Scandal Recap: Beware the Five-Headed Beast

This week on ABC’s Scandal, a political hot potato made for one pair of strange bedfellows while (again) tearing asunder another. Meanwhile, David’s investigation into the Cytron case roused quite the five-headed beast.

MOM’S THE WORD | The Case of the Week involves the disappearance of Jenny, a sweet-seeming co-ed… who actually was a blogger who anonymously bedded and blabbed about D.C. power players. Evidence points to a Kurkistan diplomat as having played a role in Jenny’s eventual death, but the White House won’t/can’t budge on revoking the guy’s immunity. Olivia goes to the White House in person to grease the wheel, only get a big fat no to her face, from POTUS himself. Questioning her futile visit, he coldly wonders, “Did you think you were going to awaken my conscience? Make me see the errors of my ways? Well, I’m awake.” When Olivia’s idea to have Jenny’s grieving parents camp out at Lafayette Park falls short, Mellie — fresh from being puked on by a rugrat and denied “a seat at the adults’ table” by Cyrus — summons her rival: “It’d be a great if the First Lady took a stand, wouldn’t it?” After Mellie, as just a “mom,” joins the parents at their sit-in, Olivia gets invited by Cyrus for a confab at their “usual place”….

SEPARATE WAYS | Cyrus isn’t Olivia’s dinner date, however. Instead, the restaurant is swiftly cleared out as the Secret Service makes way for President Grant to join her. He says that deporting the Kurkistan creep is the best he can do, then invites her for a ride on Air Force One (not a metaphor). No taker. “You hate me for falling in love with you?” he asks. Liv counters, “Where can this go? Other than me joining you in the Mile-High Club on Air Force One, what is our future here?” “Fine, I’ll let you go,” Fitz says, adding that he’ll drop the ethics investigation of her ex, Senator Davis. “We’ll go our separate ways… I have to be responsible… right?” After he leaves, Liv breaks down sobbing.

WHISKEY A NO-NO | Seeing that justice will not be served, Jenny’s parents storm off, but not before Huck warns the dad, “Don’t do it.” And before dad can sneak out of his hotel to do anything, the news reports that the Kurkistan dude got popped by someone else. Cut to Huck at his addicts meeting, admitting to the room that he just “had lots of whiskey” (his code word for, you know, worse behavior), “and now that I’ve seen that person again, I don’t know if I can ever go back.” Huck’s gal pal from the group holds his hand.

BOMB, DROPPED | David and Abby are having, like, Grey’s Anatomy amounts of sex when he privately takes a call from Alyssa, and it becomes evident that he’s using Abby to get dirt on Olivia — yet his lover never talks shop. Later, when Abby gets blown off, she obliges herself to a look-see at David’s apartment and sees The Wall. David meanwhile takes a meeting with Big Oil mouthpiece Hollis Doyle, asking why Quinn Perkins’ ill-fated ex-boyfriend, who was blown up along with several other Cytron staffers, was ringing Doyle Energy’s security chief the week before he died. Doyle says a subpoena will get Rosen whatever he needs. After Olivia gives Abs the big chill, screaming that everyone else has “moved on” from the Quinn sitch, Abby shows up in David’s shower to ask if “this is something” between them or just sex/him using her. He says it is something, and they pore over his clues. As David reports that he was wrong to focus on just Quinn or Olivia, that it goes much bigger to Hollis Doyle level, we see Doyle quite covertly gather with cancer-battling Supreme Court Justice Verna, Cyrus, Mellie and… Olivia. (What, Flattop couldn’t make it?)

What did you think of this week’s Scandal-ous behavior? Seeing as, Harrison reminded us, Olivia does bad things for the right reasons, what could possibly have been the “right” reason for covering up — and perhaps being involved in — the Cytron bombing? Personally, while I appreciate the endeavor to give the Quinn Perkins mystery legs, I need this ever-bigger conspiracy to come back to earth and soon.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    GAAAAHHHH!!! Can we please get rid of Abby??? I despise that character.

    • Amanda says:


      Why does she care so much? Didn’t she kill her ex husband or something stupid like that and that’s why Olivia took her on? Like Harrison said, he knows that everything they do isn’t 100% honest, so why is Abby acting like this is first time Olivia has muddy the waters? In order for the writing to stay above par, Olivia would have to get rid of her when she finds out she’s helping Rosen or this will go the way of Grey’s when they refused to get rid of Izzie after that Denny mess.

      • Joi says:

        I agree! Abbey has to go she can’t be trusted. I love Scandal but I why do they have to
        Talk sooo fast…they need to slow down so I could clearly follow the story. I find myself
        Recorded it to play it over and over and reading the recaps.

