NBC Nixes Dwight-Centered Office Spin-Off

Office Spinoff The FarmNBC isn’t buying The Farm.

The Peacock net will not be moving forward with its Dwight-centric Office spin-off, Rainn Wilson announced on Twitter late Monday.

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“NBC has passed on The Farm TV show,” Wilson wrote. “Had a blast making the pilot — onwards and upwards!”

An NBC insider confirms that the network will stick to its original plan and air the pilot in early 2013 as a standalone episode of The Office, which is set to conclude its nine-year run this May.

Thoughts? Do you think NBC’s pre-emptive move was a smart one? Hit the comments!

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  1. a says:

    Raise your hand if you saw this coming.

  2. Rob A says:

    Best photo for the story, I’m sad but honestly NBC need to move away from what its doing right now. Animal Practice… Guys with Kids???? Really NBC?

  3. RT Cable says:


  4. M says:

    Maybe as a DVD extra, but otherwise this needs to never see the light of day.

  5. Barb says:

    Thank goodness! Let go of the past NBC and move into the future. Stop grasping at the threads of dying shows.

  6. GOOFS says:

    Ha…when this was announced, I said this would never happen.
    Pats myself on back.
    Carry on!

  7. Damn. I wanted to be a snot about how horrible it is. Guess I’ll have to just hate Dwight till the series ends next year.

  8. Becca says:

    I’m a little disappointed, I was looking forward to seeing Majandra Delfino as Dwight’s sister but even if the show had gone forward doubt it would’ve lasted very long. It would be interesting to see it as an Office episode before the show ends, just for curiosity purposes.

    • kateshomesick says:

      Yeah…I’m really bummed for her. She is incredibly talented. Really nice vocal material, interesting writing skills- musically, great paintings and she is a really good actress with promising comedic timing. On top of that she is gorgeous!
      Hopefully she’ll get a shot at something that’ll finally make the cut. She deserves a break.

  9. Jacob says:

    I’m still baffled as to why this was considered in the first place. Glad to see it’s dead, if only because Rainn Wilson really honestly deserves better than to live as Dwight Schrute for any longer than necessary.

  10. Ari says:

    I was going to crack a joke about how an Office spinoff was a terrible idea; Then I remembered that technically Parks & Rec started as a sort of Office spinoff and Parks is one of the best, if not the best, comedies on the air.

    • SJ says:

      Parks is not, nor has ever been, an Office spin-off. That rumor, for whatever reason, just won’t die!

      • Mark says:

        Uh that’s not a rumor at all. When the show was first announced, it was billed an as office spin off. However, this eventually changed and became a show that would also use the documentary style but would not be a spin off. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

      • Alan says:

        it was conceived as a backdoor pilot coming from the office, so yeah it started life as an office spin off

      • Ari says:

        If you watch the Parks DVD commentary track (which I have because a lot of them are just as funny as the actual episodes) they discuss this in the second season. It was originally developed as a spin off but mutated into what became Parks & Rec. Not a rumor, a truth fact. It was decided not to run it as a spin off before the pilot was filmed but it was originally pitched that way (and approved that way). It wasn’t until they saw how much it wouldn’t work that it was rewritten.

  11. Derek Johnson says:

    Not surprising-Dwight really wasn’t the kind of character you could build a show around. Too much like Joey in that he was more of a punchline than a character.

    • Blake says:

      Joey was much more than a punchline. He was a great character. The show wouldn’t have been the success it was without the 6 of them, thus that is why the show Joey was a failure.

      • april-ann says:

