Sons of Anarchy Recaplet: Has [Spoiler] Finally Hit Rock Bottom? Weigh in Here!

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 SpoilersWarning: If you’ve yet to watch this Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…

Note to Tara: The next time Jax tells you to trust your mother-in-law, don’t.

Sons of Anarchy‘s Gemma has fallen further and further from grace during the FX drama’s current fifth season, but it was her potentially fatal actions at the end of this week’s episode that had us wondering: Has the SAMCRO matriarch finally hit rock bottom?

After being robbed by Joel McHale’s con-man character, a desperate Gemma turned to Nero — who turned to Jax & Co. — for help. Disgusted by his mom’s increasingly out-of-character behavior, Jax hissed, “Who are you?” — a question that peeved the fallen queen’s sometime-bed buddy. A well-meaning Nero advised Jax to go easy on Gemma, who, while troubled, would only begin to make better choices with the support of her family.

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The SAMCRO boss took those words of wisdom to heart and later consoled his mother, telling her that they, Tara included, would get through this tough time. And in that moment, all seemed as well as can be in the world of Sons. But Spoiler Alert — that would not end up being the case.

Shortly thereafter, Jax and Tara were prepping to leave town for a brief vacay when their babysitter bailed. The couple reluctantly used this opportunity to extend an olive branch to Gemma — who, unbeknownst to them, was getting stoned with Unser — and asked that she stay with Abel and Thomas for a few days. Katey Sagal’s alter ego pounced at the opportunity, and was soon in possession of the tots.

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Off balance and fighting to remain conscious, Gemma attempted to drive her grandsons home. Unfortunately, she veered into the opposite lane and, in order to avoid colliding with an oncoming big rig, swerved her SUV down a ravine and into a tree.

The episode’s haunting closing shot explored the wreckage, which consisted of a knocked-out Gemma, an hysterical Thomas and a seemingly injured and unconscious Abel.

While we’d like to assure you that Gemma couldn’t possibly sink any lower, we’ve seen next week’s installment and that’s not looking very likely — at least not initially.

But what say you, TVLiners? Has Gemma made her worst misstep yet? Is this her version of rock bottom? Can she ever be redeemed? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts and predictions!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Jax and Tara need to stop planning to go on vacation. It never ends well.

    I’m looking forward to what Katey, Maggie, and Charlie do next week with the fallout from the accident. Gemma isn’t going to forgive herself for this and Tara has every right to be livid with Gemma.

    • Emma says:

      I couldn’t agree more. While the club politics is always fascinating, the real highlight of the show, for me, has been the power struggle between Tara and Gemma. Katey, Maggie & Charlie are all brilliant and this will be one emotional roller-coaster

    • RobertR says:

      This may be the beginning of Wendy getting visitation rights or even custody of Abel. Gemma keeps screwing over Jax and the club. Tara may get her Women of Mayhem tag when she finds out what Gemma has done.

      • Morgan says:

        I also had the thought that this may result in Wendy gaining a foothold in regard to the custody issue. We’ve seen flashes of Tara’s anger, but I’m really curious to see how she reacts to Gemma over this because she has every justification to be angry beyond belief over this.

    • The Squatch says:

      I think that since Gemma got in an accident at about the same time that Jax was run off the road and almost killed, he will assume that someone went after his mother and kids in the same way and, when Gemma realizes this, she will just go along with his assumption and the truth about what she did won’t fully come out until closer to the end of the season.

  2. Brenna says:

    wow just wow, my heart is still pounding from those final moments

  3. So upset about what just happened. Not. Cool.

    • Mirage says:

      I couldn’t agree more. My heart stopped. Killing or harming kids, physically and/or mentally is not cool. That goes for both TV and reality.

  4. adam says:

    I seen that wreck coming as soon as she got in the suv lol.

    • K says:

      Hahaha, same. When they focused too much on her buckling up, I knew she was gonna crash.

      • SoA says:

        As I watched the episode I also thought of the slow buckling and hard stares Gemma got from the extra large prospect. Especially with the close up of the long hit she got from that joint, you knew once that call was made, it was bad news a-comin’.
        It just sucks that I had to endure that boring season of rescuing “Prince Charming”, Jax’s son.
        For a biker gang of 6 dudes, with only a couple being in shape and not members of the AARP, the SoA always get their man. Great Season so far.

  5. Sam says:

    This season is stressing out my life. WOW.

