most of the comments I’ve read have been pretty freaking supportive.

        • DFTW says:

          Yes I believe they call themselves the silent majority. Though I have yet to see any evidence that they are either silent or even remotely close to a mjority. lol.

      • BennyFan says:

        Check out the episode stills for this episode. We do get Sam and Amelia flashbacks as well.

    • Sara says:

      @DFTW-ITA with your thoughts-especially the last two sentences.

    • Terry says:

      He may have had less than 10 minutes of total screen time, but the promotion of the character has had a helluva lot more. Look at one of the first stills that came out… Dean with *Benny* in Purgatory. So many interview/article references to this character… well and truly out of proportion to a character that has, as you say, only 10 mins of total screen time so far. Which smacks of a push for this character to be embraced because we’re told to – not because it has happened naturally.

      And what often happens when that tactic is employed? The opposite effect. Which is sad, because the character has potential, and Ty’s portrayal makes him intriguing to a degree. But the ‘all Benny, all the time’ is starting to annoy. (And I’m trying not to reiterate the whole hypocrisy of a Dean-Benny unity in the face of his abhorrence of Sam-Ruby and Cas-Crowley.)

      • DFTW says:

        “Which is sad, because the character has potential, and Ty’s portrayal makes him intriguing to a degree. But the ‘all Benny, all the time’ is starting to annoy. ”

        From what I’ve seen, the only people “annoyed” have a particular agenda and it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows this fandom even a little bit.

        As for hypocrisy, that goes both ways. Sam has always preached tolerance towards monsters, so now that he’s met one that actually helped get his brother out of purgatory, he’s suddenly against it? Nice. So much for Sam being grateful to have his brother back.

        • Stacy says:

          “From what I’ve seen, the only people “annoyed” have a particular agenda ”

          Just like the people here banging the drum for Benny have a particular agenda.

      • Sara says:

        I remember when all we were getting was stuff on Sam’s new LI-and even though many aren’t crazy about that sl for Sam, it’s been far from ignored by the PTBs and the bloggers, IMO.

      • Ace says:

        Agree with all of this.

  14. Erica says:

    I’m interested to see how the EDGs who’ve spent the last few years ripping into Sam for lying and sneaking around behind his brother’s back will spin Dean doing the exact same thing. Oh well, at least it looks like saint!Dean will have saint!Benny the friendly vampire who of course has never fed on a living soul and can be totally trusted to wander around and not bite anyone.

    • DFTW says:

      And it’s very interesting to see ESGs complaining about Sam having a domestic storyline when they were more than happy to have Dean in the non-supernatural story line for SEVEN years.

      • Robina says:

        Well, you could try comparing how Sam’s domestic storyline is being treated compared to how Dean’s equivalent in s6 was treated. s6 started off with two Dean-heavy episodes, examining Dean’s feelings about normal life, hunting, parenthood, the trauma of the YED and what it did to him, how his issues related to his feelings about John. s8 . . . also starts off with two Dean-heavy episodes. Lisa and Ben intersected with the supernatural in every episode in which they appeared, except Mannequin. Dean, in the first half of the season, was the one who got vamped, the one who got kidnapped by fairies, and the one who got the truth cursed. He was also the one who interacted more with the Campbells than Sam, even though they had been Sam’s backstory. And he was the one to figure out what was going on with Sam and rescue Sam’s soul from the Cage; the season hiatus ep was another Dean-focused episode. The first half of the season was so Dean-heavy that Jensen complained. Amazingly enough, in s8, where Sam has the domestic storyline, we once again have Jensen complaining about how lite the season is on Sam.

        I have no objection to Sam having an emotional story rather than a plotty story. I object to the fact that when Dean has the emotional story, the time and focus of the show are on the emotional story, whereas now that Sam has the emotional story, the majority of the screentime and focus are going, once again, to Dean. They’re telling us that Sam’s story is to be taken at face value and there’s no reveal to come, yet, narratively, they are doing the same kind of mysterious hints for Sam vs full exploration for Dean that they did at the start of s4 and s6, when the supposed excuse for back-burnering Sam was not ruining the plotty mystery.

        • DFTW says:

          Fandom notoriously hates on any love interests, so it’s pretty obvious to me that Carver is being very careful about how he is introducing Amelia. But there will also be Sam flashbacks in tonight’s episode so all this pissing and moaning is extremely premature.

          Benny is getting attention this article because it is an interview with that actor who plays him. Not sure why people haven’t grasped that little fact.

          If and when they interview Amelia, which they may not because of fandom’s hostility towards women so you only have yourselves to blame for that, but if they do, then I’m sure she will only talk about Sam and their relationship.

          • Tawrens says:

            Nothing to do with love interest but T&A factor. Jo was disliked cause despite a strong showing in 1st ep writers went down hill writing her. Cassidy and Chan’s characters were brought in for T&A. Bela grew on me but Cassidy’s Ruby cane across as a skanky barbie doll with no substance. Cortese brought depth to her/ Fans have clamored for the return of Ellen, Jody, Pam who was a love interest for Dean, Sarah a love interest for Sam. It isn’t the fans hating love interest but T&A jiggle wiggle fluff. Strong, intelligent women are welcome.

          • DFTW says:

            Oh you mean the way Lisa was welcomed? I guess you forgot all about those death to lisa petitions.

    • Dave says:

      Okay, I admit, I’m just a simple fanboy so maybe I’m missing something. But how is Dean actually telling Sam he’s leaving for one day the same as repeatedly sneaking off in the middle of the night?

      Wow, sure looks like there’s a lot of Dean hating butthurt on the board tonight.

  15. Scotty says:

    So, like, Sam and Dean haven’t been together in a warzone, depending on each other? They could never have the super duper, extra special bond that only Benny and Dean have?

    And Sam is shocked by Benny simply because Benny is a monster? When SAM has been the one who has been empathizing with monsters from the beginning? I’m sorry, but has Jeremy Carver watched a single fukcing episode of the show he is being paid to run?

    • Al says:

      LOL, this…

    • BennyFan says:

      “So, like, Sam and Dean haven’t been together in a warzone, depending on each other? They could never have the super duper, extra special bond that only Benny and Dean have?”

      It’s hard for Sam and Dean to have that super duper, extra special bond when every time Dean turns his back expecting Sam to have it, Sam runs away.

