Exclusive Post Mortem: Glee Boss on 'Break-Up' Fallout, Promises 'Nothing Is Set in Stone' - Plus: Cory Monteith 'Sad, Nostalgic' in Episode's Wake

If you have yet to watch this week’s “Break-Up”-themed Glee, think twice before proceeding. Everyone else, dry those tears and read on…

They were the splits heard ’round the world — but will any of ’em stick?

In the wake of Thursday’s game-altering Glee, which saw three of the show’s most popular couples (Rachel/Finn, Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana) go their separate ways, exec producer Brad Falchuk tells TVLine exclusively that those relationships aren’t necessarily over for good.

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“Nothing is set in stone,” he assures fans. “For now things are different. But that there’s an enormous amount of love there, so there’s a great chance of a lot of them getting back together.”

Falchuk says the episode’s primary goal was to “shake everything up” as Glee heads deeper into its current fourth season — a prospect Finn’s portrayer, Cory Monteith, finds bittersweet.

“All of the possibilities are really exciting,” he says. “But there’s still a apart of me that’s nostalgic. It’s hard. I’ve always had such a personal attachment to the ‘Finchel’ storyline, and there’s real doubt as to whether or not they’ll ever get back together again. So to see it potentially go by the wayside is very sad.”

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Darren Criss, meanwhile, lauds the show’s creative minds for dealing with young romance realistically — particularly with regard to Blaine’s apparent infidelity. “It was really hard for [Blaine] to be apart [from Kurt] and it took its toll,” he muses. “It’s a part of life.

“The fans are going to go crazy,” Criss acknowledges, “which is nice because it means they like Blaine and Kurt. I was certainly as sad as any fan of the couple. But they established something so real and I think lasting [with Kurt and Blaine], regardless of what happens next.”

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  1. whatever says:


    • Allison says:

      In a good way. Because Finn and Rachel have been front and center of Glee since the very beginning in 2009, all through it’s phenomenal rise in popularity. If you look back to Season One, not an episode went by without a song with Finn and Rachel. Cory Monteith and Lea Michele proved once again in this episode why they’re the main leads of Glee with their stronger than ever acting. :)

      • Peter says:

        And so it will remain. Going by this episode Mr. Shu takes his sabbatical (with or without Emma), Finn takes charge of Glee while Mr. Shu is away, finds he has a talent for organising shows and somehow this translates into his re appearance in NewYork at some stage to study theatre production at NYada. Pure speculation but it works for me.

        • Kay says:

          Not necessarily at NYADA. He could go to one of the other colleges in New York. Wasn’t Chandler, the guy Kurt texted in season 3, going to NYU? I mean there are other places besides NYADA.

          • Peter says:

            Good point. A separate school in NY would keep Finn close enough to Rachel. This would allow the Brody Rachel thing to play out and allow Finn to find himself and keep Rachel interested. I think that Rachel,s dance teacher will somehow play a more important role in the Brody – Rachel relationship. Bring Santana to NY and move in with Rachel and Kurt to bring a bit of Satanic magic to this group.

      • i totally agree Finn and Rachel are the main characters and like you said they have been togheter since season one! They are Glees Ross and Rachel! Also the one couple i really really hoping for! But iam so glad that Finn is back! i just hope they give him alot of cam time and that Finn and Rachel find their way back to love!

    • Danielle says:

      I beg to disagree while I respect your opinion. For one, Glee is not dead; it may have been in a coma but I believe that the showrunners are doing their best to resuscitate it. Finchel is one of the reasons, in my opinion, that it has remained alive. A number of missteps along the way led to the loss of viewers. So please take off your shipper googles in order that you are able to look at things more clearly and rationally. Thank you.

    • Mami says:

      Id like to see rachel get with the new guy honestly at least for a while hes hot lol dont get me wrong i love finn but itd be nice to see what the new guy can do him an rachel look awesome together

      • Chirstina says:

        I love the new guy Rachel almost kissed. She has outgrown Finn!

        • me says:

          They did kiss. Excessively. Probably would’ve gone further if Finn hadn’t knocked. It certainly looked that way at least.

        • Allie says:

          she will never out grow Finn they look great together and there romance is one of the things that made glee interesting and it kept a story line Brody’s just a guy in the way from there unbrakeably passionate relationship My personal opion is they should get back together :)

      • DeeKayTee says:

        I totally agree, it is time for Rachel and Finn to move on even if its only temporary. Finn obvioulsy needs to find hmself and Rachel needs to live in a world that is not completely centered around Finn. I actually really like Brody and whether he sticks around or not remains to be seen but at least he is helping Rachel to blossom and I like that, its realistic.

        • vrn says:

          I prefeer Rachel single for a while…im tired of see her with somebody, I want her being independent and single in the big city and then with Finn because after what she said about brody to Finn I found silly if they make Brochel a thing…

          • Sil says:

            It rather cheapens and lessons the intensity of her words to Finn. she and Finn both need to be single for a while. Now Rachel knows Finn is alive and still loves her but is insecure with himself. She told Finn she’d rather be with Finn, so. I don’t think she needs a boyfriend right now, but, if she does date Brody that is fine. But to have anything more than that would be using Brody. Finn is so messed up he needs to just focus into himself. If he has a love interest would be just to not be lonely with no real meaning.

    • Ashley shaw says:

      I thought the music was absolutely amazing this episode. They did a very good job with it. Cried so much over the breakup but by far one if my favorite episodes.

      • Cassie D. says:

        That’s just it, darlin’! High schoolers including recent graduates) are unsure of their emotions and futures. I remember promising a couple marines I would wait for them to come back only to fall in love with someone new. I, for one, see this as a realistic transformation. Finn certainly needs to find himself before Rachel can get back with him. Him being lost is so depressing. Brody keeps Rachel’s spirits up and helps change her for the better. He makes her feel secure and confident, which she didn’t feel with Finn.
        Time for more positive transformation with Brody!

    • JJ says:

      No. Blaine killed glee. That was when the show became more about selling iTunes than telling a story.

      • Ken says:

        Blaine didn’t killed Glee. writers did.

      • jake says:

        Blaine didnt kill glee at all. In fact I think he saved it. :/

        • Kay says:

          I agree with your comment. In my opinion, the show improved so much after Darren Criss came on as Blaine. The writers are at fault with some of their inconsistent storylines and lack of vision regarding interesting plots for these characters. And now with the new characters coming on, they are just rehashing the same plots used in previous seasons. They need to be more creative in their storytelling. I must admit, though, that “The Break Up” was the best episode yet – even though it was very emotional for me. I know Rachel and Finn broke up “at least for now” so I’m thinking they will reunite. Jake and Kitty broke up – which I don’t care about Kitty so that’s OK by me. Santana and Brittany’s is an “unofficial break up” so I’m not sure but they could reunite. Kurt and Blaine didn’t actually break up yet, but I think that may be coming in the next episode or two. I’m hoping they can recover from this and possibly reunite but I’m not sure if that will happen since Blaine cheated (depends on if Kurt will forgive him for that lapse in judgement). We will just have to see how this all unfolds.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree with you, JJ. I feel like if they cut back on Blaine’s songs, and fleshed out his character and started to write him consistently, I may have a chance of liking him. At this point, I just wish he would disappear, never to return. There was was too much exposure of him, too soon when Blaine’s character came on the show. At this point, I want Kurt to find someone hot and amazing while on NYC, because he deserves to be treated right.

    • katie says:

      finchel forever i cried sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i need finchel and its my life and its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad

  2. Gretch says:

    I love Cory’s dedication to the story, but I disagree. It’s clear to me that Finn and Rachel will be back together one day. She said she wants him to be her last love. He just has to find himself and she has to get her footing in New York.

    • Krista says:

      As great as they were together, they’ve broken up 3 times now – meaning – the relationship everyone loved was simply a high school love and will not move forward whether Rachel hinted to it or not.

      • Cath says:

        Wow. Hate much? Of course it will- at least, it will if Ryan wants to keep 1/3 of his viewers.

        • Gleefail says:

          He has already lost 1/3 of his viewers… Glee has gone down hill since the end of series one. Repetative storylines, ridiculous characterisation, and generally poor quality writing. They wanted to “shake things up a bit” by breaking Rachel and Finn up. REALLY?

          • Alli says:

            I have to say though, they were smart to break all our favorite couples up. Sure I hate them for it, but tell me you’re not going to watch the next episode just to see what happens. By breaking up the couples, they are going to get a lot more viewers.

          • Jazmine says:

            Actually Glee didn’t start loosing viewers until season 3… Season 2 had the highest amount of viewers for Glee from seasons 1-4. But I will agree crappy writing/ characterization as well as booting half their main cast has cost them viewers…

          • Sil says:

            There have been lots of reasons for the decline of viewers. Glee changed drastically, season 2 to more drama. Season 3 were so many PSA’s. Season 1 was new and different with a wide range of intelligent writing with crisp and inventive characters. It was full of quirky, hilarious romp, satirical and filled with diversity of music from classic rock to pop with a show tune here or there. It had a wonderful cross between adult themes and kid themes. Season 2 Will, Sue and Emma were really written poorly to the point that it ruined the charm and witt and function of their characters. Today they are background characters to the focus mainly on the students and kid couples and drama. Drama being the key to the change season 2 into season 3.Even Ryan Murphy admits to having a renewed interest in Glee sice this last episode. So he let it go for a while while just showed in the story telling. You could tell when the new writers took over-way out of the way stories for season 3. I have to admit this episode is the best of this season so far. Even with the theme of it so drastically sad and morose. The acting was excellent. The music was awesome. IMO, Glee needs to regain its original magic by humor, satire, adult content mixed into its original quirkiness. There is SOOOO much drama anymore. I’ve said before because it is true. Glee has become a teenage soap opera with music. This episode just put the drama back into Glee has the main focus of it. But Break Up was solid writing and important stories to tell. I think, even though the writers own and create the show, Glee needs to retain some of its quirkiness with hilarious humor with satire into adult content, like Push It. Now at a later time with graduates in college it needs to pursue college life with humor-less drama. Less couple drama, focus on the characters and their obstacles.