  6. Brittany says:

    Would some one please kill clay??? And I don’t think I could watch any more if Abel died :(

    • Kinikia says:

      I agree can’t watch anymore if Abel dies!!!!!!

      • Gina says:

        Abel better be ok because if he dies I’m definitely not watching this show again. My heart still aches from that last scene. Not nice…

    • Hgee says:

      i agree. i will not watch this show anymore if abel doesn’t make it.

    • jazzluv says:

      I am so with you and while they’re at could they please kill Gemma too!!

    • Jessica Haas says:

      Yes please Kill that asshole!!!

    • Brenda says:

      It is becoming a little ridiculous how Clay keeps getting away with everything.Seriously, how many times is he going to weasel his way out of trouble.

    • TheBeach says:

      I, too, am so ready for that ugly ape-looking Clay to die. Every tragic event, including Opie and Piney’s deaths, are directly related to the greedy and self-serving actions of this a**hole. It’s time to meet your maker, Clay… and I hope it’s at the mutual hands of Jax, Gemma and Tara.

      • Cary Beavers says:

        Far be it for me to defend Clay in any way. But if they kill him off his character WILL be missed. We need someone to hate. He’s so diabolically good at what he does. I want him alive at least for a while longer.

    • King says:

      I completely agree… Told the hubby that if it is in fact Abel that is hurt and not Jemma I am not watching anymore… T

  7. SOA lover says:

    Terra is gonna whoop Gemma’s, you know what, like she did Carla’s. It is well deserved!

  8. Kelli says:

    I thought Katey Sagal was FANTASTIC in tonight’s episode. But ugh, Gemma, what are you doing?! That was so low, Sutter. What are you doing to my queen?! I expect more great acting from Katey with this storyline because she will hate herself more than Jax/Tara will hate her. :(

  9. What the hell was that? Gemma’s character can’t maintain. Time for some rehab.

  10. Angela says:

    That ending. Uh-oh. I like that Nero kinda stuck up for her, though-he’s right, she clearly needs help above all else.
    Also, was quite entertaining to see Joel playing a bad guy. Didn’t end well for his character, sure, but still interesting.

  11. This has been a powerful season. I knew Gemma was gonna screw up when Tara said to her, “I’m trusting you.” Such forecasting. That poor baby boy better live! I’m exhausted nut too keyed up to go to sleep now! Good grief!

  12. Daniella says:

    I’m sick of Gemma making these “mistakes” if Abel dies I hope Tara nearly kills her. My heart stopped when the wreck happened!

  13. Autumn says:

    This season is off the grid! If this isn’t Gemma’s lowest point, I don’t know what else could be. Yes someone please take Clay out & bust Juicy’s snitch ass!

  14. JadeM. says:

    I think this is what pushes Tara over the edge to show the missing letters (the ones implicating Gemma in JT’s death) to Jax…

    • Daniella says:

      I think Tara should deffinately now show Jax the letters.

    • K says:

      But Jax already has that gut feeling that Gemma was involved. He already told her he hated her a few episodes back? I just don’t GET why Sutter had to take Gemma’s falling to such dark roads. :(

  15. Missy says:

    I enjoyed the episode, until the end. Gemma driving THAT HIGH, with the kids in the car, really??? I think I’m done now. They have completely destroyed Gemma’s character. Even she, with all her mistakes and craziness, wouldn’t have done this.

    • K says:

      EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. It was so out of character. I don’t care how “lost” she is, she would NEVER put those kids in danger that way. She could have asked Filthy Phil to drive? What a CONTRIVED plot twist.

    • Olive says:

      Plus, Gemma can handle her weed. Gemma smokes weed all the time on the show since season one. She drives and smokes weed all the time. Maybe, if she was durnk, I would buy it. But, just because she smoked a joint with Unser, which they have shown her do countless times, she’s suddenly going to pass out on the road. I call bullsh*t. Plus, the accident was so predictable.

      • Dpoc says:

        I really feel like someone put something in her weed that made her messed up…

        Thinking about it now… It could have been set up by Clay..why was he looking at their marriage license at the end?? Maybe he knew something was going to happen to her??… Just a thought.

        Like you said, as messed up as Gemma has been, I highly doubt she’d put her grandsons in danger if she knew she wasn’t okay which she probably thought she was.

        • Awax says:

          my take on clay getting those marriage licenses was just him trying to keep gemma from divorcing him while he tries to win her back.

