Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Results: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

After enduring a harrowing Monday with Hurricane Sandy, the anticipation of watching a cavalcade of even the most irksome aspects of Tuesday night’s Dancing With the Stars live results show – Macy’s Stars of Dance, bland and/or occasionally lip syncing musical guests, or bloated interview segments, anyone? — was a welcome prospect for this weather-weary New Yorker.

So imagine my horror when I found New York’s local ABC affiliate was pre-empting DWTS to continue its storm coverage!? Where else to turn but Twitter, where I found @jc_swift13 had shared a working link (thank you kindly!).

My night was saved, and for sheer spectacle and drama, tonight’s Week 6 results show of this All-Star themed 15th season certainly didn’t disappoint: it showcased not only a pair of Grammy-winning singer songwriters, Ms. Swift (in a snappy red bow tie no less!), and Jason Mraz (singing live no less!), but also the Macy’s stars, and lots of crazy costumes and glitter.  Woot!

Of course, tonight was ultimately all about learning the fates of Kirstie, Apolo, Shawn and company. But given the ever-accumulating, head-spinning combo of scores accumulated over the last two weeks – which included the eight remaining couples’ solos from Week 5 and Week 6, along with the Week 5 Team Freestyles and the Week 6 group dance – I was ready for someone (anyone!) to be dramatically shipped to the sidelines, pronto! But wow, I sure didn’t expect what happened next…

Without further ado, here’s the moment of truth — tonight’s results:


Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani


Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff


Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel

“I’m grateful for this experience and Dancing With the Stars has been honestly an absolute dream,” said a shocked but unbelievably gracious Bryan on being the latest All Star to lose out on the Mirrorball trophy. “Thank you guys so much… I did my absolute best.”

And with that, pick yourselves up off the floor, because it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight? Were you shocked that Derek Hough’s injury has forced him to withdraw from next week’s show (and that Mark Ballas will dance with Shawn)? Sound off in the comments! –Mitch Rustad

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Linda says:


    • Jan says:

      I am telling you it’s fixed…I am NEVER watching again, total waste of time. Just something too fishy with the results – makes no sense whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios DWTS, we are never, ever getting back together :)

      • TheFactsR says:

        THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


      • chistosa says:

        It is not fixed. She didn’t have a fan base. And truthfully of the women that are left I would prefer to watch Shawn and Melissa. Actually I am entertained by Kirstie so she would be at the bottom of the pile for me. She overdances and smiles even when she shouldn’t. The judges gave her a perfect score. The fans don’t feel her.

    • TheFactsR says:

      NO WAY! Gilles, Kelly, Kirstie were the worst and many people are angry about it and the way DWTS continues to let the judges taint the show.

      • chistosa says:

        How did the judges taint the show against Sabrina? They have been pushing her with inflated scores all season. With their scores she was at the top of the leaderboard. It is the voting public who are unimpressed.

    • TheFactsR says:

      IF THE VOTING WERE LEGITIMATE……DWTS would post the VOTES on RESULTS night, DO YOU THINK they will ever do that? HELL NO because TPTB decide who goes who stays, at this point of the show IF SHAWN leaves it will be MAKS, His brother, His best friend, and the 3 pro females that MAKS has slept with!! COZY COZY COZY don’t you think! Said with sarcasm!

  2. Ashley says:

    Absolutely not. Of the bottom three, either of the other couples should’ve gone home over Sabrina.

    • Neither Melissa or Apolo deserved to go home; Kirstie and Emmit did.

      • Jess says:

        Agreed. Sabrina is supporting Shawn now- the two must be good friends.

      • Stephanie says:

        I completely agree with this. While both Kirstie and Emmit are dancing well, it was no where near the all star caliber of Sabrina. It’s times like this I wish DWTS would take a page from the SYTYCD play book and allow the judges to choose the couple that went home. Because you know they would not have let Sabrina get kicked off the show.

        • TheFactsR says:

          U must need my eye glasses stephanie, Kirstie dancing WELL! Do you mean to say Kirstie is an all-star dancer? Not in my eyes! She is a has been that is over doing the lets chase Maks around and be a lowlife. When is the last time YOU slept with YOUR cousin.

