Gossip Girl Premiere Recap: Lost and Found

Gossip Girl Season 6If you have yet to watch Monday’s Gossip Girl season premiere, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

“Call me superstitious, but I’ve got a feeling this fall could be my last season. Let’s face it, I’ve been at this a long time. But age breeds wisdom, and this I know: The best is yet to come.”

And so Gossip Girl began its farewell Season 6 on Monday night with a tongue-in-cheek voiceover from the anonymous blogger. But perhaps she/he should have declared, “The most scandalous reveal is yet to come.”

VIDEO | Gossip Girl Revealed!

Before we get to the shocking and shudder-inducing final scene of the episode, let’s start at the beginning, which flashed back to Chuck and Blair’s heated hotel-room hook-up. However, four months later, they weren’t even together. She was in Paris, preparing to launch her mother’s line with her dreamy head of PR, and he was trying to uncover his father’s secret in Dubai with the help of Bart’s translator, Amira. Meanwhile, Nate was being interviewed by a college student from his “favorite journalism class at Columbia” – like Nate attended school! – as he was prepping to unmask Gossip Girl in a big exposé, and Georgina was in Italy helping Dan with a tell-all of his own about the Upper East Side.

“Technology means hackers. We’re going old school,” she explained, presenting him with a typewriter.

As for Serena, well, she was nowhere to be found. It’s not like this was the first time this had happened, but even GG hadn’t reported anything on her in months. The whole gang returned to New York in a quest to find her, not that all of them had the best of intentions. (Georgina was just looking for a juicy ending to Dan’s book.) The search led them to a beautiful home in the ‘burbs, where S wasn’t hopped up on drugs or in a cult, but hosting a party. Apparently, after getting revived on the train after her OD, Serena found a new life with boyfriend Steven (Barry Watson), as Sabrina from Wisconsin, who’d gone to school at Vassar. (What’s more unbelievable: That Serena’s from Wisconsin or that she went to Vassar?) Her white dress had Blair convinced she was getting hitched to her new beau, but “Sabrina” was actually the maid of honor at David and David’s wedding.

PHOTOS | A Gossip Girl Fashion Show — Plus, Who Shows Up from Blair’s Past?

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Barry WatsonBlair apologized for all the horrible things she’d said, but the new (and improved?) Serena pretty much rebuffed her ex-friend.

“I don’t want to be stuck with you,” she replied. “I want a fresh start with Steven.” She got that when she admitted the truth and took the ridiculously understanding vitamin magnate back to her home on the UES. “No one can ruin this no matter how hard they’re going to try,” she declared boldly, kissing him.

The revelation that Chuck and Blair hadn’t even spent the summer together after she chose him didn’t sit well with a jilted Dan. He loved her unconditionally and wanted to be with her every day, but had lost her to the idea of being with Chuck…  someday. “All you [two] have are excuses,” Dan told her. But Chuck and Blair were sticking by their pact to get their lives in order before getting together for good. For him, that meant first uncovering whatever his father was hiding in Dubai. Blair’s a distraction, he admitted to her, because she’s all he can think about when they’re together.

“It won’t be much longer, I promise,” he reassured her, kissing the engagement ring hanging around her neck. (During the episode, we saw Chuck getting closer to uncovering his dad’s secret, as evidenced by Bart giving Amira $10 million to keep quiet — but about what?)

Meanwhile, Lily’s search for Serena led her to Rufus’ loft, where, much to her displeasure, she discovered Ivy was staying. The fake Rhodes was working with Lola, who had landed a NBC series (for real!), to manipulate Rufus. And by golly, she did it — because by episode’s end, the two of them were in bed together, much to Dan’s (and everyone else’s) horror. To top it off, she also managed to throw the following zinger Lily’s way: “You should try to relax your face. You’re getting some very pronounced frown lines.”

Gossip Girl fans, what did you think of the show’s return? Vote below and then hit the comments to justify your grade!

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  1. Brennan says:

    Did anyone else laugh out loud like I did when Blair said that Serena “isn’t Country Strong?”

    • tvaddict says:

      Yes! I loved the reference. I had given up on GG last season but decided to check out the premiere and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I guess I will check out these last 9 episodes

    • AB says:

      Yes! There were alot of clever real life references going around.

      • Dick Whitman says:

        Even if I’m hating the clusterf**k the previous showrunner left (Blair breaking up with Dan and going back to Chuck in the same episode? please), I must admit the dialog of this episode was the best Gossip Girl has been in years. I really hope Schwartz and Savage are more involved this year considering this is the last.

