Once Upon a Time Recap: Crocodile Rocked! Plus, Is That [Spoiler] in the New Promo?!

Once Upon a TimeABC’s Once Upon a Time this week filled in some blanks on Rumplestiltskin’s past — and in doing so hooked his backstory up with that of a famous pirate.

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We start in Storybrooke, where Rumple gifts Belle with a necklace. The occasion? “Us.” But before he can take her on a tour of the (lame) local nightlife, Grumpy barges in demanding his axe and the men scuffle. When Belle calls out, Rumple whips around to reveal his scaly, wicked self aka The Dark One. Though it turns out to be just a dream, Belle spies Rumple spinning straw into gold in the name of creating a potion. Confronted, he says it’s nothing to be concerned about. Still, she still fears he’s savoring power out of a lack of courage to let her into his heart. When Belle later vanishes, Rumple checks in with her father Moe (of the Game of Thorns flower shop), but he knows nothing — yet he’s obviously determined to keep his daughter from this “monster.” Belle meanwhile is at the diner enjoying the miraculous deliciousness of iced tea when Ruby suggests that she reopen the town library, given her love of books. But no sooner does Belle scout out the property than she is grabbed and dragged away by Smee.

In the fairtytale land that was, Rumpelstiltskin tracks down his MIA wife Milah at the local tavern, where she’s enjoying grog and games with the pirate Kilian Jones and his crew. Milah describes Rumple as “just my husband,” then digs the knife deeper by lamenting her lot to not be an ogres war widow but “lashed to the village coward.” Ouch. The next morning, Rumple is alerted that Jones’ crew took Milah, so he races to the pirate’s ship. Jones challenges Rumple to a swordfight to the death, but finds no taker. “A man not wiling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets,” Jones warns.

We then jump ahead in time to after Rumple has become The Dark One and lost his son Bae to the other realm. Smee shows up at a tavern to say he has access to a magic bean that can open a portal. (Fun moment: When Smee alludes to Rumple’s cowardly origins, he promptly gets Darth Vader’d.) Later in the alley outside, Jones taunts the “crocodile” of a man who bumps into him, then realizes it’s Rumple/The Dark One. After Jones reports that Milah died a long time ago, Rumple says they will finally have their duel.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumplestiltskin beseeches Charming to help search for Belle, and Ruby pitches in, too, using her wolf-ly sniffer. Belle, it turns out, was brought by Smee to her father’s shop, where she explains that Mr. Gold “wasn’t holding me captive; I chose to be with him.” “Then I have no choice,” Moe says, ordering Smee to move ahead with Plan B — to strap Belle inside a mining car and push her down the track and across the cursed town line, thus sapping her of her memory. Rumple arrives in time to use magic to reel the mine car back up the track (to which Ruby amusingly remarks, “That is seriously wow“). But Belle wants to see neither Rumple or her father ever again.

Nonetheless, she and Rumple soon enough reunite when he arranges for the library to be hers. After Rumple admits his shortcomings — how he tried to make up for his cowardice by amassing power — and after he explains that the magic he’s working on is to undo the curse so he can leave town and find Bae, which became his mission in life after losing Belle, his beauty invites him out for a Grannysburger sometime.

In fairytale land, Rumple and Jones duel, and just as the imp is about to yank his rival’s heart from his chest, Milah shows up to stop him, explaining that she lied about dying because she’d fallen in love with Jones. She offers the magic bean Smee spoke of in trade for their lives, but when Rumple goes to collect the next day on Jones’ ship — and after Milah reveals that she never loved him — he plucks out her heart and crushes it, to make Jones know what it feels like to lose something he loves. When Jones refuses to hand over the bean, Rumple slashes off the guy’s left mitt and makes off with it. Later, though, Rumple realizes he’d been duped — the severed hand was empty — while Jones uses the bean to open a portal in the sea and sail his ship to a place where no one ever ages: “Neverland!” And on that cue, he brandishes his new hook-for-a-hand.

In Storybrooke, Rumple grills Smee about his captain’s whereabouts, but Smee says Jones never made it to Maine. So then where is he? We cut to the fairytale land that is, where Cora presents Hook with the flask of enchanted wardrobe ashes, saying it’s a start toward getting them where they want to go — Storybrooke aka “Where she is, and so is he.”

P.S. How about this promo for the next episode (courtesy of YouTube.com/TelevisionPromos)? “Mad” props to our readers who were apparently right about Dr. Whale’s true identity.

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  1. taran63 says:

    So does that mean Baelfire might be Peter Pan? Or did I misunderstand something there. Was it ever stated that the place Hook opened a portal to, Neverland, was the same place that Bae opened a portal to? The glow seemed to be the same color.

    • Mike says:

      Bael opened a portal to our world, Hook opened a portal to Neverland. Two different places with the same beans. Seems unlikely they’re the same place — because people age in our world.

      • Meg says:

        I’m still not convinced they went to Neverland. Although the producers have creative license to do what they want with the stories, I was still hoping for a floating ship and second star to the right, straight on ’till morning.

      • Dan says:

        But the Fairy Tale characters have been in Storybrooke for 28 years, NOT having aged…

      • Mary says:

        Has it been officially stated that Baelfire opened a portal to “our” world? I am starting to wonder if he is Peter Pan. Rumple is roughly 300 years old. Bael left about that same time. He’d be long dead unless he did go to Neverland. Then again Hook is also 300 years old too if he’s still around AND he was around when Rumple was pre-Dark One. Does the age thing happen to everyone in Neverland or just the Lost Boys and Peter Pan?

    • Not sure it seems like it’s possible. Then again maybe the bean can be used to go wherever you want to go. Since Neverland has magic.

    • Lyndsey says:

      We assumes that Baelfire opened a portal to our world but then how do you explain the 300 YEARS in between his departure & the curse?! It makes much more sense that Bae went to Neverland first (perhaps became Peter Pan) then was thrown into our world when the curse struck. Why is he not in Storybrooke then? Well apparently the curse affected Neverland differently, like it did the rest of the Enchanted Forest, as Smee is in Storybrooke while Hook is in Cora’s refuge. Just a thought!! :-)

      • Tinemi says:

        What 300 years? and if I understand correctly, time runs in a different pace in the Fairy land that was than in Storybrook than in the rest of the world…

        And, can someone tell me: Who is Dr. Whale?

