Exclusive Glee Video: Mike and Mercedes Return! Plus - Experience Marley and Jake's 'First Time'

Glee Season 4 Mike Mercedes ReturnThe wait for fresh episodes of Glee is almost over — seriously! The Fox musicomedy returns from its month-long, baseball-fieled hiatus on Nov. 8 with an episode that welcomes Mike (Harry Shum Jr.)  and Mercedes (Amber Riley) back to the fold, and finds a few of the rookies experiencing something of a New Directions rite of passage.

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“[We have our] first big group dance number,” declares Melissa Benoist (Marley) of the outing, which revolves around the gang auditioning for McKinley’s production of Grease. Adds fellow newbie Jacob Artist, whose alter ego Jake is vying for the role of Danny: “This is the first time I’ve danced [on the show] at all.”

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Press PLAY below for a first look at scenes from the episode, titled “The Role You Were Born to Play,” as well as “intimate” behind the scenes footage of Heather Morris and Vanessa Lengies, ahem, getting reacquainted with Shum.

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  1. natalie says:

    Nobody cares about these newbies
    Amber and Harry are awsome.

    • Lee says:

      I’m not nobody and I like the newbies, especially Jacob Artist and Alex! They’re awesome.

    • Lauren says:

      I agree. I hate the new kids. I think I just slept through this preview. If this is what they are using to promote the show during November sweeps… just LOL. Well played Glee. I think the writers WANT it to be cancelled so they can focus on their other shows. No other reason they are writing such a crap season (minus ep 4!)

    • dude says:

      I love Marley and Jake so I guess I’m nobody.

    • Rab says:

      I can’t speak for all but I will speak for me. I cannot stand or tolerate the newbies. Wow. a cartwheel! Whoopee. I will not watch Alex at all. McKinley sucks bullets. Glee creators are so far removed from the original fans of the show and what the show was and what it could be. As far as I’m concerned Glee isn’t worth watching this season. I’ve watched it from the start til now. There are so many other things to do in life to be entertained with, by. This is not one of them anymore. I waited with great anticipation for this season but this is a sham. The show has veered toward youth and new contemporary music, dance performances are poor, acting is weak, singing is so so. Subpar for a top notch show that was nominated for awards in the past. This is an example of what a show does when it has nothing left to offer.

      • Mil says:

        unless you’re either a cheerleader or a gimnast i want you to try to do a double cartwheel (which is sorta difficult thing to achieve) with someone lot higher/smaller than you knowing it will be broadcast to national television…plus all the foreign people who also watch the show. I really want you to take that preassure
        And a season is of about 22-24 episodes…and we are only in ep. no5 please you can’t doom a show for a bad beggining

        • Sui says:

          To respond to you about the cartwheel. I get that it is a very difficult tumbling feat and I should appreciate that, I do. But if it is going to be apart of a dance sequence with the dull and lackluster new characters, especially Unique, this it what I cannot stand. I have watched and was excited for s 4 just for NY with Rachel in school with Kurt and Santana with Finn ivolved. I don’t give a hoot about McKinley anymore. the stories have been told and they are very similar to what has been told. I don’t like Marley or Kitty. Jacob can sing like crazy but I don’t care to watch a similar story to Puck. I loved Puck for what he was. I have been a fan since the beginning and have watched the show evolve into a drama series. I don’t care for the drama filled Glee which, IMO, is a teenage soap opera. I loved the quirky, smart, and hilarity of the snarky Glee of yesteryear. For me, the humor is stupid and inane. making fun of Britany Spears and her woes. The dance sequences have been So so this seaso. And I care not for the music either. I love the different genres and eras of music, not just today’s pop music. radio played music.
          So for the difficulty of that move of difference in height of a cartwheel, I applaud you for your expertise and talent. As for you who wish to watch it great for you. Hope you will enjoy. I have stopped watching this crap of a show. I understood the need to educate the audience to tolerance for people who are different- size, race, ideology, religion, faith, sex, sexual orientation, social identity, etc. But, I do not want to watch a character like Unique at all. That is my perogative. I will not watch a comedy turn into a serious drama for social issues just for teenage characters. As an adult and way too old for this type of content, there other things to do for me to be entertained. Glee is a freakin bore. You enjoy your show.

