Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Gossip Girl, Private Practice, Last Resort, Broke Girls and More

Gossip Girl, Last ResortIs Gossip Girl setting a course for a plane tragic ending? What’s the scooper on Private Practice‘s Cooper? Is the latest Last the best? When is Mad Men back? Read on for As to those Qs plus teases from other shows.

Gossip Girl | Spotted: A body bag on Gossip Girl?! Sources confirm that the CW soap’s penultimate episode will feature a plane crash! The flight manifesto is being kept under tight wraps, but the Inside Line is that at least one major character is on board. Who do you suspect/fret might buy it before GG says goodbye? Hit the comments with your predictions.

Private Practice | Previously on TVLine, KaDee Strickland used words such as “phenomenal” to describe the script for the Cooper-centric Episode 8. Now here she is (sorta) telling you what that hour is about. “It’s ‘Cooper All The Time’!” she laughs. “Everything you have fallen in love with about Cooper over the last six years, there’s a full hour of it. It’s ‘Cooper’s Greatest Hits,’ that’s what it is.” Which, given the news about the series’ end date, sets up a nice send-off for the character (as well as the others who each get a POV-centric episode before the Episode 13 finale). “After six years of doing these two [characters], it’s so great when you get in there and still enjoy working together,” Strickland says of scene partner Paul Adelstein. “I mean, we’ve been seeing each other at work on a daily basis for six years, and it’s wonderful how that can imbue the work. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun making that episode.”

Last Resort | ABC felt strongly enough about this Thursday’s episode of the freshman drama to issue a screener, and their instincts were right. Accurately pegged by series cocreators Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek as the best episode since the premiere, the narrative is split between a face-to-face between Chaplin/Kendall and SecDef William Curry (who is even more sketchy in person than he is squawking over the Colorado‘s intercom) and a sub mission that Grace must command, when a chink in the perimeter materializes. The negotiations between Chaplin and Curry also brings Grace’s father to Sainte Marina, where he makes clear his own agenda (and might get to play hero, in a way). You’ll also gain more insight into why things are so wackadoodle back in D.C., and learn what ace-in-the-hole Chaplin has to play at the bargaining table. Meanwhile on the sub, Grace kicks much ass with a crafty trick that evokes Star Trek II, and in doing so kinda plays matchmaker for one couple. Oh, and one of the power players at the peace pow-wow shoots someone to death. Definitely a must-see hour if you’ve been or thought about climbing on board. As for the next episode (airing Nov. 8), there’s this morsel: “The crew is hit with an attack by an unknown force unlike anything they’ve seen before.”

2 Broke Girls | Nov. 5 marks the debut of Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen as “Candy Andy,” the proprietor of a local confectionery who is sweet on Caroline. Alas, Max’s partner in cupcaking shies away from TV’s erstwhile Dick Casablancas because “she definitely does not make the best first impression,” Beth Behrs teases. That said, the Broke Girl touts Andy’s introduction as “my favorite episode that we’ve shot so far” as well as “probably one of the most shocking.” As for Hansen’s performance, “He blows me away,” Behrs raves. “He is so funny and he fits so perfectly into that role and into our show. The studio audience went crazy for him.” Apparently so did the producers, as Andy will recur for at least four episodes. “There is ‘unfinished business,'” Behr teases.

I now close with a pair of reader questions….

Please tell me the likelihood of Alphas returning for Season 3 is high! After the Season 2 finale, I will WEEP if the show doesn’t return. –Juli
I wouldn’t go so far as to say the likelihood of renewal is “high,” but at the very least it shouldn’t be ruled out. Depending on how all the DVR playback data and such stacks up, I’m hearing the odds of getting Season 3 are no less than 50/50.

Can you find out a return date for Mad Men? Not looking for exact but if it will be winter, spring or summer. –Kimma
Well, it’s definitely not going to be as soon as winter. And while I thought the period drama might return to the summertime premiere pattern from Seasons 1 through 4, I am told that Season 6 will in fact arrive in the spring of 2013.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around!

