The Vampire Diaries Recap: A Bloody Mess

Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley Nina DobrevIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Blood, blood and more blood! Thursday night’s The Vampire Diaries sure was gory as Elena struggled to deal with her feeding problem. Meanwhile, two new faces made their way to Mystic Falls, where their reception was, let’s just say, not the greatest. Read on to relive the episode’s biggest surprises.

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WHAT’S FOR DINNER? | After she fails to stomach animal blood – and who can blame her? – Damon offers up his own to Elena. As she drinks from his hand, the moment is sexy, disturbing and personal all at the same time. Of course, Stefan’s not happy that his girlfriend and his brother have shared something so close, and he decks Damon. Executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine the act won’t have any physical consequences for Damon and Elena, but it is sacred and forbidden, and therefore a big no-no in Stefan’s book.

“Bloodsharing in vampire folklore — and certainly in the book mythology — is kind of sexual,” she explains. “It’s very intimate. It’s an exchange of bodily fluids, as they say, that you really shouldn’t be doing with anybody who’s not your one true vampire love. That’s the intention that we were going for there. In a weird way, Elena needing a fix was doing things that she shouldn’t have been doing to get help.”

In the end, the transgression doesn’t even do any good; she can’t keep down vampire blood, either. Thankfully, Matt steps up and lets Elena feed off him. But she’s going to need a more permanent source of blood — or does Matt plan to stop by the Gilbert house every night for a standing dinner appointment?

Vampire Diaries Candice Accola Michael TrevinoSHHH! HE’S HUNTING VAMPS | The new vampire hunter in town, Connor, quickly makes his presence known by shooting Tyler – he survives since he’s a hybrid – and stabbing Pastor Young’s daughter, April, whom Elena used to babysit. He uses the poor gal, who’s bleeding pretty profusely, as bait to lure out the vamps at a Mass for the deceased town council members. Elena’s struggle to control her urges comes off as a breakdown and Stefan escorts her off the stage. Tyler takes the pressure off everybody else, taking the mic to talk about how the pastor taught him what it means to be part of a community, and so he takes one for his own team as Connor shoots him. (The former jock jerk really has come a long way.) Meanwhile, Caroline feeds some of her blood to April to heal her and Elena wipes her memory. (Could this girl have gotten a worse welcome back to Mystic Falls?)

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THE INVISIBLE DANGER | Jeremy can see more than just dead people! After Matt gives Connor a lie about his neck wound, which he clearly doesn’t buy, Jer comments on the baddie’s impressive arm tattoo, unaware of who he’s talking to. Just a small problem: It isn’t visible to anyone else. Now both Gilberts are on Connor’s radar. So are Jeremy’s ghost-seeing abilities tied to the tats? Is the ink a gift from the other side? Is it spelled? And what is it for? Protection? Strength?

Even more scary than the new hunter is the unseen threat. In a letter from Pastor Young to his daughter, he warns that “a greater [evil] is coming. My death is but the first in the war ahead.” Who do you think is the new Big Bad?

THE BROMANCE LIVES | After last week’s surprise Grams cameo, the show manages to pull off another unexpected return, this time from the dearly departed Alaric. Damon’s been missing his drinking buddy something fierce, even saving a seat at the bar – “I’m going to pretend like there’s someone there because the alternative is too damn depressing,” he says – so while the rest of the gang is sweetly mourning all those they’ve lost by lighting Japanese lanterns, he visits Ric’s grave to vent and drink. Little does he know, Alaric is there listening. “I miss you, too, buddy,” he replies as Damon leaves.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the surprises in “Memorial”? What’s going on with Jeremy? And did Plec make good on her promise that Damon would be more like he was in Season 1? His dialogue was certainly snappy and snarky this week (“The scenery is to die for. Funeral pun! Too soon?”). Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alexander says:

    why is this season so bad like last season’s finale should have given the show enough room to re-invent itself but it’s just the same sh!t. It’s stupid.

    • Kyle says:

      You’re an idiot! Quit watching then! This was one of the best episodes in a While.

      Tvd still #1!