        • jen says:

          Ha – now that you mention it, Clay was at Uncer’s and wants him out of the picture… Clay is such a slime, he would totally do something like that without thinking of the repercussions of his actions and how it may effect anyone else. Makes sense. Either way if you get high or drink DO NOT DRIVE WITH KIDS IN THE CAR!! Your own life is one thing, but kids??? I was so upset with last night’s episode ending my husband and I dont think we’re “mature” enough to watch anymore :(

        • jill says:

          He did ask if he could “stop by later”

      • Samantha says:

        I agree with you, Gemma smokes all the time – it should not effect her driving, especially not enough to make her pass out at the wheel. I think she was either drugged or was having some type of medical problem, possibly her heart?

        • TheBeach says:

          ITA. Gemma smokes weed all the time, even while babysitting, and should not have been that affected. If they had shown her having not slept in a day or two then I might buy it.

    • A says:

      Okay let’s look at this realistically here:
      Drinking all night + no sleep = can’t sober up
      Losing what is most important to her (family) = PTSD
      Smoking weed all day + alcohol = crossfaded + she was smoking Unsers most likely special, laced weed

      The result is simple. Her psychological thinking is impaired immensely thus, leading to her delusion.

      Gemma is under a great deal of stress and pressure to prove to Tara and Jax that she can handle her grandchildren, despite her downward spiral. And because of her strong, motherly nature, she thinks she is in fine enough condition to drive. She would never intentionally put her grandchildren in danger,
      but given her current state of mind, she sadly did put them in harms way.

      Gemma’s character is not destroyed, she is just lost.

      • Bunny says:

        THANK YOU, exactly my thoughts.

      • Have ANY of you EVER known an addict?! Gemma could absolutely do everything she did…as for maintaining? Every addict thinks they are “good to go” until something bad happens! Haveing said my say,lol,I love SOA and Season 3…AWESOME!!! (PS some do need to remember;it’s a drama NOT real life!!!

  16. K says:

    There is no going back after this. Gemma needs to die so I can stop watching this show already. Katey Sagal is the main reason why I watch anyway and her character has become to OOC. I am not here for this. But damn you, Katey, I love you too much to quit at this stage.

    • Missy says:

      K, I’m right there with you. They took character assassination to a whole new (unbelievable) level. And why would dude stand there and watch her, clearly high, and not say anything, or drive. This was just too much.

      • Michael says:

        Character assassignation? What show are you watching? The one I watch: Gemma schemes to kill Jax’s father, attempts to kill Jax’s first wife, plants seeds of doubt about Tara in Clay’s mind so that he offs her(and then later regrets it). Gemma is and always has been a deplorable, awful human being. You must have been wearing some heavy-duty blinders for the past 4 seasons.

        • Missy says:

          Gemma schemes to kill Jax’s father – who was cheating on her in Ireland, and neglecting there sick kid, leaving her to deal with it.

          Attempts to kill Jax’s first wife – who was a crackhead that almost killed her grandchild.

          plants seeds of doubt about Tara in Clay’s mind so that he offs her(and then later regrets it) – That’s just Bullsh*t, that was all Clay!!!

          Gemma is and always has been a deplorable, awful human being – What show are YOU watching???? Truth be told, they’re all killers!!!!

  17. Charlaine says:

    Megan please please please email me and just tell me if Abel dies or not. I won’t tell a soul I promise. I can not wait another week for this info…..PLEEEASSE

  18. Mike says:

    I think Gemma has finally reached rock bottom. I’m pretty sure Abel would live, don’t think they’d kill off a kid. I do know that she will hate herself more than Jax and Tara…and the letters will more than likely come into play. Clay needs to be out of the show by end of the season. GIVE US some scoop on Next Weeks episode PLEASE!!!

  19. michelle says:

    Give Wendy the kids. At least shes away from the life and fixed herself. These people are unfit to be parents. So sad how Tara and Gemma have fallen.

  20. Alyssa says:

    Gemma will prolly throw the blame onto someone else. There’s a plethora of potential victims that’s just an observation though…

    • Gina says:

      Agreed! I think Abel lives. Gemma would kill herself if something happened & she was the cause. I think she’ll play off jaxs accident & say a van also forced her off the road. But Tara’s too smart to buy that. There’s more storyline with Abel living. I don’t think- id like to think- not even Kurt Sutter can kill a baby!