          • mon says:

            You’re right you are too old. Get on back up on your saddle and ride on back to the westerns. There’s real life and desire for living and letting die in these parts. Sorry pilgrim your casket is in the other side of town. Now GIT.

    • dsdsdsd says:

      Speak for yourself

    • ash says:

      I care? I love Jake and Marley, and can’t wait to see Jacob Artist dance, he seems pretty good (and sexy) in it. Anyway I love the old cast but the newbie aren’t so bad.

    • BigAdam says:

      Speak for yourself.
      I like jake & Marley. I don’ care about Amber & Harry coming back.

    • Gleek1 says:

      Well, Glee is all about being a nobody. :) I LOVE these new kids. It’s such a good breath of fresh air after the past three years. Come on, this is a high school show. It is called “Glee” after all. New kids coming in every year is the best part of the year. You come to school hating them at first and then growing to love them. :)

    • rakusukira says:

      are you serious ?? I just can’t wait for the old characters to fade away already and focus more on the new characters who will be the future of GLEE.. i mean, I don’t even care about Rachel and never cared for her since season 1. Watched the entire glee show from beginning to end and I can say that the newbies now really GOT me. heck, the only person I ever cared about is Quinn because her life was actually the real struggle other than Rachel’s boring egocentric personality I despise so much.

      Harry’s character was useless, he barely sings. Mercedes was just overrated (don’t get me wrong I love them but their character background was just so…. agh.)

      And a lot of people are saying that the newbies are replicas of the 4 alumni. In status, maybe. The jock, the bad boy, the cheerleader, the good girl. But i think their personalities are waaaaaaaaay different than the previous ones. Why do I think so?

      Marley and Rachel are so different. Rachel is pathetically egocentric and I hate her nagging a lot and she sings good. Marley is sweet, kind, kind of a mary sue but not really, and she can sing good too.

      Jake and Puck may have attitude problems but Jake is waaaay more mature and level-headed than Puck ever was. Jake is poor and he definitely knows about life’s struggles financially.

      Kitty and Quinn may be the cheer bitches but seeing as Kitty chose to be with Jake rather than with Ryder (because in spoilers it is revealed that Ryder Lynn is an old Mckinley high student) already speaks a lot about her character. What could she be up to really? All Quinn ever cared about was being popular, dating the guy on top.

      can’t say much yet about Ryder but I think he will also be a lot different from Finn

    • SoUngleeful says:

      I don’t hate them for they are just TV characters. I just don’t care about similar characters of those whom have graduated. So mundane and insipid to the point of troll. Glee is a far from interesting and fun anymore. Glee was a comedy once-very funny. Now it’s something less than desired for viewing. It’s like the writers have gone on vaca with its creativity stuck on repeat.

  2. LC says:

    I could not care about any of these new characters..

    • J says:

      You know who you also didn’t care about the first few episodes of Glee season 1? All of the characters, until you did.
      Do people expect to fall in love with things instantaneously?

      • Amy says:

        Do you honestly think watching a pilot with characters we’ve never met before is really comparable to watching a bunch of new people in a show already four years old? With already established characters, including ones that we know next to nothing about?

        • Gleek1 says:

          Did you honestly think that the show was only going to be about the original 12? When I first started watching the show, I knew instantly that the intent was to be a high-school show created to inspire and help the high-school kids in the real world who are having a tough time with self-acceptance and bullying. I didn’t expect Rachel folks to stick around for more than 3-4 seasons because they were all freshmen and sophomores. I love getting new kids every year, even in real life high school. It’s a part of growing up; having people leave your life and having others come in.

  3. Stacy says:

    I’m really looking forward to Jake dancing! and the introduction of Blake’s character Ryder Lynn!

  4. I must be in the minority but I’m actually enjoying a few of the new characters. Glee hasn’t been the same for the longest time – the new characters are refreshing and I’m just enjoying the show for what it is now rather than complaining that it no longer is what it once was.

    Try and enjoy it or stop watching.

    • Tif says:

      Amen. You’re totally right! I’m glad someone else feels this way!

