Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Will a Last Dance Bring Chuck and Blair Together for Good?

Gossip Girl is throwing one of its last big bashes, and you’re invited — to take a sneak peek at the CW drama’s lavish fifth episode.

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As the series prepares to sign off, Blair, Serena and the rest of the Upper East Siders are donning their best fancy wear — and going as far as slicking down their untamed manes, Dan-hair haters! — for the grand affair. And it seems like even Chuck and Blair can see that the end is in sight as they get closer (to happily ever after?) in the last picture.

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Does anyone else think that Dan will end up with Georgina and Nate will end up with Serena?

    • Trina says:

      I hope so!

      • gary says:

        I didnt think so at the start of the season. But im starting to think that way now. Dan and Georgina are just spending ALOT of time together

        • Dangina FTW says:

          I love it! I’d love to see the series end with Chuck & Bliar, Nate & Serena and Dan & Georgina. DG are so funny together.

    • Canadian_JBS says:

      – As someone who supported Dan/Blair, I’d rather Dan end the series alone. The 1 person who he truly cared about (both as a friend & as someone he loved) rejected him for “the idea of being Mrs. Chuck Bass.” He deserves someone better than Blair & in my book, better doesn’t equal Georgina.
      – As for Serena & Nate, I think they will end the series together so that all the crazies (“Chair” “fans” & “Serenate” “fans”) feel vindicated about the series. That way, they’ll feel better about having small genitals ;)

      • Maria says:

        I think there’s zero chance Nate and Serena end up together, personally. Dan and Serena will probably get some sort of optimistic ending, maybe a hint that there could be something between them again in the future. And FYI, you implying that Dan didn’t truly care about Serena, given how long he spent in a relationship with her, really doesn’t say anything good about him as a character, does it? But I think he does still care, and he’s going to realize that once they start spending time together again.

        • Zina says:

          Sad but true. I prefer Nate and Serena, Chuck and Blair and Dan Forever Alone for bieng a judgy douchy asshat but Dan will end up with Serena even though he treated her like garbage

        • Ruby says:

          He COMPLETELY rejected all of Serena’s advances in Season 5. It’s very obvious that BLAIR is the one Dan loves, and is heartbroken because she loves Chuck. Dan and Serena have matured WAY beyond their long-over relationship, and Dan was at his most judgemental when they were together. Nate and Serena should be given a chance to be happy together again.

    • Mattie says:

      I think so too. Dan and Georgina, Chuck and Blair, Nate and Serena. That’s an ending to Gossip Girl that I would love

    • Ruby says:

      This is my dream ending for the show, not gonna lie. Dan and Georgina click surprisingly well together, Chuck and Blair belong together, and Nate and Serena absolutely should reunite. Too much time wasted on guest-star relationships for them when they could’ve happily been brought back together. They really loved each other and actually respected each other. Dan and Serena never truly understood each other.

    • Jenil5184 says:

      I really hope so

    • alexandraa says:

      I have a feeling nate or dan or serena will die in the plane crash, and
      i have this image in my head of a blonde girl standing on a podium at the funeral as though she were to say some sympathetic words about the death and end her speech with ‘you know you love me, xoxo’ and then thats how we will find out who is gossip girl

      alternatively, i think that maybe serena could be gg all along cause the whole series was a focus around her (and then blair after) but it doesnt make sense that she would do all that bad stuff to herself.. but then again the writers have done worse… like bring someone back from the dead… aka bart bass

  2. Emily says:

    Chuck and Blair, omg. Why can’t they just kiss? Love Serena’s dress, and Georgina looks amazing.

  3. jjovana3 says:

    Blair looks STUNNING. I cant wait for Chuck & Blair! I missed them

  4. Ben says:

    The Chair wedding has already been spoiled. It was shot today. Disgusting that the writers pandered to the shippers like that. Chuck’s first episode involved him almost raping two women and his last will involve him marrying Blair despite how he’s treated and abused her. Absolutely abhorrent.

    • jenna says:

      Can I get an “AMEN!” ?

    • Lili says:

      People change & this is a TV show. Build a bridge and get over it.

      • anna says:

        yeah it’s a tw show but what are you sayingh is for the real life! Never joke with suicide!!! this show and chair fandom are the worst and ust fyi I’m not a dair shipper

      • Trina says:

        I know right? Change and redemption is impossible – EVEN IN FICTION!! YAWN.

      • Ramona Singer Eyes says:

        To be honest I find alot of these comments ridiculous. It’s a silly TV show that’s best known for it’s great fashion and crazy storylines about the rich and scandalous. People should get a grip. If you don’t like the stories then tune out. But it’s not life and death.

      • Mattie says:

        Agree so much. I’ve shipped non-endgame couples before. I enjoyed it while it lasted and then I moved on. All this moaning and whining is absurd. It’s a TV show.

    • Mim says:

      Stop being bitter.

