The Good Wife Recap: Passion Over Pragmatism

This week on CBS’ The Good Wife, as Lockhart Garden got whittled down, Peter’s campaign coffers got built up — and from a surprising source. Meanwhile, viewers got more insight into the dysfunctional dynamic between Kalinda and Nick.

BACK IN ACTION | Will’s first case back involved the wrongful death of a protestor, and things started out promisingly enough the prosecutor offered an $800,000 settlement. Will, though — and against trustee Clarke Hayden’s advisement — forged on ahead, only to get waylaid by a new rule allowing for written questions from the jury, and they started doing damage to his case. After suffering several setbacks and being handicapped by a distracted Kalinda. Will regained his footing by proving that the victim had been incorrectly targeted as a problem protestor and thus was subject to excessive force by the cops. The case was settled for $3.5 mil.

WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE | In between unwittingly helping Hayden pare down the firm’s ranks, Alicia was tasked with presenting the form’s proposal for rent relief to their new landlord Maddie Hayward, a female business tycoon played by ER alum Maura Tierney. Maddie though was more interested in Alicia’s fortitude as a woman scorned-turned-woman who stands by her man. As a result of their brief confab — and after receiving assurances that Peter was a changed man — Maddie elected to contribute to the Florrick campaign, to Eli’s immense delight.

Maddie later asked Alicia out for a drink, an overture that at first was mistaken as being romantic. But, turns out, Maddie simply doesn’t have many gal pals, but would like to make Alicia one. That misunderstanding cleared up, Alicia said she’d be delighted to go out. In the end, Alicia was mildly scolded by Diane, seeing as Maddie rejected their relief proposal, while Peter thanked his wife in an episode-ending warmish, kinda-fuzzy moment.

JUST DESSERTS | Over ice cream, Nick and Kalinda rehash some of their complicated past. “You left me hanging,” he said. “Two yours inside, when I get out I expect my loving wife to be there.” Kalinda asks, “Did you cry?” To that, Nick said, “I don’t remember you being such a bitch.” “You have a bad memory.” Segueing into that scene that barely passed muster with censors, Nick asks, “Do you remember this?” and proceeds to discreetly touch Kalinda south of the border. “I… remember you being better at it,” she snarks. Nick then jams his fingers into Kalinda’s ice cream, bothering her barely a bit.

After Kalinda tries (but ultimately fails) to have LG drop Nick as a client, she arrives home to find Nick waiting in her chair waving a gun. She ignore him, he punches a mirror, and she swings into nursemaid mode. “Why do you hurt me” he asks. “I love you. I always will,” he adds. The two recline back into bed and switch back into the love portion of their totally twisted love-hate relationship.

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Do you like Alicia’s new girlfriend? Was The Ice Cream Scene as prurient as you feared?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jon says:

    Can we just talk about how not-scandalous that “scandalous” scene in the Ice Cream parlor was supposed to be? The way Michael described it was as this big, raunchy, gross-but-oddly-hot thing. The way it turned out was kinda rape-y and not really interesting and/or memorable. Lame.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t a big deal. But I wasn’t looking forward to a boner. To me, it really highlighted the nature of their relationship. Instead of responding to the touch by rage and hatred, she rolled her eyes and insulted his technique. So, when he “ruins” her ice cream, she’s like, “Really? I don’t care, jack ass. Ice cream is awesome.” She has all the power in the relationship, but it’s going to be a question of how long she can maintain that control.

    • Agreed. Michael (and Dalton Ross) overly hyped up that scene, and I was barely fazed.

    • Alex says:

      totally over-hyped. i wish they hadn’t spoiled it. it really wasn’t anything like they described. bored. good episode overall though.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Dont watch the show, read the “omg this is so scandalous, never been done on primetime network before!” and had to check out the scene. Wow it was boring. Am i desensitized by HBO shows and the like? Idk, i dont think so, at least not to judge this scene. The male actor is weird looking/rapey so that takes away from the scene, she wasnt into it at ALL so that takes away from the “scandalousness/hotness”. I think the key to the scene not being anything at all was her lack of enjoyment. If it was some steamy hot sexual in public scene, where she is making noises and making a face of pleasure then giving sexy eyes while licking the icecream after hes done? Then yes scandalous and insane and hot…

    • ger says:

      Let’s see … He had his fingers inside her, stuck those fingers into her ice cream, and then she ate the ice cream. Yeah, that’s pretty damn scandalous for network TV (on CBS, of all places).