    • Gleek1 says:

      THANK YOU! The new characters reminded me of why I loved the show in the first place: YOUTH. I was getting so tired watching the characters be juniors and seniors, getting involved in all these adult things. It’s so nice to be able to go back to the sophomore years and watch them be young. Don’t get me wrong; now with the New York split I actually regained my love for Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Santana, and the other four. But new kids = best part of Season 4. It wasn’t like last year’s new sophomores which were all introduced very poorly.

  5. Lex says:

    I dont care for Blake at all. we already have enough New people on the show already

  6. I personally like the new characters more than I was expecting to. The show is based on a highschool Glee club. We all knew from the start that the original cast could only last so long, and if having Glee in my life means a few new faces, I’m ok with that! :D

  7. TinaForever says:

    I’m watching this episode because Mike, Mercedes, and Coach Beiste are back. Harry Shum forever <3

  8. Halestorm says:

    I can’t say I hate the new characters but I can’t say I care too much about them. Although I am ready for Unique to get the hell out of McKinley’!

  9. Holly says:

    I want to punch Marley in the face. She is super annoying. Such a Mary Sue… and something about the actress.. she just blinks too much and she has a weird mouth thing that I don’t want to call a lisp but sounds like it might be?

  10. I only watch this show because of Rachel and the original cast so…

    • Bree says:

      And spoilers say that Kurt and Rachel and NYC are not in episode 5 nor 7 AT ALL! WTF? Keep on with those low ratings Glee.

      • Maria Barragan says:

        They are too! Watch the episode 5 trailer, and Epidosde 7 was supposed to be the Thanksgiving episode where the graduates return.

      • Gleek1 says:

        Rachel and Kurt are the only graduates doing 22 episodes because fans like you will stop watching the show if they’re gone. Just be grateful that your favorite characters are even in 12 episodes. Those of us who like the lower four graduates can only expect to see them maybe 7 or 8 times this year. Glee is about Glee Club. The only people who should get 22 episodes are the people in McKinley.

  11. Kevin says:

    Seriously??? After giving us a wonderful episode of talented and seasoned actors, you come back from the hiatus with this crap?!?!? Why does Glee ALWAYS do this? They have an amazing episode, take a long break and come back with the crappiest episode either. See: Original Song then Night of Neglect… See: On My Way then Big Brother. HORRIBLE!

    • JT says:

      How do you know it’s crap? You’ve only seen a minute and a half sneak preview of it. Way to overreact.

      • Kevin says:

        Because I’ve already seen episodes with these actors and I know they put on crap performances so showing me that an episode is solely focus on them makes me know it is crap.

        • lol says:

          I disagree. They’re much better than last year’s Rory and Teen Jesus (I still don’t even remember his name).

        • Jen says:

          Well you’re gonna get lots of Sam, Blaine, Brittany, Mike, Mercedes and Finn too in this episode, going by spoilers. It’s not gonna be crap.

    • dude says:

      Big Brother was great. I’m pretty sure that Cooper Anderson’s Master Class of Acting was my favourite thing from season three.

      • saf says:

        I was funny but slow and stupid. With nothing but filler nonsense and OK music. I’d rather Glee have a variety of genres and eras of music not just contemporary on every song. I didn’t care for Cough Syrup at all. IMO, music on Glee is not good anymore just what is on the radio. It was about as lame as other Glee episodes are. Par fpr the course.

  12. Heep says:

    Snooooooooooooze. That was the most boring sneak peek of my life.

  13. The new characters on Glee are the human embodiment of white crayons. They are boring, unnecessary and ridiculous. The worst thing here is that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and the various original cast (read Jenna Ushkowitz/Amber Riley) are being WILDLY underused this season, and it’s things like that which will eventually lead to Glee’s downfall.

  14. dan says:

    The problem with the new characters is the old ones hanging around. It’s as though the show has no confidence in them, so we don’t have enough time with them to become invested in their stories. They should have let some of the characters move on, and introduced newbies earlier, so we could care about them.

    What the heck is next season going to look like? I’m guessing Blaine and Rachel and Nyada, and finally stories for the new people we might care about?