  21. Pmums says:

    That is soooooooo messed up. Rehab? No, get it over with and knock her into shape the hard way. She doesnt deserve forgiveness and what a life that kid has had so far!

  22. Sam alonzo says:

    If Abel dies I will no longer watch the show and nither will any of my friends hate that they had to go that dark!… if they go that dark!

    • Michael says:

      The death of a child in a car accident would be horribly sad, not dark. The sometimes inconceivable acts of violence, rape and murder commited on this show are oft twisted and dark. BIG DIFFERENCE. If you don’t want the show to go dark…you probably should have stopped watching about 4 seasons ago.

    • A says:

      it’s a fictional show…

  23. Missy says:

    Oh yeah, I too was glad when Nero checked Jax. But then the ending made it all a waste.

  24. torr says:

    All I gotta say is wtf this show ROCKS

  25. San Stewart says:

    Lol @ Filthy Phil but I sure hope Abel survive this horrible accident….that poor baby was unconscious with blood dripping…Gemma gotten on my last nerve and so have clay rubbery face azz

  26. Rob Anderson says:

    Everyone said they would quit watching if opie dies and the next week the show beat out the top 3 networks in ratings. I would hate to see able go but I hated it with opie and half sack and piney etc, if it is what is needed to push the story and the characters toward where sutter wants them to go than… be it Just trust that sutter has a plan and a vision for the show and that’s the reason we will all be back watching next week regardless. SOA!!!!!!

    • agreed! no1 will stop watching if a kid we hardly ever see & doesn’t even speak dies!! give Sutter some love 4 this season people!!

      • SoA says:

        The Seal Team 6 mission to save that kid in Ireland was the worst season. Any mention of him is always a drag, and leads to little action. Just tear jerkers and appeasement to the ladies, “Aww! Jax cares.” Peace out Abel. Its not a kids show.

    • methodmom says:

      I agree with you Rob. True fans of SOA would never stop watching because of any death. Kurt Sutter is a genius, and he is the master of plot twists. I have watched since season one episode one, and awaited the series premier since the first promo that I saw. I will be there until the end, I don’t miss an episode, first run. So to you people who say you won’t watch anymore if so and so dies, you aren’t a fan to begin with……

      • BMF316 says:

        Very true dude but that was a shocker. It fells like this season is gonna be more shocking rather than the smoking hot episodes we are used to. Feels like im still waiting for it to heat up if you know what i mean.

    • Cary Beavers says:

      Uh-oh. Someone’s making sense!

    • Cary Beavers says:

      I can see them killing Abel. A major theme of the show is Jax following and becoming exactly like JT, his father. So many of his philosophies jive with his dad’s. Clay wants him to be UNlike his dad. Well guess what? As fans of the show know, JT lost a son, too. Perhaps the circumstances weren’t exactly the same, but this could make Jax even more determined to adopt his dad’s vision for SAMCRO and take the club in that direction.

  27. Chris says:

    I don’t see Abel dying. In the previews of next week it didn’t show one scene of anyone mourning a baby. Of course that doesn’t mean anything, but you would think if he died they would show some kind of fallout in the preview.

    • Greasergal says:

      Yea, I was thinking the same thing. If he is speaking to Pope, then he has been home at least and if Gemma wasn’t there with the kids, someone would be looking. I can see Abel being hurt pushing Jax a bit more away from Gemma (with it being Hamlet, the Queen and he will eventually fall), but I still think, with 2 more seasons to go at least, it would be too soon to push Jax off that cliff by killing his first born.

  28. Patty says:

    Poor Abel. Born a crack baby. Kidnapped. And now this! If he lives and continues to beat the odds, he’s headed for a future at the head of the table as one kickass dude.

  29. Wifey says:

    I really hope able survives so sad I hope do

  30. Katelynn says:

    I hope Abel is ok!!! Abel is unconsious and bleeding bad and Thomas is ok!!! Gemma is injured really bad though!!! :( to see what happen!!!

  31. Craig Fenton says:

    Kill Gemma, kill Gemma, kill Gemma, kill Gemma…

  32. adam says:

    kill tara ^^^

  33. kaylashley says:

    Please tell me Abel didn’t die I cried last night BC I have a son his age and plus it would just be wrong if he dies who kills kids and I hope Tara and jax go after her and Tara tells jax about the letters and he kills her like she and clay killed jt. And please don’t kill juice I want him to go to jax about clay I don’t want him to die not now it would just hurt . I want Tara to spill next episode about gemma and Otto let there be fights don’t kill that baby please

    • A says:

      once again it is a fictional show…no one is actually killing babies….