    • Mike says:

      I don’t think Bae is Peter is out of the realm of possibility, but I think will have to wait and see, It would help with the act that Bae would be a very old or dead man in our world.

    • Elly says:

      I wouldn’t write out the possibility of Bae ending up in Neverland. All that was said was Bae was going to a place where magic didn’t exist. That could very well be Neverland. All we know about Neverland is you don’t age.

      I think the ultimate key to finding a way through is going to be Smee.

      I do not like Dr. Frankenstein being Dr. Whale-it’s just wayyy too much crossover. At this point it’s any written character seems fair game. I feel like we’ll see Katniss Everdeen at some point at this rate.

      • melliemd says:

        And yet you seem fine with the Mad Hatter? He’s a classic literature character as opposed to a fairytale character. And as Jefferson says in Hat Trick, what is real and what is a ‘story’ is all up to perception.

      • Suzie says:

        Of course magic exists in Neverland. Tinkerbell. HELLO!

      • Emily says:

        While I didn’t originally think of frankenstien, in a lot of ways very similar to things like the grimm brothers, the orginal text was a very dark very moral story, which then got re-intruprited and twisted into something different and much lighter, it is considered to be the first science fiction text, and that plus the moral of the story (which it definitly has) is really what a fairy tale is isn’t it

    • Ash says:

      Who knows? Another bean might open up a portal to Hogwarts.

    • lll says:

      Who made this assumption that the portal was neverland? I assumed the portal was meant to go to another world, not a particullar one. When the curse hit he ended up in the damaged enchanted forest where snow and emma is. Cors then talks to Hook about moving to storybrooke through the damaged portal.

      And did anyone else feel that Hook was a Jack Sparrow rip-off?

  2. Emily H says:

    So Dr Whale could be Dr Frankenstein?

    • michelle says:

      Not “could”, more like IS :)

      Shout out to Ontd_OUAT on livejournal who had this theory for months! They were spot on!

    • Simon Jester says:

      @Emily H – The name “Whale” is a bit of a giveaway, too, as an obvious reference to James Whale, who directed both FRANKENSTEIN and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN in the 1930s (and was played by Ian McKellen in GODS AND MONSTERS in 1998).

      • taran63 says:

        Thanks for that! I was having no luck in trying to think of a connection between the word “Whale” and Frankenstein.

      • lll says:

        That’s a bit of a stretch. The way OUAT writers write, I don’t think they would make it so hard to figure out. Hopefully if it’s true they will come up with a better explanation as to why his name is Dr. Whale.

        • Marie says:

          It’s not THAT hard to figure out. And it a heck of a lot better then him being the whale from Pinocchio. His names is whale and he was a whale!!!!!

  3. Patti says:

    Great episode. Emilie de Ravin is wonderful as Belle. I loved strong and smart Belle. It was cool to see Belle explore new drinks and foods and for the show to give her independence and use her love of books. I love that Belle was not a nag or doormat and that when he was honest she accepted Rumple as is. Very smart to take it slow with him.

    I heart Belle&Red and Rumple.Charming friendships. Hook was over hyped that he was the episode’s weakestlink for me.

  4. Nicola says:

    Dr. Frankenstein is NOT a fairy tale character though! I love OUAT but this might just be too much for me to buy into.

    • DeeDee says:

      Neither is Mulan or King Midas or Lancelot

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Well, it would seem they’ve widened the net to “literary characters.” Or maybe, since FTL Regina is with Jefferson at that moment, he’s led her to Horror Novel Land…?

      • Nicola says:

        Horror Novel Land would be right! I agree that several other characters are not technically fairy tale characters, but as a child of Disney, I have a much easier time accepting Mulan, etc as being a part of that world. I’ll be interested in seeing how the play it out…. it does explain why Charming had no idea who he was though!

        • jenn says:

          I think it’s a great idea personally, and the idea of bringing back the dead, albeit with the help of science, is still a very “fantastic” thing IMO :)

      • Mary says:

        It has always been this way, not that they’ve just suddenly widened it. At the beginning of the series they started the episode with “Once Upon a Time, there was an Enchanted Forest with all of the CLASSIC CHARACTERS that you know, or think you know.” The fairy tale characters of Snow White, Prince Charming, and their family as well as the Evil Queen are the core of the show. They have their fairy tale character friends – Red, Ella, the seven dwarfs, and foes – Rumplestiltskin, Maleficent. But they also had non-fairy tale friends – Jiminy, Geppetto, Pinocchio, and the Blue Fairy. The book also had pictures of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, as well as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. The original script had the book flipping past a picture of Dracula.

        Only part of this episode I kind of liked was the possible start of a friendship between Red/Ruby and Belle.

      • Nicola says:

        Okay, I feel slightly better now that it’s been stated that Dr. Whale/Frankenstein is from a different land/world than the Queen’s.

    • Guest says:

      Well, the introduction says, “…every STORYbook character…”. This show has never been about JUST fairy tales.

    • mirvin365 says:

      Actually it’s more accurate to say Frankenstein isn’t a Disney movie. Technically fairy tales ARE works of literature…remember the Grimm Brothers & Hans Christian Anderson? Alice in Wonderland & Peter Pan plus the soon to be introduced Mary Poppins & the Wizard of Oz – all beautifully written books.

      I marvel at the writers’ ability to mesh the stories so they all make sense in the same world. So clever!

    • Emily says:

      yes but think about it, frankenstein contains all the elements of a fairy tale, its a moral story/lesson in a fantastical, almost magical backdrop where people can be brought back to life, it’d be interesting if they go by the book version, or the very different movie verisions (hope its the book!)

  5. Mandy says:

    The promo….. I can’t believe what they are doing. I’m not a happy camper. :( I loved Daniel, the REAL Daniel!