      • vrn says:

        this is Glee…. all the couples are going to be FINE.

  3. Kaitlyn says:


    • Airyn says:

      To everyone, and I mean everyone saying “Finchel forever”, or “I only watched it for Finchel”, please do the world a favor and just stop talking. You obviously have missed the fact that the characters in this show are growing and maturing. Fin is still the same person he was when he was at McKinley, he never left. He hasn’t had the chance to grow and mature, but Rachel has. New York has grown on her, and she’s a new person. She has outgrown Finn, and it’s time for her to move on. I feel like Brody fits her more now, and I’m all for Brochel. Just because they were the center for awhile, doesn’t mean they still have to be. People change. One thing Glee is good at, is sometimes catching real life situations. They’re showing that not all relationships last forever. And that people change. So please, chill.

      • Chirstina says:


      • Gleek1 says:

        Amen to this. 100% accurate in every way!

      • ashley says:

        I agree rachel and brody should get together but I still think in the end finn and rachel will get together. Yes they are both in different places in life now. Finn needs to grow up while rachel needs to see what’s out there but in the end they will be on the same page and end up together. I don’t think its the end on finn and rachel.but it is the end to the high school version of them and brody and rachel look cute together and he what she needs right know.to much over reacting without seeing the big picture.

      • Krista says:

        Woo! Agreed. Both characters are wonderful, but are meant for seperate people.

      • Olivia says:

        You know nothing about Brody…how is he better and a better fit? Because he is Broadway bound? Sometimes the commonalities in a relationship kill it. It is when people are different enough that they balance each other that makes love last. She only has that with Finn. They are written to be fated lovers…so they need to end as such. They belong together…after Finn finds himself and his goal and truly becomes a man. I think in order for Finchel fans to support Rachel with anyone, they would have had to introduce the guy after she broke up with Finn. This guy is just doomed. And I don’t like the way he was setting up Finn when he was urging Finn to sing with Rachel. Who would want to sing in a bar that is frequented by Nyada students when they don’t have that skill. He is a jerk, bottom line. An Rachel she failed Finn’s test…when he said sing it with Brody, a real girlfriend would have said no and done a solo. She still have LOTS of growing up to do. Both of them do and I agree for them to do it apart from each other. But if the show continues on and on without a Finn and Rachel reunion it won’t be the same. I will be slap in the face of a relationship they have been nurturing to 3 years.

        • Leah says:

          If glee was going for a ‘opposites attract’ or ‘things in common ruin a relationship, it has to be balanced’ story line, they would have kept rachel with puck, that is the one boyfriend she has had who completely had a balance of differences. They can’t keep rachel and finn together all the time, they need a break and the perfect man to fill in for finn during the break is brody. This is just an opportunity to explore more character pairings and deepen the characters further, they would have hit a level with finchel that they couldn’t get below, and this will help the writers avoid that. They will be together in the end but it will be a while and its a healthy thing. Glee is about high school and high school is about growing and changing, and Glee is doing exactly that.

      • FinnWillFindHisDreamThisYear says:

        You can’t tell people to stop talking…you are doing plenty of it yourself. You don’t like what we are saying? Well, we don’t like what YOU are saying. Out of all relationships, THIS (Finn and Rachel) is the one that SHOULD survive. It is the staple relationship of the show. And I am pretty sure that when the show ends, and it will sooner or later, it will end with a Finn/Rachel wedding. After, of course, Rachel gets her Tony and caricature in Sardis. I love this show, but the majority of what I love deals with this relationship. And that goes for all Finchel lovers. You may like another couple, or none…whatever. Finn and Rachel have not changed…they are still the same. The driven, determined girl who knows what is in store for her, and the insecure buy who is currently lost. Those are things that time will fix. Cheating on a lover is never fixable; something in you dies when that happens. Not “kissing cheating”, but “Blaine did another guy, cheating.” So out of the three relationships, this is the only one that really does not stand a chance.

        • Xander says:

          Didn’t Finn cheated on Rachel and the other way around constanly? You know Quinn, Santana for Finn, Puck and Jessie(sorta) for Rachel. I mean they used to break-up every now and then mainly because they cheated on eachother… Or did we watch different shows.

        • Sil says:

          I agree. Finn and Rachel represented from the beginning that opposites attract and they represented the opposing classes of high school-losers and populars. With the the hot male lead and the stunning ingenue coming together leading the Glee Club to learn tolerance and acceptance of others would change and make them better people. As for the cheating Blaine did, Finn and Rachel learned that action could hurt their significant other worse more than anything. Rachel and Finn moved beyond that. Where Blaine’s immaturity led him to really hurt Kurt beyond measure. Kurt’s let his job take over his life and didn’t answer Blaine’s callls. So, IMo, they were both wrong on different levels. Alot that they will have to overcome, long distance will not be easy to make amends. IMO, Brittana, Finchel and Wemma will fare so much better and easier than Klaine. It’s so sad that 1 episode has to affect all the couples in such a significant and deep way.

      • vrn says:

        But after what Rachel said about Brody people still rooting for their??? lol Rachel made clear that she kissed brody because FINN not called her… Rachel made clear that she feels nothing for him…just physical attraction… she made clear that she will always be in love with Finn… and after that if the writers make Brochel a thing is going to be very silly…. Rachel needs to be single for a while, found herself, same on Finn, they need to be single… and then in the end being together… “two strangers learn to fall in love again” finchel is endgame and its pretty clear after 4×04

      • Shanna says:

        If you don’t think Finchel is the endgame plan that the writers have been setting up from day 1 then you’re obviously watching a different show. Brody has no back story, is a guest actor, and exists only as a stall for Finchel and after Rachel made it clear that she felt nothing for him but attraction and that Finn is her love and always will be they have absolutely nowhere left to go with Brody. He will be gone by mid-season, guarantee it. The whole point of Finchel in this episode was that it was Rachel’s version of the train scene- her “surrender” so Finn could find his dream. She wants to be with him, they just can’t-NOW (Rachel’s word, not mine). And since when has Glee been good at real-life situations? Are you sure you’re watching the same show?

  4. LJ says:

    OMG finchel forever!

  5. FINCHELFOREVER they were the best part Cory and Lea are such good actors

  6. meg says:

    Cory and Lea killed it in the greatest way possible, they’re the only couple on glee where both people are great actors and not just one half of them is. This episode heavily implies that they’ll get back together soon once they’re both ready. Even Heather Morris who isn’t the greatest actress did a great job tonight so props to her.

    • The only couple? I disagree…Will and Emma are a better couple with better actors.

      • Diane granger says:

        So glad someone is acknowledging the very talented Matt Morrison and Jayma Mays. We need more Wemma!

        • Sil says:

          I love Wemma and Finchel as my favs. It’s a shame that the writing as put them in the background. Wemma was Adult Finchel with adult outcomes where Will made the wrong choices to lead him as a teacher of Spanish he never wanted to do. Emma with OCD and unable to handle it til she got together with Will. Finn and Rachel are their counterparts but as high svhool student with potentials still ahead of them depending on the choices they make.

      • Alison Achter says:

        I think they are the better actors because they have had more experience, but just like Kurt and Blaine, they didn’t really get much of a chance to really throw it out there and really show the audience what they are made of. I think there are or should be a big build for these two couples in the next few episodes.

    • KC says:

      I would actually argue that Chris and Darren were the best actors last night. You could just see Blaine’s heart breaking as it fully sank in how much he was about to potentially lose during Teenage Dream. You can pinpoint where it happened exactly, even. And Chris? You could hear the pain in Kurt’s voice during the park scene and you could just feel how numb he was after Blaine left. If he doesn’t win an Emmy for this I don’t know what the world has come to.

      • Amy says:

        I totally agree with you.

      • Krista says:

        I amso GLAD someone else feels this way!! Kurt, in my opinion, is the strongest character on Glee and adding Blaine to the cast has only made things better. Finn and Rachel don’t run the darn show!!

        • Kay says:

          I agree with your comment totally. Chris and Darren are the only reason I watch Glee anymore. They are really good at what they do. They make the characters come alive and you can feel the chemistry between the two as they act together. I just hope Kurt and Blaine can continue this journey and overcome the drama of the break-up episode and eventually find their way back to each other, if it is meant to be. If not, I hope they can at least be friends because that is where it all began with them.

      • Ken says:

        i agree completely.i love Chris and Darren. i love Kurt and Blaine. and i love Klaine. nothing can changes that.

      • couldn’t say it better!!! i totally agree

      • Alison Achter says:

        I actually agree with you. With most of the episode being about Rachael and Finn, from the little time that they had on the screen, Chris and Darren did an excellent job.

