Ratings: Nikita Returns to Possible Low, Shark Tank Hits All-Time Highs

Nikita Season 3 PremiereNikita‘s engaging Season 3 premiere nonetheless drew low numbers for The CW this Friday night, delivering 952,000 total viewers and a 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demo.

Versus the spy drama’s previous opener, that’s down some 50 percent, and it’s even off 37 and 25 percent from the Season 2 finale. The fellas over at TVByTheNumbers also reckon it marks (at least matches) a series-low rating, which seems about right to me.

For those who argued that Nikita‘s time slot change was in the name of giving CW affiliates’ 10 o’clock news a stronger lead-in (versus letting the series remain a self-starter at 8), compared to Supernatural‘s most recent premiere in the Fridays-at-9 slot, it’s down 52 and 60 percent. As for where SPN left things with its Friday finale, Nik is down 40 and 50 percent.

Instead, The CW is now opening Friday with Top Model, which mustered 1.5 mil/0.6.

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Elsewhere, ABC’s Shark Tank rose 10 percent week-t-week to hit all-time highs of 7.04 million/2.0, topping the night in the demo.

Over on CBS, CSI: NY‘s special Green Day-trippy episode (9.1 mil/1.2) dipped two tenths in the demo (yet improved over the course of the hour, as the music died down). Blue Bloods built on that to 10 mil/1.3, down just a tick from last week.

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NBC’s Grimm (4.9 mil/1.4) slipped 12 percent in the demo but was the night’s highest-rated scripted program. Fox’s NLCS coverage looks up about 20 percent from Thursday.

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  1. gary says:

    Congrats CW you killed the one Cult show you had by putting it on after ANTM

    • Kreshnik says:

      Haha I wouldn’t say that Nikita is the only cult show that they had… Supernatural wins in that category, yep.

    • Tina B. says:

      I totally agree!

    • GK says:

      I’m hoping CW finishes up GG, 90210 and Emily (If it doesn’t perform next episode) this season and bring in other shows it has. I think Beauty and Beast is a better option if it maintains a 0.8 throughout the season since its a procedural. I don’t particularly think Carrie Diaries and Cult will be a hit, but its better than losing money on failing projects. Next season has Hunger Games and Alice in Wonderland kind of projects in development and sounds truly trippy and the kind of hits CW really needs right now if it wants to survive after the next couple of years. People with the magic Nielsen boxes need to watch what the rest of us are watching or risk losing one of the more daring networks where creativity is truly upheld (applies mainly to Spnl, TVD and Arrow)!

    • mac says:

      I can’t blame theCW…they gave this show another chance with giving it a third season. They hoped that this shows fanbase would keep it alive yet it failed doing so. Without SPN this show is truly lost

    • I wouldn’t really qualify Nikita as a cult show, and if it is, then I would certainly say that it isn’t the only one on the CW. TVD and Supernatural fit the category of cult shows better in my opinion.

  2. Sue says:

    Shocked how great shark tank is doing this year, I think it will be getting 22 episodes from now on.

  3. I understand the move of Nikita after ANTM because they were hoping for more of a female audience, which they were hoping for a much higher rating and demo. However, Nikita was struggling on Friday’s for season 2, so it’s really The CW’s fault for moving it. If they’re smart, they’ll swap ANTM and Nikita time slots immediately, if not, then they better reorganize their schedules fast, because with another 21 episodes to go, Nikita is going to plummet hard!

    • kavyn says:

      Actually, they stated that the reason they put Nikita on at 9pm on Friday (instead of 8pm) was to have it be a better lead in towards the news.

      The CW SHOULD have paired Nikita with Arrow, because Arrow was going to get a lot of views and Nikita needed the help. But instead they paired it with SPN to recreate the SPN/Smallville magic that was obviously not going to happen. SPN has a VERY dedicated fanbase and face it, after 8 seasons it’s highly unlikely SPN would gain a huge uptick in viewers, especially if it didn’t gain all those viewers from Smallville.