      • Sara says:

        Definitely, I think she was saying though that just out of those 3, if they had to be in the bottom, Sabrina is the *LAST* one who deserved to go home :/

      • Stevan says:

        I agree, its time that Kirstie and Emmit leave. They are the weakest links. The judges need to decide who goes home. This voting is getting me sick of dwts, the show is about dancing excellence but better dancers have left.

  3. Becky says:

    HELL NO!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    • TheFactsR says:

      THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


  4. Laquisha says:

    I can’t believe it happened to her AGAIN. And she was even at the top of the leaderboard this time! I don’t think anyone has ever gone home when they got a perfect 30.

    I think this may have been another producer stunt to get ratings. I mean, Kelly and Val would’ve had to get enough votes to overcome being TEN points below Sabrina and Louis. I do agree that Kelly is being underscored and deserved to stay tonight, but wow, that is just so shocking and very unbelievable to me.

    • dude says:

      You’re forgetting that Kelly has a huge soap fanbase that is precisely DWTS demographic. I don’t usually vote and I made sure to use all my votes on her last night. Sabrina Bryan is amazing (and in my mind, deserved to win the whole thing) but she simply doesn’t have the fanbase and that’s such a shame because she’s so damn talented.

    • sam says:

      you forget that these are percentage points of the vote and even that 10 point difference only adds up to a few percentage difference. And plus people knew to vote for Kelly, who was so underscored and is so great, because she’s at the bottom. I feel like this is the first time that the top couple got voted off. It’s very sad and insane — should have been emmitt or gilles.

    • LAnne says:

      Derek and Joanna Krupka (sp?) received a perfect score for a futuristic Paso Doble (one of my most favorite dances ever!) and they were eliminated after dancing the encore dance on the results show. I had never heard of her and I guess the lack of fan base really hurt them. Or maybe viewers thinking that the highest scorers are safe can also hurt them.

      I also think the judges giving 2 extra points to Kirstie and Maks to further separate them from Kelly and Val and the bottom of the board was shameful!

    • chistosa says:

      It is not unbelievable to me. First of all Sabrina was overscored this week. There were mistakes that the judges failed to call her on. My guess is they overscored her because she consistently gets fewer votes than the others and they wanted her to have a fighting chance against the more popular dancers. She has no fanbase. This is a reality show which encourages fan voting. That will always result in the more popular ones lasting longer. For some reason in her first season and now again this season she fails to connect with the voting public and there are not enough of her Cheetah girl fans to keep her in the running. I expected her to be next.

      • Im says:

        I agree that she was overscored this week but Kirstie was excessively overscored and then was given 2 additional points for a group dance in which she was clearly the weakest dancer.

  5. Jennifer says:

    So mad, sad, confused!!!! Those of us on the East Coast were robbed of our toe in this competition!!!!

    • TheFactsR says:

      THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


  6. Laquisha says:

    And I can’t help but feel bad for Louis. Finally, after being on the show since season one, he gets someone who can dance, and he’s gone earlier than he did with Kendra Wilkinson. WHAT!?!

    • Meri Phillips says:

      Louis is underrated as a dancer/teacher in general. They give him “stars” who prose huge challenges, bigger than most, and he does a wonderful job with them. He constantly impresses me!

      • letsbehonest says:

        I agree with this so much! The first time I really appreciated Louis was when he was partnered with Niecy and I’ve loved him ever since. Can’t believe he didn’t even crack the top 5 with Sabrina!

  7. pamela hall says:

    Hell no Sabrina should have stayed and the fat ass kirstie alley should have went home

  8. Meri Phillips says:

    Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are practically brothers, so the choice is appropriate. Injuries happen all the time in dance. It is a professional liability of being a dancer.

  9. Vicki says:

    Worst elimination ever. I won’t be watching DWTS anymore unless they become transparent with the voting results.

    • Laquisha says:

      I second this!