    • Tif says:

      I agree totally with you!

    • Ari says:

      All I can think every time I hear that the old characters are hanging out at their high school is, “God what losers.” I mean I understand that the glee club were essentially losers but christ have some respect for yourself. They should have committed to going to college or they should have done the FNL thing and just graduated the kids rarely to be heard from again.

      • Gleek1 says:

        I don’t know what high school you go to, but at my school, it’s pretty much a holiday whenever alumni come back. It’s not being a loser. It’s taking pride in where you come from and coming back to visit your old teachers and friends whenever you’re on break from college. The only ‘Lima Loser’ here is Finn, because he didn’t decide what he wanted to do yet. Everyone else is in college or stable in the workforce.

        • Kay says:

          When I graduated from high school, the only times I went to “visit” the school again was when we had our Alumni celebration or school plays, but I would never want to “help out” with the school play or actually be in it. I can’t imagine a former student (that has just graduated) actually wanting to perform in a high school play. That is for the students to experience. I can understand maybe helping with mentoring or directing, but not actually being in the play. I think they are stretching this a little too thin, They need to be concentrating on the students that are still in the Glee Club. I understand following those who have graduated and went on to college or work (Kurt, Rachel, Santana) and showing how they are coping with their new life. Finn has lost his direction and needs to “find himself” so he is helping out Mr Schuester. I can understand that as well, but I hope this isn’t all he is going to be doing. I hope he decides to go on to college and possibly become a teacher if that is what he wants to do. “The Break Up” was the best episode of season 4 so far (even though it was sad that all those couples break up) but I’m hoping the rest of the season will be able to measure up to that one.

  15. Jon says:

    I’m personally looking forward to this episode even though I understand many ppl like Rachel and Kurt I want the show to spend more time in McKinley so it can develop its other characters like Tina, Sam, Artie, Sugar, Marley, Brit, and Ryder

  16. Eric Philipe says:

    I really didn’t like of these new characters, marley and jake. She’s the rachel 2.0, and he is Puck 2.0. Seriously rian? He’s repeting the same personalities. Alex/Unique is a mash up of kurt and mercedes. And kitty is a mash up of santana and quinn. The McKinley’s scenes are boring. New York is being the one reason to me to keep watching glee.

  17. Mil says:

    i can only speak for myself and i really respect everybody’s opinion but i would say: give them a chance. It is just the fifth episode of the season we really can’t say much about them, especially Blake’s character who is just debuting. We really do not know them, yet, and we can’t fall in love with a character instantly, it takes time. I remember caring nothing for Santanna or Brittney or Blaine at first and now i love them. So before you hate all this new characters… give them a chance.

    • Ernestine says:

      I wholeheartedly agree! So far the majority of these comments have been so negative and I will just bet that when this show first aired they probably responded to the original characters the same way and had to learn to like them. I sure hope they will learn to understand and like these new characters as well and remember what this show is really all about because it is after all called “glee” which is based on characters in a glee club in high school and show how they progress from high school to new lives that would make room for new high school characters.

  18. Gleek says:

    I love glee but… I don’t like the new kids at all! I wish the old glee was the same as thr new glee JUST GET RID OF THE NEW KIDS AND PUT THE OLD CHARITERS IN plz lol but It’s not the same my friends agree so plz do that

    • Gleek1 says:

      Do you even know what show you’re watching? It’s called “Glee.” There is no Glee Club in NYADA, Vogue, Yale, Joffrey, Louisville, the army, or pool cleaning.

  19. omar says:

    I find really interesting how people who dont like the show, spend some time of their lifes to read this article about the show that they hate LOL! Anyway…
    I really like the newbies (just Kitty and Marley…. Wade/Unique, hell no!) Lets see how Blake does…
    I really like this season, no more santana crap (YEAH!)

    I just want more Sugar and Tina :D

  20. Mezza says:

    I am so incredibly sick of people, so called “fans” of the show, complaining the show isn’t the same as it was. Of course it’s not! FFS, the key characters you all came to love are moving on. Soon, the remaining characters there from the beginning will be gone too. It has to evolve. If it didn’t, that would be an even bigger failure on the part of the writers as far as I’m concerned. As one blogger commented, I’m enjoying the show for what it is now and I am thoroughly entertained and loving it. I love the maturity of some of the story lines, I love the diverse characters, I love the talent coming in and the music.

