NCIS Exclusive: Alex Kingston Cast in 'A Very Disturbing' November Episode

Another woman of substance is about to enter Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ orbit on CBS’ NCIS — and what’s more, he’s going to need her badly.

ER and Doctor Who vet Alex Kingston has been cast in the Nov. 27 episode of TV’s most watched drama series as Miranda Pennebaker, a “woman of questionable morals,” series boss Gary Glasberg tells TVLine exclusively.

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Pennebaker, Glasberg previews, “deals in everything from high end weapons sales to priceless gems. Her connections go all the way up the ladder of D.C. politics, and Gibbs needs her for this very disturbing, emotional case.”

In fact, Kingston’s character proves so valuable, she is already being eyed for an encore. ” I’m a huge fan of Alex’s and she embodies everything I hoped for from this character,” says Glasberg. “Heck, you might even see her again.”

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In addition to her runs as Doctor Who‘s River Song (who resurfaced just last Friday) and ER‘s Dr. Corday, Kingston’s TV credits include Upstairs, Downstairs, Law & Order: SVU, Private Practice and FlashForward.

NCIS of course airs Tuesday at 8/7c, where this week it repeated as the night’s most watched and highest-rated program.

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  1. sladewilson says:

    Isn’t Alex Kingston a redhead? If so, she’s right up Gibbs’ alley, so to speak…

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Heh, that was my first thought as well ;), but I still like Abigail Borin/Diane Neal too…

    • Izzy says:

      She is more a strawberry blonde, depending on lighting. Whatever color, drop dead sexy!

    • Meg says:

      In all honesty it leaves room for concern. While I’m sure shes a great actress I would rather avoid the relationship occurring for rear of NCIS coping out in order to get viewers. Jamie Lee Curtis for example did some great films in the past and was brought on and yet, most viewers after first couple episodes weren’t thrilled. I feel this might be the case again here and wish NCIS would focus on what it does best, and not adding people into the show which could ultimately distract from the fantastic ensemble they currently have. Not to mention that it could cause plot complications or grow tiresome to the point where people would be clambering for her to leave just as many have for Curtis.

  2. Jack Wahl says:

    Alex Kingston is a awesome talent. Happy to see her make an appearance on NCIS.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I wish they had cast Alex instead of Jamie Lee Curtis last season. When I read this I thought Alex would have been perfect for Jamie’s role. I am glad Alex will be on the show and hoping she will be back. Loved her on ER and Flashforward. Somebody needs to give her permanent place in primetime drama. Maybe Castle, Grimm. Hawaii 5-0, Fallen Skies, something.

    • Kath says:


      I like Jamie Lee Curtis but Ryan was annoying and her relationship with Gibbs seem like they were trying to outdo each other all the time.

      • It was Curtis trying to out do Gibbs and Gibbs just kept to his usual self while Curtis danced around him looking like a fool. I love JLC but this role did not fit her. She was always trying to prove something no one else gave a damn about.

        • Kate says:

          Ditto. I thought I was the only one who felt that this role was not only miscast, but miswritten. I felt like they were forcing a relationship between the two. I saw no romantic sparks between the two.

          • Eileen says:

            They dated for real years ago

          • Robin Roderick says:

            Jamie Lee Curtis is a great actress, but the character as written was definitely a disappointment. I do think that Diane Neal/Abigail Borin is the right match for Gibbs, as Ducky intimated, Gibbs and Borin would either have a whirlwind romance, or due to their work ethic, the longest courtship in history. It will be interesting to see if they finally let that relationship develop.

        • diane says:

          I totally agree! Why try to fix something that’s not broke? Besides there was ZERO chemistry between JLC & Gibbs!

      • PJ Watters says:

        I agree. I like Jamie Lee Curtis but not in her role on NCIS – very annoying and the role was unbelievable. Gibbs needs someone in his life, just not Jamie Lee Curtis.

        • Betty says:

          Amen to this state ment. Abigal Born is just not up to par for Jethro. Not the looker he deserves. She’ll be seen with the most handsome on TV and as far as I’m concerned, she can’t cut it. To me she looks like an old lady and Jamie Lee did as well. Let’s get him something gorgeous that he deserves!!!