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Though thats all logically true, tone can drastically effect how a scene is portrayed. For example if she had done what i said, liked it and was sexual in her licking of the ice-cream after he did that (instead of her just not caring and being like “w/e”), i am 100% sure it wouldnt have been allowed on TV. Hell Sons-of-Anarchy might have a hard time getting that scene on air. Sex scenes are okay, yet a womans orgasm has been known to be too “graphic” for network tv.

        They could let it be on TV cause the scene was not sexual in tone at all. Even though the act itself was highly sexual.

      • Javier says:

        I must be ruined by HBO or something, but that was not scandalous in the least. The Good Wife is not a normal program- it’s had a graphic scene of oral sex (between Alicia and Peter), a graphic missionary sex scene (between Alicia and Will) and a graphic “fingering” scene between Kalinda and that FBI (?) girl late last season. This was so not scandalous compared to those. If Michael hadn’t of hade such a big deal about it, I barely would have noticed the scene at all.

    • itsmemartu says:

      I believe it would’ve been a bigger deal if Ausiello didn’t spoiled it in the first place. Come on, we wouldn’t have expected that scene!

  2. Lucy says:

    I couldn’t care less about that predictable love/hate relationship between Kalinda and his creepy husband. I think they’re once again wasting time writing about plots which don’t add nothing to the show. And, really, when a recurring character has more lines, scenes and action than a main character that’s a sign that something doesn’t work anymore.
    I think that season could really improve a lot if they get rid of Nick and finally start to give Matt Czuchry something to do. The real scandal is what they’re doing with his character:nothing. And I’m losing interest in him and in that “Cary came at L&G” plot which is not just even a plot but just their way to use him as background character in more scenes. If that’s what they meant when they said they love Matt Czuchry…oh boy. It doesn’t show at all.

    • kristen says:

      I so agree! This storyline is BORING and adds NOTHING the the show. Let’s move on, writers, shall we?

    • Ju says:

      I agree. Will’s character is emotionally all over the place so he either goes with Alicia or move on to another chic (predictable and boring). Alicia on the other hand we all know she’s a good girl so unless they are about to make this good girl go bad like riri, and I mean real bad her character is becoming boring. She needs to become unpredictable. Kinda like kalinda. Lol lol not sure about the girl on girl action with Alicia’s new friend but hey surprise me. I could understand Alicia trying knew things but realise that she’s not made out for it; make her wrestle with sub-conscience.

  3. Erin says:

    I agree with Jon. That was not scandalous at all. I’ve definitely seen worse on broadcast tv. Not sensuous in the least, either.

  4. Jared says:

    Can we talk about the amount of typos in this article?! Was Matt Webb Mitovich drunk while typing this up? Lol. (No disrespect intended)

    As far as the ice cream scene, it was not racy at all. Was expecting way worse or seductive-like.

    I for one, love the Nick/Kalinda storyline. It is super juicy and cannot wait to see where it continues.

  5. Kiki says:

    Can I have more Alicia/Peter please!? Their dynamics is just so amazing, sexy, engaging! Love it!!

  6. Barbara Darlin says:

    I really hate the twisted love “relationship” with Kalinda and Nick. I’ve known woman in similar relationships and it just makes me feel sick.

    I no longer see Kalinda as the strong woman she was…she seems mentally deficient to put up with that type of love/hate crap.

  7. Ryno5656 says:

    Matt, is there a Gilmore Girls connection with The Good Wife? Ed Herrmann, Matt Czuchry and Dakin Matthews all appeared tonight.

    • Stacy says:

      Also, Kelly Bishop can be heard (voice only) on the other end of the telephone in a previous episode – though I don’t recall which one. Love both GG & GW!