    • tp says:

      I’m amazed at how much I can not stand her. I’ve been saying the whole time, didn’t you do something that needed fixing? If Quinn doesn’t shut up about Liv helping her I’m gonna start to dislike her too. I want her kicked off them for even thinking it was ok to sleep with David. After she saw the wall I thought she would tell Liv. She’s a traitor and she needs to go!

      • Alichat says:

        Regarding Quinn, I think that may die down after her conversation with Harrison. But her questions made sense to me because her “fix” just happened recently. So all the ‘how and why did she do it?’ made sense. So I don’t see Quinn being in danger of aggravating the crap out of viewers. But Abby’s aggression and arrogant behavior has been there from day one, and I just can’t see Olivia keeping someone around who is such a negative force when they are fixers. They need to be realistic and informed, but also confident and positive that they can do what needs to be done for their client. Having someone ranting in the office about what an awful person their client is?? Why have that?

        • Nisan says:

          Your right, Abby, has always been a pain. She was jealous of the relationship between Olivia and Stephen from the beginning. She used to watch from afar and wonder what they were talking about. And btw he knew about Olivia and Fitz, I wonder what else he knew? Abby also had a mind of her own, like when she helped the Dictators wife, behind Olivia’s back. Abby the rebel, I still can’t believe she would turn on Olivia. Geez, I don’t like this disloyalty theme. Olivia really did literally save each one of her employees from something really bad. There should be more gratitude in their attitude. Especially Quinn, otherwise she would be on death row right now.

          • bigdede says:

            Yeah. Abby was getting beat on by her husband and Liv went in with a crowbar and beat him up. Now Abby is betraying her. Her character has to go.

          • tp says:

            Liv beat Abby’s husband with a crowbar to save her? That makes Abby’s betrayal even worse.

          • Deena says:

            Yeah, Abby said it during season 1. She asked Liv where is the woman who came in her house with a crowbar on her husband when Abby called her after she got a beating from him. That’s why the writers should have NEVER took this route with Abby. NEVER! Not when someone as public as Liv risk their livelihood to protect you.

        • tp says:

          Very true about Quinn’s save being recent. Never thought about it that way. I like how Harrison explained why he doesn’t really question what Liv does.

  2. Leah says:

    Between watching Olivia sob and the end of Parks and Recreation, I have had an emotional evening. I hope we get more scenes with Olivia and Doyle together, its nice to see Olivia be a little less guarded.

  3. Forwarddad says:

    Thanks for recapping. I couldn’t wait for Greys to be done to way h.

  4. Forwarddad says:

    iPhone grrrrr could wait to see Scandal. Also we found out more about Harrison was in jail for insider trading.

  5. Anna says:

    That scenes between Olivia and Fitz were just heart-wrenching, serious kudos to the writers and the actors. And I gotta say, I am loving the scenes between Kerry Washington and Debra Mooney, theirs are some of favourite scenes this season.

  6. Ana says:

    That final scene was like, insane. What a twist!!! What the heck is Olivia doing with those people? She’s part of the conspiracy! Holy smokes!! And more importantly, how come more people don’t watch this show??? The writing, the acting, the photography….everything is brilliant. And the stories are insane!

    • ckolden says:

      “And more importantly, how come more people don’t watch this show???”

      THIS. How is it that Revenge is so popular (don’t get me wrong, I also love Revenge) and Scandal barely gets noticed? This show is incredible.

      The scene where Fitz just started laughing as he realized that while he, technically, is the most powerful man in the world, his two women completely OWN him?? That, for me, summed up all that is awesome about this show in a nutshell.

      • Nisan says:


      • Keren says:

        They worked together against him!! His laughter was so precious!!

        • Pearl says:

          I thought he was laughing because he realized that he was atracted for the SAME kind of woman, And it make me think, if he’d leave Mellie and marry Olivia, they would end iup EXACTLY like he and Mellie, cause Olivia is a very opinionated woman. Mellie and Olivia are very similar.

      • Anna says:

        ^^^This!!! It absolutely breaks my heart when Thursday ratings come out and I look at Two and A Half Men ratings and then look at Scandal ratings.

      • aciel says:

        the problem is since this is a political type of show people base their personal beliefs on this show so they would be like this show is republican this is the type of show where your either in or out from the beginning. people either really love it or really hate. thats why not more people are watching it but not to worry this show has a very loyal fanbase it got the same rating the entire season so this show is as steady as rock. no show could hold the same rating. most shows tend to drop a lot in ratings. but this show could keep its audience. if it keeps this trend then it could be renewed for a season 3.

        • Susan says:

          I just discovered this show and can’t believe it took me this long. It just doesn’t get the same amount of attention as the other ABC dramas which is a shame. I think if it was paired with Revenge it would gain a lot more fans.

      • yari says:

        Agree this show is as good as Revenge, if not better. I think that maybe it does not have any more viewers due to the whole adultery thing. Too bad for them they do not know what they are missing. Olivia and Fitz doomed love story is the show… their chemistry is sizzling, even without touching each other.