      • april-ann says:


        • april-ann says:

          Doesn’t matter at all how the public votes. Doesn’t matter at all how the “judges” vote. Not even a little. No producer of a “reality” show would let the public decide who stays and who goes. “Fan bases”? Forget it. Who dances well? Forget it. They are just trying to make it look a little more real by having the “judges” show a score which believe me has been predetermined regardless of how any couple dances. We’ve all heard those comments. Those comments are always generic, could apply to anyone there. They are never, ever going to leave it to the public because they have to present the best show they can for ratings for the network. I won’t name names right now but one producer of a very popular “reality” show said as much once, and what I will say is that it blew AI right out of the water for me. It all made sense. No network show is going to let the public have any say. Before the show even airs, the decisions have all been made. As far as the “celebrity dancers” go, they have contracts. For example, Heather Mills contract stipulated she’d get to stay for five weeks. Marie Osmond wouldn’t go on unless she could stay till the finals (and she was terrible from the start but she stayed till the finals). There was a racecar driver who had to be back racing no matter what and lo and behold, he got voted off the very week he was contractually obligated to get back to racing! Vote all you like, blame the weather, blame the “judges” but the end result was decided months ago.

          • arbie says:

            I heard this from others and I am afraid it is true which will spoil the show for me. It is the only explaination for Louis and Sabrina being sent home. They had more points and they were performing in an excellent fashion with the judges sharing in that opinion. If things were fair these two should have still been on til the last at least. We will miss you next week too Derek.

          • TheFactsR says:

            THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


          • susie says:

            Say it ain’t true!

  10. Canadian-JBS says:

    What the hell just happened? Obviously the wrong couple went home. I’m too stunned to keep commenting

  11. JDuro says:

    Sabrina had a big deficit her 2 seasons – she’s not a celebrity. The only thing that makes her elimination shocking is that she was atop the leader board. Shows how miniscule her fanbase really is. Of the two, I feel bad for Louis. Would like to see more of the older, longtime DWTS pro vets win and not the show Golden Child Derek Hough.

    Anyway I’m happy my two faves Emmitt and Melissa are moving on. :-D

    • Laquisha says:

      I agree. Enough of the self-absorbed Derek already.

      • Jackie says:

        You’d be surprised how many people feel the same way. Derek’s been labeled ‘Golden Boy’ and Julianne was ‘Golden Girl’. We can all jump for joy though, This is Derek’s last season. That’s why I figured he was partnered with Shawn, an automatic win for his last season.

        As far as the original reason for these posts anyway. Absolutely not, There is no way Sabrina should have been eliminated tonight. There are about 3 others who should have gone before her. Too bad, she was a good dancer and Louie is great anyway.

    • Jason says:

      How can Sabrina have no fan base when she was voted onto the show through a fan-based voting?!

      • Terry Pitman says:

        that’s why i can’t believe she got low votes. i tried for a hour and could not get threw to vote for her last night. i wonder if someone didn’t hang up the phone because they didn’t want our votes? maybe they should not count that night because the east coast couldn’t vote?

      • JDuro says:

        Way smaller pool of voters that took the time or cared to vote. There were only 2 other voting options.
        Sabrina’s fans, who’ve been mourning her 1st elimination a long time were on a mission to get her on the show.
        And if I recall correctly, the votes were unlimited.

      • Joel says:

        The answer is very simple. Her fan base is not as huge as compared to the other celebrities.

    • bonniebes says:

      Agreed! Derek gets more talented partners than anyone else (so did Julianne) so I am always glad to see someone else win.

    • Ryan says:

      How is Melissa any more of a celebrity?

  12. Dg says:

    Sorry, she is just not likeable. She’s a good dancer, but her “i’m a frontrunner, i’m awesome” attitude did not exactly encourage people to vote for her. It is why she left the first time, and it is why she left tonight. Yes its a dance competition, but its a competition that requires people to vote for you. So don’t be jerky.

  13. Cg says:

    This is this first time that I am willing to call ABC on a fixed “contest”! Two teams that got 30 as scores were “in jeopardy”? Really?! And don’t give me that crap about viewers not voting for them thinking they were safe. Shame on you ABC for blatant favoritism. Why even bother have any votes cast?

    • Keren says:

      Please explain, how is Sabrina being eliminated a show of favoritism?

