Ratings: NBC Tops Tuesday as Parenthood Pops; Dixie Drops, Mindy and Vegas Hold Steady

NBC pulled off the demo win this Tuesday as all of its programs delivered week-to-week gains — including plucky Parenthood, which surged 25 percent to tie CBS’ Vegas for the 10 o’clock demo lead.

In fact, Parenthood‘s 2.0 demo rating marks the drama’s best performance since Nov. 29, 2011. In total viewers (5 mil), P’hood was up 12 percent.

The Voice opened the Peacock’s night with 12 million total viewers and a 4.4 rating, up 41 and 47 percent and hitting a three-week Tuesday demo high. Leading out of that, Go On (7 mil/2.8) saw a 20 and 33 percent bump, and The New Normal (5 mil/2.0) rose 11 and 18 percent.

UPDATE: NBC notes that this is the first time the network has won three consecutive in-season nights with regularly scheduled programming since November 2003.

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Over on CBS, NCIS (18.1 mil/3.3) fell 11 percent in the demo, NCIS: LA (15.1 mil/2.9) saw an uptick in viewers but slipped two tenths in the demo and Vegas Episode 3 drew 11.8 mil and a 2.0, holding steady week-to-week.

Turning to Fox, Raising Hope (4.1 mil/1.8) inched up a few percentage points from its season opener, Ben and Kate (3.3 mil/1.5) and New Girl (5 mil/2.7) both slipped a tenth, and The Mindy Project held steady at 3.7 mil/1.9.

ABC’s Dancing With the Stars results show (13.2 mil/2.1) this week added a few viewers, while Private Practice was flat at 6 mil/1.6).

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The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.2 mil/0.4) dropped 24 and 43 percent from its season opener, then a presentation of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog drew 567,000 viewers and a 0.2 rating.

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Coming next Tuesday: Presidential Debate No. 2, The CW’s Emily Owens, M.D. debuts, Covert Affairs returns and Flashpoint launches its final season (Stateside, via ION).

What were you tuned into this Tuesday night?

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  1. Elyse says:

    yay for Parenthood!! last nights was so good.

    • Mark says:

      I love Parenthood too. Is it possible we have Ray Romano to thank for these ratings gains? My parents started watching the show only this season because they saw Ray Romano was joining it and they like him. Myself, I’ve been watching it since Season 1.

      • Sg.Grant says:

        To be honest, I have hated Ray Romano in everything he has ever been in, prior to Parenthood. I love him in Parenthood, and hope he sticks around.

    • Trent says:

      Amen! Last night’s episode was fantastic. Kristina’s cancer storyline was so emotional and touching (especially when Adam was on the phone to Haddie and starting crying — I lost it). But I still broke out laughing when Zeek ignored Joel and started yelling at the coach during Victor’s baseball game. SO happy the ratings are up — maybe NBC will give them a full season instead of 15 episodes…?

  2. rainer says:

    Go Bravermans!

  3. Missy Kelly says:

    I hope that Vegas continues to grow. It is really very good. When last night’s episode was over, I was glad that I had watched it – well written, acted, produced, and directed. not overdone (which I believe is the fault of NBC dramas – everything is over done).

  4. luke says:

    Parenthood had a crappy ending, they used this no dialog ending once and it was effective, this second time was lame. Good ep, but the ending sucked, and the daughter showing up just like that. Nonsense. Lauren Graham is pretty though so there’s that.

    • meem says:

      While I, too, didn’t think the silent-reactions thing worked the second time around, there was NOTHING nonsensical about Haddie going home. Of course she would, as I did when my mother was diagnosed with cancer while I was in college, as I hope any child would.

      • Chris says:

        I agree. I’m currently a senior in college 8 hours away from home and there have been 2 times since I’ve dropped everthing to go home for a family issue. I think this was a very good portrayal of a really realistic event. Bravo to Haddie <3

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        I guess we don’t have relationships like that in my family. I wouldn’t have dropped everything and left school for that. My mom’s a big girl, she can take care of herself. So to me, the whole thing was strange and nonsensical. But I know not all families are like mine. We’re not close. I also found it weird that she had the money sitting around for a plane ticket for a last minute trip home. She was back east, no? And the Bravermans are in California? Never in my entire college life (especially as a freshmen), would I have had enough money sitting around for a last-minute cross-country plane ticket. That cost has to be well over a grand. Probably approaching 2k when it’s last minute like that. Even when my grandparents died, I had to count on the generosity of my dad to get me home in time for the funerals, because there’s no way I could have paid for that on my own. Anyhoo….just saying, that kind of took me of the moment thinking about where the heck she would get the money for a surprise visit home and why she would do it in the first place. Sorry, that’s just me.