    • Hasting says:

      I was shocked to see they gave away so much away in the trailer – we know who Whale is, we know how Daniel comes back. And I agree with you. I don’t like this. They should have used someone else for the Frankenstein story. When I heard that Noah Bean would come back I thought they would give Regina and Daniel a happy flashback. Happier times in the past before Cora ruined everything. Now it appears they only bring him back to hurt Regina even more and kill him again. Way to go.

      • GingerSnap says:

        But this is their Halloween episode. A Frankenstein story makes perfect sense.

        • Blackbird says:

          Their issue’s not that they’re doing a Frankenstein story, but that they’re using Daniel for the ‘monster’.

          • GingerSnap says:

            And so what if they are? All of these FTL characters are connected one way or another, and not necessarily in relation to anything that we know of from the original tales.

    • Blackbird says:

      I know what you mean. How often are they gonna make Regina live through the horror of losing her true love? She had to watch her mother kill him in fairytale land, then Whale pulled some Frankenstein experiment on ihm that most likely went wrong and now she’ll have to watch him die again in Storybrooke. It’s bordering on overkill.
      Looking forward to Noah Bean’s return, but THIS wasn’t what I expected and hoped for either.

      • Kaylee says:

        I agree 100% !! We prayed and begged and hoped for him to return…… and this is what we get? :( More emotional torture and death? :(

  6. Anna says:

    Rumple should just get Emma back and then use the favour she owes him to get her to go and look for Bae, seeing as she has no memories to lose.
    Felt the episode dragged a bit, maybe because I’m not a huge Belle-storyline fan, maybe because of the lack of Emma& Snow… It kind of just confirmed a back-story we already knew (with Rumple’s motives) and introduced and setup the situation with Hook. Did find it interesting that maybe Hook has found a why of killing Rumple….(No!)
    Found Charming & Rumple working together interesting, and seeing as how Hook is sided with Cora, it might make for intriguing alliances.

    • She does have memories to lose. She would forget about her life as Belle. They lose the memories of their past lives and only know themselves as the person they were in Storybrooke.

      • Mary says:

        Emma isn’t Belle. That’s who Anna was talking about Emma is currently the only one who could leave Storybrooke without forgetting who she was (not counting Henry in that and we know August isn’t human right now).

        • Estée says:

          Emma has been is storybrooke for a year & has the memories she has made in that year if she leaves it is possible she could forget all of it

        • Ian says:

          Regina can leave as well. I read in an interview that her leaving wouldn’t be as severe. Regina, Henry and Emma are the only three characters that I would guess would be able to leave. I am curious as to why Rumple can’t leave cus last season when the curse was still on didn’t he still know who he was. I thought that was hinted in his discussions with Regina last season if not outright obvious that he knew who he was.

          • Me says:

            In an interview with the creators they said Good Old Rumps got his memory back when he first heard Emma’s name. That is why it was so important for him to get the name out of Snow before the curse hit.

    • Kelly says:

      I was ok with not seeing Snow and Emma for one episode. Everyone needs focus so no character becomes overkill and I really dislike when they try to cram way too much in one episode by going to all places: storybrooke,past fairytale land and present fairytale land.

  7. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Did anybody else catch the possible reference to Narnia? “dust left over from a wardrobe”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      No, that was simply a reference to last week’s episode — the enchanted wardrobe that Emma torched.

      • Alichat says:

        Yes, true, but I suppose one could see it as a reference to Narnia….I mean, if they’re pulling Frankenstein into this, what’s to stop them from having Mr Tumnus come trotting around the corner?? ;-P

        • stephanie says:

          They have been referencing Narnia since they used the wardrobe in the first place. Not to mention if you read all of the books, there is a spot between worlds in that series as well, just like OUAT has introduced.

        • Simon Jester says:

          @Alichat — What’s stopping them is not having the rights to use the characters. There’s a reason why a show on Disney-owned ABC relies so heavily on either Disney characters or those in the public domain.

          • Jessica says:

            Disney actually owns the rights to “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” as well as “Prince Caspian.” They produced those two films before selling the remainder of the franchise to another production company after Caspian didnt make the profit numbers they were hoping for.

          • Alichat says:

            Thanks Simon, but I was making a joke about seeing a half man/half goat trotting around in Storybrooke. It was rhetorical. Thanks tho.

  8. Kelly says:

    The acting and chemistry of Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle is phenomenal. They are amazing talents and they are so beautiful together. The honesty between Rumple and Belle at the end and them going slow was beautiful.

    Red Beauty is a friendship I want to see more of and I loved that the beginning of the episode showed us that Belle and Rumplestiltskin were sharing a bed.

    • BelleRumpleFan says:

      I agree with your whole comment!

      Red & Belle friendship is so awesome. I hope we see more of it this season!

  9. Girl in MD says:

    Great episode I am liking the new characters and how the writing is moving forward with the core characters seeing Cora and Hook at the end made me so excited to see what’s to come and rumple asking charming dating advice is why I love his character who else could kill their wife and win you over by giving belle the key to the library in the same episode

  10. As much as I loved Captain Hook, this was the weakest episode yet this season in my opinion.

  11. DeeDee says:

    I missed Emma, Snow & Regina this episode, but I loved seeing more of Red and Charming because I love their friendship. Still think Belle & Gold together are boring as f**k and I didn’t like the whole ruining Belle’s dad to make Gold the hero. But the best part is seeing sexy Hook because unfff.

    • Percysowner says:

      Actually I found it interesting that Regina wasn’t that far off about how Belle’s father would have reacted if she had returned and told him that she fell for Rumple. He might not have done the scourging, etc. But he would have been willing to take away her freedom to choose.

  12. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Great episode.

    I loved that Belle told her father and Rumple off. Belle showed her strength and sass. I’m glad the writers have continued to write her as strong. Belle opened the library :)

    Now Rumple and Belle can start over. Rumple has a long long way to go, but with Belle on her own and Rumple hopefully taking Charming’s advice, they can make a real go of it.

    Did not expect to see Hook and Cora plotting. This will not end well!