      • Exactly! Her character was absolutely unbearable!!!

      • millie says:

        Agree too! The character was annoying. It seemed she was always withholding valuable vital security information because Gibbs wouldn’t “share” with her. Incredibly immature. Also in my mind right now, Jamie Lee Curtis is so identified with Activia, that I kept waiting for her to question Gibbs and the others on their digestion and regularity.

      • CATRYNA says:

        I agree, the Ryan character was worse than annoying. It got to the point where I was hoping someone would bump her off.

    • Bruce says:

      I guess you havent been watching Dr Who

      • Hannah says:

        (*Doctor Who!)
        She’s not on there as a main character. She’s a recurring one that pops up several times a season. Heaven knows I WISH Alex was there more often (I ADORE River!) but for goodness’ sake she wasn’t even mentioned in the opening credits in Angels of Manhattan!
        Obviously I don’t want her to leave Doctor Who any time soon, and I guess she’s pretty key in Upstairs Downstairs, but Alex is a brilliant actress and deserves a primetime show.
        Also I don’t want her falling in love with Gibbs. I am going to treat this like a NCIS-Doctor Who crossover so she /better/ not fall in love with Gibbs xP

        • jamesl59 says:

          > I am going to treat this like a NCIS-Doctor Who crossover so she /better/ not fall
          > in love with Gibbs xP

          You think perhaps she’s using a Chameleon Arch? (which I thought would be an interesting crossover, that Dr Corday was River Song using the Arch).

    • CATT says:

      Jennifer, have you ever seen Alex in Dr Who? Fantastic is what she is.

  4. manie says:

    So happy to see Alex in NCIS

    • Jo Neal says:

      I LOVE River Song! Alex Kingston is a fine actress with mature beauty & strength that proves you don’t have to be “18 W/big boobs on a stick body” to be gorgeous!!!! I am alittle insulted by the above pic of her. How old was she there? There was no need to use such a unrealistic pic—she’s great as is.

  5. Adrianna says:

    Oooh, another redhead with ‘questionable morals’ . Reminds me Holly .Alex is a very attractive woman and talented one. I am looking forward seeing her in NCIS . Sure Gibbs will love her as well. :)

  6. madhatter360 says:

    Did she recently learn that some great grandmother ran a whorehouse? She did an episode of “who do you think you are” and that’s what she found out. Now she’s playing a woman of questionable morals. It’s the family business.

    • CATT says:

      Madhatter. She sure did and not only that her great great grandmother (I think it was) went on to run about 5 or 6 brothels and then left them to her granddaughter. Alex cracked me up as she was learning more and more about her ancestory and was so stunned, but thought it was funny too. Just her comment about finding, one morning her inner Jew and that same afternoon her inner whore, made me laugh hysterically.

  7. Keren says:

    Excellent news!! I stopped watching NCIS a while back, but I’ll watch to see Alex Kingston on it

  8. This says:

    now I have to watch NCIS to fill the hole in my heart left by the departure of the ponds…I never thought it would come to this

  9. Meo says:

    Wow! Kudos to GG! The guest stars brought in are top quality and underpin the high quality scripts and stories. Whether people liked the casting of Jaime Lee Curtis or not (I did), she was a high calbre guest that fit the story arc.
    Just like Diane Neal, I happy to see Alex Kingston appear, and I’m hoping she makes the episode great!

  10. adria says:

    Isn’t that photo of her a bit outdated?

  11. Emily says:

    Hello, sweetie.

  12. Kath says:

    Matt, you forgot her as Moll Flanders. And Bodaccia.

    Yay! So excited. If they let her, she could be a very worthy adversary of Gibbs.

  13. tvdiva says:

    Alex Kingston is an amazing character actress. No wonder she is always on the top shows, especially during sweeps.

  14. MyReligionIsWhovian says:

    So does that mean no more River Song on Doctor Who? Because that would be awesome.

    • Izzy says:

      But River still needs to find out Doctor’s real name! Steven Moffat loves River Song and I hope he never stops until Alex have enough.