      • Darcy says:

        Well said. Chris is almost always great and Darren has never been better. My main problem is I found the story ridiculous as I find it very OOC for Blaine to cheat. I know they wanted to break up everyone but they could have found a better way that was more realistic because the way they wrote it just didn’t work for me at all. So even though Chris and Darren did a great job with the material, I still couldn’t buy it.

        • AJ says:

          I think they just wanted to give them something big and bad enough to drag out for a few episodes and really shake Blaine to the core. It’s OOC, but I guess we all do things we wouldn’t when we’re not in the right place mentally. I personally hope Kurt and Blaine can get past this, my favorite parts of the show were in NY with Finn and Rachel and Kurt and Blaine, I’d love for that to be the NY part of the show at one point.

      • threegirlpeaches says:

        Absolutely…the situation with Kurt and Blaine was the single most heartbreaking one on this episode. I wanted to cry along with Blaine as he sang Teenage Dream. I truly hope they get back together because Kurt is my most favorite character on the show and he and Blaine are my favorite couple. ~sigh~

      • Sil says:

        All of us perceive the story, acting and singing to the result of the story in different ways. It meant alot for you with Blaine. Where pothers felt it was Santana or Britanny. For me it was Finn and Rachel. These stories have affected us all emotional to the hilt, to the point of raw emotion.

  7. Lo says:

    I love how they tried the entire episode to make us feel bad for Finn, when it was the exact opposite. Darren also needs some acting classes. His facial expressions during the break up and Teenage Dream were comical. Also, go Rachel! I hope she focuses on herself for once and furthers her goals.

    • Allison says:

      I’m sorry, but did you just say Darren needs acting classes? Are you freaking high!? Chris and Darren had the best acting out of anyone! The emotion in Darren’s face and voice while singing Teenage Dream was phenomenal and he should win some type of award! If Darren and Chris weren’t on the show, I wouldn’t even be watching anymore.

      • Celine says:

        It was a bit too much, to be honest. He always tends to overact in emotional scenes (or when he sings, for that matter). I like him reasonnably, he’s a good singer, but you have to recognize that he’s not the best actor on this show… Not the worst either, but certainly not the best.

      • Pat Graney says:

        Agree; the one who needs acting lessons is Cory Monteith. Hope he’s saving his money; will have NO career when “Glee” is over. Like most of them.

        • Hannah says:

          Brochel for ever….Darren really overacts sometimes in dramatic and singing scenes..when he was singing cough syrup…he looked like he was getting f**d..just saying!!

        • Mike says:

          Pat, I respectfully disagree. Cory is one of their best actors. For example, his facial expressions in the last 15 seconds of the cliffhanger in Ep 3 showed us everything Finn felt during those moments. Their most underrated actor, I dare say.

          • Cath says:

            Thank you. I think he’s one of the best actors on the show. He may not have the best voice but he makes up for that in his acting.

          • vrn says:

            Cory and Lea both are the best actors on glee for me, with Chris colfer of course…the best critics about last night episode are for them—

        • Sil says:

          Who’s making movies, advancing his career to go beyond Glee when the time is right. Cory!!! I don’t see many others doing that. I’m very proud to say that Cory has acceptional acting talent, so underated.

          • Rayne says:

            While yes Cory is doing this let’s not forget that so are Diana, Lea, Darren, Chris, Jane, Jayma, Matt, Max, Harry, Ashley all in the last 2 seasons I believe. And some in not just one movie as well. Some are also doing other projects on their down time as well. Producing CD’s, Darren runs a production company, etc. They are all very exceptional in their own ways and deserve all the accolades they receive.

          • Sm says:

            @rayne I was responding to an above comment saying that Cory cannot act. Needs acting lessons. I realize others are doing other projects beyond Glee. My response to the above person just centered on Cory, who is obviously not a favorite of said person.

      • Alison Achter says:

        I totally agree. To be completely honest with you, even though Darren and Chris had a smaller interaction with each other as arguments and discussions go compared to the other characters, they did brilliant and Darren’s facial expressions were very moving throughout the song. I think the best two moving songs were Teenage Dream and Mine. I think the relationship between Britney, Santana, Blaine and Kurt are very special and should continue.

      • Angela says:

        I wanted to cry along with Darren during Teenage Dream…that’s the breakup that breaks my heart the most… :((

        • Kay says:

          Angela – I did cry during that song. It just broke my heart to see him realizing what he could potentially lose as he was singing those words. The look in his eyes, the tears brimming, I just felt so bad for him. And then when they were walking in the park and he had to admit to Kurt what he had done and the reaction from Kurt – the whole scene was so heartbreaking. But I don’t know if they are actually broken up yet because of what Blaine told Finn in the choir room. Sounds like Kurt won’t talk to him at all so the relationship is kind of in limbo right now. Guess we will have to see what happens in the new few episodes. I’m hoping that Blaine will try to win Kurt back but I’m not sure if Kurt will forgive him for what he did. I really wanted those two to be together forever. I’m not giving up hope yet but we will just have to see how this all unfolds.

      • Klaineandfinchelsucksomuch says:

        Darren overacts ALL the time. It’s so anoying when Blarren stans think he’s the best actor on the show. Clearly you guys know nothing about acting. He needs to tone it down a notch. Naya, Heather, Lea, and Cory probably had the best acting that episode.

        And I love how Klainers are trying to justify Blaine cheating. Even if he did just kiss the guy, it’s still cheating.

        Klaine and Darren’s acting suck. Have a nice day.

        • bryan says:

          I like how everyone on this feed is judging their acting when 98% haven’t probably ever taken a single acting class or know what their talking about…this turned into a feed for people to exude their ignorance. I have. my. MFA in acting and can tell you that none of the characters on this show are disappointing to watch. Needless to say, its them who are on TV and we who arent

        • Bree says:

          Even though Blaine cheated on Kurt (which cheating in any case is not right), he apologised and it’s super obvious that Blaine can’t forgive himself but when Kurt cheated on Blaine in the Whitney episode in season 3 he didn’t apologise, treated it as he did nothing wrong and that it was all a big joke, yet Blaine forgave him, although I find this wrong that everyone’s hating on Blaine when Kurt ignored his calls, talked only of himself and cheated on Blaine in season 3, it brings on a greater storyline for Blaine, such as depression and even self harm. I know that it sounds horrible, but it goes well with the storyline and glee has not yet covered depression and self harm, which is a HUGE problem in the teenage population.

          • Forever_Klaine says:

            I agree with this. They have been through so much, and while I don’t like the fact Blaine actually cheated, I think that was a bit out of character for him, especially after the Chandler episode with how he feels. I sometimes feel Glee forgets previous episodes when things have happened when they come up with story lines. And Yes I could imagine that happening to Blaine (Depression and Self Harm) and did Kurt ever tell Blaine about David being his secret admirer and apologise in the Whitney episode? But depression is huge at the moment among adults and teenagers alike and a character with so much emotion like Blaine, it would be a big possibility.

          • Ken says:

            Bree says, “glee has not yet covered depression and self harm”…umm did you miss the whole story line with David hanging himself in his bedroom?? The show has already been there…done that.

          • Bree says:

            Sure, they covered suicide, but they have never covered depression or self harm as in cutting. I know people that are depressed and used to cut, but they go to councilling sessions and are on medication to help them. Glee has never looked at the ‘how’ to get better in this situation. In season 2 Blaine said to Burt that his father made them build a car together, not for a nice bonding activity but in the hopes that if he gets his hands dirty it might turn him straight, it is clear that his father does not accept him. With him hating himself with what he did to Kurt, him not feeling complete at Mckinley because Kurt’s not there and possibly even getting verbally abused at home from his father about being gay, they seem like pretty darn good reasons to be depressed. Someone close and a good friend like Sam could discover his cuts on his wrist and talk to him about getting help, where he could then go to Emma and have one of those special teacher, student bonds like finn and Will or Puck and Coach Beist, where Emma could help Blaine and help him get some further help and he could talk to Kurt and tell him whats been going on and Kurt and the whole glee club could help him feel accepted and loved and know that he’s not alone. This is something glee has never done, many teens experience this and it could help those who are experiencing depression.

          • DippityDo11 says:

            Kurt did not ignored his calls his got a JOB you just can`t take personal calls on work. And in Whitney episode he texted a guy so did Blaine with Sebastian. Kurt apologised to Blaine with a song jet Blaine did not with Sebastian. In The First Time after Scandals Blaine tried to sleep with Kurt but Kurt did not wanted that while Blaine was drunk and still Kurt apologised to Blaine and not the way around. Kurt tried to stay in Lima with Blaine but he insisted that Kurt goes to NY and instead he is happy about Kurt getting the job and achieving his dreams he is jealous and selfish because Kurt is not there for him for becoming president and his stupid speech about hair gel. and when Kurt asked him did he transfer schools for him he sad he did not but keeps rubbing it to Kurt`s face that he did and that`s just horrible. Every time something good happened to Blaine Kurt was happy about it accept the school play even then he bought Blaine flowers. Every time Kurt wanted something Blaine got that and he was still happy about it. And now finally someone is paying attention to him and his work he is happy about it, certainly he wants to share that with his boyfriend and than in that Skype date instead he is happy about it he wants to switch it so they talk about him not about Kurt. You have to remember Kurt is longer in this relationship than Blaine because he was in love with Blaine for 5 months and waited for Blaine to notice him. To be honest for me it is only Blaine`s fault for brake up. Kurt was lonely for 2 years before Blaine and he was lonely in New York where he has only one friend and still did not cheat because he is so in love with Blaine. And yet after maybe a month Blaine goes and cheats on Kurt and says it dosn´t matter who it was. But I think Kurt will forgive him and blame himself for brake up. For me this is not healthy relationship although I love Klaine.