        NO!!!! I totally agree with you that Joey WAS a great character. Loveable, fun, entertaining and so loyal. I still think it was wrong for Friends to wrap things up without wrapping up Joey’s story, ie. moving to LA. But I don’t agree that Joey failed because the 6 of them weren’t there. I believe Joey failed because of the continued story of Joey the failure. I have given my take on it to many people and they see my stance and agree (to the point they thought I should have written it to the producers, but what does that get you other than them stealing and me getting nothing?), and now here it is public: Fans of Friends loved Joey. They loved to see him struggle but they also loved to see him succeed. He was already mid-thirties when Friends ended, and we had watched him struggle for ten years. TEN years. It was too hard to watch Joey as a struggling actor still failing and we didn’t care that it was LA, he was STILL struggling and failing. My idea was that for the first few eps, we see him going to auditions and not getting roles. He attends an audition and speaks to the actor sitting beside him, this guy is really great for the role but the producer offers it to Joey if he will sleep with her. He doesn’t. He tells her what a great actor the other guy is. Finally we see him attending an audition for a “young Italian-American”. He’s sitting waiting to be called when the young man beside him strikes up a conversation. The young man finally says to Joey: “I wish my Dad was as supportive as you, which one’s your son?” Joey wishes him well and leaves. Later, we see the first guy, so successful in the role Joey turned down (because he wouldn’t sleep with the producer) thanking his “agent” Joey Tribbiani! And there and then is the start of our deserving Joey’s career as a very successful agent. After all, why not? He has 15 years under his belt in the business. He never made it as an actor (other than his shortlived stints on DOOL), but he knows the business and is actually quite knowledgeable. He’s hired by an outstanding firm, and we get to see our beloved Joey finally succeed in show business! And we get to see him at work, where there are many fun characters at the agency (and many opportunities for his “Friends” and others to appear as themselves for cameos), and we get to see him in his personal life, but he’s always our loveable Joey. Okay come on guys, it’s a sitcom! Stop being so critical of me, lol.

        • april-ann says:

          How successful do you think Frasier would have been if he was shown as a LOSER in his professional life? He had a gorgeous apartment and had his own successful radio show. It’s okay to see our beloved characters as vulnerable and challenged in their personal lives as far as their quest for love goes, but it was a mistake to make Joey a failure still in his professional life. That, to me, is why Joey failed.

    • I’ll never understand the hate towards Joey. I actually enjoyed the show. Of course, I wasn’t a fan of Friends. So I can see how it’d be possible to like one show and not the other.

  12. april-ann says:

    Never thought I’d see the day – a “suits” decision I actually agree with!

  13. Oliver says:

    It was a backdoor pilot so it will likely still air as an episode of The Office for people who like to rubber-neck at car crashes.

  14. april-ann says:

    I hope this makes it possible for Dwight and Angela to end up together, although the characters’ stories for the ending of The Office were probably in place long before anyone knew for sure that this spinoff was not going to happen. Oh well I’m still hopeful because I think those two belong together.

  15. DC says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with NBC on this one. Its hard to spin off a successful new series when nobody’s watching the original.

  16. Courtney says:

    I’m glad they cancelled it, because I did not want to see this show crash and burn. I would however like to see the pilot air as an episode of The Office. Just to see what was going to happen.

  17. Kenny says:

    I guess the only reason i was excited for this show was because i’m scared to let go of the Office, but life goes on, i haven’t been this upset about a show ending since the Original Law & Order, and even then knowing that L&O: LA was replacing it, i felt a little better

  18. A says:

    I love Dwight but I don’t know how I’d feel about an entire about him. He’s great in small doses just like on the Office. Glad they cancelled it.

  19. Kelly says:

    Thank you Jeebus! This show was never a good idea.

  20. Daniel says:

    A Dwight spinoff was a horrible idea, but I would still like to see the backdoor pilot Farm centric episode of The Office. Only to see more of Dwight’s family. It was only ever a one episode story anyway

  21. Ruby says:

    Aw, I was looking forward to lots of Mose. :(

  22. Larc says:

    Sounds like a smart move. There are already too many TV shows about stupid jerks.

  23. s01 says:

    Not sure why everyone thinks The Farm would be a bad show? A bit presumptuous to me, IMO. With good writing, such as the Office had in it’s peak years, it could of been a big hit. #OhWell

  24. Andre says:

    Because there is sooo many great shows on tv nowadays… especially on nbc… makes sense they wouldn’t buy it…

    True fact is, the insurmountable backlash of the office ‘fans’ cancelled this show without giving it any chance… because it had absolutely no chance of being a good show. Despite the fact that we couldnt see one episode of it that is…

  25. ThebaTheJudicator says:

    I wish they went ahead with this show, mainly because I am not at all sure if he will continue to get roles after playing Dwight for so long, and it seemed like an interesting story at least.