        • Susan says:

          I agree but I thought the parents shouldn’t have told Haddie, she’s in her first semester freshman year. My first thought, where did she get the likely expensive plane ticket money (funny I too guessed $1,000 last night) and how did she know where the family was? I’m not being cold but what could the daughter do to help? Don’t get me started on the 3rd child last season with a college senior and a son with Aspergers.

          • TWW says:

            A lot of kids at Cornell are from wealthy families. It’s not unusual for them to have access to money vis a vis being an authorized user on their parents’ American Express, grandparents, etc. It’s not at all unrealistic that a Cornell kid would have access to the kind of money it takes to get a last minute plane ticket.

    • NANCY STANTON says:

      I don’t agree at all about the crappy ending thing. No words needed to be spoken. The reactions of the family conveyed the message. Very powerful.

      • BonnieW says:

        I totally agree….awesome ending. I was moved to tears.

      • Cassie says:

        I could not agree more. I was in tears watching their reactions with no words…

      • Amy says:

        I loved the ending. Yes, I did wonder how Haddie knew where they were, but when she showed up and everyone was happy then they realized something was wrong. I lost it seeing the reactions of the rest of the family. Not to mention when Adam was on the phone with Haddie. I thought the scene where they told Haddie was absolutely realistic. So, so, so good.

      • I really liked the the silent ending to Tuesday Nights show. It was Awesome. You don’t always have to hear what they are saying, the emotion on their faces said it all. As for Haddie coming home, nothing wrong with that. They are a close family. Haddie might have texted Amber to ask where everyone was. It doesn’t matter. She showed up to support her Mom. Loved the ending :)

    • murley says:

      i took a semester off and moved home when my mom got cancer. what on earth is unrealistic about it?

      • luke says:

        No, I don’t see anything wrong with Haddie going home, I take issue with her showing up at that post game lunch party. Let say the two of them Adam and Kristina go home after lunch, after telling everyone about the cancer (which they were planning to do anyway) and Haddie is sitting in front of the house, on the house steps perhaps, just waiting, where the two characters could have the private mother, daughter moment. I was expecting a private moment between the two because of Haddie’s private moment with Adam on the phone.

        • Leah says:

          But the whole point, Luke, was that her presence there is what made the rest of the family get that “oh no something is terribly wrong” feeling that encouraged Adam and Kristina to realize they needed to tell the rest of the family right then. Otherwise let’s be honest people do not convey big news like that in a public place…

    • eloise says:

      i didn’t mind the no dialogue endings; we knew what was happening, we knew what she was saying. so many of us have lived through similar experiences and i know my family and i were reliving our own with kristina. i broke down when i saw haddie returned (as did my parents)– if anything because of kristina’s reaction. haddie’s return makes it real. it’s officially impacted her kids, etc.

    • Ashley Rankin says:

      I agree it didn’t work as well as the first time around. I think they could have dimmed out the voices, but make it so we could still hear what was being said as they did the slow motion look around the room at every family members reaction.

  5. Christian says:

    Season 5 here we come, bitches! Wooo!

  6. Vivi says:


  7. Rachel says:

    How did Dr. Horrible do??

  8. Sherry says:

    We have been watching Vegas live and taping Parenthood and Private Practice. I decided last night we won’t be watching Vegas any longer. Hubs has fallen asleep during it every week and I just don’t find it that interesting. No more Vegas for this household.

  9. Joe says:

    The mess ABC made of tues night does not bode well for the returns of Happy Endings , And don’t trust the b in apt 23

  10. Lola says:

    I have a question. Realistically, how much longer can the CW actually survive? I mostly care because of Vampire Diaries, which I’d like to see last another 2 or 3 seasons. But with demos below some of the more successful cable networks, I just don’t know how it’s staying afloat at this point. I would really love to hear some realistic prognostication about how long the network can keep its head above water. Because at this point I’m wondering if it will last out the year 2013.