      If CW renews Nikita, it will only be for syndication purposes, because they clearly gave up on the show by pairing it with ANTM. Nikita is a lot better than most CW shows and deserved a much better chance than it currently has. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the Spring (when ANTM isn’t airing) they move BTB to Friday and paired TVD with Cult (which would actually be an incredibly smart decision since Matt Davis is on it). But since BTB is destined for failure after losing half it’s ratings from the premiere episode, it will yet again not really help Nikita in any way.

  4. tvaddict says:

    So sad to hear about Nikita because the episode was great! I assume Cult will premiere in Top Model’s timeslot so maybe that can give Nikita a boost.

    • kavyn says:

      I think (and despite being a Nikita fan, I do think this is better for the CW) they will move BTB to Friday at 8pm and put Cult in BTB’s timeslot, for multiple reasons; First being that it would be foolish to premier a new series on a Friday, and second that many TVD fans would continue to tune in just for Matt Davis.
      It’s a much more logical choice for the CW, but that just leaves Nikita being paired with the dying BTB.

      • Ari says:

        I was thinking Cult would be on Monday but I forgot about The Carrie Diaries. The CW is a bit crowded since they keep their cult hits things that would be cancelled on other networks continue (and I’m thankful for that) but it sure makes it difficult to add new shows midseason.

  5. greysfan says:

    Are you kidding me? Nikita was awesome last night. Thanks for ruining a great show CW!!!

  6. The CW is best off cutting their losses after this season. Screw securing syndication rights.

    • jj says:

      with ratings that low, CW might decide to cancel it before the end of the season.

      • sula74 says:

        From your lips to God ears… and After this new show Hunted seems to resurrect the same type of drama with a lot more seriousness and with a more likeness to all the previous version I will be just happy to see this show go down as it should have done since day one.. They dress her like a whore ready to kill.. all the class was gone since day one.. very hard to recover from that.

  7. Ruby says:

    Nikita is so good and the episode was just awesome! so sad because of the ratings! But this is CW fault! Nikita had no promotion, like Supernatural, and ANTM is an awful lead for Nikita!

    • Nesta says:

      Supernatural, Vamp Diaries are cult shows and should follow each other. I used to enjoy Thur because of Vamp and Supernatural. Now they switch Supernatural around every year. If it is not broke do not fix it. Nikita, reminds me of LaFemme Nikita, Emily Owens, wake me when they take it off, Beauty and Beast to much like original, Arrow is right on, ANTM please deliver me.

  8. Dean says:

    I don’t watch the show and don’t understand why fans are crying hoarse here. ANTM gave Nikita a solid lead-in versus last year when it started on its own. CW isn’t to be blamed imho.

    • Ruby says:

      If you dont watch why are you comment about it? -_-

      • Dean says:

        That’s not an answer Ruby. LOL. I want to start watching this show during the hiatus later this year.

        • Ducky says:

          I don’t really have an issue with what show the CW decides to pair Nikita with, I have an issue with the way they ‘promote’ the show. Recycling old photoshoots and photoshopping them all together like it’s a new shoot, giving us fans one promo (I know Nikita fans who also watch TVD, and TVD gets A LOT more promo time). I’m really ticked off by the lack of promotion and I strongly believe that is part of the reason why Nikita struggles with the ratings. But internationally, Nikita does wonderful. For instance, in the Netherlands, episodes draw an average of 500,000 viewers, which is a lot (compare it to the average of the 7.30pm news, which is 800,000).

        • Jean says:

          She was right to ask. Wishing the show cancelled and then turn around and say you want to watch it is dumb and stupid. Nikita is amazing. The CW does not know how to keep their good shows. Even when they were THE WB they made the same mistakes. Remember Birds of Prey! It had the potential to be a great show. Instead they hardly promoted it, badly paired it. Like they are doing with NIKITA right now. Nikita is one of the those shows you cant wait to see what happens the following week.

