Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Neve Campbell Joins Season 9 Cast as Derek's Sister!

Neve Campbell Grey's AnatomyAnother Shepherd sister is coming out of the woodwork on Grey’s Anatomy.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Party of Five vet Neve Campbell is set to appear in multiple episodes of ABC’s long-running medical drama as one of Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) four sisters.

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It’s not clear which sibling Campbell will play, but we can safely rule out Amelia (currently played by Caterina Scorsone on Private Practice) and Nancy (previously played by Embeth Davitz). That leaves Kathleen the psychiatrist or unnamed Sister No. 4.

The latest member of the Shepherd clan arrives during a particularly tumultuous time in Derek’s life. The severe hand injury he sustained in last May’s plane crash has brought his storied surgical career to a standstill. (Let’s hope there’s less carnage involved than when they played love interests in the horror flick Scream 3.)

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Campbell, who can currently be seen in Encore’s 12-hour Titanic: Blood and Steel miniseries, is set to appear in at least two episodes of Grey’s.

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  1. nikki says:

    A little odd seeing as they were love interests in one of the Scream movies…

  2. Tracy says:

    I like this! I missed Neve on my TV.

  3. Robin says:

    I definitely buy her and Amelia as sisters, appearance wise. I suppose Derek could be their brother.

    • Olivia says:

      Me too, but I see more resemblance between Neve Campbell and Embeth Davitz

    • twilight123 says:

      I was just thinking that they have consistently cast the Sheppard siblings really well. I have always thought the actress who plays Amelia looks like Patrick Dempsey’s family, and Neve Campbell further bridges the gap between their looks (and the other previously seen sister) pretty well.

  4. marge says:

    I’m kind of in love with this casting news!

  5. Azerty says:

    TBH when I saw “Grey’s anatomy” and “sister” in the title I was hoping for Alex’s sister. Remember the 18 year old girl? If Alex’s mother and brother are sick/on pills and their father gone a long time ago, who take care of her? I’m hoping since season 6, it could be a great storyline for Alex even just for a couple of episodes.

  6. Shannon says:

    Who the **** cares, we already got to meet two of his sisters! Another sister. Another “OMG my heand doesn’t work” (Burke, anyone?). They should stop repeating themselves, if not for killing/trying to kill anybody on each season, the show would be dead-end boring.

  7. Tasha says:

    I wonder if this means all four sisters will be visiting at the same time.

    • OMG, I’d just *die* if Amelia and whoever Neve is playing were together at the same time. Amelia has to be one of the characters of my heart, and Neve Campbell of one of my first favorite actresses (though, today, she’s like normal, I’d be soooo happy!)

  8. hello says:

    I think sibling-relationships are more interesting to explore than romantic ones, so i like this

    • Irishgirl says:

      Speaking of sibling relationships, I’m wondering when in the world Meredith will acknowledge her other half-sister Molly? All this stuff that has happened in her family with Thatcher, the death of his wife, his kidney transplant, and now Lexie’s death, and NO ONE mentions Molly AT ALL. All it takes is one line here and there to keep the continuity.

  9. whisperintherain says:

    Great news! I’ve been in love with her since her days on #PartyofFive. She should have been a much bigger star than Jennifer Love Hewitt, in my opinion!

  10. soxfan says:

    Doesn’t anyone think that this it is so very strange that Amelia, Nancy & Addison have NOT shown up in Seattle after hearing that Derek was in a plane crash? They’ll grieve over Mark from California but can’t find a flight to Seattle to visit with Derek? I find this to be just totally unbelieveable. Grey’s has Amelia & Addison as cross-over’s a couple of times & Nancy has been there – NOT ONE family member arrives in Seattle out of total concern over their brother who was in a plane crash & has lost the ability to perform surgery possibly forever? And not even so much as a phone call with the viewer seeing Amelia, Nancy & Addison talking with Derek to see how he & Meredith are. Hope this sister arrives to actually help her brother. I’m just totally blown away by this …..

    • chris says:

      callie’s folks and sis didn’t show up when she and her kid were almost goners and Arizona’s parents area AWOL even though she was lost in a plane crash and now lost her leg. Seems Grey’s can’t be bothered with parents?

      • Callie and Arizona’s parents were there for the wedding, at least.

        Meredith was the only one with family around :'( </3

      • Josh says:

        Not true…they bother with parents/family when they need to kill them.

        Don’t be related to a doctor at Seattle Grace or you’re dead.