    • Maria says:

      I guess it’s easier to believe the writers pandered to shippers, than to accept that this outcome was planned all along and you simply didn’t get the point of the whole show. Then again, I guess Gossip Girl is pretty complicated, so…

      • Canadian_JBS says:

        Except even if this is the “planned outcome” (which I don’t believe it is,) I’d bet that the “writers” would’ve caved in to the lowest common denominator (“Chair” “fans”) anyway, thus ending up right here. Letting Josh Safran go was a huge mistake.

        • Maria says:

          All you have to do is listen to Schwartz or Savage talk about GG, and specifically about Chair, at any point in the series, to know that this was the direction that they- the executive producers- were always headed in. It’s so obvious I’m honestly baffled how anyone didn’t see this coming.

    • Canadian_JBS says:

      Well, considering the ratings that the season premiere got, no one will watch their “wedding” anyway when it happens.

    • It’s sad, until s5 not even Dair fans doubted a Chair endgame. If you convinced yourself it was possible you only have yourself to blame.

      People change and grow up.

      If you hate the show so much, stop watching and stop talking about it. Your just giving it buzz even with your bitching.

      • Felicia says:

        They’re crazy bitter deluded shippers. Not even worth responding to.

      • Canadian_JBS says:

        But the “endgame” doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone (except the crazies; they know who they are) has already stopped watching. The ratings prove it. The ratings also prove that Dair was never the real problem with GG.
        And it’s you’re not your.

        • Felicia says:

          The problem was ALWAYS the writing. ALWAYS. Gossip Girl has been losing viewers steadily for years but the first time it dropped below 1,000,000 viewers was during the second half of S5 and the great DAIR arc and all the other garbage during that time. The whole reason Gossip Girl only got 10 episodes in it’s final season was because of the terrible writing then. So getting rid of Safran was the smartest thing they could do. It’s sad how many viewers they lost and will probably never get back but the series has been in a death spiral since then: Bad ratings – > less promotion – > bad ratings – less promotion. I’m just glad they have 10episodes to make up for the crap they did last season. What a nightmare.

          • Canadian_JBS says:

            I will agree with you 100% that writing has been/ still is a huge problem for Gossip Girl. But here’s some thoughts (& feel free to say I’m wrong.)
            – If GG fell below 1,000,000 viewers during the Dair arc, then shouldn’t those who stopped watching during the 2nd half of S5 have come back now knowing based on spoilers & promos that Dair is no more? If they cared about the show enough, you’d think they would. But since the ratings were event worse for the S6 premiere as opposed to the S5 finale, I guess not.
            – Since the writing has been a problem for years, then how come the only writer to be let go this entire time has been Safran? I honestly don’t know, but I say the other writers should’ve been let go well before he was.

          • Maria says:

            Here’s why you’re wrong- lost viewers don’t come back. Casual viewers don’t follow spoilers, they don’t read interviews, they don’t follow closely enough to decide whether to come back or not. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. And S5 lost a lot of people for good. Those of us who stuck with the show through all that crap, just to see a happy ending- we’re the exception, not the rule. Most people simply don’t care enough to do that.

        • Dangina FTW says:

          Actually it’s the *ratings* that don’t matter anymore not endgame. It’s the final season, they only have 10 episodes and the ads have already been sold. The *only* thing that matters is how the stories end – that is, endgame. Also I’m not sure why Dair fans are so excited about the poor ratings when first time Gossip Girl sank below 1 mill viewers was during their couple’s big storyline. Plus Gossip Girl was 1st on Itunes for almost a week – something that hasn’t happened in a long time. Chuck and Blair also spontaneously trended WW 3X during the episode (as did Bart Bass, Rufus & Ivy hilariously and Gossip Girl) which shows Gossip Girl still gets plenty of online buzz. Gee, it managed to do that *without* Dair. Imagine that?

        • Ramona Singer Eyes says:

          I don’t think people stopped watching only because of Dair. But to be fair, casual viewers don’t keep up with spoilers the way the fandom does and S5 ended on a cliffhanger. It wasn’t obvious that Dair was over with since Blair was trying to reach Dan and Chuck had not answered Blair in Monte Carlo. I know alot of Dair fans that were holding out hope for Dair until this very minute when the Chair wedding broke online. Plus let’s be honest the promotion for Gossip Girl has gone to hell. The CW didn’t even do a new photoshoot for the final season, the actors are trying to move on and aren’t promoting the show very much, .etc So I’m not surprised the ratings are still awful. I agree with the person that said the series is in a death spiral and probably will never recover the viewers it lost.

      • Ben says:

        This comment would make sense if I, I don’t know, actually shipped Dair. Idiot.

    • Milou says:

      Yep and Chuck also had a mother in the pilot… And that wasn’t his long lost mother Diana Payne.. like a lot of other things that we’re changed later. And yes, Chuck did some horrible things, but people change and he has paid. He is now the guy who would raise another man’s baby to be with the woman he loves..

  5. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for the pics!!. Blair and Serena are beautiful with these dresses!. And Chuck is very handsome as always. And I love the tension between Chuck and Blair in that photo!!.