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  1. mary says:

    OMG I hope it’s not Chuck!!! I hope it’s Bart

  2. Leigh says:

    Lol!!! Yeah it’s not going to be Chuck no matter how much hatters wish it was considering Ed had filmed through the plane scene and is in the finale. Good try

  3. Jeannette says:

    A plane crash with a major character on board? That seems odd, because we’ve seen evidence of all the main characters surviving into the finale, and the ONE character we know dies does so in a different way…

    Perhaps it’s like Revenge, and one character is supposed to be onboard but ends up not being there?

  4. Teag says:

    Can’t wait for Mad Men. A little less Megan and more Betty is all I ask. And more Ginsberg.

    I understand why Megan was featured so much… she’s Don’s wife! But still, less of her please.

  5. Britta Unfiltered says:

    It makes sense they would want to keep airing Mad Men in the spring, as it makes them fresher in the minds of the Emmy voters when it’s time for nominations. It really paid off this year in terms of nominations, just not so much with the wins.

  6. Lili says:

    Yes, Chuck is back in NY after the flight, in the same episode & in the finale.

  7. Annie says:

    Please let the plane crash involve Bart, Stephen, Sage, Rufus (the new and worse version), Ivy, and the Minions (simply to see how Blair will fair without them at her beck and call).

  8. JA says:

    Oh GG and Ausi, stop with the death threats against Chuck Bass. We all know it’s a happy ending (except for Bart…and poor Serena, if she ends up with, ugh, Dan).

  9. Rebecca says:

    2 Broke Girls – I was IN the audience for that taping! It was a very fun one. Can’t wait to see the episode air.

  10. Danyelle says:

    This goes with my theory that Chuck dies and the paparazzi pics are from a “What if…” montage that Blair has :(

    • Lili says:

      No, that won’t happen. If the wedding would be a dream-scenario for Blair, she would make it perfect in her head…not followed by police officers interrupting the ceremony. Chuck won’t die.

    • LEIGH says:

      Not happening! CHAIR will get their wedding & happy ending with lil’ Bass Babies so deal with it! You know it’s happening. And, your spec about a dream montage is laughable. B’s dream wedding to Chuck would never include Jack Bass, Dan, & Georgina amongst their wedding guests. That’s a twist only real life can provide. My guess is that CB call Jack because he is C’s only remaining blood relative (after Bart is killed in 6.09 & until CB MAKE Henry Bass & Co.) & because Jack is now a bonafide CHAIR SHIPPER!! And, I suspect D&G might crash the wedding-unless D SUCCESSFULLY makes with amends CB prior to the ceremony. The “major” character death in 6.09=BART! For real this time!

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        You need to relax. There is no need to speculate like crazy about PEOPLE WHO AREN’T REAL.

        • Rob J. says:

          Hi! Welcome to the Internet, where we like to speculate like crazy about people who aren’t real. You’re new here, right?

      • Nora says:

        Am I the only one that thinks its absolutely disgusting that the man Chuck whored his girlfriend out to is going to be part of the wedding? Gross.

  11. Canadian-JBS says:

    Here’s hpoing that the plane crash involves some combination of the following:
    -anyone else who isn’t Dan ;)
    But seriously, it wouldn’t shock me for TPTB to pull a “Shonda” & kill off a couple that people care about. Plus, it would show that the GG writers have a spine & aren’t caving to the desires of the crazies.
    That is all.
    Gossip Girl

    • wow says:

      Your bitterness is hilarious.

    • Elisha says:

      I love bitter DB fans!! You guys make me laugh so hard! I literally can’t wait to see Chuck and Blair married with a kid and see what you idiots come up with when the show is done. Too funny

      • Canadian-JBS says:

        When the bloody hell did I say I was a DB fan? (spoiler alert: I NEVER DID!!!)
        All I am saying is that it would be very unorthodox to kill off a key character from a show this late in the game… and I would respect TPTB if they chose to do that.
        Also, lay off with the Dan bashing. So far this season, he is the only one true to who he really is…even if he does come off as a jerk in the process.
        Therefore, my views are valid & justified & you’re wrong to jump on my case about my opinion

        • Kara says:

          Wow, Dan stans are get really upset when they hear people say exactly what Dan is- a dirtbag. I don’t feel it because (Spoiler Alert) Chuck and Blair are endgame

      • Sam says:

        seems like you have a bigger fixation on Dair and love them unconciously. i mean really. the OP said nothing about dair.