        Actually don’t be a doctor at Seattle Grace, because you’ll die

        In fact just don’t go to Seattle Grace.

        • chris says:

          LOL – Seattle Grace is just a cover for another version of the “hell mouth” – with Mer as Buffy, Chris as Willow, etc etc

    • Viv says:

      I think it’s weirder that no one has showed up for Amelia. She was in the hospital giving birth to a dead baby when Derek’s plane fell out of the sky!

      • Ana says:

        Amelia said that she did not want anyone in her family to know. Addison was going to call Derek but Jake stopped her. Unless Amelia told them, not sure why they would know.

        • Amelia is not close to her family, it seems. From everything we can tell from PP, she’s never really been close to any of them, even though as Addison described it once, she’s had the best mother anyone could ever have had.

    • Shaylene says:

      I agree when the death of dr mcdreamy passed on,not even his family showed up to be there granted I know this is tv but not very believable in my opinion

  11. Rachel says:

    Ugh – not in love with this … She’s okay but comes off very affected to me — is this the last season of Greys?

  12. sarah says:

    So great and it does not bother me that they were love interest in Scream 3.

  13. Jen says:

    So excited about this news!!! Really hope this means Derek will have a big, meaty storyline coming up this season and that his family sticks around for a while! Hoping this also means we will be seeing A LOT of MerDer! I would love to see Meredith and his family in a supporting role, with a storyline that is actually about Derek!

  14. Jason says:

    Neve and Patrick weren’t lovers in Scream 3, while he was at her house at the end, it is never stated they were romantically involved. Fantastic news though! I love Neve!

    • piper says:

      Clearly you are skimming the article & comments as it is written love/romantic interests, which they were, as evident of (especially) the last scene of scream 3. If you are going to comment on other articles & peoples posts, at least read through them before doing so.

      • Jason says:

        I’m sorry but the last scene doesn’t prove anything. All he does is ask her to come in to watch the movie. The love interest is what you have interpreted. For the record, I was not skimming through the article. I read it in its entirety.

        • whisperintherain says:

          Come on, you’d have to be blind and deaf not to see that a burgeoning romantic relationship between Sidney Prescott and Detective Mark Kincaid was strongly suggested at the end of Scream 3. Seriously, it was blatant.

  15. Caro says:

    Great news, She’s the perfect match for this role! I thinking She’s beautiful, a great actress and you’d believe Derek and Amelia and her to be siblings. Looking forward to seeing her on the show!

  16. BrianR says:

    Love interests don’t last long in Scream movies.

  17. chris says:

    I wonder if she is the tall dark new female version of mark that is suppose to show up and help arizona get her life back?

  18. Mohammad says:

    This one better have kids. I guess they forgot that Derek mentioned he had 9 nieces and 6 nephews in season 1.

  19. Mikaylah says:

    I like this bit of casting, and I’m exciting to meet another one of Derek’s sisters. I absolutely adore Amelia on PP.

  20. Ana says:

    This is cool. She’s a pretty big name so it’ll be good for the show. Plus, it’s about time that a family member shows up to check up on one of our doctors. It’s unrealistic for them to go through this much without so much as a mention of their families. Hope we get a visit from Arizona’s parents as well. She’s the survivor with the most damage and I can’t believe that her parents are MIA. At least her mom should come around. Hear Shonda?

  21. Ana says:

    I’m happy to see more of Derek’s sisters. Glad this is happening. Just don’t kill her, ok?

  22. Jo says:

    It’s a television show, it cannot fit all aspect of ‘reality’ into one hour (minus commercial time, it’s actually 42mins); so, to all the people complaining about the lack of family members filling up the the first two episodes of this season, please stop whining. Think about it: If all the siblings and parents were present, it would take away from the meat of the show and the original characters. There is such a large cast with complex storylines that Shonda needs every last second in those 42mins to try to weave her tales. If she introduced the families, you’d all be whining that there wasn’t enough ‘MerDer’ or ‘Calzona’ time. T.V., it’s fictional, it’s entertainment ~ what you don’t see during the 42 minutes, use your imagination! Picture the family members calling while your favourite characters are off-screen, Skyping with their parents and siblings; heck, even imagine a stressed-out Callie picking up Arizona’s parents at the airport in an attempt to break her depression by having the Colonel get her to ‘snap out of it’ ~ just because you didn’t ‘see’ it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Change of topic: Yeah, Neve! Love her and cannot wait to see her on my favourite show :)