      • Jack says:

        Because the producers have decided that Kirstie or Shawn will be the winner! Therefore no matter the scores of others, those two will always be favored. So Sabrina and others can score as high as possible and will never make it to the end.

    • dude says:

      Those two also have the smallest fanbases.

    • Terry Pitman says:

      I agree i vote with as many phone that i can get ahold of. i’ve watched and voted every week. sabrina got cheatted i tried for a hour with 4 phones and couldn’t get threw to vote for her last night. All my other votes went threw!!! Wonder if someone left the phone off the hook so our votes won’t get counted? ? sorry sabrina you should of been in the top 3 to the end. I might have to find another show to watch!!!!!!

    • TheFactsR says:

      THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


  14. Kim R says:

    I didn’t get to see it so I have no idea what happened to Derek but cannot believe Sabrina got eliminated! Maybe they should have waited on the voting until the 7 million people that are without power were able to have the option. Hinky is what I say.

    • Carol S. says:

      That’s the truth! Part of the country was in a terrible weather situation, some without power, and certainly not thinking, much less voting, for Dancing With the Stars! I will never waste my time watching this show again. This week should have not had an elimination.

      Everyone thinks Derek is favored, what about Cheryl Burke? They make sure she has a good partner. I’m sick of her always lasting the whole season when some of the other female pros get horrible partners! I didn’t watch the show when Emmett was on the first time, but I am not impressed with his dancing at all. His footwork was poor last night. Big deal he can shake his hips. I saw him at a Celebrity Golf Tourney this summer, and he was not so friendly and charming. It’s all about when the cameras are rolling. Gag

      • Amy says:

        I wouldn’t call Senator Tom Delay and ancient Las Vegas showman Wayne Newton as good partners. She’s had her share of losers too.

        • Angela says:

          You beat me to it.
          My family was having some issues with our digital box here (not storm-related), so I missed the bit with Derek talking about being out next week-we came back to hearing mention of Mark and Shawn and were wondering what that was all about. Now I know. Be interesting to see how that goes next week.
          As for who went home tonight-uh, yeah, definite something of a surprise to me. I don’t know if she would’ve gone so far as to win it all, but I certainly was expecting she’d stay around until at least near the very end.

      • JDuro says:

        Cheryl had 2 seasons where she had the worst of the worst when she was paired with Wayne Newton and Rep. Tom DeLay. She also had a lot of mediocre partners like Ian Ziering, Maurice Greene, Chad Ochocinco, Rick Fox, and Chris Jericho.
        Hough always gets very good to great dancers/ringers (Scherzinger,Grey,Johnson).

        • Cheryl says:

          He’s had a few mediocre partners, like Jennie Garth, Joanna Krupa, Shannon Elizabeth, etc. I think Derek is just really good at showcasing his partners’ strengths. And he’s truly an innovative choreographer and genuinely nice to his partners. I think he deserves all the recognition he gets! And to the person who said that Julianne always got great partners – umm, hello, ADAM CAROLLA!!!!

          • Tess says:

            For as mediocre as they may have been, both Jennie Garth and Joana Krupa made it to 4th plce in their seasons. Shannon Elizabeth may have been his earliest exit and even she lasted a few weeks longer than she probably would have had she been paired with someone else.

          • Lizi says:

            i would not call joanna krupka mediocre by ANY means, she made it to the semi-finals, and scored a perfect 10 that night to boot. she also had many high scores, and i was impressed that this lesser known model really more than just a pretty face. are we so harsh that anyone who doesn’t make it to the finals, or doesn’t have a dancing background which gets them starting off with 9’s and 10’s, is called “mediocre” ?? i guess just a matter of opinion.

          • Brenna says:

            Agree with this. I think Derek is a wonderful teacher and choreographer and seems to work well with whoever he is paired with. He also had L’l Kim, who was not the wonderful. He and Shawn always have memorable dances. I’ll miss him next week with her.

          • Joana was not mediocre. Jennie wasn’t bad; but I couldn’t stand her whining.

    • Derek has reinjured his neck.