  6. Rebekah says:

    The Chuck and Blair still is so sexy. Their chemistry sizzles even the tiniest little moment. It’s amazing. Love Serena’s dress too. She’s stunning.

  7. Joanna says:

    Chuck and Blair’s unresolved sexual tension as seen in the picture above is better than anything else on this entire show, only topped by the times Chuck and Blair act on said sexual tension. In other words, BRING IT ON!

  8. Mike says:

    No one gives a damn about this show anymore, except Chair fans who got their ending with a kiddo and a wedding. It’s a Chair show y’all.

  9. Trina says:

    It looks like Eric Daman stepped it up for cotillion. Blake looks gorgeous and Michelle is styled flawlessly. Leighton’s hair is elegant and Ed is devilishly handsome as always. Chuck and Blair epitomize old school movie star glamour. Interesting choice for Penn’s hair. Not sure if it’s an improvement on his mop or not.

  10. sophia says:

    loling at chair fans bashing Penn who is not Dan, stop thinking diction is reality! halleluyah Penn is free, so Leighton and Blake! The ones who make movies and Penn has amazing review about his last movie! RIP GG go to the hell

  11. sophia says:

    da*n fiction not diction

  12. Maria says:

    The cotillion outfits are seriously gorgeous- both Blair and Serena look absolutely fabulous. Even Dan doesn’t look too shabby, after they tamed his unkempt hair. I don’t understand how Georgina can look cute and pretty in some scenes, though, and like a 40-year-old Cruella Deville in others. I think it’s partly her makeup, but that dress is doing her no favors.

  13. Maria says:

    Oh, and that CB still is effing hot. Those two have some much chemistry, I just can’t.

  14. Blair and Serena look gorgeous in their gowns. In fact they all (mostly) look nice.

    I love the Chuck and Blair still and I’m curious about the Georgina/Sage one.

  15. Felicia says:

    Chuck and Blair! So hot and sexy even when they’re fully clothed. THUD. I’ll miss this show. It went to crap with the S5 Dairsaster and Royal Wedding that no one wanted. Sadly it will probably never regain the fans they lost but it will always hold a special place in my heart because of the early seasons and Chair, sweet S1 Derena, beautiful S3 Serenate, NJBC., etc.

  16. Britta says:

    When was the last cotillion? S3? Everyone looks great. Best thing about Gossp Girl is the pretty pretty clothes! Looking forward to more Chuck and Blair UST. The premiere was crazy hot.

  17. Hojana says:

    hopefully this time the limo crash kills them…

  18. Carly says:

    My thoughts about the pictures:
    Blake Lively has a bangin’ body. I’m so jealous.
    I like Dan’s hair tamed down but no to the greased back look.
    Georgina looks stunning.
    Chuck and Blair are old Hollywood glamour and subtle sexual chemistry at it’s finest.

  19. Tinemi says:

    Blake Lively looks A-MA-ZING! And so does Leighton. A part of me wishes the season was a wee bit longer, just not to get a rushed finale. But it wouldn’t be GG at its best without the craziness and the rush ;)

  20. Zina says:

    Leighton, Blake and Michelle look beautiful. Ed land Penn look handsome. I enjoy the Dan & Georgina and Chuck & Blair feels off these pictures. Gimme Nate & Serena and I’d be heaven

  21. fleming says:

    Great looking cast and great looking clothes. I hope there is lots of delicious scandal to make it a fun episode. Chuck and Blair stand out for their insane chemistry. wow

  22. Hermi says:

    They’ve turned it up a notich for this episode. Everyone really looks great! i would kill to look like Blake Lively in that dress and I’d kill to be Leighton Meester acting out that scene with Ed Westwick. Hot!

  23. Carda says:

    DanGina shippers: remember the brat is still married and a mother, not that this would stop her but maybe Dan would takte this into consideration after the last time he had an affair with a married woman didn’t end that well!

  24. Donna says:

    I hate dan and serena and hope they both end up alone. Serena is a horrible person deep down although she tries pretending she’s nice. Dan is a hypocrit who hates the upper east side and their scheming etc but yet is desperate to get “in” and is constantly acting just like them. Neither deserve to be happy. Chair has to be together in the end. While neither are particularly good people they don’t pretend that they are and they are amazing together. The whole dan Blair relationship made me feel ill it just wasn’t right at all and wasn’t in the books from what I have heard. So the writers are to blame for that waste of time. Jenny needs to rot in a hole. As many horrible things as lily has done I still can’t find myself hating her and I hope Charlie and ivy don’t succeed in taking her down. I wonder what barts secret is and hope he loses everything because he’s a disgusting human being. Hate the girl Nate is dating didn’t like her from the start it was like she hunted him down … Then find out she has gossip girl so she probably did. And only 17… What u doing Nate?! Why is poppy not in prison?! They all know what she did they had the proof and they let her go. Then Georgina was doing something about it but never actually found out what :-S. but all of this is so trivial.
    The only 3 story lines I really care about in this season are Chuck taking down Bart, chuck and Blair getting together, and who in gods name is gossip girl and why is she such a sad stalker?! Lol