  13. jenn says:

    Dr Whale as Frankenstein is obvious, but it’s a really good idea! I can’t wait to see him being terrorized by his creature (you can see his arm on a table in the promo and pictures of David Sanders wearing a green sleave on set have been circulating for months)
    And as shallow as it sounds, Hook is seriously attractive.

  14. Sue says:

    Called it. I knew Rumple would be the crocodile, and I’m loving Belle and Reds new friendship, but I was dissapointed with the lack of Emma, Snow and Regina, but I loved Hook, seeing him with his Hook at the end was awesome. I hope we see Neverland soon. Can’t wait for next week, makes total since that whale is Frankenstein.

  15. Rissa says:

    There’s got to be a back story to the back story. How Hook became captain, how he became evil/a pig. I’m sure we’ll see that soon enough! I also really really wish that Rumple hadn’t crushed Milah’s heart. That was despicable.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large TVLine.com says:

      Oh, c’mon — she was a cruel hussy. No love lost there.

      • Alichat says:

        Thank you. She abandoned her child. So she died, big deal.

        • teamfog says:

          She also didn’t care enough to ask Rumple about her son. So, not only did she abandon him, she didn’t care about him for all those years. What a horrible mom.

          • Anna says:

            Totally agree and it is such a sharp contrast, especially to last weeks episode, where Snow would do anything for her child, and here we have Milah, who abandoned her child for adventure and passion.

      • Babybop says:

        Ha ha! Exactly what I thought!

      • xav says:

        How dare a woman try to not be miserable!

        • tp says:

          Exactly. I thought she was so miserable that she couldn’t have been a good mother to her son anyway. She asked Rumple to leave but he wanted to stay, so she left. She could have taken Bae with her though. It would have been better than what he ended up with. A father going around hurting people wasn’t a good environment so a ship full of pirates would be par for the course. She might not have been the greatest mom but Rumple sure wasn’t the greatest father. Rumple was hurt he had to tell Bae his mom was dead. What about if/when Bae finds out she wasn’t dead but Rumple killed her for leaving and all because she wanted to get away from Rumple? Who wants to be with a man that won’t even TRY to fight for her? I know I wouldn’t. It’s a double edged sword. Do you stay with a cowardly husband that you don’t love doomed to be miserable or do you leave your son with a father that loves him and try yo find some happiness for yourself?

          • Julie says:

            I think one of the reasons why Rumple did not fight Hook is because he loves Bae. He knew if he fought Hook he would die because he is not an expert with the sword then like Hook. It was better to leave to take care of Bae instead of the possibility of leaving Bae without parents. He had no way of knowing (or do we for that matter) if Milah would come back for Bae. Bae always comes before Milah in Rumple’s book.

            Also during this time Rumple was not hurting anyone, and did not know at that point that he would. He became the Dark One in order to protect Bae, but as he says, “Magic comes with a price.” A price he did not know of then.

        • Really? You’re going to defend her? She let her husband think she’d been kidnapped and raped by pirates and let her son believe she was dead. I’m guessing you’re one of those people who thinks that wedding vows are more of a guideline than actual rules, right? Given that Rumple was a sweet weak kneed coward I’m guessing he didn’t force her to marry him and I’m also betting he didn’t force her to have a son. She just decided she didn’t like the choices that SHE’D made in her own life and made Rumple and Bae pay the price for her freedom and happiness. Selfish, heartless, worthless woman.

          • tp says:

            Yes! I’m really going to defend her! Can you please tell me exactly what she should of done? Like she admitted, she let her misery cloud her judgement. She asked Rumple to leave the town so they could go somewhere and start over. He loved her so much but couldn’t do that? I don’t get why she was supposed to just be miserable. Would you rather her take Bae away from his father? Either way she was going to be the bad guy. Realizing you mad a mistake is not a reason to die. She wasn’t going to be a good mother staying there being married to a man she couldn’t stand to look at.

          • Well, gee, let’s look at the options.
            a.) Tell your husband that you are so unhappy with your life that you are prepared to leave him and your child if he doesn’t change.
            b.) Tell your husband that you’ve fallen in love with someone else and no matter what he does you’re never going to be happy with him so you are going to leave but you’d like to be able to come see your son whenever you happen to make port near them and occasionally send things back to your child
            c.) Tell your son that you are sorry but you aren’t happy with his daddy or him and you are leaving but you’re safe and he isn’t supposed to worry and you’ll try to see him when you can.
            d.) Arrange a fake kidnapping so that your loving but unsatisfactory husband tries to save you and is publicly humiliated by your lover and leaves thinking that he has allowed you to be degraded, raped and probably murdered because he isn’t a soldier or a swordsman and would have died if he tried to fight for you. Thus he goes home and tells your child that you are dead and is eaten with guilt and pain for years.
            Hmmm…. you’re right there isn’t a single option there that would have made her a decent human being. She sure didn’t have any other choices…… ::rolling eyes::

          • From what I heard in the podcast today, Rump may not even be Bae’s real dad. I think everyone is also forgetting that Rump was cursed. He was the Dark One. One doesn’t become the Dark One by being an upstanding person.

            Miliah wasn’t a good mother or apparently a wife. Did she deserve to die for it? Probably not, but it wasn’t out of character for the Dark One. She deserved it more than the mute maid he slaughtered or the guy he turned into a snail and squished.

      • Rissa says:

        My mom left me and my family for a relationship but would my siblings or my dad wish what happened to Milah on her? Never. Rumpel killing her makes him 100x more despicable than she ever was.

        • Did your mother fake her own abduction by a gang or organized crime syndicate leaving your father believing that she was gang raped and murdered and telling you children that she was dead? Did she cut you out of her life, never look back and didn’t bother to ever check in on you or make sure that you’re ok? Hardly the same thing.

    • Kelly says:

      I had no sympathy for her. She was cruel to the good man Rumple and most of all she abandon her son. Didn’t try to take him, didn’t seem to care or ask about him. She was a selfish hussy and I while I want the show to avoid Lost’s death gimmick. I am glad some characters stay dead.