      • Kim R says:

        Thanks. I watched it today online and I am still confused by the decision to have an elimination last night due to the hurricane and massive power outages and evacuations that were going on even before the storm hit. But there is not elimination next week? It does not make sense to me. :(

  15. Ana says:

    No. No. NO!!! This is the reason I refuse to be invested in this show. Because this is just a popularity contest. It’s not about skill. Sabrina was fantastic, beautiful. She was robbed, again! And yet that arrogant Giles continues to move forward.

  16. Linda says:

    I don’t think there should have been an elimination this week with Sandy not allowing East Coasters to vote.

    • Alice says:

      They had to do an elimination this week because with the elections they can’t do an elimination next week. At least this week the effect of Sandy was cut in half because they combined with last weeks votes. If they had waited and done an elimination next Monday based on last nights votes alone Sandy would have had a bigger effect.

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        Or (bear with me) they could have done no elimination this week due to Sandy, then do the fusion (WTF) dances next Monday night, then do another round on November 12th, then combine the judges’ results from those 4 weeks & all the viewer votes & then do a double (or even triple) elimination on November 13th.
        (and yes I am aware that this is completely idiotic)

      • Tess says:

        Yeah but had they done a results show last week (say on Wednesday) would the results have been the same? Did having an extra week and another 2 dances (factoring in that group number) help some of the lower scoring couples gain more votes this week?

        And under the circumstances, with so many people without power and others in the vicinity who had power but no show airing due to the hurricane coverage, it hardly seems fair to knock someone off this week. They could’ve maybe scheduled a special results show for Wednesday or something like that to make up for the election coverage bump on Tuesday…in light of the circumstances, it would’ve been more fair.

  17. Kara says:

    The right couple absolutely did not go home. However, maybe if the judges were a little less bias, fans wouldn’t feel the need to over compensate. Although, at the end of the day, I am sure the producers have the last say, are we sure the votes really even matter?

    • Laquisha says:

      NO they don’t. The ratings are down big time and this was a complete producer stunt.

      • Keren says:

        I don’t get how the producers benefit from Sabrina leaving

        • Kara says:

          I assume the producers think people will be outraged, tell all their friends to watch and vote so their favorites don’t go home, ratings go up. I, personally don’t think that a show like DWTS benefits from a ratings ploy, people are not going to pick the show up half way through the competition, but I am not a producer, so what do I know. It got all of us talking though.

          • Tess says:

            Sure it gets people talking but it’s the wrong kind of talk. Too many people right now saying the wrong couple went home, the show’s fixed, not going to watch anymore, et al. That’s not going to help ratings much. Besides, the average viewer of this show is not the type to call their friends and beg them to watch and vote for their fave to stick around so they won’t be picking viewers up with shocking exits like this one.

            Sabrina should’ve been in the final 3. Perhaps producers thought she was too much of threat to their planned Shawn versus Gilles rematch?

          • TheFactsR says:

            THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


    • Ebonie says:

      I agree kara I feel the producers have the last say its a favoritism game, our votes don’t really matter, I can’t understand why Krisie is still dancing maybe because she is partnered with Max

    • TheFactsR says:

      THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


  18. Pinkster says:

    No more DWTS for me!

    • TheFactsR says:

      THIS hit them in the RATINGS effect the sponsors, the money is the name game for DWTS no big commercials no money!

      THERE IS STILL SOMEHTING you can do about it!!!! TURN YOU TV’s all to another popular show like The Voice and knock them where it hurts in the ratings. They HAVE to be able to get the GREAT Sponsers to promote the show if they loose viewers they loose sponsers!!!


  19. april-ann says:

    No, the right couple was not sent home. I really like Sabrina and she is getting a raw deal over there. I didn’t like it when it happened the first time and I will admit I don’t care for it much now. Sabrina is effervescent and full of life; she’s just plain fun. Besides that she seems like a very nice person (not that the others aren’t) she is genuine and it shows. I really like Melissa too and was hoping she’d stay as well as Sabrina. I like Karina and Apolo, but out of the three couples I was hoping they would be the ones sent home. They just don’t appeal to me as much at all. I’m not so sure I want to watch anymore. I know people say that but every time I have said that I have been true to my word. I began to watch one season just because Shannen Dougherty was on it and when she was the first to be voted off I never watched another minute of that season (hey, Monday’s too great a night for tv to stick with DWTS if your faves are not there).