          • anne says:

            Texting someone and going to their house to hook up are two different things.

      • I agree I am a huge Darren Criss fan and I saw nothing comical in his acting last night his feelings felt geniune in all scences. I was impressed by all the actors on Glee last night, thought they all did a great job.

        • Gleek says:


        • Forever_Klaine says:

          I agree. I was moved to tears by ALL actors acting but especially Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Britney, Sanatana and YES even Finn did some of the best acting I have seen but he still lacks facial expressions unlike the others acting, though Darren Criss and Teenage Dream along with Scientist stole the show and honestly I felt my heart break.

        • eby says:

          You are right Melissa. I think Darren’s acting is great and the rest of the glee cast too. They are doing exactly what their writers and directors ask. I guessed right from the Whitney tribute episode that the most likely of the two (Kurt and Blaine) to cheat would be Blaine. I think his insecurities are touching and will speak to a lot of teenagers in love for the first time who can’t seem to get a handle on their seemingly overwhelming emotions. Ray n Finn are wonderful characters as well though I don’t see them together in the long run. She’s destined for the bright lights of fame while I see Finn going back to their hometown, going to university and probably taking a job at Mckinley as a part-time football coach and giving a little something back to the glee club as well. Their relationship would be a hallmark in their lives and they will forever refer to their ‘first love’ but that’ll be it. I see Kurt and Blaine together in the future. Blaine coming to join Kurt in New York and Rachel in school. I’ve named Blaine the ‘Gaychel’ of Mckinley and I do pray he turns out alright because he’s a beautiful character regardless of the cheating. It happened. It was damn wrong but I pray Kurt forgives him because I remember Kurt telling him ‘I’m never saying goodbye to you’. It will be hard but it’s a learning curve. I doubt that Blaine would repeat his actions. Keeping my fingers crossed. Go Glee!

      • Bonnie says:

        I completely agree with you. I think that Chris and Darren are the best actors. The scene where he sang Teenage Dream was so good, I almost started crying. So no, he is definately not the one in need of acting lessons. Some people.. LOL

      • kobbi says:

        it was really difficult to figure out what emotions, other than anguish, he wanted to communicate. Also, wouldn’t most people also feel a little butter at the same time? I think that should have come across to be really convincing-IDK, and I hate writing this, as I ADORE DARREN CRISS! Afterwards, especially, In the street scene, with Kurt, Colfer was phenomenal and I was wincing, sad that Criss was so overshadowed, yet I was riveted by Colfer. Sadly, Could it be that because Darren is straight he may not have been able to summon the proper emotions, looking at Colfer, perhaps? Seems Blaine would have felt a bit of angst-where was it?

        • kobbi says:

          BITTER, lol, not butter

        • Sheribomb says:

          You obviously don’t follow Darren the actor quite as much as you allude to (saying you ADORE Darren when you really just treat him as a sex object for straight girls) as he has said that he arrived in New York to film that scene the day after a trip to Chicago to perform A Very Potter Musical Senior Year. That Chcago show was immediately after long days filming Glee. The Potter experience was tough, as it was with little to no rehearsal, it could possibly be the final thing he does with a group that changed his life, it was live, and all the actors and the audience were very emotional. He then flew immediately to New York, where he was suprised to find they were filming this scene, and that it had been written in at the last minute that he had cheated on Kurt. Darren had originally expressed reluctance for Klaine’s breakup, but Colfer eventually convinced him to go along. He has discussed this in interviews. He also was angry about the decision to have Blaine cheat, since he has to portray a character that the writers keep changing to the point of ridiculousness.most actors know and love their characters dearly. Chris, as a writer himself, knew that they were getting poor treatment by Murphy and Co. As far as writing goes. By agreeing to “drama”, Colfer was hoping that both he AND Darren would get better material that would receive some kudos from critics. And Colfer was right. They have BOTH done some of the best work of their young careers. Playing opposite one another. And they hope to continue, as they obviously love Kurt, Blaine, And Klaine. I often think they love their characters way more than any of the writers do, especially Murphy, who created the iconic pair, but seems to hate his own creation.
          And your comment was disgusting about Criss being unable to express FEELINGS with Colfer. As Criss has stated, more times than I can count, the biggest perk of his job is working with the Golden Globe winning Chris Colfer. I have NEVER heard Colfer bring this award up, but Criss ALWAYS does. And proudly, like he really cares about Colfer. And this highly praised version of Teenage Dream that was, most likely, a major turning point in Criss’ career? Blaine was singing to HIS BOYFRIEND,KURT. Seemed pretty heartfelt to me.

          • Kay says:

            I agree with your comments totally. This was the best episode of the season. So heartfelt and emotional and sad. I just hope that Kurt and Blaine can recover from this and eventually find each other again because I really feel they belong together. Darren Criss and Chris Colfer are in my opinion the best actors on Glee, and they work so well together. They both have bright futures ahead of them.

    • Alison Achter says:

      I disagree. I think that although Rachael and Finn are the main area the directors like to concentrate on, I think that they could have focused more on the other couples. Finn and Rachael had that big fight at the end of the episode, which really showed how good their acting really was. The scene where Santana sang Mine to Britney and the discussion they had there was very moving. The couple I was waiting for was Blaine and Kurt to also have that discussion. Yes, Blaine sung that song to Kurt, which by the way, was excellent in the way he portrayed that across to the audience. And then there was the scene where he confessed to Kurt what he did. I do not think that Darren’s acting was in any way bad, because the way he brought out Teenage Dream was brilliant. I just don’t think he was given the chance to really show what he is really capable of. By the sound of the episode, where Kurt refuses to talk to Blaine, it seems to me that hopefully there is going to be a big build up to try and get these to back together.

      • Kay says:

        Right. When Blaine talked to Finn in the choir room, he said Kurt wouldn’t talk to him and he was unsure whether they are broken up. So for right now, they are still together but on shaky ground. We’ll see in the next few episodes if that situation changes. I’m thinking Kurt will break it off, but I’m hoping that Blaine will make an effort to try to change his mind (I want these two to work it out and stay together). But it is up to the writers to make that happen. I know Blaine cheated and it was definitely wrong, but I hope Kurt will forgive him for this lapse in judgement and give him a second chance.

    • Trish says:

      I think the show was very true to real life. High school is high school, but your supposed to grow and maybe go in different directions. That’s life, if u don’t move on to follow your dream or grow, then there is a problem.

    • Gleek1 says:

      Up until this episode, I despised Finn with all my heart. I thought he was a complete fool the moment he brought out the engagement ring and refused to listen to the college guidance that Rachel, Emma, and Will were trying to give him. But this episode showed that Finn realizes that he has no place in this world. That’s brilliant. I watch this show because it represents the underdog, and Finn has definitely regained the underdog status. He’s now a small fish in a huge ocean. I’m excited to see Finn’s growth, and how he finds his place this season. I’ve regained my respect for Finn’s character, so yeah. I think Finn and Cory did AMAZING this episode.

    • Steph says:

      Personal feelings for Darren aside, the argument that he needs acting lessons is completely invalid. He has a degree in acting. Whether you particularly like his acting or not, the general world of tv, movies, and theater likes it. So, overruled. Also, what many percieve as overacting, people who really know him see as an overflow of the amazing amounts of energy and passion that he always has. He is a very skilled actor, as are most of the glee cast, but he has the degree to his credit.

      • Cindy Stevens says:

        Oh my God, a degree does NOT guarantee talent. If you weren’t so obsessed with this beefcake you would see he is not that good! My drama prof saw him in H2$ and said he was BAD!

    • Dev says:

      OK, let me get this straight…ACTING CLASSES?! Darren Criss majored in Theater with an emphasis on acting from one of the top colleges in the nation University of Michigan, this is also the place James Earl Jones and Michael Moore graduated from…’nuff said.

  8. Amanda says:


  9. Jess says:

    I mean… if Finchel is done for good, so am I. They are why I watch. They are what I have invested 4 years into. If the writers choose to screw that over, I’m not into that. This season has already had me on the fence interest wise. To have Finn finally come back and have Finchel break up is really pushing the limits to me. I do not want Finn stuck in Lima because to him that is becoming a Lima loser.

    • Gleek1 says:

      Finn needs to find his path in life, and Lima is the one place he can accomplish that. Yes, he’s a Lima Loser. That’s what he gets for not having found his dream earlier on. This is a part of life that Finn will get to overcome, so it’s actually exciting. You saw him in New York. He wasn’t interested in anything. Finn will be the director of New Directions while Will is in Washington, or so I’ve heard, so hopefully that arch will be done well.

      For now, you need to realize that Finchel is not the only point of the show. Relationships on Glee are only supplemental to the underdog image that every character needs. If that’s the only part of the show you like, then fine. I love every character on this show, so no matter who comes in or who goes out, I’m sticking with it. I know you may not see it that way, but to each his own. :)

  10. Margaret says:

    I have no doubt we’ll see Finchel again. Finchel forever.

  11. Siren says:

    Tonight, more than ever, Finchel Forever

  12. nicole says:

    Finchel forever!!!