      • mikeyclarke says:

        That may already have happened – the Doctor whispered something astonishing in her ear during Let’s Kill Hitler.

        • Britney says:

          No, what he whispered in her ear was “Look in my eye”. Remember? That was just before they popped back to the lakeside scene from the season premiere and she shot him. When she looked in his eye, there was the Doctor in miniature, inside that bio-robot thingy.

          • Lucy says:

            He said “Let’s Kill Hitler”. The episode you’re talking about is the “Wedding of River Song”. He whispered something to her on both times and yes the “Wedding” episode was when the Doctor told her to look in his eye. We haven’t been “told” yet what he whispered in “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

            But she will definitely be back, I think. They neeeeeed to shoot the scene where the Doctor takes her to the Singing Towers of Darillium. That would be the saddest and best goodbye for her.

    • Kim Kouski says:

      No, sorry, Remember? She died on her first episode. very sad. But who knows? With the doc anything is possible. :)

  15. Svenja says:

    Now that sound pretty interesting :) Can’t wait for that

  16. I’m looking forward to seeing Alex on NCIS…..loved her on ER! Which was a lifetime ago of course but her beauty and talent was breathtaking even then. Sounds like an interesting role on NCIS and can’t wait to see her character meet Gibbs. Love that she’s a redhead as well. GG did awesome in getting this talented lady for the November sweeps. :-)

  17. a redhead with ‘questionable morals’, so she is playing River then?

    • Yes that’s what I had thought as well, It would be great if she popped in 2-3 times a season to shake things up,like with the Doctor.

      • Katie says:

        I swear though, if she says ‘sweetie’ or ‘spoilers’ I will die laughing. But this is going to be amazing because Alex is such a talent. I can’t wait to see her with the team and I really hope she keeps her accent.

  18. Allison says:

    No, this is an out of date picture, but she still looks great. And yes, I agree… Miranda… I think River Song is just on an adventure.

  19. jerald says:

    damn Alex is fine

  20. N Bly says:

    I still think Gibbs wife and daughter are in witness protection and When the show Ends Gibbs will have some soul searching….This Alex is probably connected to Mexico drug trade .

    • Susan Melville says:

      Never thought of that angle

    • Kim Kouski says:

      No, no, no!! She’s hiding from the Silence. That’s why she hooking up with Gibbs. how else can she track the doc AND stop the Silence at the same time. If she’s with Gibbs, then she knows the Doc will show up, thus making it easier to destroy him. See? That’s how that works. :)

  21. Mary Brienesse says:

    I dont know this person but hope she fits in better than Jamie Lee. Jamie Lee to old for the show, what is she about 70.

  22. Marilyn says:

    It is sooo refreshing to have a TV leading man interested in a woman of HIS OWN AGE. I am so tired of seeing these hunky older men chasing younger women. As a woman who married an older man I can tell you that often age differences cause huge problems as time goes by. And for your information she is 53 and he is 61. So she is still a little young for him . Alex Kingston is 49 – only four years younger. Check out other pictures of her. The pic on this page has to be at least ten years old.

  23. Blaque Widdow says:

    By the way…who ever wrote the article got the date wrong for “River Song’s” return to Dr. Who. It was on Saturday! ANYWAY!! YES!! Alex is going to be a great addition to the NCIS cast and I hope that they can get her in a few more episodes. She is a great actress!

  24. Dee says:

    I thought Jamie and mark had fabulous chemistry

  25. Anna Williamson says:

    Alex’ British accent on ER is real – she is from England.

    I remember watching her on a British TV show (not Doctor Who) in the 1980s but for the life of me can’t remember the name of it.

    It was about a group of high school-aged kids (there is no high school in the UK per se as in the US). I can picture her character and the school uniforms, but cannot remember the name of the show.

  26. Rebecca T says:

    A much better match than Jamie Lee Curtis, I love her, but the chemistry just wasn’t there between her and Gibbs. This match sounds much better!

  27. bob bob says:

    Lt. Colonel Mann (Susanna Thompson ) really is perfect. Bring her back as a love interest. Love the show.