  20. KD says:

    Oh no. Poor Louis and Sabrina. But I haven’t voted for her all season, since her performances didn’t resonate with me as much as some of the others did.

    With the judges scores being so close, America’s votes make a big difference

  21. Gailene Leavitt says:

    This is a dancing contest not a popularity contest, ABC Im sure is up to something.

  22. jojo says:

    Sabrina was my fave hands down. I guess I’ll be done with dwts now that she’s been eliminated.

  23. Paul says:

    I hardly ever vote for this show (last time I voted was for Kyle & Lacey), but I voted for Sabrina & Louis last night. I thought she was awesome. I’m shocked. She absolutely did not deserve to go home. I guess it is what it is but man… that is such a bummer.

  24. Sara says:

    Absolutely NOT. And for it to happen on the exact same week as the last season she was on? No. This is somebody’s idea of a cruel joke. And what is this rubbish about her personality? I think she’s so sweet and nice! And on top of that, she’s a fantastic dancer, one of the best. In my opinion, the finals should have been Shawn & Derek, Sabrina & Louis, and Kelly & Val. I will watch Shawn & Kelly’s dances next week but other than that, I’m pissed and I don’t want to see the rest of this season.

  25. rebecca says:

    sucks for Sabrina.. but happy for Kelly Monaco!!!!! gooo Kelly!

  26. wrong person went home kristi should of left and what were ca bruno and thinking of giving kristi and max extra points on the all dance shawn and derek cheryle and emmett kelly and vall ano all muche better than kristie and max

    im sorry about derek get well soon as for mark steping in for derek right on and good luck to shawn derek and mark

  27. dude says:

    Should have been Kirstie. I love Kirstie but I really don’t think she should stay just because she’s funny and is willing to spank Maks on stage.

  28. Wrstlgirl says:

    Sheesh, this happens every season folks. The voting process is a joke, always has been. One vote is all you should get, not 9 (or whatever) per phone line, etc. and so on. Unless TPTB own up to this ridiculous system they’re using this will continue to happen.

  29. Angie says:

    As a vicy of sandy o couldn’t watch. However, Kirstie is the worst of the remaining dancers and ejile I do
    Like her, she should’ve been the one eliminated from an overall perspective.

  30. Terry Pitman says:

    i hope there is a real reason for the phone to be off the hook for a hour last night. i’v watch dancing with the stars every season and can’t believe what just happened. i’ve voted every week for sabrina and last night i couldn’t get threw to vote for her did someone take the phone off the hook so we couldn’t cased our vote? i might have to star watching something else when a dancer like sabrine that gets a 30 can’t get our votes!!!!

  31. Robin says:

    This was horrible…a disgrace! She should not have been eliminated tonight. And on my birthday no less…boooo!

  32. melinda says:

    Kirstie is being graded on a curve or something! I don’t understand how she’s still there. Sabrina going home over her?….ridiculous.

    • Lizi says:

      kirstie must be graded on the “producer’s curve”….yes she is funny and entertaining, and her and maks have good chemistry. but her scores have the judges dangling from the higher precipices of hypocrisy, compared to how they judge kelly so harshly, for instance. and giving her the bonus points was absolutely incomprehensible! she is good, but not great. those qualities and her popularity may have pulled her through her first season, but i can’t believe in the all-star season people can’t see beyond that, she is not the best dancer and she isn’t in that good of shape, even for 60.
      just thank goodness bristol palin is gone!! that makes me think maybe it is not rigged, because she must have been a ratings booster. but she probably wanted to go home anyway…

  33. terri sloan says:

    Just so disappointed in all this. You are all right, it’s a popularity contest.

  34. leigh says:

    It is so interesting to me to read your comments. First, when Bristol was in the competition there was a conspiracy. Now there is another conspiracy with Sabrina. It always seems to be something other than its a dance reality contest that relies on America’s votes. Maybe the problem isn’t ABC maybe its the voters.

  35. chris says:

    I think it’s rather unfair to have the voting of last week which was split on monday and tuesday with its one hour shows and then have yesterdays show — where most of the east coast could not vote because of the storm and no electricity.