      • jenn says:

        I agree! As awful as it is to rip someone’s heart, she was pathetic. She fell in a love with an adventurous pirate? big deal.
        It’s one thing to leave your husband (which is despicable if he thinks you’ve been kidnapped) but to leave your SON? It’s even worse that she didn’t care for him enough to ask about what happened to him.

        • Templar says:

          She got what she deserved, but it made Rumpel contemptible and no better than Regina.

          • Josh says:

            But hasn’t it been obvious since last season that Rumple was just as evil, if not more so, than Regina? He’s done awful things. But there’s humanity in there as well, which Belle obviously brings out in him. Just as Henry seems to bring out Regina’s good quality. (I’m not sure she has more than one right now)

          • Templar says:

            Up until last night, I knew Rumpel was evil, but I didn’t think him as evil as Regina. If he had just struck Milah dead or poofed her as he did Gaston, OK. But he enjoyed murdering her way too much for me to see him as a candidate for redemption any longer. But, that’s just me.

        • Not to mention it appears to me that before that time she ran away she was spending a lot of time at the bar. So how much mothering did she really do?

      • SK says:

        Totally agree with you there. That was a death that I thought was deserved. She didn’t care about her son at all, only for herself. What a selfish woman! I think a lot of mothers who watch this show were glad she’s dead!

    • Mary says:

      Actually they did give why he became evil with this episode. He just happened to be a jerk before then and we don’t need to see why. Some people just are.

      Have to say I agree with the others about Milah. She almost makes Regina seem like mother of the year.

  16. lisa says:

    I was a bit let down by Hook. Not that impressed. I don’t think he is that good looking, he has fat hands. I like him being a foe for Rumple, but he wasn’t a match for Rumple at all. I hope Rumple cuts off his other hand. No one messes with Rumple. Again Robert is an amazing actor. He played three different parts of one person. His line Tick Tock was utter with such menace it was scary, and the way he looked at David for advice was priceless, and his fear as Rumple the man was heartbreaking. He and Emile are wonderful and he should be nominated. Hook was ok, but don’t mess with my core actors.

    • Jesse says:

      Good lord, what are you talking about? This Captain Hook can lay his ‘fat hands’ on top of me any time he likes! Ufffff! :-)

    • Sue says:

      Now I love Rumple as much as the next guy, but take off your fan girl goggles, Hook was great, and Belle was ok, at the moment Hook looks like a more interesting addition to the cast than Belle, but Belle bonding with Red was a slight improvement. You Rumbelle fans are annoying. He has fat hands, is that seriously the best complaint you could come up with. And don’t mess with my core actors applies to Belle as well as Hook. Both late addition that have yet to prove themselves.

      • John says:

        getting to talk about shows with so many on the internet is great but i will never get use to the generalizing of fanbases and the rudeness.

        didn’t really notice or care about hook’s hands, just the hook. and my core characters are all recurring and regulars from season one but that’s me. everyone else’s core is different. mine includes more than the charming family,regina and rumpel.

        • Mike says:

          I agree though if you have to come up with crappy reasons a new character is bad such as big hand or attractiveness, you are capturing the worst traits of the fanbase, name calling and rudeness may be unecessary, but bashing a new character for no other reason besides them being new is childish, an praising another new character(Belle, she could hardly be considered recurring last season, she appeared prominently in only one ep) just because you ship Rumbelle is not great either. And of course Hook was unmatched against Rumple, Hook doesn’t have magic and was against Dark one Rumple, there is noone that stands a chance against him except maybe Regina or Cora.

          • John says:

            Totally agree on the fat hands comment. it’s childish and wrong but again the “you rumbelle fans” comment is just as bad. cause it’s one person’s childish reasoning and their was never any election on a fanbase representative so they don’t speak for a fanbase. For me since I like her and she was in three episodes last season, she was recurring. For me the core is charming family,regina,rumple,red,belle,jefferson and august and have a feeling balefire will be another additive to that and do wish they’d use archie as a core morel.

          • Mike says:

            I apologize, I just wish they weren’t ships at all, I hate ships, espescially since we know They’ll end up together, the only character that really could have ships is Emma, an was Belle in three I only counted two, and she was only prominently in one.

          • Patti says:

            Belle had the most airtime in skin deep. she was prominent in skin deep and the season one finale. she appeared in the grumpy episode and interacted with him,

          • Mike says:

            Oh she did, sorry I forgot her appearance in grumpy a episode, must be because I hated that episode, her biggest role was in skin deep.

        • jackson says:

          I think the core is Charming, Snow, Emma, Rumple, Regina, Red, Henry and Granny. I think what some fans are saying is, let’s not stray too far from our base. The new characters are wonderful as it enhances the core. I think if you start putting the base in the back ground for new characters as a whole, you lose the core of season one. I understand what they are saying and I agree. Hook, Jefferson, Cora, The Giant, etc are all fantastic, but only to the extent if it will enhance the core storylines. I am afraid I was a bit let down by Colin/Hook too. I expected more. Robert was in is element though. That man can act,

          • Patti says:

            I think grumpy is more of a core than granny. I get the idea of staying with a core but there is a thing has overuse and some fans talk of the core and not everyone agrees on who the core is beside the obvious charming family,regina,rumples.For some the core includes others and not every fan will agree on the rest of the core. For me I go with the more prominent recurrings and also my core includes the ones I like the most or want to see more of. But I don’t think the show will ever stray from regina,charmings and rumple.

          • astrid says:

            I feel like they wrote Granny off… or at least to the very back of the background. is that possible? Does anybody know if they cut her episodes? Or were never too many episodes planned for Granny in the 2nd season?

