Fall TV Preview

Community, Whitney Fall Returns Delayed

Apparently, classes at Greendale this semester won’t be starting when we thought they would.

Community and Whitney will not premiere on Oct. 19 as previously scheduled, TVLine has learned. NBC is not saying when the comedies will return.

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“Given the success we’ve had for the past four weeks – including winning the first week of the season in [the] A18-49 [demographic] – we’ve decided to continue to concentrate our promotional strength on our new NBC shows that are scheduled Monday through Wednesday and have therefore decided to hold COMMUNITY and WHITNEY from their previously announced premieres of October 19th,” the network said in a statement.

“Without having to launch these comedies on Friday at this time, we can keep our promotion focused on earlier in the week — plus we will have both comedies in our back pocket if we need to make any schedule changes on those nights. When we have a better idea of viewing patterns in the next few weeks,  we will announce new season premieres of Whitney and Community.”

The fact that the network is considering shifting the shows to another night could be very good news, given Friday evening’s traditionally depressed viewership levels.

In the interim, Grimm repeats will air Fridays at 8/7c.

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If Animal Practice (at 8) and Guys With Kids (at 8:30) continue to underperform on Wednesdays, perhaps NBC will consider replacing them with the returning sitcoms?

Community’s upcoming season will be its fourth; Whitney is set to return for Season 2.

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  1. Winnie says:

    What. The. Frak. Not cool. Not cool cool cool. I hope BNL has some kind of song for this type of disappointment… I was looking forward to The Walking Dead and Community within the next week and a half, and now that Community is in that special NBC-style Limbo that Homonym is in… *sigh*

    • Russ says:

      While I do agree it sucks that we have to wait for Community. Everyone is only looking at the negative, this could turn out to be a good thing. Moving to a different night could give us six season and a movie!

      • nadine says:

        I’m somewhat in agreement here, If this is about NBC replacing some of their new sitcoms, I hope Community + Whitney fare better than they would have on a Friday. Maybe they could have been popular on Fridays?

  2. aleksa says:

    Oh, HELL no!!!

  3. Lena120 says:

    Ugh! What is their problem? The original premiere date was far enough, now this?

  4. therandomfiles says:

    this is the darkest timeline

  5. tvaddict says:

    Only silver lining is that now Community may now be on Wednesdays

  6. CancellationCity says:

    Put a fork in both of them. All this will do is cause fewer viewers.

  7. L says:


  8. kyle says:

    This is a good and bad news…

    Bad News: Have to wait longer for Community plus I already changed my work schedule around so I could watch Community live.

    Good News: might be better for ratings

    • Winnie says:

      Well, I can appreciate someone “looking on the bright side.” I’d say NBC was “Britta-ing” things, but that would be an insult to the character of Britta. Is it bad that I kind of love that Annie’s face in the picture that goes with this story expresses my reaction to this…

  9. If I was NBC, this is what I’d do:

    WED@8 – Whitney/Guys With Kids
    FRI@8 – Animal Practice/Community

    Yeah, Up All Night’s ratings may suck, but shuffling sitcoms between THREE nights would be an insane move. Also, if they move UAN to Friday and then cancel it (which they will), they have to launch a NEW sitcom on Fridays, which is nearly impossible to do.
    Thursday nights in midseason do Parks & Rec/1800 Penn/The Office/Save Me. They shouldn’t mess with the Tuesday block because it’s still going strong but showing signs of weakness. If they move those two shows, they’re gonna crumble in the new time slots.

  10. K says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I hate you NBC!!!

  11. Tom says:

    “I AM SO PISSED ABOUT WHITNEY!”- No fan of Community ever

    • Thea says:

      I’m upset over both, even though more so over Community. Whitney is not the crapfest people who stopped watching after the first two episodes make it out to be.

    • LizLiz says:

      No I think this the darkest timeline. That would explain an love for Whitney

    • CJ says:

      I’ve never cared much for Community (though I can see why people would like it). This could be a blessing in disguise for both shows. I was pretty sure Friday meant curtains for both, so if they go to Wednesday or Thursday it could be a real boost. Whitney worked fairly well last season on Wednesday (not a hit, but did surprisingly well for not having any coverage from better established shows and against some pretty stiff competition).

