Shonda Rhimes Announces Private Practice End Date, Calls Decision 'Heartbreaking'

The doctors are out.

Ending five months of speculation, ever since ABC renewed Private Practice for just a 13-episode Season 6, Shonda Rhimes on Friday evening announced online that the show will not continue beyond that point.

Traditionally, the 13th episode of any Private Practice season airs during the first week of February. This season’s Episode 13 was also to mark series lead Kate Walsh’s exit from the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

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Rhimes’ full statement is below:

I’m sad to say that Private Practice‘s run will end after episode 613 this season. There was a lot of discussion and debate but, in the end, the guys at the network and the studio and I all decided that Private Practice was reaching its finish line.

Creatively, we are all extremely proud of the show and especially proud of this season — which you will all soon discover is a creative renaissance. I can’t wait for you to see it.

It’s heartbreaking to end. Truly. I feel so lucky to write for these characters and tell these stories and I truly feel this show has taught me so much as a writer. And there’s a family here, of crew and cast, people who have bonded over these past five-and-a-half seasons. It’s rare for a show to go for more than 100 episodes and we are incredibly proud to have been such a show. And we’re grateful to all of you for spending time with us for an hour every week for the last six years. It’s meant the world.

On the heels of recently marking its 100th episode, Private Practice will use much of its remaining run to present character-centric episodes told from the specific POV of, say, Sam, or Addison (tentatively set to air Nov. 13).

Private Practice‘s end frees up room on ABC’s slate for any of its midseason hour-longs, including Body of Proof Season 3 and the new dramas Mistresses, Red Widow and Zero Hour.

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  1. Jane says:

    Um. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. *sarcasm*

    • i am so sad u feel u must end private practice it is one of my favorite shows that shondra rhimes has written . all thou it was a spin off from greys anatomy it has held its own . please reconsider cancelation

      a loyal viewer

      • Russ says:

        I like PP too, but I would rather it end now they struggle to hang on without Kate Walsh.

      • i agree.. i loooove pp almost as much as greys and am so sad 2 c it end..thanx shondra 4 such a captivating show ..since this frees up addison is she or any of the characters for that matter going to greys??

      • Sharon says:

        I agree…Private Practice is one of my favorite shows from the beginning. I REALLY WISHED ABC WOULD CHANGE THEIR MINDS ON CANCELLING IT! It would do fine without “Addison”….it’s one of the best casts on TV today. Why do they always cancel the good family based shows??? I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED PRIVATE PRACTICE IS GONE after the 22nd…..HATE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!

      • Laura says:

        I so agree with you. There is such a visible future story with the rest of the cast. What a shame to give Cooper and his family triplets and not let us follow them. Sheldon and his interest…. What gives with the directors and Shondra? Don’t we the fans have any input?

      • AG says:


    • Tilly says:

      I was surprised Shonda was pulling the “oh but of course the show could go on without Kate Walsh”. Then I remembered, it’s Shonda. Silly me.

    • Caro says:

      I’m only surprised it lasted this long.

    • filmex2000 says:

      Burning alive in the kitchen, car crashes, brutal rapes and assaults, babies cut from wombs.
      Where will we get our broadcast network torture porn now?

    • Melony says:

      i am soo soo soo heartbroken!!!! this is my favorite show i have just finished season 6 and tried to get season 7 to find this!! i really wish they would reconsider about cancelling

  2. Dominique says:

    and this is what happens when your lead walks. rest of the cast must be so happy.. :S

  3. RyanT says:

    Thank god.

  4. Jeremy says:

    So upset! :(

  5. rod says:

    Im betting Caterina Scorsone will be a full time cast member of Grey´s before February

  6. Joe says:

    Way to call your own work a “creative renaissance.” I’m so over Shonda Rhimes.

  7. Ana says:

    Kind of sad. I was hoping it would go on with Charlotte and Cooper. They have become my favorite couple. Now, can we ship Amelia over to Grey’s? With Derek out of commission SGMW needs a neuro attending and who better than his sister? Please Shonda?

    • Stephanie says:

      Had they not decided to saddle Charlotte & Cooper with triplets, I was all for the show continuing with them as the main focus. Now that they’ve taken that route, it’s probably good that it’s all ending when Kate Walsh leaves. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Amelia on Grey’s, though!