          • Dean says:

            Wait. Exactly what part of my comment leads you to believe that I ‘WANT’ Nikita to be cancelled?
            WB’s biggest potential new (at that time) show indeed was sent to CW – Supernatural.
            PS: Birds of Prey was horrible.

    • Nikita started in 2010. It has never been paired with ANTM until now. It generated good rating in it’s first season with TVD, moderate in it’s second with SN, but plummeted WHILE paired with ANTM. So yes, The CW is to blame for the move and pairing with ANTM.

      • CJ says:

        I totally agree. Plus I think all their promotion resources this fall went towards Arrow and Beauty and The Beast. I know a few people who LOVE Nikita but who lead busy lives (and don’t read TVLine everyday like I do…) who didn’t even realize it was coming back yesterday until I reminded them a few hours prior. I have a feeling a lot of others were in the same boat, especially people who don’t watch anything else on The CW. Arrow and Nikita would be a much better pairing, because I think their audiences have quite a bit more overlap than Nikita and ANTM.

        • POIFanatic says:

          Arrow and Supernatural have complete audience overlap though. And Spnl has a more dedicated fanbase. The CW needs to make money, not throw it away by putting a failing Nikita after Arrow.

    • gary says:

      ANTM is not even close to being a solid lead-in. The Audiences are incredible different. A good Lead-In would be Arrow or SN

    • shante says:

      Well if you don’t watch the show why are you commenting? Nikita in my opinion is one of the better shows the network has. The ratings did suffer when they moved the time slot but a lot of the Friday shows on that network is low. I wish another network would’ve done Nikita a favor and picked it up.

  9. RS says:

    Holy cow, I didn’t even think the demo could go that low.

  10. Dominique says:

    Nikita had such a good premiere episode, can’t believe they had such a series low :(
    Then again; Thw CW’s has hardly advertised and run any promo’s for Nikita, so it’s to expect. It’s like they WANT to get rid of this show :(

    • tigersmurfette says:

      hardly any promos? really? i watch arrow, tvd, and supernatural, only cw shows i watch, and i found i was inundated by nikita promos. the problem i find with the cw is they play the same promo way too much(esp in the case of tvd, man the promo for the premiere was overplayed).

    • Ari says:

      I watch TVD and have seen quite a few promos for Nikita. It may not be the constant barrage that Arrow gets (which is understandable because Arrow is right after TVD) but I would say one ad every other commercial break. I also watch SPN and have seen ads during that. Again, with less frequency but they are there. You should blame the people who cut their ads. I always think Nikita is the type of show I’d like but the commercials don’t really leave me wanting more so I’ve never really watched it.

      • Ari says:

        Switch what I said about Arrow being after TVD, I had a brain moment and forgot the schedule, Arrow is after SPN. Haha! Sorry!

  11. I can’t believe people aren’t watching Nikita anymore. Last night awesome as usual. Could it be that Grimm is cannibalizing the audience? I love Grimm too, but last night I watched Nikita and Grimm is waiting for me on the DVR. Or maybe most people who like empowered female action heroines are actually men. Top Model is the opposite of my cup of tea/Batman.

  12. Tina says:

    They need to put Nikita back into 8pm slot. With Grim competing at 9pm, no one is tuning in for Nikita now premiering so late. I don’t know how CW could have made that terrible move. Hire me instead!

  13. Its the falt off the CW they didnt promote Nikita enough!!! they only care about TVD and Arrow… :( Its not fair cuz Nikita deserve waaaaaaay more rattings cuz its a amazing action kickass show!

    • You’re forgetting about SN. They promote the hell out of that and are hoping for two more seasons after this one.

      • Ruby says:

        since when CW promotes Supernatural? because that is not true! did you saw the awful poster they did for season 8? that is no promotion! TVD have all the promotion! CW dont care for Nikita and SPN that is what i see!

        • Supernatural and TVD got extended episode orders and they’re both highly rated. The CW relies on these two. TVD has at least another 3 seasons in it, while SN has high hopes till season 10. Trust me, these two won’t die out anytime soon. In regards to Nikita, the network took a leap of faith renewing it. It’s the time slot that has ruined the show.