      If Dean was relying on Sam for “absolute dependency on another person for survival and companionship and safety” he’d still be stuck in purgatory because Sam couldn’t even be bothered to lift a finger to help him.

  16. Paula says:

    I’m trying really hard but I couldn’t give less of a frack about Benny. Nothing personal to Ty Olsson, who I’m sure is a nice guy, but if I want to watch the adventures of a vampire with a soul I’ll dig out my Buffy DVDs. Or there is this other show that has a vampire in it, one who is struggling to retain his humanity, it’s run by some guy called Jeremy Carver.

    Oh… right. I get it now.

  17. Jaylyn says:

    I don’t like that Benny is being shoved at us like this. I agree the show needs more recurring characters but this isn’t the way to go about it. Team Free Will fought and died side by side for years. So now this Benny comes along and Dean has this deep meaningful bond that no one else can understand? Now, after all we’ve seen Sam and Dean go through? After all Bobby and Cas went through with them? I think Benny is seeming more and more like a Marty Stu. This isn’t the sort of character the show needs.

    • Kiersten says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m kind of really saddened both by Carver and Edlund who I expect better from. I hope this publicity is all wrong but this is not making me excited about this episode at all. And there’s been far too much Benny publicity. Stop trying to shove him down our throats.

  18. Ali says:

    Very cool stuff! I’m finding Ty’s portrayal to be really charming, and I’m interested to hear more about Benny and how he and Dean’s relationship developed in Purgatory. There was clearly a heck of a lot going on down there between their burgeoning friendship, Dean and Cas’s continuing bond and its consequences, and the tension between Cas and Benny. I can’t wait to see it play out topside!

  19. skepticalinquirer says:

    I’m really enjoying the fact that Dean actually has a storyline with a character that’s connected to him for once. I am in no hurry for it to end.

  20. trina says:

    Benny? What about what happened to Cas? Or to Sam? After two filler episodes why aren’t we focusing on what has happened to two other characters whose past year we still know very little about?

    • DFTW says:

      I believe Cas will be in the flashbacks and Sam will have his own flashbacks with Amelia. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your outrage.

      • Robina says:

        Cas is in the flashbacks, yes, and has two Cas-heavy eps coming up in 8.7 and 8. And yes, Sam does have his own flashbacks. But Jared was off for five out of the eight days of the filming of 8.5, so I think the people who are feeling that Benny is being developed at the expense of Sam have some facts on their side. Especially since there seems to be a similar proportion coming up in 8.9, and two episodes of heavy development of a new secondary character that are also episodes light on one of the leads is a strange decision, especially as they are being billed as particularly pivotal episodes.

        • DFTW says:

          Just because Jared has some time off, doesn’t mean he won’t have equal time in the episode. It depends on the technicality of the scenes on how much time is devoted to shooting them. If Sam is mostly doing domestic type stuff with Amelia, that will be much faster to shoot than something that requires fight scenes or pirate ships.

          Point is, in seven years, I have never felt like Sam didn’t have a strong storyline and I don’t feel like it now. They have 23 episodes so they are spacing all the stories out over the year.

          There is a difference between not liking a story and not having one, and I disagree strongly that Sam is being sidelined. He is the top-billed character and has always been the one driving the story. If they switch things up a little for one season and give him a more emotional story, I think that’s a good thing. And isn’t that what his fans have been screaming for? More Sam POV. Well you will be getting it and have been getting it, everytime Sam explains why he doesn’t want to hunt and why he wants a normal life.

  21. Rachel says:

    Im with those that think there shoving Benny a little too much down our throats. It’s kind of like Lisa. I would of been totally fine with her if they introduced her slowly not here she is Dean and her have been together for a year and are like soul mates. Its the same with Benny. Now were to believe there the best of buds with an unbreakable bond? Its just a lot to take in too soon. Can I just stick with the characters that I know. I want Bobby, Sam, and Cas back pronto.

  22. Marilyn says:

    So excited by this! It feels so new and I’m excited to see how it shakes up the brothers! I’m certain it will inject some desperately needed new life into Sam & Dean together.

    Benny / Ty is awesome and the whole Purgarory storyline is the best thing in S8 so far.

  23. AJ says:

    I haven’t enjoyed a show so much in years and anticipate every episode impatiently! It’s because of the mystery of Purgatory and the awesome introduction of Benny. I was almost bored waiting for a decent plot for Dean, they’ve given him some really crappy arcs in the past and finally we get to see what he can be! Wish they really would do a whole season just on Purgatory!

    • Robina says:

      So, would you want Sam in purgatory, or are you just being perfectly frank about the fact that what you want is a season with no Sam? Because you seem to be coming pretty close to getting that.

      • AJ says:

        No, wouldn’t want Sam in Purgatory, that would negate the purpose of the arc. They have spent time alone and that makes their relationship different and interesting to watch. I think there’s a twist coming with Sam’s part in this and it will be interesting to watch what happens when him and Dean finally deal with it. I love that there are new characters and still new directions to take the show. It’s well done and wouldn’t happen if we hadn’t invested so much in the two brothers. Having said that… I really would watch a season on Purgatory… it’s just that good.

  24. Wow. I was really hoping that Benny was a bad influence on Dean, sort of the Devil on his shoulder, urging him onto killing. That would have been really interesting and different that for once, Dean would be wrong about who he trusts. It would also have given the opportunity to Sam to rescue Dean from the vampire and maybe his story wouldn’t be so bland.

    Supernatural has never been about “human monsters”. Even the ones who don’t kill like Lenore have something alien and unfriendly about them. I have no interest in a vampire acting like a human with PTSD, etc. It might fit perfectly on “Being Human”, but it’s kind of ridiculous on SPN, in my opinion.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      What are you talking about? Even with Ruby, Sam blamed Dean for making him run to her. And Sam drank demon blood in Swan Song and everybody had to hop aboard. The show really doesn’t go out of its way to make Dean right.

      You’re just unhappy that Dean’s not being completely thrown under the bus so Sam can smugly crow about how superior Sam is to Dean in every way and that it would thoroughly whitewash the fact that Sam abandoned Dean over and over again.

      And talking about human monsters, Sam was one once.

    • Dave says:

      Still butthurt about Ruby, I see.

    • silver says:

      Only for fans like you, who don’t want Dean to have anything good and only want him to grovel to his brother. That’s what pisses the Sam fans off so much, that the story may actually be about Dean instead of Sam for once. It’s been 7 years and Sam’s had a story for every one of those years. Dean had it for one, and that was taken away and given to Sam.