      • Mikael says:

        I like that they changed the Ostroff Center to the Pedowitz Center. Very funny

    • kate says:

      I did. LOLed fo’ realz.

  2. wow says:

    Dan did not love Blair unconditionally. You don’t cheat on people you supposedly “love” unconditionally. Come at me dair stans. Also, Rufus and annoying Ivy are gross. That is all.

    • Not to mention he’s writing a tell all book that’s meant to trash her and her friends…

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, if anyone has loved Blair unconditionally, it’s Chuck. The way he expresses that love has been more than questionable, but no one can say he EVER stopped loving her. Dan only unconditionally loves the version of Blair in his head and his book.

    • Ryann says:

      Well considering all he asked of Blair was to at least break up with him to his face, which she couldn’t even do before running back to Chuck again, I don’t blame him for considering their relationship over when she didn’t show up to the bar.

    • Rebecca says:

      I think Dan’s love for Blair has always clouded his perception of Chuck, and he doesn’t understand that Chuck is waiting to be with Blair until he’s free from his tormented past. He always had Bart telling him what a failure he is, and it damaged Chuck’s perception of himself. Thankfully, he finally seems to be maturing and he’s no longer letting his father put him down.

    • Well at the time he did that she was cheating on him so he did love her unconditionally…on the condition she didn’t cheat on him.

  3. yall says:

    I hope Lily slaps Ivy before the finale.

  4. Sam says:

    I see not much has changed. Blair’s still annoying, Dan’s still a judgmental ass and Nate’s hooking up with a guest star.

  5. Joe says:

    I loved the comment about the wedding and Serena wearing white…”or she is just being tacky.”

  6. Dan says:

    I mean just do not understand why they’ve had Ivy stick around, and everyone continually falling for her lame schemes. Can’t even hate to love her.

  7. Loved the Chuck and Blair stuff and the Blairena apology scene as well. The best parts of the episode.

  8. Chris says:

    loved it!! loved all the Chuck and Blair interaction, loved them coming together to get Serena, loved the secrets we have going on with Bart (though I wish father and son would just make up already). I want more Chair but I respect them going slow!!! Can’t wait for more, I can’t believe its ending!

  9. jjovana3 says:

    Dan is a prick who wouldnt know “epic love” if it hit him over head. Wait she did, after he insulted her intelligence & called her pretty much useless. Go die somewhere Humdrum.

    Chuck and Blair in limo – PERFECT. No sex or games…just honesty. Loved every second. Plus all the banging, eye sexing and banter. Classic Chuck & Blair.

    Rufus & Ivy? I am literally blind because ew.

  10. A TRUE GG FAN says:

    CHAIR SUCKS!!! (that is all)

    • UGH says:

      “The ship reflect the shippers. Dair fans are thorough and logical and fangasm with the appropriate amount of enthusiasm.

      Chair fans are gross and twisted and throw death threats at writers and stomp all over everything and act like they deserve to be catered to and only them.”

      Can someone at TVLine could at least acknowledge the fact that Chair is gross, abusive, relationship? I feel like every recap you all give your opinions, but when it comes to this particular pair you never say anything. Are you afraid of death threats from 12 year olds? Come on.

  11. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    I didn’t even know it was on.

  12. Brennan says:

    Also, Georgina has been my favorite character ever since she first showed up in season one. One of the main reasons I still watch.

    • C says:

      Georgina’s my favorite two, but it kinda bums me out that she’s been defanged over the years. During her initial arc during season one, she was dangerous, a serious threat. Now she’s mostly comic relief and that’s much less fun.

    • martina says:

      Georgina needs to have her spin off ASAP!

  13. Mick says:

    Does anyone really care who Gossip Girl is at this point. I think the show has made a point of emphasizing that everyone in their group of friends is “Gossip Girl” because they share tidbits of each others’ lives. And I like Dan and what he said. If you are going to be together just be together. I want to see a final season of Blair and Chuck actually practicing the epic love they talk about.

    • Sabrinavg says:


    • TayMads says:

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting your priorities straight before you start a relationship with someone. They love each other. They just want to get their lives together and set some things straight before being together. If anything I think that is smart instead of getting into a relationship you feel would be a distraction or lead to one person being neglected. I don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing and don’t see it as an excuse at all. Dan is just upset because he got hurt which is understandable.