      • Linda says:

        Where are they promoting SPN? Not on my tv they aren’t. I’ve seen Arrow, Beauty & the Beast and Nikita promos.

      • POIfanatic says:

        Supernatural being heavily promoted by CW is as real as me having wings. Only TVD, Arrow and Beauty-Beast have insane promos. Even GG his promoted more than Supernatural. But hey, I’m happy at Supernatural’s performance. Its almost at a 2 season high.

  14. elen says:

    With zero advertisement CW, that’s what you get. I didn’t even know it started yesterday and it’s one of my favorite shows. Nikita deserves better.

  15. Rob says:

    Keep the faith fellow division agents. Obviously oversight (the CW) is stupid, but the black boxes (DVR’s) still have to come into play.

    • JC says:

      DVR numbers are meaningless. Once the Live+7 data is in, Nikita will still likely be the lowest rated show of the week on any network even if it doubles its demo rating. At best it may pass one or two shows.

  16. sarah says:

    Nikita is so good, i cant believe the ratings are so low. maybe they should pair it with arrow?

  17. I’m not sure what is sadder; GG having lower viewers than Nikita or Nikita having a lower demo than GG.

  18. Chris says:

    What they need to do is put Nikita on after vampire diaries and let the stupid beauty and the beast show die on Fridays. Nikita is a quality show and fits much better with the only shows getting good ratings on the cw (arrow, vampire diaries, supernatural) so they should stop treating it like the red headed stepchild

  19. Tedi says:

    They are doing Nikita SUCH a disservice! Nikita and Arrow would be such a great pairing :( Why can’t they get that??

    • POIfanatic says:

      Because Supernatural is the BEST fit with Arrow. Nikita should be moved to Mondays or Tuesdays and GG should be sent to Fridays.

  20. Paula says:

    Too bad, Nikita. I’m starting to think CW is already treating this as Nikita’s final season.
    If they sack it I hope the cast can move on to other projects on better networks. Once Upon A Time should call dibs on Noah Bean. He was so great on that show and maybe they can find a way to bring his character back for more than the occasional guest stint if Nikita ends this year.

  21. M2 says:

    This would have been a better choice of programming. Leave Mondays and Tuesdays the same. Wednesday Arrow/Nikita both kick ass shows, Thursday TVD and Supernatural both supernatural and Fridays ANTM and Beauty and the Beast, because these two are all about beautiful people..

  22. Nikita Fan says:

    So sad about Nikita’s ratings but what can you expect when its paired with a show that has nothing in common with one another. Nikita is a smart show with talented writers and cast, and even if i have never seen ANTM Im going to assume that is just like any other reality show, where people act like idiots and its full on non sense drama.

  23. hello says:

    It is unacceptable what they are doing with Nikita. I say move Beauty and the Beast to Mondays at 9, Gossip Girl to Fridays at 9 and Nikita to Thursdays at 9

    • Kath says:

      Nikita has already aired on Thursdays at 9. It was moved from that slot for under performing. Now it has even less viewers so why would they put it back instead of giving a new show the benefit of the TVD audience?

  24. Brandy says:

    People, Nikita is Not going to be moved or paired up with Arrow,Arrow and SPN are doing gangbusters in ratings and CW has a good night there(I don’t watch either) and why pair it’s new possible hitArrow( see at Midseason and seasons end if it’s rating great) with a failing show, Nikita was moved to Fri foor poor ratings/retention from VD and wasn’t a good leadin for SPN and again can’t retain viewers from a solid show(ANTM) and it dosent matter how incompatable Top Model and Nikita are, leadin don’t matter.Nikita is rating too poorly to put back on a regular weekday and more competitor night-to be paired with Arrow.As for promo, I saw 4 Thursday night and 4. Fri, but now it’s premiered so it’ll Likley decrease to one a week like last season. Also, at this point, Nikita has all the audience it’s gonna have so even pairing it with Arrow or another show Likley won’t help.Nikita shouldn’t still need a leadin at this point either,it’s in season three for cryn out loud.