    • iMember says:

      Season 3 was definitely not up to par with the previous two seasons of TVD, however, so far Season 4 has been much better. I actually really loved tonight’s episode. I’d have to rank it as one of my favorites. Also, it was great to finally see the writers and the characters recognize those who have died in the past and pay some sort of tribute to them.

      • Half of these deaths were Damon’s falt…. That’s how we see how much Damon changed since the beginning.

        • Tiffany says:

          I know right. I was watching with my brother who was a first time watcher. I had to explain who these people where that they were mourning, and he’s like “what happened to them?” all my answers were “oh Damon killed her, Dam killed her too, Damon was responsible for her death, Damon killed him too but he came back to life with his magic ring” …………..It sounded all very stupid saying it out loud! LOL

        • Sara says:

          It was not ‘half’. I count 11 people mentioned – Zach, Lexi, Alaric, Vicki, Grayson Gilbert, Miranda Gilbert, Jenna, Tyler’s Dad, Caroline’s Dad, Grams and Anna. Of those, Damon killed 3 – Zach, Lexi and Vicki.

          • ktD says:

            Didn’t Jeremy ultimately “kill” Vicki when she was attacking Elenda?

          • Crystal says:

            No, Stefan killed Vicki after she was a vampire, but Damon turned her.

          • Sarah says:

            He initially killed Vicki to turn her thinking she was better off a vampire. So while he killed her human life, Stefan killed her existence. Stefan is the one who staked Vick.

          • Sarah says:

            I liked Lexie so much. I still get ticked at Damon for that one.

          • While he came back, technically Damon did kill Alaric (twice). If we’re also counting people who weren’t listed but may have emotional impact for current characters, he killed Uncle John once and technically killed Isobel (turning her).

      • Lisa says:

        I agree it was sweet and this ep. is definitely one of my faves, from the blood sharing, to the sweet Damon and Elena “Maybe I’m better of dead” moment, to Elena’s first ever compulsion, Matt offering Elena his blood, Caroline helping Elena with April, the lighting of the lanterns, and Damon and Alaric. How could this not be one of my faves and certainly not one to forget? This was just a really amazing episode, and it had just thr right amout of everything. It was an emotional roller coaster!!!

    • Shaun says:

      This episode didn’t make much sense….how did the vamp hunter know any Vamps would be there?And why would he hurt a human to do so?Also what is up with Elena puking up blood from so many sources?

      • Zan says:

        How does any vampire hunter know where to look for Vamps? I like to think that there’s a hunter Facebook page with a bunch of posts about Mystic Falls.

      • hanna says:

        That’s the mystery of the show isn’t it? It’s there plot line right now and I’m sure they’re going to answer it sometime during this season. As far as I can remember TVD has not yet left any loose ends with the plot lines

        • Leah says:

          I think among those “in the know” – Mystic Falls is pretty well known as a hive of supernatural activity. The show has made that clear with small comments at various times.

          • Leah says:

            And by those in the know, I was referring to vampires and werewolves and vampire hunters, and witches, etc. – the characters of the world.

      • Lisa says:

        The hunter heard of the Council dying in the explosion. He hurt a human to do so because in his eyes its for the greater good he’s much more of a threat he doesn’t care, he’ll do whatever it takes to rid the town of vampires. Also Elena puked up blood because of her doppleganger blood her body was rejecting the transition. Katherine never had that problem because she did what vampires do she feed from and killed people.

    • Chris says:

      I kinda liked where they are taking this season .The whole explosion in the first episode of the council has added a new element to the TVD equation. We may finally see a new threat NOT in the form of a vampire. That would be a nice change.

  2. s says:

    This was a better episode! Alaric!! I miss him. miss him and Damon’s friendship. I really hope Elena feeds off someone soon cause she can’t continues to be ms perfect forever zz

  3. Jen says:

    this season is as good as every other season. I, for one, was so excited to see Alaric! I wonder how they kept that a secret?? Anyway, this better not be the last we see of him! I hope he has a role in helping them nab the hunter.

  4. Linda Bilodeau says:

    Tonight’s episode was one of the best. Liking this season, the originals had lost their appeal. LOVED seeing Alaric and Damon together again.