      • Ana says:

        Agreed with the baby story thing. Triplets is just jumping the shark. It was ridiculous. The only reason it didn’t bother me too much is because I had a feeling we would never see those babies. I never thought the show would go on without Kate, even though I was hoping they would find a way.

        • cookie kirk says:

          I know the moment Kate Walsh was out the show was over. Now they will have to rush Charlott’s pregnancy for the babies to be born. Its just too much for the story to wrap up all things. Feeling cheated already.

        • Olivia says:

          How is having triplets jumping the shark? It happens, you know….

  8. antonio gonzalez says:

    I love this show and I think its amazing that it won’t turn into a show that runs for decades.

    • joe says:

      REALLY ? Ur joking right?

      • Jean says:

        Why would he be joking. This show as been amazing since its beginning. Every season has been a pure delight. Its funny to me how many so called Rhimes haters actually comment on these boards. I think you dont like it because she does the unexpected. She has kept audiences on their toes for six seasons with PP and nine with Grey. If she was not good, none of her shows would of survived. She now has SCANDAL that is also amazing. I am very sad to see this show go. I think the show could of continued without Kate. At least now, we are sure to have a proper ending.

        • joe says:

          Decades? no show these days last decades Actors dont want to do the same thing for that long I dont hate Shondra I watch Scandal I have watched Greys I left after (The Infamous Ghost Sex Season)( i also remember when Kate Joined the show) which was MUST SEE TV and Yes Ive been watching pp I give Greys 2 more years the amount of time the stars resigned thier contracts PP Rating were staring to drop and kate wanted to leave so this is a good time to end

        • Caro says:

          “Shonda does the unexpected” – You either can say that because Shonda keeps re-inventing new couples:

          – Co-workers: Sam slept with Naomi and Addison; Addison slept with Pete and Sam and almost with Sheldon; Pete slept with Addison and Violet; Violet slept with Pete, Sheldon and Cooper; Charlotte slept with Cooper and Sheldon; Cooper slept with Charlotte and Violet; Sheldon slept with Violet and Charlotte and almost with Addison.
          – Each others’s friends: Naomi slept with several friends of Sam’s, Amelia slept with Mark and Addison slept with Mark, too.
          – Family: Naomi AND Charlotte both slept with Addisons brother Archer and Violet slept with Addison’s father.
          – Employees: Pete slept with a nurse and the receptionist.
          – And the numerous triangles, hook-ups while in love or in a relationship with someone else: Wyatt/Addison/Naomi, Addison/Sam/Naomi, Violet/Pete/Addison, Violet/Cooper/Charlotte, Violet/Pete/Sheldon, the list is endless!
          To be honest, this partner swapping became too unbearable to watch so I quit the show but I can only imagine what happened to Amelia! So am I missing anyone, people?! LOL

          Or maybe this is the perfect joke because it’s Shonda you’re talking about and we hardly are surprised anymore by any possible hook-up in this show. I guess Shonda ran out of parner swapping options and that’s why the show got cancelled?

          • Renie says:

            I think you meant Amelia when you said Addison “almost slept with Sheldon”. Amelia propositioned Sheldon for sex in season 4 but he turned her down.

          • tvnewsplus says:

            OMG are you an idiot! Every freakin’ drama does that. Melrose Place, Dallas, 90120 etc… so what was your point. To name one aspect of the show YOU did not find unexpected? Woo pee ! Shonda is amazing. Her track record proves it. How many shows does she currently have airing?

          • Joe says:

            I guess after pp end she has 2 shows

    • T says:

      Laughing so hard right now you have no idea.

    • joe says:

      still Laughing at that comment

  9. Tamara says:

    Can Amelia go to Grey’s now and help Derek with his hand? I like her and she’d go well with that show.

  10. Michelle says:

    I’m surprised it took this long.

  11. Becks says:

    Char/Coop spin off! They’re the best part of the show anyway!

  12. I’m glad. I like the show, but better they end it now, especially with Kate Walsh exiting.

  13. nicole says:

    YaY!!!! Finally…..sigh….

    • DeWi says:

      If you don’t like it, why do you watch it? And if you don’t watch it, why do you care?