  25. Bonnie says:

    Pitting Nikita against Grimm was a horrible idea imo.

  26. Kath says:

    The CW could air a test pattern for no cost and it would probably come close to Nikita’s ratings. They never should have renewed it.

  27. Patricia says:

    Sad about Nikita they should move it out of Fridays cancel Emily Owens and put Nikita on Tuesdays any day but Friday.

  28. WTF if the cw just did as much promo as they did for tvd then this show would sky rocket. they should pair it w. tvd again to get better ratings like for s. 1 or pair it with arrow!! makes the most sense.

    • POIFanatic says:

      Its a Friday. The most they can hope for is a 0.5 demo for Nikita. Its no Supernatural. They did pair it with TVD in the first season. It just didn’t have enough audience retention. Doesn’t make any sense to do the same mistake again. The old President screwed the network and Mark is getting it back on track now and he saw the potential with a Spnl-Arrow block and took it. Nikita doesn’t have the same kind of fanbase to move it to wednesdays or thursdays.

      • well at least pair it with arrow. it has similarities– they are both action shows. would have made the most sense.
        nikita just needs to be on another network like usa or something. it’s not on the right network.

  29. Jared says:

    so upset about Nikita’s horrible numbers… horrible decision on The CW to move her time slot. such a great show!

  30. Louis Perez says:

    I dont get it. Nikita and most of the CW shows r really good. Why do they get such low ratings. I honestly think nielsen needs to get with the times and realize ppl dont just watch tv on the actual tv. is there a way to monitor that?? i remember the times i had 2vcr’s set up to record my shows. buffy melrose and 90210(the original) Im pretty sure “nielsen” didnt monitor my viewings at that time either. All im saying is Nikita is the best show they have on the CW. Aside from VD and ARROW. Actually i think they should put Nikita after VD. Get rid of Beauty and the Beast as well. and that fake greys anatomy rip off. wow. im really going here.lol. I wish i was scheduling the CW. Mondays~ A family show cause it worked with 7th Heaven. THEN NIKITA!!!!Tuesdays ARROW~followed by that HUNGER GAMES show they have developing. Wednesdays`AMAZON(WONDER WOMAN SHOW)~ then have a feel good Gilmore type of show. or they can have an all action packed kickass female driven Wednesday and add another kick ass women driven show. yeah im not and advertising genious. lol. Thursday~ Vampire Diaries Followed by SuperNatual. Fridays are iffy. Start a CSI for the younger crowd or. think 21 jump street (the 80’s show) or do what fox did. Actually Re-boot X-Files or bring back Dark Angel.lol. Wow. i hope some exec reads this and does something.lol. Sorry for rambling.

  31. Julie says:

    The ratings were disappointing. There is no use talking about moving the show because it’s stuck on Fridays. I wish the network would take some interest in re-branding the show. The actors, crew, writers, and everyone associated with the show works so hard. I feel like people do not know how good this show is. It’s really a shame. Even if the critics love it, it doesn’t seem to matter to the CW. I’m hoping that people forgot that it was on yesterday and the ratings will pick up next week. In a few weeks, Devon and Melinda will premiere on the show so that episode will definitely have better ratings. I just hope we won’t have to wait until then.

  32. So very disappointed in CW for their atrocious treatment of Nikita. Yes, they renewed up to this point but they have to realize their part in why Nikita is getting low ratings. Creatively the show does very well. The bloggers and critics (TV guide, EW, etc) seem to love it. They moved it to the Friday night death slot with no promotion, ridiculous hiatuses with no promotion and now another timeslot change with a mismatched lead in with no promotion. They can’t even be bothered to release sneak peek clips or tweet about the show?

  33. Okay, people, I will spell it out for you – Regardless of the night, hardly anyone watches this show. Point blank. Shows don’t usually grow in numbers, so the drop was to be expected. It doesn’t matter how “good” a show is. All of you criticizing the network clearly have no knowledge of the business.