      Stop complaining about Sam not having this and Sam not having that, Sam’s had enough. This fan has had enough of Sam, Sam, Sam. It’s Dean’s turn to have a story of his own that he won’t have to share with his self-centered brother. Let Sam be about Dean for once instead of always about himself.

      And if Sam compares Benny to Ruby, he will just show himself to be the self-centered, petty, resentful brother that he’s turned into for the past 4 years. Sam, like his fans, want Benny to be bad so he can lord it over Dean and once again feel superior. Thanks but no thanks.

      Dean needs good friends, and like another comment said, Dean has a big enough heart to hold everyone.

  25. An Tar says:

    Where is Sam’s part in all this? Has Jeremy Carver even watched this show? He obviously doesn’t know that Sam, Cas and Bobby have all been on the front line with Dean. JFC.

    I thought this show was Supernatural not Being Human. Maybe the EP got confused again.


    Benny is going after his maker? Let me guess it’s Lucifer. Just so happens to be played by Pellegrino. I cannot even with this BS.

    • rowan77 says:

      What a load of crap. I’m not seeing Sam behave out of character at all. Carver clearly knows more about the show and characters than you. From the time Sam was a kid through several seasons into the show, Sam has not been happy with the family business. He later became resigned to it. He only loved with when he was Soulless Sam. Dean and Cass disappearing, as well as the death of Bobby and then Frank left Sam completely alone with no hints or help with where Dean and Cass went. His choosing to check out was obviously not one he took lightly, but he clearly was not in the emotional shape to keep going.

      Vampires are not new to Supernatural. Dean was even a vamp for an episode. Benny is not a one-note character. It is very much within Supernatural milieu to create complex secondary characters. That’s one of the best things about the show.

      Stop being such a purist. It’s boring and boorish and makes you sound like a witless whiner who can’t comprehend intricate storytelling. Characters need to progress and sometimes, after a trauma, regress. Sam has his guilt, as does Dean plus Dean has PTS. He also had it when he got back from hell, so I think Carver’s doing just fine.

    • Lanny says:

      I’m confused about what you mean by “Sam’s part?” I don’t remember Sam being in Purgatory with Dean- he was topside, having picnics and eating organic apples, remember? So Dean ended up sharing that traumatic experience with someone else and now feels close to him. It doesn’t detract from his relationship with Sam. Dean has a big enough heart for everyone.

  26. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Wow! It looks like the fangirls are going to war in the comments.

    I have loved Supernatural from the beginning and still do and for the life of me I have never understood these fangirl wars. To me they just seem lame and pathetic.

    • kate says:

      careful. they’re going to label you a “bi-bro” and sling their nastiness at you anyway. but enjoy the popcorn and the show ;)

  27. Clio says:

    ” I keep saying, they could have done a season of what happened in purgatory.”

    How i would have loved that spinoff! That said, thoughtful answers by Ty Olsson. I enjoyed the interview.

    Dean is FINALLY getting a proper storyline. I know Jensen Ackles is quite content to be able to explore Dean in a different way. It’s been a long time coming for him and for me as a fan.

    So far, so good, as far as I’m concerned.

  28. Singingal says:

    Yay! Plow guy! :) love him

  29. Bouncy Castle says:

    Deputy Andy grew a beard!!

  30. Kiersten says:

    Really not interested at all in the Benny story. NOT AT ALL. Maybe an episode focusing on Sam or one on Cas. Characters I care about. Not some random vamp who sounds like he’s going to end up like one of the woobie vamps that are already all over tv. Great – Hello Stefan part 2.

  31. Hahaha thats all i have to say to all those Cas hating Sam fans. Talk about change your tune when Benny was first introduced as Deans BFF you lot laughed saying Cas fans were bitching that we would see less of Cas . Not laughing now are you that Benny is going to have a lot of screen time which means you see less Sam. ROFLMAO

  32. silver says:

    Like Cas, Benny has caught the imagination of the fans. I love Benny and what he’s brought to this show and I will love discovering the relationship between Dean and Benny. Dean and Sam have had their story, well mostly Sam has, but it’s time to move on and forward and the addition of different characters is great. Benny is great and I hope he hangs around. Dean needs more than Sam, and Cas has his story.

    Dean and Benny have to go through purgatory together and I agree with Ty, the purgaroty story should have been made into a season long story.

    I didn’t see any Sam fans crying foul when Sam had Ruby and a story of his own with Ruby. Now all I read is poor Sam, why isn’t Dean all about Sam? Maybe some of us are tired of the same old story, and it’s time to move one.

    Benny is a great character and I want to see more of him. His connection with Dean is fantastic! More please.

    I would also love to see the profound bond rebuild between Dean and Cas, after Gamble spent two years trying to destroy it just to give Cas to Sam.

    Please Carver, keep Benny good, and keep him Dean’s special friend. I’m tired of the show taking from Dean to give to Sam. After 7 years, it’s time for Dean to keep something of his own for once.

    • Jaylyn says:

      “Benny has caught the imagination of the fans”. That is a pretty broad statement to make. It seems like just the most extreme Dean fans care about Benny at this point, and that’s only because they have latched onto him as the most loyal, true blue friend Dean has ever had. Benny the vampire is going to succeed where Sam and Cas and Bobby and everyone else has failed: devoted blind worship of Dean.

      It’s really the way Benny is being introduced and how the actor is describing his friendship with Dean that is the problem. Cas’s relationship with Dean grew slowly over time, it had it’s ups and downs. Cas and Dean went through much together and we saw the bond grow. Benny is being pushed on us upfront. The bond with Dean is already a fait accompli, We are supposed to just accept it. Sam and Cas are on the sidelines apparently and can’t understand this great bond. It’s annoying, even to those of us who like Dean but don’t want characters forced on us this way. It just makes me want Benny to kill someone so that someone has to cut off his head.

      • Alan says:

        ok broad sweeping statements like that are just wrong, i like benny he is bringing a different dimension to the show this season, and guess who my favorite character on the show is? dean i hear you say, well i say no its bobby. so there ya go, you dont need to be a massive fan of dean to like benny, you just need to be a fan of good stories and good drama. and if you cant spot the massive misinformation thing thats going on with benny then you need to read between the lines, to me its quite obvious that things are going to go bad with benny because people are saying that he doesnt drink human blood. and also they are talking about him a lot to hide something thats going on with amelia, seriously think about it we know next to nothing about her and sam is dancing around speaking about her so there must be something the writers are hiding from us

  33. Chris says:

    My question ever since the scene with Benny at the funeral is…..How the hell is a VAMPIRE outside in the middle of a bright sunny day?