  12. Lorena says:

    Well if is not Bart, i think maybe Nate, i mean he doesnt had a good storyline since never, maybe he discovers who gossip girl is, and Pam! he dies and the secret dies with him

  13. Patricia says:

    It will probably be Bart, Lilly or Rufus. So excited for the last Resort tonight. Watching it live and recording the vampire diaries, the last two episodes were very boring.

    • Nicole says:

      They really were weren’t they? I’m speaking about TVD of course. I love Damon to death but they are really dragging the Elena-is-a-vampire-but-shes-having-so-much-trouble-with-it thing. I mean REALLY!?

  14. Is that Chuck getting on a plane??

    God I hope he dies XD

  15. neddi^^ says:

    its bart i think.. the another people are all in finale.

  16. wow says:

    Hopefully it’s Ivy.

  17. Nora says:

    I doubt GG at this point has the cajones to kill off a major character. If so I’m actually hoping it’s Chuck because it’s what Ed would have wanted. (Talks about it in interviews enough)

  18. Ella says:

    Spoilers from GG filming have already revealed all the main characters make it to the flash forward of Dan & Serena’s wedding, including all the parents, except Bart, who falls off a roof. So I bet nobody dies in the plane crash, at least nobody we care about.

  19. Tinemi says:

    I vote for Ivy!! although if it where to be a big character, what about Dan?

  20. JC says:

    Chuck was not seen in the finale photos with the group and he is reportedly seen at an airport with Blair so I hope its not him :(

  21. Abi says:

    Maybe Gossip Girl dies in the plane crash!

    • Ella says:

      That’s what I was thinking! My vote is for Gossip Girl although I would love to see Kristen Bell in the role. GG is a main character, even if she has been off-screen up until now.

  22. guest says:

    Please it not chuck! No way!! I pray it not chuck!!!

  23. guest says:

    Oh hang on a min, but i surly it aint Chuck. I hope so

    I checked other news; Gossip Girl Season 6 Spoiler — Which Main Character Might DIE?

    “Michael says, “Gossip Girl will stick with tradition this season and have pretty much every episode build to some lavish event. Below is a sampling of just some of the episode-anchoring bashes that the show will be throwing…“ then he adds, “Can you spot the foiler?”

    A fashion show
    Thanksgiving dinner
    An out-of-town horse show
    An art show
    Jenny’s memorial service
    The opening of a pop-up store
    A Cotillion “

  24. L O L says:

    don’t give me hope please

  25. Sarah says:

    Love how anybody who has anything bad to say about Chuck is an idiot or a moron. Guess Ed Westwick is too since he has also said he would like for Chuck to die in the end. I always felt like he is the tragic hero who you want to get a happy ending but never would. But its GG. Everybody who is a main character will get a happy ending, even if it makes no sense *cough* Derena *cough*

    • Kara says:

      *cough* *cough* Some morons don’t know Ed was joking and take him literally so they look completely stupid when they say Ed wants Chuck to die. Might want to learn what sarcasm is. Oh, wait, though, you shipped a dead ship and though they were end game. Oops, my bad for thinking you had any resemblence of a brain

  26. LH says:

    You TV Line folks cannot help but troll-esp. Re: Gossip Girl. Honestly, it’s PATHETIC at this point! We already know from all the leaked intel/photos/set reports that Chuck&Blair are getting their WELL EARNED CHAIRYTALE ending + Waldass Babies-as they & the fans deserve! Chuck will not be on the plane when it crashes-I doubt any main character will be. The producers & cast have also commented on how satisfying the ending is and how all the main characters end up in a good place-LM has commented how THRILLED she is w/the ending (Happily married CB & Family)! And, Dan & Serena will also get their happy ending in the FF-WHERE CB’s first born, Henry, proves to be a chip off the CHAIR block!!! As for the character death, we ALL know it is Bart! Just stop the trolling already.