    • Why is it that “hardly anyone watches this show” and yet it is very rarely criticized creatively? You seem to claim to have knowledge of the business so maybe you can help me out with this one?

      • jj says:

        you’re making the assumption that the higher the quality of the show the higher the quantity of viewers should be. unfortunately, that’s not how it works. there are many crappy shows that many people like to watch, and reversely, really good shows that for whatever reason doesn’t find an audience.

  34. Michael says:

    Those that say that Nikita will get cancelled don’t know anything about TV at all. First of all its only 1 season away from syndication numbers. Noway they are going to cancel a show that is so close to the golden goose. It would not make any sense to do that.

    Plus its huge overseas. I see a lot opf people saying they forgot it came back. Also looks like baseball took a big chunk in every show last night.

    • jj says:

      but that’s assuming there is a demand for it in syndication. A low rated serialised show won’t be as attractive compared to other shows like a high rated sitcom for example.
      I live overseas, I don’t know anyone else who watches it. Just curious, do you know where overseas that it is popular?

  35. SMG says:

    Nikita is an excellent show, someone please tell me why people are not watching? I just don’t understand the writing is excellent, the stunts, the cast, critics love it, so why are people not watching??

    • Because the CW has never been able to get a proper handle on how to market and promote the show. The main couple got engaged yesterday and there was ZERO promotion about it.

    • oliver says:

      because of the timeslot that’s why. On season two they placed it on fridays and its a no brainer that its audience would shrink. They should have left it on the same timeslot for season 2 to gain more loyal followers. Now its paired with ANTM. wow very different viewers…you don’t expect the female viewers to tune in for Nikita now do you? They should have paired nikita with arrow since they have same audience. Supernatural does well on fridays so why not leave it there? And of course, lack of promotion. CW really has to change their marketing officers.

  36. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Nikita is heading for cancellation at lightning speed. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s among the first five cancellations of the season.

    • JC says:

      Shows in their 3rd season don’t get yanked off the air and immediately canceled like first season shows do. No way Nikita is among the first five canceled this season. Considering two new shows have already be pulled, that means you think Nikita will be among the next three to go? Partners, The Mob Doctor, 666 Park Avenue, Emily Owens, Last Resort will all get the ax before Nikita does. Worst case, Nikita gets its season order reduced.

      • jj says:

        yeah I agree. much more likely that its season order is reduced and they have it finish off in January than have it yanked off completely from the schedule. It also depends on if the CW has anything else to serve as a replacement.

      • Kasper F. Nielsen says:

        I don’t mean nescesarily yanked off the air, but more the announcement that the show has been cancelled and will wrap up its run after episode 13 this season.

        • Michael says:

          How dumb can some of you get noway they are gonna reduce the order for this show. It will also get a 4th season for syndication so they can make more money on it. To cancel it would actually be losing money. Yes Nikita is big international. Maggie Q is a big star in china so there they could sell it in syndication and there are channels like FX,USAnetwork ect..

          proof for those tools that don’t believe:


          “Nikita is a big international seller for the CW’s sister studio Warner Bros TV.”

          Those that say Nikita will be cancelled when its so close to syndication know NOTHING about the tv business. What shows has the CW right now that can get into syndication numbers only vampire diares and NIkita. Rest will not make it. Also NO show has been cancelled ever that was close to syndication and got a FULL 3rd season order

          I am baffled that some don’t think here

          • Jack says:

            I find it hilarious when someone uses poor grammar while accusing others of being dumb. thanks for the laugh!

  37. BrianR says:

    Move it back to 8 or team it up with Arrow. Its too crowded Friday at 9.

  38. Tina B. says:

    Thanks a lot CW for putting one of my all-time fave shows between ANTM and the news! What were you thinking? Also I don’t like you launching all your shows premieres in October after all the other premieres. Everyone would have already picked their shows already they are watching and then you add on the CW shows? Do you want all your shows to tank? You better move Nikita to a different night before cancelling it and give it a fair chance because this failure is not the show’s fault, this is ALL squarely on the network!