    This show hasn’t become a failure. It’s evolving and a lot of people who hate change can’t deal with that. If you are one of those, stop watching and don’t sit there threatening that you’re going to stop watching or that you already have because of “poor writing”. And quit calling the show a failure because I guarantee you there are many people out there just like me who are taking the show in and enjoying the show for what it is now.

    • darklight says:

      you are the true fan of the show ;) you are right definitely in that matter of the show,remember guys all of the characters are portraying a role that is reflecting on a real life,well in a cinematic way,but of course a real person do grow old..what do expect guys the glee cast will remain teens?and they will be forever in high school?oh meh ged wake up!if you are a true fan of the show you should support the shows changes..

    • Gleek1 says:

      I agree with the other comment. YOU are one of the only true Gleeks left in the world. :) Someone who’s open, someone who understands what the show is about.

  21. Mezza says:

    And I agree with other commenters – give the characters a chance. I didn’t care about some of the more “minor” characters at the beginning, but I grew to love them as time went on and I saw their characters develop and began to get to know their struggles and strengths. Give it a chance. If you’re a real fan of the show, you will – no question.

  22. A says:

    Seriously, people need to get over this hatred of the “new” people. Sam and Blaine used to be “new” but millions love them now and have gotten used to them. Plus how realistic would it have been for all the old people to come and stick around McKinnley each episode. It’d be creepy and weird. The “Glee” club needs new members so of course they have to find some fresh meat. There have only been four episodes so it takes time to get to know them
    And to be honest, I love Rachel but they need to focus a little more on the McKinnley side of things. After all, the show is called “Glee” not “Rachel at NYADA”.

    • Gleek1 says:

      I agree. The only reason we have a “Rachel at NYADA” show is because Rachel is the main character, and a lot of people would have stopped watching Glee if she left the show. But this is “GLEE.” The only main character who can ever be guaranteed a place in every season is the Glee Club.

  23. zaire says:

    Im starting to warm up to the new faces . Mercedes will always be one of my favorite characters . But I didn’t like how they did Mercedes and Sam in season 3 . Other then that I like this season and I wish they’d put more glee club time in there and not just show Rachel and Kurt every two seconds . Like we can go an episode w / out them . I could really careless about her and Kurt at nyada . But I want glee to go back to its roots like season 1 & 2 will always be my favorite seasons they were the most genuine and realest . Not like season 3 or how season 4 is gonna be . I wish the creators would take it back to like season 1.

  24. Kim says:

    Does the writers not realized that the episodes this season are turning out to have the lowest viewers ratings ever? Clearly the newbies aren’t generating anything. I miss the old cast. I miss Santana, Quinn, Puck etc. I miss being all together. I rathered Glee focus on all the seniors who graduated and those still at WMHS, as in alternating a lot because everyone is in a different place than only switching back and forth between Lima and NY. The ratings are low because people can’t connect with the newbies including the Glee Porject people and the old cast aren’t in every episodes

    • Gleek1 says:

      Connecting with the characters is a matter of bias. I’m an open-minded viewer so I can connect with pretty much anyone. Whereas everyone else is all “Aaaaw, Finn is only going to be in EIGHTEEN episodes!!! I’M QUITTING GLEE!” or “THEY SPLIT UP MY OTP! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!” Goodness. The ratings would be so much higher if people were actually willing to go with the flow instead of demand that the show is run their own way.

  25. Jon says:

    Once again Tina is nowhere to be seen, way to go glee! Amazing how you made us believe how she was actually gonna have a storyline that lasted more than one episode this season

  26. habibe says:

    loved it cant wait but they didnt show BLAINE :( omg hurry up 2 weeks left

    • Sushi says:

      Oh no! Blaine isn’t there! You must be devastated. -___- Freakin fangirls… He is almost ALWAYS there. Calm the hell down.

  27. j says:

    Amber and Harry!! I miss them

  28. I can believe you people like the show I mean hello the whole thing is about accepting other people for who they are and how they are different. People like you make me ashamed of being in the human race. Your no better than bullies!!! Haters!

