Reality Check: Who Will Win X Factor? Plus: Girl-Group Problems and The Voice's Top Teen

Who will win Season 2 of The X Factor? With the Top 16 contestants just announced last week, and not a single live performance show in the books, it’s way too early to be asking that question, let alone answering it. And yet on the latest installment of Reality Check, that’s exactly what my esteemed cohost Melinda Doolittle and I try to do.

But it’s not all wild prognosticating on this week’s show. We also dish the X Factor contestants whose early exits wouldn’t cause us any consternation, propose alternate names for the dubiously named girl group Lylas, list the dos and don’ts of male shirtlessness on reality singing competitions, and talk about the most egregious elimination during the Judges’ Houses round.

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Melinda and I also dissect the final week of Battle Rounds on Season 3 of The Voice, debating whether or not buzzed-about teenager Avery Wilson can live up to the hype he’s been getting, and how Christina Aguilera botched her final “Steal.”

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So press play below to watch the latest Reality Check, then join the discussion down in the comments. And for all my reality TV news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. B says:

    “This video is private?” Is this an error?

  2. livvy says:

    Why is the video set to private?

  3. Danny says:

    My choices to win the X Factor are either Jennel Garcia or Lyric Da Queen. Jennel’s got that girl next door sexyness to her. Her audition was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in music. Subtle, very subtle. Not putting everything out there. I mean it when I say in terms of sexyness, she was better than Katy Perry, Beyonce, you name it.

    Where she could blow it is if she gets all dolled up. If she starts wearing high heals, fancy dresses, and a bunch of makeup, she’ll ruin what she has going.

    Lyric’s right there with her in terms of sexyness. I went and checked out some of her other stuff online. She’s been in another talent show. I didn’t care for most of her stuff, as I’m not really into rap. What she’s done on the X Factor though has been pretty impressive.

    For the Voice my choices would be, in no particular order, Suzannah, Gracia, Trevyn, and Deborah.

    I know they’re not going to have a World Series of Reality Music shows like they do in baseball, but if they did, I’d go with Jennel. She’s not quite as good a singer as some of the ones on the Voice, but god is she sexy.

    Also, I thought Message in a Bottle was the best duet of the Voice rounds. Sorry Nelly didn’t get to stick around. I’ve watched that maybe 100 times since I first saw it. I didn’t think it was the 100% best singing I’ve ever heard, but the high energy of it overcame that. I thought that was better than the Haley/Casey duet a couple of years back.

    Haley is my all time favorite Idol/Voice/X Factor singer (though just started watching the Voice this year) so I’m giving some pretty high praise to Message in a Bottle.

    • Danny says:

      meant to add- I know Lyric is now in a group. Those 2 guys I barely noticed though. She’s the one who makes it. Also, she’s from my area. I’m from a town just outside of Flint. What she said about how bad that Flint is, is spot on. I totally believe that a 23 year old has been to more funerals than weddings in that area. It’s a rough, rough place to be.

      Also, her eye patch is because she’s got some sort of eye problem. It’s not for show.

  4. marygrade says:

    Welcome back Melinda..I miss Jillian too.

  5. dlonyc4 says:

    How hard is it for 5 people who just got thrown together to do the harmonies?? Two words for you, my friend: One Direction. They did it amazingly, and these girls (who need to change their name NOW) can totally do it, too, I think! Also, agree 100% on Emblem3 (GO AWAY), Jillian (I won’t forget either, Demi) and Lyric 145 (WINNNN!!!).

    • ben says:

      Yeah, it isn’t hard for 5 musicians thrown together to do harmonies at all. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Lylas can do it. I can’t really see how they will settle upon who will be the real leads. It will be a mess unless you have just one or two to focus on as the real stars of the group I think (even though its ok that all may get small solos).

    • EliteHalien says:

      Actually vocally, One Direction were not strong during their time on the X Factor. I’ll admit to not being a fan of their’s but I can say that they’ve improved off of the show.

      But, don’t start retconning what happened. They hadn’t, and didn’t, learn how to harmonize while on the show.

      A more apt example would be Little Mix. I think Lylas have the potential to become the US’s Little Mix.

      • EliteHalien says:

        I’d also like to say that I actually watched their season as it was airing so my judgments then aren’t based on their influence now. Most people tend to agree that they were rough, vocally speaking. But in their defense, everyone that season of XFUK was rough, in terms of vocals.

  6. Alienate says:

    Love “Reality Check”!!!

  7. GS says:

    I don’t watch it but I have to ask is that black chick pictured related to Melinda Doolittle from AI? She looks just like her!

  8. Lora Bale says:


  9. Sean D says:

    hahahahahha “Those Four Girls and that Other Girl.” perf.

  10. Joy says:

    You really need to make Reality Check longer – 10 minutes just isn’t sufficient!

  11. Patty says:

    Nooo, Tate is awesome! I agree about Emblem 3 though. Can’t stand them.

  12. Nermal52 says:

    Ahh! Love Mondays. That was great fun.

  13. d.p. says:

    Thank you so much for posting these. I love you and them. It’s seriously one of the highlights of my week. And plus we always have similar tastes! Any chance you could make them longer though?

  14. Adele says:

    I am so tired of the endless LOUD hysterical screaming at every word uttered on this show. It is hard to hear the performances and the judges comments. Can the sound folks tune the audience out a bit more ?

    • Wally Olson says:

      I agree. Although it’s always been lout, last night’s show was the absolute worse. Even the judges couldn’t hear each other at times. I hope they figure out how to do something about it. Of course, maybe that’s what they want! If so, I’ve just about hit my limit and then… no more X-Factor for me.

  15. Scott says:

    You so look like you’re having a great time when you do this. Thanks for posting it. I can’t watch either the Voice or XFactor, but I love to see your reactions to it.