    • LizLiz says:

      Agree! Sorry but Dan has been speaking the truth about everyone for 6 seasons now. And he told Blair exactly how it is. There is absolutely know problem with getting your priorities straight but waiting on someone is completely different. It’s been 3 seasons of Chuck & Blair waiting on each other. It’s been 4 of Serena & Dan spastically loving each other. Writers are trying to clean up the mess they made last season. And yes I mean DAIR even though I enjoyed every last bit of it. Lol
      However that door is mysteriously not close. I mean friendship. Face it this season can not surprise us too much with 10 episodes by episode 5 Serena will be done with Matt Camedon. And all that’s left is clear skies.
      Now that being said Ivy & Rufus was just gross! I’m blind from that kind of exposure. Rufus I hope u get yourself checked. And Btw why is Ivy even around

    • Rebecca says:

      Dan said what he did because he lives his life through his writing, so pretty much whatever he says is a warped perception of how things actually are. He completely has the wrong idea about Blair’s relationship with Chuck, because of his own bitterness about her decision. I do believe he’s truthful when he says he loves her, but it’s also always been clear that she and Chuck merely had some growing up to do before being together officially. Otherwise, they love each other and will one day be together.

      • Ryann says:

        Dan’s comment was entirely accurate, even if you support Chuck and Blair. If they have such an epic love, why haven’t they been together since season 1? Excuses. Dan didn’t even call them out on a lot of their real, unhealthy problems, he merely pointed out that they’re basically too scared to actually be together. Overall, their behavior is more mature, and it would be fine if they hadn’t tread through this ground before: they already broke up in season 4 to address their separate lives before being together (not to mention they’ve basically been together-yet-apart the whole series).
        Essentially, Chuck is saying that he wants to become a “man” before he and Blair get back together and that she is a distraction because he’s always thinking about her when they are together. What doesn’t make sense is how he’s supposed to suddenly become a man ready to be in a relationship with Blair? How’s he going to grow up and not be constantly distracted by her? What is going to happen in the few months or so they hold off, his revenge on Daddy is going to magically transform him into the man he needs to be? Looks like excuses.
        Meanwhile Blair is waiting around for him until he decides he’s ready, exactly as Dan said. If she is committed to Chuck, so be it, but at least don’t have Chuck keeping her on a shelf until he’s ready to commit to her.

        • Rebecca says:

          There is no way that the writers of the show would’ve kept Chuck and Blair together since Season 1 – not because they don’t belong together, but because it’s unrealistic for a television show. Look at Ross and Rachel in FRIENDS, for example. There were dozens of times they could have reunited over their 6-year break-up, and there was always some stupid excuse used.

          The writers of Gossip Girl probably have the same idea, they want Chuck and Blair to be reunited in time for the Finale, in a way that everyone knows is PERMANENT this time around. Does it really matter if it’s realistic or not when it’s a TV show? It’s drawn out for storyline purposes. But they’re making it clear that Chuck needs to be freed from his tormented past (his family issues with Bart, Jack and his mom) before fully committing to Blair again. The writers handled it terribly in Season 3 with the Hotel Empire storyline, so I’m not surprised that they’re keeping C & B apart at the moment. But their engagement ring is a true reminder that they WILL some day be a couple again.

          • Ava says:

            On the other hand, Lily and Marshall on HIMYM have been together for pretty much the entire run of the show. They were broken up for about 8 episodes between the 1st and 2nd season. It can be done. I wish it would be done more because the back and forth is getting to be so cliche.

          • Ryann says:

            Of course on-an-off is a staple of TV relationships but it doesn’t change that they have been making excuses, and really bad ones at that. They broke up over the hotel trading, then nearly reconciled til she learned he slept with Jenny, then started having sex again until she wanted to become a “powerful woman”. Then the season 4 finale was, what? We can’t be together because you should be happy…? Then there was the prince and mid-season 5 was the wonderful “If we’re together God will strike you down”. Then there was Dan and then the end of season 5 had him rejecting her because she “wasn’t enough”. And now they’re still holding off until, presumably, a climactic moment like the finale. At least when Ross and Rachel were broken up, they were actually broken up, they didn’t revisit the possibility of their romance every other episode, forcing the writers to come up with more and more ridiculous excuses. They were obviously on-and-off but it wasn’t so overdone that you were sick of them.