    • Dean says:

      Many markets don’t carry the CW channel anymore and many of the core demographic the channel attracts are just watching online and the numbers don’t reflect that. Thankfully, they are trying to reign in adults and males as well with Arrow and Cult (midseason), finishing up Gossip Girl (and hopefully 90210) this season which will all help CW. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries and Nikita are some of the best shows I’ve seen in my life. This network deserves more then the ratings it gets.

      • AT says:

        I have DirecTV and if I want to watch The CW, I either have to watch it over air (not acceptable with a toddler in the house) or online. It kinda stinks, but not much I can do about it. At least I only have to worry about two shows, Arrow and Vampire Diaries.

    • Tj says:

      Unfortunately where we live shows local high school football games instead of the CW shows during prime time (Yes, I live in TX) and then after the news we get the shows so… we can only DVR ’em. :(

  11. Dean says:

    Go On is awesome. Glad to see that reflect in the ratings. Hart of Dixie is so good, wonder why its so low. Saw Emily Owens online just for the fantastic Meryl Streep’s daughter and it was, for a lack of a better word, adorable and surprisingly, I want to watch the next episode. Vegas just keeps on being boring, but I’ll give it one last chance next week.

  12. Alex says:

    Wonder what accounts for The Voice’s surge? Ratings usually go down after the auditions are over…

    • Cassandra says:

      I think this is the opposite situation of American Idol or The X Factor where the auditions are done so differently. They don’t have a mix of horrible people auditioning just for the entertainment factor, all of the people who audition are good in some respect or another. For me, I’ll watch some of the auditions for The Voice, but I really like watching the battle rounds more to see how the people size up against each other. Maybe that’s becoming the general consensus for this show? Who knows? Just a guess.

    • TMG says:

      The Steal probably has a lot to do with The Voice’s surge. It definitely has made the Battle Rounds much more interesting to watch. The Steal is at its best when two (or more) coaches try to steal the same singer. Then the interaction among the coaches is fun and entertaining. Plus, of course, you can pretty much expect that all of the singers will be good.

  13. Emily says:

    Is it just me or is CW doing 50% worse than last season? I thought they used to manage 0.7-0.9 on shows like Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl.

  14. Boiler says:

    Bad for Hart of Dixie, hope it bounces back but for whatever reason people don’t watch CW which does have some good shows. Those of you watching the “reality” shows missed good comedy on Fox last night.

  15. dan says:

    So once again CBS is the most watched network based on total viewers, but the headline congratulates NBC on the demo win. I get it…I get it…its all about the demo win while CBS still boasts the top rated Tuesday shows and continues to be “America’s Most Watched Network” as they remind us constantly during weekend football games. I’m still in the coveted 18-49 demo (barely) and I’ve got three kids in the demo; I can guarantee you that the only reason they have disposable income is because I give it to them. I used to work in advertising and I understand why tv advertisers are so giddy over the younger demographic, but their parents and grandparents are usually the people giving them the money. I guess TVLine is just happy that there is something good to report for NBC, but frankly the numbers for “Go On,” “The New Normal,” and “Parenthood” aren’t going to shake up the industry. I’m glad they’re considered successful even though they have less than half the audience of the top shows on tv.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ve gone with a CBS-centric headline for the past two Tuesdays, and fact is they will probably always sweep Tuesday in total viewers. (As they do every Thursday, and Friday, and….) It’s about spreading the wealth.

      • Leah says:

        We love you Matt. Keep doing what you are (the expert at!) doing :) You made us Parenthood fans really happy with this post!

      • dan says:

        Thanks for the reply Matt! I appreciate the fact that you read the comments on this board. Just one of the reasons this is among my favorite sites.

        • I do agree with that! :)

        • Nero theTVFiddler says:

          Thanks Matt – keep up the good work – TVLine is the first source on TV news I read each day, followed by sister-site Deadline w/Nellie and THR. I’m not a big fan of Parenthood {I am a fan of both Erika and Monica}, but watch the show from time to time – it’s quite good. The ratings serge this season for Parenthood is impressive. I congratulate the Parenthood team; the question now is (as another viewer noted) when will NBC order a ‘back-9’ for the series to take it a full season to May 2013? I think the show has earned that extension and I believe we’ll be seeing that announcement from NBC before year’s end.

          Also, I like the fact that Matt tries to highlight both the overall viewership (in millions) for a show as well as the key 18-49 demo rating. Many folks don’t do that, but is important to capture both numbers. Those two numbers are key to a show’s survival, but as Matt has noted in the past, it is the 18-49 rating (right or wrong) that the advertisers are looking for and paying the money to capture. GREAT WORK MATT!!