  13. Joe says:

    And with that I am done with Glee. So much investment into two couples and then you just character assassinate with all but

    • Gleek1 says:

      So you were willing to watch a show about Mary Sue/Gary Stu couples? I watch the show for the struggle, and not just the struggle of relationships. I watch Glee for Will, Emma, Sue, Roz, Figgins, Shannon, Mrs. Rose, Tina, Artie, Blaine, Sam, Brittany, Sugar, Joe, Unique, Marley, Kitty, Jake, Jacob, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Puck, Mike, Quinn, Cassie, Isabelle, Brody, and Becky as INDIVIDUALS. These are all people who have been or are suffering with an issue of life, combating the difficulties, and proving that the underdog isn’t stuck in the sub-basement their whole life.

  14. LJ says:

    Finn and Rachel need to get back together, they have too! Glee just wouldn’t be right if they don’t get their happy ending!

  15. Laylita says:

    I think it was unnecessary for Finchel to Break up, It´s been there donde that, for Klaine even though I do belive they needed drama the cheating was unnecesary.
    I really don´t like that Cory is not sure about Finchel anymore, is sad that two people who are clearly inlove cant work things out. You can change everything else except love. They should be together and that possibility should be more than open.

    • Mikey says:

      Meh, Cory is just saying that because it adds another flavor to the story. Finn and Rachel’s journey have actually become more interesting this way.

  16. Nancy says:

    Welcome back, Finn Hudson! Cory was so amazing in this episode. Finn really needs to find himself, his dream, his place in the world before he can get back with Rachel. Though my Finchel heart is broken, I think there’s hope that they each grow as individuals so that they can reunite stronger than ever. Finchel is forever.

  17. Mafer says:

    I know the universe is gonna bring them back together #FinchelForever

  18. English says:

    Brittany should never cry. It should be illegal. I held it together until she cried. I like the way the story is going. It feel real.

    • Me34 says:

      I always thought Heather Morris had the most real crying out of everyone from the cast. Lea Michele’s crying makes me uncomfortable in a bad way (and I like everything else she does except for that).

  19. Me says:

    Cory and Lea did an amazing job tonight. FInchel forever they are why I watch Glee and I can’t see the show deviating from them.

  20. Darth Pablo says:

    You get a breakup! You get a breakup! EVERYBODY GETS A BREAKUP!!!!

  21. Fer says:

    even with them broken up the tethered is there stronger than ever #FinchelForever

  22. Patti says:

    If Rachel and Finn are done forever then I am done with the show. I have built a connection to that pair and the show isn’t the same without them together

  23. Amanda says:

    “I’ve always had such a personal attachment to the ‘Finchel’ storyline”

    Translation: I want to get laid tonight. MONCHELE killed glee for me.

    • Maggie says:

      You’re pathetic then. Cory and Lea’s personal life and relationship shouldn’t be affecting the way you view the show. Regardless of whether or not you like Finchel, you need to keep in mind that Cory and Lea are two grown adults who reserve the right to be with the person they love. They don’t live to please you. Personally, Cory and Lea’s relationship has only made the show more enjoyable for me.

  24. Nic says:

    I love Cory’s and Lea’s dedication to playing Finn and Rachel and while they might be down, I know they’re not out. I was left with the feeling that someday soon Finn and Rachel will find their way back because they’re not over. They’re just giving each other space to find themselves. “TWO STRANGERS LEARN TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN. I GET THE JOY OF REDISCOVERING YOU…. ”

    Finchel forever. Possibilities are endless yes but soulmates always find their way back.

  25. Jaime says:

    Cory, don’t say that! #youllbebacktogetherbyfebruary #please

  26. Sara says:

    I thought Finn and Rachel’s love was so deep and shown in the train scene and nothing could top that. Wow. So wrong. They are so in love and it hits me right in the feelings. I agree they need this time apart right now, but seriously if they give either one of them a new love interest, I’m out. It will be unbelievable to me!

  27. Finchel Forever! It hurts but they’ll be back! Also Cory and Lea are just AMAZING in their scenes together!

    • mave says:

      OMG!! They really are amazing together, My head and heart hurts but in a good way, I think theres hope for finchel and I wish Lea and Ciry share more scenes together, So much feekings right now, I want to see their jorney and come back together

  28. VANESSA says:


  29. madison says:

    I ship Finn and Rachel like it’s nobody’s business, but I actually want them to be separated for a while. They both need to grow as individuals, especially Finn. He needs to get his groove back before thinking about a relationship. I think one chapter of their lives have ended. Now, to begin a new chapter. But Finchel will remain in my heart forever. And I think that’s what Cory is saying.

  30. Lois says:

    We all know Finchel will eventually get back together. But I do think it’s important for all the couples to have their time apart. No matter how ‘realistic’ it is for infidelity to occur in strained relationships, based on Blaine’s reaction to Kurt’s texting with Chandler last season, I still find it hard to swallow that he’s a cheater. But then, he’s young and he was in pain and feeling lost not only without Kurt but because he still doesn’t really feel like he fits in at McKinley so I can come to terms with it. As long as Klaine work out their issues and eventually get back together, I’ll be fine.

    • Christy says:

      I’m on the fence. Like, it came out of no where, but didn’t. Blaine had the flirtation with Sebastian before, so he has had a wondering eye. I don’t think it is necessarily THAT far fetched, but I do hate that the writers went there.

      • Gleek1 says:

        … I don’t get what there is to be ‘on the fence’ about, Christy.

        Hehe, sorry. I just had to poke some Kitty fun in here. xD But seriously, I agree. When I saw Blaine texting ‘Hey sexy’ I was like “Blaine… That better be Kurt’s nickname or I am going to have to ask WHO THE BLEEP IS ELI?” xD

    • Forever_Klaine says:

      Totally agree that it seemed out of character for Blaine even though he is lonely and I just wish they would both remember previous episodes and Kurt remembered how insecure Blaine can be like with the Chandler episode. Though I know its no excuse to cheat. I do wish we could have found out more about the hook up.

  31. Guest says:

    Once again Cory and Lea prove what they can do with great scenes and a well written storyline. They are just amazing and a pleasure to watch. I have no doubt they will reunite because if these two do not do regular scenes together, the writers are wasting the best part of the show. They have real chemistry and are both very talented actors. Chris Colfer once again showed how talented he is as did Naya Rivera. But the real surprises tonight were Darren Criss (best performance by far) and Heather Morris (who I normally like in very small doses. Also tonights music was one of the best batches ever. Fav song was The Scientist, Barely Breathing and Don’t Speak!

  32. Kate says:

    Cory/Finn and Lea/Rachel were the absolute best part of the episode. Truly, I think this episode entails their best performances yet. Finchel will always be forever. Sometimes people have to grow apart to grow together again. I seriously doubt any relationship that the writers have spent three years developing would just be dropped. For now all we can do is have faith and remember the fitting lyrics of their first Regionals duet:
    “And being apart ain’t easy on this love affair
    Two strangers learn to fall in love again
    I get the joy of rediscovering you
    Oh, girl
    You stand by me
    I’m forever yours
    Finchel is forever – faithfully.

  33. Canadian_JBS says:

    Glee is racist. If you are a fan of the show, you will know what I mean.
    (But in case you don’t, consider the following: all of the couples that were featured tonight all happen to be white. I’m just saying.)
    Because of this, this episode of Glee gets a big F-.
    That is all

    • Darcy says:

      Jake and Kitty were featured – they even broke up. Jake is part African American – why else do you think Kitty told him “Obama is going to lose”

    • F. Dillinger says:

      Have you ever looked at Naya Rivera?

    • Courtney says:

      Couldn’t it be nice that all the couples were white? This could be taken that there are more stable relationships amongst other races. Maybe Unique and whomever she is with are blissfully happy. You never know. Also it is just a TV show don’t let things bother you so much. Try and be a happier more positive human being. If not life will be long and difficult instead of fun. :)

      • Canadian_JBS says:


        • Courtney says:

          We already knew they broke up. You get the info on them in the next episode apparently. It’s all Tina’s fault from what I have read. They are getting their own storyline so just calm down. You are too stressed out over a little TV show. You should be happy just because this show as one of the more racially diverse casts on TV. I can name a million shows were different races aren’t even in the background.

          • Canadian_JBS says:

            But it very well could have been done tonight as well. Therefore, I stand by what I said. Glee is racist; that is all.

        • Courtney says:

          Maybe it couldn’t have been done tonight. Maybe Mike was unable to come back and film. Did you ever think about that? Hopefully his career is taking off even more because he is amazingly talented.

        • Cg says:

          So because a break up happened in the premiere episode and not here you accuse the show if being racist? Nevemind that there is still lots if show left this season to deal with Mike and Tina’s breakup? Do you even know what racist means? More likely you just didn’t get your way do your childish response it to hurl false accusations.