  5. Drewer says:

    Did anyone else think it was weird neither Elena nor Jeremy recognized UNCLE JOHN, Elena’s birth father and the person who sacrificed his life for her. And also I really wanted Damon to snatch a lantern and be like “For Andi (and Rose),” when Stefan so pointedly mentioned Lexie, but I like that he just went to Alaric’s grave instead. Also what denomination of church has mass, holy water, and a pastor who was married and has a daughter?

    • J says:

      I noticed it too! I kept wondering if anyone was going to remember Uncle John.

      • Drewer says:

        Yeah, my only thought was maybe they forgot who he was, like everyone in Story Brooke on Once Upon a Time.

      • Lisa says:

        That’s what I thought too. I was like what about John and then I was like what about Bonnie’s mother she died and came back as a vamp. like Elena. Also what about Mason, Caroline said Tyler’s dad and I said screw that what about Mason? Tyler’s dad was cruel and abusive to his son, he kinda deserved what was coming to him.

    • Rhew says:

      She mentioned her mom (Isobel) and her dad (John). Jeremy covered the other Gilberts.

      • Amy says:

        I think she was actually referring to the parents that raised her, not the parents that brought her into the world. Also, loved when Damon signed himslef with the holy water and said ‘That never fails to make me smile’.

      • Lisa says:

        But Elena doesn’t recognize Isobel or John as her parents. She didn’t grow up knowing they were her parents. In 3×22 Elena still recognizes Miranda and Grayson Gilbert as her parents they raised her and she looked up to them. Plus, I don’t really think she cared that Isobel died since she kidnapped her and then killed herself by taking off her day-light necklace.

    • Me says:

      If I had to guess on what type of church I would say Lutheran. They are close to Catholics but pastors can marry.

      • Drewer says:

        O.K. they call communion “mass” in some cases, so that answers that question.

      • TVD FAN says:

        My family is Lutheran & we never refer to church as “Mass”. I think that is more of a Catholic term, but might also be found in a more traditional setting. We also only use “holy water” for baptisms.

        • Lisa says:

          It is more of a Catholic term. I’m catholic and my church has mass and holy water right before you enter the seating area.

      • Ashlee says:

        I don’t know about that. I’m Lutheran. We do not have holy water or mass at my church.

    • lyssandri says:

      I’m not positive, but I believe Episcopalians might. I know that for the most part, the Episcopal church is almost identical to the Catholic church, except that they don’t recognize the authority of the Pope. But most of their rites, rituals, beliefs, dogmas and so forth are the same or extremely similar.

      As for Connor’s tattoo that only Jeremy could see, it’s called a “Helm of Awe” or “Aegishjalmur” and is a Viking bind-rune that has had various meanings ascribed to it, though it usually centers on favourable outcomes in battle or protection of some kind. One of the more common meanings is that it protects the wearer from fear and prevents the abuse of power. It’s also been said to grant invincibility in battle or create such fear in your opponent that they are paralyzed as if stung by a serpent’s poison. Traditionally, it is worn between they eyes, not on the back of the hand :)

      I REALLY love the way this season is going and that Elena’s transition is difficult. She’s always sort of been the audience representative in the show – we learn about the show’s world through her eyes, and by giving her a more difficult transition, they’re allowing us to get a better view of what happens to someone who’s been newly turned. I think it’s a very smart move!

    • Zan says:

      Dang, I completely forgot about Uncle John too, just like the writers :P

    • I thought that was weird too. I kept waiting for her to be like “both my sets of parents” or something. She didn’t list Uncle John or Isobel. I can understand Jeremy, his list was rather long as it was, but I’m surprised Elena didn’t mention it.

      I also wish Tyler was there. It was lovely that Caroline mentioned his father, but I think he would have mentioned Uncle Mason, and possibly Julia as well.

      • Rhee says:

        I was wondering if they would put together that of all their lives ones … Many if not most were killed by Damon.

      • Lisa says:

        I was surprised too, I also was surprised she herself didn’t say for Alaric after all he was a parental/ guardian figure for her and Jeremy.

  6. Jason says:

    The title of this recap matches the episode perfectly. It was truly a mess.