  36. Chris says:

    Don’t know why people are surprised. Sabrina and Kirstie were the only two who have been in the bottom two, and Sabrina is the one who has a likability problem. She’s had it both seasons. Shawn can do the very things that Sabrina does, but for some reason, people don’t mind it. With Sabrina, they react negatively. How many times in both seasons was Sabrina told to show some vulnerability? I certainly wouldn’t have sent her home over Emmet and Shawn (way overrated in my book), but it shouldn’t take until week six to show some sort of vulnerability which is why Karina and Anna are constantly voted out too early because they are seen as never showing emotion.

  37. East-Coaster says:

    Dear ABC,

    In deference for those of us who were affected by Hurricane Sandy and were unable to participate in the voting process, would you please consider keeping Sabrina and having a double elimination next week?


    • Im says:

      If ABC cared about what viewers thought then they should bring Sabrina back. Sabrina – please accept my apologies for your way too early departure.

  38. Lucy Quintos says:

    I liked n voted for Pamela. She’s very sultry . She was voted off and stopped watching .

  39. Rachel says:

    I don’t get it.. Sabrina was amazing…I couldn’t vote (not because of Sandy)…I believe that the sabrina and Louis line was ‘dead’ I mean come on…it’s the same week as she left last time and is a cruel joke…I hate it

    About the Derek thing…I think he(and mark) are phenomenal dancers and mark is perfect to step in because derek, Julianne,and mark grew up together….

    Also i believe mark and tony get the crappiest partners most of the time…(exception for one and a few others but can’t remember their names: Sabrina and Mark) but their partners leave WAYYY too early

  40. JJ says:

    It should have been Kelly.

  41. Mike says:

    Am I the only one confused by the fact that Kirstie Alley is still in this thing and the professional dancer, Sabrina, went home? This show is still a joke. They honestly need to just leave it up to the judges. It’s obvious the fans vote for their favorites and not who the best dancers are.

    • cheri says:

      that’s the name of the game that’s why they call it fan votes they vote so they can keep their favorites.

      • Mike says:

        Then why not just have them stand there and get voted on every week? Why bother dancing if it’s only a “fan base” competition? I admit I don’t watch every week, and it’s weeks like this that remind me why. They need to fix all these reality shows that have “stars”. They shouldn’t be voting on how hard you try. Sure, for her age I’m sure Kirstie is doing well. Again, it’s not the point. So very sad. They lose regular viewers when things like this happen. :(

    • Mary says:

      I think that is one of the reasons why she was voted off. I know a lot of people perfer the non professionals to the professional dancers. They like to see improvements each week. Fo me I don’t want it up to the judges, they are bias. They have underscored to many for my liking.

  42. Jennifer Moyer says:

    Stop hating on Kirstie! She is 60 y.o and tries her best. It’s about fans voting to keep their favorites in the competition. I’m happy that Kirstie and Kelly stayed! Hope apolo and karina and Shawn and mark or Derek goes next!!!

  43. Mary says:

    Well I wasn’t thrill with Sabrina leaving I felt Kristie or Emmit should of been gone first, but it goes to show who has the smallest fan base. This is a all star season and I feel all of the celebrity have done very well – that being said the judges need to score the dancers based on the dance. There is no way Kristie and Max should not have been on the bottom.
    People have picked their favorites I know I have and unless they really screw up I probably will be voting for them and when it gets further down, I won’t be splitting my votes I will pick only one.

  44. janet says:

    i think we all should not watch its cleated to me most of the people do not voted for the talent people dont get me wrong i liked kristi as an actess but she cant dance she should have gone out not sabrina, she scored a 30 i hope shawn and alpolo doesnt get voted off

  45. GS says:

    Every elimination from here on out will suck. I personally wasn’t shocked but Emmett or Kelly should have gone before her. I think for a 60 yr old, Kirstie is doing fabulous. Now I don’t care about her religion or anything else either so maybe that’s why I like her. Sabrina was a bit of a diva and Kirstie just has fun. I am more sick of Kelly and Val than any of them. I didn’t like her in Season 1 and I don’t like her now. Her attitude totally sucks but I guess GH has more fans than I ever would have thought. Apollo is awesome in my opinion. I honestly don’t know who will win at this point. But talking about boycotting the show and all that is just stupid. These people make a ton of money to dance and are competing for a mirrorball people. Not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Just watch and enjoy!