    • EthansMom says:

      My son is his age too…fought hard not to cry! Tara should have stuck with her gut and said no to Jax…you could tell that she still had doubts, but wanted to make Jax happy I guess. No matter how much you love someone, NEVER give in to any request that you don’t feel safe about-ESPECIALLY when it comes to down to the safety of your child or children. However, I do agree with those who say that if that is what has to happen to take the show in the needed direction, then that’s that…..but it doesn’t mean that I wont hate that it happened. Definitely destroyed what little compassion I had left for Katy Segal’s character, that’s for sure!!

  34. Flipper says:

    Season 4 did not stand a chance at matching up to the intensity of season 3. I was very skeptical about this season and was worried that Sutter had used all of the ink in his creativity well I definitely owe Mr. Sutter an apology.

    As to tonight’s episode, the character and story development have reached an awesomely dark era which any true SoA is thrilled to be a part of week after week. Personally, I’ve given up trying to predict what will happen in the coming episodes and instead just enjoying the ride we are being taken on week after week. I cannot wait to see how this season is resolved. It is sure to be one of the best finales of all time. But I don’t want to rush it!

    P.S. to all those threatening to stop watching the show if Abel dies–Let us take a step back and remember that this is in fact a TV show and that undoubtedly no children were harmed during the making of this program. And if Abel dies perhaps that is an accurate portrayal of the dangers family members of outlaw gangs face. Life is gruesome and innocents die everyday, unfortunately. Luckily for us, we can morbidly anticipate finding out whether Abel lives or dies. And if he dies just think about how much deeper it will take us down the rabbit hole

  35. nena says:

    I see Wendy taking this opportunity to jump head first into a custody battle with them over Able. The kid has been thru hell and high water and is obviously NOT in the best of

  36. nena says:

    …of hands. Shes clean, sobber and obviously in a better place than ANYONE in Samcro right now. As much as I despise her for her past, people do sometimes learn from mistakes. Tara and Gemma will be at all out war over this and she will NEVER forgive her and I dont think Jax is gonna take well yo this newest incident either! Gemma’s world is gonna come crashing down and the only one whos gonna be there for

  37. nena says:

    Her is gonna be Nero.

    • Susie says:

      Nope. It’ll be Clay. This will lead to Gemma’s being ostrasized and Clay will be there to pick up the pieces of her life. Sutter is married to Sagal, so he’ll never kill her.

      • Samantha says:

        Honestly, I think Sutter would kill off Gemma if that was where the story was going. I think he’s 100% about telling the story and doesn’t care who dies/lives as long as the story gets told.

  38. I said the exact same thing last night…”rock bottom”….I used to like Gemma, not so much anymore….

  39. leslie says:

    teras good mother and she has a good job i hate his ex and she has not put those kids in danger jax has and i hope abel didnt died by te way it looks for next week they wont show it there wit till the 6

  40. Jacki Martin says:

    OMG!! Last night was insane! I just can’t get past the fact that Gemma would be nodding out after smoking a joint!?!? She’s a smoker ~ 1 joint isn’t going to knock her ass out! They don’t show her drinking so I don’t understand! I feel that if she thought she was too impaired to drive those babies she would have asked Phil to drive her! Roosevelt is going to give up Juice for whomever is behind break~ins! I believe that Juice has made to many boo~boo’s & its catching up with him! He definetly made a bad choice for an alliance & he looks guilty for just being there! My hat is off to you, Mr. Sutter! Thanx!! <3

  41. Yolanda says:

    OMG, Abel, please don’t die. AND, come on give the SONS a little break. It was just looking better for Gemma, then the wreck. It’s true she smokes weed all the time, what the hell happened? Did someone do something to her? And I thought the old man was going to die, glad he didn’t. But Clay, I hope by the end of the final show he dies a slow painful death. He causes so many problems. I would like to see a little bit of the club coming together, dinners, the kids, etc. It’s been great this season, but really dark, and come on they need a little peace.

  42. Ginger says:

    Last night’s episode was crazy! Jax seems to be getting a little more stone-hearted with each episode. If Abel dies, I could see him turning into someone that I really don’t like too much. I don’t care for Gemma too much after this episode either. Tara is going down the tubes smoking and drinking and turning of the monitor while her baby is crying. I really hate Clay! Geesh….the only characters deserving any like or respect are Unser and Nero. Abel’s death would cause this season to take a very sharp turn into the dark side. I’m still going to be watching though….can’t wait for next week’s episode!