      • The thing is, though, Matt, you should’ve just added the word *demo* in the headline. Because that’s just the same as a headline I read the other day, “50 Shades of Grey has sold more copies than Harry Potter”. Except that it was ONLINE, Amazon copies, and in the UK. Do you follow? It’s all about how you put it. I’m just sayin’. It’s great that NBC is winning the demo. Really! Happy for them! But sayin’ “NBC wins Tuesday night” is very misleading as they were not even close in total viewers.

        Also, Dan is 100% right! I find that most people outside demo have more economic power than demo kids.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      hey, if we’re discussing advertising and demos, do you think they really care where people in the coveted demo are getting their money from? I don’t think the advertisers really care where those in the demo are getting their funds, whether it’s from parents or jobs. It only matters where they’re spending it. And by the way, I could not tell you a single show that’s on CBS on Tuesday nights or most nights. I don’t know why that was worth mentioning. I might be feeling in a slightly trolly mood thanks to allergy suffering crankiness. Sorry. Don’t mind me. :)

  16. tp says:

    As much as I love Hart of Dixie, it’s losing me. I don’t like the Zoe/Wade storyline. I ff through all of those parts. Once I start doing that it’s only a few episodes from me dropping it all together. Parenthood made me cry as usual. It was good but I, too, didn’t like the silent scene. Plus I was really hoping Crosby would feel like an ass. You shouldn’t discuss business at a family function.

    • Nicole says:

      I was a big wade/zoe fan last year, but so far this season they both are acting like jerks. HoD may lose me, too.

    • tripoli says:

      Adam should feel like an ass for always being such an incredible douche who thinks he’s always right and should be in control. Can’t stand him. Crosby had every right to discuss the issue in the first place but as usual Adam shut it down. Kudos to Crosby for sticking to his guns and getting equal pay.

  17. Shaun says:

    NCIS LA is making me mad.Kenzi and Deeks can’t keep going this way,it’s almost unbearable.Do something or bust it up!!

    • Steph says:

      This is Shane Brennan we’re talking about. Kensi and Deeks have had this will they won’t they thing for 3 seasons. Tony and Ziva on the original NCIS have been doing it for 7 seasons. They’ll keep drawing it out for as long as they can.

  18. Andres says:

    This goes to NBC that they should Pick UP Parenthood for a Full Season instad of 15

  19. Kim R says:

    Loved Parenthood. From beginning to end. Hank’s kiss to Sarah was tender and sweet. Felt Julia’s pressure, Haddie’s desperation to get home and the shock and stillness of the reveal at the end. Well done. :)

  20. tahina says:

    Really enjoying few new shows, and Vegas is one of them, behind Elemntary. Hope both get renewed soon! Though feel that Vegas needs some kicking in the shippers department,think it will, in good time. I got a couple in mind ;)

  21. Dot S. says:

    Peter Krause deserves and Emmy for that performance last night! When he talked to Hattie on the phone, it was just incredibly real. I love this cast, every one of them.

  22. S@R@H says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED Parenthood. I’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning, but last night’s episode had me laughing, crying, shivering, and absolutely feling the love. The ending was powerful, but not overacted. I think that some shows really overact scenes of that nature, but it was so well played out last night. You could see the shock, the emotion, and every other emotion. I cried during Julia’s breakdown because I know exactly how she feels. It’s hard work to be a mom, an employee, a wife and everything else. I’ve had many an anxiety attack so this part hit me really hard. I could also feel Haddie’s emotion and lack of focus when they told her what was going on. I also like the added storyline of Ryan (the soldier). I think Parenthood is often overlooked, but there is some quality acting in this show that should be recognized. The family dynamic is so real that I have to stand back and remind myself that it is a SHOW and not reality.

  23. Scott says:

    Bit disturbing that Raising Hope didn’t go a lot higher. The season premerie was released online something like 10 days before it aired, so of course it was going to come in low. The second episode should have picked up the online audience as well..unless there isn’t one.

  24. cjeffery7 says:

    could NBC actually be on the path to success? or is this just a surge á la Mark Sloane???

  25. Kathy Idsvoog says:

    Parenthood is simply the best show on TV! It’s about time it got nominated for an emmy in every category!!!