  34. Destiny says:

    Add me to the list of people who are excited to see how the dynamic between Dean/Benny/Cas plays out. I’m really loving the purgatory stuff too.

    I’m really interested in seeing how Dean and Benny’s connection formed. After their initial meeting they each knew they needed something from the other. They were equally dependent on each other. Dean needs Benny to show him where the portal is and Benny can’t get through it without Dean. Yet, when they get to the portal Dean holds most of the power here. He could have loped off Benny’s head than, or he could have taken Benny with him, and cut his arm and let Benny bleed out on the side of the road, or cut off Benny’s head the minute after he resurrected him, thus keeping his end of the bargain to take Benny with him. Yet he didn’t. Why? Maybe Dean can sympathize with him because he was a vampire once too. Hopefully the show will acknowledge this at some point.

    Dean bonding with Benny isn’t going to diminish his bond with Cas or Sam. Hurting Sam is a big taboo with Dean, yet Cas’s death was the straw that completely broke Dean. He said it was something he couldn’t shake off and he kept the trench coat. Plus he deliberately stayed longer in purgatory than he had to because he wasn’t leaving without Cas.

    If Sam and Dean’s bond is as strong as people say it is, than they shouldn’t feel threatened by Dean having other strong relationships. Who here doesn’t believe that if Dean was forced to chose between Sam, Benny and Cas that he wouldn’t even really have to think about it before choosing Sam.

    Plus, Dean has a big heart. He’s loyal to a fault (even Jensen acknowledges this). If Sam and Cas are acting all butt hurt and Jealous because Dean’s not 100% focused on them then Sam and Cas seriously need to grow up and get over themselves.

    Now, before anyone jumps all over me. I’m a big Destiel fan and the Dean/Cas bond is my favorite, but I’m looking forward to seeing Dean and Benny’s story play out because Dean having another friend doesn’t mean he’s going to forget his old ones.

  35. Danni says:

    I hardly recognize the characters and the show anymore??! Why is Sam being so completely sidelined from the story and why doesn’t Carver care about Sam and Dean’s relationship at all? It is what made this show so great and engaging and he has done nothing but putting it down and focusing on more and more side characters?!

    • silver says:

      Were you just as worried for Dean being sidelined for the past 7 years? I doubt it.

      • Robina says:

        Dean has always had at least an equal share of focus and screentime, POV and character interactions, and for the past few seasons he’s had the lion’s share. I have expressed concern at various times that they tended to use Dean for emotional and POV stuff and Sam for plot stuff, but transferring the plot to Dean without transferring any of the other stuff to Sam is a pretty terrible solution. They might have done better to leave well enough alone; the division of labor at least allowed some kind of development for both characters.

  36. Benny hasn’t caught the imagination of the fans. He’s caught the imagination of Dean!Girls. We’ve barely seen him. We know nothing about him except that he’s Dean’s new BFF. But apparently that’s enough. Who cares if he’s taking away from Sam or even Cas? Dean has yet another best friend. Now we get the Dean and Benny show. Yippee.

    Carver can kiss my ass. He’s destroying the show.

    • Ace says:

      The EDGs love anyone who isn’t Sam. They loved Cas because he isn’t Sam but of course now it looks like we might see more Sam-Cas interaction they are hurling their feces over it and hating on Cas. Because while they’re perfectly happy as long as Cas is all about Dean, once he isn’t then they don’t want to know. They’re crazy for Benny and ignoring the fact this whole storyline turns Dean into a lying hypocrite, but what do you think will happen when Benny backstabs Dean? They’ll turn on Benny in a heart beat.

      • silver says:

        Oh please. We don’t want Cas or Benny to be anything like Sam and we’d rather that Dean be as far away from his selfish, self-centered brother as he possibly can get. Sam fans have wanted Cas to be Sam’s friend since Cas was first introduced, and Gamble tried that. But really, the chemistry isn’t there.

        However, if Carver goes there, I will be more than happy. Let Sam have Cas as his personal cheerleader, as long as Dean keeps at least one friend who isn’t made to fall all over Sam’s awesomeness like Bobby was made to.

        As for hypocrites, I don’t think any character will ever be able to outdo Sam as far as hypocrisy. The guy who sucked demon blood hates Benny, the guy who was willing to let killer Amy loose trusting her on her words hated Benny.

        Really Sam, look in the mirror, hypocrisy is thy name.

        • Robina says:

          The Sam and Cas chemistry is off the charts, though it’s always best when it’s a bit antagonistic (that’s true of the Dean and Cas chemistry, too: it was at its best early s4, when Cas was still an ambiguous and powerful figure — I think Winchesters just glare well or something). I found the season seven scenes when Sam understood and reached out to Cas moving and all, but for chemistry I’ll take “you didn’t” and “boy” and bondaged soulfisting any day.

      • Destiny says:

        I could also point out that many ESG’s couldn’t stand Cas and wanted him gone, saying he was interfering with the brother bond and how he was a boring and insufferable character. Now that he’s going to bond with Sam they seem to love him. They now believe that Cas didn’t bring back Sam souless on purpose where before they were calling for his blood saying he must have.

        Is peoples real problem with Cas that he likes Dean better?

        As for Dean, he’s no bigger hypocrite than Sam, Mr. Monsters are people too. Why is it when Dean is actually giving a monster the benefit of the doubt Sam dislikes him on sight or is it only monsters that Sam bonds with that deserve the benefit of the doubt?

        Remember how upset Sam got when Dean wanted to kill Ruby for the reason she was a demon? If you rewatch I know What you Did Last Summer and Heaven and Hell you will see that Dean gave Ruby a chance. Yet Sam still went behind Dean’s back and lied to him about Ruby. Dean even told Sam he could keep his secrets but to just stop lying to him. Sam’s response was to lie. How about Benny actually screw up before Sam’s condemns him or its going to look like petty jealousy on Sam’s part. Since the boys are so close and have this unbreakable bond, I would think that Sam would be little grateful to Benny for bringing Dean back into his life and saving his life and all. Sam thought Dean should accept Ruby because she saved Sam’s life so maybe Sam should extend his brother the same courtesy and give Benny a chance to prove himself.