  8. wow says:

    Can we turn down the dramatics? Once again a scene is described 10x worse than it actually was. I agree that Matt needs to get more scenes. He’s a great actor.

  9. Barbara Darlin says:

    The Kalinda I know is not this sad, pathetic woman playing mind games with her husband. The strong, confident Kalinda was a lot more interesting.

  10. Emily says:

    I clearly watch far to much cable, because I was like seriously, this is the hotly contentious barely legal scene? but I am slightly annoyed how kalinda is skipping off work and such to eat ice-cream with her husband, I kinda just want her to snap out of it

  11. Stacy says:

    I agree that the Kalinda/Hubby scenes are boring. Beyond that, it’s almost like discovering this mystery about Kalinda’s background makes her a lot less interesting. Her mystique is a quasi abusive, bad habit of an ex?

    I get the playing up of the scene, though. It’s not that it was so risque. It’s the fact that it’s shown in a public, family place in daytime.

  12. ragincajun says:

    Yes, I do agree that the Kalinda/Hubby scenes are boring and seem disjointed from the rest of the show, but this is where I have faith in the Kings. They very rarely has a minor storyline that does not have major implications elsewhere. I’m expecting the ex-con hubby to eventually cause problems for Peter’s re-election campaign, either through the media’s discovery that Alicia is now representing an ex-con or through his revealing Peter’s affair with Kalinda. In the end, I’m hoping the entire purposes of this plot is to fully renew the friendship between Alicia and Kalinda.

    • Sophonisbe says:

      I was excited by the idea of bringing a dangerous husband in the equation, but I’m getting bored by the storyline. I particularly miss Alicia / Kalinda friendship, which almost came back at the end of season 3 and is now totally gone, so I really hope that you’re right, and that this storyline will bring them back together.

  13. Kim R says:

    I could have done without the ice-cream scene. I thought it was kind of stupid and I am actually getting bored with the “Kalinda and her husband” plot. It is ridiculous. I am such a fan of the show so I don’t usually have anything bad to say about it. And I agree with one of the comments above….more Peter and Alicia please. That last scene in the bus was good. :)

  14. Alex says:

    My God, Michael overhyped that scene WAY too much. I was expecting so much more than that…. after she ate the ice cream I thought, “that was it?” I wonder if he even watched the scene before talking about it.

    Other than that, I like that actor that plays Kalinda’s husband but it’s taking too much time from other characters. He needs to go! . I want to see more Cary and more of the cases. Kalinda and her husband and the campaign are taking too much time away from everything else.

  15. So many complaints about Kalinda. Doesn’t anyone else still love her? I’d rather watch whatever’s going on between her and Nick than explore Grace’s religion any further.

  16. Anjali says:

    Where is Cary!? Can he have a storyline soon please

  17. Pat says:

    I like Nathan Lane character. I loathe Kalinda’s storyline.
    And someone explains me why they did bring Cary at L&G. They’re doing with him even less than before even if now they’ve plenty of chances to involve him in almost everything.

  18. Charlotte says:

    I liked that scene. Kalinda is a hard ass, she has always portrayed herself that way. Nick is an added bonus to me. He is probably the only one that could and will get under Kalinda’s skin.
    And I also loved that last scene with Peter and Alicia. Really good to see them being nice and kinda back to the loving part of their relationship!

  19. Tom says:

    For a show that used to be outstanding in every way, this season is getting off to a pretty mediocre start. The Kalinda/creepy husband thing is a yawn (even the scandalous ice cream scene was lame) — although the quick cut to a bunch of people applauding in the next scene was kind of amusing. The Nathan Lane (he plays the role well) bankruptcy story line is distracting. It reminds me of of the first major wrong turn on “House” when they had a cop chasing House for half a season trying to arrest him on drug charges. It’s a negative story line that detracts from what used to be a pretty fast-paced show. It’s starting to feel like this show is falling into the trap of creating dramatic story lines to boost ratings during sweeps periods then getting dragged down by those story lines during the rest of the season. The Good Wife is basically a lawyer show and legal cases are really at the core. It seems like the writers have lost sight of that fact and are spending WAY too much time on the side stories. The story balance seems off to me and the show seems less interesting as a result.