          • Canadian_JBS says:

            People please you all get closure and you still complain. How in hell do the most dysfunctional couple in GLEEs history (Rachel and Finn) compel people to blindness. They dedicate a whole episode to the white couples in GLEE who broke up and we get less than a snippet about the couples of color who had solid relationships but could not be given even 15 minutes of film time to discuss what happened to them (forget that Mercedes and Sam have not even been mentioned at all in 4 episodes figments of our imagination from Season 3 I guess duh!) at least they gave Mike and Tina about 3 lines of concern to drop a possible hint of what happened to them. Of course RM is feeling good because you all are buying this crap and sobbing about this terrible writing and storylines (no consistency; yes some of remember what happened as far back as 2 seasons ago. People state that GLEE was changing lives and discussing ideas about being accepting but as soon as they pair the Mercedes character (yes people character) with a guy who doesn’t look like her (Sam, also a character) all hell breaks loose in the fandom and other places (people refuse to accept that they had chemistry and were cute together because of bigotry and GLEE failed to take a stand and defend them they just caved). GLEE even stated that TIKE would try their long distance relationship. People if you really believe GLEE still stands for what you thought it did take the blinders off and realize that your prejudices and judgmental attitudes destroyed 2 of the best, most believable, and most stable couples (TIKE and SAMCEDES) so the show could pander to its white audience (and yes I am white/caucasian however you want to label me and most of you do label and judge (shame on you)) and keep tuning in. GLEE sort of once upon a time was inclusive now its exclusive requiring you to be white if you want any screen time or lasting relationship. Sad times now and ahead for GLEE if it continues down this path. Remember when GLEE was about a bunch of kids looking to fit in and be special and not just props to Rachel, Kurt and Finn. Furthermore, because Santana was in a relationship with a white, the fact that she is Latino is disregarded. Conversly, because Mercedes is (I think) still in a relationship with Sam (who is also white), their relationship is thrown to the backburner. Same goes with Tina & Mike.

          • Courtney says:

            I wish there was a way to respond to the original poster privately because I hate writing this on a public form. It sounds to me like you are a little racist against your own race. The way you are reacting gives off the vibe of a guilty conscience. I think because a simple fun TV show is effecting you this badly you need to find someone to talk to. It could really help you. Mike and Tina will have their moment in the next episode that is something that has been known for a while. Mercedes (whom I often forget existed since leaving) and Sam I never really understood as a couple, not because of race (I am in an interracial relationship by the way) but because their personalities don’t fit. Sam is too nice for her. I hope you find the peace and acceptance that you are looking for. Keep your head up in life and if you want to watch a racist show watch one that one features one race in every kind of role.

          • Joe says:

            I agree with Courtney — the original post is so over dramatic with their protest that there is something underlying to it. And yes — the his/her postings comes across as a child having a temper tantrum because they didn’t get their way. I also agree with Cg — having an episode that focused on two/three couple, who happen to white, go through trials and tribulations, is not racists. And as a person who had been the victim of racists actions, I assure you this is not what is happening on Glee.

    • sinwagons says:

      Uhm, Santana isn’t white. I know Glee can definitely be racist (and misogynistic, and ableist, and homophobic, etc.), but your statement isn’t completely true.

    • Gleek1 says:

      So just because white/white asian/asian relationships exist means Glee’s racist? Racism is “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races” or “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.” Glee does not hate blacks or whites, and they do not teach the audience that whites are superior to blacks. Casting is totally subjective, and while the white:black ratio is wider than what it should be, the bottom line is, you’re the racist one for suggesting that there are too many white people on the show.

    • Leah says:

      Yea, Finchel is a great story line, I also adore the Klaine story, and was seriously upset with Britana story! They were so perfect!! Also, WTF is going on with Mercedes and Sam??? Also Quinn and the hippie guy?? Anyone else wondering, are they together or not??? Finchel may have been a main plot but I love all of the characters, and their way of dealing with real life issues. Glee has fabulous writers, and even though it breaks my Gleek heart that all these couples are separating, realistically it would happen this way. Plus I personally am proud of Rachel telling Fin that he was acting like a child now, when last season he was acting like a real man. All I want is Kurt and Blaine to work it out and Ill be content! So here’s to hoping that everything works out for all!!!

    • Fatin says:

      Ugh I hate people like you. First of all, calling Santana “white” is racist of you. Secondly, if we all want equality, then WHY should “other races” always have to be featured? I think that’s kind of racist. You have to have a “black” couple, a “chinese couple” because otherwise it’s racist. NO! What we want is equality. So it shouldn’t matter what race the couple is from. It should matter that it’s relevant to the storyline. And Mike, and Tina were never really stand out characters so why should they suddenly be important enough to be part of this episode? I mean Tina was ignored from season 1. She only gets a proper storyline in one episode and is frankly forgotten right afterwards.

    • Raquel says:

      Santana is a latina. In fact, Naya Rivera is half puertorican, a quarter black and a quarter german.

    • Lucky_13 says:

      Just so you know, Santana is Puerto Rican, so Britana has a Latino lover. Just reminding you that Glee is all-inclusive. They have a full cast of all races, including Caucasian, yes, but also Latino, Asian-American, African-American, (and not just half-African American anymore with Wade/Unique) Jewish (which is not just a religion, but the Hebrew people) and LGBT characters. Bravo, Glee, on being one of the most all-inclusive shows out there, bravo!

    • Peter says:

      Glee is racist ?? I never thought of the characters as being black, white, hispanic or asian. I always thought of them as individual people with all the flaws that affect us all at one time or another. The area that received the most attention was the straight and gay relationship differences and that was done well. This is episode 4 of 22 and maybe you should wait before inserting foot into mouth. I am a human being, color me any way you want and I am still a human being. In the mean time look around the globe, there are “racists” in every country, its not just confined to “whites” trust me I’ve traveled enough to see them live and in action both home and away. By the way I have watched many shows overseas that do not have one white person in them even though they form a substantial population group. Would you consider that racist?

    • Dev says:

      Naya Rivera is Half Puerto Rican, a quarter Black and a quarter German. They have addressed her character’s racial ambiguity on the show before lol.

  34. gleefullyfinchel says:

    Finchel Forever. The acting was excellent and I love that Rachel finally surrendered to give Finn the dream he needed to find like he did for her at the train station. Anyone who thinks that they will drop that in the future and never have them find their way back together hasn’t watched the show enough or is buying into the writers hype.

  35. Mag says:

    But from Mr Falchuk himself there’s also “Happy endings not happy middles” and I really hope that we get our happy ending. Finn and Rachel break up was not because they don’t love each other, I think it was clear… As said in the season 3 finale: let the universe do its thing! #finchelforever

  36. VANESSA says:


    • Courtney says:

      I agree with you on the Emmy thing but unfortunately because they submit as a comedy they tend to be over looked because the best performances are often dramatic on the show.

  37. Deb says:

    I really dreaded this episode. And now? Now I’m more certain than I ever that Finchel is forever. This is the kind of epic love that you dream of. Goodbye was Finn doing what was best for Rachel. The Breakup is Rachel doing what’s best for Finn. He is her first love and she wants more than anything in the world for Finn to be her last love. Rachel believes in Finn and you saw the moment Finn finally got that he needed to find his dream first. That he is not the Lima Loser he thinks he is.

    That’s the kind of love that is forever even if they aren’t ready for it just yet.

    But they will be. I will never doubt RIB again.
    Cory Monteith & Lea Michele always magic together, tonight even outdid the car/train scene in Goodbye. Proves that without them Glee was just a shadow of itself.
    And even if they’re not together, romantically right now, Finn and Rachel will be together.
    We know that. And we can wait. But not too long I think. Not until 422. Hopefully by Will & Emma’s wedding.

  38. SW says:

    I’d just like to say that they never, ever established whether or not Kurt and Blaine actually broke up, they just had Blaine say, “I don’t even know IF we’re broken up.” It would’ve been nice if they’d actually given Kurt and Blaine a scene to have the conversation about their break-up instead of just having us assume.

    • Jake says:

      Yeah, but that would involve good writing and carefully-planned narrative, which Glee appears to be incapable of doing. I’m assuming they left it vague for a reason – and I’m hoping for a reconciliation soon.

      There’s also no way in hell I believe that Blaine would cheat. How OOC. It’s like they don’t know their characters at all.

    • Kay says:

      I think they did it that way so that in a future episode they may “actually break up” or they could reconnect. We will have to wait and see. It is all up to Kurt if he wants to give Blaine a second chance or not.

      • Heather says:

        I think they had Blaine cheat because it’s so out of character for him. If you think about it, people would right off the bat assume it would be the Brittana couple because Santana used to sleep around or Brittany because of the whole Sam plot they’ve been creating but when you think of Klaine they have just always been the perfect couple so I feel like they were trying to throw that whole just cause Blaine is awesome doesn’t mean he can’t make a huge mistake (though him cheating on Kurt devastated me!!). And I think they didn’t make an actual break up scene (or I’m hoping) because they’re going to have Blaine trying to win Kurt back for forever! I just really hope that no matter what they just show them breaking up if they’re going to because it will really suck if they’re just broken up when the season starts again and they never actually showed it. I hate when things are supposed to just be assumed!! Great acting all around but, obviously, I’m a Klaine fan and I think Darren’s Teenage Dream was AMAZING and omg Chris crying in the park was just unbelievable, he’s the best actor on the show I think personally and he’s totally underused which is strange to say because he’s on the show all the time.

  39. Holly says:

    This episode just showed how solid Finn and Rachel’s love is.

  40. James says:

    Argh. Why do you break couples only to say: nothing is set in stone? How do they want to make us believe in the storylines if they’re already telling us: don’t worry, it’s just because didn’t know what to do!!! They break up, ok, MOVE ON!!! That being said… I’m happy they can focus now on individual character development.

    • Kay says:

      Couples break up and do reconcile. So it is possible for these couples to reunite at some point. If the love is there and strong enough, anything is possible.