        Dean can be a hypocrite but so can Sam.

        • DFTW says:

          The only real problem for these people is Dean’s continued popularity and Jensen’s amazing chemistry with so many of the show’s great guest actors. That makes his relationships memorable to the majority of fans, who then become invested in the characters as individuals.

        • Robina says:

          Well, according to Carina MacKenzie, Sam does, in fact, give Benny a chance. Just as he gave Cas a chance, and as he’s given other monsters a chance. Sometimes he’s been proved wrong, sometimes his trust has paid off.

      • silver says:

        Just like Sam fans turned on Cas and wanted him off the show, actually petitioned him to be off the show and fired. But now? Now that maybe CAs and Sam may be friends? All of a sudden they like Cas. But what will happen if Cas remains special to Dean and vice versa? The Sam fans will once again hate on Cas wanting him off the show. Really, Sam fans are as hypocritical as their favorite character Sam. I guess likes do attract.

      • DFTW says:

        The point you seem to be missing in your usual selective reading of fans who think differently than you, is that Benny has not actually been shown to have back-stabbed Dean, unlike both Sam and Cas. He has been shown to be loyal and protective of Dean so far, so of course Dean fans have taken to him.

        Just as Sam fans who had been campaigning for years to get Misha fired, were suddenly gleeful about Cas being Sam’s new BFF as they bonded over their butthurt over Dean’s affection for Benny. Just like they loved Ruby and cheered her on as she trashed Dean over and over again to Sam, who never bothered to defend his brother.

        Now I love Cas and I don’t want him to be sidelined and I know that Sam never will be, so all this hyperbolic teeth-gnashing is amusing me greatly.

    • silver says:

      Benny hasn’t caught the imagination of the Sam fans because Benny is not All About Sam! And that’s the basic truth. Anyone that Dean is attached to is instant pariah for the Sam fans because it’s about Dean and not the specialest of snowflakes, woobie Sam.

      • And he’s caught the imagination of Dean fans precisely because he’s Dean’s friend. No other reason.

        • AJ says:

          That’s just not true. The way Ty is playing Benny is captivating. The charm of his old south accent and the slow, smooth way he moves is so well done. The scene where he meets dean is my favorite this season. ‘He was my friend, now you are’. I love the way he delivered that. Too cool for school. He is adding true value to the show and I can’t wait for the next episode to get his backstory.

    • debra says:

      how can you say carver is destroying supernatural you all moaned when sera gamble was in charge and now your all at it again i think he s doin a pretty good job so far and you seem to forget he has wrote on this show before for about 3 years with kripke so he should have a pretty good idea what he s doin everyone ive spoke to agree s this is the best season in a long while so i think he should be given a chance and allowed to do his job.

    • Tawrens says:

      Supernatural Fan (@Winchester_OTP) Where have you been? Sam in his insane need to take out Benny despite the fact that Benny has given him no reason and his history with Lenore has given him more screen time then anyone. I don’t like his crazy actions but their way better then his scenes with Yawnmelia who is abusive and annoying. Lots of people even Sam fans like Benny and want him to stay. I agree so far Gamble was better then Carver in storylines. Sam is acting like a complete ass and crying about Amy who he lnew 30 minutes at 15 and 30 minutes as an adult who he knew to be a murderer. She could of looked at other avenues first but went straight to murder and he walked away letting her continue to murder. If he hadn’t brought Martin in Martin wouldn’t be dead, Benny MIA and Elizabeth traumatized. Sam refuses to accept that happened as a direct reaction of his actions. He saw his brother violently attacked and he left him handcuffed unconsious to a radiator not caring if Dean might not of regained consciousness/freedom before the killer attacked. Amelia texts and he rushes off leaving unsupervised Martin. Sam doesn’t even bother to call until he’s already on the way to texas. He’s pissed the text is from Dean not Amelia?! Someone needs to smack Sam so his brain starts working again. What Sam did is way worse then what Dean did. Dean’s didn’t result in a person dying and he knew Amelia was the only one Sam was listening to. Sam pretending to give Benny the benefit of the doubt but when Dean returned Sam completely dismissed it because in Sam’s mind Sam is always right and Dean is always wrong. Anything that doesn’t fit Sam’s delusions are dismissed. Sam kowtowing to the mental/emotional abusing Amelia is not the Sam from previous seasons. Sam needs to man up find his spine and tell Amelia the Beotch where to get off.

  37. Lucky says:

    Purgatory is a great story line and I like the addition of Benny so I’m looking forward to learning more about his backstory. Got to say I am enjoying this season thanks to Jeremy Carver and everyone who works so hard on the show. Supernatural remains my favorite. That being said I don’t really understand some of the complainers but I do find you rather entertaining. To each his/her own I suppose. Although I don’t believe you when you say you’re done with the show ’cause heck you keep coming back and even take the time to post comments.

  38. Alex says:

    Jensen stresses how it’s a war buddy relationship and different from Sam’s his BROTHER!.
    So these article need to stop making it something like he will steal Sam away or something.

    • kate says:

      I don’t think it’s the article as much as it’s people overreacting. I mean, Benny is Dean’s new “friend” (for lack of a better word), of course the article is going to focus on Dean and Benny more than Sam, and of course Sam is going to be suspicious (at first, at least). People are freaking out a lot over what is probably going to be nothing.

  39. Francy says:

    Benny will never come between Dean and Sam, so I don’t think the fans of the brotherly relationship need to worry.

    Cas fans do, on the other hand…

    With hindsight, the Benny thing is very disappointing to me, as a fan of Cas and of the Dean/Cas dynamics …at the end of season 7 I was looking forward to Dean and Cas fixing their relationship while surviving together in Purgatory. But we didn’t get that… we got a storyline about how Dean befriended Benny in Purgatory (while being completely separated from Cas) and developed this super amazingly close bond with Benny, of the kind he never had before. It looks like Cas is being replaced with the shiny new thing (and I know this is not rational-talk, but I can’t help it).

    This doesn’t bode well, and depresses me greatly… but I’m willing to keep an open mind and see what they do this season, it may turn out to be great, and maybe no character will get the short end of the stick.