      • katie says:

        I think the fat hands comment was just being funny. Her point was valid on the character though. I am sorry, but Hook was boring as a villian, he couldn’t even stand up to Rumple the dark one. I love Jefferson, much better addition than Hook, and adding new characters to keep the show moving along is understandable. However, I don’t necessarily want them to stay on. I like them coming and going a few times a year, but the core should stay in tact. I don’t want this show to go the LOST way. Lost, lost it’s way in the 3rd year, too many sub plots, too many new characters. The guy who played Hook was ok looking, but nothing to write home about. Robert is not gorgeous but he has a vulnerable quality that makes him charming. Hook was a play on Johnny Depps character and it didn’t work for me. People love Rumple because lets face it, Robert’s acting ability is far superior than the rest of the cast. I don’t even know how the got him to do the show. Liking a character just because you think he is hot, is just as silly as saying someone has fat hands.

        • Mike says:

          I’m fine with someone not liking Hook or any character for that matter, but if your going to criticize a character come better reasons than fat hands. Say he was not a convincing villain, good reas

          • Mike says:

            *reason, but don’t hate a new character just because they have big hands, I’m sure you can come up with a better reason, it just bother me when people hate a character because of something that doesn’t matter. I agree Hook was underwhelming for the majority of the episode, but in the end i thougt he was great and excited for what is to come.

  17. Spencer says:

    I don’t know if anyone knows this reference, but the YA book series ‘the Sisters Grimm’ is basically spot-on with OUAT. All the different characters all mixed up, not just fairytale characters, is VERY Sisters Grimm which is why I am not personally surprised about the Frankenstein thing.

  18. sara says:

    Robert Carlyle is such a good actor. He and Emile are great. I love Gold and Charming hooking up as allies, I loved Ruby seeing he cared for Belle and helping him. I also love Rumple in all his vicious glory. I felt awful for the meek Rumple. This guy needs a break and find his son and get the girl Belle, but I suspect we will have a great ride until that happens. I agree Hook was ok, but no match for Rumple. I was expecting more. I would rather see Gold and Regina go at it. I would also like to see Regina and Gold align with the town against Hook and Cora.

  19. Jd says:

    I haven’t watch the episode yet, but if Cap. Hook is in the enchanted forest , who was the one who broke into Mr. Gold’s at the end of the season? I remember this person taking the hook. Or was it a promo?

  20. Loved this episode. Very well acted, but I hate the fact there was no Snow, Emma, and Regina. Luckily the show had enough action that I didn’t miss them too terribly,.

    Anyone else find it curious when Rumple offered to rewind the clock and make Smee a child again? Foreshadowing perhaps?

    I don’t know about Cora and Hook teaming up. Though if you think about it, they are probably close in age.

    • Mary says:

      Could be. Possibly for Emma in the future, though I’d really rather they didn’t do that. I don’t want to see the show end with Emma as a kid.

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m really quite angry at the promo for flat out spoiling who Dr. Whale is. I was looking forward to being surprised, but it’s just all laid out in the promo for all to see. Sigh. So much for enjoying one story without looking up spoilers…

  22. katie says:

    Lisa, I didn’t find Hook all that hot either. He is ok, but a little eyeliner goes a long way. I cracked up about his hands. I noticed that too, big, beefy and ugly nails. Now Robert has beautiful hands, I love hands and teeth. LOL Anyway Hook is ok, but yes over hyped. Not as good a villian or foe as Regina is for Gold. On the other hand I do like the idea of Charming, Gold, Regina and others lining up against Cora and Hook. Don’t mess with STorybrooke……………kinda like the OK Corral.

  23. John says:

    Captain Hook was a let down. I did not find him interesting.

  24. Anna says:

    I thought Colin was fantastic, but I am so exhaustingly tired of Rumple having a part in EVERYONE’S backstory. I love Robert, he’s great, but come on. The wonderful ending aside, I didn’t much care for the episode. I loved Hook, but I think the episode promised to be much more than it actually was.

    Also, I hope they don’t try and sell Milah being Hook’s “True Love.” That was not the vibe I got with them at all.

    • Mike says:

      I agree about Rumple, I knew that he was going to be the “Crocodile”, and I honestly wasn’t thrilled, does he need to be the bad guy in every backstory. I fear that the creators are eventually going to overuse Rumple.

    • Patti says:

      Agree.sometimes regina and rumple are overused in the connection to everyone.we should get to see others have those connections. The show will never lose it’s core five but they can be overused and the need to be careful about rumple in that respect.

      • I love the irony of these comments. There have been people complaining over and over again about how the show doesn’t need tons of guest stars and it’s getting too many sub plots and then here come you folks to complain that it’s irritating that the core characters are overexposed in other stories. The writers just can’t win. :-)

        • Kelly says:

          They kinda don’t need guest stars not to put regina or rumple at the core/apart of other backstories. Also there is a balance. I always think about lost. They had all this amazing season one characters then season 2 and 3 they added more and more new characters. The new characters got lots of episodes and a few original (kate,jack) got multiple episodes a season and the rest of the season oners were lucky to get one episode. It’s just about hitting the right balance. Once is already doing better than Lost but they are adding a lot of new character this year in pretty sure time period: more&more cora,lancelot,phillip,aurora,mulan,hook,guy in the city.

        • Autumn says:

          Lauren omg I agree with you all the way. Also, I love the introduction of new characters…I mean there are so many tales to be told and many different lands to explore…The more the merrier as long as they tie in the knots at the end and fill in the loophole (which the writers are great at doing just that).

          I love that Rumple is intertwined into the story of many of the characters. I mean he’s lived for centuries now so it’s no surprise he has traveled far and wide and encountered so many of the characters we know and love. The writers can’t please everyone. They must write for their pleasure first. As it is, people are ridiculously critical. They say they want one thing and then when they get it, they say it’s horrible writing/dreadful characters. It is highly annoying.

          The ep. was surely interesting and I loved it. Rumple/Robert is brilliant. No surprise there. Belle is awesome. I love her to death. she is a sweetheart.

    • AL says:

      But if you consider how much of what is occurring in Storybrooke traces back to Rumple trying to reunite with Bae, it makes sense for him to be involved in all these back stories. He’s been pulling strings for 300 years.

    • I agree about Milah being Hook’s true love. It seemed to me like that love was more 1 sided. Like she was Hook’s groupie. I’m sure he cared for her, but I don’t know that he reciprocated the love. She kept saying she loved him, that she fell in love with him that night at the bar. I don’t think he said it about her.