    I just want to say I LOVEDDDD Connor! Now…How do you bring in a character in season 4 who did soooooo much damage and evil that Klaus never did! Connor is proof of how flawed Klaus truly was for the past 2 seasons. I could NOT take the scenes in that church seriously at alll!!! If these people actually went to the church once in a while or had a connection to these council people who were killed…I would have been emotionally invested but there was absolutely no connection!! April?…Really?! I was upset at them wasting such a great moment near the end of the episode when they were all at the school remembering the people they have lost…

    • Rachel says:

      agree the episode was a mess. To me the only upside was seeing Alaric at the end. Other than that the episode could be classified as “garbage”. There’s way to much Damon Stefan Elana triangle of jealously that has been going on way to long with this show. I thought by now it would be settle down. That storyline is getting pretty old.

      • J says:

        I think you’d better get used to it. That storyline, her choice between Stephan and Damon, is really the emotional backbone of the show. When and if she ever does choose with finality, it will resolve the inner struggle her character has been facing from day one. If she sticks with Stephan, she’s choosing the destiny thats safe, logical, and headed for a comfortable and certain happiness. If she chooses Damon, she’s choosing the adventure, the passion, and the unknown. Like Rose said to Jeremy, he’s either the best thing for her or the worst. Bottom line, I think the writers view her true unwavering choice as a resolution of her character, and that can’t happen until the end of the show. And her feeding from Damon without reservation this week? Proof that her decision to pick Stephan isn’t final.

  7. J says:

    Random side note: Jeremy keeps looking hotter every season.

    • Mar says:

      Soooooooo true!!!!! Team Jeremy forever.

    • GS says:

      Oh yes he does! Is he 18 yet b/c I feel like a dirty old woman thinking that but dang this show has the best looking guys on tv period! Jeremy, Damon, Stefan, Tyler(!), Matt, Alaric, Klaus…all of them gorgeous!

      • J says:

        :) Steven McQueen (Jeremy) is 24. Paul Wesley (Stephan) is 30. Ian Somerhalder(Damon) is 33. Zach Roerig (Matt) is 27. Michael Trevino (Tyler) is 27. Matt Davis (Alaric) is 34. So I think you can breathe easy (or salivate all you want LOL) @GS. I think you’re okay.

    • Babybop says:

      Definitely agree. He was looking GOOD in that episode.

    • tvfan says:

      I think they should expand Jeremy’s role. He is hot and yet so grounded. A little less love triangle and a little more story telling should allow them to give him more screen time.

  8. tvaddict says:

    This episode was a big improvement over last week!

  9. Mélanie says:

    What a moment to see Alaric ! Good Job to Julie Plec :)

  10. iMember says:

    Didn’t miss Klaus or any of the Originals at all, even though I really do love Rebekah. Klaus’ story really should have ended last season. Connor is a fresh of breath air!

    • I agree! I didn’t even notice Klaus’ absense until after the episode. But am I the only one who saw Claire Holt’s name pop up in the credits, as if she was supposed to be in the episode but maybe a scene was cut? Or perhaps just a mistake? Or I’m going crazy and wanted Rebekah in the episode.

  11. Lena says:

    I actually started crying when I saw the words “Alaric Saltzman” on the grave Damon was at. I miss Team Blood&Beer something crazy. This was a such a good episode, the writing was so snappy! Damon and Tyler are really great this season, and as much of a dick move that it was, Stefan punching Damon was kinda hilarious.

  12. Kristen says:

    Alaric! *sob*

  13. Danielle H. says:

    I liked the end and how shocking the funeral was but that’s about it. I just don’t know how to feel about my favorite show now that Elena is a vampire.
    The absence of the originals was welcome. Aside from Elijah they have grown tiresome.

  14. Patricia says:

    For me I didn’t have any problems with last season but the first two episodes this season just didn’t do it for me first Elena and Stefan in the woods was so uncomfortable to watch, then Bonny leave the girl alone for one day and give her a good story line please. Elena and Damon have so much chemistry her feeding on him that was hot but if she’s gonna be with her little Stefan then just leave Damon alone stop asking him for help let him go and find a new love interest for him

    • Susy says:

      I definitely agree with you. Elena trusted Damon with her problem, not Stefan. Why? She has a bond with Damon that is stronger than the one with Stefan- she knows she could never disappoint Damon. Damon accepts her perfect or flawed. But if she is with Stefan, she should leave Damon alone.

  15. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Alaric’s “I miss you, too, buddy” freaking gutted me!

  16. Michelle says:

    The Damon/Alaric scene hurt my heart. I cried do freaking much.

  17. smthkly says:

    Loved the Alaric scene and hope somehow we get to see him again. He seems to make Damon a better man, maybe even more so than Elena.
    What does it mean that Jeremy could see the tattoo?
    I hope someone explains the significance of blood-sharing to Elena and we get to see her reaction as long as she is not mad because I’m getting tired of her walking all over Damon and only being nice when she needs something.

  18. Amanda says:

    The episode was horrific until Matt Davis’ cameo. So over Forwood btw. At least Caroline finally acknowledged they have too much sex.

    • J says:

      I don’t care if they go with Forwood or Klaroline (if that is even what that triangle is called) as long as Caroline gets screen time. She is my favorite character!

      • M says:

        I guess you don’t care if her character is assassinated then because that’s what has to happen to make the ridiculous Klaroline happen.

    • Erin says:

      Agreed, and Caroline has so much more character potential without the annoying hybrids.

  19. Eric says:

    The last scene between Damon and Alaric had me in tears! Way to go Vampire Diaries!

  20. weetzie says:

    A great drinking game for this episode? Every time someone says “Heightened emotions.” WE GET THE POINT, SHOW.

  21. Random says:

    I liked April. I could definitely see something between her and Jeremy. She reminded me of Anna a little, and I loved Anna. Lets just not kill her off for a while.

  22. JC says:

    I liked this episode because it was able to balance the action and the emotion. I want more Caroline just like tonight pls. focus on the core characters I don’t care about Klaus or Rebekah send them away already :)

  23. Camilla says:

    I liked it better than the premiere (probably because it was Klaus-free!), I mean it’s not as good as it was in season 1, but at least it’s getting more or less better. I kept expecting for a big twist to come at the end, something more concrete than “a greater evil is coming”. Instead we got a sappy ending. Also Elena, Stefan and Damon were insufferable, though Damon not so much at end.

  24. Damonian says:

    Can I no what dose I’t mean cause Elena drink Damon’s blood dose it mean something

  25. Damonian says:

    Can I no what dose it mean cause Elena drink Damon’s blood dose it mean something ???

  26. Anjali says:

    Just loved the Damon and Alaric bit at the end, it was superb and really well done. Maybe Damon is back to Season 1 snarky goodness but this scene with Alaric showed the ways in which he has grown as character. In season 1 he would have left by now but he is choosing to stay and look after the kids. Good stuff.

  27. A says:

    Damon at Alaric’s grave was touching as hell. Loved it

  28. kelly says:

    I liked elena in this episode , I think the writers have a chance here to really give her character some fire and passion … Regardless of her romantic preferences .. let’s just hope they don’t ruin this opportunity … Also side note … Ian sommerhalder breathes life into his character , I personally am over him letting elena use him but as previously mentioned , if the writers are smart they could make this season amazing :)

  29. Dominique says:

    Damn, this was a much better episode than last week. Everything just seemed to fit a lot more. Alaric’s cameo was beautiful, I was so happy to see him. They just really need to bring him back fulltime again. Good to see that this show can still survive without the Originals. They were getting annoying.
    I think the thing with them is that they need to be guest starts, not regulars. People grow tired of them that way, hence why Eijah is probably still everyone’s favorite.

  30. Ella says:

    Loved this week’s episode! I adore the character of Alaric and his friendship with Damon so it was wonderful to see him again. Their scenes were incredibly touching! In Damon’s monologue, it became evident that he has now taken on Alaric’s role of protector and, dare I say it, the gang’s resident king of reality. Stefan is idiolistic where as Damon is rooted in the cold hard truth of their situation, especially where it pertains to Elena. Damon is protecting the gang from themselves *and* their enemies. Tough gig! Great to see Damon’s progression coupled with his sharp sense of humor. Ian Somerhalder is brilliant as Damon. Still miss Alaric. I hope we see him again in ghost form.

  31. Marie says:

    Awesome episode this week. I’m really looking forward to finding out why Jeremy can see Connor’s tattoo. I also loved seeing Matt and Jeremy’s continued friendship.

  32. Rachel says:

    The Damon/Alaric scene at the end had me laughing and crying at the same time. I love how he doesn’t want to let go of his grief because to him that means letting go of his only real friend and he’s not about to do that. Damn you Ian and your wonderful performance! -runs away sobbing-

  33. Sarah says:

    Really liked this episode. The Damon and Alaric scene was sad but it was so nice to see Alaric again. Now please get Damon a REAL love interest that isn’t named ELENA!

  34. Sara says:

    I don’t think it’s been mentioned enough but I really miss Alaric and I miss the Damon/Ric bromance :(

  35. Jason says:

    “You know why…”

  36. shima says:

    amaaaaaaazing episode ! a lot better than last weeks ! though if somone mentions hightend emotion one more time im gonna puke ! i mean okay we get it !
    the new hunter is badass! i mean vervain on the gloves , spelled bullets , using a human as a trap and invisible tatoo!? way to go !
    and i also liked april she is a little like anna ! isnt she?! its nice for jeremy to have a non-supernatunal girlfriend for once !
    and the best of all was as akways damons parts ! i mean i loved how he kept a seat for alaric and went to his grave it was one of the best scenes in the whole show ! and also elena feeding on him was awesome ! it was soooooooooooo hot !
    and also when elena said she trusted damon and not stefan i was flying !
    i hope they continue this way ! damon and elena make the whole show while stefan and elena are as boring as usual and there is nothing new to them ! i mean if elena really lobed stefan she would never be drowned to damon in the first place !

    • Susy says:

      I totally agree! Damon letting Elena feed from him?! Priceless!!!!! I loved it- it was hot and tenderly loving all in one!!
      Damon at Alaric’s grave had me in tears!!! It was raw and gut-wrenching!

  37. Amanda says:

    Much. MUCH. Better than the last episode.

  38. GKguy says:

    In the premiere, I wanted to see a feral Elena, not the same old boring girl and the writing twisted it in such a way that it seemed like we were supposed to empathize with the guys who frankly came off as jerks (especially Jeremy). The way Elena acted in this episode should have been the focus of the first episode. Everything is happening too quickly, her controlling the bloodlust and learning to compel by the end negates the impact on us. Still, I liked this better than the premiere.

  39. Liz says:

    I was really happy to see Ric there. Damon’s complaining to Ric’s grave and Ric just sitting there and listening and finally saying “I miss you too, buddy” was so sweet. I started out the series hating Damon. Yes, he was funny and snarky, but the Damon that actually loves Elena and cares about her happiness is way better. Even now, I’m loving Damon. I’m wondering if the show is going to take the directions the book took, by bringing in the Japanese mischief gods/immortals. It got really weird and I actually stopped reading the books, but the show is much better.

  40. JR says:

    I want more Alaric!! It was great seeing him again, and so sad at the same time. It got me all teary eyed. I like the softer, honest side of Damon. This episode was much better than last week. I was also very happy to finally have an episode revolving around the core characters (leaving out any of the originals). I hope we will see more of the core group this season and less of the originals.

  41. Babybop says:

    I’ll admit… when Alaric said, “I miss you too, buddy”, I cried.
    Episode was a little weird. Elena is getting on my nerves, but I guess I would be whiny too if I was turning into a vampire…
    Anyways, glad to see Damon back to his old snippy self. I didn’t like lovelorn soppy Damon from last season.
    Side note: This is the most attractive cast on television.

  42. reesecup2626 says:

    loves this episode and the memorial with the lanterns. it’s
    something they all needed… but Damon and Alaric’s scene made me cry. mostly because my younger sister died at 17… I would l

  43. reesecup2626 says:

    I would love to think that while I talk to her, my sister is near me listening!!! thanks Julie and Kevin!!

  44. Fran says:

    Does no one think it was pretty crappy of Damon to let Elena feed from him? I agree they have mad chemistry but he did that for pretty selfish reasons. He knew he would like it and knew it would tick his brother off. If he really wanted what was best for Elena he would have told her to talk to Stefan. He may not like it but she chose Stefan- at least for now.

    • Maria says:

      I totally agree, it was selfish of him. if it was reversed, there is no way Stefan would have done that to Damon. Never. The scene with her feeding from Damon I agree would only have been hot if she knew what it was doing to him (which she didn’t). In a way, when you think about it, it was almost like Damon molesting her in her sleep. He knew it would hurt his brother too and that’s why he did it and then later told him (felt no guilt about it at all). If they’re just going to make Damon an asshole and if Elena is actually going to consider having a real relationship with someone who has no problem hurting his brother then she should go to him and leave Stefan along. FYI until the whole vomiting thing, I don’t think anyone can deny that scene with them against the tree in the woods was HOT! And unlike when she was sucking blood from Damon, ELENA KNEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING and who she was doing it with.

      • A says:

        How surprised can you be? It’s Damon. And on another note, Elena wants to be with Damon she just won’t admit it to herself. And now that she’s a vampire and remembers everything that happened between them that Damon compelled away, it’s only going to become more prevalent. Also, Stefan is boring. He is such a one-dimensional character that just brings everyone down. Even as the Ripper he was boring. Please give him a better storyline that actually makes him a likeable character.

    • Sara says:

      Elena asked for help because she couldn’t drink animal blood and wouldn’t drink human blood. The only alternative left was vampire blood. Damon was just trying to feed her.

      It obviously affected Damon way more than Elena. She was just eating, he was the one who was overcome with feeling. Elena didn’t act weirder than normal around him after, and Stefan said he knew she didn’t understand why he was mad about it, so we can presume she didn’t feel anything at all like what Damon did. It seems to be a one-way thing, whatever it was.

      Stefan was pissed because he knew Damon did something quite intimate with Elena. But how much pleasure is it really when the girl you’re sharing something like that with doesn’t feel the same way? It must have been really hard for him to do that, to offer that, knowing that it would never mean to her what it did to him. I think it was very selfless of him.

    • Jo says:

      Are you kidding? it’s not like Damon forced Elena to feed from him, she CHOSE to and she could have chosen not to. Damon offered to let her feed from him because she couldn’t keep down the animal blood and she didn’t want to feed off of humans and hurt anyone. Feeding off him was an alternative he was happy to give in order to help Elena. Why would Damon tell her to go to Stefan? As Elena said herself, Stefan wouldn’t have understood. Stefan was so set on making her feed on animal blood that he wouldn’t allow her to feed off anything else. ELENA came to DAMON, not the other way round. Damon loves her, so if she goes to him for help he isn’t going to turn her away.

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t think the main reason Damon let Elena feed from is because he knew he would like it. Remember how he suggested drinking from people before even suggesting himself? Sure, he enjoyed being fed from but that wasn’t his main goal. His goal was to help Elena who came to HIM for help. He was fine just staying at the bar because Stefan and Elena didn’t listen to his suggestions but Elena is going to come to him and ask him for help then he can’t but help her. And even after his blood didn’t work, he still came to her rescue and got her the blood bag. It wasn’t about him getting his rocks off from her feeding on him or about making Stefan upset. At the end of the day, he just wanted to help.

      • Sarah says:

        Sorry I just disagree with both of you. I think the scene can be seen in two ways- if you like Damon and Elena together, you’ll see it as him just wanting to help. If you can’t understand them together, you see it a different way.

  45. If Elena babysat April, how much older is she than her?

  46. Amy says:

    The best part about the episode was that there were no Originals present. Their storyline is played out. The final scene with Alaric and Damon was awesome. It had me in tears. Great job keeping Matt Davis’s appearance secret. awesome! I for one am loving the start to this season.

  47. DeeKayTee says:

    I think I miss Alaric and that I am still highly upset that they killed him off :-(

  48. Celenaaaa says:

    Elena is starting to tick me off. I don’t care who she picks as her romantic interest but if she’s going to choose one of them, she should stick to it. It’s a real piss off because even though she’s with Stefan, she’s still acting as if she’s single. No progress made. Stefan deserves better, and Damon deserves her. I love Damon and Elena as individuals, but really.. He’s as selfish as she is. And Stefan deserves someone who’s going to give him all of their heart.

  49. Heather Lara says:

    Ok the memorial episode was great, but i think if they said heightened one more time i was going to scream!!!

  50. Risey says:

    Where can I catch up on season 4 episodes? Can’t find this episode anywhere????