  46. Jan says:

    I am telling you it’s fixed…I am NEVER watching again, total waste of time. Just something too fishy with the results – makes no sense whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adios DWTS, we are never, ever getting back together :)

  47. GingerSnap says:

    So what do the remaining couples have in common:
    Apolllo – elite athlete
    Shawn – elite athlete
    Emmett – retired elite athlete
    Kirstie – hard working, doesn’t whine
    Melissa – hard working doesn’t whine good skills
    Kelly – hard working, big fan base
    Giles – decent skills, big fan base

    DWTS always favors the elite athlete with decent skills and charm. So an Apollo vs. Shawn vs Emmett top 3 wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • Sara says:

      Blegh I hope you’re wrong (No offence lol)
      I just really want to see Shawn, Kelly and Gilles in the finals.
      I really don’t want to see Apollo or Emmett in the finals, at all.

      • GingerSnap says:

        But the history of the show favors the athlete. Apolo, Kristie Y, Shawn, Emmett, Helio, Hines, Donald Driver. Fourteen seasons, and 7 winners have been elite athletes with decent skills and charm

      • Mary says:

        I agree with you except Gilles. He is just driving me nuts this year maybe it is because he seems to confident or because he is playing up the sexy image a tad to much. I would like to see Melissa in the top three. I think she is a beautiful dancer.

        • Sara says:

          Oddly enough, I actually like Gilles this year. I didn’t like him in the other season he was on, didn’t like him whatsoever. But he’s growing on me this year. But I’d be content with Melissa replacing Gilles in my ideal final 3… as long as Shawn & Kelly get there, and Emmett doesn’t…I’ll be happy.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I think you are mislead! WHINERS Kirstie has cried almost every show package or show, Melissa whiner my neck hurts has she ever heard of MUSCLES and they get sore, Kelly GH is tied at the bottom for viewers among soaps, Gilles a be fake with a low fanbase and vomit producing!

      I won’t argue with the elite athletes! I agreed with Emmett, this is all-stars you knew before how tough it was so shut the hell up and get to work and dance darn it!

      • GingerSnap says:

        I’d be careful about calling Melissa a whiner. Ask any NFL player if neck injuries aren’t scary. I’ve been watching at Peyton Fricking Manning – it took him 2 years to come back from his.

        • TheFactsR says:

          Ginger Snap you have no idea who you are talking to tell me to ‘be careful’ I think I know a BUNCH more than you do about necks honey! Those are very rare Melissa is a whiner! Don’t snap at me and tell me I have to be careful!

        • TheFactsR says:

          Ginger snap where are your medical credentials honey. Show me those then I may listen to you Ginger honey.

  48. Samm says:

    Well, I’m done with the show forever. It’s unfair cuz half the country could not vote…most of her fan base, on the east coast was affected. Something is wrong with dwts. Goodbye forever….Sabrina is the winner in my eyes, with Shawn right behind

  49. TheOtherDemographic says:

    Sabrina was voted back because the pre-show demographic leans towards the young and internet viewers. She was voted out because the demographic leans towards people who just watch a tv show. Most of them have no idea who Sabrina is, so she has no real name recognition. I’m not the least bit surprised she went home this week for that reason.

    • GingerSnap says:

      I’m guessing that Shawn is more popular than Sabrina with that demographic. The few episodes I’ve watched this season, I’ve had trouble telling them apart – they look too much alike, both first names start with S. I don’t watch the Disney channel and pay virtually no attention to the Olympics, so I would have to pay pretty close attention to know which one I’m voting for.

  50. caliblue02 says:

    There are former disney stars like Sabrina who competed in past seasons (Monique, Kyle, and Chelsea), just look them up how they did in their season. I think the judges should make the decision who stay in the competition and decides the winner. Just maybe someone is pulled out and Sabrina will be back in. All star season is so dead.