  25. Pat says:

    Good episode. Strong and spunky Belle is great. I am liking her and do want to see her character explored more. Same with Red. I liked Smee a good bit. But I am partial to the actor from Eureka. I do love Belle&Rumple’s chemistry and relationship. I wonder if redemption is possible for both Regina and Rumple and if Cora&Hook will be the ones they do final battle with.

  26. Audrey says:

    There are many characters and their tales that have to be told. Charming, Snow, Emma, Regina cannot be in “every” episode! just like Belle, Rumple, Jefferson, August can’t be in every episode. Jeesh. Episodes are only 1 hour. You can’t squeeze everyone in.

    Awesome episode..like always! I’m a Rumbeller 120 times over, since the beginning <3

    love, love, loved it!…….I don't feel sorry for Milha (she was cruel and didn't mind humiliating her husband in front of numerous people and wishing him dead; She cared more about what people thought of her being married to a "coward" than her husband's good intentions)

    Hook was Great! He went to Neverland to never grow old so that he could find a way to kill an immortal Rumplestiltskin.

    Belle you are an Amazing, funny, brave, independent, intelligent woman! Also…Finally, Rumple tells her why he needs power……God I love those two

  27. Autumn says:

    Awesome episode tonight! So we saw a bit of backstory to Hook’s character….I’m sure he’s been on so many adventures we will surely explore in later episodes! Soo excited to see his character at full potential.

    All these villains are out to destroy one another lol! Regina wants Rumple powerless, Rumple tries to kill her (we knew he’d be out for her blood after he found out about Belle) and Hook wants to skin Rumple, Cora wants to get back at Regina….and Maleficent? I’m pretty sure she’ll be back to destroy someone too. LOVE IT. Belle you wonderful person you. *sniffles* That library scene with Rumple was just friggin’ beautiful. “Have you ever had a hamburger?” *getting emotional* =D Did I mention I’m in love with this episode?

  28. Babybop says:

    The backstory for Rumple made me sad!

  29. Lucy says:


  30. Loved Belle. Loved Rumpelstiltskin. Loved the backstory. LOVED THE LIBRARY AND HAMBURGERS AT THE END!! Just, yeah. So much to love in this ep! Although I’m not a fan of the Hook character per say, he came across as sympathetic to a certain degree and that was interesting. Didn’t care much for Rumpel’s wife, but I did gasp when he ripped out her heart! That was awful :(

    All in all, loved the ep… cannot wait for more!

  31. ej says:

    Hook was anti-climactic,but not enough of a storyline to diss him or Colin. Robert was, as always, brilliant, but he didn’t quite make up for the complete absense of Emma and Snow (a picture doesn’t count). A few complained that exploring Frankenstein strays from the FTL theme, but Wonderland and Neverland are modern-day childrens literature. The way I see it, these other universes are like Imagination Land from South Park; if we in the real world think up a story (oral, written, even film) and it becomes part of the Gestalt of humanity’s storytelling, then an imagined universe pops into being with time and space irrelevant to the passage of time here. Whether it’s Jack and the Beanstalk or Frankenstein, these stories have become part of our collective literary consciousness.

    • Mary says:

      I missed even seeing the picture of Emma and Snow unfortunately. But it’s not the same without them.

      Some of Charming’s stuff was weird. He was working in the mines – no surprise since he’s hoping the fairies will be able to help him reach Snow and Emma if they get some fairy dust, he stops abruptly to go to work at the sheriff’s office, but the next we see of him is at Snow/Mary Margaret and Emma’s apartment.

  32. Ana says:

    I liked Hook and Belle. But I really missed Snow and Emma. It’s not the same when they are not on. The whole point of.the Disney stories is that there’s a princess. I hope they don’t continue this pattern for the rest of.the season. I do like that Red is more prominent now also.

    • Mary says:

      No kidding. Fortunately though they are back in next week’s episode (they’re shown in the Canadian promo) and the week after that is supposed to be an episode on Emma’s back story. I love Red. Looking forward to her episode in a few weeks.

  33. James says:

    Man alive I love Robert Carlyle he is such a fabulous actor. he is with out a doubt the best character on the show IMO, very complex. I think its possible bael is Peter Pan, but i’m not willing to bet on it yet. i do think with out a doubt Wale is Dr Frankinstien.

    • Kelly says:

      I think Bae was the guy at the beginning of season one and is also henry’s father. Otherwise my guess would be jack from jack&the beanstalk due to the magic beans aspect or jefferson cause he’s a port jumper.

  34. Anna says:

    Liked this episode but I’m ready for
    Lana Parrilla to kill it next week.

  35. A says:

    Having seen some of the pics for the next ep, it seems Hook will try to deceive Emma and Snow esp since he’s working with Cora!

  36. tvdiva says:

    The showrunners have made it clear that any and every fictional character they can get rights to use, will be used if it fits their storyline. Personally, I like the way they mash up fictional characters and give them new back stories. If you can think of the characters on the show as fictional vs. fairy tale, it will be less of a headache.

  37. Rachel says:

    I think that hook wasn’t a villain yet in this episode. He didn’t have a purpose yet. I really believe this story led up to the reason why he’s evil. Before he had a ship and he behaved the way a pirate would but that’s it. It wasn’t necessarily evil. But now that Rumple went and killed his “true love”, he has a purpose to be evil and his evilness is stemmed by his revenge on Rumple. But I really don’t like that he feels the need to avenge her because she left her husband AND son and was like “oh I regret that” but never asked how Bae was doing or what became of him. She broke her family’s heart. Just because she never loved Rumple didn’t mean she needed to go run off with Hook.

  38. Tara says:

    I think the NYC guy is Rumple’s son.
    In general I agree that the core of the show was Emma, Snow, Henry and Regina and now that the spell is partially broken, I want everyone together. I’m not loving these separate storylines.