  12. Bee says:


  13. Apple says:

    At first I was upset I was so looking forward to seeing Whitney next week. But putting it on Fridays was a death sentence. Animal Hospital is god awful, (and I wanted to like it) Guys with Kids seemed to arrive DOA.

    I really hope they burn off the other shows and put Whitney and Community on Wednesdays. It’s a much better fit for the shows and watchers.

  14. Katherine says:

    While I think overall this might end up being good for the show, this probably sucks for the writers (The Halloween episode will be really late, and maybe even the Thanksgiving one – both were already filmed)

  15. Candice says:

    wow. did you guys even read the article? they are considering moving it to another night and promoting/marketing it better? isn’t that a good thing? Oh or would you rather have them just scrap the show?

    • Yep says:

      Sure, Candice, that *is* a good thing, in theory – if that’s not just that creative lip-service we’ve come to know and not love from NBC/other networks/some showrunners. For me, it’s not simply about reading the article – it’s taking history into account. Perhaps for some of us, cynicism does come quickly (but I think to berate people for a natural feeling of disappointment when it comes to moving something they’ve looked forward to isn’t a “good thing” either). As I enjoyed the number of pointed “questions” in your post, I will try the “asking rhetorical question(s)” thing, too: In trying to make a point similar to “it doesn’t have to be all or nothing” (which is a good point), did you kind of go the “all or nothing” route yourself? Oh or should I not have answered.

      • Candice says:

        please dont twist my words. i wasn’t berating anyone. i stated a point (which is true if i might add) NBC doesn’t have to renew Community. it isn’t a ratings magnet or anything so fans should just be grateful that its even coming back. And you sound bitter too. there was no need for all that quote/unquote or your sarcasm. you can feel disappointed if you please. i’m not stopping anyone.

        • Megan says:

          oh they can do anything they want to do cite conan and leno craziness. But as a consumer I can do whatever I want as well and that means not watching their channel anymore because they have the worst business people in existence working for them. Why spend all this money on creating a new show like Animal Practice and dads with kids when they could have just saved that money? NBC has turned off so many people and have gotten so much negative press that they are literally turning away viewers. I’m catching myself now really favoring ABC, Comedy Central, Discovery, and Science channel. NBC’s only show I was watching was Community. I’m never going to get invested in another NBC show again, too much disappointment.

  16. Marc says:

    While I’m disappointed in having to wait longer for this season’s premiere and having things in limbo, if it results in a better timeslot? I’d say it’s for the greater good. If NBC is serious about promoting the premiere properly and launches it on a better night, that’s a good thing and might lead to better ratings. They never ruled out the possibility of the show getting a back nine episode order but I think we can all agree that it won’t happen if the show is on Friday nights and floundering in the ratings.

    Personally, I think they’re going to make a move on these two shows and switch their premiere night. If they weren’t going to do something, there would be no reason for them to do this at the last minute like they’re doing. Also, if they didn’t care about the show, they’d just simply be letting it die out and burn off its last 13 episodes on Fridays.

    I’m cautiously optimistic. Are there any comedies premiering mid-season for NBC? If so, which ones? I forget.

    • JC says:

      Midseason sitcoms for NBC include:

      “Next Caller” starring Dane Cook
      “Save Me” starring Anne Heche
      “1600 Penn,” starring Jenna Elfman

      They also have dramas “Hannibal” and “Do No Harm” ordered as well as Celebrity Apprentice and Fashion Star coming back. And then there’s “Smash.”

  17. JC says:

    Wednesday and Thursday sitcoms have been pulling terrible ratings for NBC this fall. I thought Friday might work out OK for Community since Grimm is doing well on that night. If Community could get around 1.5 or 1.6 rating in demo on Fridays (like Grimm) that might be good enough for a fifth season renewal. But if NBC moves Community to Wednesday night (when they have no viewers) and it gets ~1.3 in demo, then that’s going to be the end of Community.