  41. Sophie says:

    if Finchel is finished and so am I they were tone of the reasons why I watched it from beginning to end

  42. Rita says:

    I can sympathize with Cory Monteith’s sentiments on the fate of the Finchel storyline. I am hopeful that Brad Falchuk and the other writers in the show will respect this storyline wherever they would want to take it and respect the investment in this relationships that fans of the show have made over the course of the three seasons until now. We will always support Cory and Lea; they have given so much joy in their portrayal Finn and Rachel’s genuine love for each other. Such a love exists, despite what naysayers and cynics believe and we hope that Glee could keep that hope alive.

  43. TB says:

    Probably one of the most painfully beautiful episodes ever. Everyone was excellent. Cory and Lea were at the very top of their form. This episode showed why their should be a spin off with Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Santana. I’m not a huge Blaine fan but Darren was wonderful too. More than ever this showed that Finn and Rachel belong together and will be back together.

  44. Heidi says:

    Brittana just showed how truly in love they are. This break up hurt like a mofo. Santana made sense I felt bad she made this decision. I felt bad for Brittany too. I wish there was more build up but this just proved these two still love one another.

    Brittany omg girl you win tonight with that crying it made me cry more than I should have.
    Santana could not have sang MINE any better so much emotion.

    Please don’t end Brittana.

    • Alex says:

      Heather Morris was friggin’ AWESOME. I couldn’t hold my tears, neither was my gf. It killed us to watch that. Naya was awesome too, as usual. But tonight, Heather stole the scene. And it feels soooo good to see Brittany more like S2, and not as a toddler. Too bad it had to hurt like that for us to get that Brittany back.

      • Angela says:

        Well said. I agree with you, I like this side of Brittany’s character very much, too. That scene definitely brought tears to my eyes.

    • sinwagons says:

      Yes, this. Especially the point about Brittany crying. I’ve never cried during an episode of Glee, and last night I was bawling when she choked out “I love you too.”

  45. Gracie says:

    This episode just reaffirmed what so many of us already know…Finn and Rachel are Glee. Tonight’s episode had more energy than any other episode this season and they were a big part of that…especially Cory Monteith. He’s fabulous. And watching him play opposite Lea Michele is just the icing on the cake. The two of them are just SO good together. I can’t see how they (I’m looking at you Lord Falchuk) would just let that fall by the wayside. I’ll always root for Finchel.

  46. Alex says:

    Wow. As much as I don’t like Finchel and particularly Finn, I actually cared about their storyline. Same for Klaine. You know what did it for me? Rachel wasn’t a doormat for once, and Finn wasn’t as douchey as he is usually. As for Klaine, wow… poor you, shippers. You probably had the worst of the three “reasons”. I feel for you.
    As a Brittana shipper, I think that this storyline they gave them is SO contrived. LDRs are hard, yes. But Santana feels an “energy” (that makes no effing sense at all btw) and suddenly she breaks up with the girl she loves “the most” and throws away the relationship for which she fought 3 years? For which she learned to accept herself? That is stupid. No way. It hurts enough to see them “unofficialy” breaking up (what does that crap mean anyway?), but it’s so out of character for them that I just can’t go with that storyline. If Brittana don’t get back together, I’ll have to stop watching Glee, because Quinn already left, and they are the 3 characters I care about. I have no other reasons, seriously. I used to, back when Glee was actually GOOD, but not anymore. Brittana keeps me watching. That is all. I can’t handle them apart for a little bit, but not too long, and especially not if one of them has another love interest. If that happens, I’ll watch something else.

    Anyway, this episode further proves how heavy the absence of the originals is, and reinforces how much I DON’T CARE about the noobs. I’d like to, but I don’t. I have nothing against the actors, they’re young, cute and probably nice persons. But do I want to watch their stories? NO.

    Glee, shaking things up might be a good thing. But that was unnecessary to make the 3 couples split. Especially when some of them cough*Brittana*cough have had no reason at all until tonight, suspiciously. You’d better fix your sh– quick because there’s a massive exodus going on this year and tbh, after the hiatus you don’t have much left to sell after this episode. Oh, and btw: Brittana had no chance to be a real couple on screen, and they almost haven’t TALKED to each other last season. Brittany was left out of Santana’s storyline. So please, show a little respect to your fans. Well, those who are still there, of course.

    • Rachel says:

      You are an angel for this post.

    • Lacy says:

      I definitely understand where you are coming from, and I am equally frustrated that Santana and Brittany’s break up was rushed. However, I am also going to keep the faith and keep in mind that this is only the 4th episode. I do respectfully disagree with people who think the Santana/Brittany break up was not realistic or foreseeable even though it pains me to admit because they are my favorite couple. The transition between High School to College is one of the most profound adventures any individual will undergo at such a young age and to state that Santana and Brittany can stay together when they are both mentally and physically worlds apart is insane. Santana needs to blossom into the fierce individual she is destined to be, and Brittany just needs to ultimately pull it together and stop being a H.A.M. I do not believe this can realistically take place if they are together. I loved the subtlety of the energy exchange between Santana and the other girl. Granted the random girl needs to be at least 100 times hotter to have any chance with Santana, but I loved what it represented to Santana’s character…something unchartered and unknown that would be so entertaining to watch her explore without an anchor holding her back. Santana shielding Brittany by not being able to say she is officially breaking up with her and the honesty she has with Brittany about feeling attracted to someone else, no matter how subtle, for me showcased how much respect the writers have for Brittana…and not to mention the ahhmazing performance of “Mine.” Of course I want them to have more screen time, but it’s television and we can’t always have our way. I do ultimately believe Santana and Brittany will find themselves back together again at some point during this season, but for now, both still have a lot of growing up and exploring to do…I am definitely excited to see how it plays out!

      • Alex says:

        Well, I think I didn’t make myself clear enough. Because I totally agre with what you’re saying regarding growing up and being in different places. The thing is, I would actually be strangely ok with that storyline if they had development. Which they didn’t have. Foreshadowing is not enough, it can’t replace actual scenes. Brittana never got real screentime since S2. They got breadcrumbs thrown here and there. Brittany? When they want to feature her dancing skills and use her for one-liners, sure, they use her. Santana being sassy and singing her heart out? Of course. But Brittana together, and especially as a couple? Nope. That’s the problem.
        See, I’m not a Finchel or a Klaine shipper. And sometimes, I’m rolling my eyes so hard at what they write for them that it makes me feel dizzy. That being said, when both of these couples get interesting and compelling stuff without being OOC and OTT, I can watch that and dare I say it, really like it. Those couples have had screentime, development, songs and especially duets (or songs aimed at their SO at least). Brittany and Santana as usual have their once a year event, and that’s pretty much it. Why aren’t we/they treated with more respect? I mean, it would be understandable if Naya and Heather had no talent and did a disservice to the show, but they do have mad skills and are relatable. Naya is featured when it comes to singing, yes. But Santana Lopez, as Brittany S. Pierce’s girlfriend, is summed up by her line in IKAG “update y’all”. That’s what they do to Santana. Don’t even get me started on Brittany, whose voice we’ve barely heard in all of S3 lol. And their couple… yeah. Sigh.

        Mature thing or not, it came out of nowhere. Not because the reasons are wrong. But because there wasn’t any development and screentime leading up to that break-up moment. Also, the librabry girl was unnecessary. Brittana didn’t need a third party to explain why their relationship feels like that at the moment. The changes and distance are enough. Santana starting to own her identity doesn’t necessarily need to be shown with the attraction to a random girl or being hit on and whatnot. At least, not in that moment. It could’ve been interesting in another situation, but while breaking up with her first love, and when their split has nothing to do with that? Why even bringing that up? That makes no sense at all. It’s gratuitous and a contrived way for TPTB to set up potential new LIs for each girl, and let’s be real, we are watching GLEE. We’re used to that. Everybody has hooked up with everybody on that show. Especially Brittany and Santana lol. The first only private moment they have in the same room since S3, they break up and Santana talks about a random girl. How is it okay? There’s no respect for Brittana, don’t say that the writers show them (and us) some because they gave them the “mature breakup”. They didn’t. They just wrote something that was meant to tone down the shippers reactions. That, is the ugly truth. We’re being played, and I’m not okay with that. If some are, well, good for them, I don’t judge. But I personally am not.

        So no, I’m not excited to see where they’re headed, even individually, because it’s contrived nonsense right now, and I’m tired of waiting for some substance and being given scraps. I will miss Heather and Naya on my screen, sure, but I won’t hand 1 hour of my evening on a silver platter to a show who is messing with me. It’s not like there is no other good show in that time slot. Unless I read spoilers that report them going back together, I will not give them that one hour.


        Glee, good luck coming back from a 5 weeks hiatus with couples broken up and noobs galore. Grey’s Anatomy, here I come.

    • audrina says:

      Oh my gosh u took the words right out of my mouth. I had so many emotions running through me with the brittana scene. I literally felt my heart break! That breakup was stupid! After all the crap they went through to finally find one another and the fight to finally accept their relationship they just HAD to “unofficially” break up! Like what the hell is that about?! Ugh! BRITTANA WILL BE END GAME! they HAVE to be! They are so perfect and meant for each other! It’s just ridiculous! And watching brittany be so vulnerable was heartwrenching! I LOVE SANTANA and i just can’t accept this breakup! I’m still fuming! I hate all this ” let’s play with the fans emotions ” crap. They need to get their act together and straighten this crap out before they lose their biggest Gleeks! Now…..i feel a little better now that i got that off my chest!

