Exclusive First Look: Is Vampire Diaries' New Hunter Friend, Foe or Something Else Altogether?

The Vampire Diaries is getting a new hunter, and this one means business. Allow us to introduce you, via an exclusive first look, to Elena & Co.’s formidable new foe Connor (Todd Williams).

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While we’ll miss Alaric — RIP — let’s face it, the vampire hunter wasn’t so much of an antagonist after his inital introduction. Connor, however, is “a legitimate threat that they’ve got to deal with,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine.

Not only does he cause “frustration [for] our heroes because he’s good” at what he does, but he’s also “a tough nut to crack,” explains Plec. “Every time they think they’ve got a one-up on him, he turns the tables and gets the best of them.”

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Check out the picture below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts. Is Jeremy in trouble? Or do things seem kind of, if not friendly, copacetic between the two?

The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday, Oct. 11 a 8/7c.

Vampire Diaries Steven R. McQueen Todd Williams

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  1. Frances says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Jeremy gets involved with the new vampire hunter. Hopefully we see him embracing more of his family vampire hunting heritage.

    • Ava says:

      Hopefully Elena won’t get in his way. He was on track to be an excellent hunter last year and then Elena sent him away like a problem dog.

  2. Jalisca says:

    Hopefully he kills all of them and ends this miserable painful to watch show. I am just about over this whole show..I only continue to watch because I have from the beginning.

  3. alicia says:

    Yeah I’m over this show. So many other things to watch on a Thursday night.

  4. Babybop says:

    Interesting… Jeremy’s not my favorite character, but hopefully a new plot will stop him from being as whiny this season.

  5. Sam Scott says:

    Longtime “Buffy” and “Angel” fan who has never seen “Vampire Diaries” — should I give it a shot and start watching Season 1? Curious for opinions!

    • Definitely should. However, make sure that you don’t quit before watching episode 6. That’s when things get awesome and we all knew this show wasn’t just going to be a rip-off of Twilight. You’ll get hooked.

    • Babybop says:

      The show is kind of dumb, but at the same time, I’m obsessed. Plus the actors are all beautiful. If you’re not a teenager, you might find it immature.

    • manie says:

      I’m saying this because you want an honest opinion. So, no, don’t watch. Around mid S2 you’ll start comparing… and by mid S3 you’ll complain about the plot holes, repeated storylines/characters (like you get the blond and brunette version of the same personality) and the obviously lack of real villain.

      I’m a huge Buffy/Angel fan and the only reason I keep watching TVD is because I’m curious as to know if it will get better one day or just get worse. S1 was strong, S2 was also very good, but something happened in S3 as if the whole Team of writer had been changed; it’s just didn’t live up to its previous season. Many people have been arguing about S3, but if I had to give you a Buffy comparison, S3 of TVD was like the season of Buffy with Adam as a villain. LMAO

      If you want a show about supernatural with “teen drama” go for Teen Wolf. Right now, Teen wolf is stronger as a whole than TVD (in my opinion anyway) or supernatural in general, well you have “Supernatural”

      • iMember says:

        I was just about to recommend Teen Wolf as well. If you loved Buffy/Angel (I did!), then Teen Wolf is the show you want to watch since the two shows have more in common with each other, than TVD does with Buffy. After it’s 2nd season, Teen Wolf has surpassed The Vampire Diaries right now and even took the show to places that TVD has yet to go.

    • Ava says:

      I am a longtime fan of Buffy and Angel. I think the first two seasons of TVD were very good. Then the general consensus among fans is one of two things, they either loved it because it was all about the Originals (me! I do! I do!) or they hated it because it was all about the Originals. I say it’s worth a watch (especially since all 3 seasons are streaming on Netflix). TVD is a bit fluffier than Buffy ever was. It’s not fluffy in the campy sort of way, it’s fluffy in the way that it is about a girl whose biggest problem is which boy should be her boyfriend, the boys just happen to be vampires.

    • teambuckner says:

      Yes! I have always been a huge Buffy fan and love TVD. I also don’t get why people complain about Season 3, I feel like EVERY episode is action packed and shocking – TVD is the only show I start at 8 pm on the dot and demand total silence!

    • kara says:

      I am fan of buffy and have all seasons except 8 which still waiting for… angel have to buy all … vampire diaries is good and I like it alot I believe it sets itself apart from buffy and angel.. way different story line watch some shows from season 1 and go from there

    • fia says:

      Yes i would also recomend you to watch this show! In the beginning it’s not that good, it’s kinda lika a wannabe twilight (i love twilight and the vampire diares, but it’s not fun to watch something that you’ve already watched) but then… Then it get’s super good. I really love the show sometimes i think that it can be a bit boring, but most of the time on the show it’s really good. And the 2, 3 and the 4 season will blow your mind! If you like vampies like i do. hehe.

    • brittany says:

      Yes, it really is a great show. There is so much going on you are always kept on your feet. It’s esp better when you get to watch the shows back to back like on Netflix. Its def something worth watching. One of my favorite shows, hands down.

  6. BL says:

    Pretty annoyed that TVD will not air in my city until after 11 due to Thursday night football…

  7. Aaron conner says:

    Im just gonna put it this way. My gf was like ‘in love’ with TVD. So i was like ya i’ll give it a watch why not. Started watching season 1. FELL IN LOVE and im a guy. Ive now finished all 3 seasons and loved them all. Now im going back and watching the seasons all over again. Its a fantastic creative show and it just gets better. I more than recommend this show. Watch them live on the CW to keep ratings up so they dont ‘fall off’.

  8. Lindsay Hunsicker says:

    To all of you who are being so negative on The Vampire Diaries,have you even really watched? It is one of the best shows ever made! The actors/actresses are amazing and the plot always leaves you waiting for next week! I love this show and always will!!

    • Manie says:

      Yes I’ve watched the show, but it’s not the only supernatural show I’ve watched. The show lacks in many things and keeps repeating the same plot, doesn’t have any real villain and I could go on and on and on about this show which started as a standout show and is now becoming a caricature of itself.

      And I do agree, the actors/actresses do a great job, but even some of them have negative things to say about the show when they are doing convention. So I don’t think people are crazy for saying negative stuff, we are just expecting TVD to stay strong and not fall for the same trap as any other teen drama.

      The plot is mainly inconsistent and too much stuff happen off screen that you have to search the internet for interviews where you get your answers.

      I used to love TVD, now I simply like it, because spending a whole season trying to kill and failing at killing Klaus only to tell us that he cannot be killed because that would kill everyone is just bad. Klaus was the craziest villain in the books and the show seemed unable to make a 3 dimensional villain without making him/her fall in love or turn good. He’s a villain we have to love to hate him. Even Alaric was a better villain this season and he lasted what?! 2 episodes, Same for mikael or Esther. All the amazing villains get killed after 2-3 episodes, it just gets boring at one point.

  9. Jeri says:

    I love TVD. I just watched a couple reruns on DVR & it reminded me how good this show is. I watched Buffy too & loved it but TVD is better. I watched the 1st few Teen Wolf but couldn’t get that into it, it seemed junior highish.

    Hope all you complainers find some show that you enjoy & can say good stuff about instead of groaning about TVD.

  10. DraMatiQue says:

    Buffy was great…but Vampire Diaries is more realistic and grounded and doesnt have all the campiness….the characters are fleshed out and the show is unpredicatable….one of the best shows on tv and I have watched from the beginning…