    • Lan says:

      Haha yeah. Some “Gleeks” these people are. What if you were a high school student in Glee’s world? Everyone is going to go their separate directions. Everyone is going to graduate eventually. New students will walk through the doors every year. I don’t get what’s so ‘unrealistic’ about the show. This show should be as real as can be. That’s why they send all their graduates to different schools. That’s why the season follows a real school timeline.

  29. I will say this: I think that the show has lost its momentum. It wrapped up all its pilot storylines in season 3 so the show should have moved to NYC and revolved around Rachel, Kurt, Quinn, Finn, Blaine and Puck. It didn’t so the fans aren’t interested. Brittany and Marley and Jake can’t carry it (and adding a kardashian [Jenner = Kardashian] makes it worse) Its a sad waste.

    • Amy says:

      Umm, Blake Jenner is not related to any celebrity. I watched him the whole on the Glee Project. I actually really like all the newcomers, and I love the original characters too! If you all really liked glee, you wouldn’t be posting this hate on here! And if you “hate” this show, why did you even read this article and take the time to comment?!

    • Kay says:

      Blaine did not graduate in Season 3. He is a senior in Season 4. How could they “follow” him to NYC? People need to give the show a chance. The new kids may not be very interesting right now, but give them time to develop their characters. This show is supposed to be about the High School Glee Club. It isn’t supposed to be about the ones that graduated. That should have been a spin-off show. But for some reason the spin-off didn’t happen so now they are trying to include them in this show, which is distracting to the actual reason for Glee which is about the Glee Club. We need to stay invested in the original reason for the show and enjoy the show for what it is.

  30. Alvin Fredrick Young Richter says:

    who cares what you think? newbies or not i love glee!

  31. Naz says:

    Loved the sneak peak! <3 looks like Glee is getting much more interesting now that the graduates are cmg back soon. I can't wait for ep 5 because Blake looks like he'll make a good new cast member. Well at least better than Marley. It takes time to get used to the new cast members but i'm sure i'll like them soon enough. Glee club is about accepting the diversity of people right? Glee is still as awesome as ever! \w/

  32. Aims says:

    It never seems to amaze me how judgemental people can be. Yes, the original cast members were the original cast and we will forever love them and wish they were in every episode. But when this show started, we all knew that in 3 years, most of the cast would be leaving. As sad as that was, this is a show about a high school glee club, and as mentioned before, it would be extremely weird to have all of the old glee club members hanging around. And even though I love each and every one of the original characters, they just don’t fit the show anymore. Now, if the show would have done a spin-off, then I would say that all of the graduates could have stayed in the show. I actually like some of the new characters, they add new voices to the mix. I just think people need to give the season a couple more chances before condemning it, or completely dismissing the new kids. No one can replace the original cast. But in all honesty, the show would be even more boring if they just kept following the same cast around for the entire life of the show.

  33. Bethany says:

    Yay! Amber’s back. :-D Why didn’t they show Blaine though? Where is he? :-( Not long left! hurry up!

  34. BJohnson says:

    I think there was hope that the new students on Glee would be able to be accepted like the revolving door on other large cast shows (Grey’s, Private Practice are two that come to mind). It is just not working for the show and I give it maybe…maybe one more season.

    • emz says:

      how awesome would that be, since the cast is getting so big now, to have a spin-off like ‘private practice’ from ‘grey’s’! ryan was playing with the idea of a spin-off with santana and quinn friendship and i think thats the best idea he’s had so far in the season:/

  35. Caro says:

    I don’t care about newbies and hope Glee gets back to focusing on the original cast soon. I’d rather see the original cast in college than follow McKinley. Maybe Mr. Schue should go teach at NYADA!

  36. sylv says:

    The new kids are supposed to be there, coz it’s high school…but I wish they would also “take a good care” of the original characters that did win Glee some prestigious awards back in season 1+2 (including golden globe for best supp.actor-Kurt)! I think the storyline matters most. Come on, do a story writing bootcamp in Bali or whatever, bring back the sweet, likable and honest stories like those in season 1+2, which involves all old+new characters! Wish u the best, Glee!!