  39. Emily says:

    WOW next weeks episode looks amazing! so excited that they’re bringing in frankenstien, I wouldn’t have originally thought of it, but it makes perfect sense! Love the idea, I was actually worried that they’d start to cut back on the almost retelling of classic fairy-tales which have always been my favourite part, because they’d start to run out

  40. Gaia says:

    Dr. Whale must be Frankenstein…
    And damn, how hot is Hook!

  41. Martin says:

    am I the only one worried about this show. They bring in all these characters and make them regulars and to afford the cost they have an episode without emma, regina and snow.hope they don’t make a habit put of this, their arguably three most important characters.

  42. Isaac says:

    This was my least favorite episode yet. All the twists and turns were obvious and they left out not one (like last week), but three major characters. I really hope Emma and Snow get back soon, because the show cannot possibly focus on three worlds at the same time and do justice to any of them.

  43. Elin says:

    I couldn’t find the patience to read through all the comments this time, so sorry if someone’s already said this! A lot of people think that this is the perfect setup for a Hook/Pan revenge story due to Hook wanting to kill Bae because it will hurt Rumple. If that’s in fact the case, I just have one question. I got the impression that Hook loved Milah. I get that he’s pissed off about his hand as well, but I would think that Hook wouldn’t hurt the son of the love of his life. But maybe that’s just me

    • leah says:

      she didn’t love him so why would hook care?

      • Suzie says:

        Up to that point Milah was the love of Rumpel’s life, too and the mother of his son. That didn’t keep him from ripping her heart out.

    • The “love of his life” abandoned said child without a backward glance and that child was also the reason that Rumple was so furious with Milah. He might not have killed her if she hadn’t abandoned Bae. It would be logical of Hook to think of Bae as more Rumple’s child than Milah’s since she obviously didn’t give a crap about him.

  44. Spencer says:

    Am I the only one that didn’t care that Emma Snow and Regina weren’t there?

    • Kelly says:

      I did not care either. It’s not that I don’t love them. It’s just I’m ok with an episode here or there that doesn’t have my favs and out of all the characters I do not worry about the show losing focus on Emma,Regina and Snow. They are the main three and I highly doubt that will change ever.

    • tp says:

      No, you’re not. I love all three of them and I didn’t care either. However, I am also the only one not in love with Belle.Besides the fact that I think the actress overacts the part, I was distracted by her shoes. She was walking around town in 6 inch heels. She’s been barefoot in the crazy ward for 28 years or they maybe there were 6 inch heels in FTL. It just bugged me.

  45. SteveZ says:

    I’m still waiting to see if they have the White Queen or Aslan come out of the Wardrobe

  46. Josh says:

    So. not bad overall. could cora and hook be the main villians this season giving some redemption to rumple and regina?? Also a fun one that Whale is Franknstein. back to the premier of Season 2, who is whale’s prince? could it be the prince of darkness himself (Dracula) it would make a good connection for him. Bae as peter is becoming more likely because peter leaves neverland, and could have left(or been thrown out by the curse) making him the same age as emma (a little older) and also making him the father of henry. As for making Rumple the villian in too many stories i can see why they would need to in some cases, they need to tie these characters together some how or why would they interact at all. Frankenstein could bring Daniel back and then possibly our old sheriff the huntsman?

  47. greysfan says:

    That episode was good with the focus on Belle and Rumple but where the hell were Snow and Emma! I know this show is more than them but it would have been nice to have them in the episode. That episode didn’t do much for me except the ending with Cora and Hook it was a meh episode. I am a huge huge fan of this series but this episode let me down. Next week looks awesome though.

  48. Melissa says:

    I love EVERY episode. I don’t care what characters they introduce, I enjoy the element of surprise! I think next weeks Halloween episode is going to be loads of fun! I don’t know what everybody is complaining about. I thought Hook was amazing and he and Cora against Regina and Gold will be interesting. Plus it now makes perfect sense for Bae to be Peter Pan. But who knows? With these writers imagination there is no telling!

    • Kelly says:

      If Bae is Peter Pan, I hope he is still a kid in present day. I actually really liked the actor who played Bae in season one and would be great to see more of him. But I more likely think Bae is Henry’s dad and the guy from the beginning of the season.

      • Melissa says:

        I don’t think the guy at the beginning of the season is Bae, but I could be wrong. I am thinking more the white rabbit, seeing all the stuff in the apartment he was in. Maybe Henry’s Dad, but how would Henry’s Dad know about all the fairytale world stuff?

    • AL says:

      I think Henry’s dad is Peter Pan, but not necessarily Bae. I think one of the reasons it didn’t work out with him and Emma was because he didn’t want to grow up. Depending how he got to the real world, like August he might have been a kid at the time of the curse, but landed outside Storybrooke and therefore aged. So he’s now a guy in his 30s with a classic case of Peter Pan Syndrome.

      Bae, I think, was too level-headed to not want to grow up.

    • I don’t love every episode, but I realize they aren’t all going to be great. People loved last week’s episode, but I didn’t care for it. This week I loved it, but a lot of people didn’t. We are all going to have our opinions, but I’m surprised at how upset people get when they don’t like an episode.

  49. S says:

    Dustin Hoffman’s Hook will always been the bar that everyone will have to reach for me. I am kind of silly that way, but this hook just didn’t have the charisma to even seem like he was the captain of a pirate ship.
    That being said, for all those people who keep saying “These stories aren’t fairy tales!” A fairy tale is any folk lore that has to do with mystical creatures etc. Genies are a part of fairy tales because they came from folk tales and most notably came to be known to many from the 1001 Arabian Nights tales. I am surprised we have not yet seen Aladdin (who was actually Chinese by the way), the emperor with no clothes etc. Those were all from those stories. King Arther and his knights are stories about knights, wizards, magic and dragons passed down through folk tales…in many ways how are they not fairy tales. Granted they could have been real, but it has turned into a fairy tale. Think of it as a place of imagination…kind of like Fantastica, where all stories can exist if only someone can imagine them into being.

  50. A says:

    While I loved the episode and I really liked Hook, I couldn’t help but sit there and wait for Emma or Regina to pop up on my screen.