  18. Josh says:

    Ergh….seriously…I just hate NBC…How is a repeat better then airing shows they already produced?

  19. Mike says:

    NBC: “We want to promote the shows properly.” Fans: “NBC, you’re the WORST.” Oh okay.

  20. A says:

    Community is overrated anyway.

  21. rachelle says:

    omg, NBC sucks sooooooo bad. i have no words to describe the depths of their serious suckiness!!! i was SO excited for Community!! now i’m in a serious crap mood. great job, NBC. -_______-

  22. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Well, sh*t. There goes any hope of getting the back 9.

  23. Carly N says:

    You know, if I were in charge of NBC (which someday I will be), and I were going to announce that Community and Whitney were going to have their preimere pushed back, I would also include information like, I don’t know, when they are pushed back to because I would know that articles like this would be written about it and if the articles also included the new return date, many fans would know when their favorite show is coming back. To me, that would be a good way of showing my support for the show and keeping viewers and not making the show seem like it is being shoved aside for no good reason. Just saying.

    • Kerry says:

      They’re probably waiting for ratings for this week, so they can figure out who gets to meet the cancellation bear and who gets to live a little longer. Then they can adjust the schedule accordingly. But there’s no point in them going, we’re going to move Community to Wednesdays with Animal Practice if next week they announce they’re canceling Animal Practice.

  24. Jared says:

    This sounds like good news to any of the fans of either Community or Whitney. NBC knows they are struggling with some of there new comedies on Wednesdays and returning comedies on Thursdays. Why debut 2 shows on Friday to only have them move to other days and times? I can sympathize with fans who just want there favorite series to premiere already but as far as strategy goes I gave to agree with NBC on this one.

  25. Jimbo15 says:

    Every network has its up years and down years. Right now isn’t too good for NBC, but have you seen Revolution, Go On and The New Normal. These are all pretty good shows.

  26. Maltru says:

    NBC = asshats, unless they’re cancelling Animal Practice and Guys With Kids before the 19th, so Community ends up coming back on time.

  27. George says:

    The thing that’s funny is in this statement made by NBC they all but said by airing the shows (errr…showS if we’re counting Whitney) on Friday they expected them to fail

  28. Buddy Glenn says:

    This is actually good news for both shows. If NBC aired these on Fridays, chances are both shows would be cancelled this season. NBC is giving the shows a better opportunity. Yes, you have to wait. With the delayed, you may see more seasons of the shows if they are successful in their new time slots. We should congratulate NBC, for one, renewing at all, and giving these shows a better airing platform. Friday night isn’t that successful for networks any more.

  29. A TRUE TV FAN says:

    Community sucks & should’ve been cancelled. That is all

  30. Steph says:

    NBC execs are dumb dumbs. They make me so changry. We’ve Waited long enough. Put it on Hulu so we can watch the show we love!!

  31. Eliza says:

    Sobbing that I have to wait longer for Community….

  32. someone should release some monkey knock out gas at NBC headquarters. WTF?!!

  33. Leah says:

    I was so looking forward to Whitney!

    Just kidding. DARKEST TIMELINE!

  34. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    Initially I thought the delay would be good for Community – Friday nights are not kind to comedies any more. However, after reading the comments above, it is true, there probably won’t be a ‘back-9’ order for Community now. That’s a shame.

    What NBC has on order for Community will probably be all they get for this season, and if there is a Halloween or Thanksgiving episode already filmed (appears to be the case), they may well end up airing after the fact. What to do? My hunch is Community is better off going back to Thursday (8:30) than over to Wednesday. But that might mean waiting for 30 Rock to end it’s run in December – a long wait for Community fans.

    For Whitney? Friday was not going to be kind to the show, but moving the series to Wednesday at 8pm may not help either. Would Whitney be a better companion show following Go On? New Normal might then be the show moved to Thursday nights in mid-season, paired up with either Office or Parks & Rec. Somewhere along the way this season, NBC needs to put new comedies onto the Thursday lineup to prepare for life without 30 Rock and Office. The only question is which ones and how soon?