  37. Lan says:

    Glee is about just that: Glee Club. That is the only ‘character’ who should ever be on this show in its entire lifetime. I’m very excited to have the graduates back. Now that they’ve moved on, I feel invested in them again. Since I don’t get to watch them in every episode, that gives me motivation to tune in every week to see what’s going to happen. On the other hand, I am IN LOVE with the new students. They haven’t done a good job in introducing new kids lately. Sugar, Rory, and Joe were such failures, which is unfortunate because they’re juniors on the show this year, and they don’t have a lot of time left to get decent storylines. With Marley, Kitty, Jake, and Ryder, I feel invested in them too. I do wish they made a couple more ‘original’ characters. Marley would’ve been my favorite if she came to McKinley and didn’t make any friends for the whole year. That’s a true underdog.

    And come on, graduate fans. You had 3 seasons to accept the fact that your favorite characters were sophomores. Did you honestly think that Glee wasn’t going to be about a glee club after they graduated? I’ve always known that Glee is a high-school based show. I figured that once everyone graduated, that was it. They’d only be special guest stars after that. But I was surprised that Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and Santana will still be regulars this year.

    Like other commenters have said, and trust me when I say this, Glee is SO much more fun to watch if you just go with the flow. You need to stop getting so attached to specific characters/ships. Otherwise, when the writers feel the need to make REALISTIC choices for them, you’re going to get upset, post hurtful comments, and threaten to leave the show, blah blah blah. If you were actually willing to embrace characters and plotlines, you’d be an avid Gleek. You’d still have your favorites and those you hate, but at least you wouldn’t be so hateful that you’re spreading hate over the fandom.

    Me, personally… I hate Finchel. But, being open-minded, I realize that THAT’S who they are, and that’s who they should be. Finchel forever, right? I LOVE Quinn and Mercedes. But I’m not going around whining that they’re not in every episode. I prepared myself from Season 1 that once they’d graduate, they’re done. But the fact that they’re being brought back is a blessing, so I should be happy about it. Just like how, though I love Brody, I’m embracing the fact that he is only a temporary inspiration for Rachel, and he’s already a junior in NYADA. I LOVE Tina. She’s the character I can relate to most. But she hasn’t really gotten a legit storyline yet. I may complain, but I’m not threatening Ryan on twitter about it.

    I know that we can’t choose love, but you can definitely try to control the way you react to your hate by being positive about this phenomenon of a show. Glee isn’t just a Thursday night entertainment. Some of us use this show to save our own lives. The writers give us these characters to relate to and love, to model ourselves after. I’ve modeled myself to eliminate my shyness like Tina; to try and work out my differences with my dad, like Kurt; to feel confident in my career choice, like Mike; to grow to love theater, like Rachel; to embrace my body image, like Mercedes; to know that even though retaliation sounds SWEET, being the better person is the best option, like Artie.

    Sorry for the essay. I’m just a very passionate Gleek. :)

    • Michelle says:

      So true! I think samuel Larsen Aka teen Jesus (Joe Hart) is so talented! Look him up on YouTube his performances on TGP were amazing and I was excited when he did stereo Heart last year but now this year just a little singing in three and barely any lines but the newest cast members get tons of things and the flip flopping isn’t helping fans connect. It is high school… Relationships don’t last and people move on. Let’s see more from the next generation with tidbits from the older ones that we love that created this great show. And this is glee… Why all the hate? Although I agree with a lot of people unique is just too much. I’m all for diversity but I think he makes it a mockery and the singing is the same thing every time….

    • Kay says:

      Thank you for this comment. Everything you said is true. You are a true Gleek! I watch the show as well and enjoy it, even though I was upset about the Breakup episode but that is no reason to stop watching. The whole cast and crew do such an amazing job every week. They deserve all the recognition and awards that they earn. And they deserve to have an audience to appreciate bringing us a new story each week (except I do hate the long hiatus) – one more week til a new Glee!