      • Zerb says:

        I don’t know if what I am about to say is their reason, but looking at things realistically, sometimes people are just tired of hearing about certain things I guess. They don’t have to watch things or read about things that they dislike, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel that there is too much exposure to those things (in their opinions at least. I don’t think that PP had too much exposure or hype despite being able to last for this long). That can do with tv shows, certain celebs, certain news topics, etc.

        • Jk says:

          Some people have the completist disease and will watch anything they start til the bitter end.

          Others want shows they don’t like gone, so it frees up a slot for a new show, they might like.

          Like an actor on a show, but can’t stand the show, want it gone so the actor might go on to a show they like.

          Just a couple more possible reasons.

  14. Nerdbot says:

    I’d like to see some characters from this show to be placed either in Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal. I love crossovers and the idea that all of Shonda Rhimes’ shows belonging to the same fictional universe sounds interesting to me.

    • Tilly says:

      Oh don’t you worry. This is sure to happen. Not that I’d care for those characters anyway.

    • the girl says:

      As much as I love Private Practice, because I love it more than I love Grey’s, I really don’t think I want to sully the legacy of PP by having any of the characters over to Grey’s. Like others have mentioned the only crossover that makes any immediate sense is Amelia and she shouldn’t be a regular in Seattle. Perhaps she can show up every now and again, but if she moves there that would be too much. As for Scandal, which is my second fave Shonda show at this point, I really would prefer for it to exist on its own, without the ridiculous Grey’s crossover events. No need to bring the doctor universe into Scandal.

  15. Allaboutchar says:

    I’m so sad. I love Charcoop and it will be hard to see the best written, best acted couple on TV come to an end. Still wishing for a spin off!

  16. Linderella says:

    Darn….hoped it would go on with Charlotte, Cooper and Amelia. :(

  17. Ashlee says:

    Duh! The ratings are bad!!

  18. As sad as it is to hear it ending, I’d rather have it confirmed now so I can enjoy the last 10 episodes.

  19. Chloe says:

    My bets are on: Addison dies.

  20. gary says:

    Im willing to bet Derek’s Sister heads to Seattle Grace Mercy West

  21. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    I hope Zero Hour is good. Looking forward to it.

  22. We all know Shonda Rhimes never cared about Private Practice half as much as Grey’s Anatomy. We all know it’ll never be Scandal, because the lead isn’t a black woman. She didn’t want to carry on the show. It was less about the ratings than to Shonda’s lack of passion/work/focus on the show. But maybe it’s a good thing. Hadn’t it been written by her staff most of the time, it’d probably end up as unbelievable and overdone ad Grey’s. I will miss it very much. It’s the *only* show that isn’t a procedural or genre drama that I still watch. I adored those characters and how real they were. I always will. I’ll miss hanging out with them.

    • Katy says:

      Shonda is to busy with Greys and Scandal, if it weren’t for Scandal PP would still be on the air oh well and there is the problem with Kate Walsh quitting.

      • The truth is that if PP was to air after GA, that the ratings would be much better. Scandal is already sinking into it’s second season and generates the same ratings that PP. However, PP was into it’s fifth season – Scandal has barely reached 10 episodes and it’s failing. WHY ABC renewed it is beyond me.

        • Ana says:

          ABC renewed it because it is actually a very good show. It is very, very well written. And even though it is a drama and it has running background stories, it is not a soap. Maybe some people don’t like that the lead is an African American. Maybe they don’t like the fact that it is a political show, although it worked for the West Wing. Or maybe some people just refuse to watch anything Shonda does because of how badly she has messed up good shows and good characters. Whatever the reason people stay away, this is actually a solid show. And in terms of ratings, it’s not doing much worst than Private Practice was doing at that time and it is actually holding up at the same levels of Castle in terms of the demo, so it makes sense that ABC wants to wait before they toss it. But one thing I do agree with, Shonda killed PPP when it was moved to Tuesdays. And I think Kate Walsh felt played so she decided to leave. I would have done the same thing.

    • Serena says:

      Amen re Shonda’s blatant lack of attention when it comes to this show.

    • Grey’s is overdone? wow 8 seasons and counting come on don’t hate! and the race card about scandal’s relative success…

      • Of course Grey’s *isn’t* overdone. Nothing overdone about a plane crash, hospital shooting, bomb in hospital, ferry accident in only eight seasons, right??? Pfffft, yes, it is. Very unbelieavable and unrealistic.