  26. Forwarddad says:

    Wish TV line would recap Parenthood.

  27. Ashley Rankin says:

    Last night I was watching..
    The only show on TV I watch, as I don’t have TV.. and have to drive over to my mom’s house once a week for a new episode of the very best show.
    I really hope NBC renews us for a 22 episode season 5. Last night’s episode was incredible. Laughing my ass off when Hank explained he kissed Sarah “cause she got too close”, and at Victor’s baseball game with how the family was acting/ Zeke’s antics :)
    Crying my eyes out when Adam was on the phone with Haddie.
    Loving the new storyline with return soldier Ryan York and the hints that are already in place for a future with Amber :)
    And was not surprised at all when Haddie walked in at the end of the episode. In fact when Kristina got diagnosed, I told my Mom I think that Haddie is going to drop out of school without a moments notice and MOVE back home. It’s gonna hit her hard. I love how Max seems emotionally unphased by it though. So true to their characters personalities.
    As for Julia quitting her job.. BRAVO! I think it happened a little fast, caught me off guard.. but thats why I love this show. The things I CAN predict, and the things I most certainly can NOT predict coming. :)

  28. Hart of Dixie is still doing better then GG & 90210, season 3 here we come!!!!!, I doubt with the mess that 90210 has come that they will let go of HOD, I think CW will cancel 90210 this season and keep as many shows as they can like HOD.

    • Nicole says:

      Last year HoD was one of my favs, but it is really weak so far. They completely changed Zoe and Wade’s personalities and chemistry during the offseason. The singing last night was so cheesy I had to look away. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers continue to drop if they don’t get the story back on track.

  29. Jk says:

    Poor Nikki from deadline.com must be having a really hard time with this NBC news. Considering how bad NBC is her go to insult. What will she pounce on now that NBC isn’t in the basement and trash talkable.

  30. Lauren says:


  31. Peggy says:

    I was watching Hart of Dixie, yes watching it instead of using my DVR which I do for 99% of the shows I watch. However I am out of the demographics so it doesn’t really matter.

  32. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I got home pretty late from work, so I only had time to watch Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy. I’m still laughing over seeing Boyd Crowder dressed up as the prettiest transgender prostitute ever with such a great set of boobies. It really was the best cameo in the world. Walton Goggins is truly up for anything as an actor.

  33. Kate says:

    I loved Dixie last year and was thrilled when it was renewed but I haven’t really watched this year. I just sort of skim the program… I don’t like what they’ve done to Zoey’s character and I hate that they won’t give George and Zoey a chance. The Zoey/Wade relationship is just ludicrous…

  34. JAson says:

    Time to bring in Adam Brody as a love interest on Hart Of Dixie

  35. CJ says:

    Parenthood is SO good every week, but last night was, in my opinion, one of its best episodes ever. I cried, I laughed, I cried a bunch more, and I am really looking forward to the next episode in two weeks.

    On another note, no show has made me laugh out loud in a long time as much as Go On has in its short life so far. I really, really love it. Also I really want some Kit Kat lasagna right now.

  36. Suzanne says:

    The emotional journey and character studies in Parenthood this season are beautiful and poignant…I can’t wait til Tuesday night when the next episode comes…each vignette is very real and relatable,I am amazed at the talent and perplexed that this show has not received some awards!

    • Melinda says:

      I’ve been with Parenthood since the beginning. It has been one of the least promoted shows on the NBC schedule since it first began. I’m glad everyone else has finally gotten on the bandwagon.

  37. Kiks says:

    Parenthood is remarkable! It consistently touches one’s emotional core in a very real and authentic way…last nights episode was exceptional…loved it.

  38. Locke says:

    I dont now why everyone is acting like parenthood was the best thing ever this week

    it was pure crap

  39. Bob says:

    Geeeezzzz. Now we’ll have to listen to how great Comcast management is for “turning around” a dying NBC. They’ll probably celebrate by raising everyone’s cable rates.

  40. aloe says:

    I know my area is just a drop in the ratings bucket, but our local cable co has been in dispute with WPIX (NY-area affiliate that airs the CW) since the summer so it’s been off the air.

  41. Sue says:

    MWM….Is Rhimes that powerful that ABC is keeping PP around even with 1/2 of the DWTS audience and a demo that cancels other shows? Or is it they have nothing to replace it with?