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      Until the episode actually airs, we know nothing. For all we know, the leaked intel/photos/set reports could be huge red herrings.

      • Maria says:

        FYI, Gossip Girl isn’t so profitable that they can waste time and money on days of filming “red herrings.” If anything’s a fake-out, it could be the Dan/Serena nuptials that we only saw a brief glimpse of- but it’s clear that the Chuck/Blair scenes from the finale (which also included Serena/Dan/Nate) are legit. So none of the mains are going to die.

      • Kara says:

        Hello Dair fans. You can’t waste that time on filming. It costs a ton of money. Some people here are jus plain stupid

    • cora@gmail.com says:

      Uhh, dude? Leighton hardly said CB ending would be her happy ending. She implied something quite different: “”I guess everyone else’s happy ending would probably be that she ends up marrying Chuck. But I don’t know the answer.”

      • Maria says:

        You’re talking about a different (older) interview. After the finale was filmed, Leighton did say she was very happy with how Blair’s story ends. And since she ends up married to Chuck with a kid…

      • Kara says:

        She just said she was happy with Blair’s ending- which is with Chuck so get your panties on straight and stop being this dumb

  27. Tina says:

    Thanks for the head up TV Line. Won’t be watching PP. They are barely tolerable all together much less centric to one character.

  28. cora@gmail.com says:

    I would love for Chuck to die. And that’s not even as a Chuck-hater: it would give his character’s journey some actual gravity. If the writers just wrap everything up in this tidy little bow, that would be ridiculous.

    • frontin says:

      You are a Chuck hater. Clearly.

    • Lexie says:

      Uh, huh. Guess what? You won’t get anything and Chuck and Blair will be married with a boy. And only a moron like you sees Chuck’s journey leading to death. Clearly it’s about Chuck getting a family, finding love and not being alone which he was all of his life. But, hey, if you watched the show you’d actually get the show….

  29. cas says:

    I would love it if D & S got married. They were so good together in season 1.

  30. maris says:

    Please pretty please , make Chuck get in the plane.He doesn’t deserve to live anyway.UES is better without a douchy rapist

    • Canadian-JBS says:

      I’ll go one step further. The UES is better off all in the plane & all dead, for as long as the UES roams, it truly is the darkest timeline ;)

    • Kara says:

      Love your butthurt Dair fans.It’s delicious. Keep dreaming. Hey, did you hear Chuck and Blair are getting married?

  31. minaviendha says:

    Can Georgina kill them all?

  32. decee says:

    Those wedding photos from the set are suspicious. It was indoors so the photographers had to have access to the venue, but why would the show purposely allow them to be released so far in advance? Dan doesn’t look happy in the photos, either. Maybe it’s a scene of Serena dreaming about the future and envisioning her perfect wedding to Dan. But when Dan enters the picture, she sees he is miserable and comes to the realisation that they are they’re different people who want different things.

  33. chrisdvanne says:

    Alphas ending talk about a cliffhanger; i was on the edge of my seat wondering what had happened to the team, apart from gary, which seem to have no effect on him at all. Sets it up nicely for a season three.
    Skylar adams was an asset in helping the team to bring down Parish. Summer Glau was outstanding in the last two episodes, really up the tempo of the show.
    Regardless of the ratings, Syfy have got themselves a really great show in there grasp, surely they are not gonna let it go.

  34. Maria says:

    Well, the GG spoiler says that a main character is on board- not that they crash with the plane. And we know all the mains are in the finale. So I could see Chuck bailing out, even intentionally planning it that way so that his dad, or whoever’s after his dad, thinks he’s dead?

    Who knows, I just want to see Chuck and Blair married already.

    • sandy venable valensuela says:

      Unlesd your parents were killed and your mother melted to a plane seat you like mine. Ireally would appreciate if you would keep those kind oh comments either on a fictitious show or in my case in real life.

      Sincerely. Mrs. Sergio Valensuel

      P.s. chow for now

  35. Ruta says:

    I hope it’s Nate! Can’t stand Nate!