  39. Chris says:

    No real surprise that hardly anyone watches Stinkita.

  40. sammy says:

    Nikita was NEVER a hit show..even by CW standards. I believe the ONLY reason it got renewed was because of the small loyal fanbase it apparently has. This series had 2 previous seasons to gain an audience and true fans of the show should be lucky that the CW have kept it going this long.

    • nikitafan says:

      Besides a small loyal fanbaseI think that Nikita got a thiird season because it does well overseas.

    • GK says:

      If that small fanbase were true fans in the first place, they would switch on their tv at 9 instead of saying the lead-in isn’t compatible.
      @nikitafan: It does a little better overseas and that’s the only hope for CW at this stage. Its nowhere near the monstrous fandom that Supernatural has got. That’s in every country.

  41. oliver says:

    wow put ANTM before nikita? its no surprise it got low ratings. Did they really think the female viewers of ANTM would tune in to NIkita? oh please CW what ever happened to using your brains? i love nikita and you should do something about this.

  42. jake says:

    I love Nikita, it is the only really non-sappy show minus a small handful of others that the CW has. Personally I would get rid of the overly sappy, horribly scripted, acted and advertised TVD. the only thing this shows draws is emo teens. Lets cut ANTM while you are at it. Beauty and the Beast is bad as well, seriously I cannot take Kristen Kruek as a detective seriously. Pair Nikita up with Arrow and I am pretty sure you would get a ratings increase.

    • Kreshnik says:

      Haha TVD has such a good storyline and it’s executed so well, that’s the only reason I watch that show, not because I am in love with vampire ^^

  43. Stephen says:

    What with all the commercial and promo breaks, I just watch Nikita via my Netflx streaming. No ads. No on-screen c/r/a/p. And that’s the way I like it.

  44. belle says:

    They should have kept Ringer…

  45. Nightwing says:

    To early to tell. I didn’t even realize that season 3 had already started. Caught me totally by surprise, and I was just lucky that I saw it on the schedule. Plus wasn’t there a playoff game to contend with? Now, if the ratings stay this low, then we have a problem, but if it goes back up next week, then I’d say most of the people on here are just guessing as to what is going on (especially with only 1 episode having been aired). I don’t expect the show to be a ratings blockbuster, but I do want it to do decent. So let’s wait and see.

  46. Mikael says:

    It was weird for CW to premiere Nikita a week after the rest of their shows premiered. I’m not surprised people didn’t know it was coming back. But I’m very fearful of the ratings because Fringe was not on. I think Fringe and Grimm together will crush Nikita, which is sad because it’s a great show that gets zero promotion. ANTM hasn’t been relevant for years now. They need to just put it out of its misery. I think Nikita would go well with Arrow, but Supernatural is already there and doing well. I think it would do better being back on after TVD, it did better than Beauty is doing, and I think it did better than Secret Circle did too.

  47. Sean Stewart says:

    I love Nikita! One of my favs across all networks. However, there was little to no promotion for Season 3. I had NO clue when Nikita’a season premiere was! Thank God for DVR!

  48. John Doe says:

    Where do they get these ratings? Do Nielsen ratings even matter anymore?

    People don’t watch TV on a Friday night. They record, watch later on HULU, buy the episode, watch Netflix, watch the dvd set when all the episodes for a season are available, or watch some illegal upload. CW: STOP MOVING NIKKITA AROUND. I didn’t even know this show was back on due to lack of press on it, and every time I expect it to be on at a certain time, it’s changed to something else.

    Great show on the wrong network and targeting the wrong audience. Most people who watch America’s Next Top Model do not watch Nikkita.

  49. ff says:

    NIKITA..is very awsome show..the ratings are unfair..and it should be moved from friday…cause that friday aint working most of us record it for watching later…CW should not cancel the show..