  43. Ashley says:

    I really hope that Abel does turn out to be okay. It don’t believe it would help the plot at all if he were to die. Plus as someone else had mentioned they showed Jax talking to Pope in next weeks episode. I believe rather that him even being hurt would have more effect on the plot due to the fact that it would lead to more drama that could really thicken the plot plus I know if Jax was upset that his first born dying I am sure he would be with Terra rather than be out doing club business. I think he might be badly hurt but he will pull through like he always has and I also believe the letters will definitely come out through this though. But I believe Sutter has great plans for even Abel and Thomas. I don’t think they will kill Abel also bc this will kill Jax and push him away from Samcro while if he lives it will just create some very interesting plot twists and climax points. Perhaps terra will get to save his life doing surgery or something which will bring them closer together. While others say they should give Abel to his junkie original sneaky mother I think that would be absolutely rediculous considering she maybe has cleaned up but with everything she has done in the past she is bound to fall again as well. Plus Terra is a great mother and her and Jax love those kids. And terra is his Abel rightfull mother in my opinion she the one who raised him and the one who’s been there. Plus it was Jax who talked her into trusting Gemma not like they did anything wrong themselves. But PLEASE don’t kill that BABY.

    • I can’t believe this season, they dialed down the comedy and turned up the real, first and foremost, I hope the queen gets brought down, the powerful matriarch has shown her colors from the very beginning, she’s shady, and manipulative and can’t own up to her own misdeeds, killing JT, and Abel can’t live with Wendy, she is a total pawn, always getting pushed around by Gemma, and the fallen king, I was beginning to think he had changed, but nope, now Juice, he ratted, because he ws terrified, and I’m pretty sure he confessed to Chibs, and by the way Mr. Sutter, more Chib wouldn’t be a bad thing, or Bobby for that matter, and I’m glad that Opie died, after 4 seasons of misery at the hands of Clay he finally gets to rest, burning Tig’s daughter in front of him was gruesome.Pope is a fantastic character, I love the direction Unser took, Jax as always is a great character, Nero is fantastic, Roosevelt as well, and I would love it if they brought back that eccentric agent from season 4, also, season 3 was great,and anyone who says otherwise is insane.

  44. Steve says:

    Sometimes you have to hit the very bottom before you can begin your rise to the top. Gemma is a phoenix, and she will rise from the ashes. Abel will live, otherwise Wendy’s entire storyline ends, and I see this fueling that story. To the people that keep swearing they will stop watching, all I can say is TRUST IN SUTTER.

    • Dawnmac says:

      Rise from the ashes, trust in Sutter….really??? Sutter is an above average writer at best. He is afraid to do the hard stuff like killing off Clay which should be the natural progression and in keeping with the characters. He always takes the easy way out and kills secondary characters to get his OMG moments. If you want to watch a show that has writers that are fearless watch Ganes of Throne. Characters that should die do and even the ones that should be safe aren’t. Trust in Sutter, no chance in hell…

      • Michael says:

        “He is afraid to do the hard stuff like killing off Clay” are you kidding me, I know it has been an intense filled season but did you forge Ope died. Personally I think it was more daring keeping Ope alive, It would of been a cop out to kill Clay, Sutter wanted to build as much tension as he possibly could for this season. Also Game of Thrones is based off a book, so all that shocking stuff you seen in the show has happened in the book, there following what another writer already did. I think this show is one of the most daring non premium cable show since “The Shield” and yes more daring than breaking bad. The only problem I have with Breaking Bad is you could tell from the beginning that walter was suposed to die of cancer by the end of the series thats why it all takes place in a year and a half and they sort of copped out of there plan by letting walter get better. I still like the show it just isn’t as dark as Sons of Anarchy.

        • Brenda says:

          Oh please, Clay should have died at the end of last season, period. The character is well past his expiration date. The problem for Sutter is that he has written himself into a corner, because without Clay there is no other opposing force in the club which means there is no antagonist for Jax, so Sutter has to keep Clay alive.

          • Steve says:

            He hasn’t written himself into a corner. Clay is the opposing force, and always will be. Sutter has created a character that people can truly hate. It will just make it all the more satisfying when he meets his end. I believe Clay will be there until the final episode, probably the final 15 minutes of the final episode.