  20. Gabi says:

    I must have fallen off the face of the planet there, for I had not heard about the spoilers re the ice cream scene – and as someone who did not not know what I was getting into, and comparing it to all the other instances where TGW has pushed the boundaries of what is allowed on a channel such as CBS, I thought it was pretty far up there.
    No it’s nothing compared to several siblings copulating on Game of Thrones or neck-twisting vampire sex on True Blood (remember that, Bill and his maker-lady?!), but this is The Good Wife! And for that, it was a scene I had not seen coming. Love tnew distraught side of Kalinda, and Im sure it’ll only stay that way for a bit longer, but I like that there is something that seems too big (/dangerous) to handle even for one Miss Kalinda ‘Baseball Bat’ Sharma.

  21. Gabi says:

    I must have fallen off the face of the planet there, for I had not heard about the spoilers re the ice cream scene – and as someone who did not not know what I was getting into, and comparing it to all the other instances where TGW has pushed the boundaries of what is allowed on a channel such as CBS, I thought it was pretty far up there.
    No it’s nothing compared to several siblings copulating on Game of Thrones or neck-twisting vampire sex on True Blood (remember that, Bill and his maker-lady?!), but this is The Good Wife! And for that, it was a scene I had not seen coming. Love to see this new distraught side of Kalinda, and Im sure it’ll only stay that way for a bit longer, but I like that there is something that seems too big (/dangerous) to handle even for one Miss Kalinda ‘Baseball Bat’ Sharma.

  22. tp says:

    Last night’s ep was ok. They’re starting to lose me tho’. I don’t like the Kalinda husband storyline. I don’t like where things seems to be headed with Alicia and Peter. I like that the writers are being realistic with the firm’s money woes but I don’t want it to get depressing. I have real life for that. I also hate how loud the music is. I can’t hear the dialog but the music is so dag-on loud.

  23. Gabi says:

    And I apologize for double-posting.

  24. Forwarddad says:

    Why bother recapping? You blew through the episode wo any detail, opinion or snarkiness . I got as much from you as I got from reading the info on TV guide.

  25. Kim says:

    Is anybody going to comment on the Alicia/Maddie chemistry?!
    I will: I loved it, the chemistry was amazing! Also loved the last scene between Peter and Alicia. If the writers keep throwing us more lovely scenes like the ones given Alicia this episode I am completely satisfied!

  26. Linda says:

    The Alicia against the wall scene with Will, and the Kalinda and the agent against the wall scene were more impactful. The ice cream scene was ridiculous.

  27. PeternAlicia says:

    Ice crema scene was as cold as the ice cream
    Kalinda and Husband either need to sort it or husbadn needs to disssapear
    Maddie/Peter scene – loved it (these two could have a great professional relationship)
    Alicia/Peter – beautiful – i hope to god the writers dont screw this one up..i love the mending and the respect shown between the two or rather the respect Peter feels for his wife which he probably didnt have before

  28. Pat says:

    I can’t believe we’re having no Cary to make room for Nick. Worst character ever. Worst storyline ever. And those writers should really start to show some respect for Matt Czuchry’s job. He’s not a background actor.

  29. H.Houston says:

    I miss the Kalinda from before. I could care less about her disgusting husband. I LOVE the scenes with Nathan Lane. I was alittle peeved when Alicia figured out that the Trustee trusted her word and she made a stink about it… not sure if he will go to her again. I want our fighters back, I want them practicing some amazing law and some great relationships.

  30. MrsNinjaQueenAlaShaBAM! says:

    I reckon Nick gets killed and Kalinda gets blamed for it – Lockhart & Gardner take on the case……….and you guessed it, WIN!! Yaayyyy!!

  31. Stephen Marsh says:

    Love the show, hate the weird relationship with Kalinda and Nick. It’s just pointless and has turned kalinda’s formerly strong character into a weak minded circus act..

    Move on writers, it’s killing the show for me, I can hardly bear to watch their sick antics.