        • Rawr says:

          sya whatever you want! Grey’s is AWESOME! Fans Love it and so does ABC with the rating and buzz it generates!

          Just see how the people react to the deaths of characters such as Lexie and MArk – shows that people care about this show none the less!

  23. Allaboutchar says:

    IMO Kadee Stricklsnd is similar to Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls. She basically came out of nowhere and took the show by storm. She took the worst possible character and made us love her. That’s talent.

  24. moobear says:

    Well, first I’m glad I stopped after episode 1 of this season, yeay Addy picked Jake and she has her baby life is good. Second, I don’t get the triplets for Char/Coop, it would of made sense if then she lost one or two during the IUD removal, because seriously it’s rather a delicate procedure, it would of also produced the break throw bleeding that Charlotte experienced. Third, Peter and Violet were interesting characters but became people that I kinda wished were snuffed out (sorry AB and TD, I like you guys as actors). Any which way, I’ve given up on GA, but I do like the idea of Amelia living on and moving on to Seattle. Finally, I thought I finally broken free of Shronda, then I discovered Scandal, DAMMIT!

    • madhatter360 says:

      Maybe she was originally having quadruplets and lost one, explaining the bleeding, but leaving her with triplets? :D. Just kidding.

  25. Liz says:

    Not surprised. Losing Kate Walsh is a big blow.

    I’m torn between being happy and sad. I haven’t been watching this season, because I hate Addison & Jake together. (I also hated how Shonda killed Addy & Sam’s relationship in season 5, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    I wanted it to progress beyond Addison, however (don’t get me wrong, I love how her character USED to be). I loved the dynamics of Charlotte + Coop, and Amelia + Sheldon. Key word: loved. Charlotte? Triplets? Jumping the Shark.

    I just hope they find some way to keep Caterina’s character alive. Amelia reminds me of why I used to love Addison so much.

    • Jerm says:

      i have a feeling that before the end of the show, Addy and Sam will end up together.

      • Serena says:

        I’d rather them kill Addison than put her back with the cold selfish pig.

        Sad, I used to like Sam back in season 1.

        • Agreed.
          Putting Addison with Sam just destroyed her character further. It’s like “Oh, can’t steal your husband. Ex-husband will do just fine”. I loved Addison, but her with Sam was what ruined her of becoming a better character.

          • Serena says:

            Actually, that is not the reason behind my anti-Addisam sentiments at all. By the time Addison and Sam started to take an interest in each other, Sam and Naomi had been divorced, tried to get back together, failed, and both decided they would not work. Sam then getting together with Addison should not mean either of them needing Naomi’s “permission”, so to speak. I understood why Addison was reluctant, though: because of how long they’ve all known each other, Naomi’s certain to doubt whether she had been second choice all along, and Addison did not want to hurt her like this. But in the end, this was none of them’s fault. And Addison did not “steal a husband”; it was an ex-husband with whom a relationship Naomi long knew would not work.

            My feelings against the Addisam couple root right from their portrayal on screen. I find it peculiar that they struggled for so long to stay together (and be miserable) when they clearly wanted different things in life, things with no room for compromises at that. How Sam behaved while Addison was away burying her mother, while she was throwing up in the bathroom, while she shed tears alone in the office kitchen, did not help either.

          • Alumni says:

            This is a tv show. Not real, anything can happen! You do know that, right?

      • Alynn says:

        Agree! The Addison and Jake ‘thing’ is so FAKE! Sam and Addison was the most gorgeous and hottest couple to ever hit Prime Time! Everything about them worked! Shonda could have written amazing storylines with those two! It is tv do anything you want!

  26. Kenzie says:

    It is about time they announced it. I thought they would before November sweeps.

  27. simy says:

    sad I love this show, I’m gonna miss CharCoop so much, they are the best couple on this show.
    Now I hope they sent Amelia to Seattle

  28. AlbTrex says:

    YES!!! So no Addison, no Private Practice! That’s the right thing to do!

  29. Mel says:

    It’s been a great ride. A lot of the time I looked forward to watching PP more than Grey’s. I’m glad it’s ending on a high note instead of going on a year longer than it should (hello How I Met Your Mother). Anyway, hope everyone is able to find a job when the show ends. Thanks for a great show Shonda!