    • shamangrrl says:

      Dean flat out refused to leave Castiel’s side in Purgatory, once he found Cas. He flat out told Cas that they would go together, or not at all. We know that something happened and Cas didn’t get out with Dean, but we don’t know what happened. Based on what we’ve seen, Dean has forgiven Cas and is unwilling to throw him to the Purgatory monsters, instead being willing to fight at his side. He even defended Cas when Benny questioned Cas. So I really don’t see how what we’ve actually seen on-screen translates to Dean replacing Cas with the shiny new thing.

      Nevermind that Dean is more than capable of caring for more than one person at a time, unlike a lot of the fans of this show.

      • Francy says:

        Of course. I’m not criticizing Dean here, not at all. Dean is more than allowed to have more than one friend, the more the better for him. I’m worried about the writers’ plans, and that they might think Cas has run his course as a character, and Benny is being introduced as “the new Cas”.
        I don’t think that’s the case…as I said, this isn’t rational at all. I guess the fandom wars (with a big portion of fans wanting him off the show) and the constant worrying about him being killed off for good has made me a little paranoid.

        I’m sure I’ll end up loving Benny, I’ve always wanted Dean to be less black/white about supernatural creatures, and we are getting that.

  40. kate says:

    I’m not sure what everyone’s so unhappy about. I’m excited to see how this plays out because I’m pretty sure of how it’s going to end: Benny will ultimately threaten Sam, and Dean will go queen of hearts on his ass, no questions asked. Dean is never going to choose Benny over Sam for good. For now, we get to see Dean and Benny’s relationship for awhile, but when the chips are down, Dean’s going to pick Sam, no matter what. Or I could see it happening the other way: Sam will do for Dean what Dean won’t be able to do for himself when Benny becomes a problem. Either way, I don’t see this ending well for Benny, but I’m excited to see how we get to that point.

  41. dewdrops says:

    What is with all the uber-nasty, uber-defensive extreme Deanfans here? Why do you all feel the need to tear down others for their opinions, pick fights, and just be continuously rude? Jensen and the character he plays really don’t need these types of “fans”, especially in instances where his friend and co-lead (and the character he portrays) is constantly being trashed.

  42. Ella says:

    The bond resulting from that experience, says the bloodsucker’s portrayer Ty Olsson, “goes to a level that most people don’t ever experience in their lives.”

    Er, Dean has had such a bond with BOTH his brother, Sam, and his best friend, Cas. I like Benny, I’m loving this season and I am interested to see where Carver takes (and fixes) the story after the trainwreck that was season 7 but bitch please. Dean’s bond with this guy is not the first revolutionary thing to happen to his character – his friendship with Castiel, his first meaningful relationship outside his immediate family, was.

  43. Sandie says:

    I’ve been a Supernatural fan since its’ beginning and I love the show! However, I don’t like that the guys now seem to be growing apart. I want to see more of the stuff from the past, the total commitment to one another, Bobby as a father figure, and Cas as their guardian angel. I’d like to see everyone unite to fight the evil of the world. I want them to start a safe compound where they are completely safe and can have families while teaching other hunters like themselves the art of defeating all types of evil. I want God to show himself to them. I know everything has to end, but these guys are some of the best actors around, who make these far-fetched themes seem believable and I hate to think of this being the shows’ last season.

    • debra says:

      i agree with you about that but i think carver must have a plan with this seein as he s hoping to get to season 10 i think he s got them to seem as if there growing apart only to come back together in a really big way later or i hope thats the plan lol. will keep watching till the end though love this show.

  44. Michele says:

    Sam, Sam, Sam…Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. Enough already with the Sam-fetish, people. For 7 years the storyline has been all about Sam, with Dean’s role being little more than his being reactionary, serving as Cap’n-Save-A-Ho to pull Sam’s sweet bacon out of the fire yet again. Dean finally gets a handful of storylines where its about his having an arc that shows his individuality as a human being, shows that he isnt a one dimensional character and shows he has a life that doesn’t involve fixing Sam’s latest dysfunction and everyone’s panties are in twist. As far as Jeremy Carver goes, the man has to fix what that cow Sera Gamble broke. There are a million directions he can take the show but he has to come up with unexpected plot lines, and as we’ve seen, you can’t please all the crazy fans all of the time.

    All of Sam and Dean’s friends are dead which seems like the perfect opportunity to drive the boys even closer but it would be out of fear of loneliness and desperation, not out of love and loyalty. The boys are already psychotically, irrationally and erotically co-dependent. Exactly how much more in love with each other can they get, for Bobby’s sake??? Dean went to hell for Sam. Sam drank demon blood b/c he was crazy with grief over losing Dean. There has to be other continuing characters for them to play off of, characters and storylines that threaten/jeopardize their relationship to the point they fight like hell to stay together out of fear of losing what they have. Otherwise you get a whole season of one-off episodes with a revolving door of characters we don’t give a damn about. Personally I like Benny a lot and the bond he and Dean have will make him stronger emotionally. Dean needs other people (or a vampire as the case may be) to lean on besides Sam who is busy plotting to exit stage left for a ‘normal life’ once they find Kevin.

    Hopefully Benny isn’t the male version of Ruby. At least Benny was upfront with Dean about using him to get out of Purgatory and as far as we know, he hasnt lied to Dean yet. That’s a damn sight better than all the lies Ruby told Sam to get the Apocalypse started. The flashbacks are giving us the 411 on how Benny and Dean built their bond but everyone wants Benny gone before we can really understand why they are so loyal to each other. Cake. Eat it too. Listen, none of the characters on this show are safe regardless of how long they’ve been there. Bobby is proof of that. So cheer up; in then end Benny will probably get killed off and Dean can go back to living on his knees with his head emotionally between Sam’s legs while continuing to pull Cas along on his Team Free Will leash. Happy now?

    • Mona says:

      I agree with you! Everyone wants the show to only have 3 characters: Sam, Dean and Cas, where they all kiss and make-up and live happily ever after. Come on, this is SPN were talking about; no one gets to live happily ever after. All the characters we’ve known are dead. They HAVE to bring in new characters like Amelia, Benny, Garth, etc., to create conflict and create the drama we know and love. If all anyone wants is a show where S/D/C are kissing each others asses, hunting rugarus and singing Koombaya while they save the world from ending a 4th time, how long do you think the show will last?