          • Penny says:

            It’s not unrealistic. Lilly and Marshall have been together almost the entirety of HIMYM. Seth and Summer were largely together for the OC. It can be done. It’s just at this point the writers have done such absurd things with CB that I have expect Blair to start having fevered dreams where Jesus is talking to her just to come up with ANOTHER excuse to not be with Chuck.

    • Alex says:

      Agreed. Obviously Blair and Chuck will be OTP ending – they’ve set that up since season one, but I think their pact is flawed logic. You don’t do everything you want to do in your life and THEN once you’ve got that out of the way, be with the one you love. They won’t be able to get together till they’re 60 if they go by that! You experience your lives together. I actually laughed out loud when Chuck said something along the lines of “it won’t be much longer”. What, like there isn’t going to be another project that needs all his focus after this one is done? That’s not what a relationship is. They either need to be together, or not. Still, I do appreciate it’s a show based on drama. I guess “happily ever after” doesn’t work for a 22 episode per season show. But with only a few episodes left in the entire series, I just thought Blair and Chuck’s reasoning of not being together was so stupid and poor writing.

      • Rebeccca says:

        Alex, I see what you’re saying about there not being much of the show left for Chuck and Blair to do what they need to before reuniting, but I think it’s a much healthier reason than people are giving them credit for. It shows how much Chuck has matured and learned from his past mistakes of trying to commit to Blair and then running away when things get tough. He’s treading carefully this time.

  14. Hojana says:

    You can tell none of the actors even give a $h!7 anymore.

  15. AB says:

    Dan’s hair is an ugly distraction.

  16. Rebecca says:

    I really love how mature Blair and (especially) Chuck are being about their relationship this time around. You can see that Chuck is learning from his past mistakes and realizing things about himself that caused things to go wrong between him and Blair before, which is why he wants them to wait until the timing is right. The kiss on her engagement ring was beautiful. They’ve showed EXCELLENT growth in his character, and I’m finally pleased with Gossip Girl writers again because of this.

    Oh, and I can’t stress enough how much Dan and Serena are completely WRONG for each other. This episode proved yet again that Dan can’t be around Serena without thinking judgementally about her, and that she can’t be around him without feeling like a failure. These two should NOT be together, and I hope she and Nate – who actually made her happy – will reunite at some point.

  17. Jo says:

    That was so awful I don’t even know where to start… So I won’t bother. I’m just glad they’re sticking a fork in it this year.

  18. What annoyed me about the premiere is that all the characters are still trying to save Serena! Can she not just be gone already! Dan was the only honest person out of the lot of them, I think ehs come to a point where he doesn’t care if ehs offending you or not, at least one of them know honesty. Chuck is still trying to one up his dad, some things don’t change from season 1. Blair is still pining after Chuck and doing everything he says even though he is more invested in taking down his dad, she is also still jumping to conclusions before finding out the truth (the wedding mix up), and still feeling threatened by everyone, whats it going to take for her to have some peace of mind. Then Nate, well he actually probably has the biggest storyline this year if he does unmask GG which is about time tbh, but let not have him distracted too much by this teenager! All in all the writers have a lot of work to do with these characters if they want to end the series with us feeling satisfied by the character developments, I honestly cant wait to see what truths dans book reveals!

  19. JC says:

    I love the premiere Gossip Girl is off to a good start :D

  20. Gary says:

    I haven’t seen the past one and a half seasons, but everybody slept with everyone else, haven’t they! That’s what turns me off.

    • gary says:

      pretty much my fellow Gary. I think the only two that havent slept together are Chuck and Serena and its not like he didnt try

  21. gary says:

    Dan pretty much kicked ass last night. What he said to both Blair and Serena was 100% accurate. And people are saying he was hoping to find Serena in the gutter but he wasnt that was Georgina he was trying to help find Serena not just trying to find a ending to his book. What was weird though is that him and Chuck didnt say a word to each other. I thought those 2 would have it out. Im hoping they do at some point this season

  22. HEATHER says:

    I am over GG.
    But I have watched every episode over the last 5 year, so I am watching the rest!
    Just curious how they are going to end this…
    Personally I hope that Dan and Serena are end game, but at this point I don’t see that happening.

  23. Riana says:

    I didn’t watch the episode. I’ll watch when Jenny comes back. Though I hope if she’s Gossip Girl, they keep her appearance a secret

  24. Mike says:

    Poor Leighton and Ed, stuck in the same storyline for the 4th time. Chuck and Blair are pathetic and EL are not even trying. Free them!