  30. Bobbi says:

    I have enjoyed this show for the entire time it has been on and am sad to see it go. Kate Walsh was the first reason I watched, but became much more involved with other characters and storylines. Charlotte/Cooper are my favorites and I was hoping it would evolve into a show with them at the center. I’m going to miss these characters!

  31. coord38n27w says:

    If Charcoop was any good anchoring the second half of S5 would not have been a ratings disaster. PP returned in January with 2.7, at the beginning of their arc and went immediately down the following week, to stay down. around 2.1 behind GA. The plot-device-son arc was done to see if Charcoop could anchor the show carrying characters nobody cared about.

    They failed to to keep the show’s viewers, that was the reason that PP only got 13 episodes when Kate Walsh only renewed for 13 episodes.

    Could they have had the show around Amelia? No. They sent her twice to GA and she failed to bring any new viewers, not even on the night of the cross-over. Moving Amelia to GA will only have one effect, make April Kepner look popular.

    The only thing they needed to test was whether they could have a show around Violet without Pete. Activity on witch they wasted the first 3 episodes of the season with the results that got the show canceled finally canceled.

  32. Denise says:

    I’m not surprised at all… I’d like to see Ameila and Sheldon head to Grey’s. Charlotte/Cooper to their own spin-off series. Violet who cares. Sam being a cardio he could go to grey’s too… Addison and Jake off into the sunset together.

  33. Ashley says:

    Its business. The show was failing with Walsh. The only surprise here is that they renewed it for this season in the first place.

    • coord38n27w says:

      It wasn’t falling when Walsh finally got her own storyline, that wasn’t hijacked to promote the other characters or put as book ends of episodes. In S5 during Addison works on a baby arc, Private Practice was one of only shows going consistently up during the fall in all networks!

      Private Practice only goes down in the ratings when they give major arcs to the other characters. This season stared out with trying to see if Violet without Pete could keep the show on the air. It was the only thing they didn’t test before. Addison was pushed, again, to book end scenes. The reason more than 60% of PP viewers in the demo watch on DVR rather than live is that they know that they are going need to fast forward through the crap to get to the reason they watch the show.

      The show isn’t canceled because of Addison, but because they proved that they can’t have show without her that enough people would watch. Nobody cares about Charlotte, Cooper, Amelia or Violet, or the show wouldn’t be canceled after Kate Walsh left. It’s not like they didn’t spent the last 2 seasons shoving them down out throats trying to make them happen. They all are less popular on twitter than the ABC account that announces when they are going to air a new episode.

      • Valerie says:

        Well, the episode where Addison got news if she can have a baby, the first in January, it went from 2.9 to 2.6 and lost about million viewers. Not to mention the episode was against no competition.

        • Jenny says:

          Check your facts before you speak.

          The first episode in January, 5×10, actually returned up from 5×09, at the end of which was the cliffhanger whether Addison had fallen pregnant. More people tuned in to find out about the result.

          • Valerie says:

            And million viewers didnt wait for the result. That is a fact. I dont care if it was if she can have baby or was pregnant. that is not a point here.

        • coord38n27w says:

          No Private Practice episode got 2.9 in S5. When everyone’s ratings are 2 something competition is less relevant than HUT. The episode that went from 2.9 to 2.6 was not Addison themed was the heavily promoted Amelia intervention double episode. And it proves my point, no central Addison story people gave it a pass.

          Addison Xmas cliff hanger made Private Practice the only show returning from Xmas break going up rather than down.

  34. Monica says:

    The storylines are all pretty much finished. I’m happy with this decision. I didn’t think it was going to be renewed without Kate Walsh anyways.

  35. Elyse says:

    I stopped watching after the first few seasons. not sad to see it go.

  36. I love Private Practice but it was time for it to come to an end and I only say that because of ratings, I would have watch even if Addison had left, because I believe in Char., Violet, & Amelia, I know they could have carry on the show even if people didnt watch, the show would still be amazing because the show has three amazing actress.

    I’m hoping Body of Proof comes back in this time slot, DWTS helps alot with the ratings, Now we need a way to help the demo.

    • coord38n27w says:

      If people didn’t watch it would be called carrying a show. The reason it is canceled is that they aren’t good enough to get people to watch.