      • Steve says:

        The Clay, Gemma, Jax triangle is the basis of the show. This show is not about a motorcycle club, it is about a power struggle. Killing Clay would be the easy way out, instead he invents new ways to pull him back in. Game of Thrones is a very well written story with characters stories ending for the sake of progressing the story. SOA is no different, the characters will die when and how they are supposed to. This is Kurt’s story being played out the way Kurt wants it to.

      • A says:

        there’s no way Sutter could kill Clay, are you kidding me? what a boring show that would be….and, as someone above said, the mastermind of GoT is not the show’s writers but George R.R. Martin himself

  45. S says:

    Last night’s ending was predictable but very sad. I feel for little Abel and the life he has already had to lead at such a young age. Maybe the priest was actually right. Abel really needs a normal life and his brother does too.
    But I need to get off that subject. How did Joel McHale end up in this episode? It feels like Ashley Tisdale’s character only worse. Out of place actors who really can’t be the gritty people the show needs them to be. I love Joel in comedy and sure he was probably trying to expand, but this was just a reach. Would a con-man really mutter “Guess I am walking?” when he had just escaped from a royal beating? Then his fight scene with Nero was probably one of the worst I have seen in a very long time. I watched it in slow motion to make sure I was seeing it correctly. Most fight scenes look realistic on this show. Poor Joel hit that wall with his hand and jerked his head back before it really even came to the wall. It just didn’t look great. Had to look past that whole thing and just pretend he didn’t exist in the episode

    • S says:

      Ok I am not saying he should have hit his head, but it was really obvious that his hand stopped his momentum so he shouldn’t have hit his head at all in that fight. I have to remember what my nephew told me once “Um…you know TV is fake right?” He was 8 at the time.

  46. Heathers says:

    I am actually tired of the Gemma-centric story line for this season. The show is supposed to be about the club, with the wives, girlfriends, friends secondary subjects. Sutter is turning this into the Katey Sagal show hoping she’ll get some kind of award- Emmy, Golden Globes, what ever.

    • Ma says:

      There has always been Gemma-centric episode, she is the LEAD female character afterall. This is nothing new, it’s just part of the story Sutter wants to tell. It’s not about awards. Besides, it’s pretty clear she’ll never win any more awards for this show bc the quality of it keeps decreaing and it gets grittier as the seasons go by. I still think she is very deserving of some Emmy love, but it’s well past that point and Sutter and co know that. I’m sick and tired of people complaing abt Gemma saying “oh she is married to the writer, that’s why so and so” as if she didn’t have the actual talent to prove herself, with or without her husbands “help.”

      • Steve says:

        Very well said Ma. This show is about the king, the queen, and the prince. It is all others including the club that are secondary characters.

  47. I’m pretty sure they won’t kill a kid, it’s just so Gemma can’t be trusted with the kids… or something like that.

  48. Chili says:

    Well considering this entire show is based off of Shakespeare’s Hamlet… Gemma crashing that car and hurting Jax’s boys is going to end in The Son killing The Mother. I’m pretty sure at this point that it’ll end that way. It makes me sad but I can’t see Gemma’s journey at this point ending anywhere but six feet underground.

    And to all y’all who are “threatening” to stop watching the show if Abel dies – he’s definitely not going to die. That wouldn’t make any sense, if that was the plan, the whole big arc of Wendy coming back would’ve been completely pointless. Abel is injured, but he’s definitely going to live, and Wendy’s going to pursue custody. And the way this looks, she’s a definite contender for the win in that trial.

  49. Jimmy says:

    No prospects and only 6 members left. Not much of a club

    • TheBeach says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. Since this is the “Redwoods Original” club, one would think it would be attracting some new prospects. It’s dwindling and aging…Jax and Juice (hey, that sounds like a new cocktail) are the only younger ones left.

  50. Rach says:

    Sutter your breaking my heart here!!
    Also I’m thinking juicy’s days are numbered :-( think Clay is going to throw him under the bus to keep himself clear of Jaxx’s suspicions, find out about him being the rat last season and say he was working for pope to organize the nomads?
    Love this season but the stress is killing me!
    If Abel dies I don’t see how they can let Gemma live. i love Katey and her acting and I was only starting to get annoyed with Gemma until she beat up Ashley Tisdale which was hilarious but it’s just gone too far I want to see more of everyone else for a change. It’s about Jaxx and the club not just Gemma