    • Zenobia says:

      Maybe one of the reason more people are not watching is because it’s hard to understand what’s being said. I understand the fast pace of the show but please at least speak slowly enough and clearly enough where the dialogue can be understood.

  7. sladewilson says:

    I knew Olivia would be walking into that room once we saw Justice Verna walk in. Mellie is the one that threw me, but I shouldn’t be surprised because now most of what Mellie said to Liv in last season’s ender takes on an entire new light and meaning. Scandal’s one of the five best shows on TV right now and it’s Shonda’s best show by far.

    • tp says:

      I really hope Liv didn’t have anything to do with the bombing and was just called in to fix the situation.

    • Keren says:

      Yeah, Mellie being at the table surprised me.

      Clearly Liv was in on it, because she hired Quinn, got David fired, and told Abby to leave it alone. I wonder if Fitz is totally clueless about whatever they’ve done (to protect him)

  8. DramaMomma says:

    Is anyone else put off that Olivia places Huck in the path of temptation every episode this season and then gives him this “pitiful, concerned” look as she ask if he doing okay? How good can one be if you are asking someone to do really bad things?

    • Amanda says:

      I don think Olivia put Huck anywhere he doesn’t want to be. I believe Huck did that so that the girl’s father wouldn’t have to. He knew what killing that man would do to him and he took the pain for him. I think Olivia isn’t FULLY aware of what Huck’s going through because he’s more of a “closed off” person.

      • Alichat says:

        I don’t know that Olivia knows Huck is having a difficult time. I don’t get the impression she knows he’s going to AA (or combined NA and AA??) meetings to deal with the cravings he’s having. I think she’s cognizant that waving the “whiskey” under his nose is not healthy, but I don’t think she knows he’s dreaming of “whiskey” all the time.

  9. Beany53 says:

    Love the show. I just wish they didn’t talk so fast! I have to read recaps to figure out things I missed in the dialog.

  10. Nisan says:

    Scandal!!! This is the most amazing show. The acting, by everyone is just wonderful. Livia and Fitz, whether you love them or hate them, have off the hook chemistry. With just a look, you feel their love and their pain. Star crossed lovers, to bad; they’d make a powerful couple. Don’t sleep on Mellie though, this woman is dangerous, in fact, both his women are, beautiful, smart, powerful and dangerous. Gee Fitz, you must have it going on :-), besides the fact that he’s The President of the United States. Abby, don’t know why she would turn on Livia, after Livia literally saved her life, is a hard pill to take, don’t like that story line. Loyalty is expected in these situations, whether you understand what Livia is doing or not. What’s the group going to do with David (he’s a white hat for goodness sake).I don’t know where Shonda is going with this show, but rest assured I will be going with her for this wild ride. Note: both Harrison and Huck are in Olivia’s corner and very appreciative of her saving their lives, but Quinn and Abby? Just saying. This show is brilliant.

    • a fan says:

      The show is wonderful…finally actor and actress not reality show…..come on this is an hour of escaping into another world whether its wrong or right……..The lines the character Harrison comes up with just brilliant writing…….go into the fantasty of Scandal….take that ride for an hour…..power was out and i watch it over and over on my kindle…….

  11. CarolH says:

    Matt…thank you soooo much for recapping this amazing show!!!!

  12. Crys says:

    Just have to say, last week (or the week before) the actress that plays Mellie did her thing over on Criminal Minds and to see her play that character and to play Mellie and not even realize (subconsiously) that they are the same person speaks so much to her talent. I LOVE her on this show. (Full Disclosure: I am a feminist) To me Mellie is the epitome of what a woman has to go through to gain power and respect in a male driven arena and the frustrations we tend to encounter. Also Abby: I was not with everyone when they hated her by the end of last season but I’m with yall now. Her character is grating. I hope they do something about her soon. And, isn’t it funny how one of the biggest conspiracies/cover ups in President Fitzgerald Grant’s administration is happening right under his nose and he has absolutely no clue. smh poor POTUS, lol!

  13. Keren says:

    Great episode!!

    1) I don’t like Olivia and Fitz, I agree that they should break up and move on. She deserves better than to be his mistress, even if he is the President

    2) Mellie!! I’m glad that she’s trying to make a name for herself, and not just sitting quietly beside the president (who is so moody)

    3) Abby: I totally agree that she should want to know what happening. She’s an investigator and Liv is not telling her anything. It’s not her personality to be blindly loyal

    4) Cyrus!! <3

    5) Poor Huck

  14. Diane says:

    So glad that there are others in my “Why is this Abby character on this show” club. I am still smarting from her still being here and Stephen not. If they put Quinn and Harrison together, I will be a Quinn fan. And I really, REALLY need to see those POTUS dreams that Mellie talked about … Please let there be a tree involved. Please.