  23. FML. I’ve been *so* strong quitting Grey’s Anatomy. Now this??? :( If she’s the psychiatrist???? I won’t be able to resist!!! GAH!!! She should’ve gone to PP to visit Lil Sis Amy instead! :/ Neve Cambpell was my first girl crush as at nine years old I wanted to be Sydney Prescott. I thought she kicked ass! <3

  24. Angels says:

    Why always happens horrible things im Seatle?? I would be afraid in that hospital, especially if I were a doctor. I dont like everyone dye George, Lexie, Sloan… And the calli’s girlfriend lost her leg.. WTF! its so awfull!!!!

  25. JDTC@aol.com says:

    She probably will be the psychiatrist as everyone is all mentally instable after the plane crash.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Could make for an interesting arc.. If she goes around counseling each of our core cast kind of like Diann Carrol did as Burke’s mom.. She set a bunch of people straight when she visited.. And it could get us back to a semi happy drama.. At least for a better part of the season.. Then get back to the heavy stuff.. I mean it is a TV drama, after all.. Would be dull if we didn’t have a great disaster every other season. But I’m ready for some happier times.. :)

  26. Fernanda says:

    Welcome home my sweet Julia Salinger from Party of Five… Neve must have her own TV Show. I’m the only one who beg for a Party of Five TV Reunion?

  27. DL says:

    I love her in the “Scream” films and I love “Grey’s Anatomy”, so this should be gold!

  28. edizzle says:

    Weird that pretty much everyone on Greys worked with one another before.. Like Valentine for example, That had Katherine Heigl, and Jessica Capshaw. Then later Jessica Capshaw worked with Chyler Leigh in The Practice.. Patrick Dempsey probably has worked with a few others in something too.. Theres like 6 degrees of Greys everywhere.. oooh Scott Foley was another.. he was in scream..

  29. shuayb says:

    Love this! Will be weird to see them together and brother as sister but I’ve been clamming for a Shepherd Family reunion. I guess having another sister come on would be great. If Derek’s hand was going to be a problem then I would say that its Kathleen the psychiatrist. Maybe she’s come on behalf of their mother to help Derek. Should be interesting to see how she gets on with Mer and Zola.

  30. jamie says:


  31. Dawn says:

    I’ll bet she’s going to be Kathleen the shrink who’ll help Derek with the problems with his hand and not being able to operate. It would be nice if Tyne Daley stopped by too.

  32. heather says:

    so I wonder if this will be the love intrest they were teasing us with for Alex

    • Julie says:

      Alex’s love interest is someone who will be sticking around long term. Neve is only going to guest star for a couple of episodes so she’s surely not the love interest.

  33. Keenan says:

    Remember when she guest starred on Medium yet about 4 or 5 of her PO5 co-stars guested on Ghost Whisperer? Fun times.

  34. Dee says:

    Agree. I am a true fan. But it’s very repetitive. Writers are fond of tragedy not drama. Btw bring Essie back…. tgat never had closure. Now that’s drama worth watching!!!!

  35. Sam says:

    Patrick Dempsey was in Maid of Honor with Kevin McKidd who plays Owen on Greys….before Owen came to Greys. Actually Scott Foley ans Patrick Dempsey and Neve Campbell were all in the same Scream movie. Neve and Patrick were in fact love interests for whoever it was that said they weren’t.

  36. Sam says:

    You also have to remember the families could have shown up after the crash we started the season a month after…we didn’t even get a reaction for Lexie yet….I think they still have more story to tell. You don’t know that their families didn’t show up after the plane crash.

  37. Chicago Dan says:

    Talk about misleading:
    1. Neve Campbell Joins Season 9 Cast (sounds like new cast memeber) HEADLINE
    2. “Set to appear in MULTIPLE episodes” first paragraph
    3. Campbell …. is set to appear in at least TWO episodes of Grey’s. (last sentence)

  38. why all the siblings and the momy are going to Derek’s rescue everytime he has a cough ? he has a support systeme of friends and a wife and a daughter? Amelia is alone in L-A battling addiction and none of the sisters and worse her mom are there for her? nobody? it doesn’t make any sense!

  39. Vannessa says:

    TBH I would love for Izzie to come back, in tow with a little kid. Grey’s never has wrapped up the frozen sperm and egg from when she had cancer. It would be kool to see her come back, surprise! I named him Alex after his daddy….

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