  35. Kasper F. Nielsen says:

    Sadly Animal Practice has been a HUGE disappointment. I was really looking forward to the show as I love the three male leads, who’re all usually very funny, but the show is just garbage. Especially the obnoxious white trash nurse gets on my nerves. I gave up after three episodes.

    • Rain says:

      Thank you! I’ve read quite a few comments on other sites saying how great the stupid nurse is, I thought maybe I was the only one that had to give up on the show because she bugged me so much! It made me sad, I’m a huge Tyler Labine fan but I just couldn’t get past how annoying that dumn nurse was!

  36. TWeb says:

    I feel like this is Scrubs all over again. Sad day for Community fans

  37. not cool, not cool, not cool, not cool.

  38. It’s all Jack Donaghy’s fault. He’s tanking NBC!

  39. Angela says:

    *Headdesk* Oh, for f*ck’s sake, NBC…
    Does ANYONE there know how to run a network? At all?

  40. Are you freaking kidding me? What the hell NBC? First, Community is moved to Fridays. Then the season is cut short. Now, we have to wait and see when it will come back. What a bunch of idiots.

  41. mia says:

    That’s sad news, but with a silver lining. I loved Whitney (shut up, it got awesome in the later in the season). So this seems like a wise decision to wait to see where their fall lineup goes…if they have a dud, they can put one of these in there without causing scheduling confusion

  42. CBS says:

    I can’t wait for Community to be cancelled! This might be its last season!

  43. Miffy says:

    Amazed at all the Community fans who are bitching and moaning. This is a GOOD thing. Either NBC will put it on a better night than Friday (where it will certainly die) or at least they’ll delay it until a time when they can better promote it (when fewer new shows are launching). It’s BRUTAL to launch a show right now, because so many new shows are launching at once.

  44. Steve Ungrey says:

    Should have gone with Happy Valley, NBC. :)

  45. Polly says:

    Frak you nbc!!!!!!!!!

  46. cjeffery7 says:

    Dear NBC, why you gotta yank us around like that? I’m not into this on-again-off-again crap you’ve been pulling the past few years. Make a commitment or get out.

  47. I’m just going to say this right here, right now: this sucks. Not only for “Community” but for “Whitney”, too. Maybe “Whitney” IS lucky it’s seeing a second season (I really thought it’d be canceled) but we mustn’t forget that “Community” getting a fourth season was seen as just as unlikely.

    I’ve read and re-read the reason put out for this hiatus and, I have to admit, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Yes, people are saying that this might mean “Community” is on a different night of the week and that it might help ratings… but, as we’ve seen over the last three seasons, those who watch “Community” love it and the people with Nielsen boxes in their homes apparently don’t like “Community” at all. Will it really matter to them what night it’s on? Also, would I REALLY want to put “Community” on Wednesday nights against ABC’s comedy block (anchored by “Modern Family”, no less) or REALLY put “Community” on Tuesday nights (when it has to go up against the most watched drama on TV in “NCIS”, the critically acclaimed comedies of FOX and something-or-another on ABC)?

    Yeah, this just sucks. More proof that NBC really doesn’t want this show or know what the hell to do with it…

  48. ej says:

    30 Rock got it right as usual with a jab at their own network. Seems to me, NBC should have taken the millions they waisted on getting the Olympics (which they will just mess up every 2 yrs until 2020-something) and used it to completely rebuild their tv programming department. Maybe Seth MacFarlane has secretly amassed Nielsen boxes and is screwing with NBC? L&O:SVU on rollerskates anyone?

  49. Jenn says:

    Since Community only got a 13 episode order, I could see NBC delaying it til midseason and just canceling Animal Practice or Guys With Kids and fill the slot with Whitney.

  50. Bob says:

    Let’s look at the half FULL glass instead of the half EMPTY glass. Wouldn’t it be better to have Community (don’t give a frak about Whitney) delayed a little and end up on Wednesday instead of Friday?