  15. Angela says:

    The secret has to be that Quinn is Fitz’s daughter. They couldn’t let anything happen that may lead to DNA matching or it would come out. Options: he never knew the woman was pregnant; she told him she had an abortion and didn’t go through with it; they agreed to surrender the baby to adoption. What’s still confusing to me: did Quinn have amnesia? She just went along with this whole “new identity” thing without question?

    • Nisan says:

      David did do a DNA test; Quinn is not related to Fitz. Even if she were, that’s not something they would need to cover up. He would have been a kid himself when it happened. Quinn went along with the identity change because she was on the run and needed too. She didn’t know who gave her this new identity and still doesn’t know that it was Olivia and Huck. I think the secret has to do with Mellie that would be the only reason she would get a seat at the table. And what did Mellie do to Fitz that he won’t forgive her for? I love this show, so many questions, and so many possibilities.

  16. midama says:

    Can’t get enough of this show! Can’t get enough of Olivia and Fitz! The chemistry between them is incredible.

  17. Ms. Kay says:

    While I agree that Abby is a pain, I can’t help but wonder if she isn’t playing David to keep an eye on him. She’s got to feel betrayed by him even if he did say there was something between them. It would be a nice twist if Abby has already told Liv about what she’s found.

  18. Kim says:

    It’s Kyrgyzstan

  19. Gwenie says:

    I didn’t like Mellie so much in Season 1 because I saw her as an obstacle to Olivia and Fitz who have such AMAZING chemistry. I really like Mellie this season and think she is so right that she is being wrongly ignored and shoved aside as pretty window dressing. She is so smart and sucessful in her own right and Fitz owes much of his success to her. I loved, loved the moment when Fitz said “She’s a politcal genius.” and Cyrus did not know whether Fitz meant Olivia or Mellie. I think they realized how similar his wife and his lover; they are both so smart and talented. (I also love how fast they talk on the show. It’s awesome. I think it really works in the context and I don’t have trouble understanding nor following everythiing.)

    • Stacy says:

      Wow, I’m the opposite. I can’t stand Mellie! I’m constantly yelling at her to just shut-up. She whines more than anyone. Going on and on about being the top of her class. Well, she could have easily made the decision to do more with those degrees. She made her choice and that was to be first lady at all costs. I’d say more than Fitz wanted to be President. If she can orchestrate all of these maneuvers she can figure out how to be more than just the first lady. Like I said so annoying.

  20. Christina says:

    Not worried about Mellie at all. She will not be screwed over in the end. She’s strong and manipulative.

    I feel sorry for Liv. She fell for Fitz. (or so it seems, the last scene threw me for a loop) I want Liv to get with the Senator guy, start dating him, start making love to him, start being with him and loving him, till she runs into Fitz at a party she doesn’t think he would be at.

    They stay away from each other but something binds them together. They argue, and get very upset, which ends in some hot dirty love making. I don’t believe in adultery in real life, but in film since I can watch someone get blown away I guess I can watch some one sleep with someone’s fake husband.

  21. a fan says:

    Abby although at David apartment hasnt said anything to David yet regarding Olivia…..After rewatching Season 1 Abby always made her slick comments about Olivia in and out of the office….Season 1 something happen to Billy….Never discuss as of yet…..Love love this show….love the way the characters talks…it make you tune in. hour of great television….stay tune more to come

  22. Sam says:

    My take: Liv and the President chemistry are off the radar, undeniable addictive, hot, breathtaking/breathless and intoxicating. Liv and Fitz romance is sooooo, soooo wrong, but sooooo, sooo right.
    Abby may just surprise us all. I think Abby is one step ahead of David. I don’t think Olivia have to worry about trust with Abby at all. In fact, she’ll be the one that may just end up saving Olivia world from crumbling around her. Quinn’s boyfriend was involved in something that he may have been blackmailing/something is on his computer, but so not related to Fitz. Quinn, still has questions of how and why, but will move on because she’s happy to be free vs the fate that she would have dealt with. Harrison is Harrison and will do whatever he needs to do for Liv. Huck will continue to protect Liv no matter the circumstances. Mellie, will show us how far she’ll go for her own future political motives/to remain the first lady. She’s probably faking her pregnancy/miscarriage because she doesn’t want to be the wife, but want a center stage role, so having a baby will pull the rug from under her. Mellie will not go for this under any circumstances…

  23. sp says:

    I want Stephen back, Live seem to trust him with the truth and he really protected and respected her, plus I love his character better than Abby, why didn’t she leave instead.

  24. I love the hot steamy relationship between Fitz and Olivia…I don’t want it to end….let’s fantasize and keep it coming..take the leap to the escape will find plenty of sexual encounters to soothe your mood..energizing your fantazy is makes you forget your reality struggles…play a little…laugh a little…fantasize a little…it will keep your adranelin rushing everytime…healthy does it everytime.