  28. Bibby A says:

    Didn’t like Jamie Lee. Neutral on the others. Would love to see Gibbs’ wife and daughter “miraculously” come back, from witness protection or the like, when show ends. Maybe even Tony and Ziva getting together.

  29. Susan says:

    I really do not care who they put on the show (within reason ) as long as Gibbs is on the to show!!!!!

  30. Peggy Fishburn says:

    Don’t like the idea

  31. Stephanie says:

    Sweeeeet! :D I love Alex Kingston on Doctor Who, and I have a feeling she’s going to be terrific on NCIS. Definitely looking forward to this.

  32. Kurt says:

    I don’t suppose there is any chance her first words to Gibbs will be “Hi, Sweetie!”?

  33. cuyahoga girl says:

    Diane Neal and Gibbs!

  34. Tom Herndon III says:

    I love NCIS. The way all the actors enter act with each other. I know they are just acting, but, they actually make you believe they care about each other like a family. I do not watch so much for the story line, but for the enter action of the people. Watched since October 2003. Please keep it coming. Thanks to all.

  35. Betty Fawcett says:

    I also really like Alex Kingston, she is such a good actress ( just loved her on Dr Who and I know I will really enjoy her on NCIS with Gibbs. Juat love NCIS!!!! Also Dr Who!!!!!!

  36. No woman wants competition for Gibbs’ attention, including his fans…stick to the problems that Gibbs fixes and forget the “women in his life”. He is dedicated to his first love and daughter, who have both
    passed on.

    • Rebecca says:

      You’re correct, Gibbs needs no other woman in his life – I am sitting here waiting for him. :) Besides who had the bright idea to pair awesomely cool Gibbs with someone who advertises products for irregularity. Let him have his mysterious redhead who picks him up in the convertible and keep his private life private. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be this Alex person.

  37. Diana Osborne says:

    I like Jamie but not the doc too much head games. Diane n Gibbs are a much better couple. Hope she comes back.

  38. Louvera Walden says:

    Love Alex in everything that I’ve seen her in. Gibbs needs sassy. She will fit the bill perfectly. Hello sweetie, welcome to NCIS!

  39. Cathy says:

    Would rather see Susanna Thompson/Colonel Mann come back. Loved her.

  40. eoradea says:

    Reblogged this on Evenimente Ooradea and commented:
    Alex Kingston, known as the Doctor’s Wife, has a new role.

  41. Dreama says:

    NCIS is like family I have never missed an episode now watch reruns. Leave Gibbs alone if he hooks up with a woman it will take away from the sweet memories of his dead wife and daughter which makes him that special man. Jamie Lee is a great actress but not for NCIS I do not watch NCIS for the bedroom scenes I watch for the family inter action they all show. Start changing it and it will no longer be that great show it now is.

  42. Wow!!! She looks great in this pic!!

  43. I think Gibbs and Borin would be perfect together! I would like to see her on the show more! Her character is a georgeous, sexy and kick-ass woman who carries a gun and still has a soft side without being clingy! Gibbs is a tough, handsome, sexy guy who carries a gun and has a soft side too! A little romance will go a long way! Anything heavy would ruin the show!!

  44. brandy says:

    Forget about it! Gibbs already has a woman, in case nobody has noticed! They just need to hook up already, and it’s somebody that’s always been there!

  45. Lucy Haresign says:

    Idea: do a recap of all Gibbs’s protectors or guardian angels,statring with Kate,Ziva,Jenny,Abby,Aiiison Hart, Macy, all of his team!

  46. Dani says:

    Considering she’s only been confirmed for one episode,, I’d advise all the Gibbs fantasy girlfriends to calm down. I don’t see this as the new love of his life. Even if they do have her back for more episodes, and even if they write Gibbs as turned on, do you really see his character becoming seriously involved with an arms dealer?

  47. Kimberly says:

    Alex will be brilliant! Can’t wait for her episode.

  48. Kim Kouski says:

    And remember, everyone: DON’T BLINK!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T BLINK!!!! Someone had to say it. :)

  49. Jess says:

    I’m pretty sure this is all a cover up and the TARDIS is just going to pop up in the middle of the episode or something.. Either that or the bad guy is an alien of some kind.

  50. John Smith says: