Project Runway Finale Recap: The Winner Is...

project runway season 10 final 4Spoiler Alert: If you have yet to watch the Project Runway Season 10 finale, please do not proceed. For everyone else, let’s dish what just went down, shall we?

Ever since the Gretchentastrophe of Project Runway‘s eighth season, a certain sense of dread has surrounded the edicts set down by the show’s judges.

With their taste level in serious question, it can sometimes be hard to quell the concern that Nina Garcia and Michael Kors will steamroll Heidi Klum into rewarding some silly emperor for slipping off his robe — and those of his models — before they come down the catwalk.

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That feeling certainly was alive and well when, last week, the Season 10 Top 4 showed off three looks from their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week collections, and Fabio received copious praise for concocting what appeared to this commoner’s eye to be a saggy pastiche of pastel tie-dyed sports bras and housedresses, topped off with plasti-craft accessories from the early ’80s. Yeah, the guy has an unbelievably sweet personality, and his looks were different, but using the severed neck and head of a mangy emu as a macabre scarf would be different, too. (Cue Nina cooing, “that sounds very editorial!”)

The first hour of Part 2 of the Season 1o finale, however, felt less like a setup for a Fabio victory and more like a way to convince us that young and exuberant Christopher had earned the top slot by the sheer force of his exhaustive work ethic. With puffy pink lids and bags under his eyes that were deeper than La Kors’ reserves of sarcasm, Christopher was quite literally the face of everything the Project Runway brand tends to value: Youth, ingenuity, the willingness to die on camera in an effort to “make it work.”

Once the judges got involved, however, it appeared as though the tide was turning back toward the very sweet guy whose color palette was inspired by Jordan Almonds (as MK noted) and whose silhouettes turned every woman into a shapeless sack. Whereas I saw a Dmitry-vs.-Christopher showdown, the judges were all about Fabio-vs.-Dmitry. Why the face?

Before we get to the results, here’s my quick take on the Top 4’s final 10-piece collections:

Christopher: The season-long front-runner definitely turned up the volume from last week’s muted, barely dressed debacle. That final gown, with its gradiations from mauve down to purple-black, was ribbony perfection, while his blue tench coat was a structured triumph. And while I loathed the opening leather skirt with a full left thigh on display (why did the judges go bananas for it?), the accompanying maroon “distressed fabric strips” blouse was as flawless as it was delicate. On the negative side, that “mom’s back x-ray” print looked a wee bit too phallic down the front of some models’ skirts. Yikes!

Melissa: No doubt the blood-orange leather dress with the exaggerated scrunchy collar was the biggest show-stopper of the final episode, but as a whole, her black-and-white garments lacked a sense of innovation and surprise. Sure, the white leather jacket with cray-cray collar was a winner that most women would kill to have, but that look was negated by other garments — the sad mesh shorts, the weird leather bathing suit, and the basic (but chic) obsidian dress. Nevertheless, while the judges panned the white, floor-length gown that left her model struggling to take even the most teensy of baby steps — what a slow and painful stroll that was! – I had to agree with guest judge Jennifer Hudson that, at least standing still, the look was hot.

Dmitry: Holy cohesiveness, Batman! Last week’s patterned jacket with leather fringed sleeves (paired with hip genie pants) was joined by its even more glamourous cousin, a gorgeous fitted cocktail dress with a sheer paneled center and fringe-bottomed skirt. I also adored the metallic draped dress, the feathery bottomed gown with fitted sequined bodice (a wee bit remniscent of Dmitry’s ballroom past, without going tacky) and that black cocktail dress with a fan-paneled bodice that made its way to the final runway judgment. There wasn’t really a weak link in the entire chain, and aside from those wonky eyebrows on his models, everything was finished with the precision of an ’80s-era Soviet gymnastics routine. To quote J.Hud, “It’s rich, honey, it is. It’s everything.” To my eyes, Dmitry dominated the season from the candy-store challenge all the way through the finale, and his final collection was no exception. Bravo!

Fabio: The last-minute striped shorts and skirt were pretty enough, but ultimately nothing you couldn’t get at Ann Taylor, no? And while that white organza top added a little more sophistication to the collection, I can’t sit here and pretend that I really understood what had the judges so in rapture. Very few of Fabio’s garments seemed to find beauty in the female form — unless beauty is defined by making everyone look like they’re smuggling a few dozen potatoes in their garments. When Heidi (whom I consider the Project Runway voice of reason) said she “loved, loved, loved it” and Michael started to translate it to something that could work with a wet-haired gal at the beach, I began a deep and unadulterated panic that lasted until the final results.

And speaking of results…

Eliminated first: Christopher
Eliminated second: Melissa
[At this point, Christopher declared he’d be really upset if Fabio didn’t win. Again, what am I missing?]
Runner-up: Fabio
Winner: Dmitry

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m popping open the champagne. As Dmitry noted when Tim Gunn showed up with an impromtu toast in the workroom the night before the runway show: “Aww, alcohol.”

And with that, I turn it over to you. Were you happy with Dmitry’s win? What did you think of his final collection? And if you didn’t think his was best, who would you have named the Season 10 winner? What about Heidi’s va-va-va-¡whoa! runway day dress? Express yourself thoughtfully in the comments section!

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  1. Sami says:

    I am so happy Dmitri won! His looks were always my favorite.

  2. the real wendy says:

    Still oddly hot for Dmitry!

  3. gailer says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your review!!! I didn’t get Fabio being in the running at all. Maybe because I hate pastels. I’m happy with the winner, and Melissa was awesome too.

  4. Lisa M says:

    Absolutely thrilled Dimitry won!! I too felt panic at the thought of Fabio winning. The judges definitely got this one right!

  5. Abby says:

    I understand Fabio’s collection looked much better in person, and the audience reacted strongly, too.

    • djm says:

      You can see a unedited video on utube of all of the models walking at the end for each contestant that participated (including the ones that were voted off). Fabio’s looked great and the crowd cheered loudly for him, so I think you are right. In Melissa’s video when the girl in the leather bathing suit turns to walk back the suit moves and you can see the models hoo-hoo – that was a tragic mess!

  6. katzie says:

    Thank GOD.

  7. Violet says:

    So happy Dimitry won! Surprised Christopher didn’t finish higher. Felt badly for sweet Fabio.

  8. Gilda says:

    I’m absurdly excited for a total stranger. So, so happy! I thought Fabio’s looked a little homade tie-dye for spirit week or something.

  9. rwfblog says:

    As the show started, I was rooting for Dimitry. As the show progressed, I was beginning to think the frequent segments of Christopher’s panic was leading to an editorial reversal, with him winning after all. At the end, I appear to be a sucker for pastels, because after viewing all four runway shows, I thought Fabio did the best. I’m not at all disappointed by Dimitri’s win, though; his show was also great.

    • rwfblog says:

      Forgot to say …
      Before the show started, I was trying to remember the designer’s names. The only one I could remember was Dimitri, probably because I’ve been rooting for him for the last few episodes. The other designers were “the normal gay guy” (Christopher), “the blond” (Melissa), and “the weird gay guy” (Fabio), who eats out of dumpsters because he wants to, not because he has to.

  10. lisadee says:

    I can’t believe my favorite designer actually won! Yay Dmitry! I think when they call a collection “commercial” it’s a good sign, and Dmitry is commercial in a nice way. His clothes make women look good.

  11. Tedatbent says:

    Fabio’s collection reminded me of the garb worn by the inhabitants of a newly discovered planet on an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation. There was something lovely and futuristic about the collection. And a big shout out to his first model, ANTM winner, Danielle! And he seems like such a sweet soul. I must confess, I kind of got swept up in the episodes Fabio love fest. However, Dmitry was a very deserving winner. I can’t help but feel like he is a better dressmaker than a designer, but it was a real, cohesive collection of impeccably made clothes. Nina and Michael hit the nail on the head with Christopher. He makes gorgeous romantic clothes and he shows up with back x- rays and bleached leather. WTF. And Melissa…if she isn’t snatched up by one of the clothing chains women like her shop at, I will be shocked. She has a career in fashion ahead of her, but not a label to call her own. Overall, a very good season. Can’t wait for All-Stars! The original bitch is back…all hail Queen Wendy!

  12. Olga says:

    Dmitry!!!!!!! YES!!!!!! :) Belarusian Americans are proud of you baby!!!! YES!!!

  13. BarbL says:

    To me, much of Dmitry’s work was not attractive. The beads, the fringe, the ruffles, the netting, all seemed both frumpy and overdone.
    While I didn’t like his work, I can recognize that Dmitry deserved to he was consistent and talented. Just because I don’t like his looks doesn’t mean to me that he wasn’t good at what he did.
    My personal preference was for Fabio’s final show, but he came to his own sense of style too late. I hope he doesn’t give up–I’ll be looking for him in the future.

  14. brandon says:

    Christopher should have won for his body of work from the season, in my opinion.

    • gdv says:

      I agree, to a point. I really liked Christopher’s collection and thought it was very cohesive and polished. I’m not sure why the judges didn’t like it as much. (I loved the purple/blue coat he did.) But I’m glad Dmitry won, too. Even though his stuff has a bit of an 80s snobby vibe to it IMO, his stuff is really well made. I can see him working for Michael Kors very easily. I hope Fabio gets a job out of this. I think he’s a good designer and really nice person. I never really liked Melissa’s looks. I was really shocked when they chose her over Sanjia. Even though Sanjia had some misses, she certainly had more of a wow factor than Melissa.

    • teatime says:

      I think Dmitri or Christopher should have won. I am glad Dmitri won but I think Christopher should have at least come in second. I look forward to seeing Christopher on a future All-Stars.

    • Tom22 says:

      Seeing a designer exibit a thematic “point of view” has been vital for the Judges as seasons progress and each PR season they seem to be more and more focussed on that in terms of selecting season winners. I think they want to give that chance to “put out their own line” the winner gets, to a designer who is ready and will have a shot at being successful with that line.

      I think that way of thinking was behind Gretchens win, and Anya’s wins too.

      Christopher had some cohesion over the season but what he finished with far from united his point of view from the season nor had much of a “look” of its own iteself. I think that was why Sonjia didn’t even make it to the final 4 despite having many top finishes over the season. Also why Kimberly made the final 4 last season despite only winning one episode … she did have a type of commercial look with a fresh take on a market segment even if not exactly what heidi or nina would wear themselves.

  15. Meredith says:

    I’m sorry but dimetris clothes creeped me out! An those eyebrows! Ahhhh! Scared the shat outa me! I don’t know why he won I would pass up his clothes in a store. Maybe not at Halloween. I think Christopher should have won buy I really want to wear Melissa’s clothes soooooo bad! Live her style NEED HER CLOTHES!!!!!

    • Matt says:

      Gotta agree with you. Dimitry’s makeup was truly scary. I was hoping for a Christopher win, but would have settled for Fabio. While I recognize that Dimitry makes wonderful clothing, I’ve never liked him as much.

  16. RedJohn says:

    I’m so glad to hear that it was Dimitry, he’s been consistent, both in his execution and taste. His tailoring is wonderful. I wouldn’t have been unhappy if it was Christopher, although he totally fell apart in the last couple challenges. Melissa or Fabio would have really been a bummer, especially Melissa. She has no consistency and while she can do good work, when she churns out something awful, it’s truly heinous. (We’re still laughing at her “makeover my friend” challenge where she made that poor woman drag a shower curtain down the runway and the cocktail dress for the toddler). As for Fabio, I didn’t hate his final collection, but most of what he turned out this season was very dour and sad looking.

    • BarbL says:

      While I can somewhat agree with you on most points (I didn’t find Dmitry to be all that and more), I disagree totally with your opinion that Fabio’s collection was dour. It might have been a lot of things–but those light, airy colors and the beautiful draping was anything but dour and sad to me.

  17. Colin Johnson says:

    I feel that everything Dimitri did was something I’ve seen before. Kind of a rote-European edgy thing which has been done to death since the 80’s. Christopher’s stuff just wasn’t pretty enough. For me Melissa had the best individual pieces. That coat was to die for. And finally Fabio, he had the best personality of any of them, and if the competition was about people instead of commercial clothing, he should undoubtedly win. So, I don’t think I would have picked any of the four. And think about this, only one design winner from project runway has made a name for himself, Christian Siriano. And I don’t see DImitri doing as well as him. Not by a long shot.

    • teatime says:

      I don’t know about the comment that only one contestant has “made a name for himself.” I regularly see fashion that I recognize as influenced from something I saw on Project Runway. Christian is awesome. If he is somehow the one who has most “made a name for himself” then good for him. But many of these contestants have a lot to be proud of.

  18. Jean says:

    I did not like most of his designs, but I am sure that they take many things in to consideration when picking a winner. I liked how Melissa had a touch of red in each piece and then ended with a red dress. I like her designs much better than Dimitri’s.

  19. Tess says:

    So glad cooler heads prevailed and Dmitry got the much deserved win. I didn’t get the Fabio love at all – his collection was a mess and I thought he only made it to the actual show because he didn’t use leather like the other 3 and used lighter colors so they thought he would at least break up the monotny they thought they’d be seeing. I would’ve had Fabio auf’ed first rather than Chris who I agree stumbled in the end (but I still thought would’ve done better than 4th given the love for him all season). I even thought Melissa had a chance (I liked a lot more of her collection than I thought I would) until the judges started praising Fabio so much in their commentary and decided to narrow it down to him and Dmitry. If Fabio had won, it would’ve been on par with Gretchen’s WTF win, although at least he’s likeable, though I would still feel like better designers were robbed.

  20. Louie says:

    Although I’m not unhappy that Dmitry won, I’d have been more satisfied with Christopher.
    And I don’t get Fabio’s line! Why all the praise? His looks look like something Dorothy Zbornak would be wearing as she’s coming in from the lanai. Senior citizen chic

  21. I was seriously hyperventilating and moaning “no, not again. PLEASE, not again!” when I thought Fabio was going to win. I thought Dmitry was done for when they called his stuff commercial because the commercial designers almost never win. When Dmitry won I jumped off my couch and start doing fist pumps and a happy dance. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that he is the most innovative designer in the world but I would kill for an every day wardrobe designed by that man. He makes women’s bodies look amazing and sophisticated and he has perfect tailoring and execution. If Fabio’s sad sacks had won I probably would have stopped watching the show. It was hard enough for me to come back after Gretchengate. That being said, Fabio himself is adorable and I just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and give him a teddy and make him feel better because he is such a cutie pie.

  22. GeoDiva says:

    The love for Fabio stems from what a great person he seems to be. I had tears when he talked about not winning. However, Dimitri was the right choice. I hated Melissa stuff and as much as I loved Christopher, he totally choked. Now its time to move on to All-Stars! Can’t wait!

  23. Christopher , had some really nice pieces , and I liked his jackets , BUT , I had issue with his Gown, The Boy Shorts, the Open Slit Skirts, and his over use of the print.
    In regards to Meliisa, almost all of her outfits were cut to small, I did like the 2nd dress , and what she wore herself.
    Dmitry, had a very Euro looking collection that screamed Russian , and I like about 1/2 of his designs , but even if i did not care for some of the fashions they were well made, looked good, and fit the models.
    Who I liked the most would be Fabio, , his entire showing looked good on the models, and both fit , and would be comfortable to wear. I can also see a customer who identifies with this design buying his collections every year. His was potentially the most commercial of all the showings.
    I would have voted for Fabio, but I can easily see why Dmitry won also.

    • Sarcastic says:

      I would buy Fabio’s clothes too. I love pajamas and I am 50 pounds overweight so the baggy clothes would hide my jiggly parts. But seriously, I didn’t get the Fabio love at all.

  24. Shawn says:

    Dmitry’s looks reminded me a bit of Laura Bennett’s from season 3 especially the fringe. I honestly don’t think any of them deserved a win but since someone has to his collection was the best. Chris had a lot of potential with the x-ray patterns and definitely wasted it. Also his collection did not create a show. Melissa’s also was no where near up to par. Most of her items could be bought somewhere today. The exact opposite is true for fabios it can’t be found in the stores since no one wants it

  25. nodak says:

    Yea!!! I’m glad Dmitry won. I liked Fabio’s use of colors, but the clothes were too baggy for my taste. Christopher certainly had his undies in a bundle this week. He made one snarky remark after another.

    * I loved J-Hud as a judge. I think she made smart, but sweet comments to all the designers.
    * Heidi must have invested heavily in 2-sided tape to keep that gold dress on.

  26. Lauren says:

    It was SO refreshing to have a season where I would have been OK with any of the top four winning (considering they all have some serious talent and seem like great people). But that said, after the travesty of Wretchen’s win, followed with Anya (“Oh my god, I JUST LEARNED HOW TO SEW!” uggg)… I was SO THRILLED that Dmitry (one of my favorites from early on) snagged the top spot. I cannot wait for All Stars! ANDRAE!

  27. SteveZ says:

    I don’t get all the hotness comments about Dmitry. To me, it is if they took Snape, made him a Muggle, and through him on this show. I think his clothes were fine, but had a Nagel-ess quality I didn’t quite get.

    • the real wendy says:

      Yeah…. I don’t get it either! But hotness there is! My crush started when he was on 24 hour Catwalk! I think I am the only one who watched! He won his show BTW!

      • Lana 1 says:

        So that’s why Dimitry was so familiar to me! It didn’t hit me that I had watched him on Catwalk, thanks for reminding me. Oh and I am thrilled he won, I thought his collection was awesome and I didn’t see a miss in any outfit that went down the runway. As for Fabio, I will say his collection did look better than what was shown last week, but it was the weakest of the four and should have been auf’ed first. I was shocked about Christopher as he was my second favorite and he really lost it this week, still I think his collection was way better than Fabio’s. I am going to miss Dimitry’s sense of humor but, I too am looking forward to the All Stars, bring it on!.

  28. Sketchee says:

    I loved Fabio’s collection. The lightness as it moved showed sexy glimpses of the female body and showed how draping can work opposed to form fitted tailoring. He also had a great color story and I could imagine taking those pieces and pairing them with other things in a woman’s wardrobe for ready to wear looks. It was innovative and that’s what the judges often stress

    Dimitri on the other hand looked like a ballroom surplus clothing store exploded. The one ballroom dancing style dress looked like an extended figure skating outfit

  29. Whatever says:

    YES ! So happy Dimitry won !

  30. anna says:

    I was underwhelmed by all four of the final collections. Fabio’s was the only collection that felt different from stuff I’ve seen many times before. I wouldn’t wear any of his designs myself, but that’s mainly because I’m tiny and would drown in them. Dmitry’s designs are all beautifully tailored, but rather boring. Christopher melted down big time and Melissa’s type of”edgy” clothes seem to have been done by many designers before her.

  31. ann says:

    I’m glad Fabio’s “Bea Arthur” collection didn’t win. Oh, and what the heck was Heidi wearing?

  32. ThatWorks says:

    Chris turned into a snotty jerk who expected to win. Whereas Dmitry was always humble. So the latter winning was preferred.

    That said, I agree with person above who said they were UNDERWHELMED by all four collections.

  33. JalaHyacinth says:

    I LOVE your recaps. It’s like the voice in my head appears on the screen, only with better metaphors. The emu scarf as editorial? I could even hear Nina’s voice saying it. Bahahahaha. I scared my one year old by how loudly I laughed. If Melissa couldn’t win, I’m glad Dmitry did. The man has been my sarcastic bright spot throughout this entire season. He FINALLY got the praise he’s deserved all along :) Woot!

  34. Cyn Mackley says:

    I not only love Dmitry’s clothes – I will also be using the term “one way monkey” for the rest of my life.

  35. Lori Fugate says:

    Very HAPPY the judges FINALLY got it right. Dmitry was the best cohesive designer at this finale. Dmitry came in second too many times when he deserved first. I would wear his clothing. Fabio, my daughter (17) put it this way…it looked like he went to Walmart and bought a bunch of sheets and tied them together. They looked liked layers of sacks ala Golden Girls (kept thing of Bea Arthur’s Dorothy..would wear Fabio’s clothes). Christopher failed and Melissa’s items are NOT what women would wear…too boxey, too masculine. NOTE to PR..can you get a fashion designer or fashion columnist as the finale judge instead of a pseudo-celebrity? Heidi can’t hold her own against Kors/Garcia when they want someone that is not great to win. Hell I would love to see Tim Gunn being able to judge the finale.

    • SpikesPrincessJ says:

      I think Tim Gunn judged once and he hated it. He blogged about it somewhere. Said he felt too close to the contestants to send one home, or something like that.

  36. Kalee says:

    I would’ve thrown a Molotov cocktail if Dmitry didn’t win.

    And I was laughing when poor ol’ Fabio was crying (for the thousandth time) when he lost as his mom consoled him. You made really nice colors for sure, but holy crap, that was some of the blandest looking garments I’ve ever seen on Project Runway finales! I agree in the recap, what were the judges smoking? All season long Fabio can do some nice color theories, but mostly forgettable constructions. As sweet as he can be, thank god Fabio didn’t win.

  37. Christopher should have won. Dmitry, I love you, but Christopher brought it the entire season.

  38. RD says:

    I’ve always liked Dimitri’s designs best all through the season,but I have to say Fabio,(who I haven’t really liked much at all),really pulled one out of the hat.It was so fresh and calm,like the man himself.Having said that,I wish they would go back to giving the the finalists 3 months to create their collection like the old days.We’re never going to see the absolutely spectacular from them in such a short time.No wonder Christopher was completely frazzled!

  39. RD says:

    oh,and Mondo-lose the walrus mustache and the nose ring!

  40. Steven says:

    Why is no one commenting on Heidi’s dress? That was far and away the worst look of the night. The color was in sharp enough contrast to her spray-tan than it looked Snooki-levels of tacky, it flapped open in such a scandalous manner that it would have been at home on Christina Aguilera on “The Voice,” and it looked awkwardly on the verge of flashing butt-cleavage or swinging open at the sides every time she got out of her chair.

    Heidi, you’re gorgeous, and you’re a brilliant producer. We expect better.

    • Jodester says:

      Yay, somebody else saw what I saw! I think Heidi, Michael, and Nina were all fake-tanned out, but Heidi’s was the worst because you would see white skin under her cleavage. I was shocked by how obvious it was! Thanks for pointing it out to the world!

  41. DonaWayne22 says:


  42. DonaWayne22 says:

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  43. cue5c says:

    Christopher sweet? You must not have picked up on how fake he’s been all season. Yes, Fabio named his collection Cosmic Tribalism, but I saw no pretense in him. He fully believed in everything he did and it’s nice to see someone not so self-absorbed. The only reason he lost it at the end is because of how much the judges built him up and it truly seemed like he was going to win. He deserved to, as well. His show was fantastic and actually like a collection. Was it on Elena’s level? No, but it was the closest we had left. The shows forgotten what it’s about and that’s a shame.

  44. Colleen says:

    Haven’t seen the episode yet, but for the first time ever I didn’t care who won – I loved all of the final four!

  45. Sookie says:

    I was very concerned when the judges got stuck on Fabio’s collection talking about it being light and airy and so “new and different”. I have noticed when they get stuck on some sort of idea they end up with tunnel vision. The second season when Cloe put out a collection of dresses that all looked the same in different colors with no pants or jackets just dresses they kept talking about her knowing a” woman’s body” and robbed Daniel Vosevich of his rightful first place finish. And when Anya won it was all about the prints. And I won’t even mention She Who Must Not Be Named and her “organic” fashion. So glad to see Dimitry win!

    • Alyssa says:

      Chloe definitely did not deserve her win. Her fabrics looked like she ripped apart some antique furniture. Daniel was my favorite, but I was not a fan of his collection. I thought Santino was robbed.

  46. I’m really happy that Dmitri won!
    He’s consistent, a great tailor and knows how to self edit and work with a client without losing his point of view.
    That’s what it takes to be a good designer. :D

  47. Larali says:

    Although my sensible mind predicted a Dimitry win (it just made sense, he was by far the one producing perfection… consistently)… i must confess that after seeing each collection i was hoping Fabio to win. I think there is something highly creative and artistic about his clothes! The surprise factor also helped him a lot. Out of all of them is the most original and may be the one who has more ideas. I mean, a collection is also a creative statement. A designer is a creator. And while i loved Dimitry’s perfect garments, i looooooveeeed the creating potential of Fabio!! In my book at least a designer has to have tons of ideas, and out of all of the final 4, Fabio looks like he has the most! However there were few stitches here and there that bothered me, specially those at the back/waist, were not flattering, but other than that Fabio is the one i am most interested in seeing in the future. Dimitry’s clothes were perfect but not at all my taste. As Michael said they had a huge 80’s vibe and are too tough for my taste. But he really earned it. Had Fabio not surprised me as he did, i would be more delighted about Dimitry’s win— he was my favorite throughout the season!

  48. Scot says:

    What I can’t believe is that I agreed with everything the judges said. Michael and Nina have finally been restored to sanity!!

    Totally agree Dimitry was the winner.

  49. Larali says:

    Here is another explanation about how is it that Fabio’s collection seemed so good to many of us… Worth reading!

  50. Lauren S says:

    I couldn’t stand Fabio all season, I cringed every time he came on screen… and opened his mouth. As a Long Island girl, I was partial to Christopher the whole season and would have loved to have seen him win (I do think his collection had the most items I would want to go out and buy), but since we went out first I was hoping for a Dimitry win. All I can say is is that they at least got it semi-right this time around because, as we all know, they have gotten it dreadfully wrong so many times before!