  47. A TRUE GLEE FAN says:

    People please you all get closure and you still complain. How in hell do the most dysfunctional couple in GLEEs history (Rachel and Finn) compel people to blindness. They dedicate a whole episode to the white couples in GLEE who broke up and we get less than a snippet about the couples of color who had solid relationships but could not be given even 15 minutes of film time to discuss what happened to them (forget that Mercedes and Sam have not even been mentioned at all in 4 episodes figments of our imagination from Season 3 I guess duh!) at least they gave Mike and Tina about 3 lines of concern to drop a possible hint of what happened to them. Of course RM is feeling good because you all are buying this crap and sobbing about this terrible writing and storylines (no consistency; yes some of remember what happened as far back as 2 seasons ago. People state that GLEE was changing lives and discussing ideas about being accepting but as soon as they pair the Mercedes character (yes people character) with a guy who doesn’t look like her (Sam, also a character) all hell breaks loose in the fandom and other places (people refuse to accept that they had chemistry and were cute together because of bigotry and GLEE failed to take a stand and defend them they just caved). GLEE even stated that TIKE would try their long distance relationship. People if you really believe GLEE still stands for what you thought it did take the blinders off and realize that your prejudices and judgmental attitudes destroyed 2 of the best, most believable, and most stable couples (TIKE and SAMCEDES) so the show could pander to its white audience (and yes I am white/caucasian however you want to label me and most of you do label and judge (shame on you)) and keep tuning in. GLEE sort of once upon a time was inclusive now its exclusive requiring you to be white if you want any screen time or lasting relationship. Sad times now and ahead for GLEE if it continues down this path. Remember when GLEE was about a bunch of kids looking to fit in and be special and not just props to Rachel, Kurt and Finn.

    • Alex says:

      Right, because Santana is not a person of color. Hmmm, okay.

      • A TRUE GLEE FAN says:

        But because Santana was in a relationship with a white, the fact that she is Latino is disregarded. Conversly, because Mercedes is (I think) still in a relationship with Sam (who is also white), their relationship is thrown to the backburner.
        And TIKE will get some sort of closure next week, but I can guarantee that it WON’T be an entire epsiode.

    • s.j says:

      I was pretty annoyed when Tina and mike were broken up, I’ve always loved them together, they made sense and were freakin adorable, and then all we get is ‘long distance sucks, we are still friends’ no, not after all the crap with his dad and the support she had for him. that sucked, put them back together! I’m kinda sad about the Kurt and Blaine deal, Blaine was all heart broken over text msgs and then he cheats? what’s the deal with that? its one thing to miss someone, but its gunna drive you to cheat? nope. I was all for Kurt not talking to him, but I either missed the part where they actually broke up, or it never actually happened, it just went from Kurt wanting to talk to Blaine, then not talking to him.. then Blaine saying he didn’t know what was going to happen between them. Santana & Britt were cute and all, I personally thought they were funnier with their sweet lady kisses when they were with other people, and I kinda do hope Britt and Sam get together, but at the same time I think their friendships too cute to ruin. I’m not gunna go on about Rachael and finn. I’d like to see something happen in the show with Joe, he just fell by the waist side when Quinn left. that’s my opinion.

    • Courtney says:

      please get yourself some help. it is not natural how you are reacting to a little tv show. as for the characters you want mentioned in the episode, tina has always been a throw away character, unfortunate but true. additionally, as far as we know sam and mercedes are still together, why do you want them to break up? let the two characters, mercedes who i don’t miss at all, sorry to say, just be happy together. finally please really consider finding someone to talk to about these feelings you have regarding racism. there are great people out there that can help you to be a more understanding and accepting person. the way you are reacting leads to the thought that you are racist towards caucasian people

  48. Everyone says:

    #FINCHELFOREVER. THEY’LL BE BACK. Tonight solidified how true and deep their love is. That kind of love never dies.

  49. C says:

    Wow this episode pissed me off more than I could have ever thought possible (and that’s saying alot for Glee). For one, who the hell thought bringing in new characters that are worse versions of past characters would be a good idea? Marley is clearly Rachel but sure, her own person at the same time.. but Kitty with her mean, her cheerleading, her boyfriend and the god stuff is so much like Quinn– just a million times worse… and Jake is so much the new Puck they even made him his brother. Just wait till next episode when new Finn comes in, ugh.

    As for the other couples tonight- Rachel is heartbroken about not being able to be with Finn; Finn however just worries about himself “I got no girl, no job, etc… ” something like that, I don’t care enough to remember. Selfish idiot. Kurt waits up to talk to Blaine; Blaine goes back to Lima saying Kurt won’t speak to him (great writing…). Santana gets to be the one to breakup with Brittany; so we won’t hate on Brittany when she starts dating Sam. -Yeah, good idea, lets put the dumb blones together. Wemma gets one scene; but gets to be included in the final song? &Oh yeah, the flashbacks. The straight couples get the kissing flashbacks… but of course the gays don’t. No need to mention that Blaine would never cheat on Kurt, especially because of how hurt he was when Kurt just texted someone else. Great character assassination out of nowhere.

    I always hated how despite how bad the show was, I couldn’t stop watching. I can stop hating that now, because I am done with this show. Ugh.

    *and no, it’s not because my *fav* couple didn’t work out or something… it’s because this show sucks at wrapping up/continuing stories properly, and is so unfair it’s crazy.

    • Kay says:

      I wonder if Kurt and Blaine did talk but the scene was deleted because of “time constraints.” They do alot of editing of these scenes. I know when they were filming in NY in August Blaine did alot more talking than what was shown on the aired episode (plus what was aired was filmed in LA because apparently they didn’t like what was shot in NY according to spoilers I read). So we may not have seen Kurt and Blaine talk before he left to go back to Ohio, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t. I am so disappointed in Blaine for cheating it just makes me sick. I just hope that they can get beyond this and at least end up as friends if nothing else.

      • LB says:

        The bits that were re shot were in front of Royce Hall @ UCLA. I thought I seeing things until you mentioned the cut NY scenes.
        I wonder if the people who say they will stop watching the show are just lacking life experience. I can only think of one couple from high school who ended up together–and they married set both finished college. Also, it’s hard to recognize and appreciate happiness , and even difficult to empathize with others if you haven’t experienced loss, sadness, and some loneliness. We all have to learn about our limits and our strength s and resilience by experiencing all kinds of things. I’m sad they all broke up, but I also think it’s important to see characters grow, mature, and find happiness after such a loss. If the show offers life lessons, then I think seeing characters overcome devastations is a better lesson than living with some candy-coated, unrealistic expectation than everything in life stays the same, and that no one need learn to cope and survive these normal disappointments.

      • Kay says:

        I re-watched the episode and realized that Blaine did tell Finn that Kurt wasn’t talking to him and he wasn’t sure if they were broken up or not. I guess I was thinking since Kurt was up when Finn came out and he said he was hoping Blaine would come out first, that after Finn left Kurt would have talked to Blaine. But I guess he must have decided not to talk to him, thus the conversation Blaine had with Finn in the choir room. Sorry about that.

    • Courtney says:

      at first i felt the same way about blaine cheating, but then thinking about it, it is in character. blaine craves attention. he was not getting any from kurt so he found it elsewhere. blaine is a lost human being who feeds off of what others think of him. we learned that from the episode last season big brother. he was always in cooper’s shadow and he fights his way out needing to be the best and obtain approval. it kind of fits if you really think about it.

  50. Tommy says:

    As long as Klaine doesn’t get back together. Blaine was awful. Kurt was gone for less than a month and he cheated and then tried to pass the blame onto him? Give me a break.

    • DW says:

      Totally agree with you. I liked Blaine in the beginning but he got on my nerves later on and not to mention that pretentious Darren Criss. I hope they bring on good for Kurt

      • The Rational Glee Fan says:

        While I respect your opinion on the direction of Blaine’s characterization, it’s not exactly fair to bring your opinion of the actor playing him into the equation, especially based on something other than his talent. Darren Criss is not pretentious, and I’m sorry if he comes across that way to you. He is actually a humble, good-hearted human being. I’ve met him in a setting outside of all the Glee hype, and he conducts himself with immense gratitude and humility. Very sweet guy.

        However, I can agree with you fully on your hopes for Kurt. While our definitions of what’s “good” for him probably differ, I’ve always adored his character, and believe it’s finally his turn for things to go his way.

        • Cindy Stevens says:

          Exactly how did you expect an actor would act when meeting fans? He WANTS you to love him. I live in L.A. and, believe me, the things I’ve heard are not that he is a “humble” human being!

    • Scott says:

      Its impossible to get into the whole gay ethic in a show like Glee but an awful lot of male-male acts mean absolutely nothing. I have a huge number of gay friends, and most of them practically play “musical partners”. Its simply getting off with someone, and the only time its considered cheating is if emotional connections kick in as well.

      Blaine’s guilt and Kurt’s reaction both seemed over the top. Although I guess neither character has much experience, and probably little idea of what may or may not be considered normal.

      • Marco says:

        You gotta be kidding me. The a-hole cheats because Kurt wasn’t there to kiss his ass all day long and you JUSTIFY HIM? Seriously!

      • GayGleek says:

        WTF Scott! Why are acting like gay guys are the only people who have multiple partners? Quinn cheated on Finn and then Sam. Rachel cheated on Finn. Mercedes cheated on Shane. And most of the straight guys I know who are married or have a girlfriend cheat on them. It’s just sex for them and not an emotional commitment kind of thing. Should I go on?

    • Courtney says:

      i know people that it took less then a month. sad but true. :(