  38. mon says:

    I love Glee period. I cried when Britana broke up. I wanted to slap Blaine when I realized he had cheated on Kurt. I’m glad they moved Rachel on from Finn I saw that coming they are way too different finquinn would have been much better. Tina, Amber, Mike and Sue’s little helper all deserved better/stronger story lines. I love uniques character there are a lot of scenarios that can be created there. We do need a gay Character that gets shunned and then shines that’s why we fell in love with Kurt we saw his struggle through his eyes. Jake has the bad boy look but something is missing in his characters profile. Where are this years nemesis. Its like they don’t exist. Sue is great but without Mr. Shu to pick on that Line is going to get old fast and there aren’t any other strong teacher characters to pick up the slack. imho. I love this show do like the newbies or not I’ll keep watching I’m sure I’ll love at lest one. Maybe they could have done two shoes “glee” and “glee, the college years” or “glee, pomp and circumstance” The second show could focus on how the graduating class deals with the challenges of having to migrate into Adulthood and careers and glee could stay what it has always been for me how to get out of high school alive. My schools modeling club and ROTC were my glee.

  39. TeamBlake says:

    “i hate being negative, i think it’s just gonna make things worse” -Blake Jenner

    Blake is such an inspiration. He has a great attitude, great talent. He is hardworking. He has that passion and drive that a lot of people don’t have. You can tell that he’s not faking it. I think he deserves to get this job. And i think all the true fans of glee should really try to be open-minded and give these talented newbies a chance. This is supposed to be an inspirational show and an inspirational show should be as real as possible in order for the audience to actually BE INSPIRED. And i think that’s what Ryan & co have been doing. That’s their aim and they are doing it right.

    Marley is insecure, Jake is angry and Ryder is struggling in school. those are what being high school teenagers REALLY are. Almost everybody can relate to that. I mean, come on. Being pregnant? Yes it’s a big issue, we got the point, but not everyone can relate to that. It’s good enough that that issue has been raised in this show but the show needs to be more realistic. Because season 3 to me has gone from being an inspirational show to just a typical dramatic one (with no clear plot for some of the characters) so it’s good that they are going back to what the show really is supposed to be but with just a little twist.

    And i actually like Marley’s voice. She has that kind of cool sounding voice but she has such a great range. And she’s not too diva-ish and overpowering like rachel. The fact that all the new members are not overpowering each other and just blend makes the show portray realism really well.

    Compared to last season, this season is WAY BETTER AND MORE INTERESTING. And they’ve done well in casting the new members.

    So great job Ryan! Keep doing what you’re doing. And don’t let all those negativities and the low rating (if that’s even true) make you cancel the show. Because i’m really looking forward to seeing Blake (and the other casts) growing as a great actor (which you and I believe he will be)

    And seriously guys, a real Glee fan will just follow the flow and enjoy the show. So what are you still doing here caring about how this show “sucks” to you if you are not one? Just give them a chance man

  40. GiddyGosh says:

    I don’t know why everyone is bothering getting into fights with each other about it….the world would be a dull place if everyone liked the same things :/ let’s just say if you like it, watch and comment on threads and posts, if you don’t…..watch something else, no one will blame you for it, but don’t call it sh*t just cause you don’t like it….there will be plenty of things that you like that others don’t, but they are obviously polite enough not to give you crap about it…….I am nearly 30 and I still love it, and I think the morals that it teaches are fantastic!! Keep on Gleeing up my screen I say :D

  41. SabrinaL says:

    I love Samuel Larsen, Joe Hart aka Teen Jesus. But, he has had very little character development or songs this season. He would have made a much better bad boy, if they let the real Samuel Larsen shine through. Look him up on tumblr and you tube. He is much better than they let him be on Glee. But, I won’t stop watching because its good entertainment and every once in a while its great!!

  42. Fleur says:

    I am loving watching and listening to the Unique character and excited to see where they go with this. Also I love the NY story line. Cartwheel boy (forget his name) I didn’t love on the glee project but I’m hoping he’ll surprise me on the actual show with Murphy writing to him. Oh yeah and my two kids love the music from the show too…(age 3 and 5).

  43. Hannie says:

    I Adore the newbies !!!!!!!! and i still think all the old guys are amazing!!!!!!

  44. Erin says:

    More Brody Please…