  37. Donna says:

    Six seasons (even shortened ones) is a great run for a broadcast show nowadays. I enjoyed the show but I think its time to end since Kate wants to leave. The cast is talented and can go to Grey’s, Scandal or many other shows out there. I may not be in the majority but I prefer it to end in a planned fashion and before the storylines are painfully dull (ala MerDer on Grey’s) and repetitive.

    • Renie says:

      Amen. Thank God for closure. This was the reason I was glad Kate called it quits. So I knew Addison would get a proper ending no matter what. Now the same goes for everyone.

  38. Sara says:

    The only reason I’ve watched for so long is because of these characters:

    The other characters are mediocre at best, in my opinion. But I’ve also always loved Grey’s more than Private Practice so I guess I’m slightly biased.

  39. Laura says:

    I only cared about Addison and Amelia. The others bore me. I hope Amelia goes to Grey’s and Addie pops up for a guest appearance.

  40. Kiki says:

    I’ve become so bored with this show I’ve been saving it on the DVR to watch for when even the repeats on TV don’t appeal to me. And even then I’ll probably fast forward to the Charlotte and Cooper scenes and anything with Amelia or Sheldon because the rest of the characters have become such douches. Although the method was suspect I was actually happy for Tim Daly when he lost his job because the character of Pete was getting worse with every episode.

  41. S says:

    I’ll miss Kadee/Charlotte the most :( Hopefully she’ll find another show soon cause I think she’s a great actress. The only character from PP I can see going to GA is Amelia and maybe Sam.

  42. Jamie says:

    And in other news: water is wet. I would be done with PP after Kate’s departure, but writing was on the wall this was the end of the show. I am happy Shonda and ABC announced it, so the show can go out with some grace and closure.

  43. I do wish that before folks reply with comments such as, ‘thank God’, or ‘It’s about time!’, etc. they would stop for a moment to think of how many folks these shows employ. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I do feel bad for the cast and crew and wish them all very well in the months to come.

  44. JEn says:

    i’d like to say I’m sorry, but then I’d be lying…. I stopped watching a few season’s ago when Addison, and the other P.P. couple (friends of Addy & Derek) came w/Addison and her brother to Seattle Grace so Derek (and at the time) Merideth could operate on Addy’s brother. That was quite a time ago, and even then I had doubts it would get as far as it did… I really don’t need to see characters from P.P. switching to G.A. there’s been enough upheaval over there as it is, and they deserve the right to show they can stand on their own this season and any season’s that may come. And trust me the actors on P.P. will do fine, I know this as a few of the P.P. actors were on Judging Amy. :)

  45. joterri says:

    Shonda please leave Jake and Addison alone a marrige of those two a a pregnancy would be nice, Also, wrap all story lines. especially, dont leave us going hmmmmmm

  46. jackie2830 says:

    This S-U-C-K-S!!!!!!!!! I have ended up loving PP MORE than GA! Come on, stupid Kate Walsh wants out so we have to suffer????? Get someone else to fill her shoes…… be honest, I was tired of looking @ her goofy mouth contortions!!!!!! PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!

    • Mel says:

      Firstly, typing in all caps does not help your case, but only makes you look irrational. Secondly, TVLine does not make these decisions, screaming “please reconsider” here (or anywhere, really) has no point. Thirdly, if Private Practice ending is because “stupid Kate Walsh wants out”, maybe you should think about why this is the case, and why the network decided not to continue the show without her. Then perhaps you’ll figure out why couldn’t they simply “get someone else to fill her shoes”.
      I’m off the soap box.

  47. Sandy says:

    Typical ABC procedure—this is why I stopped watching ABC. They cancelled my soaps, Brothers and Sisters, then put in some stupid “reality” shows and more talk shows…blah, blah, blah. If I wanted to watch a cooking show, I’d go the the food network. Thank goodness I’m finding some really good shows on the other networks and ETV on Sunday nights.

  48. Merisi says:

    This spin-off was never the expected ratings success, no matter the storylines. I feel sorry for the PP fans though and I hope the show will have a satisfying ending.

  49. Bob says:

    Is everyone over Shonda Rhimes now? Can we get on with life?

  50. Joe says:

    Shondra knows how to write nighttime soaps that’s what here show are ” junk food for the brain”