      Sam and Dean’s relationship is badly fractured and it has to totally break apart in order for them to put it back together in a way that is lasting and meaningful. S/D/C are ALL hypocrites full of self-centeredness and hubris. Admittedly, Sam and Cas have sought penance for their sins and are trying to use what they’ve learned to make better choices and move forward in life. It’s Dean who hasn’t grown or matured – he hasnt been given a chance to do so because everything has always been about taking care of Sam, being tortured in hell, or running for his life in Purgatory.

      S&D lost all the ‘crutches’ they’ve relied on to keep them upright, especially Bobby. S&D need new relationships to help them grow and change but to also help them see how incredibly important their own relationship/bond is — to remember that they are soulmates. If there is never any friction between them, they’d start to take their relationship for granted and it then becomes meaningless to them. The question for me is, how is Carver going to take all that is going on now and use it to deepen S&D’s relationship while bring Cas (and somehow Bobby) back into the fold???

      • Tawrens says:

        Dean hasn’t need to redeem himself. Cas screwed up and redeemed himself. Sam has yet to redeem himself. All Sam does is make excuses.

        • Mona says:

          Sam’s redemption came when he willingly throwing himself into the pit with Michael and Lucifer and being tortured for 180-years out of love for Dean and to save the world. If that’s not redemption then what is??? Granted, he’s the idiot who started the Apocalpyse in the first place, so I don’t know that his redemption matters much. Sam needs to redeem himself to Dean. He continually hurts and breaks Dean’s heart for stupid reasons, and yet Dean keeps forgiving him. Dean has sacrificed his entire life to protect Sam and Sam’s only apologized to Dean once – and that was after he’d let the devil out of his cage. Personally I am sick to death of Sam telling Dean to get over all the mistakes Sam’s made and threatening to leave to go live a normal life. I wish he would leave; Dean could finally have some peace for a change.

          • Tawrens says:

            Sam jumps once into hell and he’s redeemed into eternity. Dean has gone to hell, ourgatory and beyond even apologizing for stuff he was responsible for and yet Samgirls still don;t think it’s good enough.

          • Tawrens says:

            BTW stop inflating Sam’s time in hell, Sam girls half inflated it every chance they’ve gotten. Last I check 1 year = a decade not a decade and a half or 5 decades. Sam allegedly spent a year down there meaning at most it was 100 not a hundred and eighty years.

      • Tawrens says:

        Dean has done nothing to need to redeem himself. Cas screwed up and redeemed himself. Sam has done nothing but make excuses. If Sam wants a ‘normal’ life then why isn’t he doing it? He’s a grown man who can make his own decisions. So why is he still making excuses?

        • Mona says:

          I think Sam makes excuses because he’s too chicken to actually leave Dean. He sticks around out of a sense of so-called loyalty to Dean and the family business and to save people but the only person he really cares about is himself.

        • Mona says:

          Relax, don’t get yourself all wet. It’s JUST a TV show, remember? It would be great if you were this passionate about things that really matter in life – like world hunger. BTW, I don’t have to stop doing anything, least of all inflating Sam’s time in hell. Although he physically returned after a year, they didnt get his soul back until six months later. Last time I checked that’s 18-months or 180-years. BTW, I am a hardcore Dean-Girl and have been since season 1:1 and until death do us part. Sam’s a spoiled, selfish, and ungrateful jerk who doesnt appreciate Dean and never will. Benny’s shown Dean more friendship, compassion, love and respect in 1-year than Sam has shown in his entire. The best parts are when Dean punches Sam in the face.

          • Tawrens says:

            I’m not going to wet myself and I know it’s just a show. It makes me angry that everybody is pissing on Dean for the text and it was to protect a friend and a brother who refused to listen. It was Sam who had the body count. 1 dead Martin, 1MIA friend fighting demons made worse by what happened aka a soul in peril. If Benny starts killing it would be Sam’s fault for driving Benny to the edge. Elizabeth the innocent Sam swore to protect rudely introduced to the shadow world and almost losing her life. Sam by sending Martin knowing Martin was dangerous and unstable could be tried for depraved indifference meaning he knew his actions could lead to injury and death and still did it. First call to Dean almost immediately Benny apologized to Dean for killing his ‘friend.’ Dean apologized for the text and Sam hasn’t shown the slightest remorse let alone apologized.

    • Tawrens says:

      Um how is Carver correcting what Gamble screwed up by writing the same stuff that she wrote? After 9 eps in Season 8 I’m seeing similiar stories to Gamble’s season 6.

  45. Suzanne H. says:

    OMG, why is everyone so threatened by Dean’s relationship with Benny??? I get that Benny is a vampire and shouldnt be trusted for that reason alone but who else does Dean have for a friend right now? Sam and Cas??? Both of them betrayed him and he still hasnt forgiven them (get over it, Dean). He said in Southern Comfort why he trusts Benny so much: cuz he is the only one that hasn’t let him down. Even John Winchester let Dean down his whole life. In Benny, Dean has a brother (Sam), and best friend (Cas) and a father-figure (John/Bobby). Dean has to learn that he can have and build healthy sustainable relationships outside of the ones he has with Sam and Cas. Not that a friendship with a vampire is a healthy one but Dean is so afraid of being alone that he’s in total denial. Still, Dean’s heart is broken and right now he needs to feel that someone wants, needs and loves him for the right reasons to help strengthen his self esteem. Hopefully it wont blow up in his face. And Dean should stop suffocating Sam – let him be free and go have his normal life. Hopefully it will be the right thing for him and if it turns out not to be, he can go back to hunting with Dean. Come on, Carver; don’t let us down.

    • Tawrens says:

      Do you know what you’re talking about? It was Dean who wanted Sam to have a normal life if he wanted it. It’s Sam who constantly makes excuses for not having a normal life and then blames Dean for it. He went to Stanford to get out and then Jess death got him in. Azazel’s death for killing Jess came honoring dad, the most recent excuse was Kevin. Found and safe with Garth so now it’s the search for the tablet. What’s Sam’s next excuse? Sam’s pissed because Dean has made friendships with Cas and Benny.

      • Suzanne says:

        Sure I know what I am talking about — It’s called having an opinion (which is purely subjective by the way). I can see that you are a ‘Dean Girl’ which is totally fine; so am I. Neither Sam nor Dean is totally blameless. Each is guilty of one thing or another but it’s Sam who refuses to take responsibility for his own mistakes. Dean always tries to make things right when he makes a mistake. Ummm, at what point has Sam ever been pissed because Dean and Cas were friends? Sam is pissed not only because Dean and Benny are friends but also because Sam thinks Dean is being a hypocrite for having a friendship with and protecting Benny after he ripped Sam for being friends with Ruby. But its Sam who is the hypocrite. He has no right to be angry with Dean about Benny when he chose Ruby over Dean. Sam always chooses someone else over Dean and now he’s having a hissy fit because Dean’s chosen someone over him and he’s jealous.

        • Tawrens says:

          I’m a John girl but this season everyone keeps bringing up that Dean was a rat for texting to Sam pretending to be Amelia when what Sam did was way worse.

          • Suzanne says:

            People are crazy to think Dean is a rat for texting to Sam pretending to be Amelia. Dean did it only to do what he does best: protect someone he cares about — in this case Benny. Everyone says Sam cares about Dean but he didnt even bother to look for him when he went missing. He went on ‘vacation’ for a year instead! Sam always wants Dean to apologize and own up to his mistakes but Sam never does. Dean shouldn’t have ended his friendship with Benny. I hope they come back together as friends.

          • Tawrens says:

            TA! Dean kept Sam from going for Benny and at the least being injured if not killed. Sam wasn’t listening to anyone but himself and Amelia. Everybody is pissing on Dean for the text and it was Sam who had the body count. 1 dead Martin, 1MIA friend fighting demons made worse by what happened aka a soul in peril. If Benny starts killing it would be Sam’s fault for driving Benny to the edge. Elizabeth the innocent Sam swore to protect rudely introduced to the shadow world and almost losing her life. Sam by sending Martin knowing Martin was dangerous and unstable could be tried for depraved indifference meaning he knew his actions could lead to injury and death and still did it. First call to Dean almost immediately Benny apologized to Dean for killing his ‘friend.’ Dean apologized for the text and Sam hasn’t shown the slightest remorse let alone apologized.

    • Tawrens says:

      TA! Benny spent a year being honest to Dean and saving Dean and Cas lives at least once. Dean knows he can have friends. It’s Sam telling Dean me or Benny. It’s Sam who didn’t care enough to look for Dean and then all of a sudden he’s possessive of Dean in a very unhealthy way.

      • Suzanne says:

        That’s so true! Dean asked Sam to make a choice of whether he wanted to be stay and work with Dean or go back to Amelia, and then Dean left the decision up to Sam. Sam didn’t give Dean a choice about Benny; instead, he gave Dean an ultimatum and he did it out of jealousy and possessiveness. That’s so unfair. Sometimes Dean is a masochist in the way he lets Sam emotionally beat up on him and surrenders to whatever Sam wants. I was so proud of Dean in the Southern Comfort episode for finally getting off his chest the list of at least some of Sam’s transgressions that really hurt/broke Dean’s heart. But rather than apologize and ask for forgiveness or even admit that he was wrong, all Sam did was say he’d made mistakes and throw Benny in Dean’s face. What sort of nonesense is that???

        And poor Benny. He is so broken and alone that he goes to funerals and watches families having picnics in the park just to feel some sense of normalcy and connection to humanity, to love, to family and to life itself. I think its why he always calls Dean ‘brother’ – because family is as important to Benny as it is to Dean. With Dean he didnt have to hide or pretend b/c Dean knows the truth about him. When Benny called Dean to say that he was in a bad way and could do with just a cup of coffee and conversation with Dean, it almost broke my heart. Benny had kept his promise to Dean to be good once they were topside: Dean should have gone to him or at least told Benny to come to where he was; he didnt have to end their friendship. I hope Dean comes to see and understand that very soon and leaves Sam in the dust.

  46. Micah says:

    When Dean and Benny were fighting in Purgatory and Dean reached back and touched Benny’s arm, what do you think he was trying to say or meant by that? I am curious for other opinions. Thanks!!

    • AJ says:

      To me it just showed how in sync they were, that their style of fighting was very in tune with each other as they’d been doing it non-stop and had each other covered without having to speak. Really loved that scene! Wish there were so many more like it!

    • Tawrens says:

      I’m thinking he was making sure Benny was there. In fights with Sam against the bad guys Sam has a habit of leaving Dean to rage at the bad guy like he did Lucifer. Sam has been told by bad and good guys his anger will bite him in the end and yet he can’t seem to stop jumping to the bait. Dean reached back and Benny tapped him as if to say I’m here I got your back. There are those who say Dean shouldn’t trust Benny and don’t realize Dean spent time and has come to know and trust Benny. Sam got snatched, Lenore says that she and her crew are good leave them alone and has Sam brought back to the motel. Someone abducting you or someone having your back? Which vamp would you chose? Sam told Dean he had to trust Lenore despite his training and concerns that she and her vamps would massacre the town. Sam says Dean wanted him to trust Benny. When did Dean ask Sam to trust anyone least of all Benny. Dean only ask that Sam not murder Benny. That if he couldn’t accept Benny as Dean’s friend at least be civil if they bump into each other. I have a friend whose husband I can’t stand, he’s a emotional/mental/verbal abusive jerk but that hasn’t stop me from being her friend for the 20 years of their marriage and civil when I can not that it’s easy with this man. I know if I point out what a jerk he is she’ll do what she does with other friends and makes excuses that the friend is jealous, etc and hubby is perfect.

  47. Micah says:

    I loved that scene too! I think Dean and Benny have great chemistry and I hope Dean realizes soon that ending their friendship is a mistake. Do you think they will work things out and be friends again?

  48. Georgia says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that when Dean lets Sam go, Sam comes running back to or decides he wants to stay with Dean? Take the Scarecrow episode, for example. Sam got all bossy, climbing out of the Impala and telling Dean how he was going to California to find their Dad. Later when Dean told Sam he was sorry and proud of him and wished him luck in finding their dad; Sam realized Dean was letting him go and saying ‘goodbye’. Sam’s response was to spend the next 3-hours calling Dean and then went running back to him. And now in the Torn & Frayed episode when Dean left the choice up to Sam whether to stay or go, Sam decided to stay. When Dean lets Sam go and doesn’t pressure him about staying, Sam always chooses to stay with Dean. I wish Dean would leave Sam for a change. Trouble is, the brothers are so emotionally connected that there isn’t anywhere in the world that either of them could go to hide that the other one couldn’t find him. King size bed, anyone?